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3 1833 01101 5564 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 





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(Sobernment ami f itstihrttiras of the State. 











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S 23 K, X _A . X, 3ST XT M 13 "E ±1 - IST X 3>T 13 T 32 





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* ' V-v Easendaccordineto Aetcf tonffress, In thevear 1856, by George Adams, in the Clerk 
J . v ^ j V j GiEce of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts. 


A * rCA. , 



Country Traders, Builders, and the Public generally , 

Is requested to our establishment for tho sale of 

jc Jet t<j\ ujci -xxrv jJ xIIvxjIj tlj ! «Aix 

RIS11 H gf&k 


Our Stock is 1STEW and complete in every particular, and our prices at Wholesale 

Keail are as ' 1755047 
ZL O -W -A- S T HC E5 Hi O "W B S T - 



| 113 W A S H I N G T O N S T 

q rp -p Tji tji m 




I 1 


! ! 




No, 78 Washington St, Boston, 

Publishers, Booksellers & Stationery 


Ifnve c^i>t:>.ufl.v ''or sale a I u'j . ■ a » rtment ■■•' • ; ; ! '';, bt 
and BtASK Accousr Bowks, together -with a variety of - u 


I? n 51 IS 1} CS'S, S OllSfil i 6^, ! " AT ^^b^thefcIiowlngVA W « M School Books : 

Importers and Dealers in 

3 TT /&'>/ 3 ©13 IS 17, 

Country Traders, Booksellers'. Teachers, Clergymen, j wsk'S uklkk GKAMJUH 
Banks, Rmlroads, Insurance andother CoUiyanies, famished : LEVERETT'S CESAR, AND JTOLSOM'S CICER ». et 

. GEEENLEAE'S TRE LTISE ON 7 ALGEBRA, Tvrolfti eu-iiioa. 


;. s- ■.- ii>ji: fct.-riii.-5. Order- ; ■'; i •. i. 

DiaUrt supplies! ac tii* !o: : :-si lokolestUe pi 

^,/A7 ~v"o.r:*: 



^. AAaz^FL ^~aa/a.a A.A^:;£ci*iTf3:su 

■ O A<A» rit it 



jM*z>«, 1€> v¥'ator £ ..: 5et ? Boston, 

constantly or- hand a full assortment of PAPERS of all descriptions, embracing MEDIUM, ROYAL, DOi 
MftWCTM, and special sizes of Printing Paper, of ail weights and qualities ; NEWS PAPER ; MEDIUM, DEMV a: I CAP 
^MUTING PAPERS: LETTER PAPERS; F0LT0 POST, White and Blue; CoIAi '.;> PAPERS, of all swe3 ai 

s. Glazed ;uLf\ Plain ■ U'-oIy Sir>\l Papers for Maps, Card Surfaces npd Coloring ; I >a I iper; ENVELOPE; TISSUE. 
■ t* ami Colored, Ensii-li and American; JUNK AND STRAW BOARD; PRESS PAPERS, for Printers and Factory 
■= ■ Is; BONNET BOARDS ; Manilla, Junk and White WRAPPING PAPERS, Shoe and Fancy Papers, Sec. 
fry Particular attention pawl to manufacturing BOOK PAPERS. «~£3 
M mufacturers, Printers, Publishers, and ail others who use paper of anj kind, will find it for their adTautage to exai 
our Stock. Orders by Ms 1 or Express faith fulh attended to. 

nn Y, /\ 

ANT) ' . ' 


53 AND 60 CQENHILL, EOSTOX. -•'«• « •» "-■"•- .. 

h.-d Pvi-!i..i 
it will ■- ■ ' 

'-' ' ..-!.; lHR ,] ,;,,. iftrvt-st ■. .: . en in ! ■ ■ - min • . . :' Rh 
-'. f V-..J ..v v i;.„ ks, ::i uSi ' ■;ui.-u.-s ,»f a'- 

■ i 

aaah. e, to 



Will find it much to their advantage to attend 

S i&i o is & & ty/ & <&a 9 







Catalogue of Terms sent by lail ,,.,.. .Students aided to GOOD EMPLOYMENT. 

CHAS. FRENCH, A«aL ; Principal, 

Prof, of Book-Keeping and Mathematics. 
A. I). BILLS, • .Prof, of Penmanship and Elocution. 

M. P. SPEAK, A. M.,... 


D. G. McNAMAPA,. . . . 

'* Navigation and Engineering. 
" Penmanship and Book-Keeping. 

.Aast. in Penmanship, , 
.Sup't in Ladies' Department, 

' r 

Three Poors Xoriii of tie OH kth Ckrcii, 


/"N ~i~ T" fin 


1' ilJL> ±j Ja U U 1 JU Hi It . 

fjoxkt Junto, jsrisscrs anb Shears, 

O 8 * 8 ^ 

<LJLd. AAA* ^ls£5 CIC) *LiOL o£t3 q 



And all kinds of 

C U T L E II Y . 

A N D 

S^ i jb Ix 5. no;, f- C" ct o Is. 1 © . 


v> a m -i 

*:< A X X a A. X X* U JLl b b XX X< JX il O , 

A. T W II O L E S A L E A N D R E T A 1 1 




1 IM J? R O V E XD 


"Fmnishing v/areroor.i' 


^i B3 & S5 Cornhill, j 
?— \(i & S Bittttle Strec!, / ; -^ 

6 1 tfUSHED/ ^ " 

• - - 


ihc-<- improved M.vhin<^ sre r.-u.Hiv comln? 
TV.TOr. •. ','e'l to be tiie ONLi' l;ja,:hi 

f-Ui!'.!r '-i ;-. J :•-; I-;:'.';;;- -...i ■:■■ ; .'.'.;.■<.- .'their stitdii.'i;: arc '.!:.- 
; I, working equally well 0:1 ti.?e jumbric, qu ':...... 

■ broad : 

T]:^:;; ; -\: and noi.-ele?s operation, of these machh - - : 

J vantajre possessed by no other, whii: their si: 

strut lion rtn iers V;-y.\ ea.-h r 1 f 115-?. '. -ia< s : . ■;■_• \ : \ 1. 
get out of rep:iii-.— :rn bjeetioa r^y-n-h:-- ur^-od sJYr -r a'i .' - 
j machines. To Ftinh ; -. r-hir: .-.a;;.r=, 'Tai r or>, Mi!;.-. 
! one of 'he- : K-.-nSyi-.i;-. i:: ii.vj L1 .. . 

spci-vc;^ r: '-■•-:-:'"■•.•; •;, I at any time where t ■■ s 
: .are in operation, and for sal -. at 


:b o 


ROOT, Agent. 


J - • -*.t .; -n 

fL—jU -j ULCERS, 

I " ' : 




-."'!"''■"' ' , v ni '''■ t' 

a*eus algia • ' - , ' . rtervons I 





• ! •■: •'-•': n the <<.— >■: '* .-■:-<•. :\ 1 G ' rani •:>•.. • 1 :r. •■ : ■ . : rs for th iceoi 

of both Ladle* and Gentlemen, rendwr this by far the lifcieT ESTABLISHMENT of the bind in the city. 


EMB1S MIS EllS^M'SS MMliB SiYifll^ 


'' :i..'- land sustained by many Physicians of ail SchooiB, both in and out of the eiey . 

la. mfaffffl -id ' ■iiirv 




£t is one of the. most remarkable bonks which has been published in any country. In language ii 
pie decorous an i respc rtful, and in ternis of fatherly kindness, it reveals to the young of both 
fund of information, 'chiefly inaccessible in any reliable form, and for want of which, many have been 
prompted to resort to sources either of questionable authority or immoral tendency. The work is v i 
by one of our oldest and must experienced medical men, who lias devoted a long life to the study of 
Physiology. The work was examined in manuscript by competent judges, and pronounced to be as 
unexceptionable as any work which has appeared in the English language. It breathes, moreover, a 

trulv Ch 

The followinc;, briefiv, are its contents 

Chap. i. 

Chap. 2. 


Chap. 3. 

Physicial Laws of Marriage. 
A Fundamental Error. 
The Laws of Pregnancy. 

Crime without a name. 

The Laws of Lactation. 

A crime that ought not to be named. 

Directions to Parents aud Guard . 

General Directions, 

country. It will have an im- 

itian sptnt 

The True Relation of the Sexes. i Chan. 7. 

Premature Marriage and its Cons e« Chap. 8. 

es. i Chan. 9. 

Errors of Education, i Chap. 10. 

. Errors of Courtship. | Chap. 11. 

Ch in. 5. Indivi dua i Transgression and its Pen- i Cha p .12. 

Sties. Chap. 13. 

Chap. C. Social Errors and their Punishment. ' Chap. 14. 

This Book is destined to produce a Physiological Revolution in thi 
mense sale, because it concerns us all, both male and female. 

The Editor of the " Evening Traveller," Boston, uses the following strong language in noticing it : — 
«' The Physiology of Marriage. — By an old Physician, lomo, 259 pages. John P. Jewett & Co. A 
book that should be rea<i. by every man and woman in the land— married or anmanied. It treats of 
topics of vital interest, but of which not one in a thousand know? anything; who, in consequence of 
thoughtless ignorance, more than wilful sinfulness, violate the laws of health, and even life : bring upon 
themselves suffering and woe, and upon their offspring enfebled constitutions, disease ana early death. 
These topics are of a delicate and difficult character, and for this reason good men who were capable of 
treating them have avoided them. But every reader of ' The Physiology of Marriage,' unless utterly 
perverted in his tastes and imagination, will admit, on reading these pages, that the 'old physician' has 
dealt with these important topics as an aged father would be likely to do when addressing a beloved 
child. His instructions and counsels are so plain that none need mistake them, while there is nothing in 
them to minister to a perverted and prurient taste." 

JOHN P. JEWETT 6 CO., Publishers,' 


MEW ., MM i . i\}£ . , I"J. .;. 

Dr. Allen's Hist 
work, in oho vol 

Dr. Harriet K. 
or, FIFTY k'EAl 

of India. A sup 

HP. JEWETT <§3 00- 3 

•rbaod valuable i A neat Pocket edition of THE CONSTITUTTO^ OF THE 
... PriceS2. UNITED STATES, and DEChAltATiON Of INDE- 

at's Glances and Glimpses;.; FENBEXCE. Price, paper, 10 cents, cloth, 15 cents 
L-\~(XTAL. COMPRISING TWENTY Ernest Linwood. By Caroline Lee Hen tz. A most 

Dr. C 

' KS5IONAL LIFJi. A keen, witty, and 
.volume. Price, @1. 
llg On John. A volume which com- 
ire" Readings on the Gospels. Pijee, 75 

briiliant Romance. Price. SI. 
Lite of SchamyLj the Great Circassian Chief. 

By I. Milton Jlsickie. Price. 75 cents. 
Life of Bishop. Heber- hi lvol., 12n\o. Prieo §1. 
Life of Peter. Gott, the Cape Ann Fisherman. 

By Dr. Reynolds. 1 vol., price, 75 cents. 

In plain and fancy bindings, of the following standard works : 
The Lamplighter, SSrh THOUSAND. 

Rev. Dr. Adams' 'Nov/ Work, The Communion 

SABBATH. An elegantly written and beautifully printed 

religious book. Price, !?1. 
Sabbath Talks with Children about Jesus. By 

Mrs, S. G. Asht«n : author of " Che Mothers of the Bi- 

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Goodrich's Bible Hist ory of Praver. A religious Heaven and its Scriptural Emblems. By Rev 

book whiciievervfamiiv should possess. Price, SI. I Rufus W. Clark. 

The Lady's Almanac for 1856. A little book of Clark's Lectures to Young Men. 

crrput value to ovsrv ladv. PrW, 25 cent?. I Life Scenes of the Messiah, iiy llev. l'utus ^ Ci rk 

The Boston /Unianac'for 1856. Too' well known to i The Mothers of the Bible. By Mr*. S. ft. Asuton. 
" r-iuirea-pat? Prie« ''Scents Voices from the Silent Land ; or, LEAVES OF COX- 

TbeXie-iEiouotthe Ifea^hen. Bv TteY. CL B. Gross. ISOLATION l>'OR THK AFFLICTED. Compiled by Mrs. 

A curious and original work. Price, Ql. II. D«igin V/iiii;u:;s. 

THE FIFTEENTH THOUSAND of - Tue Old Physician's" 1 The Evening of Life. By K---v. Jeremiah Cha 

highly popular and exceedingly useful book. 
The Physiology of Marriage. 

The Lampli ;L r Pictn * a ; 

;•• ;■ ries about Egypt . for Children. 

Tales of iYew lhu<land Life; or, 
'1 HE Tl:i.i: IG1 Hkst\ h By Martha 
Edition of an exceedingly graphic se 
lake. 75 cents. 




: Schaufher's Meditations on the Last Days of 

j Chris 1 ;. 

' T,o\\^ the 14th and the Writers of his Age. 
;■',... ':•■•.. Lb ll'3% .'•'' Kirk, 

:«/i2] ipmw. I Christ a Fri hd, L the Friends of Christ, a 
IVEifFltOM j Ktiv. Nehcruiah Adtiius, D. D. 

sell. A new: The Daily Monitor, being a portion of Scripture, a 
of sketches. ycrse ofa Hymn, and an Anecdote for every day in the 

I 4/3 I- 

.. . J 


r~~ " ' ~ "YjA i 

% The MASSACHtMn&Td Register for 1856 contains the usual variety of information 

re5[\cctii!^jJie,Goverxim.e.n l t,iiKl Institutions of the State, revised and corrected. In 

several of the departments valuable additions have been made. 

An interesting abstract of the Registration Report, prepared by Hon. N. B. 
ShurtlefT, IvL ])., and a portion of the Census Report for the city of Boston, by 
George Adams, are given. 

Complete lists of the Professional Classes; the Legislature, State and Count;/ Offi- 
cers; the Municipal Organizations of the several cities in this Co mm on wealth for the 
current year ; Courts, Commissioners, and Justices of the Peace; Banks, Insurance 
Companies, Colleges, Academies, Societies, Newspapers, and Post Offices; and an 
Abstract of the Laws and Resolves passed in 1S55, will be found arranged in their 
proper departments. 

In the table of Towns hi Massachusetts, are the names of Town Clerks, the guber- 
natorial votes of 1854 and 1855, the population of 18o0 and 1855, and the State Tax 
of each town apportioned for 185-5. The towns and population of New England are 
also given. 

Oar thanks are due to our correspondents and contributors throughout the State, 
for their efficient aid in preparing the work. 

All communications containing information for the next number of the Register, 
should be forwarded on or before December 1, 1856. 



Academics , . . „ .............. ..201 

Acts passed by General Court, 185-5... ...17 

Advertisements follow 300 

Agriculture, Board of = .» 210 

Agricultural Associations 210 

Albany Railroad Route See last cover. 

Alien Passenger Report ....2:19 

Amherst College ....... .1 .*."".*!*."»" 1*! !!".." i%>i 

Andover Theological Seminary 202 

Associations, Societies, &c...... 210 

Attorney General , t .... 53 

Attorneys in Massachusetts 302-111 

Banks . . . 149 

" Savings .....103 

Barnstable County, Officers cf ....62 

Clergymen .112 

" Commissioners .62 

Commissioners of Wrecks 62 

" Coroners 63 

'■' Counsellors and Attorneys 102 

Justices of the Peace.... ..63 

" Notaries .....03 

Physicians ....,.,., .....135 

" Probate Court C2 

" Sheriff -and Deputies 02 

Town Clerks .......... 251 

Berkshire County, Officers ...... 61 

Clergymen 113 

i; Commissioners 64 

Coroners 65 

Counsellors and Attorney* 102 

Justices of the Peace ......65 

" Notaries ...66 

Physicians , 

Probate Court .. . . 



Town Clerks 

Births, Marriages and Deaths. 


Blind, Perkins Institution for the .....208 

Boards of Commissioners in-Mass .55 

Boston Board of Trade 200 

Boston Clearing Douse , ... .152 

Boston Post Office ....195 

" City Officers 2-59 

" Public Library..*. 264 

Bristol Countv, Officers .06 

" . Clergymen . . ... .114 

' ( Commissioners .66 

" Coroners i .....63 

" Counsellors and Attorneys. , 103 

,; Justices of the Peace.. .....67 

" Notaries ..* ...68 

< ? Physicians 136 

" Probate Courts Go 

" Sheriff and Deputies .... 60. 

1 ' Town Clerks .252 

Calendar. 1856 6. 7, 8 

Cambridge City Officers .200 

Census of 1855, (Massachusetts) ..251 

Census of 1850, (New England) 245 

j Census of Boston 2 

| Changes and Recent Appointments , . .. .290 

: Charitable Societies. - 

! Charlestown City Officers > 

Churches in Mass 112. 134 

City Governments , 2" ,( --j77 

Civil Government, 1856 10 

(?'• rgymen in Mass .; 112-134 

Conimi sioners of the C. C. of U S. for the 

Dist. of Mass..... ...53 

Commissioners of Insolvency, 63, 64, 0", 69, 7 M . 74, 
70, 73, SO, 84, 8-5, S3, 90, 95, 
Commissioners fur Mass. residing in other 

States .... 60 

,s for other States resident in 

Massachusetts 50 


o -- 

M A S S A C H U S E T T S 


- imraisskuicrs for other States, see G. T. An- 
gell's card on last cover. 

'« Boards of in Mass fit. 

*< Foreign ...28< 

of Wrecks... G2, 07, 69, 71, Si, 88 

Hampden County. Notaries.., 

" Physicians 

" Probate Court... 
11 Sheriff and Depui 
" Town Clerks 



;2W , Hampsh 
279 ! 

• ' : ttt\ya SchoolStatisties 

' rr7! ss, United States...... ..... 

•; njncct ut, Sta te of. 214 J 

stitutional Amendments 47 

Consuls and ConsuiaT Agents .199 

Coroners, see County Officers 

, n«el!or3 .... ....102-111 

County Commissioners, see County Officers. 

County Officers, Barnstable County ....62 

" Berkshire County.., 64 

" Bristol County 66 

County, Officers 78 

* Clergymen 121 

' Commissioners 7B 

' Coroners 79 

Counsellorsand Attorneys 105 

' Justices of Peace... 78 

' Notaries 79 

' Physicians 139 

« Probate Court 78 

' Sheriff and Deputies 78 

{ Town Clerks 251 

Dukes County ....69 j Harvard College... 202 

Essex County 70 \ floating Apparatus See lust cover. 

Franklin County. .74 j Historical Associations , ,216 

Hampden County.. 70 Hospitals in Massachusetts 23-5 

Hampshire County 78 j Idiots, School for . . . .. 209 

Middlesex County 80 j Index to Advertisements...., ....300 

Nantucket County. ...... ....84 | Insurance Companies 167 

Norfolk County..... So j Judiciary, Massachusetts.. 53 

Plymouth County S7 Justices of the Peace, (3, 6o, 67, 69, 71,74, 76, 


Suffolk County .. 
" Worcester County 

Court Supremo in Massachusetts. ......53 

M Supreme of United States 283 

" Common Piea= ....:.. 54 

15 Municipal, Boston *... 54 

Con its, Police . . « 54 

*• ' United States in Massachusetts.. 53 

« Probate...,, .62, 64,06,00,70,74,70,78, 
SO, S4, So, 87, 90, 95 

Custom House Officers 196 

District Attorneys. ........................ .54 

Duk es Count v Officers 00 

Education in Massachusetts..-. ......... s ....ISO 

Board of...., ..100 

,; Statistics of ,..., 200 

Educational /. s ociations 215 

Emigration of Europe .. . , .291 

Essex County Officers 70 

" Clergymen 116 

" Commissioners .................... ... 70 

SI, 84, So, 88. 90. 98 
Justices of the Peace and Quorum, and Jus- 
tices throughout ihe Commonwealth, are giv- 
en among Justices of the Peace; the former 
designated by a * ; the latter by a f. 

Land Agent's Report '. 289 

Lawrence Academy.. , 20 3 

Lawrence City Officers 269 

Laws and Resolves passed by Legislature of 

Massachusetts, 1855 .'. .... 17 

Lawyers 1 02—1 1 1 

Legislative Proceedings, 1855.... ............ 49 

Leicester Academy . . ,. ...205 

Libraries 219 

Literary Associations.. ...... .219 

Loan Fund Associations , 17 i 

Lowell City Officers 27" 

Lyceums in Massachusetts , .... 219 

Lynn Ci ty Officers ...271 

Maine, State of . 207 

Marine and other Societies for Seamen., ., ....222 


Oiors and Attorn 
■s of the Peace.. 

" Pbvsieians of 

" Probate Court........ 

'• Sheriff. and Deputies..... 

' ! Town Clerks.... - 

Kxaenditurcs and Receipts of the State 

1221 River City Officers ,. ...... 

Pi tnkun County, Officers 


. 74 

. 74 


Clergymen ... 

" Coroners........ 70 j 

" Counsellorsand Attorneys. .104 J 

u Justices of the Peace 74 

Notaries ...7o| 

Physicians... .....138 

Probate Court 74 \ 

Sheriff and Deputies 74 J 

" Town Clerks ..2-54 

Gas Lbht Companies , 183 

Government of Massachusetts, 1856. 10 

of United States.-. ...,,. 

'"< Pernor, Vote for 251 

' ■ ■■■ mors of Massachusetts, from 1620 

of otht r States 

K*rap&e.» County, Officers 

3 J Masonic institutions.. ...223 

03 Massachusetts, Executive Council of, 1858.... 10 

71 " Legislature of, 1856. 21 

3 " " Standing Com., 1856. 15 

137 " Miiitia 9S 

" Population of 253 

Register 50 

<f Representatives. 1808......... 12 

" Senate of, 1856 il 

Masters in Chancery ..64, 67, 10, 76, 80, 85, 90, 95 

Medical Associations. .22 1 

Middlesex County, Officers of ...., 

*" Clergymen 122 

" Commissioners 

" Coroners of S3 

'* Counsellorsand Attorneys. 105 

" Justices of Peace Si 

" Notaries >3 

t; Physicians 140 

" Probate Court » 80 

M Sheriff and Deputies SO 

" Town Clerks 255 

Militia of Massachusetts... ... '-•> 

Ministry at Large ' 

Ministers to Foreign Countries ......'-' ' 

9 I Municipal Court of the City of Boston - 

278 i Musical Associations ' 

76 j Nantucket County Officers 

120 I Town Clerk.. 


. . . - 
. . . 2 

Clergymen ., 

Commissioners ...... 

Coroners... .« 77] " Vote for Gov.. '-'2' 

Counsellors and Attorneys. 104 ! i\e\r Bedford City Officers. 
Justices of the Peace. .... 76 I Newburyport City Officers 



New England Business Directory. ..... 

New England Register ,....".... 


tfew England Sc 
New Hampshire, 
Newspapers .... 
Newton Theolcg 
New York Railr( 
Norfolk County, 

tool of Design fot 
State of. 





last cover. 
....... So 


Normal Schools 
Notaries Public . 


Commissioners &■'> 

Coroners 87 

Counsellors and Attorneys... 106 
Justices of the Peace.. .. .... So 

Notaries , 87 

Physicians...... , 142 

Probate Court So 

Sheriff and Deputies „ . . 85 

Town Clerks , 2-56 


..63, Go, 6S, 69, 73, 75, 77, 79, S3, 
84, 87, 89, 91, 97 

Obituaries . . , . . «. 283 

OddFellows, I. 0. of .218 

Order of United Americans.... ....,,..223 

Perkins Institute fo . the Blind. ►. .203 

Phillips Academy, Andover » 206 

Physicians 135-143 

P summer Farm School 209 

Pi ) mouth County , Officers S7 

" Clergymen ....v.. ...127 

" Commissioners = &S 

11 Coroners 8) 

" Counsellors and Attorneys. 106 

" Justices of the Peace.. .83 

" Notaries... , ■ ............ . S9 

'*' Physicians... 143 

" Probate Court.. S? 

" Sheriff and Deputies...... 01 

Town Clerks 256 

, ... oh 


Population of Massachusetts in iSoO and 

1855 251 ! 

Population of New England.... 245 j 

Population United States 250 j 

Post Office in Boston 195 | 

Post Offices and Postmasters.... 189 j 

Postage Cates ......... ............ ,.196 j 

Probate Courts, 02, 64, 68, 69, 70, 7-' . 76, 73, 80, 84, 

85, 87. 00, 95 ! 
Public Administrators, 63, 64, 67, 69. 70, 78, SO. 84, 

85, 88, 90, 95 i 

Public Library of Boston . , ...... 264 ! 

Railroads 177! 

Receipts and Expenditures of the State, 1854.. 287 i 

1855. ..288:' 

Reformatory Associations .22b ; 

Registration in Massachusetts 296 

Religious Associations in Massachusetts 229 J 

Representatives of Massachusetts, 1856 12 i 

Resolves passed by General Court in 1S55..... 45 ; 

Rhode Island, State of.... .243 ' 

Roxbury City Officers 274] 

Salem City Officers.. .2~5 | 

Savings Banks 103 J 

Schools, Normal 

Senate of Massachusetts, 1S56. , 

Sheriffs, Barnstable County ... 

" Berkshire County 



64 ! 

Bristol County.... »• 66: 

Dukes County 69 j 

Essex County 70 j 

Franklin County 7! ! 

Hampden Coun ty 76 

s. 1 Page. 

5 j Sheriffs, Hampshire County.... 78 

M iddlesex County 80 

" Nantucket County ........ ./ 84 

Norfolk County 85 

*' . Plymouth County 87 & 299 

" Suffolk County,. 90 

il "Worcester County...... 95 

Societies. Agricultural.......... ...210 

" C h a r i t ab 1 e 211 

" Commemorative ......216 

'•' Educational 215 

Historical ......216 

«' Horticultural ... 210 

" Literary... ,...,,.,.,. 219 

• » Marine 222 

: * Masonic .223 

Medical 224 

" Musical..... , 227 

OddFellows ..215 

(i Order of United Americans 228 

" Reformatory , 223 

Religious .." 220 

4 < Teachers' Associations...,.,... 233 

" Temperance 234 

Sons of Temperance . >. . , .234 

State Alms Houses .236 

State Board of Agriculture ., .......210 

State Normal Schools 199 

Springfield City Officers > .,...,.....,., .276 

State Governments, 1 855 27 8 

" Prison ,...236 

" Reform Schools...... 299 

Suffolk County, Officers of 90 

" Clcrgj men , 133 j 

" Commissioners to qualify Civil 

Ofheers 90 

Coroners 94 

" Counsellors and Attorneys . . .107 

" Justices of Peace.. 90 

,; Notaries 94 

' ' Physicians .,..,, 143 

Probate Court 90 

" Sheriff and Deputies 90 

• l Town Clerks .258 

Superior Court of the County of Suffolk 54 

Supreme Court of United States 283 

Supreme Judicial Court... .,...-, 53 

Teachers' Association ...—...;... ...233 

Teachers' Institutes 200 

Telegraph Companies , . ... 182 

Temperance Societies in Massachusetts. ... ...234 

Titles and Abstracts of Laws passed 1855 17 

Town Clerks.. 251-258 

Towns in Massachusetts ."*..-,. .251-238 

Towns in New England 245 

Tufts College 297 

United States Court in Massachusetts 53 

" " Government., ....279 

Vermont, State of ......241 

Votes, Table oi .,..251 

William s College 208 

Willistoa Seminary., „. ... .208 

Worcester City Officers .,277 

Worcester County, Officers 95 

" ' Clergymen ..129 

*'■ Commissioners 95 

« Coroners.... 98 

" Counsellors and Attoi aeys 1 1 1 

Notaries... 97 

" Justices of Peace... .... . 96 

" Physicians 147 

" Probate Court Bo 

" Sheriff and Deputies 95 

" Town Clei ks ..257 


: ! 




I •' 


I J It will contain, in addition to the BUSINESS DIRECTORY, a variety of matter relative to the 

! ! iiiiiii Aia iiiisi lira d hi iiiiii, • 

i - 1 



Every Trade, Occupation, and Profession, #ill bo fully represented; and those 

who wish to give a more detailed account of their business than can be 

given in the special directory, mil have an opportunity of doing 

so in the Miscellaneous and Advertising Department 

of the 'work, 

Ihe attenfioii of Easiness Mei h respectfully invited to tk work, aad with their co-oppmtion the pablislier hopes to make 

it s representatioB of ih 


The foSomng vote in regard to trie icork was passed by the Boston Board Of Trade, j 
Ike. 17, 1865. j 

"Resolved, That the Board of Trade look with favor upon the announcement of a New Eng- { 
land Business Directory which Mr. George Adams has the intention to publish, and consider > 
that it will be a valnablc work of refer &acfi to the business eomirmnity," 

I Rework will fcc ef 0t4aro size — handsomely printed, and contain from six to eight hundred pages. 

RETAIL PRICE," ................".... ...#3.00. 


Communications respecting the work will receive immediate attention. 
.A. 13 23 aa :e s s 


91 Washington St., Boston. 

Directories and Registers, published by GEOBGE ADAMS, 

: U iBtoo Directory, in July, $t.6"0 [Fall River Directory, 

I Massachusetts Kegister, in Feb. 1.2-5 Lowell Directory, £1 

I Mass. Business Directory, 1.00 Lynn Directory, • : 

(■ Maine liegister and Business Directory, 1.00 Manchester Directory, 

I N r . B. Business Directory, • 3.00 Koxbury Directory, 

? !; ; »'- I i d m ! Kegisi r & Business Directory, .75 Salem Directory, " •<*> : 

Chadsatowxi Directory, .50 {Guide to Boston, •**» 


J AMU AIL Y, 1856. 

New Moon, 7th day, 6h. 32m. afternoon 
First Quartet, 14th day, 10h 58th: murrvng. 
Full Moob, 2] t day, 10h; 44m afternoon. 
I-'i-t Quarter, 30th day, oh. 50m. morning. 

FEBRUARY, 1856. 


Nevr Moon, 6th day, 5h. 51m. morning 
First Quarter, 12th day, 9b. 27m. afternoon. 
Full Moon, 20th day, 4b. 56oi. afternoon. 
Last Quarter, 28th day, 8h. 57m. inoruing. 


2 iWedm 

[Thursday , j 
j Friday 

[Tuesday \ 

Wedm-iday j 

Thursday j 

. v a.unUiv 

: Tuesday 
■■ Friday 

Saturday | 

l^Say | 



[.Monday I 

iThur.-'.lay i 


o £< £ 

« * o. ^J 



II 5! 6 39! 

10 5! risfts! 

Q O O 


5 5 25 j 


8 51 6 28: 

d o d 


7 5j 7 34, 

»-(->' r^ 


6 5| 8 85 

<-< as j.j 
+-» H uo 
t— C-3 C3 


5 5 9 40 
4 5'10 42' 

ci c £ 


3 5; 11 44 


2 5 morn 

>~S i-3 >-» 


1 5 4G 


5! 2 4 

23 5 

20 5 1 
22 5; 
22 5; 

21 5 

20 5: 

20 5! 
19 51 
13 5 

18 O! 

3 0j 
8 69! 

r, ^g: 

6 48j 

sots ! 

4 50 
6 141 

8 50; 

15 5 10 S 
17 5j 11 24 

16 5: mom 
16 51 1 10 

5 3011 

40 j 

7 38 

8 48! 

9 42 

10 s-ii 

11 22 
mora i 


1 34 

2 15 

2 58 

3 47' 


!■:> 5! 

14 5; 

13 5 : 

12 5j 

2 16 

3 22 

4 28 


g 52 |16 

7 6||17 

8 30 j is 

9 80 ho 

10 21 20 

11 5! n\ 
11 54 j 1 92 

A IS j j 23 

53! ^4 

2 24 ! ] 9" 

2 53 [ |-2R 

3 37. 3 

4 23;! 

5 29;| 

n^r ' 


8un ! Moon ' Hisjh 

11.4 8. 

nj-ri. v> K«. 

h. m. h. 


7 5 

3 2Uj 6 46 



6 59 6 

4 31' 8 25 


' el / "« ' 


6 58 G 

5 29j 9 C6 


.5 -r 


6 57 6 

6 2410 SO 


g •.-' 

r o 

6 56 6 

7 20jll 10 


*C w 


6 54 6 

pets 11 55 


' - s 

6 53 6 

6 Si morn 




G 52 6 

7 51 




6 51 G 

9 9 

l 14 



6 50 6 

10 27 

1 52 


r2? p 

6 48 6 

n 45 

2 31 


'C 5 



6 47 6 


3 Id 



G 46 6 
6 45 6 

1 2 


4 10 

5 22 

. 1 rid ay 



6 44 6 

2 571 6 44 

! Saturday 

6 43 G 


6 41 6 

4 52. 9 15 

' Monday 

fc ri 



6 40 6 

5 40:10 6 

6 39 6 

6 4810 18 



6 37 6 

rises. 1 1 23 

: Thursday 



6 80 6 

6 27 11 55 

•■ Fndaj 

6 35 6 

7 30 A 24 

i Saturday 

& A 



6 34 6 

8 33 52 


>— < CC 


6 32 6 
6 31 6 

9 36! 1 21 

i M on a ay 

T~> ,—< 


10 39i 1 52 

1 Tuesday 



6 30 6 

11 42. 2 22 

', Wednesday 


Cj , 

6 28 6 

morn 3 1 

! Thursday 

PH rH 

r 1 -; 


6 27 6 

54 3 48 

i Friday 

6 26 G 

2 4 

4 51 


MARCH, 1856. 



APHIL, IS 56. 


Few Moon, 5th day, lh. 8m. morniug. 
First Quarter, 12th day, Oh. Sm. morning. 
Full Moon, 20th day, ah. 29m. morning. 
1 ast Quarter, 27th day, 6h. 42m. afttsrnoor 

Diys of 


1 Siin j 


diss. ! 

i *- 

lh. a. d.! 

h. m.j 


1 /■> 

6 26 6i 

3 14 


l H 

6 24 61 

4 24 


'6 23 6| 

5 12 : 

Til- 1 .- day 

j ^ 

!6'22 6; 






16 21 6 

G 49 


j % Z> 



6 19 6j 

Bets : 


, . g-( 

1 — 1 •-' 


16 IS G 

6 55 


CJ & 


J6 17 6 
6 15 6 
r6 14 6' 

8 12, 

9 29; 
10 46 


1 v_/ 



6 13 6 


i . 

^sg P 



6 11 6 



; O, „*, 



G 10 6 

1 42 


Is ^ 




jS 9 6| 

;; |2 ! 


1 c —5 

O 05 Et" 1 



b O G 

3 04 



5 ( 

4 24 i 


• ■ 


|6 4 6j 

4 01 


1 d 

-g^pH rH 



6 3 6 

6 24 





6 2 e 

|6 1 

; • 


sr\T, vv 

i • ^ 

p d d 


5 59 7' 

I :.' 





Fri lay 




' '^ -~ fi -S -^ -r ',5 57 7j 9 39; 

^ p o o *- t- j5 55 7-10 47! 
p. ih . •-« r« g 54 7Ti 58| 
~^St^^^:?, 5.3 7 morn 

-3 8 a 2 £ £ JS 5! 7J 1 is 

-°'igwiS»S*S '5 EG 7 2 10! 

«4S<4««i rt^i 5 49 7 ; 3 20j 

^ . 5 i- ~; 4 21J 

A 22 


1 22 : 

3 26 : 

4 28j 

5 56j 

: D, 

Dajs of 

COURX8. ! £ " a 1 w *° a ! Eiih 


j R.& S. 

rise*. (Water. 

^-^ ^h. m. h. 

h. ni.ih. in. 

1 1 


e cJ |5 45 7 i 4 41 j 8 43 
— B L.- 5 H 71 5 IS! 9 41 

! 2 




5 10! 10 S3 

i 4 


^ ?' cj 5 41 7 


n i! 

1 5 


o >• « _' 5 40 7 

G 52 

n 49 



S ^ = ^ TJ P 39 7 

8 2 


! '/ 


sS >-- v 3- ' «a '5 37 7 

9 12 


; 8 
i 9 



5 b rr r '"' s, - ; 7 jo 22 

^7 ^ . ji -r 5 35 Till 36 

1 7 
1 49 

i 10: Thursday 

S . S t2/ ^: ; - ; 33 7 


2 66 


Fri by 

^^^ . § - D - '5 32 7 

1 211 3 30 

;•■ t Lrday 

3 p t; =" - £^ : ^ 3l ' 

1 52 4 32 




'■'. ednesday 

5 _• to S' § s i ^ 5 30 7 

2^ • ^ -£ ^!5 2S 7 
gg£vg£ §3 g 5 27 7 
a %'^ 1? ^ .5 ^ 'a 15' 26 7 

2 23; 5 51 

2 54! 7 7 

3 25 8 13 
3 55! 9 6 



►H H f? ^ r-i x> 5 25 7 

4 15 

9 48 

• is 

» . • |o 23 7 

4 31 

10 22 

■ ty 

S iturday 

y-nl ;^ »-»i-» h; .^ Is 20 7 

4 51 

*8 Tr. 

10 53 

11 24 
11 55 

0cC - .:"* X j _r 5 17 7 

■J 40 
10 59 

A 27 



£Z<Z+-> '— - t3 " ^3 *j i5 16 7 morn 

2 "'; 



Tj ^ -—. 10 ci 0; 3D ;.-. tc - 
» 00 ^-< »h n c^; 01 c^ ;° J ° • 


1 15 



__ _ _ ^ ^ ^ « _ '5 14 7 

1 v 1 6 



'C '^ 'C E 'C 'H 'Jh ';•-! 10 13 7 

1 46 4 IS 

r 'S 


a.o,p,ff,aft y ft&il 7 

-- • - 


Tuesday 1 

<; <; <; < <j < < <\ | 6 10 7 

8 4 

6 : ' 


Weda«aday ' 

15 9 7 

3 31 

8 15 

A L M A N A C 

MAY, 1856, 


\Vw Mood, 4th <lay. lib. 53ro. morning. 
Fir*c Quarter, Lithday, Ui. Im. afternoo 
Pn"!J Moon, 19th day, 7h. 12m afternoon. 
Last Quarter. 27th Jay, Oh. 48m. mornm 

JUNE, 1856. 

D»w or 




Moon, 2d Jay, 6h. Dora, afternoon. 
> Quarter 10th day, &h. 6ra. morning. 

18th day, 7h. Km. morning. 

i, 25th' Jay, Bh. 32nx. morning. 

I 2 

1 i Thursday I 

2 Friday 

3 i Sarurday 


5 M .nday 

6 i Tuesday 

g Thursday 

9 fc'ri lay 
i I Saturday 

11 ; Wednesday 
J", ; Thursday 

2! ; Wednesday ; 

22 I Thursday i 

23 ; Friday 
2-1 j Saturday 
2*5 Monday 
21 Tuesday 

23 : Wednesday 
23 ; Thursday I 
:■ • , Friday 
SI i Saturday | 

h. w. •,.; 

5 8 7| 

5 7 7; 

5 6 7j 

5 5 7! 

5 4 7; 

^ » H 

a T. 

4 57 8 

k 58 s: 

4 55 81 
14 55 8 ; 
14 54 Bj 
14 53 8 
! 4 52 8i 
|4 51 Bj 
4 50 8] 
4 49 8 

b. m.\h. in. 

3 53 9 16| 

4 26|10 5 
4 53,10 48 

Vita ill 2'-'j 

8 35 mora 

30j 81 

L0 43; 51 i 

11 47 I 36! 

mornj 2 21 j 

3 10 S 

4 4; 

7hhOoo . 
g . . . -o 

£ 72 sq'OOO 
>^co c*? cJj c: «o c-i 

<1 ^ <", ,£, r^ <. 



1 26] 5 5 

1 59| 6 11 

2 32 7 15 

2 52 8 14 

3 10, 9 3 
3 36| 9 43 
3 54110 10 
rises [.10 56 

8 2511 31 

9 33] A 10 
lC W";j G Di 

I 46 8' 

11 89 

1 32 

4 45 Si 


2 19 

4 45 5; 


3 7 

4 4-1 8 1 

1 4! 

4 1 

4 43 Bj 

i 2-2: 

5 7 

4 42 S. 

1 48 

6 21 

4 41 6! 

2 10 

7 4o 

4 49 8 1 

2 32 

8 4ii 

4 39 8! 

3 6l 

9 39 


Dsy.rf j 


R.A S. 

Moon ) H;.-!i 
titec. |W««. 


b. m. hu 

h. a 1 h. bu 



1 ss 

4 39 8 

3 34110 27 


4 39 8 

sets 13 12 


Tuesday | 

4 38 8 

8 39 11 57 


Wednesday j 

B ^ 4 38 8 

9 2"j'rnorn 


Thursday . 

g O i-Vo 4 37 8 

10 ID 39 



g "3 C 4 37 8 

10 57 1 21 



2 .2 c - !4 37 811 44 2 4 



p _ S _- 4 36 Simorn 2 44 



•a _: -B r : '3 j4 39 8; 15 3 29 


— <->> £L~.>.2 4 39 8, 46 4 13 
"zib ^O S 4 3b 8 1 6| 5 4 


Wedne? lay 



f,-^ • - 'S w ~ * 36 8 1 29! 6 



Hg, ."S cO .°.i4 39 8: 1 49! 7 6 



e 2-9 p/"""' S 

4 35 8 ! 2 Ci 8 6 



£ _J .2 ^ S • « „-! 

4 35 8 2 26 9 2 



&^ Wrn 2 2 y ^ 

4 33 8! 2 47 9 49 



8 §.5^^^ o « I 4 35 8 i g 28 l 10 33 



J 5 S.S ££> 5 !^3o 8 rise* 11 J9 





o . . 4 35 8 10 2 : .l 12 



^n'^A-^r' i 4 - 85 8.10 54} 1 23 

• . .rinl 4 35 8,11 23j 1 -59 

P^dODO ."o 4 35 8,11 52 2 51 






.OOOO O ! 4 S5 8! o 231 4 39 

2 b' 


.ji.c^'t.'S'j |4 ,35 8- £0' L 2:. 



cj c> o o> o >— i n-¥c* j 4 35 8| 1 49 

9 58 



uetiDousd l4 85 Si 2 48 

8 L2 



S S £ 5 S g g ?, 14 36 8! 3 47 

9 13 


i Monday 

h b ^ 1-5 h ^ b b 

[4 33 8 

; 4 47 

10 14 

JULY, 18 


AUGUST, 1856, 




New Moots, 
First Quart 
Full Meon, 

2J day,4h. 46m 
er, lOih'day, 2h. 
17th day,4h. ; 4( 

. moTning. 

38m. morning, 
n. afterrtot>n. 

lSm. momiDg. 

a. afternoojs. 

First Quar 
Full Moon 
IifistQi as 

ter, 8th day, 7h. 38m. afternoon. 
, 19th day, lh. Ilia, mornio^g.. 
er, 22d day. 4h. 24m. afternoon^, 

N'e« Mftoa, 

31 - y jh 2 \ 

NVrt Moon 

, SOtb day, 6h, 30m. morniiigi 

T'. j Pays of 



.Moon ] ns s h 

P- i Day, of j 

Bun 1 Kaon 1 3i;h 

K* I ««fc 

R.i S. 

rises. 1 Water. 

E. & 3. I v&. 

b, B5. 

, i 

d. m. h. 

h. m. 1 h. , n . 

o. si. h. Q. »-- 

1 ! Tuesday 1 

4 36 8 

5 20 10 32 

1 | Friday 

4 58 S 

8 Ojnvora 

•' ■ Wednesday 

i 39 8 

seta jll 15 

2 ; Saturday 

4 58 8 

S 28 ' 9 

3 Thursday 

4 37 8 

: SOIuiorn 



4 51* 8 

8 52; 41 

4 ; Friday 

4 37 8! 9 21 12! 

-4 Monday 

5 7 

9 IS 

1 9 

•-• Saturday 


4 37 8 ; 9 31 57, 

5 : Tuesday 

5 1 7 

9 44 

1 39 



4 3s S i! •,-. 1 S9! 

6 v. ednesday 

5 2 7 

10 10 

2 11 

7 Monday 

4 38 8 10 23' 2 13 

7' Thursday 

5 3 7 

19 38 

2 43 

8 Tuesday 

4 30 820 50! 2 51 

8; Friday 

5 4 7 

11 2; 3 19 

9 Wednesday 


|4 40 S 11 17; 3 29 1 

9 Saturday 

5 5 7 

U 28 4 6 

10 Thursday 

4 40 8 11 59: 4 101 


5 6 7 

11 55j 5 3 

•2 ." 

4 40 Simorn] 4 52 i 

li ■ " mday 

5 7 7 

morn! 6 20 

4 41 8; % 5 41 j 

12 Tuesday 

5 8 7 

45 ! 7 4o 

. O 

'4 41 8, 34] 6 42; 

13 , We iaesday 

h 'd 

5 9 7 

1 4li 9 2 

4 42 8 l 58 7 43 

H : Thursday 

5 10 7 

2 37110 2 

15 ! Tues lav 

4 43 8 1 3S| S 50 i 

, 15 Friday 


- k - 

5 11 7 

3 39jl0 51 

19 |-Weduesday 


4 4.; 31.2 2ti 9 21" 

1*5 Saturday 

6 12 ; 

rises 11 35 

17 Thursday 

18 | Friday 

4 44 8 3 50 1- 41 


5 13 7 

8 15 A 13 

§ 3 

4 45 3 rises U 31 j 

4 4:3 8' 9 B|A 15 

lis v"' : !' y 


5 H 7 
5 15 7 

B 53| 52 
9 231 1 ..- 


jgj -j 

4 46 8| 9 4Si u:j 

20 Wedn, lay 

5 16 7 

9 52 2 6 

2! Monday 

|4 47 8 10 1 1 ! ': 

2; i Thurs i '■ ■ 

H P-i 

5 18 7 

] 1 22 2 43 

O ^ 

t 49 10-41 2 29 

22: Friday 

d d 

5 19 7 

; .: 38. 

23 Wednesday 

4 48 811 L2 3 12 

23 f tupiaT 

5 20 7 

11 31, ' ■ 

2i thursday 

»-j d 

J4 49 8,11 50 :: 58 


5 22 '. 

mora 6 ■ • 

2o ;l..j llV . 


4 50 8 morn 4 48 

1 25 . VI >ud - ' 

5 23 7 


2 . : Sarurday 

4 51 8! 19 ' 4U 

[26 ; Tu ;s I ty 

si Jd 

5 24 7 


27 i SUNDAY 

♦J" si 

{ j 52 S 1 2 G ' I 

27 . Wednesday 

2^ ^ 

5 25 7 

2 4 ' ' - 

28 Monday 
2» Tuesday 
30 Wednesday 

' 1 ' ■ * 1 ' "1 -1 1 ' 1 

^-1 ^-< 

j 26 7 
5 27 7 

3 8|10 1 


14 55 8' 3 1510 3) 

( 30 Satunlay 

to s>b 

4 12U1 19 

31 iiiur.-J.'.v 

n 3 

l f-3 Hi 

|4 5;; £ 

i sets li 22 

[31 i SUNDAY 

1 <J < 

IS 30 7 

7 14 




OCTOBER, 1956. 



First Quarter. T'Ji day. lib- 13ra. morning. 

First Quarter, 7th day, Oh. 54m. morning. 

Full Moon, 14 th day,9h. 21m. morning. 

Full Moon, 13th day, 6h. 15m. afc< rnoon. 

Last Quarter. 2lst day, lh. 4m. morning. 

Last Quarter, 20th da -, 1 : .. 22m. afternoon. 

tfew Moon, 28th day, lib,. 4rn. afternoon. 

*•• .. Moon, 28'th day, 5h. 11m afternoon. 


D»j« of 


Bua 1 Mooh ! High i 




Sua [ Moec ■ nirh 
R.4 -'. ; B et»- W»ter. 



h. rn. h.j h. m. ■ m 


ci 002 

5S: 7 88 Hi 


Vr ednesday 

,— v .S< 

6 11 6 6 30 8 


^| E-^tS 

5 33 71 8 Oi 40! 


,_J t2 

6 12 6 7 7 fl 38 




-;"L; t~:.Z u • 

5 :5* 1, 8 32 1 7 



p 3 

6 13 6! 7 43 1 9 


> % — O «£ : y 

5 38 7! 9 5.1 1 36 j 

; 4 


o g * o 

6 14 6 S 19, 1 4:' 


o S 2 ^ ^ 

5 37 7: 9 87 2 9 

I 5 


6 15 6 c ; 55' 2 24 



5 33 7 10 10| 2 45 1 
5 39 7110 43; 3 20 1 


Mod day 

§ ^O ^i 3-' 

6 17 6 81' 3 S 





6 18 6;10 40 J 7 


5 41 7; 11 15! 4 26 1 


"W ednesday 

6 90 6 1149 5 25 






5 42 Till 46 5 49 ; 



£.3«E*d XfiS 

6 21 6 mon 


S S ° ° £ S 5 

5 4b 7 morn! 7 21! 



^.S^tJ.5 £-- s 

6 22 -. 1 0; S 11 


5 44 7 58 8 42 



- p ^ c rj £ - ~; 

G 23 6; 2 2o 9 16 


-6. ^ 9 c w fl *- 

5 46 7| 2 181 9 43: 



2 g bog £* w 3 • 

6 25 6; 3 40 10 5 


' H ,-,-« 2- « j 

5 47 7| 3 29110 31 j 



6 26 6i 5 4 10 4S 



>Z^ T £ o g S E 

5 43 7j rises 111 14j 



6 27 6 rise-' 11 28 


Mon .lay 
Tii -';".' 

rt^rt^l £e^.5 « 

5 50 7! 7 10111 61 



6 29 6: 6 36 .4 7 


5 51 7 7 51 A 23; 



6 30 6! 7 26 49 


-3 "tj rt w . £ 3 • oo j- 

5 52 7! S 32 1 6 




6 31 61 8 17 : 1 32 



fis e> x " > ^ .v. ?= .- 

5 54 7; 9 13 1 46' 



S ^ g ^ tJ s ^ -^ 

6 32 6 9 81 2 IS 


5 55 7 | 9 54 2 31 



6 33 6 :. 6G 3 Jo 

: aturday 

5 56 790 31; 3 2o 


Mon ia«, 

6 35 61 JS! 4 13 



;-fe^v • s^d 

5 5i Till 16 4 2S 



6 36 611 50: 5 26 



5 59 7 11 G7| 5 51 


\V ednesday 

H u ^ o o ^ ^ g -; 

6 38 6'morrj 6 i-3 



6 Oiornl 7 16 



6 39 6: 57! 7 50 





5 1 0; 52i 8 82 



6 40 6l 1 59 8 50 


6 3 6-1 69: ; .< : . 



6 41 6' 3 li 9 29 



j-T . j=i ,-" *-> " >_5 S '■? 

[6 4 6 3 6 10 7 



6 42 6| 4 8 10 6 




a c s u v v 

.4 c<i cCk<ca »A N 2 -^ ™ 

6 5 .61 --4 18110 41 

6 7 G 5 25 51 il 



^ ro Zi O O J" - t--: ~ CC 

6 44 8; 5 6 19 33 
6 45 6! sets 111 10 


O, o. ft © ft go ft ft 

3 8 6! sets ill 41 



SP r-I r-i <M !N CM C<) r-i Z<i 

6 46 6! 4 55 11 42 



cccooQCQosaJ r/ >«2 6 9 6i-6 8 mom 

i y i 


^ « +J *j j-> *j +j *S - J 

o i7 6 6 2i J morn 


ooocooo o 

,6 49 61 7 3: 14 


NOVEMBER, 1856, 

DECEMBER, 1855. 



Fir^ QaRTter, 5th day. Oh. 3Sm. Ritr.rzocn. 

First Quarter, 4th day, lOh. 42:n. afternoon. 

Full M >oni 

l",::<: ;lay,-4h. Urn. m© 

rxii •_. 

Full Moors, 11th day, 8h. 29m. afternoon. 

I igt Quart 

r, 13th da ', Sh. 5 "m. 

uorn.1 .. 

' 2 >.,t '.^.u.u-ter, 19th dav. 2h. 0m. moraiiig. 

New :■■■.■ on, 

27th day, llh. IVn;. u 

New M-oon, 27 ! -h day, 4h. Dai. morning. 

Daji o: 


R. & S. 


b. m. 




Sua ! Mooa ! K:?t, 
K.4 5. j wis. W-itir. 

1 n, b 

!}. CI. 

h. to. L-.. 1 h. m. b. m. 



6 50 6| 6 37 



Mon d av 

■ 13 5 7 24! 1 17 



6 51 6! 7 38 

1 2^! 



7 19 51 8 9> i 5S 




6 62 6i 8 39 

2 9! 



r , 

7 2) 6 9. . 43 




6 53 6 9 80 

2 561 



/-% r-4 

7 20 5!ll 6: 3 39 




G 64 6 ; 10 4^ 

3 5 J 



7 21 5reomi 4 25 



"7 b§ 

6 55 6 mom 




*^i vi •--• 

7 21 5 

22 5 31 



a b> 

6 57 6j 2 

6 14 


1^ Si 1 

7 29 5 

i • . 6 45 



Vj >-3 C"" 1 

6 5$ 6 1 2:^ 

7 32 1 



7 22 5 

v " 8 



H w >p 

6 6^» 6 2 42 

fi 4 i 


, 23 5 

4 14, 9 6 



. ci 

7 5: 3 85 

9 .15 ! 


W edu»sday 

d > Y* ^ -7 

7 23 5 

5 80.10 2 




7 15 5 8 i'. 22 



-q w « _- 

7 23 5 

rises 10 61 



H -3 .S ^ 

7 2 5! rises- l) 6| 


Fri lay 

-— ^ ,« ._ g 

. 24 5 

4 40,11 40 



-— -3 • 

7 3 5 : 5 till! 5'). 



7 24 5 5 55 A 23 



P. ^ S 

7 4 56 12 \ 9- 



O " ; "Tj "~ T; 5 S 

7 24 5 7 10; 1 6 



d cj ^* 2 

7 6 5; 7 43! 1 HI 



7 25 6 : S 26 1 19 



^ -7' b b 

7 6 5| 8 ^- - r 


L\i ;sday 


7 25 5: 9 • 2 29 



T3 ° o « 

7 7 5 ! 9 47 2 65 1 

Wednesd r; 

c o 5 *ti k o tj-a 
■r; p - c •- ■-: c o 

'£ o >. a a r y y ^ 

7 25 510 55 ! H 


CO >n ' 

7 8 6 E0 49 

j •> 


, 25 5 morn] 5 54 



n, r • 

7 9 5; 11 60 

i 42 

1 "• ) 


7 25 6 2j 4 40 




7 10 6-nuMru! 5 44! 
7 11 6. 1 0i •' ; • 

20 Saturday 

- " „ • • n" * ' P* fn Ph 

, 25 5 59j 5 Si 

22 j i 

K -* . * 

7 11 6 . |i 7 4 

22 ? ' 

"^ -H .— 1 '"'■ ~ ' . . - 

. 25 5 3 3 7 41 


Non lay 

op . "^ 1 

7 32 5 g 2; J - ; " 
7 13 6 4 3 9 21 

• ■ : 

--' O r> O O , , . 

7 25 5 6 8 -i!- 
i 25 c 5 7 9 33 



f. O ^H i-H 

7 14 5 6 h 10 12 

2 7 


r 25 oi 6 72 10 10 


' v e laesday 

7 15 6 6 7 |] 19 



7 25 5- 7 14,11 2 



>' !> '- > 

7 r> :■■ b ; - 1 ' . '.- 



•ti *j *-> ^r: ^ ^ *-■> -^ 

H r-(rH'CC '-C r-I r-< r-< 

7 25 ;" sets ; ii 4i 
7 2 l 6 ,". 16 morn 

29 i E tturilaj 

^ J^ ^< ^ 

7 17 5 6 37] 37 


• • ' 

7 2i ■• 6 311 26 

7 21 5 7 4- 1 5 

80 ! SUNDAY 

• ••'•' 






9 1 45 



R 1 


1 A R ED J. Y N A T U ANIEL B . S II U R T L K F P , M . 

Governors of Plymouth Colony, chosen annually by the People. 

1615 William Bradford. 
1657 Thomas Prence. 
1673 Josias Winslow. 
16S1 Thomas Hinckley, 

1638 Edward Winslow. 
1637 William Bradford. 
1633 Thomas Preiice. 

1639 William Bradford. 
1644 Edward, Winslow. 
•ia of the Colonics, in lw, except during the administration of Andros. 

Deputy Governors of Plymouth Colony, chosen annua 1 !'/ by the People. 
1689 Thos. Hinckley.. 16S1 Jas. Cad worth. 1632 Win. Bradford, to 16.86. 1683 Wm. Bradford, to 1692. 
• Previously there na^ no Deputy Governor, a Governor pro tent, being appointed by Lie Governor to serve in his absence. 

Governors of Massachusetts under the First Charter, chosen annually. 

(320 John Carver. 
121 Wiliiam Bradford 
i , .' ' .-,-ard Wiuslow. 
iiili Thomas Prence. 
53.3 William Bradford 
*Mr. Hinckley was Goverr 

till the ur 

J I () 2 ) 5 lath e w C ra d ackJ 
IWO John Winthr fp. 
',■ U Thomas Dudley. 
I '.:i ') John Haynes. 

1636 Henry Vane. 

1637 John Winthrop. 
16-10 Thomas Dudley. 

1611 Kichard Bellingham. 

1612 John Winthrop. 
16-14 John Endicott. 

1645 Thomas Dudley. 

1646 John Winthrop. 
1619 John Endicott. 
16-50 Thomas Dudley. 

1651 John Endicott. 

1654 Richard Beliirighain. 

16-55 John Endicott. 

lGo-5 Richard Bellingham. 

1673 John Leverett. 

16J9 Simon Bradstreet. 

•By the Royal Charter, which p-i.«c I the seals 1 ?I-j.roh, l ,; rs-',>. Mathcw Cra.-l.iek vas appointed the first Governor, end Thomas 
Goth:, Depa'.v Governor, b-ah of whom had be; J the su<ne otiiues before the Cii 

and Joii! 

th( Charter, !u 

IU:;opiirv, Oi. 

they never came to N - 
Governor. Ou the 

as granted. CM: the loth oi the fotlowi 

Kn-ha! i. i >n the ■.'.):h .)t* «.)■■:■. her, l.'c'J, John Win- 
it h of April, l'J-'.'. John Endicott waa appointed, in 

upury, ucputy 
London, to be Governor of the Plantation in jN'ew England, and held the oflice until the arrival ofthe Governor (Winthrop) in l-he. 

Deputy Governors of Massachusetts under the First Charter, chosen annually. 

1629 Thomas Gofi 

162 I John Humphry,. . 
16,29 Thomas Dudley,.. 

1634 Roger Ludlowj. .. 

1635 Rich'd Bellingham 

1 63 6 John W t n th r o p ,' , . 
1637 Th>mas Dudley,- 1629 
. " 1629 
. " 1634 

1049 Rich'd Bellrnsru 

to 1611 
<■ 1644 
" 16-16 

1654 John Endicott...... to 1 6-5-5 

10-55 Rich'd Bellingham,." 16-35 
1665 Francis Wilioughby," 1671 
1671 John Leverett,...." '■• 1673 

1673 htui'l Ss moods, to Oct. 78 
167-8 Oct., Simon Bradstreet, '79 

; 1641 John Endicott,.. 

1 1644 John Winthrop',. 
1635 ! 1616 Thomas Dudley,.- <( 1650 
1636|1650 John Endicott,!.., " 1651 
1637 116-51 Thomas Dudley,... " IGoo 

•1640 [.1653 Rich'd Bellingham,. u 1054.1679 Thomas Danforth, to 163 
•Thomas Goii'e never came to New England. John Qumj hry was elected, but did not serve. 

Deputy Governor of Massachusetts after the Dissolution of the first Charier. 

16S9 Thomas Danforth, to 1692. 
Governors of Massachusetts voder the Second Charter, appointed by the King.- 

1 1692 May, Sir William Phips. 

j 1604 Nov., William Stoughlon* 

1639 May, Earl of Bel!: mom, 

1700 July, William Stoiujhton, 

The Council. 


i 1716 Oct., Samuel Shute. j 1756 Sept., Speneer Phips. 

\ 1722-23 Jan., William Dummer. j 1757 April, The Council. 

j 172S July, William Burnet. 

. 5 ., Thomas Powuall. 
a?, Thomas Hutchinson 

a?W 'd^:t, ' 

! t i c-l-> he 

i714-15 Ma 

1715 Nov.,1 

• Those whos 

1 En N- vemb 

-.. ... V ;. 

b.. Th,.- Com cii, 
-rch, Joseph Dudley 
j- William Tailer. 

se names ;ire printed in It 

] 172 5 Sept., William Dummer, 

1730 June, William Tailer. 

1730 Aug., Jonathan Belcher, 
! 1-741 Aug., Willialn Shirley. 

I 1 749 Sept.. Spencer Phips. 
j 17-33 Aug., William Shirley. 

. Italics, were acting Governors. 

■.« vi<4 proclaimed"'! 'rovi ruor, he having Uvl the appointment in March, 1714; buthencv 

resigned the otiice in 17iG. 

Massachusetts under the Second Charier, appointed by the Kino 

I -'..-•, Au< 

1760 J; 
i 1760 Aug., Francis Bernard. 
11769 Aug., Thomas Hutchinson. 

[1771 Match, Thos. Hutchinson, 
i 1774 May, Thomas Gage. 

1692 Wra.Stoughton,toJTy,1701 | 1716 William Dummer. 
1702 Thos. Povey, ' to 1706 ; 1730 William Tailer. 

1770 Andrew Oliver. 
1774 Thomas Oliver. 

I 1705-6 Jan., vacancy to Oct. 1711 j 1733 Spencer Phips. 
i 1711 William Tailer. | 1758 Thomas Hutchinson. { 

Since the Revolution. 

1774 October......... . A Provincial Congress. | 1775 July....*. ..The Council. 

Governors and Lieutenant Governors of ^Massachusetts under the Constitution. 

Governors. 1 1840 Marcus Morton, 1841 • 1809 David Cobb ....1810 

S 1780 John Hancock,.... to 1785 | 1841 John Davis 1843 11810 William Gray 1812 

| 178-5 James Bowdoin.... ...17871 1813 Marcus Morton 1844 181.2 William Phillips, 1823 

• 17*7 John Hancock, Oct. 8, 1798J 1844 George N. Brums 1851 | 1823 Levi Lincoln, Feb 1824 

orge S. Boutwell,...1853 j 1824 Marcus .h<;rojn, July, .1825 

Winthrop,. 1832 

it. 8, 


. i0, 1808 

1797 Increase Suruuei 
1800 Caleb Strong,.. 
16 >7 Jas. Sullivan, J) 
13'.'9 Christopher Gor 

I tO Elbridge Gerry, 18.12 

1.812 Caleb Strong, .1816 

1316 John Brooks, 1823 

1823 Wm. EustU, Feb. 6>...1825 
>:') Levi Lincoln,.. 18 

1851 <i< 
1853 Jc 

hn II. Clifford,.. 

1854 Emory Washburn, 

1855 Henry J. Gardner, 

/.. iii<>na:a C c-tnv 

...1851 1S2 i ': hom- 

aS 55 

May •!().. 

>s, Feb. 1 

IS :? John Davis,. 1836 1 1802 Edward ft. Robbins, 

1836 Edward Everett, 1840 S 180/ F ' >i Lincoln, 

1780'Sv , -• ; 
1794 Moses Gil 
1801 8am. Phil! 


1833 Samuel T. Armstrong, 1 

1- ! G -orge Hull ...1843 

m '•> Henrv i L. Guilds,.,. .Ah '■ 

18-14 John Feed, .....1851 

1851 Denry \v . Cushman,. ■ ; 
1853 Elisha Huntington,. ..1! 
18-54 Wm. C. Plunkett, 1855 

1855 Simon Brown, IS5G 

1856 Henry W. Benchley... 

Ike Lieut. 


irnord also during vacai 



Tuesday following first Monday / 

/^ First "Wednesday 



s v 




HENRY J. GARDNER, - . Boston, - - - - - Salary, $3,500. ! 


HENRY W. BENCHLEY, - - Worcester, - - Salary, §4.00 per day, | 


David Davis, - - 
John Kenriek, 
Caleb D. HmmBag, - 
Horace Lyman, 
Charles H. Stedman, 
Josiali G. Peabody, 
Edward Denny, - - 
Moses G. Cobb, - 
Thomas Colt, - - - 

- - - - Edgartown. 

- - - - Orleans. 
...-■-. Haverhill. 

- - - - Greenfield. 

- • - - Boston. 

- - - - Lowell. 

- - - - Barre. 

- - - - Dorchester. 

- - - • Pittsfield. 

Messenger, to the Governor and Council, Francis M. Adams. 
The Council receive §3.00 each for every day's attendance, and §2.00 for 
every ten miles of travel. 


Francis Do Witt. ----■•- Ware, ----- 


Moses Tcnney, Jr., - - - - Georgetown, - - -- - 


| Chandler R. Ransom, - - - - Rexbnry, - - - . 



Ebenezer Yv. Stone, - 
Willard A, Harrington, 

- Roxbury, 


- Brighton, 

Salary, §2,000. 

Salary, £2,000, 

Salary, §2,000. 

Salary, §1.500. 

Salary, $1,000. 


George S.Boutwell, - - - - Groton, Salary, §2,000. [ 


Charles L. Flint, . .-.---.-.- Salary, $1,500. j 


Charles W. Lovett, - - - Salary, $1,500. 


Albert; L. Femald, - - - - - - Salary, $1,200 


Daniel H. Rogers, - - - - Salary, §1,300 j 


I John H. Smith, ■ Salary, $1,200 


William Eyelet^ 

L .. __ _. m ^ m ^ mmmmmmm ,. 

R&Hrv ^1 900 i 

! SEN, 

VTE. 11 



Forty Members 

, $3.00 per Day. 

Eliziu C. Baker, - - - 

President, £0.00 per day. 



Sylvester Baxter, Barnstable. 

Elihu C. Baker, Medford/ 

Alfred Kenrick, Orleans. 

Benjamin XL Brown, Brighton, 


Ephraim Yi. Bull, Concord. 


Benjamin F. Mills, Williamstown. 

John A. Buttrick, Lowell 

William Taj lor, Lee. 

Abiel S. Lewis, Framingham. 

Zabina L. Kaymond, Cambridge. 


David II. Bartlett, Dartmouth. 


Joseph E. Dawley, Fall River. 

James E. Carpenter, Eoxboro'. 

John Rogers, Mansfield. 

Bradford K. Feirce, Roxbury. 

Benjamin F. White, Weymouth. 


John H. Shaw, Nantucket. 


Amos Bates, H high am. 


Nathan King, Middleboro'. 

John Batehelder, Lynn. 


Augustas C. Carey, Ipswich. 

Abel B. Munroe, Boston. 

William Hall, Bradford. 


George Odiprne, " 

Ben Osgood, Lawrence, 

o ' 

Samuel S, Perkins, " 

William. Sutton, Salem. 

George M. Thacbei*, li 


Daniel Warren, " 

AimoD Brainard, Greenfield. 

George W- Warren, <£ 



Hiram 0. Brown, Tolland, 

Francis PL Dewey, Worcester. 

Benning Leavitt, Chicopee. 

Jabez Fisher, Fiichburg. 


Artemas Lee, Templeton. 

William S. Brakenridge, Ware. 

Yelorous Taft, Upton, 

Oliver Warner, Northampton. 

Salem Towne, Charlton. 

Peter L. Cox, - 

Clerk ; $10.00 per day. 

William R. Marsh, - 

- Assistant Clerk; $6. 00 per day. 

Bev. Daniel C. Eddy, - 


Benjamin Stevens, - 

- Sergeani-at-A^rmstothe General Court. 

William M. Wise, - 


John A. Sargent, 

- Assistant Doorkeeper, 

Tilson Fuller, 


William B. Wise, « 

- Page. 




Members recc 
Charles A. Phelps, - 

John A. Baxter, Barnstable. 
Nathan docker, il 
Heman Smith, Chatham. 
Joshua C. Howe?, Dennis. 
Erasmus Gould, Falmouth, 
Elkanah. Niekerson, Harwich. 
Josiah Freeman, Orleans. 
Joseph P. Johnson, Provincetown. 
Charles IT. Nye, Sandwich. 
Samuel II. Smith. Jr., Truro. 
JohirY. Jacobs, Wellfieet. 
Samuel Thatcher. Jr., Yarmouth. 


Elista 0. Hawkes, Adams. 
Daniel Upton, " 

Russell C Brown, Cheshire, 
Thomas G. Carson, Dal ton. 
Charles I. Taylor, Great Barrington. 
Charles S. Thatcher, Lee, 
Horatio N. Sears, Lenox. 
Edwin Adams. North Marlborcagn. 
Lorenzo Webb, Otis. 
Henry S. Briggs, Pittsfield. 
John C. West, " a 

Lemuel K. Strickland, Saadisfield. 
Joseph Wilcox, Sheffield. 
Thomas Wells, Stock-bridge. 
Heman Ford, West S.toekbridge. 
Richard W. Swan, Williamsf.own. 

Elkanah Briggs, Attleborough. 
Enoch lloyce, Jr., Berkley. 
Mathaniel Potter. Jr., Dartmoutl 
George P. Gaviit. Disrhton. 
William Barrows, Easton. 
Daniel J. Lewis, Fairhaven. 
Job B. Ashley, Pall River. 
John S. Bra) ton, " 
Jonathan E. Morrill, " 
Brayton Slade, c: 

Merchant White, Freetown, 
William Robinson, Mansfield. 
Nathaniel Gilbert, New Bedford. 
John Hicks, " 

Daniel Homer, " 

Edward Milliken, 
Henry F. Thomas, 
George B. Crane, Norton. 
Nathan P. Towne, Pawtncket: 
Alphi us Pratt, Jr., Kaynham. 
kelson Goff, llehoboth. 

ivc 53.00 per day. 

Speaker, SO. 00 per day. 
Francis Armington, Seekonk. 
Benjamin S. Earl, Swanzey. 
Lawson Blood, Taunton. 
Job M. Godfrey, " 
Andrew Pollard, " 
Abiel Davis, Westport. 


John Vinson, Edgartown. 
Nathan May hew, Tisbury. 


Dudley Evans, Amesbury. 

Moses Foster, Jr., Andover. 

Gay ton P. Osgood, " 

John L Baker, Beverly. 

Richard P. Waters. >" 

Israel W. Andrews, Danvers. 

Eberi S. Poor, 5t 

Alonzo P. Philips, « 

Samuel Story, Essex. 

George I. Tenney, Georgetown, 

Jeremiah R. Cook, Gloucester. 

Edward H. Pearce, " 

John Tenney, Groveland. 

Trueman M. Martyn, Haverhill. 

William Taggart, " 

James Estes, Ipswich. 

John Gale, Lawrence. 

Benjamin Harding, Lawrence. 

Thomas W. Floyd, ' s 

-'■ tmes S. Lewis, Lynn. 

Roland G. Usher, Lynn. 

William F. Johnson, Lynn. 

Jesse i\. Snow, ,! 

David A, Titeomb, Lynniield. 

Albert E. Low, Manchester. 

Franklin Knight, Marblehead. 

Thomas W. Webber, " - 

Joseph F. Ingalls, Methuen. 

Joseph Lunt, Newbury. 

Joshua D. Robinson, Newburyport, 

Daniel M. Reed, 

William II. Huse, 

Samuel York, Rockport. 

Edward B. Arnold, Salem. 

John Chamberlain, " 

Geo. K. Devereux, " 

Henry Lusepmb, dr., " 

John W. Russell, li 

John W. Rhoades, 

William H. Bagle^ Salisbury. 

William IL Newhali, Saugus. 

Joseph Z. Gordon, West Newbury. 


13 i 





[ Attains Calhoun Deane, Coleraine. 

K Iwin Cooler, Conway. 

Kdward W. Stebbins, Deerfield. 

S maei O. Lamb, Greenfield, 
I Elijah Stratton, Northiield. 

Solomon A. Howe, Orange. 

Hiram Smith, Whatery. 

' RalsaTagart, Blandford. 
; Alfred L. Converse, Brjmfield. 
• Sylvester Allen, Chicopee. 
I Jonathan Jones, " 
John II. Smith, 
i Joshua Gray, ilolyoke. 
] Stephen T. Cblton, Longmeadow. 
I Eiisha T. Parsons, Ludlow, 
| William I:>. Converse, M.on.son. 
] Aionzo N, Pewey, Palmer. 
I Horatio N. Case, Springfield, 
| William Grossman, " 
i Willis Phelps, « 

j Henry Pomeroy, " 

! Nathaniel Chapin, WestSeld. 
| Jonathan W. Freeland, West Springfield. 
I John Baldwin, -Wilbraham. 


Baxter Eastman, Amherst. 

Eh.en.ezer Warner, Belehertown. 

George L. Shaw, Enfield. 

P. Smith Williams. Hadley. 

Pen ben IT, Belden, Hatfield, 
; Daniel Kiugsley, Northampton. 
| Samuel L. Parsons, " 

I Dexter In graham, South Hadley. 
| Lysander R. Pates, Southampton. 
! Samuel XL Phelps, Ware. 
' Thomas Meekins, Williamsburg. 

Aaron C. Kandley, Acton. 
| Zenas Herriek, Billerica. 
j William 'Warren, Brighton. 
1 William Parlor, Cambridge. 
i Henry S. Hills, " 

i Franklin Hall, 
I Asa F. Lawrence, " 
i Ebon b Ian son, " 

, James Emery, Charlestowo. 
\ Lyman P. Goss, 
j Joseph Lovett, " 

I Edward R. J 
! PhlBfliia J S* 

loblnson. w 


| Joseph Manning, Chelmsford. 

| Samuel Staples, Concord. 

Joseph ]>. V. Coburn, Dracut 

Josiah II. Temple, Framingham. 

.John W. Parker, Groton. 

George Batch elder, Iloliiston. 

Uriah Bowker, Elopkinton. 

Simon W. Robinson, Lexington. 

Joseph M. Burt, Lowell. 

Caleb Crosby, ' « 

Weare Clifford, 

Luther J. Fletcher, {t 

Charles F. Hard, " 

Asa Hildreth, " 

Jonathan Johnson, " 

Henry Phelps, Jr. ll 

Augustus B Poby, " 

Jonathan Weeks, '' 

David R. Shepard, Maiden 

Iiollis Loring, Marlborough. 

John S parrel 1, Med ford. 

Isaac Felch, Natick. 

Isaac Hagar, Newton, 

Charles E, Pike, " 

Alfred L. Lawrence, Pepperell. 

Thomas N. Jones, Reading. 

Isaac Story, Somerviile. 

James Oliver, South. Reading. 

Samuel Tidd, Stonebam. 

Cyrus Taylor, Sudbury. 

F. A. Worcester, Townsend. 

William P. Guilds, Walthani. 

Levi Tbaxter, Water town. 

Nehemiah M. Fessenden, W. Gambrid< 

Calvin Howard, Westibrd. 

Aarmi P. Well, Winchester. 

n aittuce: ht c ount y.. 

William Barney, Nantucket. 
Edward Hammond, " 
John Morrissy, 

Joel E. Holbrook, Braintree. 
John N. Turner, Brooklme. 
Samuel Davenport, Canton. 
George Beal, Jr., Cohasset. 
Ezra Wilkinson, Dedhain. 
James II. Cph am, Dorchester. 
Gustavus E, Ilaynes, " 
John Littlefieid, Eoxborougb. 
Mason S. Southworth, Franklin. 
Tisdule S. White, Medway. 
Samuel Babcock, Milton. 
Jonathan Fuller, Needham. 
Wyman Abererombie, Quincy. 
William W. Baxter, " 

George W. Paine, Randolph. 
Isaac S. Burreil, Roxbury. 


William Gaston, Roxbury. 

Wm. Makepeace, Boston. 

•James Guild, '• 

Watson G. Mayo, " 

Amos Steven-. " 

Elias Merwin, " 

Melancthon Smith, ■' 

Richard Nutter, <; 

Samuel Walker, " 

Chas. A. Phelps, " Speaker. 

George W. Gay, Sharon. 

John H. Pitman, " 

Charles A. French, Stoughton. 

Geo. II. Plummer, " 

Jeremiah Allen, Walpole. 

William Bead, " 

Daniel Dyer, Weymouth. 

Harrison Ritchie, " 

Abner Holbrook, " 

Charles 0. Rogers, " 

Charles W. rnrrington, Wrentham. 

John W. Rogers, " 

PLYiaou-rH county/ ■ 

Nathan S. Jenkins, Abington, 
James M. Pool, •' 
Elbridge Keith, Bridgewater. 
Miirlin Gardner, Duxbury. 
Isaac Pratt, E. Bridgewater. 
William Wkiton, Hingham. 
Edward Gray, Kingston, 
-^eih Wsst-o^ *f*T^rrVH. 
Jared Pratt, 2d, IVtiddleborough. 
Soranus Staridish, " 

James W. Sever, " 
Asa Swallow, '* 
David Thayer, ' : 
Stephen Tilton, " • 
Charles Torrey, " 
Edward A. Yose, " 
J. Otis Williams, ,( 
Samuel Batchelder, Chelsea. 
Samuel Oicutt, " 
John F. Pen no, North Chelsea. 


Azariah B. Wheeler, N. Bridgewater. 

Ohio Whitney, Jr., Ashburnham. 

Ezra Leach, Plymouth. 

James I. Goulding, Athol. 

Charles Nelson, " 

Warner Smith, Barre. 

Arnitta B. Hammond, Rochester. 

Henry S. Mansfield, Blackstone. 

Thomas Oonant, Scitnare. 

Newton Dunton, Brookfleld. 

Henry J. Curtis, South Beituate. 

Mason Marble, Charlton. 

Jason P. Murdoek, Warehara, 

Horace Faulkner, Clinton. 


Edwin Moore, Douglas. 
Lemuel Healy, Dudley. 

Milton Austin, Boston. 

Salmon W. Putnam, Fitchburg. 

James H. Beal, 

Benjamin M. Smith, " 

| Hiram Bosworth, " 

Asa Merriam. Gardner. 

Osmya Brewster, <" 

Chandler M. Pratt, Grafton. 

1 Robert I. Rarbank, vC 

William Mixter, Hard wick. 

t H. G. K. Calef, " 

Ebenezer C. Willard, Harvard. 

George P. Claop, " 

Silas Flsgg, Jr., Holden. 

John Codman, 

Levi Miles, Hubbardston. 

Morrill Cole, " 

John G. Thurston, Lancaster. 

Charles C. Conley, " 

Lucius Woodcock, Leicester. 

George Dennie, " 

William Heustis, Leominster. 

: Charles Dnpee, {i 

Solomon Tarbell, Jr., Lunenburg. 

j Mieah Dyer, Jr.. 

Horace B. Hero, Milford. 

; Charles Emerson, " 

Joseph Robbins, Millbury. 

\ Lewis Bndieoft, 

Levi Wheeler, Northborough. 

j Isaac W. Prye, 

Jeremiah Robinson, Nmthbridge. 

1 Charles Hale, " 

Levi Adams, N. Brookfield. 

1 Theodore P. Hale, « 

George W. Hart well, Oxford. 

j Samuel W. Pali, « 

John Gr. Mudge, Petersham. 

j ] hiniel Hammond, *• 

Jervis Davis, Royalston. 

I Thomas Ilaviland, M 

Abram H. Temple, Rutland. 

I Calvin P. Hinds, " 

Exekicl D. Rockwood, Southboro'. 

i Justin Jones, u 

John Edwards, Southbridge. 

1 Peter C. Jones, u 

Dennis Ward, Spencer. 

: &oah Lincoln, Jr., *' 

Moses Sawyer, 2d, Sterling. 

, Harrison Loring, " 

David K. Porter, Sturbridge. 




SMtmtier Gole, Sutton. 
Juhn Sawyer, 2d, Templeton. 
Elijah W. Wood, Upton. 
Charlvs A. Taft, Uxbridge. 
Samuel lv. Blair, Warren. 
Purmenus Keith, Webster. 
Charles P. Rice, Westborougb. 
Amos Child, West Boylstcn. 

William E. P. Haskell, 
Henry A. Marsh, - 
Rev. jL D. Merrill, - 
Benjamin Stevens, - 
Alexis Poole, - - - 
Augustus Lothrop, - 
Henry Oaks, - 
William \Say ward, - 
Joseph P. Dexter, Jr., 
Amasa H, Tolinaa, 
Wilham S. Stoddard, - 
William H. Wilson, - 
Janies N, Tehran), 

Harrison G. Whitney, Westminster. 
Maynard Partridge, Winchendon. 
Harrison Bliss, Worcester. 
Elijah B. Stoddard, " 
Putnam W. Taft, 
George W. Russell, " 
John jkl. Brooks, " 

Cleric of the House of Representatives, $10 per day 

Assistant Clerk, SG per day. 


Sergeant- at- Anns of the General Court. 

Door -Keeper. 


A ssistant Messenger. 



Assistant Page. 

Watchman and Messenger at the State Rouse. 

WaXohiYtan and Messenger at tie State House. 

Watchmmi and Messenger at the State House. 



Bilk in the Third Beading. —Mensm. 
Batchelder, of Essex, Carpenter, of Nor- 
folk, Fisher, of Worcester, Brainard, of 
Franklin, Osgood, of Essex. Rogers, of 

Bagrossed Bills.*— Messrs. Mills, of 
Berkshire, Lewis, of Middlesex, Lee, of 
Worcester, Brown, of ifampden, Warner, 
of Hampshire, Kcnriek, of Barnstable. 

Judiciary. — Messrs. Dewey, of Worces- 
ter. Peirce, of Norfolk, Taylor, oi Berk- 

Probaiz arid Chancery.-— jIpzsyb. Brain- 
ard, of Franklin, Shaw, of Nantucket, 3), 
Warren, of Suffulk. 

Treasury. — Messrs. But trick, of Mid- 
dlesex, Lee, of Worcester, King, of Ply- 



of Cum- 

I ^ Bills in the Third Beading.- 
\ Brayton, of Ball River, Hal!, 
| bridge, Deane, of Cbleraine, •Luscomb, of 
Salem, Burreli, of Roxbury, Howe, of Or- 
• ange, Hagar, of Newton. 

County Estimates. — Messrs, Sprrell, of 
j Medford, Makepeace, of Boston, Johnson, 
| of Lynn, Faulkner, of Clinton, llawkes, of 
' Adams. 

i Mlections. — Messrs. Fletcher, of L< 
\ til, Lamb, of Greenfield, Morrill, of Fall 

River, Taylor,of Great Barnngton, Howes, 
of Dennis, Andrews, of Dunvers, Fenno, of 
North Chelsea. 

^ Engrossed Bills—- Messrs. Robinson, of 
Mewburyport, Lorlng, of Marlboro', ETol- 
brook, of Weymouth, Guild, of Roxbury, ! 
Blake, of Woburn, Blood, of Taunton^ 
Blarr, of Warren. 

■Fi?Mmce.-—%U?$rs, Sever, of Boston, | 
Stone, of Oharlestown, Eastman, of Am- j 
hersi, Mansfield, of Blackstone, Baxter, ! 
of Barnstable, Holbrook, of Braintree, I 
Wells, of Stockbfidgc. 

Judiciary —-Messrs. Devereux, of Sa- j 
iem, Lamb, of Greenfield, Briggs, of Pitts- ! 
field, Codman, of Boston, Stoddard, of ! 
Worcester, Story, of Somerville Gilbert 
of New Bedford. 

Leave of A bsence. — Messrs. Crane, of 
Norton, Batcbelder, of Chelsea, Foster, of 
Andover, Rockwood, of Soutbboro', Shaw, 
ol' Enlield. 

Pay Boll,— -Messrs. Haynes, of Dor- 
chester, Williams, of Boston, Stratton, of 
Nforthfiel'd, Crosby, of Lowell, Keith, of 

Printing.-^- Messrs. Iluse, oH Newbury- 
port, Fne, of Boston, Phelps, of Lowell, 
ftlorrissy, of Nantucket, Thatcher, of Lee, 

Probate and Chancery. — Messrs. 


land, of Sandisfield, Merwin, o'i Boston, j 

Gale, of Lawrence, 'Wilkinson, of B< d- | 



Imm, Hero, of Milford, Pike, of Newton, 
Gwy, ofHolyoke. 

Public Bui/dings. — "Messrs. Vose, of 
Boston, Keith, of Bridgewater, Goss, of ] Whiton, of Bingham, Austin, of Bost 
Charlestown, Woodcock, of Leicester, 
Russell, of Salem. 

Mercantile Affairs and Insurance. — 
Messrs. G. W. Warren, of Suffolk, and 
Bartlett, of Bristol, of the Senate. Messrs 


Accounts. — Messrs. Lewis, of Middle- 
sex, and Brakenridge, of Hampshire, of 
the Senate. Messrs. Taggart, of Haver- j 
hill, Brewster, of Boston, Roby, of Lowell, 
Pratt, of Grafton, and Abererombie, ofl 
Quinoy, of the House. 

Agriculture, — Messrs. Hall, of Essex, i 
and Bull of Middlesex, of the Senate.— ] 
Messrs, Williams, of Had ley, Waters, of 
Beverly, Smith, of Whately, Parsons, of 
Ludlow, arid Bowker, of Hopkinton, of the 

Hani's and Banking. — Messrs. Ray- 
mond, of Middlesex, and Thacber, of Suf- 
folk, of the Senate. Messrs. Thomas, of 
New Bedford, Thurston, of Lancaster, 
Turner, of Brookiine, Phelps, of Spring- 
field, and Hall, pf Boston, of the House. 

Claims.- — Messrs. D. Warren, of Suf- 
folk, and Leayitt, of Hampden, of the Sen- 
ate. Messrs. Dyer, of Boston, Bates of 
Southampton, Hills, of Cambridge, Smith, 
oflvoxbury, and Clifford, of Lowell, of the 

Education. — Messrs. Batchelder, of Es- 
sex, and Mills, of Berkshire, 'of the Senate. 
Messrs. Temple, of I*Vammj*fram, Bak r, 
of Beverly, Littlefieldj of Foxbora, Beal, 
of Boston, and Pollard, of Taunton, of the 
| House. 

I Fisheries. — Messrs. Baxter, of Barn- 
| stable, Shaw, of .Nantucket, of the Senate. 
I Messrs. Johnson, of ProTmcetown, Jacobs, 
| of Wellfleet, Cook, of Gloucester, Nicker- 1 
! son, of Harwich, and Lewis, of Fairhaven, 
j of the House. 

| Library. — Messrs. Peirce, of Norfolk, 
| Brakenridge, of Hampshire, and Carey, of 
I Essex, of the Senate. Messrs. Thaxter, 
1 of Watertown, Peal, of Cobasset, and C. 
j Hale, of Bo § t o n , of th e Ho u s e . 

Manufactures. — Messrs. White, of Nor* 
I folk, and King, of Plymouth, of the Sen- 
■ ate. Messrs. "llildreth, of Lowell, P. C. 
| Jones, of Boston, Phelps, of Ware, Allen, 
' of Chicopee, and Taft, of Oxbridge, of the 
j House. 

Mixter, of Hardwick, Gould, of Falmouth 
and Meekins, of Williamsburg, of tht 


Militia. — Messrs. Sutton, of Essex, and 
Thacber, of Suffolk, of the Senate. Messrs. 
P.eyereux, of Salem, C. 0. Rogers, ol 

Boston, Usher, of Lynn, Converse, oi 
Monson, and Tidd, of Stoneham, of .the 

Parishes and other .Religious Societies. — 
Messrs. Warner, of Hampshire, and Towne 
of Worcester, of the Senate. Messrs. Co- 
mint, of Scituate, Vinson, of Edgartown, 
York, of Rock port, Swan, of Williamstown, 
Kirigsley, of Northampton;, of the House. 

Prisons. — Messrs. Carpenter, of Nor- 
folk, and Brown, of Middlesex, of the Sen- 
ate. Messrs. Milliken, of New' Bedford, 
West, of Pittsfield, Staples, of Concord, 
Parsons, of Northampton, and Cole, oi 
Boston, of the House. 

Public Charitable Institutions. -—Messrs. 
Sutton, of Essex, and Bates, of Plymouth, 
of the Senate. Messrs. Thayer, of Boston. 
Edwards, of Southbridge, Burt, of Lowell, 
Walker, of Roxbury, and Reed, of New- 
bury port, of the House. 

Public Lands. — Messrs. Perkins, of Suf- 
folk, and Osgood, of Essex, of the Senate 
Messrs. Pearee, of Gloucester, Robinson, 
of Lexington, Hicks, of New Bedford, 
Bliss, of Worcester, and Dewey, oi 
Palmer, of the House. 

JRaiiicays and Canals — Messrs. Daw- 
ley, of Bristol, and Muuroe, of Suffolk, oj 
the Senate. jJqf-^i's, Murdock, of Ware- 
bam, Eitchie, of Boston, Potter, of Dart- 
mouth., Taft, of Worcester, and Robinson, 
of Charlestown, of the House. 

.Roads and Bridges. — Messrs. Bull, ol 
Middlesex, and Rogers, of Bristol, of the 
Senate. Messrs. Temple, of Rutland, 
Gray, of Kingston, Mayo, of Boston, Par- 
ker, of Groton, and Homer, of New Bed- 
ford, of the House. 

Towns. — Messrs. Odiorne, of Suffolk, 
and Taft, of Worcester, of the Senate — 
Messrs. Fessenden, of W. Cambridge, Or- 
cutt, of Chelsea, Lewis, of Lynn, Allen, 
of Walpole, and Tenuey, of Georgetown, oj 
the House. 


T I T L E 





| The session of the General Court for the year 1855 was begtin at too State House, in 
Boston, on Wednesday, the third day of January — being the first .Wednesday — -at 
eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and was prorogued on Monday, the twenty-first day of 

J May. At this session, 489 Acts and 89 Resolves were passed— being 35 Acts and 3 
. Resolves more than were passed at the next preceding session. 

The titles of the Acts and Resolves below are given in full, accompanied by an ab- 
j stract of their provisions. The letter [g] is placed before such as are designated as Gen- 
i eral Acts and Resolves by the Secretary of the Commonwealth. The numbers placed 
before the titles show the order of their approval by the Governor, and indicate, in each 
; case, the chapter which the Act or Resolve makes in the ■official code lor the year 1855. 
I The date enclosed in. brackets, after the title, is the time of the approval by the 
I Governor. 

j The letter [p], placed at the end of the abstract of an Act, shows that it is to take 
! effect from and af:er its passage, which is considered as cotemporaneous with its approval 
| by the Governor, indicated by the date in brackets, as explained above. All other Acts 
1 and Resolves, in accordance with the general provisions of the Revised Statutes, take 
i effeet on the thirtieth day after their passage, unless some other time is expressly men- 


which case it is here given. 


1, An Act concerning the Danvers Mailroad 
Company. — [Jan. 29.] — Extending time for 
construction to Juno 1, 1855, and allowing 
them to h;e anew the location of their road. 

2, An Act to continue in fjree the Acta in- 
Cx/rp&rating the Old Colony Insurance Com- 
pany of Plymouth, and to authorize an increase 
of its capital stock.— [Jan. 30:] — To continue 
the company as a corporation twenty years from 
Mtreh.8, 1 855. subject to all the duties, restric- 
tions -and liabilities'; set-forth in the37tband 44th 
chapters Revised Statutes, and all other gener- 
al laws which have beta or shall be hereafter 
passed relative to insurance companies. In- 
creasing the capital stock of the company 
£50,000, to be.divided into shares of. $100 
each, provided that such increase of its capita) 
"tock shall be paid in within three years troop 
March 6, 1*55. 

3, [g.] An Act in addition to "an Act 
concerning county commissioners." — [Jan. 30.] 
— In all future elections of- county commis- 
sioners and special commissioners, the board of 
examiners in tae several counties whose duty 
'■' is to examine the returns of votes, shall m ■■■' 
and discharge the dutiea. required bylaw 

such elections, on the first Wednesday of the 
month next succeeding the election of any 
kueh odicers. Repealing so much of the 14th 

1 enapter of the Revised Statutes as is lnconsist- 
i ent with this Act. 

LA¥3 AND HU30LVEB 0? 1855. 

4. [g.] An Act to amend the two hundred 
and first section of the twenty-eighth chapter of the 
Revised Statutes. — [Feb, 1.] — All forfeitures 
under the 201st section of the 28 di chip- 
tar of i^e- Revised Statues, wherein a pen- 
alty of five dollars is fixed for selling wood 
and bark not measured according to law, shall 
be to the use of the county' in which the offence 
is committed, and not to the use of the town. 

5. An Act authorizing an increase of the 
capital stock of the Douglas Axe Manufactur- 
ing Company. — [Feb. l.j — By adding thereto 
S3 1 ',000, provided that no shares shall be 
issued for a less amount than the par value cf 
the shares already paid in. 

6. In addilioi to an Act to incorporate 
tl ■ Boston Hemp Manufacturing Company. — 
[Feb. 1 ] — Allowing the company, in addition 
to their present powers, la grind grain, spices 
and dyestuffs. 

7. To amend an Act in addition to an Act 
to incorporate the Eagle Fire Insurance Com- 
pany. — [Feb. 1.] — Amending theAct approved 
Feb. 1G, 1854, by allowing the company to 
insure air-unst tire losses when S50,00 > guaran- 
ty ' capital shall have been paid in. 

b. [g.] .An ict to amend the fifteenth ch 
of the Revised Statutes as to the election of 
selectmen. — [Feb. 3.] — Whenever any town, 
at their annual meeting, shall fail to elect a full 
hoard of' selectmen, or whenever a part of the 
selectmen chosen shall refuse to act, or omit to 



be qualified according to law, the selectmen, or 
selectman chosen and qu difn 'i, may sign war- 
rants for town m :< ti ig until a full board shall 
be elected; and any town may, at a meeting 
held subsequently to the annual meeting, 'elect 
selectmen to till any vacancy which may exist 
iii the board. 

9. [g.] An Act to amend the sixty-first section 
of the thirty-ninth chapter of the Revise, I Stat- 
utes, and providing further rerredies for persons 
whose lands are taken by railroad corporations. 
— [Feb. 7.] — Requiring railroad corporations to 
give additional security, whenever it shall be 
made to appear to the commissioner upon peti- 
tion, that any security which shall have been 
given for land or other property taken under 
the provisions of said section, shall have become 
insufficient. U a company neglect for thirty 
days to satisfy a warrant for damages and costs, 
their right to enter said land shall be suspended 
until said warrant, is paid. The supreme coin t 
to have jurisdiction in equity, and the owner 
of such land, or ether property, shall be en- 
titled to all the remedies provided in the ease 
of a railroad corporation neglecting to give 
security when required so to do, under t he- 
provisions of the Gist section of the 39th 
chapter Revised Statutes, or any subsequent 
statutes relative thereto. 

10. [<;.] An Act in relation to laying out 
towmcays, and lead taken for school-houses. 
— [Feb. 7.] — Extending the provisions of the 

[ 290di chapter of the Acts passed in 1851, so as 
to apply to all eases where any person or per- 
sons have a claim for damage sustained in their 
property by the laying out of townways, the 
location of school-houses, and where the inter- 
ests in said property are such as, arc named in 
the ilrst section of said Act. 

11. In addition to an Act to regulate the 
sidewalks in the city of Chaflcslown. — [Feb 7.] 
— Requiring the owner of a lot or lots to pave 
the sidewalk against such lots, with brick or 
flat stone, whenever the city shall pave any 
public street according to law. In case of 
neglect for twenty days after being required 
todosoby the surveyors of highways, then the 
surveyors are authorized to pave and support 
the same at the expense of the owner of said 
lots. Provided, that whenever the mayor 
and aldermen shall deem any owner unable to 
comply with the foregoing requirements, the 
sidewalks are to be paved at the expense of 
the city. Allowing plank sidewalks to be 
laid against vacant lots, and repealing section 
2, of Act of June 12, 182-1, entitled "'An Act 
to regulate the sidewalks in the town of 
Charlestown " 

12. ft;.] To ami ■ d the three hun 'red and 
Ucenty-se* ond chap cr of the Stall ' s of IS ) I. 
11 in relation to transitory actions" — [Feb. 7.] 
— So that the provisions of said chapter shall 
be so construed as to apply to the 14th section 
of the DGth chapter of the Revised Statutes, 
and not to the 14 th section of the 19th chapter. 

13. To incorporate the Spy Pond Water 
Company. — [Feb. 7.] — For the purpose of i 
Supplying the town of West Cambridge with j 
water. Capital not to exceed S50,000. 

14. Concerning the X wbu •yport,and Dan- j 
vers and. Georgetown Railroad Companies. — I 
[Feb. 9.] — .Allowing them to unite and form 
one corporation, under the name of the Newbu- ! 
ryport Kailroad Company. Authorizing the I 
corporation thus formed to issue buds to the j 
amount of .5300,000. Providing for the man- j 
ner of selling the bonds, ami securing the j 
creditors of said companies, [p.] | 

15. [g.] Relative to the numbering of per- \ 
sons between the ayes of Jive and fifteen years. I 
— [Feb. 10 ] — Requiring the assessors of the j 
several towns and cities, to ascertain in the ' 
month of May of each year, the number of I 
child en between the above-named ages, and ■ 
to report the same to the school committee of 
said to^jis and cities, on or before the first day 
of October following. Repealing so much of 
chapter 223, section 2, of the Arts of 1S46, 
and chapter 117, section 1, of the Arts of 18 19, 
as requires the numbering of such persons to be 
made by the school committees. This Act to 
take effect on the first day of May, 1855. 

16. To continue in force on Act to moor- \ 
porate the Barnstable County Mutual Fire In- j 
surance Company. — [Feb. 10.] — To continue j 
the company as a corporation twenty years ! 
from Ma; eh 2. 1SG1, subject to the general in- j 
surance laws, [p.] 

17. [c ] 'To cede to (he United States of \ 
America jurisdiction over Egg Hock Island 
and certain other places for the erection of i 
light-houses, keepers' dwellings and beacons, j 
and for other purposes. — [Feb. IG.] — Coneed- ! 
ing Esg Rock Island near Nahant ; a site for I 
the above purposes, at Truro (Highlands), 
Cape Cod; one on "Point of Rocks," West- 
port; one on the Spit, at the entrance of the 
Narrow, Boston Harbor; and one on Point 
Alderton Bar, Boston Harbor. The common- 
wealth retaining concurrent jurisdiction with 
the United States over said lands, so far as re- 
lates to the execution of civil and criminal 

IS. [g.] To incorporate the Industrial 
! School for Girts. — [Feb. 16.] — For the pur- 
i pose of training to good conduct, and instruct- 
! ing in hoe- lio! 1 ! ! or, destitute or neglected 

girls. May hold property not to exceed in 

value 850,000.— [p.] 

19. To confirm the doings of the Marl- 
borough Railroad Company. — [Feb, 16.] — 
Conveying the property to trustees, in trust for 
the payment of certain bonds, and requiring 
the deed of conveyance to be recorded, [p.] 

20. .' c . ■. Ion to an Act to authorize the 
City of Boston to construct a temporary rail- 
road. — [Feb. 16.] — Continuing the railroad 
two years from Feb. 1, 1856, subject to all the 


the Act passed in the year 184$.— 







) Li- 

he f 

id ! 



>e i 

1- i 

rs | 


d I 


r ' 

i I 

gi. [,7.'j Ceding to the United States of 

riea jurisdiction over certain lands and 

■ r appurtenances, situate ir. t!<-: tvwn of 

•- -■' r, and for other purposes therein men- 

■ L — [Feb. 19.] — For the erection of a 

-; -!.<.-ii Louse. Said lands to b-. 

ipt fr 


22. To incorporate the New England Emi- 
grant Aid Company.— [Feb. 21.]-- For the 
mrpose of directing emigration wesrward, and 
aiding in providing accommodation for the 
emigrants after arriving at their places of des- 
•' . .ion. Capital not to exceed 31,000,000. — 

28. [g] An Act restricting the several court-: 
established by the laws of this commonv) 
from exercising jurisdiction in cases of natu- 
ralization,-~[k\b. 27.] — Ii shall not be lawful 
lor any court established by the laws of this 
Common wealth, or for any clerk thereof, to 
receive or entertain any primary or final dec- 
laration or application, made by or on behalf of 
any alien, to become a citizen of the Un 1 
State?, or to receive any registry of an alien, 
or to entertain jurisdiction for the naturaliza- 
tion of aliens. 

Any clerk or other person who shall record 
or file any such application or declaration, or 
'To amend the second section of undertake to issue a certificate of naturaliza- 
tion to any person so hereafter applying, shall 
be liable to a fine often dollars and costs of 
prosecution, to be recovered by complaint be- 
fore ?.ny justice of the peace or police court in 

23. [g.] 

•; two hundred and twenty-third chapter of 
the Acts of eighteen hundred and forty-six, 
•' concerning the duties of school committees." — 
[Feb. 21.] — By striking out the words, "and 
fuel for the schools," wherever they oeeur in 
•said section, and inserting ' ; fuel for the schools, 
and care of the fires and school-rooms." This 
Act to take effect from and after the last day 
of April, 1-855. 

24. In addition to an Act to incorporate the 
Cambridge Railroad Company . — -[.Feb. 21.] — 
May issue bonds not to exceed the capital 
stock paid in, in sums of not less than $500 
each, payable in twenty years from their date, 
villi six per cent, interest payable semi-annu- 
ally. Said bonds to be approved by a ma- 
jority of the finance . Committee of said corpora- 
tion, and to be secured by a conveyance of the 
corporate property to three trustees. Giving 
further powers to the trustees, and allowing the 

Hancock F 


3 rid <*e Corporation to t^ne 

bonds in payment or" toils. Authorizing the 
dividing of the stock into shares of $100 each, 
ai d ; extending the time two years, for the pay- 
ment of the tifs 1 " instalment often per cent, af 
the capital stock, [p.] 

ie county where the offence is committed. 

29. To incorporate the Salem Five Cents Sa- 
vings Bank. — [March 9.] — With all the powers 
and privileges, and subject to all the duties, 
liabilities and restrictions, set forth in SG h 
chapter ot the Revised Statutes, and all 
other laws relating to institutions tor savings. 
Allowing trustees to pay to minors, and making 
the receipt of minors valid, .[p.] 

30. To authorize M. Black Jr. §■ Co. to ex- 
tend their wharf. — [March 9.] — At Danvers- 
port, in the town of Dai; vers. 

31. To change the name of the Vineyard 
B::>n 7 :, and to exl<. nd tfi \ ti ae for paging i . its 
capital slock.— [March D.]— N$rne changed to 
Martha's Vineyard Bank, and extending time 
tor paying in its capital stock to Sept. 1, 18.35. 

3.2. To authorize tlit rraniingham Savings 
Bank 1. hold real estate^- -[March 9.]-— To 
the amount of $-3 .000, for a building for bank- 
pases. [P.] 

-[Feb. 21.]— To be established in the J 33. [p.] An Act changing the 



town of Holyoke, subject to usual regulations [the i ling of tin ; vg te enacts in Lan ■ '. ■ ■• 

of such institutions. Allowing the corporation j ough and Adams, in the county of Berkshire 

to receive on deposit sums as small as one ! [March 8.] — There shall baa probate 

dollar. Authorizing the trustees to pay mi 

nors, and making * he receipt of minors valid.-— 


holden at Lanesborough on the fourth Tuesday 
in April in each year, and also at Adams on 

ie \\ c 

day next alter the fourth Tuesday 



io muen or 

2G. [c;.] To establish a police court in the { in April in each year 
town of Chelsea. — [Feb. 27.]— Establishing j the 55th section of the S3d chapter of the Re- 
said court with one justice, and one special jusr j vised Statute's, as provides tor the holding ot 
tiee, in the town of Chelsea, and describing the i a probate court at Lanesborough on the 2d 

the court. 

dating to the jurisdiction- of the 

powers and dut 
27. [g.1 /, 
supreme judicial court in cases of divorce.— 
[Feb. 27.]— Granting the court power to nul- 
hly a marriage, where the marriage is supposed 
t>» be void, or the validity thereof is doubted., 
eithei for fraud a any legal cause, when proof 
of Mich fraud is satisfactory, although such mar- 
riage was £ oiemni/ed out of this common wealth ; 
provided, that the libellant had his or her domi- 
cile in this commonwealth when the marriage 
was solemnized and when the libel was filed. 

] : -'a of April, and at Adams on tae 
Wednesday next after the 2d Tuesday in 
April. [P.] 

31. [a.] An Act authorizing the county 
commissioners of the County of Middlesex to 
lay ■ ut a highway and construe' a Bridg* over 
the Mystic River, in the towns of West Cam 
bridge and M- dford, in said county.— -[M it b 
0.1 — At some place to be determined by them, 
between YVeare Bridge, sos ailed, on the old 
road leading from Medford to West C unbiidge, 
and the Aqueduct by which the Middlesex Ca 



nal formerly crossed said river. Said highway 
to be located on or before the 6rst day of Octo- 
ber, 1855, and said highway and bridge to be 
finished fur public travel, within one year from 
that time, [p.] 

o5. [g.J .1;i. _-1c/ to authorize the town of 
Norunch to change its name. — [March 0.] — 1 he 
town of Norwich, in the county of Hampshire, 
shall take the na;ne of fluminorron. [p.] 

36, To authorize Charles Hubbard and oth- 
ers to extend their wharves in the town of Chel- 
sea.— [March 9.J-[p.] 

3 7. [g.] An Act concerning executors 
and administrators, guardians and trustees. — 
[March 9,] — Authorizing them, under the 
judge of probate, to adjust claims at their dis- 
cretion, when it shall appear to be for the bene- 
fit of those interested. 

38. To authorize the Revere Copper Com- 
pany to increase their capital stock. — [March 
9 ] — By an amount not exceeding $100,000. 

39- [g.j In addition to an Act to protect 
the alewive fishery in the town of Brewster. — 
[March 9.] — Prohibiting allobstruetions to the 
passage of ale wives, and the taking of the same 
by any one other than those the town may di- 
rect, under a penalty of 620 for each offence. 

40. To authorize Thomas II. Carruih to- ex- 
tend his Who if i 
[March 9.]~[p.] 

41. Authorizing 'the 'Plymouth Cordage Com- 
pany to inert ase their capital si ock. — [March 
9.] — By an amount not exceeding $100,000. — 

42. To authorize the sale of the Danvers 
Railroad. [March 9.]— To the Boston and 
Maine Railroad, to be assented to by tbree- 
iburths of the stockholders in number, and 
owning three fourth,-- of ib ■ stock of said Dan- 
vers Railroad ; and all debts and liabilities of 
said road to be assumed bv the Boston and 

the town of Chelsea. 




M tine 

43. [g. ] To authorize cities and towns -to 
establish sidewalks. — [March 9 ] — Authorizing 
cities and towns to establish and grade side- 
walks, and assess the abutters one-halt' of the 
expense of the same. Prohibiting the obstruc- 
tion of side-walks, without the consent of the 
mayor and aldermen, or selectmen. Act void 
unless accepted by the city council of any city, 
or by the inhabitants of any town. 

4-1. Relating to the Cambridge Cemetery. — 
[March 13.] — Providing for the choice of com- 
missioners to take charge of the cemetery. Act 
void unless accepted in thirty day-, [p.] 

45, [g.] To aid police officers and watch- 
men in the disci irge of their duly. — [Mar. 14.] 
— Imposing a pen tlty of S L0 and costs of pro^e- . 
cution upon any one who refuses, when ealh d 
upon, to aid a police officer in the disehargeof 
his duties; [p.] 

46. To incorporate the. Lowell Young Men s 
Christian Association. — [March 14.] — For the 

purpose of improving the spiritual condition of 
young men. May bold real and personal es- 
tate to an amount not exceeding $20,000. 

4 7. In authorize a lire department in the 
town of Watertown. — [March 14.] — Subject to 
the laws regulating 6're departments. 

48. To incorporate the Q",incy Point and 
German town Ferry Company. — [March 14.] — 
For the purpose ofesra-blishi g a feiry between 
Quincy Point and Germantown, in the town of 
Quincy. Real and personal estate not to ex- 
ceed 825,000. [p.] 

49. [g.] An Act concerning the business 
of sailmaking and rigging — [March 14.] — 
Repealing so much of the 4th section of the 
58rh chapter of the Revised Statutes as relates 
to sailmakers' and riggers' lofts. 

50. To authorize the second parish in West 
Newbury to se'l their parsonage land. — [March 
14.] — And invest the proeetds in such real es- 
tate as may be suitable for a parsonage, [p.] 

51. To authorize Augustus Paine and Timo- 
thy Jarvis to construct weirs and fix I arts in the 
town of Brewster.— {March 14.] — Said weirs 
shall cause no obstrnedon to navigation. Pen- 
ally for obstructing the weirs, or ior taking fish 
from the same without authority, net to exceed 
$15 ior each offence, [p.] 

52. [g.] An Act authorizing the courts to 
sentence certain persons to the hospital at 
Rainsjord Island.— [March 14.]— AppRing to 
persons convicted in the police and muni y ,.'; 
courts of Boston, under the 5th section of the 
143d chapter of Revised Statutes. Sentence 
not to exceed six months. Superintendent to 
give his writien assent before the sentence. — 
The right of appeal from the sentence of the 
police court nor prevented. Allowing the dis- 
charge o r any pe rson committed under this Act, 
.- -.. ding to section 13th, chapter 143. Revised 
Statutes, providing the recommendation for 
such discharge be given by superintendent of 
said hospital, [p.] 

53. [G-] Concerning the punish. vent of 
drunkenness. — [March 14.] — Allowing any 
court in Boston, iu case of* non-payment of fine 
by any person, convicted of drunkenness, to 
commit such person to the house of indu; ry 
instead of jail or house of correction. 

54. To authorize Henry Jones, Ceo. II. 
Plummet, con! Win. D. JMucy. tobuild a wharf. 
— [March 14.] — In E is' Boston. 

55. Relating to the Mystic River Corpora- 
tion. — [March 14.] — Time for completing 
structure authorized by chapter 105 of Acts of 
1852, extended three years, [p.] 

56. [g.J In relation to trials of libels for 
divorce. — ["March 14.]— Allowing either party 
to demand a tried b\ jury. Trials to be the 
s ime as are now had inactions of law, before 
the court of common pleas and supreme judi- 
cial court. The court to decide upon the ad- 
mission or rejection of evidence. Verdicts to 
be uiha r the control oi the court, and decrees 
to be issued in conformity therewith, unless [or 

1 1 





, io:e le^al and sufficient reason. 
. ' . r< inconsistent herewith. 

5 7. To incorporate the Dorchester Mutual 
Fire Insurance. (Company. — ["March 16] — For 
a tt? rm of 23 years, lor the' purpose of insur- 
ing 'dwellings and other buildings against loss 

bv fire, una 

laws re latino; to 

the New England Magnetic 

v til 

companies, [p.] 

58. To unite 
A arm Manufacturing Company until the Bos- 

i Electric Clock Company, wider the name of 
... Electric Power Company. — [M*re.h 16.] — 
To be beared in the coumy of bufFuik, for the 
p srposes named in their respective acts of in- 
corporation, and for the further purpose of 
renting and operating clocks, alarms, engines, 
and other electric apparatus. Capital $200,- 
000: real estate not to exceed 860,000. fp] 

59. To incorporate the Cape Cod Five Cents 
Savings Bard:. — [March 16.] — To be estab- 
lished in the town of Harwn h. Authorizing 
Trustees to pay to minors, and making valid a 
minor's receipt, in certain cases. \v "\ 

60. To extend the charter of the Merchants' 
Insurance Company, in Boston. — [Jvjurch 16.] 
—For twenty years from Dec. 5. 1806. 

61. In addition to an Actio authorize the 
'o'cn of Plymouth to procure a supply of water. 
— [March 16.]— Authorizing the taking of 
land, tor the pirpose, as provided by an Act 
passed April 22, 1S54 ; and in ease of disagree- 
ment as to the price to be paid for the same, it 
shall he estimated bv the county commission- 
ers, according to the 24th and 30f.h ehsptersof 
Revised Statutes. Authorizing the town .o 
establish rates, issue ~water scripts may benee- 

ssary, in addition to the SttOjOOO authorized 
in 1854, to complete said 
A.-n inconsistent, [p.'j 
the Newbunrport Railroad 
act a branch railroad, — 

to ra'i 


Wad from Bradford to Ilav- 

To author: 
Company to eon& 
[Mareh 16.]— To 
■ rh II, near the terminus of the Haverhill 
Bridge ; 250 shares to be subscribed tor. in ad- 
dition to that already subscribed, before the 
Work is commenced. Road to be constructed 
in two years. Allowing the company to pur- 
chase the bridge, [p.] 



63. Co.i 

my. — 
•mpany to mi 
>ods, in the c 
}O,000 real es j 
ithorized by fl 

64. [g.] " I 

England Worsted 
arch 16.] — Authorizing the 
mfaoture woollen and cotton 
uniy of Norfolk, and to hold 
ite in addition to the amount 
eiraet of incorporation. 

dition to an Act 


mcetuiiariswl. — [March. L6-] —Requiring com- 
plaints in certain cases to be made and sworn 
to by some person interested in the property 
alleged to have been destroyed, before the 
police court of any town or city, except in the 
city of Boston, in which place, and also where 
'•o police court exists, it may be made to a 
justice of the j pace. 

65. [o 1 7b amend the first section of 


chapter of the. Acta of 1851, respecting 

libels fur divorce.- — [March 16.] — The pro- 
visions of see. 1, chap. 82, Ads of 1851, re- 
specting an allowance to the wife during the 
pendency of libels for divorce, are extended to 
libels for annulling or aflinmng the marriage 

CO. [g.] To amend the fifth section of the 
124th chapter of the Acts of 1841, relative to 
dissolution of attachments. — [March 16.] — At- 
tachments not dissolved, where the debtor 
conveys his property and makes application 
as an insolvent debtor, between the time of at- 
tachment on mesne process and execution in 
said suit. Allowing the court to order lien to 
continue, or execution to be stayed, until the 
assignee may be chosen. 

6 7. Concerning the Mat {field Manufactur- 
ing Company. — [March 16.] — Authorizing the 
company to issue preferred stock, providing 
the Act is accepted by a vote representing two- 
thirds of the shares of the company. 

68- [g.] In addition to an Act relating 
to joint stock companies.-*- [March 19.] — Ex- 
tending limit of capital to §500,000. Amend- 
ing 4th section of act of incorporation, by 
striking out the following words : " The names 
arid residence of the several stockholders, and 
the number ol shares owned by each stock- 
hot ierf Repealing a part of the 9th section 
of said act, requiring the certificate of transfer 
to he deposited with the town or city clerk. — 

69. [n.] To punish and prevent the crime 
of night-walking. — [March 19.] — Authorizing 
sentence to house of correction, house of in- 
dustry or workhouse, on third conviction, of not 
more than five years. Allowing directors or 
overseers to discharge, or bind out as appren- 
tices or servants, such persons, at their discre- 
tion, after the expiration of six months from 
time of sentence. 

70. To authorize the Provident Institution 
for Savings in the towns of Salisbury and Ames- 
"bury to hold real estate. -~[M«vvh 19.] — do the 
amount of §6,000, to be invested in a building 
site, and a suitable building for the banking 
purposes of the corporation, [p.] 

71. Relative to the Warren Institute for 
Savings in Charlesfcwn,.—[}l&T(ih. ID.]— Au- 
thorizing trutees to elect a treasurer, and 
requiring a majority of their entire number to 
do so. Re .eahng acts inconsistent. 

72. 70 ex end, the time for the payment of 
the capital stock of the Revere Insurance 
Company-.— [March 19.]— To April 12, 1856. 


73. To extend Albany street in the city of 

Boston. — [March 19.] — Authoj izing the exten- 
sion oi Aioany street, by the construction of a 
bridge over Roxbury Creek, upon such line as 
shall be agreed upon by the two cities. Re- 
quiring the draw of said bridge to be approved 
by a commissioner, who bhall be appointed by 
the novernor, and paid by the city vi Boston. 

O ."> 


74. For the regulation of the erection of 
wooden buildings in the city of New Bedford. 
— [March 24.] — Prohibiting the erection of 
wooden buildings, except under certain limita- 
tions and restrictions. Defining the duties of 
the board of engineers, and the powers of the 
mayor and aldermen, relative to the erection 
of such huildinss. 

75. To authorize Samuel Young, of Chat- 
ham, to construct a fish weir. — [March 24.] 

— Oa the north side of the new harbor, ad- 
joining Nauset Beaeh, and fixing penalty of 
$20 for obstructing or unlawfully taking fish 
from said weir, [p.] 

76. To regulate the location of lumber 
yards in the city of New Bedford. — [M irch 24.] 

— Prohibiting the location of lumber yards, 
except under the permission of the mayor and 

7 7. To incorporate the Lynn Library Asso- 
ciation.— [March. 24.] — For the formation of 
a public library in the city of Lynn. -May 
hold real arid personal property not exceeding 
$20,000. * . 

78. [g.] Au'horizi/iq child rev, to attend 
school in an adjoining town. — [March 24.] - — 
Under such regulations and on such terms as 
the school committee of such adjoining towns 
ma j prescribe. 

79. [g.] To establish a registry of deeds t 
in the Northern District of Middlesex. — [March \ 
24. j — Constituting the city of Lowell, and. the j 
towns of Dunstable, Tyngsboro', Dracut, i 
Tew-kshiiT-y, Billerica, Chelmsford, Carlisle,! 
Wilmington, and Wexford, the Nor; hen; Dis- | 

frict of Middlesex, and for ail things relating ! 


to the registry of deeds or other inst.i 
shall be deemed to be a county. Aurnouzifrj; i 
the oFriee of said registry to be kept h\ the | 
court-house in the cify of Lowell : authorizing , 
the appointment of a register by the governor, I 
ui. til some person shall be chosen by the peo- \ 
ph.;; and providing for the election of a regis- j 
ter of deeds once in three years, beginning at I 
the annuai. election in 1855. Constituting all i 
the towns and cities in the county of Middle- I 
sex, not named above, the Southern District 
of "Middlesex for the registry of deeds, and au- 
thorizing the present register i'or the county to 
be the register of said district until some i 
other person is chosen in his stead according j 
to law. Act to take effect July 1, 1855, ex- 
cepting tor the appointment of register for the j 
Northern District, for which purpose i? shall 
take effect on the second Monday of June, 

80. To authorize Charles F. Dunham to 

River Works, passed May 25, 1853, so as to 
authorize the manufacture of locomotives, en- 
gines, cars, y.nd other articles of iron or wood, 
and machinery, in the towns of Chelsea and 
Maiden, or in either or both of those towns. 

82. Authorizing the city of Cambridge and 
ihe town of Somertdlle to fill up Miller's C\ ek 
Bridge. — [March 24.] — As the public safety 
may require, [p.] 

83. [g.] To establish a police court in 
the town of WiUiamstown. — [March 24.] — 
Providing for the appointment of a justice and 
special justice, ami establishing the regular 
terms of the court. To t ike effect May 1, 1855. 

84. To authorize Thomas L. Eldridge and 
his associates to construct a fish weir. — [March 
24.] — In the southern part of the town of 
Orleans, for ihe purpose of taking fish. Penalty 
of S20 for taking fish from said weir, without 
the leave of the owners, [p.] 

85. Authorizing David Parkhurst to extend 
his wharf— [March 24.] — At Duncan's Point 
in the town of Gloucester, [p.] 

88. To authorize the city of Boston to lay 
out. a highway. — [March 2G.] — In continua- 
tion of Charles street, over land in front of 
t\i-^ new jail, and over the tide waters of 
Charles River, to North Charles street. Not to 
be laid out below the commissioners' line, [p.] 

87. To authorize Paul L. Bangs to baud a 
wharf in Provincetowa harbor. — [March 20.] 
— And to extend it into six feet of water at 
low tide. 

88. To authorize Thomas Sparrow and his 
associates to construct a fsh weir. — [Mir. 20. j 

nents, j — In Chatham' Bay. Fixing a penalty of $20 



j lace 

Tar enougn int< 
1 sn<:in_' at the « 
[lill Wharf. [ 

81. 'Jo an>'vd an Act to 
Mystic Paver Works.— ["March 

24.] -At 
iL in the town of Edgartown. 
the hm bar to allow of sh y 
nd thereof, to be ealied Tower 



/. . ; I 

■>". tion 1 of Act to incorporate, the 


for unlawful fishing from said weir. fp.J 

S9, To extend a wharf in Rochester. — 
['March 2G.] — Authorizing Loring Meigs and 
Daniel Pratt to extend their wharf in Mitta- 
poisett harbor, to the channel of said harbor. 

90. To authorize Barnabas W. Eldridge, 
Francis Joseph, Canada Perry and, their as- 
sociates to build a fish weir. — [March 26.] — 
Near Kilt Pond Point in the tewn of Dennis. 
Penalty for unlawful filing, $20. [ P .] _ 

91. [g] In relation to dags of grace on 
commercial papa . in i erlain cases. — [Mar. 26.] 
— Amending the provisions of chapter 1S2, 
of the Statutes of 1838, so as to include, the 
{lay known as Christmas, and the fifth day of 
July when the fourth day of duly occurs on 
Sunday; and all bills of exchange, drafts or 
promissory notes becoming doe and payable 
on those days, shall be subject to all the pro- 
visions of said chapter, [p.] 

92. fc] Concerni glhe election of county 
treasurers and registers of deeds. — [March 
26.] — Providing for their election at the an- 
nual election in November, and every third 
year thereafter, by the voters of the <c\"v.r. 
towns and cities in each county, except Suf- 
folk .\vA Nantucket. Requiring returns to I e 







>s I 


) I 

^^- bv the town and 

uic iwwn and city clerks, to county trustees to fill such vacancy in the same man- 
i-oainji sicme-FS within ten days after said eh e- ner as other vacancies are tilled. No person 
Said commissioners to meet on the f;ot ! to be elected to Jill such vacancy who is not a 
iVednesd iy in January next succeeding such ; member 0!' said parish. [p.] 

1 ,m, and the persons found to be < uosen 

>■....:■ be/declared elected. It' it is found that 

uo person is elected by reason of two persons 

having an equal number of votes, the commis- 

ioners are authorized to proceed according to 









100. To incorporate the Worcester and 
Nashua Telegraph Company. — [March 2C] 
— For the purpose of constructing a line, of 
telegraph from the city of Worcester to con- 
nect at the line of the State with a telegraph 
the provision^ of section 46, chapter 14, of the | line to Nashua, Capital $25,000 [p.] 
Revised Statutes. Repealing Acts inconsistent, i 101. [<..] To amend an Act entitled " An 
93. \G ] In relation to school reports and \ Act concerning (he ■publication of the condition 

of banks" — [March 26.]— Every bank neg- 
lecting to comply with the provisions of sec- 

y-:<<rns. — [March 26.] — .School committees 
foiling to make returns now required by law 
on or before the last day cf April, the Secre- 
tary of the Commonwealth shall forthwith 
notify the committee, who shall cause the 
same to he transmitted. Reports, informal or 
incorrect, to be returned by the Secretary for 
correction. Allowing returns to be received 
during the month of May, but in ah such cases 
ten per cent, is to be deducted from the 
amount which such city or town would Live 

tion 3, chapter 307, of the Acts of 1854, si al 
forfeit to the use of the commonwealth, to be 
recovered by the treasurer thereof, £25 for 
each neglect, unless it shall be made to appear 
that there was no neglect on the part of the 
officers of said bank. The secretary of the 
commonwealth to notify each bank so negiHct- 
ing to send returns, and if said neglect is con- 
tinued ten days after the first Monday or each 
month, it shall forfeit S.500 tor such neglect. 
Concerning the Harvard Branch Rail- \ Fixing a further penalty of S500 for the vio- 
r M ii-cli 26.] — Authorizing the owners ; latiou of other provisions of said Act. Repeal- 
any other railroad corporation, and ! ing section 6, of chapter 307, of Acts of 1854. 

use received. 


road, — 

to sell to 

confirming the authority 

Fitehbury Railroad, [p.] 

to unite witn tiiej 102. [g.] In addition to an Act for the 
preservation of grouse or heath hen. — [March 
95. [g.] To compel the erection cf hound? j 28.] — Repealing chapter 170, of Acts of 183 7 ; 
\t the termination and angles of roads. — [Mar. j chapter 7, of Acts of IS-il ; and section 5, cf 
:(>.] — Requiring county conimissioners, select- \ chapter 15G, of Acts of 1614. [p.] 
men of towns, and mayors and aldermen of j 103. To incorporate the Boston Mutual 
cities, to erec' bounds at the termination and Benefit Association. — [March 28.] — Fur the 
angles of roads. Penalty for neglect to comply purpose of affording", by means of a stated eon- 

vrith provisions of chapter 1 'J 2, of Acts of led -', 
$50 for each month said neglect shall con- 
tinue, to be paid by the city, town or' country , 
as the case may be, to the owner of the bind 
through which such roads have been laid out. 
To take effect April 1, 1855. 

96. To incorporate the X< ic England Scan- 
dinavian Benevolent Relief Society. — [March 

members, ami tor 

immim'ams arrivin 

tribuuon from the members, pecuniary assis- 
tance in time of sickness. May hold real and 
personal property, not exceeding $20 000. 

104. [G.] To authorize, the making of 
roads and drains in certain cases. — ■ [March 
28.] — Authorizing persons, companies, or 
towns, owning low lands, hikes, swamps, quar- 
ries, mines, or mineral deposits, to establ ;h 
2m] — in the city of Boston, for the relief of j-roads, dra.i is, ditches, tunnels, and railways to 
protecting Scandinavian j said places, through lands and highways ad* 
in the port of Boston, joining, in the manner provided b) this Act. 
May bold $5000 real and personal estate, [p.] j i'roviuing for the action of county commis- 
07. To regulate the sidewalks in the city of\ sioners, and the regu! ition of the work, [p.] 
Roxbury. — [March 26.] — Authorizing mayor I i05. To authorize tht Charles Rieer >>'■■■■'- 
and aldermen to furnish edge^tones for the \ road to change their location and extend 
purpose, and providing for the assessment of I /i«.-?.— [Marcn 28.] — In Medway and Belling- 
abutters for the expense of constructing sidu~j ham, and may unite whit the New York and 
walks, [p.] * Boston rail. oad. Location of new hue to be 

OS. To authorize the town of West Cam- rilled in one year, and to be completed in two 
bridge to establish afire department. [March 1 years. Construction to be approved by county 
26.] — According to the provisions in toe Act 1 commissioners. 

to regulate fire departments, passed April 9, j 10C - O] Concerning the taxation of 
1.830. ninors. — [March 28.] — By which all per- 

!);). An -Act a mar! 1 ■ re ■•>,-' m; .'-■'' ■ ■'■' <■' - ■ ■-.■■[ ]eo.,r-ti) !•> Imigmg to minors under 
'In Act to incorporate the Trustees of tht. 1' e - guardianship shall be axses-ed lo the guardian 
tridge Ministerial Fund,. — [March 26,] - - So j in the town where the minor may reside 
that when any member of said h< ard of trustee; 
•■- .->■; to be a nr-Mft'berof the First Congre 
tional Parish of L) ixbury, he shall cease t 1 
a member of said board, and authorizing 


107. To incorporate the Shelburne Falls 
•re Cents Savings Bank. — [March 28.]— in 
i town of Shelburne, subject to the provision 



Hampden Stock and Mutual Fire Insuranct 
< ' •• ■ •■ ny. — [March 31 ] — Authorizing th< 
Company to insure in other States, and to b< 
called ihe Hampden Fire Insurance Company 
Allowing t 1 :- 1 company ro increase its guar 
a ite< capita! to an amount not exeeedin< 
8 i 30,000. Reserved fund to be used to redeen 
guarantee capital. . By majority vote, thi 
company may abolish the mutual departm d( 

118. [g.] Respecting watchmen. — [Marcl 
1 31.] — Authorizing watchmen on fluty to carr 

oden club of not more than 18 inches ii 
length, and to wear such badge of office a 
the mayor of any city, or the selectmen o 
any town, may direct, [p.] 

119. [c] Limiting the time far bringm 
actions under the B2'2d chapter of the Acts f) 

minora depositing, and making minors' receipt ! 1852. — [March 31.] — Actions for dam< ge 

under the liquor law of 1852 to beeommei 
within one year next after the cause of actio! 
shall have accrued, and not afterwards. [Thi 
Act was repealed May 19. See chapter 398, 

120. [g.] Relating to the fees of juror 
\ and witnesses. — [March 81. ^Establishing fe 

of grand or traverse juror m any court, exeep 
before a justice of the peace or police court, a 
$2 a day, in addition to travel 

121. [g.] To regulate ihe business c 
pawnbrokers. — [March 31. ]-f- Authorizii . th 
license of pawn brokers, for one year. Licer 
ses may be revoked at any time. Penalty c 
-i ; ;30 to carry on business without a licens* 
The City Council of any city may dis] ns 
with this Act, and towns are to accept this Ac 
by vote before its provisions can extend, t 

122. [c] To make petes personal prop?) 
ti>.— f March 31.] — Making pews in all house 
of public worship person; 1 property. Existin 
right of dower in any pew not effected by th 
Act. Repealing section 31, chapter 60, Revii 
ed Statutes, and all Acts inconsistent, [p.] 

123. To incorporate ihe Brookli, Hot 
Company — [March 31.] — For the purpos 
of maintaining a public house in the tovi 
of Brookiine, capital 8100,000. Providin 
that no part of said property shall be used c 
[i for illegal purposes, [p.] 

124. [g] To establish, a. Board of I asu> 
ance Commissioners. — [March 3 i ] — Coo. sis 
ing of three persons, to be appointed by th 
Governor. Establishing the term of office, fc 
the first person appointed, one year; th 
second, two years; the third, three year 
Persons to be hereafter appointed, to hold th 
office three years, so that one new appointtnei 
sh dl be made each year. Requiring -aid eon 
missio'ners to make oath that they will fait! 
fn I) discharge the duties of their ofiice, an 
to keep a record of their proceedings in 
permanent form. Authorizing said eommi: 
doners to appoint a clerk of their board, ti? 
ing s tiary of each of said commissioners at S 
per day for each day's service, and SI i'c 
every 20 miles' travel. Requiring them t 

of chapter 36, Revised Statutes, and to all 
other laws relating to institutions for savings. 
Authorizing trustees to pay to minors deposit- 
ing, and making receipt of minors valid, [p.] 
ins. To authorize Henry Sla le and Jame< 
Hardin to extend their wharf in the town of 
Chelsea. — [.March 28. ] — Upon their land on 
Marginal street, to the commissioner's line. 

109. 7o extend the time for the construction 
of the M'Houri/ and Southbridge Railroad.— 
[March 28.] — One year beyond the time now 
fixed by law. 

110. To incorporate the Sloneham Fire 
Cent- Savings Bank. — [March 28 ] — In the 
town of Stoneham, under the laws relating to 
such institutions, authorizing trustees to pay to 

valid, [p.] 

111. [g.] Relating to fling executors' 
bonds, — [March 29.] — Autboriz-ng judges of 
probate to grant letters testamentary to any 
person appointed executor, who shall give the 
bond prescribed by law, at ; ny time before 
letters testamentary, or of administration wi.h 
the will annexed, shall have been granted on 
the estate, any provision of section 5, chapter 
63. Revised Statutes, to the contrary nbtwith- 
ending [p.] 

112. To incorporate the Mechanics' Mutual 
Fire Insurance Company in Worcester. — : [Mar. 
31.] — For the *erin of twenty-five years, [p.] 

113 To continue in force the Act to incor 
porate the South HiuLey Falls Bri ■ ■>■ Company. 


n i a a ot mcorpora- 

pat&ed April 24, 1S50, five years from 
April 21, 1855. 

114. To incorporate the Great Pasture 

Compa \y.— [Mtrch 31.] To be cstabli I \ 

in the city (>{ Salem, for the purpose of im- 
proving the Great Pasture, so called, lying in 
said Salem. Slay hold real and personal 
estate not exceeding $.30,000, and have power 
to sell and dispose ot, arid to .manage and im- 
prove the same, and lay out streets, as ii sb o : 
deem expedient. Providing for the issue of 
shares, and the management of the property. 

1 \o. Concerning the Boston end. New York 
Central Railroad Company.— ijAe-^clx 31.] — 
Extending time for construction one year fiorn 
the time now allowed by law, 

116. [g.] Further to prevent and -punish, 
fraudulent arrests. — [Miroh 31.J — Any per- 
son fa! ely an ;using a person of crime or of- 
fence, with ihe intent that the party accused 
shall be held to answer or be arrested on any 
process, under act of Congress } assed Sept. 
18, 1850, sh M be published by a fine not less 
than S 1000, nor more .■ n 1 b) 
imprisonment of nor. less than one nor more 
than live years. In addition to the above 
penalty, officers who shall make such aecusa- 
tiort, s'h-tll be foi ever disquali :». •■! from holding 
any office in this commonwealth, [p.] 

117. Ail'i Uonal to an Act to incorporate th 



*isit every insurance company m the State at 132. [a.] To •perpetuate evidence of the 
\. slat once in two years, and thoroughly exam- \ a] ■ ; itn ni of t xecutor.i and administrators. 
their books and papers. May examine] — [April (J.] — Authorizing judge of probate to 


o oe filed and recorded, 
inni jtrator, where it has 

, u: ;,-v under oath, and subjecting those refus- 1 permit the affidavit ro 1 
r to a fme not exceeding $1000, or imprison- upon petition ( 

! rit not more than one year. Commissioners j not been done within the time prescribed by 
I to examine the affairs of any company on j section 2, chapter 06, Revised Scutes. 
; request Of five persons. Providing for appli- 133. To increase the capital slock of the 

cation of injunction in case of insolvency ; and j Ncio England Glass Company.— [April 6.] — 
' for annual reports to the Secretary of S'are. B) an addition of $100,000. [p] 

Authorizing commissioners to see that all for- j 134. To incorporate (lie Merchants' Steam 

eign insurance companies comply with the laws j Tow Boat Company. — [April 6. j — With power 
| regulating them. Repealing so much of see- to build and employ cue or more steamboats 

tion 42, chapter 453, of Acts of 18.5-1, as is for towing vessels in Boston harbor, and 
j inconsistent with this Act. [p.] J between Boston and other ports. Capital not 

125. To authorize Ira Wixon and Elijah to exceed SI 00,000. Authorizing Marine In- 
< construct a fish weir. — [March j sura nee Companies to invest an amount not 
; 31.]-- In the town of Dennis, near llul Fond j exceeding two percent, of their capital, in the 
. Point. Penalty for unlawful fishing, $20. — capital stock of said company, [p.] 

i [p.] j lo'o. [g.] To punish certain, frauds and 

126. [g.] Concerning the payment of [cheats. — [April 6.] — Any person who shall 
j teachers' wages. — [March 31.] — By which a obtain property of any description from ao- 
: teacher shall receive, his or her wages, on de- j other person, by any game, device, sleight of 
i mand, at the expiration of each qnaiter, and j hand, pretensions to fortune-tehing, trick, or 
i to receive" the amount of wages due upon the ! other means whatever, by use of cards, shall 
| close of said- teacher's term of service, or be punished as in ease of larceny of property 
I upon the close of any single term, longer or] of like 'value. Justices of peace, and police 

shorter than 12 school weeks, [p.] [justices to have jurisdiction of the offence 

127. [g.j Ceding. jurisdiction to the United \ herein created. Allowing persons accused the 
States omr lands in Barnstable. — [March 31.1 — j right of appeal. 

j Containing one tore, more or less, for the pur- j 136. To extend Che time for the construction 
i pose of erecting thereon a custom house, \he\of a branch railroad into the City of Boston 
j commonwealth to retain concurrent jurisdio- by the Boston and Lowell Railroad Corp-jralioft. 
■ tion with the Unite;! States, so far as relates to — [April 6.]— -For one year after the report of 
i civil processes, [p] the commissioners shall have been made to, 

12:8, [g] Authorizing towns to establish and finally acted upon and disposed of by the 
\ fre department;;. — [March 31.] — Authorizing i Legislature. Also, extending withdrawal of 
| selectmen to establish tire departments in (-location lor one year. Continuing in ibrce 
their respective towns, according to an Act j during the time allowed for withdrawals so far 

e departments, passed April 9, 


129. To incorporate the American Insur- 
ance Company. — [March 31.]— In the town of 
Provineetown, for the purpose of making 
maritime Loans and insurance against maritime 
losses 1 1 1 the customary manner. Real and 
personal estate for the use of the company, 
not to exceed Si 0,000, excepting such as ecu 
be * iken for dent or held as collateral security J 
formone.v due the company. Capiral 850,000, j 

as I'ekites to said location, the provision of 
section 2. ehaj ti i 331, of Acts of 1853 

137. [g.] Iielaling to libels for divorce. 
—[April 0.] — Upon every Libel for divorce for 
adultery committed by the husband, or for any 
cause whatever, bis real and personal estate 
may be attached tor the benefit othis wife and 
children. Providing for tile prosecution of the 
suit, lltquiiing supreme judicial court to 
take the custody oi children pern" 
rro'versy betwt 

n tht 


be di 

into snares of 

each, i for the eau; 

mg any eon- 
Libels brought 
\ forth in chapter 126, of the 
Statutes of 1333, not to be defeated by the tem- 
I poi ary retui n or other a^ ion of i he deserting 
imerican Until party, provi I •■] that it shall appear that such 
[March 31.1— • For the return, or other act, was not made in good 
urpose of erecting in tae town of Chelsea.! faith. Extending the provisions of an Act re- 
uiidings necessary and convenient for a IVo- Mating to divorce, passed May 19, 1653, to all 
ly hold S50,000 i-eal and personal j divorces decreed by competent tribunals in 

Risks limited to an amount not exceedin 
per cent, of llcir capital stock 

130. To incorporate Oie 
Company in Chelsea 

ie Hall. May hold 850,000 realandper: m; ! divorces decreed by 
•tat • for the purpose, [p.] i other Si it< s. ; I • | 

131. In addition to an Act to incorporate] 13S. To incur po 
Boston Iron Company. — [April 6.] 


ompauy, m ad 
present po**ers, to roll, cut, ai Lot! 

"'■-'ials, other than iron, and to 

A « 

ition to its 
er .v! ■■ work 
'rind grain. 

Fire Insurance Co n \y. — [Aprd G.J — To be • 
established in Lawrence for the term of 28 \ 
year >■, fo tic purpose of insuring buildings and i 
personal property . [ P.] 

13 J. Relating to the assignment of 7A ns 

: . i 


M A 


in the Stale House. — [April 6.]— -Authorizing 
commissioners on enlargement of the Statu 
House to determine to. what uses the several 
departments in the new structun shall be put, 
subject to the approval of the Governor and 
Council. ' Repealing Act inconsistent, [p.] 

140. [o ] Relating to the organziation of 
corporations. — [April 6.] — Amending section 
3, chapter 44, Revised Statutes, so that the 
first meeting of all corporations shall, unless 
otherwise provided lor in their acts 


poration, be called by the person, or a majority 
of the persons, named in the act of incorpoia- 
tion, in the mode indicated in the third section. 

141. . r lo authorize ike Lotion and Maine 
Railroad to amend and refde its location. — 
[April C] — At any time within six months, 
said location no 1 ' to impair any rights they now 
have.' Persons injured by such amended 
location to have the remedies provided by law 
in such cases- Pending actions not to be 
affected bj this Act. Canfeming route select- 
ed in Lawrence for the construction of the 

14 2. To incorporate the Plymouth Five 
Cent* Savings Bank in Plymouth'.— {April 6 ] 
— Bubject to the laws relating to institutions 
tor savings- Authorizing trustees to pay to 
minors, and making minors' receipt valid, [p.] 

143. Authorizing the Greenfield Tool Com- 
pany to issue preferred stock. — [April 6.] — To 
an amount not exceeding 250 shares, at not 
less than par value. Authorizing the exchange 
of preferred stock. Holders of preferred stock, 
in case of dissolution, shall be entitled to tee 
payment of the same in full, next afier the 
payment of the debts of the Company. Act 
votd unless accepted by seven-eighths of the 

called for the 


of actus 
144. To cha 
Sewing Machim 
LeroyM. Yale and 
railway in the ha 
[April 6.] — Bxten< 

d at a cacctin u 

g upon it. 

nge the name of (he Boston 
n r - 


any.— [April 0.]-— !n- 
'ed 1854, to the name of Grover and 
i$ e w in 2 Ma d hi ne C o m t ) a 


n an 


m to an /Let authorizing 
othei's to construct a v im 
rhor of Holmes s Hole.— 
"o.y the railway 100 feet 

! further into the channel of the harbor. [p.] 
'tiling to Gas Light Com- 



[April o\J — Authorizing any number 
s not less than ten, to associate to- 
r the purpose of making and selling 


of persos 

gether th 

ga<, fur i 

mo n weal 

of au A 

passed Maj lo, 185L 

corporation shall be org 

where there is a g h com 

adon, unless the parties t 

of the sai 1 LOfl n, ear uuli 

poration shall have ' reali 

iv town or' city in this com- 
lying with the prov i ions 
to joint stock eomp inies, 

for a period of five years. Further regulating 
the operations of said companies- [p.] 

111. AuthorizinO the increase of the capital 
stock of (he J fay Cordar/6 Company. — [April 
G ]— Capital increased ©50,000. [p.] 

148. To incorporate the l\airhaoen Mutual 
Marine Insurance Company. — [April 6.]-— To 
be established in the town of Fairhaven, for 
the term of 2S years, for the purpose of making 
insurance on the mutual principle, against 
losses by fire, and also against maritime loss is. 

140. Further to extend the time. for the con- 
struction of the Eastern Railroad. — [April G.] 
— To January. 1, 1856. Time of withdrawal 
of location also extended to correspond, [p.] 

150. [g.] To divide the town of And over, 
jnd to incorporate the town of North, Andover. 
— [April 7.] — Describing the boundaries and 
providing for the division of said towns. For 
the election of State officers and representa- 
tives to Congress, these towns to remain as at 
present, until the next apportionment of repre- 
sentatives.. Providing for the call of ■ tvn 
meetings for such elections* [p.] 

151." [g.] Relative to State Paupers. — 
[Apfil 7.] — TownS and cities to be allowed 
five cents for each mile of distance to the State 
Almshouse, for each State pauper transported 
to that institution, to be paid from the Si ate 
Treasury upon the certificate of the superin- 
tendent of the institution where said pauper 
is received. Providing for the pay by the 
commonwealth to towns who shall support 
such State paupers as are unable to be removed 
by reason of sickness or otherwise. [p.] 

1.5.2. [g.] Concerning the duties and > I • '.■■ 
of jurors, — [April 7 .j — • Authorizing jurors to 
decide, at their discretion, by a general ver- 
dict, both the law and the tacts involved in the 

1^3. [g--] To establish a police court in 
the City of Roxbury. — [April 0.] — With one 
justice and two special justices. Defining 
die duties of said justices, and further estab- 
lishing the court. Act void unless accepted 
by the city council, by concurrent vote, with- 
in sixty days from its passage. 

J 54. To authorize Eleazer Rogers, Jr., and 
his associates, to build a fish weir. — [April 9.] 
— Near the mouth of- Crooked Channel in the 
town of Orleans, for the purpose of taking 
fish. Penalty for unlawful fishing, $20. [p.] 

155. Relating to the }>■■,'■ T igging Co> i- 
oanty. — [April O.j—Changing the name to 
Massachusetts Linen Company, and allowi • 
them to conduct all their manufacturing busi- 
ness at Maiden. Authorizing said company 
to make bags without the use of sewing ma- 

i. rcvii 

that no 
ized in any town 
uv in active oper- 



<c fi 


hlion to an 

bet to r. ,■ lad 

al div 

dun i on their capital stock of seven per cent. 

the vicinity of Nantucket. — 
[April a.] — Amending section 3, of act of l\i\ 
■j. 1850, so as to make the penalty imposed not 
to exceed $500. [p.] 

157. fo.j Relating to the limitation of ac- 


' ; --[April 9.] — In actions against exeeu- town or city, ten (fays previous to being s^b- 

s, i Ih re the case is defeated iro« i any de- united foi a :cepl in ■ ■. 
• i iti liie writs, the plaintiff may commence a 16*. [i;.j An Act for the prevention of coun- 
r..'\v a<tion for the same eau-e at tt.ny-.time forfeiting,— [April 10.] — Authorizing public 
v ithin one year after the determination of the officers to seize counterfeiting implements, a rid 
-u\-. Repealing acts rneoiis'istent. I deliver them into the custody of the court of 

158- To a lend the City Charter of Laic record. Requiring bank directors, when their 
re-K'p. — [April 10,] — Allowing treasurer and I charter expires, to deliver up all their plate 
collector to enter upon the duties of their of- | and dies to said court, under a penalty of fine 
fices on the first day of March in each year. ' not exceeding S500. . [r.j 
Repealing part of section 15, which requires! 169. In addition to an Act to incorporate 
■ -■ ons to pay for the privilege of openingam : the \\ esff rd Mutual Fire Insurance C . a> y 
drain into the public sewer. Confirming all — [April 10.] — Allowing the company to in- 
ass <sments heretofore made, [p] sure all kinds of pergonal property. Confirm- 

153. To incorporate (he English and Clas- 1 ing former policies, [r.j 

ileal School in West Newton. — [Apiil 10] — 
By the name of the West Newton English and 
Classical School. Real and personal estate 
uot to exceed 825,000, to be devoted exclu- 
sively to the purposes of education 

1 70. To incorporate the Lotion and Worces- 
ter Railroad Mutual Benefit Association. — 
j [April 10.] — To be located in the city of Bos- 
j ton, tor the purpose of establishing a fund for 

j assisting the families of such of their number 

160. To authorize Isaiah Turner t \ build a '. as from tunc to lime maybe removed by death. 
wharf — [April 10.]— From his iand adjoining j Real and personal estate not to exceed 

" $20,000. 
tine I J 71. [o.] 7b protect the fisheries in Ipswich 

the harbor of Provineefown. 
161. [o.] Relating to Voluntt 

Companies. — [April 10.] — Prohibiting the ot 

rtccr. — [April 10.] — Authorizing the faking 
ganization of lire companies, soci-ties, or j of fish by dip nets, and prohibiting the use of 
clubs, unless by written permission of select- seines, under a penalty not exceeding 850. — 
men. Penalty for any person joining or meet: - [p.! 

ing with any company existing without such 
permission, by fine not less than S5 nor more 
thai: $100, or by imprisonment in the house of 
correction for a term not exceeding three 

172. [o.] In addition to Cue Art relating to 
State Almshouses and the S'upport of paupers. — 
[April 10.]— -Where the operation of the law 
relating to poor and indigent persons mav 

monrns. Act not to take effect in any town ! cause a separation of husband arid wife, by 

until 20 days after the inhabitants shall have j reason of only one havinja legal settlement in 

adopted the same by vote, [p.] | this S .■ te tl e town where such person has a 

162. To authorize Jesse Tutile and his asso- legal settlement may support both parties, and 

: on chargeable to the 

d be audited by the ii - ec- 

ciaies to construe; a fish weir in the town of the expense of the pt 
Harwich. — [April 10.] — For the purpose of ' State, shall be paid by the State 
taking fish. ; Penalty for taking fish unlai fully, for sue! ex 
; .' : '. [p.] \ tors of State Almshouse to which such pauper 

163. [<>.] In furtherance of the discipline of i would .otherwise belong. 

academies. — [April 10.] — Prohibiting inn- j 173. To authorize Wm.W. Eldridge, Jona- 
holders, tavern-keepers, retailers, confection- \ titan Eld ridge and Warren AT. Rogers, to con- 
ers, or keepers of any shop or house for -the sale j struct a fid weir. — [April 10.] — In ihe easrei ly 
of drinker food, or livery stable keepers for i.pait of Harwich. Penalty for unlawful fish- 
horse or carriage hire, from giving credit toping, 820. [p.] 

any student in any incorporated academy, or j 174. In addition to an Act to incorporate 
other educational institution in this S f ate. ' the Ladi+s Collegiate Institute — [April 1-1.] - 

164. Amending an Act to e '. •'■ ' city All vii g the i urporation to locate the I stitu- 
of Neicburyport. — [April 10] — Amending that \ iion in any town or city in this Commonwealth 
| orti mi relating to the term of office of school j they mav select, [p.] 

committees. I 175. [o.] To prohibit Seining in Apponigan- 

165. To incorporate the Fall River Fwe\seU Ilk* and Creeks:— [April 14.]— In the 
Cents S • nngs Bank. — [April 10.]— Under the town o Dartmouth, under a penalty of not less 
laws relating to such institutions. Authorizing S15, nor more than ±o'). [p] 
trustees to pay minors depositing, and making 1 7 G . To confirm titles to Loads in Forest 
valid minor's receipt, [p.] \ Hills Cemetery. — [April 14.] — Continuing '- 

166. To change ihe rinme of the EaslBridtj ■ \\ m • ■ hitherto made by the city of Rox- 
'•" ■ ' r Iron Corn/suny to that of Mo bury, in which an impression of the seal 

h:m Company, and for t her purposes. — [April I city has been made upon the [apercl sah 
10.] — Increasing capital stock to gi00,u00.— conveyances, the same as though the seal had 

! been impressed on wax or water atta< h I 
Relating to Lists of Jurors. — Uneh conveyances, [p.] 

[ A pril 10.] — Requiring lists to be revised on :e i 

i -i Jtir, and } 

tostea up in 

public places in t 


7. [g.] Conccrni 
>ered On mori 

es of real estate in- 
ije or otherwise. — [April 


14.]— Requiring grantors of real estate to make chaser. Penalty for violating this act, a fine 
known all incumbrances on said estates. Pen- 1 of S30. Authorizing cities and towns to ap- ; 
alty for withholding such information, impris- point weighers, [p.] 

onment not more than one year, -or by -fine 18J). To incorporate the New Bedford Five \ 
not more than 51 0-00. Requiring grantors to \ Cents Savings Bank. — ["April 14] — To bo | 
pay expense of removing incumbrances. located in the city of New Bedford. Author- j 

17R. To authorize Geo. IL Wedierhee and\ izing trustees to pay to minors depositing, and 1 
others to cut a channel through Scituate Beach. . making minors' iveij>t valid, [p.] 
— [April 14.] — As a new outlet for North Eiv- 190. Concerning the WareRicer Railroad.— j 
er, within two miles from the present mouth [April 14.] — Extending time fur construction I 
of said mer. [p.] two years. 


loc ; 

i 8 5 


on l 



[April 14.] — Extending tim 

191. To incorporate the proprietors of the , 

g time torlMilford Hotel Company. — [April 14.] — F< 
to June 1, | the purpose of erecting a hotel in the towm 

their road to June 1, j the purpose of erecting a hotel in the townof 
issue of bonds to the Mil-ford, providing that said corporation shall 
amount of $50,000. [p.] not carry on the hotel business. Capital, 

ISO. [o.] To prevent delays and expense in [§40,000. 
criminal proceedings. — [April 14.] — Author- j 192. [g.] Relating to the Court of Com- 
izing district attorney to withhold lets of ma- j man Pleas when hell in and for Cue county of 
gistrates who may obstruct the progress of j Bristol. — [ April 14.] —-.Re pealing act parsed 

or mlormaiuy m making 


April 15, 1854, entitled " An act to establish ' 

additional terms of the Court, of Common ! 
Fleas for the county of Bristol," and author- j 
izing. the" judge to make such order for con- I 
ducting the business of said court as may be j 
necessary, [p.] 

193. Concerning the Metropolitan Railroad t 
i Company.— [April 14.] — Extending the time ■ 

for the payment of ten per emit, of the stock, 1 
one year from the passage of this act. [pi] 

194. [c] Relating to jurisdiction and ■ 
proceeding* in equity. — [April 14.] — Giving | 

of said gates a sluice way, two feet | Supreme Judicial Court jurisdiction in equity 
si as to open on the flood of the tide. \ in eases of i'r?.,vA, and of conveyances ot real j 
lys to be closed from June 15 to Sept. 
udinp both of these days, and no longer. 
To incorporate the Jubilee Hill Female 

business oy ue:. 

their returns. Also regulating witness fees in 
certain eases. Prohibiting ofueers from dis- 
counting certificates of witnesses, 

181. To authorize Edwin Rice to build o 
wJmrf— [April 14.] — In Ecist Boston, and 
regulating the extent of the same. 

182. To authorize John Clifton to ex 
Ills wharf— [April 1-2.] — In East Boston. 

1S.3: [g ] Concerning the Tide Gates on 
Marring Hirer in H#rioicL-~ -[April 14.]— Re- 
quiring the proprietors to erect and maintain 
in eai 

estate where the party asking relief has not a j 
plain remedy at common law. Describing the 

aimer of proceeding when relief is sought. 

195. To incorporate the Sun Mutual Fire 

Com nam/.— [April 14.] 

izing a 

ry. — [April 14.] — For the education 

h, in iti, town ot Put-meld, Vi •.-. hold land Marine Insurant 
o real and persona! estate,, to be devoted — For the term 
vely to i he purposes of education. 1 Boston, tor the purpose of nu 

[c] Relc 
Judicial ( 

mg insurance j 

e to new trials in the Su- 1 against maritime losses and losses by (ire on j 
<.rt. — [April 14.] — Author- the mutual principle, [p.] 
•fie judge to tec as de the verdict 1-9G. To incorporate the Great Pond Canal 

a ne*v trial for any cause for which, j Company. — [April 18.] — i or the purpose of j 

by la w, rv new trial may be granted ; or he m ty I improving and locating anew a stream of wa- . 

report the case to the full court for its deter-; ter, and also out ting ice, in the town of East- j 

mutation. Repeal 
ISO. T>, incorpa 
rine Insurance Con 
city of -Boston, for 
for the purpose of 
losses by are 
Capital, $100,000, 
S500.000. Slav ho 

acts inconsistent. 
(he Heme Fire and 




■v 1 "-. 

Mav hold $10,000 real 

oany.— [April 14.]-— In the j 197. [g ] For (he letter preservation oj j 

the term of twenty years, \ useful birds.— [April IS.] — Prohibiting the j 

making insurance against j killing of partridges and quails from March 1, \ 

against maritime losses, ft o Sept. 1 ; of the woodcock from March 1, ; 

with liberty to increase to j to July 4; or of the robin, thrush, linnet, spar- j 

j 3&0.Q00 real estate, [p.] j row, bluebird, bobolink, yellow bird ami wood- j 

187. To continue in force an Act to inevrpo- 1 pecker, at any season of rue year, by a tine j 

rate the Groveland Mutual Fire Insurance of from $2 to S5 for each offence. Repeal-' 

Com '/.- — | April M.j— Twenty-eight years 
For; 1 i iron S. 3 ■■'<■'■. 

188. [G-] Regulating the *ale of Anthracite, 
Bituminous, or Mineral Coal— [April 14.]-— 
Estab ishing 2 f 000 ibs. avoirdupois as tuts 
stan .; rd for the ton for weighing coal, when 
500 .'lb*, or more are sold. Requiring certifi- 
cate of sworn weigher to be given to ;he pur- 

Authorizmg towns to i 
.hey thins expedient. : 

mg acts inconsistent, 
suspend the act if 

198. To alter the name oj the. Riverside ; 
Academy. — [April 18.] — To Riveiside In»ti- j 
tute. _ ! 

199. To incorporate the Quincy Fire and 
Murine Insurance Company. — [April 18] — 1 




i'„- the term of 20 years, in the town of \ lion of collateral security. — [April 18.] — Fix- 
Quiney. Capital, $50,000, with liberty to ing penal t) by fine not exceeding $50U, or by 
in ;■-..'-: ir to $100,000. [p.] 

200. To incorporate the Foxborovgh Sav- 
;.-.■;< Bank. — [April 18.] — In the town of Fox- 
borQugb. Authorizing trustees to pav to! author! 
-. iors dp-positing, and making minors' receipt i [p.] 
valid. [P.] _ 214. 

201. In addition lo an Act to incorporate] courts 

imprisonment not more than two years, for 
selling anything held as collateral security be- 
fore the debt becomes due, without the 
ty of the party depositing such security. 


in the 

Dorchester Ai 

Relating to the time of hoi ling 
county of Worcester. — [April 

Railroad Company. — j 19.] — Changing time oi holding court or pom- 

[ April 18.] — Not requiring the company to mon pleas in the city of Worcester, from last 
keep in repair road bed not occupied by the Monday of May and fourth Monday of Sep- 
tracks of their road. Corporation to be held ] tember to second Monday of May and third 
liable tor any defect in their roads occupied Monday of October, [p.] 
by tracks. 215. [o.] Concerning the manufacture 

202 To authorize tie Fall River Institu- and sale of spirituous and intoxicating liquors. — 
lion f>r Savings to hold real estate and to [April 2u.] — Prohibiting sale of intoxicating 
change its name. — [April 18."] — May hold S20- liquors except by authorized agents. Allow- 
000 real estate, and take the name of Fall j ing importers to sell spirits as imported in 
River Savings B ink, [p.] j original casks. Authorizing the appointment 

203, To authorize Isaac Darrow to con- of agents in each town and city, with a fixed 
struct a marine railway. — [April 18-] — In the salary. Penalty foe neglecting to appoint 
town of Eiigartown. [p.] such agent, $100. Agents to keep a record 

£04. To QidJiorize Ephraim Broicn to build j of sales and an account of all purchases. Provi- 
a wharf in Marbiehtad — [April IS ] — And to j ding for the license of manufacturers ofspirit- 
cxteml the same 1J0 feet from high water j nous liquors, and requiring bonds in £6000 

j to m nufaeture and seii under certain regula- 
; dons. Authorizing officers to arrest without 
| warrant any person found in the act cf 
| : i; galty .selling, or distributing intoxicating 

Penalty for first conviction under this act, 
$10 and imprisonment from 20 to SO days 


205. To audio 

ze the 

le of ministerial 


18,.] — And the investment or' the proceeds, 

the income of which to be applied for the sup- 

\ ort of the ministry. [r-.J 

206. To renew the charter of the Merrimack 
Mutual Fire Insurance Company. — [April 18.] I second conviction, ; 20 and imprisonment from 
—For the term of 20 years, from Feb. 7, 135:;. ; 30 xo 60 days; thud conviction, $50 and im- 

207. In addition to an Act to incorporate i prison-merit from 3 to 6 months, with costs of 
the Equitable Marine Insurance Company. — j prosecution in each case. Clerks equally 
[April 18.]— Allowing the company to make guilty with the principal. Fixing a pei tit) 
insurance ""when 850,000 of their guaranty for unlawfully manufacturing. Prohibiting 
capi? ,\ shall be paid in, and to insure on the j transportation by expressmen or common car- 
^ock as well -as on the mutual principle. ' riers, --by line of '$20 and costs of prosecution. 
Ratifying loans heretofore made. j Further regulating prosecutions under this 

203. [c] To protect the fisheries in the A'-t. Repealing Act of 1852, and other Acts 
towns ofDanvtrs and Beverly. — [ April 18.] — ! inconsistent wit-b this Act. 
prohibiting^ the- use-of .seines or weirs in cer- j 218. Extending 'the time for the construction 
tain rivers, [p.] \°f a & ; ' v; °f die Newbury port Railroad in 

209. To authorize John. Howe, Jr., to build ■'•' '" ■' ''.•_ ' 0i % and autl •rizinga discontinuance 
a wharf in East Boston. — [April 18.] — By ex- \of a portion of die same. — [April 21.]— Ex- 
rending his wharf on Marginal street to the i tending time of locating to Oct. 1, 1856. 
commissioners' line, [p.] 217. T-0 incorporate the Waverley Company. 

210. To incorporate the Protestant Episco-\ — [April 21.] — For the purpose of holding 
pal Society of Andover. — [April 18.] — May j and improving certain lauds in Watertown 
hold $20,000 real and personal estate, the in- land Waiiham, not exceeding 300 acres. Cap- 
come thereof to be devoted to parochial pur- : foil, 8300,000. 

poses, j 218. 'To c;r ! e;id the time for constructing 

211 In addition to an Act to incorporate the 1 'he Charles River Railroad. — [April 21.] — 
American Manufacturing Company-. — [April 1 ; Cwp years from May 1, 1855. [p.] 
18,] — Authorizing the company to hold patent 210. [o.] To authorize the Commissioners of 
rights for and become interested in inventions, '■'■ • oi Coi 'y to borrow n < >y for the purpose 
to an amount not-exceeding ?25,0O0. [p.] j of enlarging and rej un a the Jail and House 
212. To authorize the construction ofajish j of Correction in New Bedford, — [April 21.] — 
tveir in the town of Yarmouth. — [April 18.] — 'Authorized to borrow a sum not exceeding 
lor the purpose of taking fish, and imposing j §30,000, 
a penalty of $20 for unlawful fishing, [p.] j 220. [g.] In addition to an Act for the 



prevent the sale or dispoi 

<qual assessment of taxes — >[ April 2i.j — 



Amending the 9Sth chanter of acts of 1843, so ! same, to be preferred to all others except mar- 
tint the provisions thereof shall apply to the ; iners' wages, and to continue until the debt is 
clerk or secretary of any mutual insurance I satisfied, Explaining manner of proceeding, 
company authorized to issue capital stork, and i Existing contracts not affected by this act. 
repealing the clause inconsistent with this act. j 1' pealing ehap'er 200, of acts of 184S. [p.] 
For failing to make returns, bank pajhiers I 232. [<>.] To regulate '-the saleof wheat, com, 
and insurance secretaries, are liable to forfeit { ami other grain and meal. — [April 26.] — Au- 
tbe sum of S50 lor each offence. [This act | thorizin>i grain and meal to be sold l; the 

was repealed, May 21. See chapter 4GG.] 

221. In addition to an Act to incorporate 
the Providence and Bristol Railroad Company. 
— [April 2 l.j — Extending the time for locat- 
ing and constructing the road, to Feb. 1, 1856, 
and authorizing an increase of capital not ex- 
ceeding 1500 shares of S100 each. Void un- 
less accepted by the stockholders. 

2 2 2. [g.] Rclating'to ordinances and by laii 


bushel, and establishin 

the we ig 

ht of the 

bu>hel as follows: wheat, GO lbs.; corn or rye, 
50 lbs. ; cits, 32 lbs.; barky or buckwheat, 
48 lbs.; ground corn or ground rye, 59 lbs. 
Measures to be appointed by city of town. 
Penalty for selling without weighing, $2 for 
each measured bushel not containing the re- 
quired number of pounds. Penalty for using 
false weights, a line not exceeding §500, and 
and towns. — [April 21.]— Authorizing j imprisonment not exceeding six months in 

the justice of the court of common pleas to ap- 
prove of ordinances or by-laws during the va- 
cation of the court. Cirri; of court to make 
record of the same, when it shall take effect. 

223. [a] Inrelation to Seats- of Corpora- 

rlpni J1„J 

-The statu 

ping oi imp 

sion of the established sea'! of the corporation, 
upon an}' legal instrument, to be valid in law, 
as though made on wax or wafer attached to 
such instrument, [p.] 

22-1. [gj Establishing the pay of assessors 
and selectmen. — [ April 2 1.] — Ame tiding chap- 
ter 7, section 45, Revised Statutes, so as to 
allow $1.50 for each day's work, with such 
other compensation as the town may allow. 
Repealing ads inconsistent, [p.] 

225. To incorporate the Trustees of the 
Free Grammar School in Brim Ji eld. — [April 
26.] — Real and personal estate not to exceed 
825,000, :to be devoted exclusively to the pur- 
poses of educ ition. Tr Lstees 


nera. [p.j 
22-6. [<:;.] In relation to proceeding; in Tnsol 
vehcy. — [April 26.] — Allowing the commi 
sioner power to finish cases pending 
resignation, or to transfer them to the judge of 
probate, [p.] 

Concerning the Saugus Branch llail- 
blowing a part of the 
223. 7b incorporate the Lynn Musical Asso- 
ciation. — [April 2G.] — May hold real and per- 
sonal estate to an amount not exceeding S.20,- 

roar/.-- -[April 20.]- 
road to be discontiuu 

house of correction. Act to take effect June 
1, 1S55. All acts inconsistent repealed. 

233. [o.] Authorizing the sale of real estate 
held by married women who are insane, in cer- 
tain cases. — [April 26.] — -Husband or select- 
men may petition judge of probate for sale of 
real, estate. Authorizing the judge to appoint 
some person to sell the same, [p.] 

234. To incorporate the Northampton Mu- 
tual Fire-insurance Company. — [April 27.] — 
To be established in the town of Northampton 
for the term of 20 years. [p] 

235. To incorporate the American Inventors' 
Association, — [April 2 7.] — For the purpose oi' 
buying and selling pateut rights for useful in- 
ventions; capital slock not to .exceed $500,- 
000. Securing to inventors, upon the sale of 
the patent right, one-half of the excess above 
the price paid him by the corporation, [p.] 

23G. [g.] Concerning Loan Fund Asso- 
ciations. — [April 27.] — Requiring insurance 
commissi oners to visit and examine the affairs 
of these associations yearly, [p.] 

237. Concerning Woodlawn Cemetery and 
deeds of lots therein.— [April 27.]— Declaring 

on his ■ Woodlawn Cemetery a corporation, and pro- 
viding for the management of its affairs, This 
act to take-effect when accepted by the corpo- 

238. [g.] To exempt from levy on execution 
the homestead of a householder. — [April 27.]— 
To the value of $800. iNo property exempt 
from levy for taxes. Conveyance bv the bas- 


22D. T 

band not valid unless the wife join in the de< d 
of conveyance. Providing for the appoint- 


? change the name and extend the^l merit of appraisers, if the ofiicer levyini 

mining privileges of the Massachusetts Coal and j execution estimates the property oyer 
Mini', q i % ompany. — [April 26.] — To Eastern, and for proceedings in case of appraisal. Re- 
Coal Company. May extend operations into i pealing chapter 340, of acts of 1841, such re- 
the towns of Attleboro' and Pawtucker. [p.] j peal not to affect any rights acquired under 

230. Concerning the Kiichburg Railroad i *aid act. 

Company. — [ April 2G.] — Allowing the eqmpa- 230. [g.] Concerning offences against pub 
ny to close draw on Charles River. .ve.<\ to widen \ health.— [April 27.]. — Prohibiting the <<\U oi 
their road between Boston and Cfaarlestown. j the meat of any calf killed when less than 

231. [a.] Concerning Liens on ships and four weeks old, by fine not, exceeding $200 
vessels. — ! Ap al 26.] — - Allowing a lien on anj 
vessel for money due for labor done upon tin 

! L p -J 

240. In addition to an act to incorporate 



,- Filchburg Railroad Company. — [April 27.] | the writ. Prohibiting arrest on mesne process 

.Confirming location of said road and its for slander or libel. Repealing chapter 63, 

-an hesaslaid out in the counties of Alid- of Acts of 1854. [p.] 
. -<n: and Worcester. Also, allowing new 250. To authorize J. $ B. Lewis to construct 

nations to be filed within era; year, in order \a railroad track in (lit town of Provincetown. 
jo ortrrw.-tany informality of the road hereto- --[April .23. }— Subject to such rules as may 
fore filed. { be deemed necessary by the surveyors ofhigh- 

2-1 i. To incorporate ilie Hall In- wav?. 
turanceCompann. — [April 27.] — To be located] 251. 1 o incorporate tie Boston Veterh 

to the city of Boston, and for the term of 2S 
years, for the purpose of making maritime 
ins and insufauee against maritime losses 
and looses by fire. Capital 8506.000; may 
bold real estate not exceeding $50,000, except- 
ing such as may be taken for debt, or held as 
collateral security; authorizing the company 
to commence business when $100,000 shall 
have been paid in. [p.] 

212. To incorporate the Milford Aqueduct 
Company. — [April 27.] — For the purpose of 
supplying the village of Mdford wita pure 

r mary 
Institute,— '[April 28.] — To be established in 
the city of Boston, for the treatment of horses, J 
cattle and other domestic animals. Capital • 

202. To authorize Samuel Hall to extend hi; I 
wharf 'in East Boston; — [April 28.] — Into the 
harbor channel as far as the line established 
by the Act entitled '• An Act concerning the 
harbor of Boston," passed, March 17, 1810. 

20.3. [G ] In relation to the Charles Riverl 
Bridge and the Warren Bridge. — [April 28.] — • S 
Authorizing the city of Gharlestovvn to assume 

iter. Capital not to exceed $20,000. [p.] i the control" and'ownership of the bridges, and 
243. To set of from the town of Watertoiun '\ to g [ ve ;, s bond to the Commonwealth for the 
'audi and annex the same to the city o/| sauie . Establishing rates of toll, and providi 

• ;y ° | that said bridges shall be free when the tolls 

manage — ijAprn 27.] — Containing ;i 

MS, and fixing the boundary lb ,e. [p.] | shall have amounted to $100,000 more than 
244. [G.] Concerning the duties of school com^ the cost of rebuilding, repairing, and exclusive 
<tees in signing school returns.— [April 27.] I f all current expenses until that time. Act 
Authorizing the chairman and secretary of j y id unless accepted by the city,, Actsmcon- 
•1 committee, to sign the returns in behalf of | K i-ti>nt rpnealed. 

the committee, when that committee is noth 
than thirteen in number, [p.] 

silent repes 

201. In addition no an Act to incorporate the] 

Chelsea Savings iJe-nfc.— [April 28-]- 


In addition to an Aa to protect the ! [ n „ act of incorporation so as to allow minors 
* from trespassers and intruders.— depositing money to withdraw the .same, and 
Extending provisions of chapter ma king minors' receipt valid. 

of the Statute? of 1840, to Ian 



the title oi i 200. 70 authorize Stephen S. Stone to extend 
^-[his wharf in Chelsea. — [April 28.] — From 

i trustees, guardians or a 

district attorney to prosecute intra- \ Marginal'si ?t to the line"" established by law 
such land r . and in case of recovery, J 256. [g ] In amendment of" An Act con 

ccrninn Public Schools," passed March 25 

surance C\ m 

cf 28 \cirs, to be established in the city 
Boston, tor making maritime loans, and in- 
surance a gainst maritime losses and losses On 

ossessioa. Vccrning Public Schools" pen 

vorate the Ocean Mutual In- j tsiO;— f April 28.]— Permitting the admission 
[Apnl2 -For die term f scholars to Public Schools without distinc- 
°f j tion of race, color or religious opinions. To 
take effect September 1, 1805, 

257. [g] Concerning Burials and Burying 
Grounds.- — [April 30.] — Requiring towns and 
cities to provide suitable places for v a burial 
ground. Prohibiting the ns • of any land other 
than that. so appropriated ibr the purpose of 
interment. Penalty for violation not less than 
S20, nor more than $100, Further providing 
j to: the management of burial grounds, and re- 
pealing Acts inconsistent. 

20S. Concealing the Middleborouqh and\ 

ire, i pan the mutual principle. \\- ? 

2t7. [o.] Concerning the assessment of dam- 
ages for mortgaged land taken for Railn ads. — 
[April 2-'.] — Authorizing (he mortgager to pe- 
tition for the assessment of damages tor mort- 
d land taken by railroads, in the same 
manner as the owner might do if it were un- 
incumbered. Directing the manner of pro- j 
ceeding, and requiring the corporation to give 
security for damages, if desired, [p.] 

218.' To incorporate the Neptune Submarine 
Company. — [April 28.] — For recovering 
wrecked and sunken property. Capital $150,- 
1 00. 

240. [G.] Concerning arrest in case-, of ■• '■ ■-- 
[April 28.]— Requiring plaintiif to make oath 
Before some disinterested justice of the peace; 
'hat he has good cause of action against the de- 
fcadant, and a reasonable expectation . re 
Jvering one third of the damages claimed in 

i Taunton Railroad Corporation. — [May 2.1— j 
Extending time for completing the road to I 
September 1, 1856.' 

259. 70 authorize the Fitchbnrg Railroad] 
Compai v U ■ n and make t lid a bridged- 
{:::■< n SomervUU and Charlestown. — [May 2.] 
— Describing the boundaries," and otherwise 
regulating its location, under the general laws 
relating to railroad corporations. 

200. Authorizing the Shawmut Sugar Be 


'ipilal stock. 

nclton to 
of Rock- 
in closed 
the lecral 

[fining Company to Increase their 
[ — [May 2.]— §100,000. [p.] 
j 2ol. To authorize Wm. H. Kr 
• bu.U'1 a wharf or wharves in the towi 
i -port. — [Al*y 2.]— Said wharves to b 
: with walls of stone. Nor to affect 
j rights or any person or corporation. 

232. To establish a Fire Depart merit in the 
| village of Shelburne Falls.— {May 2.]~-Au- 
i thorizin<j the inhabitants to- establish a lire de- 
| partinent, and setting forth the regulations for 

its organization and management, [p.] 
i 263. Concerning the Beverly Steam Manu- 
| factoring Company.*— [M-iy 2.] — Changing its 

within three 
t. [p.] 

name to the B< 


;ber Cm 

npany, and 

authorizing the Company to reduce, its capital 
stock to $100,000. [r.] 

264. [g] To amend the 97th chapter of the 
Revised Statutes relating to exemption of per- 
sonal property of the debtor from levy on Eze- 
c utio n . — [M ty 2 .] — E xe m p r i s>g from 1 s vy o n 
execution the tools and implements, materials, 
stock and futures of the debtor, necessary for 

le. — [May 2.]— For the protection of prop- 

carrying on his trade or business; also the 

books in the library of a family, student or 

professional n>an^ to an amount not exceeding 

| §500. Repealing inconsistent acts. erty in sai<i villages. No district containing 

265. [g.] Concerning Bud in Criminal less than 1000 persons to have the benefit ot 

I Cases. — [May 2.]— "Amending section 22,chap- mis act. [p 

| ter 3.5, Revised Statutes, so that no person, j 2 75, [g.] 'To establish an additional district 

committed to jail without an order of court [for the administration of 'criminal law. — [May 
j fixing the amount of recognizance, shall bo ad- j 2.] —Constituting the counties of Hampshire 

nutted to bad an til reasonable notice ofhisap- | and Franklin a separate district for the ad- 

plication s ha 

years, or the road completed 
year? from the passage of this A 

270. [c..] In addition to " An Act to estab 
lish a Police Court in the city of Lawrence.' 1 — 
[May 2.]— -Establishing the annual salary of 
ib justice at Sl.300, and of the special jus- 
rices at So per day for eaiili day's service. 
Providing for the appointment of a clerk, ami 
describing his duties. Repealing Aces incon- 
sistent. [P.] 

271. [<; ] To indemnify officers for having 
seized and destroyed intoxicating lienors. — 
[),Uy 2.]— -Authorizing the Treasurer of the 

Commonwealth to 

pay to omeers, against 

whom damages have been recovered tor any 
official act under the liquor law of 1852, the 
amount of damages and costs so recovered. 

272. [g.] To protect the fisheries in the town 
of Chihnark. — [May 2.] — Authorizing the 
building of a fish way, and fixing a penalty for 
obstructing the same, [p.] 

273. To authorise Ebenezer Johnson and 
Wm. II. Mann to extend their wharf — [May 
2.] — In the City of Boston. 

271. [c.l Empowering the inhabitants of 
villages to establish Watch Districts within the 

11 have been given to the officer I ministration of criminal lav/, to be called the 
by whom he was committed. Allowing bad to j North Western District. Establishing the 
be taken on the Lord's day* or on \hn evening i salary of district attorney for the .North W'cst- 
the magistrate deems it proper, i ern District, at S800 ; and for the Western 

previous, wnei 

! [P.] 

Si 200, instead of 81000 heretofore j 
epeaiing acts inconsistent, [p.] j 

| Distric 
To amend the Charter of the Lexington i received. i; 

i •' Ca\ bridge ;': i ',.■_..■ i ( orporcition.-. — j 2 75. [g,] In relation topersons n mmitted to 
2.J — So as to allow it to enter upon the [ prison on warrants of distress. — [M ty 2.] — j 
urg Railroad in the city of Cambridge, i Authorizing the jailer, when the person com- 
e the same, according to the provisions j mitted on a warrant of distress, in favor of the 

Commonwealth, represents that he is unable 
ZG7. To set off a pari of the town of Dor- j to pay the debt, and is desirous of taking the ! 
ester and annex it to (he town of Quincy. — : benefit of the poor debtor's law, to make the 

i i 

and usi 
of law. 

; [May 2.] —Annexing to Quincy that part of j same Known to some Justice ot me reace, and 
I Dorchester on the south easterly side ''of the ! providing for further action in his behalf. 
I Kepocset River,at the place, called Squantum, ! 277. To authorize John Jenkins and olhei 
I and providing that the inhabitants of teat see- 
i tion shall be holden to pay all taxes heretofore 
I assessed, 

To a 

j ard J- Presto: 
| 2]— In the town o 
I the limits of the same. 
j 2G0. To esitdilish the . 
| socket Railroad Com pan y.- 
izh-a the construction of 

rize Samuel Obear or, 
> extend their wharf. 

: . ■■ 

Beverly, and preseribi 

| to erect a dam across Mill Creek. — [May 2.]— 
I hi the Town of Falmouth. 
| 278. To incorporate the Worcester South 
I Agricultural Society —[May 2.] — For the en- j 
1 couragement of agriculture and the mechanic j 
| arts, in the town of Sturbndge: May admit i 
| members from other towns, arid hold 815,000 ! 

i Woon- i real, and. $15,000 persona!, estate. 

-Author- j 275. Authorizing the Selectmen of the town j 


ilroad Irom the of Fat \ontn to permp seines to bt used in certain 
Milford Branch in the town of Miitbrd, to the \ ponds. — [.May _., --From Dee. I to Aprii 1, 
Charles River Railroad in the town of Bel- j each >ear, and fixing penalty tor violating the 
lingham. Allowing if to be leased to other i act regulating the seine fishing. Selectmen to 

r-:i re . i 



Aet void unless hied 

to exceed | determine the disposal of fish taken. Repeal- 




280. [G.] Requiring Guardians to render 
their Accounts, as provided for in the bill sec- 
; n and 79th chapter of the Revised Statutes, 

as often as once in three, years.— [Mux 2.] — 
Whether specially required to do so by the 
Judge of Probate, or nof. [p.] 

281. To authorize the construction of a 
Breakwater in the town of liochport. — [May 
2. J — And authorizing the extension of 
wharves. This act not to affect the legal 
fights of any person or corporation whatever, 

232. To change the name of the South Bay 
Milt Company. .—[.May 2.]— To that of the 
Boston Planing and Moulding Company, [p.] 

283. [g.] Concerning suits against Executors 
and Administrators. — [May 2.J — The provi- 
sions of section 1, chapter 294, of Acts of" 1852, 
are not to apply to the right of action of any 
creditor of the estate of a deceased person, 
against the executor of such person, which had 
accrued against such .deceased person, or his 
executor, prior to the passage of s?id Act. [p.] 

284. To-, authorize 1! turn Kingsbury to extend 


2.1— In the t< 

i>s wharf 

285. [g.J In addition to an Actio regulate 
(he storage and transportation of Gunpowder in 
the city of Roxhury. — [May 3.] — Forfeiting 
gunpowder lawfully seized, according to chap- 
ter 118, Revised Statutes, [p.] 

28G. Concerning tie Boston and New York 
Central Railroad Company. — [Ala}- 3-j — Au- 
thorizing persons having claims against the 
Company to agree not to avail themselves of 
the remedies -provided in chapter 2, Acts of 
1854, and chapter 9, of Acts of 1855, before 
May 1, 1856. ' [p.] 

287. [g.] Reiaiinn to the By-laws of Cities 
and Towns.— [hid.) 3.~J — Fixing a penalty ifot 
neglecting or refusing to periotm any duly 
imposed in any lawful by-law, and authorizing 
the performance of the same by officers named 
in such by-law, at the expense of the party 

288. To incorporate the Shoe and Leather 
Dealers' Fire and Marine Insurance Company. 
•--[May 3.] — To be established in ilie city of 
Boston, for insurance against dosses by fire, 
and maritime losses. Capital stock, $-.1 00,000, 
with liberty to increase the same to £500,000; 
May hold real estate, for its use, not exceeding 
550,000. [p.] 

289. In addition to An Act establishing the 
city of Salem, — [May 3.]— Authorizing the 
city council to divide the city info faux or more 
wards, and to determine the number of com- 
mon councilmen to be elected from each ward. 
the whole number not to exceed 24. Estab- 
lishing the election of -wardens and i lerk, and 
fciso of mayor, aldermen, and councilmen, on 
jhe first Monday of January. Annual organ- 
ization of city government to take place-on the 
'-'■'> .ton day in January. Repealing Acts in- 
' onsistent. Act void, unless accepted by the 

j inhabitants within twelve months from its pas- 

290. [g.] Concerning Manufacturing Cor- 
Iporations, — [May 3.] — Authoring the issue of 
; general and special -took. Holders of special 
| stock to receive a regular dividend, and not to 
be liable for the debts of the corporation be- 
yond their stock. Requiring a vote of three- 
fourths of the general stockholders to issue 
such special stock, [p.] 

231. To change the .name of the Berkshire 
Con/:';; Mutual JJ/'e Insurance Company. — ■ 
[May 3.] — To Berkshire Life Insurance Com- 
pany. [p.] < 

292. To incorporate the Newburyport Sub- 
marine and Wrecking Company. — [May 3.] — 
For the relief of vessels in distress and the re- 
covery of wrecked and sunken properly. — 
Capital not to exceed Si 00,000. 

293. [g.J Concerning Beaches in the town oj 
North Chelsea.—- '[May 3.]— -Prohibiting the 
removal of sea-weed, sand, stones, gravel or 
mud, from any beach in the town, except by 
authority of selectmen. Penalty, not more 
than '.$20. Repealing Acts inconsistent, [p.] 

294. [G-] In relation to* Savings Banks, — 
[May 3.] — Limiting investments in one cor- 
poration, by any savings bank, to ten per cent. 
of its deposits, and to $100,000 when such per 
centage exceeds that sum. Requiring invest- 
ments of a larger amount: to be reduced within 
twelve months after the passage of this Act. 

295. Toincorporate the Dorchester An liqu ■ 
rian and Historical Society.— -.[May 3.]— -For 
the purpose of collecting manuscripts, books, 
and curiosities. May hold $10,000 real, and 
820,000 personal, estate, in addition to the 
value of their books, [p.] 
. 290. [g.] Concerning Agricultural Societies 
which rec .ire the bounty of the State.— [May 
4.1— -Prohibiting any incorporated agricultural 
society from awarding any portion of the 
bounty of the State to any person, as a first 
premium, i'or anyanimal or article tor which a 
first premium shall have been awarded by that 
or any other incorporated society; and from 
awarding, from such bounty, any second or 
third premium to any person, for any animal 
or art;e!e which shad have received the same 
premium from any other incorporated society, 
the same year. Societies receiving the bounty 
of the Commonwealth, disregarding the pro- 
visions of this Act, are not entitled to receive 
said bounty for that year. Animals or articles 

I receiving a lower premium, may be entered on 
1 a succeeding year for a higher premium. 

29 7. To change the name of the Jones Man- 
! vfaclurinq Company, and. to authorize an in- 
\ crease of ca J ital sU ck — [May 4. J — Chancing 
' its name to Otter River Manufacturing C'om- 
• pany, and authorizing an increase of its capital 
I stock $50,000. [p.] 

I 298. In addition to cot Act to establish an 
: Institution for Savings in Northampton.— [May 
: 4. ] — Incorporating it under the name of 



Northampton Institution f<<r Savings, and con- J 
firming transactions heretofore done by acting j 
trustees or other officers. 

209. In addition to An Act to incorporate: 
Traps ('rede Fishing Company, in Edgartown. 
-[May 4.]- — Authorizing the proprietors to! 
li ail kinds of fish, by seine or otherwise, 

Traps Pond, from Nov. 1 to April 1, in each j 



year. Penalty for seine fishing in said pond, 
without the consent of the proprietors, $20. 
Prohibiting seine fishing from April to Novem- 
ber. Allowing the taking of perch with hook 
and line in said pond, by any person at any 
time, [p.] 

300. [c] Concerning the Trustee Process. 
— [May 4.] — In cases of attachment of the 
personal labor of any person, the plaintiff is 
required to pay all costs where not more than 
live dollars is recovered. If, in ease of attach- 
ment of such labor for any demand other than 
for the necessaries furnished the debtor or his j 
family, there shall not be in the hands of the j 
trustee a sum, as such wages, exceeding $20, j 
the trustee shall be discharged. Actio take j 
edict Sept 1, 1855. 

301. [g.] To protect the Fisheries in the 
town of Harwich. — [May 4.] — Authorizing the 
removal of obstructions from Coy's Brook to 

; Clark's and Flax Ponds, tor the purpose of j 
j propagating and catching herring and ale-wives, i 
f Fixing penalty of not less than S2 nor more ' 
| than $20, lor illegally taking fish from said- j 
i ponds, [p.] 

I 302. [£,] Concerning trustees of Charitable j 
Funds given or bequeathed to cities and tawns. ! 
— [May 4.] — Requiring trustees, whether in- j 
eorporated or not, of lands bequeathed to any 
cil '•' or town, to make an annual exhibit of 
the condition o^" the same to t-tie beard Of al- 
the selectmen of the 

Ge-raen o: tae city 
tow i, to which such funds have been give- 
Authorizing the judge ot* probate, upon peti I 
tion of five persons, to remove said trustees,] 
where neglect or incapacity appears, and to j 
supply vacancies, [p.] ^ • . 

303. Iv incorporate the Boston and St. John 
Navigation Company. — [May 4. ] — In the city j 
of Boston, for the establishment of a line of] 
vessels to ply between Boston and he British | 
Provinces, with Use right to employ steam j 
power, if deemed necessary. Act to .ontinue 
in force twenty tears. Capital not to exceed j 
S200.000. l\'e dividends to be paid until the; 
debts of the corporation shall be paid. 

304. [g.] To protect the property nf married [ 
women. — [-day :>.] — By which the property of j 
any woman, who maybe hereafter married,! 
shall remain her sole and separate property | 
notwithstanding her marriage, and :a ; t be sub- j 
ject to the disposal of her husi at '. or liable! 
lor his debts. 'The husband not to be liable! 
for debts contracted by the wife before mar- 
riage. Authorizing any married \voraan to 
sell and. convey real estate, with t3 e assent of 
the husband in writinjj: and to transact busi- 

ness in her own name. No marriage settle- 
ment or contract now made, or to be hereafter 
i ■ id ■, to be invalidated by this Act. 

305. To repeal an Act to establish a police ! 
court m the town of Taunton. — [May ".] — j 
Repealing chapter 127, of Ac's of 1840, esrab- j 
lishing a ; dlice court in the town of Taunton, ! 
and providing that the justice of said court j 
may finish eases pending. 

30G. To incorporate the- Charlestown Dock ' 
Company. — [May 7.] — in accordance with ! 
chapters 38 and 44. Kevised Statutes. May 
hoid real estate not exceeding $150,000, and a \ 
capital of $250,000. Repealing chapter 168, j 
Acts of 1852, incorporating. Charlestown Dock 
Company, [p.] | 

307. [g.] In addition to an Act concern- i 
inrr executors and. administrators, guardians j 
and trusters. — [May 7.] — Authorizing judge ! 
of prolate to appoint trustee where the testator i 
in his will may have omitted to appoint one, j 
and where such appointment is necessary to ! 
carry out the wishes of the testator. Authoriz- \ 
ing the release of right or interest in certain 
cases, belonging to persons or estates, where it 
appears to be for the benefit, of the persons or 
estates in trust, [p.] 

308. Empowering the town of 'West Fox- 
bury to improve Stony Brook. — [May 7.] — 
For the purpose of carrying off the waste 
water in the roads of the town. Authorizing 
selectmen, or three or five commissioners to be 
chosen in town meeting, to assess cost of re- 
moving obstructions upon persons or corpora- 
tions who- have caused such obstructions. No 
assessments to be made upon the city of Box- 
bury. Act to go into effect from and after its 

309. [g.j In addition to an Act concern* 
/.-"> the attendance of children at school. — 
pVtay- /.]--• Amending section 3, chapter 240, 
Acts of IS52, so that it shall bo the duty of 
the school committees of the towns and cities 
iu this commonwealth, with the exception of 
the city of Boston, where the duty shall devolve 
upon the truant officers, to report all violations 
of the firs: section ot' said act, with the rea- 
sons for such violations, if any, to the treasurer 
of such city or town, instead of reporting the 
same to the town or city, in their annual 

310. [G-.] In addition to an Act entitled 
li Aii Act concerning Lines in Boston Harbor.'' 
— [May 7.] — Changing the tenth line estab- 
lished by section 4, ot Act of April 2, 184 7, on 
ihe south side of the South Free Bridge. Fixing 
penahy of nor less than S1000 nor more than 
85000, for extending wharf or incumbrance 

beyond such line, ltepealing acts inconsistent 
with this act. 

311. [g.] Regulating the fees of registers 
of deeds and other recording officers. — [May 
7.] — Fixing fees for recording deeds or other 
papers at the rate of 25 cents per p :l ge, and 
entering a discharge of mortgage, 25 cents ; 

JL / JOU'i / 



3i '. [g.; 

1 •:• ■il'.y for extortion, $50. Repeal ins incon- j 
sistent acts. To take effect June 1, LS55. 

] To * establish a police court h On 

oj J^e. — [May /.] — With one justice 

and two special justices, to be .appointed by 

the governor, with advice and consent of the 

,;, cil. Defining the duties and powers of 

said court, [p.] 

313. [o.J In addition to an Act to estab- 
[he city of Worcester.— [May 7.] — Au- 
thorizing city council to establish and maintain 
a fire department. Repealing the tenth chapter 
of the special statutes of this commonwealth, 
entitled u An act to establish a fire department 
in the town of Worcester." Act void unless 
accepted by the voters of the city. 

314. [g.] In relation io conveyances and 
devises of estates for relicfious purposes. — [May 
7.] — No conveyance of property to, or in 
trust for the benefit of, personsin ecclesiastical 
office, to be deemed valid, except .as already 
provided by law. Estates heretofore conveyed 
shall be deemed to be held in trust for the 
parish. T'i'n:;iring an annual report to be 
made when property is holuen in trust, under 
a penalty of $50. Authorizing attorney-gen- 
eral to convey estates to persons duly incor- 
porated, for the. purposes for winch the same 
was originally bequeathed, [p.] 

315. To establish ike Middlesex North Ag- 
ricultural Society. — [May 7.] — For the en- 
couragement of agricultural and the mechanic 
arts in the city of Lowell. Giving the society 
the right to a portion of the State bounty on 
same terms as other agricultural societies. 

316. To authors ih^ city of Fall River io 
widen a street. — [May 7.] ■ — Over a portion of 
an abandoned burying ground. Authorities to 
remove the remains of the dead to suitable lots, 
to be furnished by the city, in any cemetery in 
said eiiy, as the relatives may select. Tide of 
the proprietors in the portion of said ground 
not to be taken foi sa\d street not impaired by 
thh act. 

317. To incorporate ike Monument Fire 
and Marine Insurance Company. — [May /.] 
— For the term of twenty years, in the city 
of. Gharlestown. Capital stock, §50,000, with 
liberty to increase to $300,000, and may hold 
real estate not exceeding §20,000 tor its own 
use. [p.] . 

3 IS. [g.] To amend an Act to authorize 
towns to take land for school house*. — [May 7.] 
■ — Amending chapter 237, of Statutes oflS43, 
b) striking out the word ': t5rty," and insert- 
ing therefor, the word eighty, in the first sec- 
tion of said statute. Kepeaiing acts inconsis- 
tent, [p.] 

310. To authorize, William Barries > of the 
tOLon of Marsh field, to propagate and take her- 
rings or dlewioes in the brook running into Cove 
Creek. — [-May 7-] — By constructing a fish 
way in sal I brook, and protecting said Earned 
by fixing a penalty of $10 for unlawful fishing. 

Repealing acts inconsistent. Act to continue 
in loree twenty years, [p.] 

320. [g.] To change the place f of holding 

certain Probate Courts in the County of Ply- 
mouth. — [May 7. ] — - Authorizing said courts 
now held in Rochester on the Wednesday next 
aftei the first Tuesday of May, and on the Wed- 
nesday after the Gist Tuesday of November, 
to be held at Wareham in said county, [p.] 

321. [g.] For the better establishment of 
the poi'ice court of Newburyport. — [May 9.] — 
Establishing the salary of the justice at a sum 
not less than SS00, to be determined by con- 
current vo'e of the city government, and to be 
}>aid out of the city treasury. Authorizing the 
appointment of a clerk by the mayor and 
aldermen. Further defining the duties of the 
court. Kepealing acts inconsistent. To take 
effect June 1, 1855. 

322. To incorporate the Woburn Lyceum 
Hall Association in Woburn. — [May 9.] — For 
the purpose of erecting a public hall. May 
hold real estate not exceeding §50,000. [p.] 

323. [c] Concerning the study of Anatomy. 
— [M-iy 10.] — Conferring the powers and du- 
ties, under act of 1845, chapter 242, now held 
by overseers cli the poor, also upon the over- 
seers and superintendents of State almshouses. 
Trafficking in human dead bodies prohibited 

j under a penalty of not less than $50 nor more 
than $500, or to imprisonment in the county 
jail, for a t^rn: do: ie^s than three months nor 
more than three years. 

324. To regulate the Fisheries of the Oyster 
Pond Riuer Company in the town of Falmouth. 

j — [May 10.] — So far as is necessary for an 
ale wife fishery, and allowing the company to 
j have the control and benefit of said fishery. 
i Fixing a penalty of not less than S2 nor more 
; than £20 for unlawful h- ' 
I the passage of fish, [p.] 

325. To authorize the First Baptist Chrvch 
I and Soci-ty in Sicanzey to sell real estate.— 
'[May 10.] — Granted by the original proprie- 
i tors of said town for the support of public 
I worship. Trustees to execute deed, and the 
j proceeds of the sale to be invested, and the 
! income only, expended annually for the pur- 
poses for which the lands were originally- 
granted, [p.] 

32G. In further addition io the Act to in- 
corporate the New England Mutual Life In- 
surance Company. — [May 10.] — Authorizing 
the company to purchase real. estate in theeit) 
of Boston to an amount not exceeding one 
I fourth part of the accumulated fund of said 
j company, at the time of making any such pur- 
[ chase. 

i 327. In addition to an Act to estaU 
\ fire depa f .ment in the town of llai rl 
[May 10.] — Amending section 2, chapter 4!), 
of the Acts of 1841, so that the board of en- 
gineers may be allowed to expend an) 
not exceeding S600 in any our year, for the 
purposes specified in section 7, ebapter 138, o1 


11 15 G I S T E R 

the Acts of 1839, unless the town shall have J 
authorized a larger appropriation. Act void j 
utiles; accepted by the legal voters of the town. ; 

328. To establish the salary of the Attorney j 
of the Commonwealth for the County of $uf- ; 
jolL—[Mny id.] — At §3000 a year. Re- 
pealing section 2, chapter 67, of Statutes of J 

329. [g ] In further addition to the. several ; 
Acts concerning husband and wife. — [May 10.] I 
— Whenever instruments made trader sections j 
3 and 4, of act of March 25, 1845, entitled | 
"An act in addition to the several Acts con • 
cerning husband and wife," shall be recorded j 
after 90 days from the delivery thereof, such j 
record valid and effectual against any j 
conveyance, attachment on mesne process,. or 

' seizure on execution, made after such record- j 

in -' .. | 

330. To authorize Nathan 3Iatlhews, Ed- ! 

ward L}. Peters and Company, and the Winni- j 
siinmet Company, to extend their wharves in ' 
the town of Chelsea. — [May 10.] — Defining; 
limits of said wharves, &e, [$'.] j 

Sol. In addition to an Act to incorporate \ 
the Millbury and Southbridge Railroad Com- 1 
pany. — [May 10.] — Authorizing the division j 
of the load into three sections. Engineer to ', 
estimate expenses oi' the construction, of each i 
section, and before any section of the road I 
shall be commenced, a bona fde subscription ; 
to their stock shad be made to an amount equal 
to the estimated cost of such section. [i\] 

332. Authorizing William Cool: to extend 
his wharf. — [-May 15.] — In the town of Dux- 

333. To incorporate the Nantucket and 
Cape €<:>d Steamboat Company. — [May 15.] — 
For the purpose of running steamboats and 
sailing vessels between Ka lUiekef .and Hyan- 
nis, and between Nantucket and other - ports 
and places, and for the towing- of .-ships 'and 
vessels. Capital stock not to exceed $80,OPO. 

334. Relating id the salaries of certain of 
fens in the State Prison. — [May 1l>?< — After 
April 1,1855, the annual salaries .of certain 
officers to be established as follows, and all acts 
inconsistent are repealed : each turnkey, S800 ; 
watchmen, $750; clerk, $>1,100; chaplain, 

335. To establish the East Boston Free 
Bridge, — [May 15.] — Authorizing the con- 
struction of a tree bridge across Chelsea Creek, 
from East Boston to Chelsea, with eertain 


powers ana 

labilities. Act void unless 
within fh e ) ears. 


Med ford 


bridge is bui 
330. To 
Charlestown Railroad Company. — 
— For a terra of 50 years, and to be operated 
by horse-power only. Capital stock $100,000. 
Act void unless accepted by the selectmen of 
the towns of Charh stown, Medford and Somer- 
vilie respectively, and by said corporation or 
unless 10 per cent of the stock shall be paid 
in within three years. 

337. [c;.] To authorize the town of Nantuck- 
et to regulate the Fisheries in all the ponds, 
• re '■'-'. and harbors in 'he County of Nantucket. 
— [May 15.] — l)y making such by-laws as may 
be deemed expedient, [p.] 

338. To incorporate the Union, Railway 
Company. — ; [May 15.]--— For the purpose of 
leasing the Cambridge Railroad, and any other 
connecting road. Capital 5200,000. 

339. To incorporate the Boston Ladies' Beth- 
el Society. — [May 15.] — May hold real and 
personal estate not exceeding 850,000. 

34.0. In relation to the accounts of Commit- 
tees of the Legislature.—- -[May 15.] — Extend- 
ing provisions of chapter 33, of Acts of 1852, 
so as to apply to the accounts of committees 
of the legislature, requiring items to be speci- 
fied, [p.] 

341. To authorize the Boston and New York 
Central Railroad Company to issue preferred 
stock.— -[May 15.1 — Not exceeding 20,000 
shares oi' $100 each. Regulating the sale of 
stock. Act void unless accepted by the stock- 

342. To incorporate the Lynn Five Cents 
Savings Bank.— [May 15.] — Under the laws 
regulating savings institutions. Authorizing 
trustees to pay to minors, and making minors' 
receipts valid, [p.] 

343. To reduce the capital stock of the Com- 
mercial Insurance Company of Nantucket. — 
[May 15.] — Authorizing the company to re- 
duce their capital stock from $100,000 to 
£50,009, and to divide the excess among the 
stockholders proportionally. Requiring the 
reduced capital to be divided into 1000 shares 
of 850 each. Act not to take effect until the 
company shall have called in so much of any 
outstanding risk, -as exceeds the sum of 10 pee 
cent, of its reduced capital. 

3 it. To authorize the directors of the Han- 
cock Free Bridge Corporation to release cer- 
tain lands in Cambridgeport. — [May 15-] — Op 
either side of their causeway in Cambridge- 
port. Act to continue in three three years, >')• ] 

345. Authorizing the sale of the real est 'ah 
of" The Proprietors of the Meeting House in 
Federal street, in the tern of Boston."— [1 1 ty 
K>. — Arid to purchase other real estate tor a 
: ; ice of public worship. 

346. In addition to an Act incorporating the 
Norfolk and Bristol Turnpike Corporation.— 
[May 15.] — Authorizing the discontinuance 
of the turnpike near Forest Hills station, where 
the Boston and Providence railroad crosses at 
grade, and empowering the company to avail 
themselves of any road laid out by county or 

j town authorities, by which they can continue 

j their turnpike under or over the railroad. Au- 

ung the company to change location of 

5 i7. To unite t/u Western? the Albany and 
, > : est Stockbridge, and die Hudson and Boston 
' Railroads.— \JS\ay 15.] — Upon such terms as 
! may be mutually agreed upon by the parties; 


jtnch united corporation to be called the Bos- 1 

t, 1 and Albany Railroad Corporation, [p.] i 

348. To incorporate the Cape Cod TeleA 
graph Company. — [May 15.]— For the pur- I 
po< ■ of maintaining a telegraph line from B03- ' 
l ,« «o Provincetown, wirh branch lines to 
Ilolmea Hole, Nantucket, Fall River, and Nov? 
Bedford. Capital stock, $30,000, with liberty 
to increase to -S 75,000. 

349. To incorporate the Somerset Ferry 
Company. — play 15.]— For the purpose of 
t Eabiishing a ferry across Taunton River, 
from the town of Somerset to the northerly 
part of the city of Fall River. May hold 
$25,000 red estate* and capita) not to exceed 
$50,000. Rates of ferriage to be regulated by 
county commissioners. 

350. [g.] To prevent obstruction to Highways 
and Towmoays by Railroads. — [May 15] — 
Requiring railroad corporations to obta'n de- 
cree of county commissioners, prescribing 
what alterations may be made in any highway 
or townw&y, before proceeding to construct 
any.- crossing upon such way. Further direct- 
ing proceedings. 

3 5 1 - [G .] 2 o repeal a part of th e 1 28$ ch ap- 
ter of the Revised Stat utes. -~[\hiy 15]— Re- 
pealing sections 24, 25, and 26. 

352. J/2 addition to an Act for incorporat- 
ing certain persons for [he purpose of building 
a bridge over Acushnci River, in the town of 
New Bedford. — [May 15.] — Defining limits of 
the same. Act void unless accepted by the 

353. To authorize the Firs' Congregational 
Satiety of Provincetown to sell real estate. — 
[May 15.]— Authorizing the oale of former 
site of '"meeting house, and parish committee to 
execute deeds-, [p.] 

351. Authorizing the .Horn Pond Branch 
Railroad Company to construct a. Branch. — 
[May 15.] — And a pile bridge on the easterly 
side of the Boston and Lowell Railroad Bridge, 
over Charles River, between the draw of said 
hi i !ge and the shore in Boston. Slay connect, 
by consent, with Boston and Lowell Railroad. 
Act void unless said branch is filed within 
one year, and completed within two years from 
the passage of this act. [p.] 

355. Concerning the Burial Ground of the 
Monthly Meeting of Friends in New Bedford. 
— fMaV Lo.1 — Authorizing the removal of the 


•Authorizing th 
urying ground. 

L r -J 

if>.'j — From the line of the State of Connecti- 
cut, to the stone monument on the east bank of 
Farmington river, [p.] 

359. Authorizing th" City of Cambridge 
cud the Hancock Free Bridge Corporation to 

<ke solid the Bridge at the junction of Har- 
vard street in said city with causevmy of said 
Corporation. — [May 15.] — So as to make a 
solid roadway ibr the accommodation of travel. 

860. Concerning the Essex Merrimac Bridge. 
— May I 5.] — Authorizing the proprietors to 
make alterations and additions to their bridge, 
to be done to the satisfaction of county com- 

361. [g ] Relating to Savings Banks and 
'Institutions for Savings. — [May 15.] — Author- 
izing deposits to be paid to minors. 

3 fie". Concerning the Edgeworih Company. 
— [May 17.] — Authorizing purchase of lands, 
not exceeding one hundred acre3, on the east 
side of Maiden Creek. 

363. [G.J In addition to various Act* in re- 
lation to insolvent debtors, and for the more 
equal distribution of their effects. — [May 1 7.] — 
Requiring persons taking benefit of insolvent 
laws to be inhabitants of the Commonwealth. 
Repealing acts inconsistent 

364. [o.] Relating to summoning in defend- 
ants in real and mixed actions. — [May 17.] — 
Authorizing devisee to conduct suits in case of 
the death of tenant before final judgment. — 

365. [g.] jo incorporate the town of Aga- 
wam.— [May 17.] — By setting off a portion of 
the town of West Springfield, [p.] 

366. [g.j Relating to the Registration of 
Births, Marriages, and. Deaths in the State 
Almshouses, .—-[May 17.]— -Requiring superin- 
tendents to make returns annually, as now re 
quired by town and city clerks, and exempting 
the town clerks from making the returns from 
those institutions. 

367. To change the name of the Maiden 
Manufacturing Company..— [May 1 7.] — To 
the name of Boston Rubber Sboe Company.— 

368. In addition to an Act concerning the 
Cambridge Railroad Company. — [May 17.] — 
Allowing bonds issued by the company to be 
made payable in 25 years from their date. — 

369. [(">.] In addition to an Act in relation 

356. [g.] To prohibit tlm use oj poisonous j 
substances indie manufacture of spirituous and\ 
intoxicating Honors. — [May 15.] —And sale of 
such liquors, under a penalty by imprison-! 
ment in State Prison not more' than three j 

35 7. To unite the Shawmut Gas Light Com- j 
pany and the Suffolk Gas Company. — [May , 
l.j.l — .Fader die name of the Shawmut- Gas 
Light Company. [P.] j 

358. Defining a portion of the boundary} 
line between Sandiyield and Tolland. — [May 

towns in the same manner as to cities. 

370. Concerning the Boston and Chelsea 
Railroad Company.— -[May 17.]— Extei 
time for paying in capital stock two years from 
the passage of this Act. 

371. Respecting the bridge of the Boston 
and, Man,: Railroad across Charles and Via - 
ers rincrs.— [May 1?.] — Authorizing the com- 
pany to widen bridge, and defining limits of 
the same, according to directions of a cou i 
sion to be appointed by the Governor. 



-■• uous ser- 
Mid society, [p.] 
Lawrence Insur- 
-To be establish- 

the term of 28 
naking maritime 

maritime losses, 

•372. Authorizing the linkers d'ist Society in ! 
Essex to sell real estate,-—, [May 17.]— And j 
providing that the income of the. proceeds of 
such sale shall ever be appropriated fur the 
support of preaching arid pub 
vices in the meeting-house of \ 

373. To incorporate 
ance Company.— [May I 
ed in the city of Boston 
years, for the purpose 
loans, and insurance ag 
and losses bv fire, on the mutuil princi 


Requiring & 100,000 to be subserioed before a 
policy can be issued. Restricting insurance 
on any one risk to 810,000, until its funds) 
reach §'200,000. [p.] 

374. [g.] Relative to the .specific perform- 
ance of Written contracts. — [May 17.] — By 
■which the judge of probate shall have concur- 
rent jurisdiction with the supreme judicial 
court, where a person v. ho has made a written 
agreement to convejr rea! estate, dies before 
irMnrg the conveyance $ and to order such 

375. To authorize the Eastern Railroad 
Compafig to widen their bridge across Charles 
end Miller's rivers. — [May 1 7.1 — Authorizing 
the company to widen bridge, and defining 
limits of the same, under the direction of a 
commission to be appointed by the Governor. 

3 70. To increase the* Capital Stock of the 
Rockpart Bank. — [May 1 7.]— By adding the 
sunt of 850,000, in shares or §100 each. Act 
void, if stockholders representing one-fourth 
of the stock remonstrate against accepting the 
additional capital. Certificate that the addi- 
tional capital lias been p .id in, to be filed with 
Secretary of Statei beicre the corporation pro- 
ceed, to do hi Ac--, on sa; 1 capital, [p.] 

377. To increase the Cardial Slavic of the 
Marine Bank, in New tkdford.—\f$iay. 17,]— 
By adding the sine, of S100,000, under similar 
provisions made in the preceding Act [p.] 

3 76. T<> incorporate the New, England 
Education Society. — [ May 17.]— For the gen- 
eral purposes of education. May hold real 
and personal estate not exceeding $100,000. 

3 7ii. [g.] In addition to an Act concern- 
ing the employment of children in manufactur- 
ing establishments. — [May 17.] — Children un- 
der 15 years not to be employed in manufac- 
turing establishments, unless they have attend- 
ed scbool eleven weeks next preceding the , 
time ot such employment, nor unless they at- | 
tend school the same period during every 

twelve months so em 

consistent Acts, [p.] 

330 To inarehe 

,1 '«',-,;-.-. «/*•*•. 

:d. Repei 


City II 

provided that the whole shall be paid in before J 
May 1,1856. Remonstrance to be made in 
writing. Act void, if persons so objecting, re- 1 
present one-fourth ot the present capita!, [p.] I 
381. To increase the capital stock of the \ 
-[May 17.]— $50,000, 

union Batik, Uaverh'dL- 

under similar regulations to those in preceding j 
chapter, [p.] ^ 

382. lo increase the capital stock of the 
Brighton Market #anfc.— [May 17.]— $100,000. 

[>•] . . 

383. To increase the capital stock oj the 
Milforcl Bank.— [May 1 7.] -$50,000. [p.] 

384. To increase the capital stock of the 
Fairhaven Bank, in Fairhaven. — [May 17.] — 
§100,000. [p.] 

385. [ g. ] To incorporate the town of 
South Danvsrs, — [May 18.] — Defining bound- 
aries and prescribing the necessary regulations. 

386. To establish an independent line of 
railroad communication between Boston, and 
Lowell. — [May IS.] — Authorizing the Lo^ ell 
and Lawrence, the Sdein and Lowell, and the 
Bostonand Maine Railroad Companies to unite 
certain sections of their roads for the convey- 
ance of passengers and merchandise, without 
change of ears or loss of time, over any portion 
of the line between Boston and Lowell. 
Regulating the assessment of damages. 

387. To authorize the Wareham Sa>. ; 
Bank to hold real estate, — [May 18.] — To the 
amount of $6,000, for a building to be used for 
the banking purposes of the corporation, [p.] 

383. To change th title of the Commission- 
ers on Boston Harbor and the Back Bap. — 
[May 18."} — To Commissioners on the Back 
Bay. [p.] 

389. Authorizing the obtaining of land or 
pier wharf for the purpose of widening the 
Charles River bridge. — [May 18.] — Authoriz- 
ing the purchase of as much land as shall be 
necessary for such purpose, [p.] 

390. 70 incorporate the Lexington and 
Chelmsford Railroad Company.*— [May 18.] — 
Subject to the general laws relative to railroad 
corporation-. Capital, $100,000. Act void, 
unless location is filed in three, and road built 
in five years. 

391. [(<■'] In relation to offensive trades. 
— [May 18.] — Authorizing board of health to 
locate or forbid the exercise of trades der-iued 
as nuisances. Penalty for neglect to obey the 
order of the board of health, a fine of not leas 
than $50, nor more than $500. Directing 
course in c^s^ of suit. Act void in any town 
or city unless accepted by the inhabitants of 
such town, or bv the city council of such city. 

392. To incorporate the Baltic Insurance 
Company. -—[May 18.] — hor the term of 20 
years, in the city of Boston, for making insur- 
ance against losses by fire and maritime losses. 
Capital $100,000, with liberty to increase to 
$300,000. May hold $20,000 real estate tor 
its own use. [p.] 

393. ' To incorporate the Boston Emigrant 
Aid and Mining Company. — [May 18.] — For 
the purpose of assisting emigrants to settle on 
the lands of said company, in the north w 
era part of Pennsylvania. Capital not to 



, ,- , d $3,0 00,000. Requiring the company to Ocean Bank. — [May 19.] — To $50,000, to b 
s., ■ i) an agent in this State to employ end- divided into shares of $50 each, [p.] 

grants, ami forward the same to Pennsylvania. 

in iitc 

894. To authorize certain towns 
counties of Franklin and Berkshire to s 
to the capital stock of the Troy and Greenfield 
Railroad Company. — [May IS.] — To any 
amount not exceeding three per cent, on 
amount of last valuation, providing it is au- 
thorized by a two-thirds vote of such towns, 

1395. To authorize the town of Rockport to 
take stock in the Rockport Railroad Company. 
—[May IS.]-- To the amount of $20,000, 
providing it is authorized by a two-thirds vote 
of the town, [p.] 

390.. [g.] In relation to trial? for Hods. — 
[May 18.] — In actions for writing or publish- 
ing a libel, the defendant may give in evidence, 
in his defence, the truth of the matter con- 
tained in said publication charged as libellous, 
and such evidence shall, be deemed a, sufficient 
justification, unless malicious intention shall be' 
proved, [p.] 

397. [G.] To authorize certain forms un- 
der il An Act concerning the manufacture and 
ale of spirituous and intoxicating liquors." — 

403. To incorporate the Salisbury and 
Amesbury Mutual Fire Insurance Company. — 

[May 19.] To be established in either of 

ribe those towns for 28 years.. No policy shall be 


FMay 19. 

issued until $100,000 shall have been 
scribed to be insured, [p.] 

404. To incorporate the West Stockbridge 
BranchRailroad C 'ompany. — [May 1 9.] — Road 
to be located in West Stockbridge village. 
Capital $20,000. Act void, unless location is 
filed within one, and road constructed within 
two years from the passage of this Act. 

405. [g.] For the suppression of certain 
common nuisances'. — [May 19.] — Declaring all 
buildings used as houses of ill-fame, or for 
illegal gaming, or for the illegal sale or keep- 
ing of intoxicating liquors* to be common nui- 
sances, and are to be treated as such. Any 
person keeping such place, is liable to a fine 
not exceeding $1000, or imprisonment in 
county jail not more than one year. Lease of 
tenants for such buildings void. Penalty for 
letting buildings for such purposes, fine not ex- 
ceeding $1000, or imprisonment not more than 
six months. 

4 06. To authorise the city of Boston to build 

Authorizing'" forms to 

m j a bridge. — [May 19.]— -Authorizing the widen- 

prosecutions under said Act. [p.l ' i in ? of the brid £ c mossing Fore Point Channel 

398. [a] Limiting the time" for bringing atSea s4re «^ a » d th0 construction ot a new 

actions under the three hundred 'and twenty- ' bnd ^ 

second chanter of the Acts of 185$. — [May 1.9:] 

—To within six months from the passage of | others to construct dams and dykt 
this Act, and repealing the Act approved bndge.- 
Mareh 31, I S55, limiting the time for bringing 

407. To. authorize Edmund T. Dana and 
rs to construct dams and dykes in Cam- 
ge.~~ [May 19.] — Describing the limits of 

the same. Act void unless said dams and 
dykes are constructed within two years from 
the- passage of this Act. [p.] 

408. To incorporate the WoJtham and Wa- 
f Common Pleas, in the county of lertown Radroad Company— [Mxy 19 J— To 

said actions 

399. [p 

Conrr-rnina the places of holding 
sot (he Supreme Judicial Court and 

Esse a 



400. A 

--[May 19. J — Establishing time of bold- 
aid courts, and repealing Acts inconsist- 



iver Rail- 

aa company further to extend (heir line. 
S [May 19.] — Through the city of Camb- 
j ridge to a point on the Boston and Low- 
! ell Railroad, or on the Eastern Railroad, 
j or to allow it to enter the city of Bos- 
j ton at a point between the two, and regulating 
se of the same. Loca 


to r. 
in t! 



ton Great. Hirer and I. 
[May 19.] — Catching; 

tteu m th< 


be operated by horse power only. Capital 
S300,000, to be divided into shares of '£50 
each- Regulating die construction and con- 
tinuance of the same. Limiting existence of 
corporation to the period of 50 years from the 
i passage of this Act. 

409. To incorporate the Trustees of die Na- 
tional Exhibition of— --[May 19. J— Ma- 
king certain gentlemen in Springfield and 
Great Barrihgton, such a corporation, for the 
purpose of promoting the improvement and 

i one, and road completed breeding of horses. Ileal and persona, estate 
not to exceed $30,000. [p.] 

410. [g.] To secure the daily reading of 
the Bible in the Public Schools of the Common- 
wealth. — [May 19.] — Authorizing school com- 
mittees to require the reading of the common 
English version of tho Bible, and to direct 
what other books shall be used, in the public 
schools. Repealing section 17, chapter 23, 
Revised .Statutes. 

411. To incorporate the Massachusetts B i • 

act shall be 

G.] To regulate the fid cries in Taun 
Newmasket Riser.— 


or a. 


rs from 


Authorizing the fishing privileges to be sold at 
auction by the towns bordering on those riv- 
ers, ami regulating the manner o~ 
to carry out the provisions of tbit 
inconsistent repealed, [p.] 

402. To increase the capital stock of the 


Act. Acts 

pathic ffospitaL-rjsUy 19.]— To be located 
u Boston, May hold property not exceeding 

i — 


§200,000, for the support tif a hospital for sick j 
persons, [p.] 

412. [G-] Proiddinq for "lass/f cation ofh 
State Paupers.— [Nay 19.]— The State Alms-]* 
house at Monson, to be used as a State pauper 
school, for all pauper children in the State be- 
tween five and sixteen years of age Dividing I 
the counties which have heretofore sent State 
paupers to Monson as follows: Worcester,, 
No:folk and Hampden, to send paupers to: 
Bridgewater and Hampshire, Franklin and 
Berkshire to State almshouse at Tewfcsbury. 
Act to take effect June 29, 1855. 

413. [g.] Tn relation to the Homes of Cor- j 
rectioh in the County of Essex. — [May 19.1 — j 
Repealing section 5, chapter 154, of Acts of! 
1846 ; and reviving the provisions of chapter ! 
11, of said year, in their effect upon the coun- : 
tv of Essex. Repealing Acts inconsistent with 
this Act. [k] 

411. [(:.) To secure general Vaccination. 
— [May 1?.] — Requiring the vaccination of 
children beibre they attain the age of two j 
years; under a penalty of $o for eaeh year's' 
neglect Providing for re-vaccination. Re- 
quiring incorporated manufacturing companies, 
and superintendents of public institution?, to 
provide the means of vaccination lor all per- 
sons entering therein, [p.] 

415. To incorporate the Cambridgeport 
Railroad Company. — [May 19.] — To h.eopen 

ted by horse power only. Capital, 250 shares 
of S100 each. Location to be filed in one 
year, and road to be completed in three years. 
416. [g,] Relating to Voting Xisfe.-— [May 
19.] — Requiring any naturalized citizen to ! 
produce his naturalization papers for the in- [ 
spection of city or town authorities, before said 
authorities can put such hame upon the list old 

417. In addition to" on Actio incorporate ■'■ 
proprietors of City Hotel in Worcester." — [May] 
19.] — Repealing so much of chapter 340, of! 
acts of !S53 3 as gives said corporation the pow- j 
ers and privileges, and subjects them to all the ; 
duties liabilities and restrictions, set forth in ! 
chapter 88, Revised Statutes. May hold real! 
and personal estate not exceeding 8130,000. 

418. [g.1 In addition to an Act relative (o ' 

Proprietors cf lands, wharves, general fells, 
and other real estate lying in cot 



19.] — Lend lying is common., enclosed by the j 
proprietor at his own expense, to be exempt j 
from assessment for any expenses incident to j 
said common 6eld. Repealing so much of 
chapter 43, Revised Statutes, as is inconsistent j 
with this Act. [l\] j 

419. Relating to Warren &r%s.-~-[May j 
21.]— -Liabilities of Fitchbnrg Railroad Corn-] 
pany, in case the Act oi April 2-3, 1S55, in re- 1 
lation to said bridge, shall be accepted by the ! 
city of CharJestowo. [p.] 

420. To incorporate the Constitution Wharf] 
Company.- — [May 21-3 — For maintaining ai 
*h *rf and other purposes. May purchase land I 

and flats in the city of Boston, on Commercial ! 
street, between the premises cf the Wiuni-- 
"mmet Company, and the premises known as . 

Battery wharf. Capital, S00 shares, of S500 j 
eatdi. [p.] 

4:'). [g.1 To establish a Board of Pilot \ 
( Commissioners for this Commonwealth. — [May ) 
21.] — To consist of three persons, to be ap- 
pointed by the governor, who shall hold their 
office three years. Authorizing said commis- 
sioners to grant commissions, as pilots lor the 
several ports, to such number of persons as 
they may deem necessary, and also to grant 
commissions as bay pilots to all port pilots who i 
may prove competent to serve for two or more j 
ports. And may grant commissions to other J 
persons not exceeding ten in number,- not port j 
pilots. Regulating duties of pilots, fees, &c. j 
Allowing commissioners to alter existing regu- 
lations, and authorizing them to make returns j 
to secretary of State on or before the first of ' 
January annually. Penalty for piloting with- 
out commission, a sum not exceeding $50 for 
each offence. Act to take effect July 1, 1855, 
Repealing all Acts inconsistent with this Act. 

422. [g.] Supplementary to an Act enti- 
tled " An Act to regulate Vie sale of wheat, corn, 
and other grain* and meed." — .[May 21.] — 
Amending section 2, of Act of April 28, 1855, 
so as to authorize and require the mayor and 
aldermen of the city of Boston to appoint one 
principal measurer, who shall have authority 
to appoint deputies. 

423. In addition io an Act entitled " An 
Act for incorporating certain person* for the 
purpose cf building a bridge oner Acusknet riv- 
er in the town of New Bedford. — [May 21.] — 
Amending section 3, of said Act, passed May 
15, 1855, so the first line will read, '- The pro- 
prietors of the ?aid New Bedford Bridge.'' [p.] 

424. In addition io an Act to incorporate 
the Mount Washington Avenue Corporation. — 
[May 21.] — Extending time for construction 
three years from the passage of this Act. Al- 
lowing transfer of bridge to city of Boston, [p.] 

425. To incorporate die Safety 'Mutual Fire 
Insurance Company of Newbury port. — [May 
21.] — For the term of 28 years. May insure 
when 850,000 is subscribed. Establishing gen- 
eral regulations for the company. 

4'2G. ' [g.J Relating to Divorce. — [May 21.] 
— Authorizing patties divorced, in all cases 
except for adultery, to marry again. Repeal- 
ing chapter 340, of Statutes of 1853. 

427. Relative to the Justices of the Court of j 
Common Pleas. — [May 21.] — Establishing an- 
nua) salary of chief justice at 82,700, and. each 
of the other justices an annual salary of 82,500. 

42S. [g.j For the letter establishment of I 
the Police Court in the city of Tall River. — | 
[May 21.] — Establishing annual salary of j 
standing justice at §800, to be paid quarterly, I 
from the treasury of the city of Fall River. — 1 
Providing for appointment by the governor of j 



is I 


rfe of said court, at a salary of 8100 a year. 

■ " ins Acts inconsistent. 

j {'} .. ft;.] 2b regulate billiard room? and 

ting-alleys. — [May 21.] — Penalty for per- 

i keeping suoli places, admitting minora. 

:. written consent of parent or 'guardian, 

for allowing persons to play after 6 o'clock 

■ . i afternoon of Saturday, or after 10 o'clock 

. , the afternoon of any other day, S10 for the 

•.-.-• offence, and $20 for each offence after the 

■ . , to the us;> of the prosecutor. Officers 

: the company, not exceeding one-half per cent- 
oj last aluation. fi'-l 

\xv ent( 

enforce the law. [p.] 

430. [O.] To extend the charier of the 
Mystic UiuerRailroad Company. — [May 21.] — 
Hstending time for location arid construction 
two year*. "Repealing Acts inconsistent, [p.] 

481. [G.] To secure to mechanics and 
others payment for labor and materials by them 
t3 ■■ nded..- -[May 21.] — Regulating the manner 
../ securing liens.- Repealing Act's ineonsist- 

432. [g.] In addition to the several Acts 
':■■ csrmng executors, administrators, guardians 
: ■. ■ trnsti -f-\v.---[May 21.] — Authorizing judges 
of probate to allow adjustment of claims by ar- 
bitration or compromise. Repealing Act cf 
March ?, 1855, relating to the same, [p.] 

433. In addition to an Act to authorize the 
/•' -'on and New York Central Railroad Com- 
pany to issue preferred stock. — ("May 21.] — To 
the amount of 9000 shares of 7 per cent, pre- 
ferred stock, out of the 20,000 shares author- 
ized by a previous act of this legislature. 
Regulating the disposal of the same. Act not 
to lake eifeet unless accepted by the stock- 

434. [g.] Regulating the passing of vessels 
though Railroad Draw-Bridges. — [May 21.] 

•k Cj-uiring every railroad company to pro- 
'•■ St (bi every draw-bridge of said company a 
superintendent experienced in the manage- 
ment of vessels, who shall have full control of 
Hie passing of all vessels through such draw, 
blasters of vessels required to give said super- 
intendent a true report of his vessel's draught 
of water. Further regulating the management 
of ('raw- bridge?, [p.] 

435i F<>r supplying the city of Lowell with 




liver; and regulating the construction and com- 
pletion of the same. Act void unless accepted 

■■? the inhabitants, [p.] 

436. [g.] Concerning School Rials. — [May 
31.] — Authorizing cities and towns to furnish 
-*- their expense, the school books and station* 




r y used in all the public schools, 

■ ts inconsistent, [p.] 
437 [g.] To incorporate towns and cities 

■;■' Mutual Fire, Insurance Compdni ■■ a 

■ -ti ■ >! .— [.May 21.]— With power to insure 
'roperty within their limits against loss or 
>*fiaage by tire. Providing for choice of ofu- 
'*'*&> Town an.l cities becoming insurance 

'inpanies, to be held liable for all excess of 
*■• over and above the available resources ot 

438. [g.] In relation to the action of dower. 
—[May 21.] — Demand in writing signed by 
i dowager, or his agent, to be deemed a demand 
i of dower, [p.] 

i 4 3 9. [g ] To secufe a decennial ens us. — 
| — [May 21.] — Requiring a census of the in- 
| habitants of each city and town in the State to 
j be taken in 1855, and also one in 1865, and 
: in each tenth year thereafter. Census to de- 
j note the age, sex, color, and country where 
j born. Secretary of State to transmit blanks to 
| the mayor and aldermen and selectmen, to se- 
| cure uniformity in the returns. 

440. In addition to an Act entitled "An Art 
j establishing the salaries of certain public ofji- 
\ cers" — ['May 21..] — Amending section 2, chap- 
ter 131, of acts of 1854, so that the annual 

j salaries to be paid to the assistant clerks therein 
named shall not exceed 81,100. The salaries 
j aforesaid shall be computed and paid from and 
; after the first day of April last. 

441. To authorize the .Boston and Lowell 
| Railroad Company to alter the construction of 
\ a, Bridge and the location thereof. — [May 21.] 
J — Over the channel of Charles River, and to 
| make such alterations as may be convenient 
j for a branch railroad. Regulating location of 
j said branch. Repealing acts inconsistent with 
! the provisions of this act. [p.] 

j 44 2. [g.] To establish a Sate Reform School 
\for Girls. — [May 21.]— Oa land conveyed co 
| the Commonwealth for the purpose, for the in- 
j.struction., employment and reformation of ex- 
i posed, helples3, evil-disposed and vicious girls ; 
j the government to be vested in a board of seven 
[trustees, to be appointed by the Governor. 
j An} girl nee e'en the ages of 7 and 16 years, 
; g tilty of violating any law, punishable by line 
i or imprisonment, other than such as may -be 
| punished by imprisonment for life, or who may 
i be found in destitution and idleness, may be 
! committed to the Reform School for girls, 
I Judge to issue summons to parents or guardian 
j to appear and show cause why said girl should 
i not be committed. Providing for the discharge 
; of such girl. The second commitment may be 
j made without the issue of summons. Appeals 
| allowed as in cases. Girls to remain 
! at the school until 18 years of age, unless re- 
formed, discharged or bound out. Authorizing 
■ trustees to bind out, as apprentices or servants, 
i girls committed to their charge, in case of 
' cruelty, the indenture may be discharged, and 
the girl restored to the school. Defining duties 
I of superintendent Requiring bond of super- 
intend! at in thesum of 82000, and also requir- 
ing him ! ; keep -^tri" ; ; record of the name, age, 
and circumstances connected with the history 
j of each girl committed to the school. After 
| two years, tv?o Trustees shall be appointed an- 
; nually. Reports to be. made to the legislature 
[annually, of the condition of the school. 
j 443. [c] To establish the Municipal Court 


in the city of Lowell. — [May 21.] —'With one 'said act, so as to require five fire wards instead j 
chief justice, and one associate justice. Pro- ; of twelve, [p.] 

viding for the appointment of clerk, and assist- 448. [g.] To extend the jurisdiction of Po- \ 
ant clerks. Said court to have Jurisdiction of \lice Courts hi curtain cue... — [May 21.] — Au- j 
all crimes committed in Lowell whereof the thorizing police courts to have concurrent ju- 
police court now has jurisdiction : and concur- i risdiction with the municipal court of the city 
rent jurisdiction with justices of the peace, of of Boston, and the court of common pleas, in 
all crimes Committed in the county of Middle- cases of larceny not exceeding $50, and of as- j 
sex. Further regulating the duties of the j sault and battery, not felonious. Police courts j 
court. Act void unless accepted by the voters may decline to take final jurisdiction in any j 
of the city. I of the cases referred to. Right of appeal al- 

414. [<;.] To abolish imprisonment for Debtl lowed to persons convicted, as in other cases. 
and to punish fraudulent debtors. — [May 21.] j 449. [c.j To establish the Superior Court of i 
— Abolishing imprisonment for debt. Fraud \the county of Suffolk. — [May 21.] — With four 
defined, and means provided for its punish- justices, one of whom shall be commissioned as I 
ment. Body may be arrested on execution of i chief justice. To have jurisdiction to same ex- , 
$20, on oath of plaintiff, 1st, that defendant tent as court of common pleas. Abolishing 

has property, not exempt from execution, 
which he does not intend to apply to the 
claim; or. 2d, that his property has been fraud- 
ulently conveyed; or, 8d, that his property has 
been lost by gaming; or, 4th, that his estate. 
.has been wilfully expended; oi , 5tb, that the 
debt was contracted with intention not to nay. 
The plaintiff's affidavit shall be endorsed upon 
the execution, with the certificate of the ma- 
gistrate that he is satisfied that- there is reason- 
able cause to believe that the charges, or either 
of them, specifying which, are true ; then, and 
not Otherwise, the execution maybe served by 
the arrest of due body. Defendant, when ar- 
rested, to be carried before, a magistrate for 
trial. Giving forms of certificate and poor 

Body may be arrested on execution of i chief jus 
oath of plaintiff, 1st, that defendant tent as court of common pleas 

terms of court of common pleas in Suffolk j 
county. Giving the court exclusive jurisdic- j 
tion, where now the court of common pleas j 
has concurrent jurisdiction with supreme judi- j 
cial court in said county, where damages de- 
manded or property claimed shall not exceed I 
$1500, Actions exceeding $1500 may be re- i 
moved to supreme judicial court. Verdict of i 
jury final, but questions of law may be carried j 
to supreme judicial court by bill of exceptions, j 
Establishing six terms of said court. Expenses j 
to be paid by city of Boston. Salary of chief \ 
justice, S3. 200 ; each of the other justices,! 
$3,000.. Establishing other regulations. Act j 
to take effect on first Tuesday of October : 

450. To incorporate the Bank of Mutua 

debtor's oitli. Oath to be refused to debtors 
misspending property after arrest. No ar- j Redemption. — [May 21.] — For the term of 20 
rests to be made after sunset. No woman to j years, to be located in the city of Boston. Can- 
be arrested in any civil process except for tort, j ital not to exceed $3,000,000. Allowing any 

Act to take effect July 4, 1855. Repealing | batik to subscribe to its stock an amount not 
acts inconsistent 

445. [g.j Relative to State Paupers>~-{Mz) 
21.] — Allowing civics sod towns actual ex- 
panses only for transporting ■■ State paupers. 
Allowing 33 a week ibr paupers too sick to be 

exceed; ug 5 per cent, of the capital stock of 
said bank. Circulation not to exceed half the 
amount of its capital. Steele transferable only 
to banks. 

51. [g.] Concerning filing vacancies in the 

removed. Defining powers of inspectors. \ office of Prudential Committee. — [May 21.]- 
Towns and kindred liable for support of pau- Authorizing vacancies in prudential school 

pers m certain case 


Repealing acts incou- I committees to be filled by such district in which i 
istent. [p.] | the vacancy occurs, at a meeting called for the ] 

446. [<;;.] To prevent and punish Incendiar- purpose, according to sections 48, 47, and 4S, > 
ism. — [May 21.]— Any person who shall cut a i of chapter 23 Revised Statutes, [p.] 
bell-rope, or destroy any engine or hose, 24 | 452. [g.] To secure the safety of passengers \ 
hours previous to a fire, shall be deemed guilty j at Railroad Crossings. — [May 21.]— Requiring j 
of the burning, as accessory before the fact, ] every engine-man to stop his engine at a dis- \ 
and. shall be punished accordingly. And any ' tanee of at least 500 feet from any railroad j 
person during the burning, who shall in any crossing, and then to proceed slowly over it. [ 
way prevent an alarm being given, or who When two or more crossings are Within 400 ) 
shall destroy any engine, hose, or other appa- j feet of each other, one stop shah suffice for ; 

redeemed j both. Penalty for violation of this act, for the } 
after the j engine-man, §100; and lor the railroad corpo- \ 
ed in sec- • ration, S300. ; 

rat us belonging 

guilty of the b 

j l ct, an i shall b 

tion 4, eh ipter 1 

44 7. [<.;.] In addition to the j. 
rate the town of South Danver.^ 
torj; to 0.-- Act to establish ll 

ivevuseu. oiatates. 

to incorp 


453. {<;.] Relating to the attachment of Real 
Estate conveyed in fraud of Creditors. — [May 

4.] — Authorizing the attachment of estates 
raudulently conveyed, with intent to defraud 

of the town of Vanvers, passed in the year 1829. j the creditor. Repealing so much of cl apter 
— [May 21.] — Amending the first section of j 107, of the statutes of 1814, as is inconsistent 



jh the provisions of this act. Existing at- 
i i^ch r cents not affected by this act. 

.{■-I. [g.] To establish, a Hospital for Insane. 

,. Western Massachusetts ^-[^ay "21.]— Au- 

iscinj* the appointment of a board of three 

. unissioners, who shall purchase a site in one 

f the Sour western counties, and cause to be 

erected thereon, a suitable hospital for the in- 

■ •, sut'iieient for the accommouVion of 250 

■ patients, a superintendent, and steward, with 
[ their families, and other officers and attendants. 
> Authorizing the treasurer of the Cominon- 
1 vrcalrh to issue scrip not exceeding SI 50,000 
. i,i defray expenses incurred in completing the 


455. Concerning the Boston Wharf Com- 
c-any. — [May 21.] — Allowing them to extend 

■ their wharf in South Boston, [p.] 

| 456. To authorize the Western Railroad 

Corporation to issue Bonds. — [May 21.] — To 

m amount not exceeding Si,500,000, the di- 

! rectors to determine denomination, time of pa v- 

; :: ent, hxxd rate of interest for the same. 

457. [g.1 For the better protection of Or- 
\ chords t Nurseries, Gardens, Sfc. — ["May 21.] — 

Every persoa who shall wilfully and maliciously 
! enter any orchard, nursery, garden, or cran- 
berry meadow, and take away, mutilate or de- 
| stroy any tree, shrub, or vine, or steal, take 
I and carry away any fruit or 'flower, without the 
I consent of the owner thereof, shall be deemed 
| guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be punished 
by a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars, 
I or by imprisonment in the house of correction 
for a term not exceeding three months. Re- 
j pealing acts inconsistent, [p.] 

458. [g.] Providing for the maintenance of 

■ wives whose husbands arc under guardianship 
\ ' Jitr 'idiocy or ima7iuy.-~~\}d.&j 21.] — Allowing 
I the wife the use of one-third part of the real 
. and personal estate of her husband under 

guardianship for insanity. This act net to pre- 
I vent such wife from enjoying the means now 
. provided by statute for her support. 

4 59. In addition to an Act to incorpoi'ate 

the Massachusetts Historical Society. — [May 

21.]--- Authorizing the society to hold, in addi- 

• lion to its library, real and personal estate to 

: anamount not exceeding $100,000. [p.] 

460. To incorporate certain persons by the 
, name of the American Hospital and Home for 
; Surgery. — [May 21.] — May hold property to 
] an amount not exceeding 8200,000, to be used 
i m the erection, establishment and support of a 
I bospital for sick persons, and tor the operations 




noration tochan; 

r ~ue name of the institution, and substitute 

therefor the. name of any distinguishe ! !•• ue- 

| ' 461. [g.] To apportion and assess a tax of 

four hundred and forty-nine thousand, nine hun- 
'' dreA end eighty-six dollars and. fifty 'cents. — 
j [May 21.] — Each city or town within the Com- 

ttionweakh shall be assessed and nay the seve- 
; rai sums with which it stands charged. Au- 

thorizing Treasurer to bsue warrant to select- j 
j men or assessors, requiring them to assess the 
I s mi so charged, according to chapter 7, Revised 
1 Statutei , and to make their returns on or before 
! Dec. 1, 1855. Delinquent towns to pay one 
| per cent, per month, addi ional, for time of de- 
lay, [p.] [The amount assessed on each 
j town is ^vnn on. another page. See index for 
i vState tax.] 

462. [g.] In addition to an Act to extend- 
the time of the. State loan to the Norwich and 
Worcester Railroad Company. — [May 21.] — 
Authorizing the treasurer of the company to 

j sell scrip issued under Act of 1854, chap. 134. 

463. [g.] To establish a Police Court in the 
\toum of CAicopee. — [May 21.] — With one jus- 
' tice and one special justice. Establishing regu- 
] lations for the same. Act void unless accepted 
i by the inhabitants. 

461. [g ] — Relative to lunatics and insane 

persons. — [Slay 2i.] — Lunatics not required 

to be present at examination on application for 

confinement, if it appears that such presence 

! would have an injurious effect upon them, [p.] 

4G5. For incorporation of Trustees of the 
Plummer Farm School of Reform far boys. — 
[May 21.] — For the purpose of establishing a 
school for juvenile offenders, in the city of 
Salem, the government to be vested in a board 
often trustees. Authorizing conns to sentence 
boys under the age of sixteen years, to the 
school, for a term not less than one year, nor 
longer than their minority, unless sooner dis- 
charged by order Gt" the Trustees. Trustees 
may .bind out boy- to trades or occupations. 

466. [g ] In addition to an Act to require 
certain Corporations to mole returns to Asses- 
sors. — [May 21.] — Requiring mutual insurance 
companies, authorised to issue capital stock, to 
make returns to assessors, according to chapter 
308, ; of acts of 1850, and repealing the clause 
therein contained inconsistent with this act. 
Repealing chapter 220 of acts of 1855, entitled 
-' An act in addition to an act for the more 
equal assessment of taxes." [p.] 

40 7. [g.] To obtain statistical information 
relating to certain branches of industry. — [May 
21.] — Authorizing assessors of the severed 
towns to make returns of the various branches 
of industry in the commonwealth, as they ex- 
isted on the first day of June. Requiring the 
secretary to furnish blanks, and to j rint an 
abstract of the returns for the use of the next 
legislature. Establishing pay of the assessors, 
while engaged in the work at $2 each per day. 

[ The returns are referred to in another part 
of the Register, for which see index for Statis- 
tics of Industry.] j 

46S. [G.] To set of' a part of the toivn of 
Dorchester and annex the some to the city oj 
Boston.— {May 21.]— Describing boundaries of 
the same, and providing that taxes assessed by 
the town of Durohester, not extending beyond j 
May l, 1356, shall be paid as if this act had 1 



not passed. Pauper? to be supported by the Fire Insurance Company" — [May 21.] — Al- J 
city of Boston. Inhabitants to vote with Dor- lowing the company to insure in oilier States.] 
Chester in elections for state and United States not namSd in act of incorporation, and cbang- 
officers, until the next decennial census, or ing its name to Conway Fire Insurance Com- 
until another appointment of representatives ! pany. Authorizing increase . of" guarantee 
shall be made. Authorizing the laying out of capital, not exceeding $100,000, at any time 
street and lanes, [p.] j within three years from the passage of this act. 

469. For abating nuisances. — [May 21.] — Authorizing it to insure as a Stock company 

Bur; it or 

troua Duuaincs, 


rhenever the mutual department is relinquish- 


477. [<j.] In addition to "An Act to establish 

a Police Court in the of Chelsea." — [May j 
21.] — Requiring a convenient place for holding j 
said court to be provided by the town of Che!- \ 
sea. Said court to have jurisdiction in crimi- i 
nal cases, v-hereof justices of the peace now j 
have. Repealing; acts inconsistent with this 

nuisances, to be removed, by order of mayor 
and aldermen, or selectmen, under the 
authority given to the board of health in sec- 
tion 10 and 11, chap. 21, Revised Statutes. 
Allowing -aggrieved owner to apply to court of 
common pleas, or to any justice thereof, in 
vacation, for a jury. Act void in any town or 
city unless accepted by rote of the inhabit- j nave, rxep 
ants. act. [p.] 

470. [a.] Concerning the purchase of spiri- 4 78, [g.] In further addition to "An Act] 
tuoits and intoxicating liguars for Town Agents, relating to Joint Stock Companies." — [May 21.] ! 
--[May 21.]--Authorizing the governor to — Authorizing joint stock companies to transact 
appoiut one person to sell liquors to town business out of the commonwealth, for the pur- I 
agents. Requiring saoh agent to establish a pose of buying-or manufacturing lumber, or of 
suitable office in the city of Boston, and to mining or quarrying, and of holding real estate 
purchase and sell to town and city agents, and. out of the 1 units of the State, Establishing j 
to them only, spirituous and intoxicating rules for calling first meeting of corporation, j 
liquors, as they may require. All such sales and authorizing corporation to reduce capital 
to be made for cash, at a price notexceedingi stock, [p.] 

an advance of five per cent, upon the actual j 479. [c] To repeal "An Act. relating to 
cost. Further regulating his duties, and re- j Pilotage in the Harbor of Provincetown."- — 
quiring a bond in $20 000 for their faithful per- 1 [May 21.] — Repealing chapter 150. of acts of 
formance. Prohibiting the adulteration of 184 7. 

liquors, under penalty of forfeiting bond, and j 480. [a.] Establishing a Prelate Court in 
imprisonment not less than six mouths, nor Ythe town of North Andover in the county of 
more than five years in the State Prison, [p.] j Essex. — [May 21.] — To be holden on the third 

471. To incorporate the Bank of Cape Ann, j Tuesday of January. Repealing so much of 
in Gloucester. — [May 21.] — For the terra oft section 65, Revised Statutes, as provides for i 
20 years from Oct. 1, 1855, Capital $150,000, ; holding-said court in Andover cm that day. 

to be aiyided into shares of :$ 100 each. j 481. Relating to the Mystic River Corpora- 

472. Authorizing the proprietors of the Up- \ Hon. — [May 2 l.]-r Authorizing said corporation 
per Locks ana Canals in the. county of Hump* "■ to build a sea wall, and to till up a portion of 
shire to sell 'their Lands and Water Power. — j the flats lying between the north and south 
[May 21.] — Situated on the Connecticut river j channels of said river. Describing the bounda- 
ries of lands to be approved by a vote of ries of the same, and requiring the work to be 
threeiburths of the stock-holders, [p.] done to the satisfaction of a commissioner to 

473. [g.] In addition to an Act to Incorpo- j be appointed by the governor. Capital stock, 
rate the to ion of South Danvers. — [May 21.] — j not to exceed §500,000. Repealing all acts 

Authorizing the assessors of the town of Dun- ; re' 

vers, to complete the assessment of taxes both j eh 

in Danvers and South Danvers the present J said corporation. Act 

year, anything in the act incorporating South j by the corporation. 

luting to the corporation, except so much of 
I chapter 105, of acts of 1852, as incorporated 

voia uuiess accep 


482. To authorize George Hound y to extend 
kiswharf — [May 21.] — In the town of Bever- 

' 483. To authorize the Fitclihurg and Wor- 
cester Railroad Company to extend its Rail- 
road. — [May 21,] — One mile in the town of 
[Fitcliburg. Act avoid unless location is filed 
To incorporate the Bee Prii tin Com- iri itwo years, and the extension is completed in 

pany. — [Ma} 21.] Fox the purpose of pub- five years. 

lishing daily and weekly newspapers in the 484. To incorporate the Bank of Cage Cod. 
city of Boston, Capital not to -exceed $75 r , [May 21.]— To be established in Harwich, act f 
000. [i ■ ] of incorporat on tocontinue until Oct 1,1872. \ 

&7G. In addition to au Act entitled " An Act\ Capitals 100,000, to be divided into shares of j 
| to incorporate the Conway Stock and Mutually 100 each. 

Danvers to the contrary notwithstanding 

4 1 4. To incorporate the Telegraph Newspa- 
per Company. — [May 21.] — For the purpose 
of publishing daily and weekly newspapers, in 
the city of Boston. Capital not to exceed 
$100,000. [p.] 



i$5i To incorporate the Boston and Euro- 
• •■MX Steamship Company. — [May 21.] — For 
'■ e ourpose oi navigating the ocean by steam. 
A ithonzing the company to build steamships, 

• ..! to hold 6500.009 real estate, arid personal 
roperry to an amount not exceeding $1,500,- 

Art of incorporation to continue 30 

•. c&t^t hut to be void unless the company is 

organized within two years, and ten per cent. 

: the capital paid in, and shall, within three 

rears, have built and equipped at least two 

• unships, for the purposes of said company, 
.»! I shall use the same for the purposes ex- 
pressed in this Act. [p.] 

4.S6. [o] In addition to a An Act to appoint 
a Board of Commissioners in relation to Alien 
V issengers and State Paupers.'' — [May 21.] — 
authorizing commissioners to fix salary of 
agents, not exceeding Si for each day em- 
ployed, with board and travel. Repealing so j 19.] — Paying him $50 as acting clerk during 
much of sec. 7, of Act of May 24, 1851, as I organization of legislature. 
is inconsistent with this Act. [p.] 

487. [a.] For the punishment of Embezzle 
nmit by County, dry, and Toim% officers. — 23.] — Authorizing treasurer I 

two years in the State prison. Volunteer 
militia prohibited from aiding in the seizing 
or detention of such fugitive, under same pen- 
alty, for each member so offending. Govern- 
or to appoint commissioners in each county to 
defend fugitives. Prohibiting use of jails be- 
longing to this commonwealth for confining 
persons claimed as fugitives. All laws relat- 
ing to Wiits of habeas corpus to apply to this 
Act, This Act not to apply to so much of 
Act of Feb. 12, 1793, as relates to fugitive:! 
from justice. Repeating Acts inconsistent. 


1. Resolve in favor of William Stou:e. — [Jan. 

2. [o.J Authorizing the Treasurer to borrov: 
money in anticipation of the Revenue.. — [Jan. 

'May VI.'] — Officers embezzling property, to i 
be deemed guilty of larceny, and if convicted, 
to be punished in the same manner as is now 
provided by chapter 12&, Revised Statutes, in 
oses of embezzlement by bank officers. 

488. [g.] In addition to an Act establishing 
the city of New Bedford. — [May 21,] — Au- 
thorizing the election of one assistant assessor 
fro u each ward, and the election of two asses- 
sors, a city marshal, with such number of assis- 
tant marshals, constables and police officers by 
city council, annually, as they may deem ex- 
pedient. Repealing Acts inconsistent. Act | 

borrow th 
sum oi £• 3 00,000. 

S. In favor of the Inspector* of the Bridge- 
water Stale Almhouse and Levi I. Goodspeed. — 
[Jan. 29.]— Authorizing payment of $1000 
to superintendent of said almhouse for the 
purchase of additional bedding for the insti- 

4. [G.] For the appointment of a Commis- 
sioner to attend (he Exposition of the Industry 
of all Nations, to he held in Paris in May. 
1855. — [Jan- 30.1— Said Commission to be 
without expense fo the commonwealth. 

Providing for the pay of the Legislature, 

void unless accepted by the legal voters of land its officers,- monthly.-*- [Feb. 1.] 
the city. j 6. In favor of i) Jar y II. Merrick, — [Feb. 7.] 

489." [c] To protect the Rights and Liber- J -~<As guardian, authorizing her to sell right 
• of the People of the Commonwealth of] and.' title to: 'certain real estate. 

\chusetts. '[Passed loth branches of the \ 1. hi favor of Mrs. Mary Duncan Wells, 
attire, May 21, ''by the Constitutional ma- ! willow of the late Chief Justice Wells. — [Feb. 

rdy, after the veto of the Governon and con- j 7.] -Allowing her §1,088.19. 

metUty became a, law.] — Extending Act of' 8. On the petition of Uriah Gardner. — 

As sheriff .of Nantucket, allowing 
to defray expenses of defending a 


lc ; !3, further to protect personal liberty, to ; [Feb. 10.] 
Act of Congress of 1852, respecting fugitives bun $200 

from justice, See. Declaring every person en- 
titled to writ of habeas corpus, except in cases 
named in section 2, chanter 111, Revised 
Statutes. Defining manner of proceeding. 

suit against himself as such officer. 

9. [c] Providing for the consolidation and 
management of the General Statutes of the 
—[Feb. 1G.] — Authorizing the 



Penalty for removing any person not " held j governor to appoint three commissioners for 
to service or labor," a fine not less than $1000 ; the purpose. The commissioners may, in Con- 
nor more than $5000, and by imprisonment in | soiidating and arranging the statutes, omit 
the State prison, not less than one nor more { redundant enactments, and those which may 
thin five years. Prohibiting persons holding j have ceased to have any effect or influence on 
-bice under the laws of this Commonwealth, existing rights ; reject superfluous words, and 
from issuing warrant, &c. by virtue of said i condense, into as concise and comprehensive a 
Act of Congress, by forfeiture of such office, | torn- as is consistent with a full and clear ex- 
£>ud making thqm thereafter meiigi! to in : pression of the will of the legislature all circuit- 
any office under the iaws of this commonwealth, jous, tautological and ambiguous phraseology? 
Punishment for arresting or detaining fugitive?, j suggest any mistakes, omissions, inconsistencies 
by any officer of this common wealthy line not | and imperfections, which may appear in the 
j«sas than 31000 cor more than S2000, and by | h*w s to be consolidated and arranged, and the 
imprisonment not less than one nor more than j ^ a nner in which they may be corrected, sup- 




plied and amende d Report to be made as 
soon as may he to 1 he Legislature in print. 



*h& u 

of Mctlw 

[Feb. 19.] — Authofizic treasurer to pay the 
town vhe sum or' £ IDG. 56, front the school fund, 
if; being the amount due said town. 

11. In favor of constituting tht Boston 
Daily Fee, and the American Patriot, the of- 
ficial organs.— [Feb. 27.] — For publishing 
the laws of this Common wealth. 

12. In favor of J. D. Towle. and Francis 
Foster. — [March 9.] — Paying them the sum 
of $1,378, lor plans for the enlargement of the 
State House. 

13. [G-] Concerning the repeal of the 
Missouri Compromise. — [March 9.] — Depre- 
cating the repeal of the Missouri Compromise. 

J 4. Upon the petition of Win. Sohier, Cyrus 
and Hannah P. Mason. — [March 10.'] — 
Authorizing the mortgage of certain lots of 

15. [<;] On the petition of the How-was- 
tcee and others, Overseers of the Gay Head In- 
dians.— -[March 9.]— Autro' izhig the appoint- 
ment of three commissioners io establish boun- 
dary line between the lands of said Indian and 
white inhabitants of Chilmark in Dukes county, 
and to duly report the same. 

16. In favor of John V.Zow. — [March 14] 
— To pay him as assistant messenger, such 
sum as he would be entitled to were he not 
prevented by sickness from the performance 
of his duties. 

17. [g.] In favor of the Overseers of the 
Poor c/ Gay Head. — [March 14.] — To pay 
overseers for the support of a lunatic, S-2 per 
week from April 20, 1852, to January 20, 1-855, 

18. On lie petition of Martin Wheelock: — 
[March 10.] — To pay him $30 a vear during 

10. Concerning the Colony Records of Niw 
Plymouth and Massachusetts: — [March 24.] — 
Authorizing 800 copies of the New Plymouth 
Colony Records, with suitable indexes, to be 
stereotyped and printed under the supervision 
of the secretary of the commonwealth. Also, 
authorising 500 additional copies of the first 
five volumes of the General Court Kecords of 
Massachusetts, to be printed. 

20. In favor of the guardian of the tribe 
of Punkapoag Indians for the support of Eliza- 
beth Bancroft. — [March 26.] — To pay S50 
from Mireh 12, 1854, to March 12, 1855. and 
then £1 a work to the guardian of Elizabeth 
B m croft during her lite. 

21. In favor of ike Adams Bank. — [Mar. 
26.] — Forfeiture remitted to said bank, the 
returns the s-eretary tailed to receive, having 
been duly deposited in the postofliee v «vhere said 
1 ink is located. 

22. [g.] For the appointment of commission- 
ers to establish the boundary line between North- 
ampton and liastkampton, — [March 20. j — Au- 
thorizing the appointment of two coaitiiission- 
ers for the purpose of establishing the bounda- 

ry line now in dispute. Said towns to bear an 
eqeal portion of the expense. 

23. [g.] On die petition of the town of Barn- 
stable. — [March 26.]— Authorizing the town. 
by vote of three-fourths of the voters present 
at any legal meeting, to appropriate such sum 
as may be voted, to aid in the erection of a 
monument to the memory of dames Otis, the 
revolutionary patriot. 

24. In favor of Lyman Webster, — [March 
31.]— Appropriating $40 a year during the 
remainder of his life to Lyman Webster, of j 
Tyringham, for injuries sustained by him while 
in the performance, of military duty. 

25. [o.'j Concerning the Attorney General's 
office. — [April 6.] — Appropriating for clerical 
assistance $200 a year. 

26. [g.] Concerning the Fugitive Slave Act 
I of 1850. — [April 6.] — Declaring said Act un- 
constitutional, and requesting senators and rep- 
resentatives in Congress to urge its repeal. 

2 7. For the pay of the Chaplains of the Sen- 
ate and House of Representatives. — [April 6.] 
— Allowing thein ' 205 each for their services 
during the present session. 

28. [g.] To reimburse certain banks, mon- 
eys^ forfeited and, j, a. id by them to the Common- 
wealth. — [April 10.1 — For reasons set forth in 
their petitions, re ant ting- fines tp certain banks. 

29. [G.] Releding to duties on foreign coal. 
— [April 18.] — Requesting our senators and 
representatives in Congress to use their influ- 
ence to obtain the repeal of all laws requiring 
duties on foreign coal. 

30. [g.] Concerning naturalization and. the 
nationalizing of the general government — [April 
18,] — Declaring republican institutions adapt- 
ed to an intelligent people-; that they can be 
safely confided only to the control of freemen : 
that aliens in general are incapable of appre- 
ciating the privileges of 'those institutions ; and 
that our delegation in Congress bo requested 
to use their endeavors to make such alteration 
in the naturalization laws as will extend the 
icrm now required as. a prerequisite to entitle 
aliens to the lights of citizenship. 

31. On the petition of Oliver Fosgate, trustee. 
— [April 21.] — Authorizing the sale of real es- 

32. On the petition of the Union Charitable 
Society. — [April 21.] — Authorizing the society 
to sell and convey real estate. 

33. In favor of the Herring Pond Indians. — 
[April 21.] — Allowing them 650 to aid in the 
support of a school. 

;>t. On the petition of James Leeds. — [April 
2!.] — Authorizing the sale of certain land in 
the city of Boston, 

35. [g.] On the petition of the selectmen of 
Mars) .:■> e. —[April 26. 1 — Appropriating j>500 
loi ; epairing meeting house ; &o'2o for repairing 
school houses; ami allowing annually S1G5 foi 
ihe support of schools, provided the district oi 
Marsh pee r.Aiso the sum of &75 for the same 


36, In aid of the American Institute of In- 1 [These amendments were ratified by tbe peo- 
f April 26.1 — Appropriating annu- 1 pie, and form respectively in their order the 

. r r ... 1 .ff-OAn u.l 1 t*l. ip.L it.L ,.".l 1 w,,V. ,„<.' 1. , 

18th and llnh articles 

t/ n. 

■ . the term of five yearS) th >sum of &30U ! Ith, 15th, IGtb, 17tl . 

.. directors of said Institution. ! of amendment to tbe constitution.] 

37. In favor of Johnson Gardner.— [April | * A In favor, of. -Harvey Fowler— [May 2.] 
-Allowing him 855 for services rendered _ »-i n g him $8.45.25 il being a balance 

• a commission of the governor. Lj U) him as reporter of the debates of the con- 

38. On //te petition of Abraham Brown.— Uention f or revising constitution of tbe State. 
• Vpril Mj-Allowinghim §40.50 for services | 45 _ [a] /n ^ o/ ^ Female Medical i 

car/on Society. — [May 2.] — Authorizing the 
:i sum )f $10,000 to be paid in four annual pay- 
[,\pni 27.1-^hebdlappropriating 12,000,000 | me C0U!menc ; Ja Ury j l855j to 
,-:os of land, to be apportioned amon- the ; r d . ifj; » . ^ ^.^ Ub » 

reral States, for the benefit of tbe indigent J J; *, furnIture and fixtures, and in pro' 

taS ane, having passed both Hou S e S< o, Con- j ^ the ^.^ of ^ ^ and - N 
_-,s>, yet failed to become a law in conse- , : ,, p ^ ^ E . d F ^ male w 

S9. fG.l In 

favor of the indigent insane. 

nee of the veto of the president, cur dele- 
tion in Congress is requested to use all eon- 
- stent means for the passage of a similar Act. 
1 40. On the petition of EzeJcitl hill and 
\ Joshua Lincoln. — [April 27.] — Paying them 
■; 50 each. 

j 41. [o.] Granting taxes for the several coun- 
i tics.— [April 27.] — The following sums to be 
essed, paid, collected and applied, according 


46. On the petition of Arad^Denison, [May 

2.]— Of Ley den; allowing him the sum of §40 
annually for five years. 

4 7. On the petition of Increase N. Emerton. 
— [May 2.] — Of Lynn ; allowing him the sum 
of $40 annually for five years. 

48. [{:.] In faror of Normal Schools and 
Sc) :■: Agents. — [May 2/} — Appropriating SI,- 

| ro law, tor each county : Barnstaole, £8,200 : , 5QQ tQ -^ ^ [n J schoo ^ hoi f se ; n yr eit 
| tewto*^^ fo » j ovi lhe ds of 

,0; Essex $78,720; irankhn, S .18 ,u00 ; U^ ^ Stafe N ! ormal ^ Sehoo f . $13 000 
; Iampden, £29,000 ; Hampshire, J 20,000 ; ■ anmia!j * for threc to tW ' S u Pr orr of the 

Middlesex , &3,U** ■•', Norfolk, ^oo 000 ; Ply- four s £ t ,-^j s hoo , ai / d l S500 ad _ 
| mouth, §20,000 ; Worcester, $60,000. [p.] 

I 4 
• ■ 

. — . lour ,>!c,ie ^.ornp.i r>jnoo s ; ana £o<ju au- 

.th,po,000 ; Worcester, £60,000. [p] ditfoMl for travdH ^ of ng 

2. [o.] Concerning the procu ement oj poin t e d to visit the f 0W11 * and sch( f ] distric t s 

es, fyc.yfor the use oj the novates oj various Q £fa a State 

Public Charitable Institutions of this Common 
■■■Ah. — [April 27.] — Appropriating 6150 for 
\ the purpose to the State Lunatic Hospital at 
j Taunton, the State Almshouse at Tewksbory, 
' the State Almshouse at Bridgewater, the 
I State Almshouse at Monson, the State Hos- 
pital at Raiubford Island, the State M fc i 
ooi for 'boys at WesttjEoroogh, and rhe S ate 
; Reform School for girls, whenever tbe same 
! shall h 

40. Concerning the Printing for the Common- 
wealth.- [May 3.] — Authorizing secretary to 
contract with William White to execute tbe 
State printing for one year, from April 1, at 
rates corre rending with the ruling market 
price uirin ond i •" ■"■ ■■■:■. to t- !j gn en 

j by sai * Wl ite ■.■ r i 1 - i iithful performance >->i 
: s tid contract. 

50. Foi h payment of (he continqent expert- 
have gone into operation and .authorizing L ( ,,, Q ■ \ are, and Offices in 

tne trustees to expend annually tor said pur- L : . Um , , r ,..; ?/ea r 1855.— [iNJay 3.1 
. ;e, a sum, at tne^r discretion, n >t exceeding |_ A - , .^ fejtofot tbe purp j. " 

i-^rj for e^elt of those institutions. 

43. [g.] Relating to the proposed Articles oj 
Amendment of the Constitution. — [May 1.] — 
Submitting the articles of amendment of the 
0! • titntion, agreed to by tbe last ai;<l present 
general courts, and published in the manner 
required by the constitution, to tbe people on 

| tie 23d of May, 1855, for their ratification 

j an * 


\ requires eight councillors to be chosen by the 
I i ■•- >ple. Art. 4, requires the election c'i secre- 
tary, trea urer, auditor, and atton 

51. lit '.vorofDoorl epers, Messengers and 
Pat . oj the General Court.-— -[May 3.] — Al- 
lowing Lilly cents per volume lor filing I .■ 
m< ' - 

i-'2. On the petition of Lydia Kinsman.— 
[May 4.] — Allowing her the sum of S50. 

•'. ; . [c] Declaring when certain lands in the 


'id adoption. Art. 1, provides ibr elections Statt oj Maine shall become jorjettcd to thx. 

v the people, to be bv a plurality of votes, \ LmnmoniceaUhr- [May 4.] ~ Lequrn. 

.ri. 2, fixes time of suite election: Art. 3, | ^^\ |« advertise all tracts of iar,d in Maine 


''>' the people. Art. o, forbid 

ou which notes are overdue. Forfeiting all 
lands to this commonwealth tor which - 

were given, unless paid within one ) ear 

,. -.;-_,> ■. . - ■ ' •' • ; .":i V 1, 1 C-JO. 

j • • applied to sectarian schools. Art 6, j 51. [g.] Concerning the notifications oj 

■ requi res |h e legislature to prescribe, by gene- meeii as to which are to be sulmiUed the pro- 

; rallaw, for the election of sheriiii, register of posed articles of amendment to the const\ •■ 

•: bate, commission of insolvency, cerks of I — [Ma> 7.]— Meetings to be deemed legal 

i courts, and district attorn^, s by the people, if called before the 19th of May, anjtlung jr. 




the re:olves submitting said amendments to 
the people, to the contrary notwithstanding. 

55. Providing for the pay of the Council, 
Senate and House of Representatives. — [May 
7.] — Allowing each member 63 per day and 
travelling expenses. Three dollars per day 
extra to the president of Senate and speaker 
of the House. Clerks §10 per day. Assistant 
clerks, S8 Tier day. Also, allowing &300eaeb 
to the clerk of the House, and the clerk of the 
Senate for preparing duplicate copies of 

56. [<}.] Authorizing (he County Commission-, 
ers of Middlesex county to borrow a farther sum 
of §50,000.- -[May 1 0.] — For providing a suit- 
able jail £ov said county. 

57. [c] lb provide for the expense, of fuel 
and light for the Slate House.— [May 10.] — 
Appropriating $3,000 per annum for the pur- 

58. [g<] In favor of the Massachusetts School 
for Idiots and feeble minded youth. — [May 15.] 
— Appropriating; $25,000 for a suitable build- 
ing for said school. 

50. [g- ] In relation to the enlargement of 
the State House. — [May 15.]— Appropriating 
£39,000 to complete enlargement. 

CO. [<-;.] In. favor of gluing additional powers 
to the. Commissioners on Boston Harbor and 
Back Bay. — [May 15.] — Respecting the laying 
out of streets and sewers, and the use of high- 
ways and crossings. 

61. [g.] Concerning the French spoliations. 
— [."lay 15.] — Declaring the refusal of the 
United States government to indemnify parties \ 
rightfully interested in those long-delayed ' 
claims, a disgraceful repudiation of just obliga- 
tions, and requesting our delegation in Con- j 
gresi to use all honorable means to secure the • 

i expenses ; and $39,380 additional, in payments 

| of S3,580 on the first day of each month 

; 68. [g.] In relation to the Preservation of 

Cape Cod Harbor.-— [May 17.] — Requesting 

delegation in Congress to use their efforts to 

procure the appropriation of #25,000, for the 

J protection of said harbor. 

GO. [g.] On the petition of Jemima Easton, 
an Lin'i<m at "Deep Bottom."— -[May 17.]— 
Autb.oii.zing appointment of commissioners, to 
determine claims to certain land in the town 
of Jisbury, claimed by petitioner. 

70. [g.] Relative to the meetings to which are 
to be submitted the proposed Article* of Amend - 
ment of the Constitution.— [May 1 7.]— Meetings 
held on May 23 to be legal and valid, anything 
in the resolves for submitting said amendments 
to the people, to the contrary notwithstanding, 

71. In favor of the Watchmen at the Slate 
-Allowing for their ser- 

$1.25 each, per day, 

of aa Act which shall rend Hi y. 
imants on account of French 


62. [g.] In favor of the PerHns Institution 
and Massachusetts Asylum for the Blind. — 
[May 15.] — Increasing annual appropriation 
from 89,000 to §1*2,000. 

63. [g.] In favor of the Stale Farm at West* 
borough. — [May 17 ] — Appropriating 86,000 
for permanent improvements. 

Gi. [g.] in favor of the Stale Prison. — 
[May 17.] — Allowing $10,000 ibr existing de- I 

65. [g.] In favor of Cornpjanies disbanded 
by Central Order, Number Two*, 1S55. — [Ala)' j 
1 7. J — Authorizing the pv meat of SO to each j 
officer and private of disbanded companies, in j 
case they properly complied with the requisi- 
tions of said order. 

66. [g.] Providing ;',:■ improvements at tin 
State Lunatic Ho<pilalat Taunton.—- [May 17.] 
Appropriating §15,000 for the same. 

67. [G. J For paving the <■ rpenses of th? Stode 
Reform Sch ...*/.-[ May 17.]— Appropriati • 
$10,328 to meet existing claims and currenl 

Hous-e:—[M&y 18:]- 
vices as messengers 
daring the session. 

72. [g.] Concerning international exchanges. 
— [May lbh] — Terminating existing arrange- 
ments between the Commonwealth and Mons. 
Alex. Vattemare, of Paris. 

73. [g.] On the petition of the city of Boston, 
relative io the. fees of Jurors. — [May 18.] — Au- 
thorizing the payment of S4b,584.05 to the 
treasurer of Suffolk county, in full for all 
claims Ibr expenses for criminal prosecutions 
in said county, from April, 18-15, to Septem- 
ber, 1S52. 

74. In favor of the town cf Rehoboth. — 
[May 18.]— Allowing the town 603 7.23 for 
the support of .Bradford Cummings. 

, 75, t G -j Concerning the Quarter-Master 
General's Department. — [May 1 9.]—- A Ho win'* 
S 1,550 ibr expenses of said department lor the 
cm rent ) car. 

In aid of the State Hospital at 
Island.-- [May 19.] —Allowing 
§20,000 for improvements. 

7 7. To provide for the expenses of the Insur- 
ance Commissioners. — [May 10.] — Appropri- 
ating $250 for furniture ibr their office, and 
6300 annually for rent and other office ex- 

78. [g.] In favor of the Slate Almshouses. — 
[May 19.]— Appropriating 630,000 to those 




,0. [G.J 

Rains ford 

In favor of P. F. Willislon. — [May- 
Allowing him the sum of §500. 
[g.] In favor of the city of Fall River.— 
19.] — Allowing the city 61,082.42. 

In regard lo the enlargement of the State 

— [May 21 .] — Requiring commissioners 

| ro surrender building to sergeant-at-arms, on 

i-j.. [G.] Authorizinq tfie Treasurer to borrow 
umey in anticipation of the State Tax. — [May 
L] — An bori; ing the treasurer to borrow, in 
iiticipation of the State tax, such sum of mo- 
ey as may be necessary, from time to time, for 
ic payment of any public deft which may fail 



in the present year, and that he repay any 
■■:•; h- may borrow as soon as money sufficient 
- the purpose, arid not otherwise appropri- 
. !. shall be received into the treasury: pro- 
led, that the whole amount borrowed by vir- 

• - ■ of this resolve, find remaining unp isd, shall 

it any time exceed the sum of 8450,000. 

K3. [G-] For the purpose of a site, and the 

i .'iVei of buildings thereon, for a State Reform 

■ ■■■' for Girls.— [May 21.] — Authorizing 

. iDimissioners to purchase not, less than forty 

rres ct' hud which they may select as an eligi- 

site for said school, and to cause to be 

erected thereon buildings suitable for the ac- 
aimodation of not less than 90 nor more than 

120 girls, and necessary teachers and assist- 
ants. Appropriating $40,300 for the purpose. 

and $1,000 for improving and stocking the 

84. On the petition of David Wilder, Jr., 

for authority to sell real estate, as administrator 
- Jeremiah Robinson, late of Worcester.— 

[May 21.] 

-■'. \<v~\ In relation to the territory of Kdn- 

:a ..- -{"May 2I.1~ Declaring the right' of suf- 

frage violated by an armed mob, and calling 
upon the law-abiding citizens of Missouri to 
rake measures to prevent a repetition of the 
same; calling upon the President to maintain 
the sovereignty of the people of Kanzas, and 
declaring this Commonwealth ready to support 
constitutional rights, by whomsoever infringed. 

86. In favor of David Choate.— [May 21.] 
— Allowing him S53.74. 

8 7. [c] Concerning repairs upon the State 
House. — [May 21.] — Appropriating S15,000 
for making alterations in certain rooms now 
occupied for State office: 7 . 

88. [g-.] Providing for refunding certain 
fines, penalties and forfeitures to cities and 
towns. — [May 21.] — Which have been paid 
into the treasury of the Commonwealth, in cases 
arising out of a violation of chapter 322, of 
acts of 1852, and which, by the provisions of 
said chapter, go to the citie3 and towns wherein 
the offence was committed. 

89. On the petition of George W. Livermore* 
— [May 21*] — Author/zing him as guardian to 
execute d;e; ; of certain real estate. 

T T? H T O T a m T T 7" T9 T> nA^T 1 T? Tl I N P Q 


i The Senate was called to order, January 
j3j at 11 o'clock, A. M,, by Richard Libby, 

The session of 1855 began on Januarys, 
and ended May 21, and was thus 139 days in 
length. The Legislature was not in session 

April 5, the (}i\,y appointed by the Governor | / Boston, the . mior member r. :sent The 
for a day of fasting and prayer. 

We give below a table showing the dates Qt 
the be^innins and end of the sessions of she 

L< i Satures, and the length of each since 1831. 
when thev were established annuaily, h.egin- 

I "I 


* A! 

t « 

in Jariua 

~7. The shot 

test was- that ox 

and toe i 

mgest that of ! 

S 3 i , 




First d 
. . . .. Janua 

vj. Last a 

:■>. length. 
IP , 74 days. 


' 4 

•:4., " 



2S 86 <• 


2 92 " 

• i 

7 " 

S* 92 * ; 


6 " 

16 102 " 


4 " 

90 .,,.107 <! 


o " 



24 84 ' 

. - . ', ','. ' • 

IS ~-l " 


.'...... ' ' 

3f.... 08 « 


•1 " 

16 . . ". . . 74 " 

i.'.Y.Y. " 

26 . So " 


7 April 

16 100 " 

G...... " 

26.. ...Ill ,! 

5 May 

in-.. ..127 " 


3 " 

2. ....120 •• 

. . . . • " 

<> i. 

■}■-<■; ,-i 


1...... << 

24.!*.*. Ill •• 

.. ... " 

7 " 

22 1-7 " 

5 , 

2-7 141 " 

. . ... " 

■1 .April 

20 113 «•' 

3 May 

2i isy " 

o Extr^Scss 

ion, Sept. 2 to S'ov 

t.makin ■ 125.d iys 

,: 7 to Sept 

u, ■■ i ■-> " 

" ** 

Nov. 23 to Nun 

-.25, 4 < lv'O " 

oaths of olli :e were then taken and suhsertb 

I to, when the Senate was organized by the 
choice of Henry W. Benchley, of Worces- 

j ter, as Presi lent, he receiving the whole num- 

; ber of v ot< s, 36. 

Peter L. C x, of Lynn, was chosen Clerk 
of the Senate, he receiving 37 votes, the whole 

: number. 

The House was called to order at the fame 

hour, by Allen pRESBREYjOf Taunton, the 

senior memb . and was organized by the 

choice of Daniel C. Eddy, of Lowell, aa 

Speaker, he receiving 273 votes, to 29 tor J. 

I >. A. Griffin, 17 tor W. S. King, and G for all 
i v '. 

Henry A. Marsh, of Pi ttsfield, was chosen 
I Clerk of the Hoase, he receivinir 262 vo\ , to 

6 i for V* 

and 1 ior II. Frothingham. 

i In the House, January 4, the. election of 
! Sergeant-at-Arms >"as taken up, by special as- 
jsignVnent. Benja.mix Stevens received 315 
! votes, out of 350, the whole number cast, and 
. he was deel • ■'. ily elected. 

In the Sec.are, January 5, the whole nui 
; of votes for Sergeant-at-Arms was 36, nod tbey 
| were all cast tor Benjamin Stevens, who 
j was declared elected. 


I Jan. 4, at 12 o'clock, the House proceeded 




159 i 

>0 | 
5 I 
i6 I 


to the special alignment, which was tl 
tion of Chaplain of the House, The t 

number of votes was 

Necessary to a choice 

John [I. T*6mbly,,of Roxi 

Theodore Parker, -of Bostoi 

Charles S. Maeready, of" I 

William Bell, of Boston,- ■ • 1? | 

The remainder of the votes were distributed | Br d , A b thc Sergeants Arms, 

among sixteen candidates anu no one was Committee, and accompanied by the 

chosen on fee first ballot^ Upon the second g - x Mw Gounsd]o ' fc Sec * J h 

balloVMr.Twombly i^eived 216 votes, and ; c<wn;0mveah]l , lhc Secretary of the Board 

e was ec are «iec e . ,«„,_,„. of Education, the Adjutant General, and the 

In the Senate, Jan. b, Lyman Wiiiitno, c , -.,. ~ c ,<..,, ., •' • ,\, 7> 

,. T . .. , ,-, , ■ «., ri bhenli ot bubo.!.:, then came in, and the Pre- 

Jan. 9, at 12 o'clock, both branches of the 
Legislature met in Convention for the purpose 
of qualifying the Governor and Lieut. Gov- 
ernor, A Committee was appointed to con- 
duct the Governor and Lieut. Governor elect 
to the Hail of the House. 

Hon. Henry J. Gardner and Simo-n 

oi tieaamg, was chosen Chaplain of the House, 
he receiving 28 votes oat of S3, the whole num- 
ber thrown. 




Jan. 5, in. convention of both branches, tor 
the purpose of filling the vacancy existing in 
tke--6enate Cov the District of Barnstable and 
Dukes, The constitutional candidates were 
ivory H. Lucas, of Edgartown, ana William 
Barney, of Nantucket. 

Whole" number of votes was .362 

Necessary to a choice 188 

j vory 11. Lucas had • • - 360 

William Barney had g 

And Mr* Lucas was declared elected, 


An order to famish each member of me 
Legislature with a copy oi this work was 
adopted by both branches. 


In contention, Jan. 8. the choice of Coun- 
cillors was made. The vote was as -follows : 

Whole number of vptes • '375 

Necessary for a choice 188 

David Davis, of Edgartown, 

John Ken-rick,' of Orleans, 

Chandler R. Ransom, of Koxbury 
Benjamin 11. West, of B >?ton,- • 

\ C. L>. Hunkins, of Haverhill, 36* 

S Albert H. Nelson, of \Vobarn, 3 7- 

| Elmer Brighatn, of Westboro', 37- 

Horace Lyman, of Greenfield, 3 7- 

j John W. Foster, of Brimfield,- • • • -07: 
i And thev were declared elected. 

ident of the Senate, as presiding officer, ad- 
j ministered to them separately the oaths re- 
quired by the Constitution, to which they 
afterwards signed their names. 

The usual proclamations were made of the 
facts by Horn K. M. Weight, Secretary of 
J he Common weal t h. 

The Governor then, from the Speaker's 
chair delivered his inaugural Address. 


Jan. 10, at twelve o'clock, both branches met 
in convention, for the purpose of electing a 


A Committee was appointed to collect, sort 
and count, the votes, and they reported that the 

whole number was. - 359 

Necessary to a choice . ISO 

Philo Sanfohd of Boston had 3?D 

Marshall Lincoln S 

Jacob II. Loud 6 

Jacob Loud 3 

Charles P. Huntington 1 

nvj (min L. Alter 


3 74 


'J here were 
nearly as man 

some thirty scatterrn 
y individuals. 



In eonveniionj Jan. S, the 

of State was as follows : 

Whole number of,- • • • 

Necessary tor a choice,* • - • 

EphraimM, Wright bad- 

G. II. Devercux, of Sales 

Henry \V. Cusbman, 

And Mr. Wright was < • c 


,'ot'e fo 

• s 

• 3 60 
- 1 
■ l 

| and Mr. Sasford was declared elected. 


Jan. 16, at half-past twelve o'clock, bora 

; branch* 3 of the Legislature met in Convention, 

for the purpose oX filling the five vac in es in 

the Board of Overseers of Harvard University. 

A Committee was appointed to collect, sort 

j and count the votes, and they reported that the 

J whole nun; her of votes was 366 

i Necessary to a choice .184 

Emory Washburn of "Worcester had ToS 
Nathaniel 13. ShurtiefFof Boston- - 352 

3 shn II. Twombly of Roxbury 34G 

Thomas Russell of Boston...... ..307 

Henry B. Wheelwright of Taunton. 258 
and they were declared elected. 


a .'!. 23, at twelve o'clock, the IIou?e took 
up ihe special as signment, which was tin elec- 
tion of United States Senator, to fill the va- 
cancy occasioned by the resignation of Hon 
Edward Everett. 

The plan of proceeding, as agreed on b} 
an order previously passed, was that th* 



■ • f tbe House be cleared of every person 

«, Bierabens and officers; ilia: the Clerk call o;»members ; that the) pro ;eed to 

table in front of the chair as railed and 

. . ; ».Jt their votes in the ballot boxes, in sealed 

', lows (which wore 10 be provided by the 

. r^eant-ai-Arins) of a uniform appearance; 

tii a eeminittee of five be appointed by the 

• • tker to collect, sort and count the vote^ on 

I ■.',- table in front of the chair, who were to 

jmnain in their own sea 1- :, during the voting. 

The committee was appointed, and then that 
portion of the order requiring them to remain 
. : their own seats was rescinded, and they took 
their places at the table to act as inspectors. 

Go calling the rol!, Messrs. Combs of Mid- 
.. Eel ■• i ld, Cotter of Royalston, Kingsbury 
of Needhara, Morse of Athol, and White 
of Shutesbury, were absent and did not an- 
swer. The whole number of members of 
she House was 3 70, but the death of Mr. Can- 
no.v of Boston has reduced it to 378. 
The committee reported the whole number 

of votes to be- • 36 I 

Necessary to a choice 133 

Henry Wilson of Natick had 234 

Nahum F. Bryant of Barre So 

Julius Rockwell of Pittsfield IS 

Alfred P. Ely of Newton 

John G. Palfrey of Cambridge 3 

Jonathan Peiree of Boston- • • • 3 

George S. Bon;. well of Groton 2 

Charles A. Phelps or Boston 3 

X. P. Banks, Jr., of Walthain 1 

Charles Luscom of L\ nn I 

Melvin Copeland o L i Chester* = 1 

Samuel Hoar of Concord 1 

K. M. Wright of Southampton 1 

Henry \Y. Bishop of Lenox 1 

Richard H. Dana Jr. of ( a abridge- • I 

There were eight blank ballots, and one 
which had two votes in it, all of which were 
: ejected by the Committee. Henry Wilson 

of Natick was then declared elected on the 

:k of Boston 
• e Senate to 


In the House, Jan. 21, Mr. Peaboly of 
Lo'wel.l. from the Committee on Public Build- 
ing, on the Petition of the Massachusetts An- 
ti S tvery Society for the ui;e of the hall of 
ihe [] >use for a public meeting, reported that 
ir is inexpedient to grant the lequesf, and that 
the petitioners have leave to withdraw. The 
report was accepted 16 7 to 71. 


In the Senate, Jan. 25, communications 
were read from Rev. J. H. Twomblj accepting 
the office of member of the Board of Over^ei 
of Harvard College; and from the Sheriff of 
Suffolk County inviting the Senators to visit 
the Suffolk jail. 


Feb. l,at half-past twelve o'clock, the House 
proceeded, according to assignment, to ^h'.-. elec- 
tion of preacher of the: next Election Sen on. 
A cosnmitlee v as appointed to collect, sort and 

count; the votes. They reported that 

The whole number of votes was 

Necessary to a choice 

B, H. Seeley of Springfield, had- • - 
Otis A. Skinner of Boston- 
Azariah Eldridge of New Bedford- ■ 

Theodore Parker of Boston 

John Pike of Roxhury 

There being no choice the same con 

a^ain proceeded to collect the vote?. 

second ballot the 

"'hole number of votes was 

Necessary to a choicf 

E, II. Seeley o! Springfield, had- • • 
Otis A. Skinner of if;.-. on ■ 


'a th.e 

A:- irfah E-i Ind 
rheodore P irk« 

Bed lord 

- • too 


r ~use, and air. Sl.- 
harmed with a message * ) 

v..? i 

communicate the fact. 

lathe Senate, Jan. 31, the special assign- 
in .at of the election of United States Senator 
"'.is called for, and a committee was appointed 
to collect the votes aa-dhcouut them '* in pres- 
ence of the Senate." 

VVhote number of votes 4 j t 

Necessary to a choice- • 

In the House, Feb. 5, a committee (< fn \ 
was ordered to consider whether anymeasurt 
can be adopted to " expedite the transaction 
of the public business; and especially as to 

he expediency of ealUnj* meeting 


members of the two branches ta tee after no i 
or evening tor the purpose of affording an 
pportunity for a none tamiliar discussion of 
the important questions before us than can be 
enicred during the regular sessious." 


• °1 


• I 
- 1 

■ uson u.l a 

E.M.' Wright- • 

Julius Rockwell 

Johns A. Rockwell 

N. P. Ban fa 1 

Marshall P. Wilder 1 

Mr. Maine of Suffolk was appoints 
announce to the House that the Senate 
■1' choice of Henry Wilson tor In 
States Senator. 


Feb. 8, st twelve o'clock, both branches of 
the Legislature met in Convention for the pur- 
.., ;e of electing a State Auditor. A couimit- 
t i v., s a haointed to :olS ict, sort and eou 
the votes. ' 'They reported that 

The whole number of votes was- •••■340 

Necessary to a eh nee 171 

Stephen N. Gilford ofN. Bedford, had 337 

And he was 







Feb. 28, at twelve o'clock, both branches of 
tie Legislature met in Convention for the pur- 
pose ot electing a Treasurer and Receiver 

A Committee was appointed to collect, sort 
and count the vote.-, and they reported that the 

Whole number of votes was 32 7 

Neeessai y to a choice 1G4 

Tboma<J. Marsh of Waltham,had 310 
And Mr. Marsh was declared elected. 


Feb. 15, an unsuccessful attempt was made 
in convention to elect directors of the West- 
ern Railroad. 

Fob. 28, according to previous arrangements, 
a convention of the two branches proceeded 
to the election of two Directors on the part of 
the Sure, to the Western Railroad, and a 
committee having been appointed to collect, 
soifc'.and count the voces, it waa reported, that 

Whole number was 

Necessary to n choice 

Alfred B, Ely of Newion, Lad • • 

Ansel L. Tyler of Cbarlemont,- ■ 
And were declared elected. The rest of the 
votes were distributed among a large number 
of names, no one havi 




-ore than two. 


This bill was returned to the Senate with 
the Governor's veto. 

The bill was subsequently passed over th- 
veto of the governor, two-thirds of each branch 
ot' the legislature voting for. it. The bill is 
numbered -1S9, of the Acts of 1855. 


The Resolution of Address to the Governor, 
requesting him to remove E. G. LofiiNG from 
the office of Judge of Probate for the county 
of Suffolk, was adopted by the House by < 
vole of 204 to 111, and by the Senate by a 
vote oi 27 to 11. 

The. Governor vetoed the resolution, and re- 
turned i'; with Lis reasons therefor to the 
Senate and House. 


Three new tov.ns have been incorporated 
during the session, North Audover, South 
Ddnvers, and Agawam. The name of the 
town of Norwich- has been changed to Hunt- 


An Act was passed requiring a census ol 
the inhabitants of the State to be taken in 
1855, and in 1865, and in each tenth yea: 
thereafter. The Act is number 439 in the 

statute of 1855. 



Five members of the House of Representa- 
tives died during the session. George Cannon, 
ofBoston; Milton Combs, of Middlefield ; Lu- 
ther B. Lincoln, of Deerneld ; James Lyon, of 
L-. : n ; and Charles E. WebsSef, of Chelsea. 


A resolution was passed May 10, expelling 
tir. J iseph Hiss, a member of the House from 
>o ; tcm, b) a vote of 13 7 to 15. There were 
222 absent at the time. 



persons, the change 


v o<* names is recorded in the book of "Acts 
and Resolves," for 1855, is 82. — The change 
of names is male by the judges of probate, un- 
der the provisions of the statute of 1 851, chap- i 
ter 2 

No ap 

for change of nas 

under this act, has ever neon macte to the 
Jud^e of Probate ibr Dukes county; and 
■ - ue has been made to the Judge of Pro! 
fjr the county of Nantucket, during the year 

Act 44 2 provides for the establishment of a 
Reform School for Girls. 


Six articles of amendment to the Constitu- 
tion were passed bv the Legislature, see 
Resolves, 4 3. 


The bill proposing a loan of SI. 000. 000 tc 
the Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad 'o 
pany, and that in aid of the Western Railroad 
Corporation were vetoed by the Governor. 


Act 43 7 authorizes any city or town, at it: 
notion, to become an incorporated mutual Sre 
insurance company for insuring property with- 
in the limits of said city or town. 



The bill to 


protect the rights and liberties 

sahh of Massa- 
. Hiis fts was passed by She House by a vote 
of 250 to 43. In the Senate, it was passed 
bv a vote of 22 (o 3 ; absent 14. 

By Act tip, s :hool committees must require 
, the daily reading oi' the Bible in the public 
; schools of the commonwealth. 



The Massachusetts Homoeopathic Hospital 
has been incorporated during the sessiou with 
[a capital of $200,000. The hospital is to be 
j located in Boston. See Act 413. 




j. R. Curtis, 
;'-. ! v><j Sprague, - 
Beej. F. Hallett, 
Watson Freeman, 

. iL Riley, 
i rederick Warren 3 
Henry W. Fuller, 
Seth E. Sprague, 


of Boston, 
of Boston, - 
of Boston, 
of Sandwich, 

of Boston, 

of Boston, - 
of Boston, 

Circuit Judge. 

District Judge. 

District Attorney. 


Deputy Marshals. 

- Clerk of Circuit Court. 
Clerk of District Court. 

Commissioners of toe Circuit Court of the! ties of Bristol, Plymouth, Barnstable, and 
i uited Srates, for the first Circuit, and cits- j Dukes County, on. the 4th Tuesday next after 
trie? of Massachusetts : — George T. Curtis, [ the 4th Tuesday of September, 1852, and at 
Benj. F. Hallett, Edward G. Bering, Charles L. j Plymouth, for the same counties, on the 4th 
Woodbury, Ellas Merwin, Charles P. Curtis, Tuesday next after the 4th Tuesday of Sep- 
r. and Caleb Wra. Coring, of Boston, K. A , tember, 1853. 

I bapman, of Springfield, Austin S. Cushtaan, ; At D'edham, for the County of Norfolk, 5th 
j Lincoln F., of New Bedford, Simeon j Tuesday next after the 4th Tuesday of Sep- 
j !■'. Small, Yarmouth. i tember. 

Circuit Courts, holden 15th of May. anil! At Salem, for the County of Essex, 6th 
L5t.h of October, in each. year. j Tuesday after the 4th Tuesday of "September. 

District Courts, holden at Boston, third ; 
Tuesday in March ; 4th Tuesday in June; 2d j Terms for the Trial of Jury Cases, 

'■ uesday in September; and first Tuesday in ' 

December --and Special Courts are holden j p ^ At Dedhara, for the County of Norfolk, 3d 
usually on each Friday and on other days, at j Tuesday of February. 
j the discretion of the Judge. At Lowell, for the County of Middlesex, 2d 

| Tuesday of April. 
CUprVET'IE JUDICIAL COURT. At Worcester, foi the County of Worcester, 

I , ! 6 th Tuesday after l-\ Tuesday of March. 

?haw, of Boston, Chief Justice. At Givenfh Id, for «he County of FrankI n 

pus. A. Dewey, o! 
I heron M«tca!f, ot 
Geo. T. Bigelow, of do. 

Bet [. F. Tnomas, of Worcester 

thar^n o • "i 

hamptoo, } | 2d Tuesda} of beptembei 

I ^sociate 1 A.! ^orthan pfon, for the County of Hamp- | 
f" liistirfx: I'shire, 7th Tuesday next after 1st Tuesday of 

\ March. 

Law Terms. 

rimy Merrick, ofBoston, J At Taunton, for the County of Bristol 7th 

H.ora eGray, jr., cf. Boston, Reporter. ^ ^ | Tuesday next after the l>t Tuesday of Mirch. 

-'Am II. Clifford, of do. Attorney General.] At New Bedford, for the County of Bristol, 
Oeo C. Wilde, of do. 7 C/erits 2< * Tuesday of November. 

Joseph Wiilard, cf do. j' At Salem, for the County of Essex, Sth 

Tuesday after 'he l,t Tuesday of March. 
{ Ar Sprinuiicld, for the County of Hampden, 
At Boston, for the Counties cf Suffolk and j Sth Tuesday after the l»t Tuesday of March. 
Xaiituekec, 1st Tuesday of March. At Sprin; SeldJ »r the County of Hampden, 

: _ r At Lenox, for the County of Berkshire, 2d ; 1st Tuesda) < f S ptt mber. 
t'aeaday of September. Ar Barnstable, I >r the Counties of Barnsta- 

At Northampton, for .the Counties of Hamp- • ble and Dukes, eh Tuesday next after 1st 
'ire, Franklin and Hampden, on Monday Tuesday of March, 
next preceding 4fh Tuesday of September. ' At Lenox, foi the j 'ounty of Berkshire,. 10th 

A» Worcester, for the County of Worcester, Tuesday next after 1st Tuesday of March. 
'- 1 ' Tuesday next after the 4th Tuesday ot • At Plymouth, for the County of Plymouth, 
^■p'eirjbt-r. I Oth Tuesday next after the 1st Tuesday of 

At Cambridge, for the County of Middlesex, March, 

"'■ ■ 3d Tuesday next after the 4th Tuesd ty Ar Nantucket, for the County of Nantucket, 
f September. ' 1st Tuesday of July. 

A' iauntoh, in the County of Bristol, and At Boston, for the County of Suffolk, 7ih 
^v« ' : th, in the Comity of Plymouth, alter- Tuesday next after the 4th Tuesday of Sep- 
' : ; be&mnin" at Taunton, for the Coun- 1 tember. 



At Taunton, for Bristol County, 2d Moi 
(lays ol March and September. 

At New Bedford, for Bristol County, 2 ; 
1 Mondays of June and December. 

At Barnstable, for Barnstable County, 
Ti ssda-y next after 1st Monday of April, a; 
1 1st Tuesday of September, 

At Nantucket, for Nantucket County, 1st 
Monday of June and October. 

Edward Mellon, of Wayland, Chief Justice. 
Horatio Byinjrton, of Stockbr'ge, ] 
Jona. C Perkins, of Salem, j 

Henry AV. Bishop, of Lenox, [ Associat 

Geo. JS T . Brings, ' ofPitsfieid, [ Justict 
Geo. P. Sa 1 1 - e r, c f B w to n , 
Henry Morris, of Springfield, 

The salary of the Chief J^iceM S2,700, p ^'g d 
ana of each Assocate Justice, S.2,qO0.. , day of & £ y and Se|)teml , er< 

-District Attorney*. At Worcester, for Worcester County, - ' 

Isaac S. Morse, of Lowell, Norfhern District ! Monday of January, the 2d Monday of May, 

Lincoln F. Brigham, ofNew Bedford, South- ; J nd 8d Monday of October. (Crimmul) 1,. 
ern District. ! Monday ot March, 3d Monday of June, Mon- 

" John H. Mathews, of Worcester, jtfi&He ! (l ■*>' nexfc aftftr 4 h Monday of August, and 1st 

/0,<0 ;. j Monday oi December. (Civil.) 

James M. Keith, of Roxbury, South Eastern] 

Henry L. Dawes, of Adams, JFt'.stern Die 



Holds its terms in Boston on the 1st Tuesday 

Alfred A. Abbott, of D.mvers, Eastern Dw-| f January, March, May, July, September and 
trie I j November. 

IthamarF. Conker, of Amherst, A T ortA West-', . . 

- i>; ,,.- ,,. i Albert IX Nelson, of W o burn, Cfcw/ JvsUce. 

„., „ „ ~ T , 7 -7,7 Charles P. Huntington, of Boston, ) , ■ , 

The Court oj Common Pleas zs holden, ^ ; j^ Q A??botf? 8 of ^^ f Asm 

At Salem, tor the County of Essex, 4 th 'Stephen G. Nash, of Bottom) 

Monday of January, (Criminal.) 3d Mon-i Joseph Wiilard, of Boston, Clerk. 

days of June and December. (Civil.) I Joseph A. Wiilard, of Boston, Ass't Clerk. 

At New bury port, for the County ot Essex. rr. , c ., „ ,-,. • r 7 • ^ • c ..^ „ 

. , ,, , -,U, //--•• m ,j m ' 1 he salary of the Cruet Justice 13 S3,2 

4th Monday of May. (Criminal.) 3d Mon-i ■, _ , u r*i « - . t „►: . con 
, . o ■ , ' /A ')■, 1 and ot each ot the Associate Justices, &3,0 

dav ot September. (Civil.) 


At Lawrence, for the Countv of Essex, 2d 

i iiTiino ::--.?£* court or ti 

Monday of October. (Criminal.) 3d Mon- 
day of March. (Civil) OP BOSTON. 

Ar Camhri *e, for Middlesex County, 2d The Justices of the Sunerior Court for the 
Mondaym February. (Criminal.) 2d Mon- County of Suffolk, ex officio, are Judges oi 
riay of .December.^ (O *.) ^ this- Court 

At Concord, for Mrdulesex L-ountr, 4th! George W. Cooler, Commonwealth" s Altor- 
Monday in June. (Criminal.) 2d Monday 1 neif tor Suffol ; Countv. 
of March and June. (CW.) Thomas W. Phillips', Clerk. 

At Lowell, tor Mm Uesex County, 3d Mon- Henry H omer> (y;,,. 
f2; 0" in October. (C>wm«aJ.) 1st Monday m | This 'Court is holden the first Monday in 
Sept. (Oi/.) ! each month 

At Northampton, for Hampshire County, 2d t 
Monday of June and 3d Mondavi f December. 


[See Act 44 8, p. 4 2.] 

Police Court of Adams. 
Joel Bacon, Sta irft?i^ Justice. Charles 
Marsh, Special Justice. 

(Criminal) 3d Monday of February and of 
October, and 1st Mondav of June. (Civil) 

At Greenfield, for Franklin County, 3d j 
Monday of M irch, and 2d Mondavj of August 
and Novembt r. 

. At Springfield, for Irimpden Coetvy. Sd 
Monday of May, and lsr Mond;i) of December. jPo/«;« Court of Blacksione. 

(Criminal) 2d Mondnys of March and- June, j Dan Hill, Standing Justice. Millens Taft, 
and 1st Mon lay of October. (CiriL) \ Special Justice. 

Ar Lenox, ior Berkshire Countv, 1st Mon- 
days of J vv and July. (Criminal) 4th Police Court of Boston. 
Mondays of Februa-y, June and O c* ,f'-0. : John Gray Rogers, Abel Curbing, Tl m - 

.O Dedjiam, for Norfolk County, 4 rh Mou- i Russell, Justices. 
da) of April, 3d Mondays of September and Thomas Power, Clerk. Wm. Knapp, S th 
D.-eetnh«r. , Tobey, Daniel E. Smith, Assistant Clerks. 

At Plymouth, for Plymouth County, 2d The Police Court sits every day (Saturday 
Mondays of April end August, 1st Monday ot afternoons and Sundays excepted), at 9 
December. o'clock, A. M., and at 3, P. M., for the trial of 


The. same is also a Justices' 
(*o«rf, for the trial of civil causes not. ex- 
i Sing 1-00 dollars, and coin uenees i r . j-osio'iis 
. cry Saturday, at 9 o'clock, A. M 

Police Court of Mi/ford. 

Sullivan Thayer, Standing Justice. Lyman 

r.favnarJ, Special Justice. 

T , ,■ n , r in t.---i Police Court of New Bedford. 

Police Court of Cambridge. 

John S.Ladd, Standing Justice. George W. | 01 " rvei Prescott, Standing Justice. H. II. j 
Llveruxovz, Special Justice. Crapo, Benjamin Coombs, Special Justices. 

I raneis L. Porter, Clerk. 

Police Court of Chelsea. 

Puhce Court oj JSeicburyport, 

Stephen W. Marsron, Standing Justic* 
John Cook, Special Justice. Joseph II. Ur^j 

Hamlet Bates, Standing Justice. 

Police Court of Chicopee. 
Mortimer D. Whitaker, Standing Justice. 1 don, Clei 

1 Jonathan R. Childs, Special Justice. , ,. „ „ . . ,, 

' l . Police Court of Pittsfield. 

Police Court of Fall Pacer, -rr c r> • cv r r r ti 

J Henry h. lingers, Standing Justice, lheo- 

Lonis Lapbam, Standing Justice. James a ore Hinsdale, Special Justice. 

Ford, Special Justice. Joseph E. Uawlev, i 

Police Court of Roxhury. 

Francis Hiltiard, Standing Justice. Joshua 



Police Court of Haverhill. 

Wa, Taggart, Standing Justice. Edmund I Seaver, Eben Jones, Special Justic 

Kimball, Special Justice. \ 

j Police Court of Salem. 

Pohce Court ^Lawrence. _ j j Q w ^ ei% Standing j wii ee. Geo. An- 

VVjl.liatn Stevens, Standing Justice. Daniel | fi rews Wm C. Prescott, Special Justices. 
Saunders, Jr., Geo. W. Benson, Special Jus-\ Samuel P. Andrews, Clerk. 
tires. Win. 11. P. Wright, Clerk. ^ / 

Police Court of Spring field. 
Police Court of lee. 

Lorenzo D. Brown, Standi?. a Jus' ice. Isay 

Jas. II. Morton, Standing Justice. Harvey 

C. Ives, Joseph B. W 

landing Justice. Isaac i Ch • Cbas> A . Winchester. ,W'd Juste, j 
hmng, Special Justices. \ k 

Police Court of Willianisloio 

Police Court of Lowell. 

Nathan Crosby, Standing Justice. Joel j Jarvis N. Dunham, Standing Justice. New- 
Adams, Special Justice. \ come Love, Special Justice. 

Police Court of Lynn. Police Court of Worcester. 

Thomas B, IsevlmU Standing Justice. J*s.-| Wm. X. Greene, Standing Justice. J. W.J 

iv ;Ne.waaU, Ben), f: . Ms 
r. L. Newhall, Clerk. 

Le, N..- .v.-/ Justices. i Weiherell, ^ nl. W, Rice, Special Justices. J. 
: W. Denny, 67< ,•/<:. 


[ Purdy, of Somervillc ; Stephen P. Fuller, of 
i Boston. 

Bank Commissioners. 
QiTiee.85 State street, Bos on 

Samuel Phillips, Newburyport ; Henry B. ^Commissioners' concerning Enlargement of the \ 
Groves, of Salem; Alvan C : . HnderwooaVof State House. 

°±?ov&. Samuel K. Hutchinson, Lowell; Joseph R. ! 

mmonersconcerrdng Alkn passenaefs. j^rds, of Cambridge ; George M. Thaeher, j 

I or boston, t 

Peleg W. Chandler, Joseph Mitchell, of ; 
Boston, and Albert G. Goodwin, Superintend- ( bmmissioner concerning Mt. Washington Are. j 
eel of Alien Passengers, 59 Long wf., Boston. fAet 255 of 1853.1 

Commissioners of Pilots. Benjamin L. Allen, of Boston. 

Office 41 State street, Boston. \ Commissioners concerning Rebuilding C 

Caleb Curtis, of Boston : Solomon Freeman, Riser End 

of Brewster: George II. Devereux, of Salem. 

nissioners on Back Li 

[Act 451 of 1854.] 
Mayor of Charlestown ex-oflieio ; John S. 1 

Thomas B. Hall, of Brookllue : Edward C.| Holmes and J. Frederick Marsh, of ; 

i 56 


Commissioners; Jeremiah S. Reniiek, of Char-j Consolidation and Arrangement of General 
lestown, Agent. 

To establish Boundary Line between Danvers 
and South Danvers. 

[Act 385 of 1855.] 

Wm. Stowe, Springfield ; Milton M. Fisher, 
Medway ; Major S. Wilson, Lenox. 

To attend the Exposition of the Industry of All 
Nation* at Paris, in May, 1855. 

Wra. Jones Valentine, of Paris, formerly of 

To examine Accounts of Worcester and Nashua 

To Establish Boundary Line between North- 
ampton and Easthampton. 

[Resolve 22 cf 18.55.] 
Gad O. Bliss, of Longmeadow ; Thomas B. 

[Resolve 9 of 1855.] 
Joe! Parker, of Cambridge; William A. 
Richard m, of Lowell ; Andrew A. Richmon 1 
ofDJorth Adams. 

To Establish Boundary Line between Lands of 
Gayhead Indians and While Inhabitant* of 

[Resolve 15 cf 1855.] 
John Vinson, of Edgartown ; Asa 11. Nye, 
of New Bedford; Wheiden Holmes, of IV 

Andrew A. Williams, Worcester. 

i Commissioner Worcester and Providence R. R. 

Putnam XS. Taft, of Worcester. 

To Superintend filing up of Mystic River Flats, 

[Act 48.1 of 1855.] 

Benjamin W. Williams, of Boston. 

! Widening B. .£ MR. R. Bridge across Charles 
and Miller's Rivers. 

[Act 371 of 1855.] 

Edward R. Robinson, Charlestown. 

i On the Extension of Albany street, Boston. 

[Acts 73 and 53 7 of 1855.] 

Charles A. Phelps, of Boston. 

Insurance Commissioners. 

GtTice, 1 Beacon street, B £ton. 

[Acts 5'69 and 971 of IS55.1 

Augustus 0. Brewster, of Boston ; Nathaniel 
| K. Allen, of Salem : Chas. L. Putnam, of Wor- 

y i 

Montague, of Buckland. 

To Erect a Lunatic Hospital in Western Mas- 

[Act 45 4 of 1855.] 
Henry W. Benehley, Worcester; Samuel 
S. Standley, Melrose ; Luther V. Bell, Somer- 

On Claims at Deep Bottom. 
[Resolve 69 of IS 55.] 
Charles Marion, Barnstable; Ichabod N. 
Luce and Richard L. Pease, Edgartown. 

Widening of Fitehburg R, R. Bridge across 
Millars River. 

[Act S50 of 1855.] 
Augustus C. Carey, Ipswich. 

Widening Eastern R. R. Bridge across Charles 
and Millers Rivers. 

[Act 3 75 of 1855.] 

Moses Tenner, Jr., Gloucester. 


Resident in Massachusetts, appointed by other States to take testimony to be used, and. 
Acknowledgments of Deeds to be recorded, in said States. 
\i \r\x\. APXVNsis. j Hastings, George Ft. Boston. 

j Adams, Charles B. F. 

j An^ell, Geo. T. 

1 Austin, [vers. J. 

1 Browne, Can stcn 

1 Duck, Edward 

. ]' ••,:', ' q, -!■ ceph EI. 

Host on. 

Adams, Charles B. F. 
Angell, Geo. T. 
Curtier, Benjamin 11. 



U lie, George S. 
; Sharp, Daniel 

Thacher, George M. 
: Osgood, J. 1). F. Sa '< m 



Leonard, N. T. Westjici 



„ • 

Adam , Ci ihs <>. F. 

i ' 


\l ill, J . ! [eiiry, B orcest 


! Cu Tier, Benjamin II. 

* : 

Amrill, Geo. T. 

( -)Nn: i rn • r. 

! Giles, Alfred B. 


Austin, I vers .1 . 


1 Adams, Charles B. F. 


. Hcalev, John P. 


Bates, Samuel W. 

1 An«ell, Geo. T. 


• Jackson, A'bi ahatn, Jr. 


Burbauk, liobert I. 


j Austin, Ivors .7. 


'. Kk-hardson, Goo. F. 


Currier. Benjamin If. 

1 Bates, Samuel W. 


Pic-Id , Jona. E. Stdckbrid 


Dana, Richard IF, Jr. 

; Bolles. John A. 


I-' miard, Norman T. Wen 


Dyer, Micah, Jr. 


| Browne, Geqme M. ' 


11 ill, J. ID my, 1! 'orcestei 


Gray, Horace, Jr. 


j Buck, Edward 




..;> r»ham, Joseph H. Boston. 

.ink, Robert I. " 

,-. < . r, Tracy P. " 

irrier, Benjamin H. " 

ond, Charles " 

fj ter, Thomas A. " 

, Mil ah, Jr. 
• v, Alfred B. 

. , George S. <( 

ii itin^s, George R. " 

Hobbs, William, Jr. <( 

Holmes, John S. " 

: M ivo, Charles " 

Minns, George W. " 

Nickerson, Joseph ( ' 

Nutter, Charles C. " 

Plimpton, Silas F. " 

! Putnam, John P. " 

Sharp-, Daniel " 

Smith, William H. L. " 

Thornton, J. Wingate 
Bryant, Walter A. Barre. 
Briggs, G. P. Lawrence. 
■ Castor;, William, lioxhury. 
! Seamans, Otis A. Springfield. 
\ Palmer, Billings, Or. Barrington. 

'..'■ mard, N. T. West/leld 
i Hill, J. Henry, Worcester. 
Stoddard, B. B. « . 

Spragne, Homer B. <: 


| Adams, Charles 15. F. Boston. 

Angell, George T. " 

; Currier, Benj. H. 

Richardson, Geo. F. " 

, Leonard, 'Norman T. Westfield. 
i Hiil, J. Henry, Worcester. 


| Adams, Charles B. F. Boston. 

Angell, George T, " 

j Austin. Ivers J. " 

Browne, Caus-ten i: 

I Buckingham, Joseph H, t: 
! Currier, Benjamin H. " 

; Dexter, Thomas A. " 

Parker, Francis E. 
! Smith, William II. L. 
: Leonard, Norman T. Wesifield. 
\ Hill, J. Henry, Worcester, 


Adams, Charles B. F. Boston. 
Angell, George T. 
C- low, Prescott 
Buck, Edward 
Currier, Benj TT. 
D xter; Thomas A. 
Griswold, A. W. 
• Richardson, George F. ." 


! Adams, Charles B. F. Boston. 

Ans?ell, George T. 

Austin, lvers J. 

Bi toks, Francis A. 

Buckingham. Joseph H. 

Currier, Benjamin JL. " 

Kl-v, Alfred 1>. 

B '/'•• William, Jr. 

- kson, A bruham, Jr. " 

_ tide, Alonzo V. " 

' '•'->. Charles " 

rsggs, George P. Lawrence. 

: r. Billings, r,r. Harrmi/ton. 

I^onard, Norman T. Wcstji. id. 

"iU, J. ilenrv, Borcr-vfer. 

^■onins, Gamaliel. Palmer. 


Adams, Charles 15. F. Boston 

Angell, ( eorge 'J'. 

Austin, Ivers J. " 

Bolles, John A. 

Browne, Causten " 

IBu k, Edward 
! B ickingham, Joseph H. 
1 Currh r. Benj. H. " 

Ely, Alfred B. 

Harris, George S. 

Hobbs, William, Jr. 

Morse, Nathan " 

Richardson, Geo. F. ;! 

Thacher, George M. " 

Thornton, J. Wingate " 

Webb, Serb, Jr. 

Leonard, N. T. Westfield. 

Davis, Isaac, Worcester. 

Hill, J. Ilenrv, 

Stoddard, E. B. » 

Adams, Charles B. F. Boston, 

Angell, George T. " 

Austin, Ivers J. '< 

Bates, Samuel W. " 

Beard, Ithamar W. '* 

Browne, Causten ** 

Buckingham, Joseph II. *' 

Currier, Benjamin H. " 

Dickinson, Frederick W. " 

Eastman. 4i 

Harris, George S. u 

Hobbs, William, Jr. " 

Mayo, Charles " 

Pond, Benjamin <s 

Tilton, Warren ' ; 
Webb, Seth. Jr. 
Noyes, Samuel B. Canton. 
Kirkland, Harvey, 'North nij 'on, 
GoIF, Benj. F. Ware. 
Leonard, Norman T. Westfield. 
Hiil, J. Henry, Worcester. 


Adams, Charles B. F. Bo fan 

Angell, George T. 

Austin, ivers-J. 
! Buck, Edward " 

i Buckingham, Joseph II. " 
j Currier, Benj. It. " 

I Dickinson, Frederick W. 

Ely, Alfred B. 

Harlow, Thomas S. " 

Fond. Benjamin 

Sharp, Daniel " 

Thornton, J. Wingate " 

Hill, J. Henry, Worcester. 

Webb, So 

Jr. Boston. 

_ j Leonard, Merman T. We. tfi< 'd. 

Hill, J. ilenrv, Worcester. 


ims, Charles B.-F. 
hews, John L. 
rell, George 'L'. 
ton, George E, 
;,. i [ward 

■kii -': am, Joseph II, 
Tier; Benj. H. " 

LOn. V- illi ::\ 

-• W 









. ( 






, F 



k 0. 








, ( 






i 1 ; ; 


II. L. 



, j; 




Abbot, James A. 

Ad ms, CharlesB. F. 

Allen, A. 0. 

Allen, Charles E. 

Allen, Frederick II. 

Angell, George T. 

Atkinson, Jacob 

Austin, Ivers J. 

Bai cs, S imuel W. 

Baxifield, Everett C. 

Board. Itbamar W. 

Browne, Ephraim, Jr. 
| Betton, Ninian C. 
| Bigelow, John P. 

Blake, Edward 

Bolles, John A. 
j Brooks, Francis A. 

I Buckingham, Joseph H. 
j Burbank, Robert I, 
i Butler, Benjamin 
j Chandler. I'clcg W. 
j Cotterell, Asa 
j Cooke, Benj. F. 
| Currier, Benjamin H. 
j Dana. Edward A. 
J Demond, Charles 
i Dexter, Thomas A. 
I Dod^e, John C. 
! Dudlev, Fidridge G. 
| Ely, Alfred B. 
j Emerson. John W\ 
j Fiske, Augustus H. 

Fuller, H. Weld 
: Giles, Alfred E. 

C'ioo h, Daeid W. 
i Harlow, Thomas S. 
! Hart. S. Rowland 
| Hale, George S. 

Hav< s, Francis B. 

Hodges, E "ward F. 

bed- Dn, Abraham, Jr. 

Jewell, Harvey 
■ Joy, Albion K. P. 

Li: -Hairy, George Ii. 
; Ivettelle, Jacob Q. 
j Knapp, Win. 

i .; ' de, Alonzo V. 
; Maine. Sebeus C. 
; Mayo, Charles 

Minus, George W. 

Moore, Edward N. 
i Nichols, John P. 

Nickers >n . Joseph 

Nutter, Charles C. 
- Nutter, Thos. F. 

Otis, Edmund B. 

I '-■ rmenter, Wm. E. 
! Phill ns, Thomas W. 
( ! ond, benjamin 
' FLe. G -orue F. 

I L 

George F. 

;es W. 
■ /, F. 


is, Oliver 



itbcr, George M. 


union, J. Wingate 


ilker, William L. 


i jhburn, Alexander C. 


ishburn, Frederick L. 


itts, Francis 0. 


leeloi k, Peter S. 


Hard, Paul, Jr. 



Mayhew, T. G. Edgartown. 
Webber. John, Glim e. '.ei . 

Gay, Kb I: 1 -''';-, Ihngham. 
Brig , Gcory i . 1. in , < nee, 
Weed, Dan, 

Brown, S irane! A. Loio H. 
C.t\ rlv, •: ■:.- ,i B. •• 
RicWdson, Win. A. '• 
Sii ith, Edmund, A ■ ■ mjport. 
Chilson, II. II. Northampton. 
Ri berts, David, Salem. 
Fields, Jona. E. Stocfcbridge. 
Leonard, N. T. Jf V. tfi ' 
Hall, Elijah F. Weymouth. 
David. :-.;• c, ir^vo^-r. 
Goodrich, Jesse W. " 
Hill, J-, Henry 
Prentiss; Addison, « 
Stoddard, E. B. 

M A II VI, A Si). 

Adams, Charles B. F. Boston. 

Angeli, Geo. T. 

Av 5 tin, Ivors J. " 

Ball, Joshua D. 

Buckingham, Joseph H. " 

Currier, Benj. H. <• 

Elv, Alfred 13. 

Fiske, Augustus H. 

Grio-u ? G orge 

Hobbs,Wm.. Jr. 

Jaekson, Abraham, Jr. 

^ y '- !| trn, Frederick L. " 

Newell, Charles S. Lazcrcnce. 

Philips, Stephen H. Salt n. 

Leonard, Norman T. West-field, 

Hill, J. Henry, Worcester. 


Adams, Charles B. F. Boston 
An;. :'. Geo. T. 
Austin, [vers J. « 

Br< ik .. i rancis A. 

Hinckley. S. L. Northampton. 
Leonard, Nor ., in !'. We, 'field. 

Adams, Charles B. F. Boston. 

Angeli, George T. 

Austin, U ers J. " 

Bi jelow . Horatio " 

!'•.. :injj ham, Joseph 13. ' : 

Currier, Benj. II. * ,{ 

Giles, Alfred- E. 

Jackson, Abraham, Jr. 

Johnson, Henry A. '' 

Otis, Edmund B. " 

Sharp, Daniel 

Woodman, Hor itio " 

Briggs, Geo. P. Lawrence. 

L : mard, Norman T. Westfield. 

Hill, J. Henry, Worcester. 


i, Joseph. H. 
i. II. 
Frederic W. 

- ith 1 1). 
Henry A. 
Jacob Q. 

-'- uton, Marcus, Jr. 
Ei •! rdson, G< »..F. 
I.n rmoroCeo, W. Cambridge. 
C-ojt. J :ekielR. Pitisfivhl. ' . 
Pll,r " "• } illings, 67. Bxrrtngimi 
rieuts, Jona. E. Rockbridge. 
God, B :.!. I '. Ware. 
Leonard, N'ormau X. »' 
Hill, -i. Henry, Worcesit r 
Stoddard, E. B. 


A lams, Chas. B, F. 
Ai »olI, Geo.T. 
Br >\vne, Cay ,;on 
Dudiev, Dean 
Otis, Edmui d B. 


A .:■ ius, Chas. B. F. 
A . ell, Geor el 
Austin, Ivors J. 
Currier, B( ivj. U. 
Jacks (.. .' rahani, J r. 
Ri* hardson, Geo. !'. 
Thacher, Geo. M. 
' • u uton, J. Win sate, 



Abbott, James A. 
Adams, Chas. B. F. 
Allen, Sumner 
Angeli, Geo. T. 
Austin, Ivors J. 
Barnes. Isaac O. 
Bates, Sam'l W. 
Beard, Xthamar W. 
Betton, Ninian C. 
Bigelow. John P. 
Bolles, John A. 
Browne, Ephraim, Jr. 
Buckingham, Joseph K. 
Durban k, Robert I. 
Butler, Benjamin 
Butters, William 
Chase, Cyrus 
Carrier, Benjamin H. 
Dana, Edward A. 
Dexter, Thomas A. 
Dow, Nathan T. 
Di Hoy, l Iridge G. 
Dunckiee, Mark F. 
Dyer, Micah, Jr. 
Eastman, Josephus 
Elv, Alfred B. 
i • m., John W. 
Fi • . An u t ls H. 
Gilchrist, Daniel S. 
Griswold, Almou W. 
Hale, GeovgeS. 
Hayes, Fi hcis B. 
h - :clton, Horace L. 
Heal v, John P. 
11 i hi Win., Jr. 

rd, Nathaniel D. 
[■lu tins, Horace G. 
Jewell, ILarvev 
Joy, Albion K. P. 
Lvnde, Alon/.o V. 
:: ison, David IT. 
Mayo, Charles 
Morton, Marcus, Jr. 
Nash, St< [>hen < : . 
Nic kerson, Jos< ph 
Nutter. Ckarh ; . C. 




Oiivi , 



. r 

■ r.n 

- M 

I'eirce. Bo " r N. 

i . i . . ;„ 

V . r, Will .i 
i •..■ ■;. Ben atuin 
Price, E. S- > ■ , 
LU. ! irdson, Geo. F. 
1' i , NS'iiliam 
S: dch, William ILL. 
; . u :. C ■■. M. 
i Thornton, J. Wingate 


Wheelock, Peter S. 

Willard, Paul, Jr. 

Ware, Thornton K. 

!' : ::i dge, Alfred 

Jones, J. P. 

i ■ dnian, Benjamin, /.■;, >/■ . 

Briggs, Gi or P. 4i 

Clark, Joseph P. 

Weed, Dan, 

Dinsmoor, James, 

Beard, I, W. 

Brown, Alpheus R. 

T, icl ', Jona. 

ilichardson, Wm. A 

P ii ey, James H. 

Martin, .Nathan V. 

:'• trith, Edmund 

Fit 'h'rirp. 

Ilac. rhill. 




Neicbu. ri. 

iiah n. 
Sprin \ Id. 

n ■ ■ ■ ki. 


Won ■ '--.-. 

Phillips, Stephen II 

Soule, Augustus L. 

Walker, George 

Leonard, N. T. 

Hall, Elijah F. 

I), vis, Isaac 

Hill, J. Henry 

Stoddard. E.'B. " 

MorrU, David L. West Broohfield 


Adams,, Charles B. F. 
Bolles, John A. 

Currier. Benjamin II. 
Ely, Alfred B. ■ 
Phillips Geo. W. 
Leonard, Norman T. 
I !a :ton, Wm. S. 

Wentjiald. \ 
Worcester, i 



I Adams, Chas. B. F. Bostm. 

\ Angeli, Geo. T. 

I . | 


! Adam?, Chas. B. F. Boston. 

' Angeli, Geo. T. " j 

Avery, Edward ' ; 

Bolles, John A. " 



Greene. William C. c< 

i Hale, Geo.. S. 
| Hiisard, Geo. S. 
| Lothrop, Thornton K. " 

i Nutter, Charles C. " 

1 Pea' son, Eliphalet u 

; Roelker. Bernard " 

j Smith, Win. H. L. 
[ Watts, Francis 0. 
| Mitchell, Walter ' Bradft ■ '. 

I Soule, Augustus L. Spi n field. 
\ Hill, Henry J. Great Jkirrington. 
i Kimball, Charles If u h. 

i Brainard, ilmon Gri 

Tucker, George •). Lt wx. 

Caverlv, Robert B. Lorn 
I Biehardson, W, A. " 
| Eliot, '1 hos. D. Neio Bedford. 

Bunker, James M. Nardv. ■' '. 
; Jenni - ■•'.. S imu I, Jr. A r < tcton. 
' Hinckley, Sam'l L. Sortham-pton. 
■ Colt, Ezekiel R. Piitsfield. 
: Phillips, Stephen II. N,o' »i. 

i rts, David. >< '■ 

; Palmer, Billin is, Gt. Barrin, 
' . I .-. irn '.'.'. ^_ •/ ■.. 
\. ..'.« it ■' 

S d.( , Auiru itus L. '• 

P ( arson. Eliph:ilet, \\ r : >' ■ . 

Golf, Benj. P. Ware. 

Le mard, Norman T. !T, 9^ ' ,' '. 

Dewev, Daniel N. Willia;. 

Barton, William S. II on 

Davis, Isaac ; * 


F1ill, J. Henry 
• ddard, E. B. 



\.dams, Chas. B. F. Boston. 

Amrdl, Geo.T. 

... ■ in, Ivors J. " 

'.. Lckingham, Joseph II. ' , 

Cu trier 1 B.enj. i [. " 

Riehardsou, Geo. F. " 

Thornton, J. Wingate '• 
U-unard, N. T. West-field. 
Hill, J. Henry, Horctwfer. 

Oil TO. 

I Adams, Chas. B. F. Boston. 

■ Angell, Geo. T. 

! Austin, Ivors J. " 

! Rates, Sam'l W. 

B Ah i, John A. 
!' Browne, Causten " 

j Buck, Edward " 

i Buckingham, .Joseph H. " 
| Burbank. Robert I. " 

| Choate, Frederick W. 
! Currier. Benj. H. ,c 

I Egan, James " 

, Ely, Alfred B, 

Gray, Horace, .Jr. " 

: Hayward, Charles 
j Hobbs, A\ u!., Jr. '* 

| Hodges, Edward F. 

Johnson, Henry A. •* 

! I..-, nde, Alonzo V. " 

. Mason, David H. 
! Minns, Goo. W. " 

[ Otis, Edmund B. " 

i Parker, Francis F. " 

j Parker, Henry M. " 

i Pond, Benjamin " 

; Ranney, Ambrose A. t! 

| Rice, Goo. E. " 

\ Richardson. Goo. F. " 

: Sharp, Daniel " 

• Thornton, J. Wingate " 

Webb Seth .;"•• 
. Yv-lieelock, Peter S. 

■ frri .• *s, ( r.. P. Lawrence. 
Colt. Va ''■'■■ ! R Pitts ' ' 


I ■': :lds, Jen i E 
Leonard, N. T. 
Davl ,Is te, \\ 
Hill, J. Henrv 
Stoddard. E. B. 

Adams, Chas. B 
AiiRcll, Goo. T. 

Prince, Frederic (). Boston. 

Kichardson, Geo. F. 

I ' ■ , James ^ . 

Storv, Isaac " 

StorV, \V m . W. 

Thornton, ,1. Wingal " 

Newell, Chas. S. Lawrence. 

Whitman. ( has K. V Vl . -. 

Gaston, ffm lioxhiiru. 

Hinckley, S. L. Nort) m tori. 

Chilson, H. H. " 

Colt, Ezekiel R, Pittsfield. 

GofF, Benj. F. Ware. ' 
. Leonard. N. T. We i ■ ■'./. 
j Goodrich. Jesse W. Worcester. 

Hill, J. Henry 


Adams, Charles B. F. Boston. 

Amos, Isaac " 

Angcdl, Geo. T. 

Austin, Ivors J. «< 

Bates, Samuel W. " 

| Bolles, John A. {i 

j Browne, Causten " 

j Buck, Edward " 

j Buckingham, Joseph H. '• 
i Currier, Benjamin H. " 

Hexter. Will'imn S. 

Griggs- George 

Harlow, Thomas S. <; 

Hilliard, William <; 

Hobbs, Win, Jr. 

Jackson, Abraham, Jr. " 

Judson, Walter EL 

Keith, James M. <: 

Mayo, Charles " 

Perkins, David 
j Sharp, Daniel 

j Shaw, Lemuel, Jr. *' 

i Washburn, Ales. C. 

Webb, Seth, Jr. 

Wheeloek, :'■ ter S. 
j Train, Charles R. Franiinr/fram. 
\ Briggs, George P. Lawrence. 

; Boardmau, Benjamin " 

; Slat tin; Nat! an C. MUton. 

E i i \, David, Salem. 
' ( I ton, W. Roxbunj. 
I Bill,' J". Henry " Hormttr. 
! Davis, Isaac '* 

Stoddard, V.Y\.:n B. 

W'avland, F., Jr. 
! Brigham, Lincoln F. IV. B _■ ■'. 
; Pitman, Robert C. 
! Perkins, David, Fall Bin r. 
I Morton, James II. .'-• .• ! 
j Seaman, Otis A. 

[Angell, George T. 
' Austin, [vers J. 
, Bigelow, George T. 
j Browne. Causten 

; Bin kingham, Joseph IT. 

I Curnc'! , Benjamin II. 

|::Oii.s, I .tin, ndB. 
Rii i LjTLon, Geo. F. 

• Thach'er, G< on •■ M. 
Thornton, J. Wingate 
1 conard, Norman T. Westfi 
Hill, J. Henrv, H'on , ! r. 


''.' :■ >. 

\ Adams, Charles B. F. 
j Angell, George T. 
j Aspinwall, William 
{ Brin ley, Francis 
I Buckingham, Joseph IL 
; Cooke, Benjamin F. 
j Currier. Benjamin H. 

Hale, George 3. 

Wyman, Oliver C. 
j Leonard, N, T. Westfield. 




' Adams, C. B. F. Boston. 

Angell, Geo. T. 
Au tin, [vers J. 
Bolles, John A. 
Buck, Edward . " 

Buckingham, Joseph H. " 
Burbank, Itobert L 

'.irrier, iU njan 


•' ter. Ti mas' A. 
I) n md, CharLs 
Blv, Alfred B. 
Griswold, Almon W. 
i idges, Edward F. 
Hubbard. Nathan Id D. 

Mini ;. ti..;.':,;- W. 

Murtoh, al ir< us, Jr. 
Nutter, Charles - !. 

il'artOM , Thomas S. 3L dn rd. 

; '•: rd, Norman T. i I i • ;' :. '. 


Adams, Charles B. F. Bo-fo 

Amrell, George L\ 

Bafes, Samuel W. iV 

C r-rier, Benjamin IT. 

Dexter, Thomas A. " 

Egau, James 

ti\y, ABred B. 

Gray, IL rue •. . ; r. " 

Griic^s, {.<■ urge f< 

H '. William 

Mill . I ' .r • ■ W. 

Ri b irdson, Geo. F. 

H in ekli y. S. L. Voj 

Leonard. Norman T. Wtstjietd. 

! till, J. Henry, Wv/rcstt r. 

A Luis, Charles B. i. Bostt n 


Adams, Chas. B. F. 
Angell, George T. 


Adams, Charles B. F. 
Angell, George T. 
A ibee, Sumner 
Allen, Sumner- 
A ustin, Ivors J. 
Bates, Samuel W. 
Betton, Ninian C. 
Bi^olow, John P. 
i 111 s, John A. 
Bu kingham, Joseph II. 
Burbank, Robert i. 
Currier. Benjamin H. 
Fly, Alfred B. 
Griggs. George 
Griswold, Al iion W. 
Hale, George S. 
Lave-, Francis B. 
Hobbs, Wm., Jr. 
Hodges, '■:■:■■, Lrd F. 
Hid bard, Josiah W. 
Jewell, Harvev 
;^> : -::. JarnetsM. 
Mason, .Lyman 
Pond, Benjamin 

y, Ai I rose A. 
Richardson, (ieo. F. 
Richardson, Nathaniel 
>n ith , C m v 

tith, Williani H. L. 
Tl n ton, J. \Ving •;■• 
Wheel :h, Voter S. 
W : ■ . : ] ;. '! ; oraas L. 
Wclhngton, Hiram 

B ■ ton. 


Wchb.fc cii, Jr. 

Willnrd, Paul, Jr. 

Bj ./ ;s, < leoi ge P. Lawrence. 

La< .. h- b ;. Lowell 

Smith. 1 !■ iun I, Neichi n 

\ ■" - N !«• A. /; i ; -//.' 

Pi: ■ •'• hen Fl SWi . 

i i' hi . ,1 ma. F. Stn 

Seamans, Oti A. Sprir, 

< . : j.F. »«re. " 

Hall, i iijah F. !i h/motith. 

1 lor. B. 0. Wimhc-nd, 

Hi '. J. Henry ;- •• f a 

; : lis, [, ,a. 

Stoddard, Elijah B. 



R E G I S T E R 

Adams, Charles I'.Y. Bosto 
Angcll, George T. w 

Austin, Ivors J. " 

B ales, J »hn A. 
Buckiu-ha •., Joseph II. 
Browne, Ephr; im, Jr. 
Currier, Benj imin II. " 

Hale, George S. 
Hobbs, Wm, Jr. 
Jackson, Abraham, Jr. • " 
Oliver. Peter " 

Otis, Edmund B. " 

Riehard-son. Geo. F. " 

Thornton, J. Win gate <; 

tilton, Warren 
Aldrich, Emery P. Worcester 
Leonard, Norman T. Westfield. 

Hill, J. Henry, Worcester 

Adams, Charles B. F. 
Amrell, George T. 
Austin, Ivor.:.]. 
Brooks^ Francis A. 
Browne,, C ucsten 
Browne, Ephraim, Jr. 
Bin b ink, Robert I. 
Buckingham, Joseph H. 
Butler, Benjamin 
Codman, Robert 
Currier, Benjamin It. 
Danforth, John C. 
Harris, George S. 
Hubbard, Nathaniel D. 
Johnson, Henry A. 
Lyndo, Alouzo V. 


| Mayo Charles 

I Parker, Francis E. 

: Plimpton, Silas F. 
Boston.] Pond, Benjamin " 

; Richards m, Geo. F, 
" ! Sharp, Daniel 
" • Was! bur i, Alexander C. <; 

; Webb, Seth, Jr. " 

" j Woodman, Horatio " 

" j Ladd, Jonatlian, Loire?!. 
" Kirkland, Harvey, Northampton. 
" I Wells, Samuel '• 

" I Wilcox, Marshall. Oth. 

j Fields, Jonathan E. Stockbridge. 

; GofF, Benj. F. Ware. 
" I Leonard. Norman T. Westfield, 

I Hill, J. Henry, Worcester. 
" Davis, Isaac " 

} Stoddard, Elijah B. " 

C M M I 8 810 N E 11 

Resident in other States, who have been appointed by the Government of Massachusetts, to take testi- 
mony and depositions to be read in the Courts of Massachusetts; also to administer Oaths, and to 
ti ':- the Acknowledgment of Deeds, Powers of Attorney, and all instruments under seal, to be re- 
corded in said Conn i.onwealth. 

[Sor:-.—An Act iras passed by the Legislature of 1S54, restricting the term for which these Ct '-■- 

sioners he'd their office to three years. The date of their qualifi cation, so far as recorded 'at the State 
House on the 1st November, '53, is gic'.i; against each namt .] 


Tuskegee, (Macon Co. J, Win. C. Mclver, Nov. 4, | Council Bluffs, fPoitoicatomee County J Dexter C. 
18 54. ' Bloomer. " 

I Davenport, Elsworth N. Bates, May IS, 1855. 
CALIFORNIA. I Du Buque, E. M. Bisscll 

San F, anci >, Samuel C. Elgelow, May G, 1854. j Oskaloosa, (Mahaska County), Enoch W. Eastman. 
'• Joseph Grant, Anril27, 1854. 

Edward J. Prinze, Auril 27, 1S54. i xa^zas. 

Lewis W. Sloat,"April*27, 1854. i Fori Leazemcorth, John A. Ilaldermam, June 19, 

Stephen P. Webb, April 25, 1854. 1855. 

j Lawrence, George W. Brown, April 9, 1S». 

j Kanzu-i, J. Wade Bryden. 

| T'jpchca, Edward C. X. Garvey. 



Hertford, BiehardG. Drake, Ma 

•' Era ■'. Smith, Slav 8, 1854. 

Henry K W. Welch, April 16, 1851. 
N&rieich, Levi II. Goddard, June 13. 1854. 

John T. Wait, Anril 24, 1854. 
Waierbury, Calvin H.Carter, April 27, 1855. 
" ' ' Fred. J. Kingsbury, May 3, 1854. 


Washington, John F. Callan, April 10. 1854. 

Charles DeSeldinir, March 17, 1854. 
George C. Thomas, Dec 23, 185 L 


Savannah, Robert Raiford, April 24, 1854. 
LeviS. Russell, Dec. 18, 1S54. 
" Edward G. Wilson, May 0. 1851. 


Aurora, N. J. Smith. 

Bloomington, Win. W. Orme, March 15, 1&55. 
Chit wo,' Joseph P. Clarkson, May If), 18-51. 
"* Charles X. Ilolden, May 14, 1854. 

Ephr/.imWard, Jr.* 
Cairo. Edward Wilict. 
Delaicr.rv, William Clark. 
LTyi'rt, Edn und Gifford. 


/ idi ■>■ • '■'■ . ".'>'i ; tin [t, Strange. 
Terre Ila it . Alexander B, Cr me. 

j Louisville, James J. Dozier, May 3, 1854. 

Joseph B. Kinkaid, June 14, 1854. 


\ New Orleans, Lucius C. Duncan, March 25, L854 
«■ James Graham, May 9, 1S54. 

" William Shannon, March 2:', 1854. 

Wm. W. VV od, March 23, 18-54. 


! Awustd, Tames L. Child, March 20, 1854. 

"" Newton Edwards. Mav 5, 1854. 

j •< Charles B. Merrill, April 29. 1854. 

: •' A-iph II. Nich -Is. March 25, 1854. 

Banner, John E Godfrey, April 18. 1854. 

•* George Kent. Sept. 21, 1834. 

" George B. Mo idv, April 27, 1854. 

Bath, John II. Kimball, April 29, 1854. 

> ; Frederick D. Sewall, April 7, 18.5-1. 
Belfast I ed rick A. L wis, March 26, 1855. 
•i B >h in f* Fii 1 I. 
| " Joseph V. iiam i, Jr. 
. Foxcroft, Charles P. Chandler. 
. G ■/■.- /",.-/■, Datuvl Nutting, Mav 6, 1854. 
1 Gorham, John A. Waterman, Dec. 23, 1354. 
! Portland, Edward II. Davies, Mav 8, 1854. 
Charles B. Men 11 
Jam- i O'D .unell, April 14, 1854. 
,f Josiah Pearee, J r. 



..-■. ;' ■,: .,'. Henry Willis. 
;; -k!and, John C. Cochran. 

D ivi'd O'Brien. 
Sxco, Philip Eastman. 

i$get f Erastus Foote, Jr., June 13, 1855. 


Baltimore, William M. Addison. April 7, 1854. 
" John M. Edgar, Mav S, 18-54. 

William F. Prick, April 15, 1854. 
" Charles Oilman, March 23, !.->-!. 

James B. Latimer, April 3, 1854. 

Jabez D. Pratt, April 4, 183-4. 
«• Archer Hopes, May 6, 1854. 


Dctfmft, Henry W. Bishon, Jr., May 9, 1855. 

Charles J. Walker, April 7, 1854. 
I mmgy Ephraim Longvear, Aug. 10, 1S54. 
Marshall, Walter Martin", Aug. 3, 1854. 
; Pontiac, Joseph E. Bowman, May 2, 1S54. 

Stillwater, George F. Chester. 
] St. Anthony Fails. (Ramsay County,) George E. II. 
St. PauVs, Theodore French, Feb. 22, 18-55. 
" John B. Sanborn. 


St. Louis, Edward M. Shand, April 17, 1354. 


| Holly Springs, George West. 

Jackson, John D. Elliott. 

Xaichcz, K. W. Wood. 

Vicksburg, Francis N. Steele. 
; Yazoo, Egbert B, Mayes. 


i Aubu n, David Currier, May 0, 1854. 

i 2>Oit:-r, Charles W. Woodman, March 17, 18-54. 

Newlpswich, John Preston, April 6, 1854. 

Portsmouth, Wm. II. J. Hackett, July 5, 1854. 

William B. Parker, March 28, 1S54. j 

New Tor':, Gilbert S. Nixon, March IS, 1854. 
" Joseph B. Nones, March 17. 1854. 

Charles A. Si. h< Is, Maj 1. IS54. 
Guy It. Pelton, April 12, 1854. 
Wm. C. Russell, April 28, 1854. 
••' Ch tries E. " ; . >;<'•', April 6, 1854. 

I). > tl •:•■,. May -. 1854, 
•\ »oper C. ^ an Vorst, April 28, 1854. 
" Redi'ord A. Watkinson, Ap. 1, 1854. 

Thomas A. Watson, April 21, 1854. 
Wm. A. Woodward, April 2. 1854. 
Albany, Robert J. Hilton, May 1, 1854. 
John Newland, April, 1854. 
" Aaron li. Pratt, Aov. 9, i>ioo. 
ittfca. Robert S. Stevens. 

Brooklyn, Wm. G. Hammond, Jr., May 4, 1854. 
" Charles J. Lowiy. 
" Aaron Stone. 

" Charles H. Thomson,. April IS, 1854. 
Buffalo, Amos A. Blanc-hard, April 24, 1854. 
" James S. Gibbs, May 9, 1854. 
'" Lorenzo It. Haddock, March 29, 1854. 
" Frederick C. White. Feb. 1, 1855. 
Fredonia, Charles F. Matteson, May 8, 1854. 
Ogdensburg, E. M. Ilolbrook, July 26, 1855. . 
" ' James G. Hopkins, May 1, 1854. 
Ravenswood, Cordon L. Ford, Oct. 18, 1S55. 
I Syracuse, J. Lawrence Bag£r, May 8. 1854. 
S Troy, George Gould, April 20, 1854. 
« Job S. Olin, June 3, 1854. 
Ticonderoga, Josiah C. Wicker, 
j Utica, Dexter Gilmore, May 2, 1854. 


Cincinnati, James JBi.rn.ey, April IS, 1854. 
" Joshua li. Bares, May 5, 1854. 

*■' Samuel S-. C arpenter, April 4, 1855. 

" Shattuck Hartwell, Aoril 17, 1854. 

Alex. H. McGuffey, March IS, 1354. 
r Iward It. Newhall, March 2D, 1854. 
Cleveland, Da del M. Porter, March IS, 1854. 
" Samuel Ross, Mav 8, 1854. 

James Wade, Jr.," Anril 28, 1854. 
Frederick T. Walk^g April 25, 1855. 
i Columbus, James J. French. " 

KEY," .. '": ■■.' 

Jersey CUv, George W. Cass: civ, Anril 1 1854. 
Newark, James V . Bond, March 19.'lS55, 

Staaxs S. Morris, Juiv 22, 1854. 

NEV.' YOttK. 

New 1 



Astoria, A iry Holbfook. 
Gardiim r, G< or^e L. Snelling. 
Oregon City, Charles P. Culver. 
i% Benj. F. Goodwin. 

Voucalla, ( < 'mjtqutx County,) JohnW. Pent Hunt- 


Philadi J phia, David B. Birney, April 13, 18-34. 

Arthur M. Burton, March 20, 1854. 
John Dcvcreux, March 29, 1854. 
Edwin T.Chase, April 19. 1854, 
John II. Friek, April 28, 1854. 
Benj. Gerhard, Mav 2, 185-i. 
3 mhos W. Paul, March 18. 1854. 
Nathan Strong, Mav 6, iS54. 

Joseph N. Balestier,May5. 1854. 

Henrj C. Banks, -Vprii L, 1: 54. 

Horace Barnard, May 20, 18-54. 

Wm C Feus, March" 23. 1851. 

John Bissell, April 25, 1854. 

Wm. Bliss, May 5, 18-54. 

Charles 1. Bushneil, May 4, L'S54 

Lebbeus Chapman, Jr., Aprii , i ', ■ 

Ed>vin F. Corey, March i'k 1851. ' 

John C. B. Davis, March 24 185k j P ; lis } mra% Benj. F. Blood, Oct. 10] 18 

Edward r . Do Lancey, April ■•. '-'i. 

William En erson, Ma 

Dudley Field, Mav 4, 

Charles S. Francis, M 

Montgomery Gibbs, a 

Andrew II. 'Green. Aj 

David B. Greene, Mai 

Francis II .wland, 7 ' 

Joseph C. Lawvenci ,)hi i 20, 1S54. 

John Livingston, Mav 2, l-S-1 L 

Sylvester Lay, March* 23. 1854. 

Moses B. Maciay, March 20, 18-54. 

John W Mitchell, M. 9, 1854. 

Washington Murray, Aie?. 4, 1854. 

Wm. LI. Maxwell, March 31, 1854. 

L8. i, 

- i-4-. 


Newport, Wm. Gilpin, April 12. 1854. 
Providence, John A. Gardner, May 5. 1S55. 
" Henry M irtin, Anril 3, 185 I. 

'• •' >si : b S, Pitman] Mav l>\ [§-3 ;. 

C',.:r:^'or, ( ei 


;e W.Eggle^ton, April 10, 1854. 
el J. Hall, April 20, 1854. 


A , his, Hume F. Hill, March 30, 1854. 



? 1 ■■■ 

1 SXAS. 

Galveston, Robert D. Johnson, M 
Aii'i i l . Jy acs, M'aj 
Houston, J. B. Dart. 


>'. .!■•'■ :*w, George F. Honghton, 
Roc/it :■ im, JohnN. Baxter. 


*■.'■'■■/ >ncmd, Samuel T. Bailey, 3tlay 1, 18-54. 

\V AS HI ?T T N T E V. 1 1 1 T O R Y . 

— — , Charles H M. son. 
Ohjnqua, Elwood Evans. 


Applet™, Fred. Packard, April - ; ;. L&34. 

Gret " Way, f Brotcn < ■ ■.•■ n /, . Bjiwaial Hicks. 

/ C • ■ ■■ ! ' ' vi ! i >. j ■ '.i is. 

Milirau/iie, Johh C. Starkweather, March 21, 1854. 

'■ Fdlis Worthm ton, April 24, 18o4. 

Mineral Point, Amasu Cobb, 
I Racine, Pejton U. Morgan. 


Incorporated June 2, 1685. Shire tosvx, Barnstable. 
Number of Towns, 13. Population in 1855, 35,1:77. 

Judge of Prolate, 
Register of Probate, 
'Clerk of the Courts, 
Register of .Deeds, 
Co.un ty Treasurer \ 
Overseers of Souse of 

Correction, - 

George Marston, 

- Pvufus S. Pope, 
Frederick W. Crocker, 
Lcthrop Davis, 
Charles F. Swift, 

( Jolm Monroe, 
( Josiah Hinckley, 

- David Baralisv, 

Deputy Sheriffs. 
Barnstable, Luther Hiaekley. 
Brewstt-r, Harrison Bowman. 
Falmouth, George W. Donaldson. 
Harwich, Zebinah II. Godfrey. 
Oiueans, Alfred &enrick. 
Province'own. Robert Knowles. 
WeVjlcel, Lot Hall. 
Yarmouth, Charles Sears. 

! Bamslal 

Or'ior of Courts. 
George Blish. 








At Truro, on the Thursday next after the 
J Monday of April. 
i At Prnvincetvwn, oil the Friday nest after 
| the 3d Monday of April, and on the Friday 
j next after the last Monday of October. 

County Commissioners. 
John Doane, Orleans, Chairman; David A. 
Smith, Provineetovjn ; William Hewins, 

Special Cnnrni^ioners, rTathaii Jenkins, 
| Barnstable : Jesse Collins, ■' mtham. 

Times of Sleeting. — At Barnstable, on the 

Geo. II Whelden, Barnstable ; Samuel I). | 2d Tuesday of April, and 2d Tuesday of Oe- 
\Yiiliixms } Provincetown. | tober ' 

Sessions of Courts. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 
Barns'iahle, Thomas 1 1 Lrris. 
.'/.'■: f/iam, Josiah Hardy, dr. 

2d Ttwsdayj of January March ^ September] Kfl ; /ffl7tt Ab ij ah M ay ' , Myriek 0. Horton. 
aim December, and on the 3d luesdays oi | Fa(mouih Svivester Bourne, Reuben E. 
May ana June. j o w :a 

At Sandwich, on the 2 1 Tuesday of Xoveni- j " Harwich, Anthony Kelly. 


At Falmoxttfi, on the Wednesday next after 
the 2d Tuesday of November. 

At Yarmouth, on the 2d Tuesday of A a- 

At Ilfirwich, on the 3d Monday of Aprd, 
and on Tuesday next after th j last Monday of 

At Brewst r , on the Tuesday next at! :r the 
3d Monday of April 

Ai ; > nuis, on the last M >nday m Oeto 

At Orleans, or* the Wednesday n i xt after 
th ■ 3 1 Monday of April, and on the VVednes 

1 next afti r the ! ■■-•• M m lay of O to'u tr. Commissioners to qualify Civil Oncers. 

At Wt Ih '■",(::> the Hm - hij next after the Bamxlab! . Kb nezer Bacon, Frederick W. 
last ■Monday -of October. j Crocker, Lothrop Davis, George Marston, 

Orleans, Daniel Comings, George W. 

Provhicetown, Isaiah Gilford, Godfrey Ry- 

Sandwich, Bariah "Win;}-. 

Truro, Thomas Cobb. Keuben \l. Hopkins, 
Joseph Rich, Asa Sellew, IVonias F. Small 

Wei! fleet, \\m Cleverly, Isaiah Hatch, Rob- 
ert IL tlolbro k, 1 nomas Holbrook, 2d, John 


Treasurer of Marsnpee. 

Charles Marston, Barnstable. 


Sympbas Marston, Rufus S. Pope, Timothy I fiiaro/cA, Isaiah Baker, Obed Brooks, James : 
I;'.-.!. ! Chase, Kemj rk Cb ; >, Ephraim Doau . 

Brewster, George Copeland, Winslow L. Samuel Eldridge, Isaac Kelly, Jos. P. Nieker- 

! JCnowies, Jeremiah Mayo. 

Dennis. Obed B iker, 2d, Jan >s Berry, Wm. 
';. ( rooeh, Benj. Th ichor. 

Falmouth, Aaron Cornish, S. P. Bourne, 
Frederick Davis, Wfli, Nye, Jr. 

Harwich, Anthony Kelley. 

Sandwich, Seth F. Nye, Elisha Pope. 

Truro. Solomon J )avis. 

Weitjleel, Thomas Holbrook, 2d. 

Commissioners of Insolvency; 
Brewster, Solomon Freeman. 
: ?Fe/(/Zeef, John W- Davis. 
Yarmouth, Simeon N. Small. 


Public Admimst r a t or s. 
Barnstable, Charles Marston, Geo. Marston. 
Truro, Solomon Davis, Wm. B. Gooch. 


Justices of the Peace. 

il>i'-!'!rh;-r,. < >■■■>, Jm ■fire* ofth" Pi>ac?:nti'7'Q><orier,i, rktign U ; 
i ';.- a *, an'-' ■'■■ 'ice* <->f the i'eacs. mid QaurHm i/'-'-uv-jkout fhe 
j £'omjiiimu:eaUk, ' a f.j 

! Barnstable, John Aiken, *Ebenezer Bacon, 

| Daniel Bassett, Zenas D Bassett, Charles C. 

I Rearse, Charles PL Bursley, Frederic W. 

i Crocker, "Walter Crocker, *Lotbrop Davis, 

; 'Joseph M. Day, Se:h Hallett, Nathaniel 

j Hinckley, Ferdinand G. Kelley, George 

; Lovell, James N. Lovell, Frederick Parker, 

*Timothy Reed, Freeman Marchanf, iCharles 

Marston, *'Ge-orge Marston, *.Nymphas Mars- 

| ton, Sylvanus B. Phinney, Rufus S. Pope, 

Josiab Sampson, Frederick Scudder, *Zeno 

Scudder, Ephraim N. Winslow, Asa Young. 

Brewster, George Copeland, '- man Fos- 
| ier, Solomon Freeman, David Mayo, Jer< miah 
Maya, Anthony Smalley. 

Chatham, Joseph At wood, Elijah W. Car- 

■ pouter, Levi Eldridge/, Jr., Josiah Mayo, 

i Joshua Nickerson, Oliver A. Nickerson, War- 

ren Rogers, Thatcher Ryder, Nathaniel Snow, 

| Thomas Sparrow, Ephraim Taylor. 

Dennh, Isaiah Baker, Joseph K. Baker, Jr., 
i ■James Bern-, Obed Baker, 2d, James Chase, 

Jr.,Nehemiah Cro well, Seth Crowell, Joseph - 

Hall, Stephen Homer, Joshua C. Howes, Obed 
• Howes, Zebina Howes, Jonathan Niekerson, 

Miller W. Nickerson, Alfred Swifr 3 Benjamin 
'j Thacher, Marshall S. .Underwood, ScoUy G. 

Usher, Joshua Wixon. 

Eastham, Myriek Clark, Michael Co'Uios, 
: Barnal Freeman, Elijah E.KndwIes, Samuel! 
Knowies, Reuben Nickerson, Jr. 

Falmouth, Samuel P. Bourne, Sylvester 
Bourne, Alexander Clark, "Aaron Cornish, 
v Fi derick Davis, Nymphas Davis, Timothy 
Bavis, : J-, W, Donaldson, Erasmus Gould, 
William Green, -John Jenkins, John C. 
| Parker, Richard S. Wood. 

?on, ■' uues S. Paine, i tont'orth S. Steel, . . . 
I In vvo d, C\ r'us Wei k . 

Orleans, *John Doane, Nathaniel Freeman, 
Alfred Kenriek, fJohn Ivenriek, Wm. P. Mv- 

ProvtncetGwn, David Fairbanks, James 
Gilford, Godfrey Ryder, Rafus L. Thatcher. 

Sandwich, Benjamin Bourne, Simeon Dil- 
lingham, Charles B. Hall, Zenas R. Hinckley, 
Solomon C. Howiand, *Seth F. Nye, Zen: 
Nye, Howard Perry, Mason White. 

Truro, fSolomon Davis, Samuel Dyer, Alh n 
Hinckley, John Kenney, Daniel Paine, Jede- 
didh Shedd. 

Wellfieet, Reuben Arey, Collins S. Cole, i 
John \V. Davis, Nathaniel H. Dill, Ebenezer 
Freeman, Thomas Holbrook, 2d, Caleb Lom- 
bard, John New-coin b. 

Yarmouth, Micajah. C. Baker, Alexander 
Baxter, James IS. Crocker, Theodore Drew, ' 
Joseph Eldridge, John Larkin, Amos Otis, j 
*Sirweon N. Small, -Charles F. j^vvifr, Llisha 
Taylor, Charles Thacher, John O. Thayer. 

l/Iciaries Public. 

Barnstable, Daniel Bassett, Zenas 1). Bas- j 
sett, George Lovell. 

Brewster, Freeman Foster. 

Chatham, Elijah W. Carpenter, Isaiah 
Lewis, Tha her Ryder. 

■Dennis, Nebemiah Y.Hall. 

Eastham, Michael Collins, Elijah E. 

Falmouth, Kuowles Bailor, Fresh:::-: Da- 
vis, John C. Parker, Reuben E. Swift. 

Ihnwich, Anthony Kelly, Cyrus Weeks. 

Orleans, John Ivenriek. 

Proinncelown, Thomas Hiiliard, Thomas 
Lothrop, ■ lo lih y Ryder. 

Truro, Solomon i >avjs. 

Web'jleet, Samuel W. Holbrook, Thomas 
Holbrook, 2d. 

Yarmouth, James B. decker, John O. 

Barnstable, Seth Hallett, Luther Hinckley, 
A. ■ Yoaniz. 

Chatham, Chas. [I. Smith. 
J>; nis, Jonathan Niekerson. 
_/:.,.. ham, Joshua Cole 
Fahnouth, George W. Donaldson ? ..,Jhomas 
j ] 

Harrvkh, Ama>a Nickerson, James Chase. 

Provinc 'own, Philip Cock.' 

Trui o, I) miel Paine. 

\y yieet, Thomas Holbrook, 2d. 

Agent for Province Lands. 
David A. Smith, Provincetown. 




Incorporated April 
Number or towns, 3: 

1761. Shire town, Lenox. 

Population ns 1S55, 52,791. 


Judge of Probate, - 

Register of Prolate, - 

Qerk of. the Courts, 

Register of Deeds, North District, 

Registry of Deeds, Middle District, - 

Register of Deed,, South District, 

County Treasurer, - 

Overseers of lions a of Correction, 

Sheriff] ....... 

Deputy Shoring. 
Adams., Zelotes Li. Richmond. 
Adams, (North,) Josiah Q. Robinson, 2d. 
Cheshire, John W. How land. ■ 
'Dalian, Samuel J. Parker. 
Great Barrinaioiu Harvey Holmes. 
Hinsdale, Fra, khn Vv. Hinsdale. 
Lanesborough, I. W. Newton.' 
£ee, A. H. Pease. 
Lenox, L. M. Shepardson. 
Monterey, vohn G. Mansur. 
iW« Marlboro', D. I>. Taylor. 
O'/.s, F. E. Bushnell. 
Piibfehl, C. B. Peivniman. 
6^ci7i its field, E. Bos worth. 
;\', /■' ■■"'■/, John Crosby-, 3 '. 
StockbrabjefT <■■ . ■- Wtills, Crrauney Curtis. 
li'^Si Sioekbridge, 6. i. Ch&tiieid. 
Williamstown, J. H. Bulkier. 
Windsor ^ Daniel Capen. 

Deputy Sheriff in Hampden County. 
Chester Factories, diaries W. Knox. 

Deputy Sheriff in Franklin County. 
Charlemont, Samuel Potter. 

Daniel N. Dewey, 
Andrew J. Waterman, 
Charles Sedgwick, 
Richard Whitney, - 
Major S. Wilson, 
Isaac Seeley, - 
George J. Tucker, 
( Charles Sedgwick, - 
J George J. Tucker, 
( George S. Willis, - 
Graham A. Hoot, 

Williams town. 

\] illiamstown. 




Gt. Rarringt 


- Lenox. 



- She fid J. 

Crier of Courts. 
Lenox } Joel Davis. 

Lenox, Phineas Cone. 

next after the 1st Tuesdays in February, May, 
August and November. 

At Lanesborough, on the 2d Tuesdays in 
January, July and October, and 4th Tuesday 
in April, 

County Commission ers. 

L. K. Strickland, San.disfeld, Chairman ; 
William Waterman, Williamstown; Granville 
D. Weston, Dalton. 

Special Commissioners. — Elisha Rockwell, 
Peru; Edward P. Woodworth, Great Bar- 

- Times of Meeting. — At Lenox, on the 1st 
Tuesdays in January, April, July and Sep- 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Adams, Shepard Thayer. 
Piftfield, Henry S. Briggs. 
Sheffield, James Bradford.. 

Public Administrator, 
Sioekbridge, William Whitney. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Great Barringion, Billings Palmer. 
Lee, Lester Filler. 

Sessions of Courts. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil Officers. 

Adams, (North,) W. E. Bray ton, Benjamin 
F. Robinson, J. Q. Robinson, (South,) Edwin 
( F. Jenks. 

Great Barrington, Increase Sumner, Ralph 
Probate Court, hodden at Lenox, on the 1st] Taylor, Biilings Palmer. 
Tuesday and the Wednesday near, after the : Lenox, Charles Sedgwick, Geo.' J. Tucker, 
1st Tuesday of even month/except the Wed- William S. Tucker. 

ae?day snyct after the ;1 t Tuesday in Februa- Pittsfield, George X. Briggs, Ezekiel R. 
vy, May, August and Novenil r. ! Coir, Calvin Martin. 

At Ad a*k* t on the Wednesdays next after Sheffield, Bartlett Doten. 
ihe 2d Tuesdays of January, July and October, | Sto kl idge, Horatio Byington, Charles M. 
and Wednesday next alter 4th Tuesday in j Owen. 

April. ' Williams wn, Daniel N.Dewey, Henry L. 

At Great Barrinr/lon, on the Wednesdays Sabin. 



Justices of the Peace. 

!;-'.* imp. iibo 

f the. >'■ n>- ■ i ul l « ■■■ 

uth. Co. 

J Monterey, John 1). Biclwell, *E. B.Garfiel I 
desianateri Milton Jndd, W. C Langdon, Eli-i.s Wright. 
-"' i -' Mount Washington, Beta N. Clark. 

I fams i E. Bailey, II. J. Bliss, Samuel W. [ New Ashford, P. Harmon, Elihu Ingraham 
Bawerman, Hiram T. Grandall, Isaac 
Win. G- Farqs worth, Daniel Jenks, H- 
leaks, Charles Marsh, f William C. P 

I win F. 

*)avid Richmond, II. Tyler, 1). Upton. 

Adams, (North,) O. Arnold, Joel Bacon, 
Was. S. Blackinton, Shubael W. Brayton, 
Thomas A. Brayton, W. E. Brayton, fHenry 
Chiekering, fHenry L. Dawes, Nehemiah 
Hodge, *Jsaac Holman, George W. Kotting- 

■ ., *H. P. Phillips, Frederic Rathbua, An- 
drew A. Richmond, *Benj. F. Robinson, *<J. 

w Marlborough^ Edvyin Adams, Aire! 1 
Buckley, Jar vis N, Collar, Noah Gibson, Ne- 
herniah Palmer, Levi L. Smith, Loren Smith, 
Augustus Turner, Harlow S. Underwood, 
Ammi Warner. 

Otis, Alanson Crittenden, Elam P. Norton, 
.Norman Sti ickland. 

Pew, Ebenezer Haskell, *Milo Stowell. 

Pittxfield, Robert W. Adam, Jonathan '.'. 
len r 2d, ^Phineas Alien, Phineas Allen, Jr., 
John C. Barker, Asa Barr, jGeo, N. Bri -. 

ue.l ! 

Q. Robinson, Robert. H. Robinson, Thomas Henry S, 33riggs, fHenry H. Childs, b, 

Kobinson, Jas. T. Robinson, Shepard Thayer, A. Churchill, Richard C. -Cogswell, *Ez«kiel 

■Wm. H. Xyler, Abel Wetherbee, *Ezra D. R. Colt, James D. Coir, 2d, Thomas Colt, 

Whitaker. James H. Dunham, L. H. Garnwell, Tboiua* 

A'/urd, Reuben C. Fitch, fE. C. Ticknor. G. Gold, fHenry Hubbard, Jared Ingersoll, 

Becket, .-Kendall Baird, Gains Carter, Mark Norman L. Johnson, *Ensign H. Kellogg, 

{'. Carter, Win. S. Huntington, Charles O. Matthias B. B. Laekton, ♦Waiter Lafli Gal- 

Perkins, John Smith, Timothy Snow, vin Martin, *Edward A. Newton, John 

Cheshire, Gordon E. Cole, Isaac S. Cole, 
John C. Woleott. 

Clarksburg, Salah Clark, Eleazer Ketchum. 

Da 1 ion, ('hades F. Bennett, Grove W. 
Branch, Alpheus Brown, John C. Chase, 
Zeqas M. Crane, Henry Ferre, Almond C. 
Morse^ Franklin Weston, Grenviiie D. Wes- 

Egremont, Nathan Benjamin, Abner Brown, 
R- P. Brown, *Chas. Hudson, John M. Joy ner, 
S. C. Newman, James 11. Rowley, Wm. W. 
Sdllman, Charles L. Wright. 

Noble, Joel S. Page, Phineas L. Page, 1 •- 
P. Pingree, Theodore Pomeroy, *Xhomas F. 
Plunkett, "I Julius Rockwell, Jos. E. A. Smith, 
*Tbos. B. Strong, John A. Walker, Abel 
West, J. C. West,' George S. Willis. ' 

Richmond, Wm. Bacon, Henry B. Stevens, 
Eleazer Williams. 

Sandisfield, Henry Abbe}', Ensign D. Bel- 
den, Abijah Hall, Washington Mellep, J< 
H. Norton, Samuel C. Parsons, William 11. 
Parsons, Henry M. Se?rs, Joshua 3VL Sears, 
Uriel Smith, 'll^ry A. Steadman, L. K. 
Strickland, I/yman Webster, Edward C. Wol- 
i cott, Josiah Woicott. 

I r~. , ) -a r 

Florida, Nubum P. Brown, Alvah B, Fair- 
iFld, Israel Whitcomb. 

Great Barrimjkm, Phineas Chapin, Julias- Savpy> Alonzo M. Bowker, Bradish Dun- 
Dresser, "Charlea N. Emerson, Henry Foot, ham. Harmon Snow, Robert Sturtevanf, Jv. 
\. Giddinp-s V iln&s 11 11 Aimmi. I.-L^Jn^. ' Sheffield, James Bradford, Sheldon Cha-pin,- 

i/Gi ir«ePynVhoB y |lra.Curri3s, Wm. Dailey, Elijah 


Calvin Rood/Isaac Seeley, ^Increase Sumner, *Edward F. Ensign, Sidney Jones, O. Peek, 
Samuel B. Sumner. *R.alph Taylor, Edward [ Wm.B.Saxton, J. Scovill.TillingaastB.Stn 
A VVoodworth. i Sioekbridge, Alanson Bennett, f Ho ratio I>v- 

Uancoch, Leonard Doty, Silas H- Gardner,! ington, Robert E. Calpin, *Jonattaau E. Fi -l I, 
Jason White. ' *John Z. Goodrich, Jabez Lane, Charles M 

Hinsdale, Tbeo. Barrows, John Cad*, O. P. O^-en, Marshall Warner, Daniel R. Willsa w 
Colt, Ch tries J. Kitcredge, Charles il.'piun-| Tyringham, Eli G.Haie, Ezra Heath, J. W. 
teti; Albert-us Richards, *C. K. Tracy, j Sweet. 

Lanesborough, Sherman Curtis, William T. Washington, Wm. F. Bell, Alanson Bills, 
Ptfley, Lyman Hall, Stoddard Hubbell, Henry j Charles Croaier, Philip Fames, Fiederiek W. 
Mead, Mason S. Palmer, Abia'l Piatt, Richard SLmley, Oliver Pearce. 

Wbitoey,-^thanielB. Williams. West Stockbridge, Henry P. Dorr, Henry 

/ ', Hubbard Bartlett, Lewis Be ch, Eli j E. Fitch, Christopher French, George G. 

V dley, John Branuing, Jonathan F. Cook, I Fosket, William Jones, George WFKnillin, 

*Lester Filler, William F. Fish, Harrison I Simon Reed, Cyrus H. Wcodrutf. 

^ariield. Wm' P. Hamblin, Ransom Hinman, WW iamsto ten, John M.Cole, Koyes Dan- 

fortli, fDa liei N., Jarvis N. 1) u 
J-.-. ■ -A. El Iridic, Asahel Fooie, 1: h 
Gruy, See] nvu liosfor-d, Isaac Lathti . 
i comb Lore, Benj. F. Mills, Thomas C - 

-•rf M. Ho'wk, Alexander Hyde, I' 
■ Lowry, John Nye, George H. 
'■ ilr Y Smith, Franklin Sturijis, Aid 
n, M. Wilcox. 

' - 

^-' ";.;:. Fienrv W. Bishop, Solomon Cole, j *H«nry F. Sabin, Augustus Stark 

Collins, *Charh s Sedgwicl , Xhoaiai | Willi m ': o rey, Andrew J. Waterman. ^ 
Sedgwick, llsmry \{. Xaft, ' Gebrnre 

i>u S. Lacker, Majt 



Windsor^ Salmon Capen, Norman 
| Reuben Pierce, Philo Wiighf. 




Adams, John Holden, Isaac Holman, Fen- 
ijamin F.Robinson. 
GWa* Barnngton, Inarlcs , Emerson, i Qrmt Barrhgton, Isaac Avery. 

■g- j Ilimdcile % 3p\m M. Tuttle. 

Laneyborough, Samuel Bliss. • 
j £e?e, Edwin Sturgis. 
Peru, Eli Pierce. 

Notaries Public. 

xbfonu, (North,) Wm. P. Bra) tow. 
Gtaraif Barrbigton, Charles N. 
Isaac Seeley, Billings Palmer, Thcs. T 
Lanesborounh, William T. Fille' 

lee, Marshall Wilcox, Wm. Taylo 
Lenox, Henry W. Taft. 

_ r , , nJ PiUs/ieldy'JsLTQ^ Ingersoll, Austin W 

Pittsfield, J antes Buel, James D. Colt, 2d. ; j 0(Tfy ' 

Stockbridge, Daniel K. Williams, Jona. B. | ^Sandisfield, Erastus Rice. 

Field. I Sheffield, Sidney Jones, E. Arnold. 

JFcsi Siockbriclge, Henry E. Fitch, Henry | Stockbridge, Daniel B. Fenn, 

W. Taft. We-t .".'■■".•/. OrJ. /.';-.'.. Wm. June?. 

! WUliamsiovm, J. R. Bulkley. 


Incorporated June 2, 16S5. 
Number of towns, 19. 

Judge of Probate, 
Register of Probate, - 
Curl of Courts, 

John Daggett, 


c 3-> 

County towns, Taunton and New Bedford. 
Population in 1855, 87,425. 


Oliver Prescott, ... JVezp Bedford. 

-, Taunton. 

Register of Deeds, (N. District,) Joseph Wilbar, - Taunton, 

" " f & District,) Benj. K. Suyer, - - - JVew Bedford. 

County Treasurer, ~ Geo. M. Woodward, 

n , rr , ^ ,- ( -Tames D. Thompson, 

Overseers of House oj Correction, \ , 

( Timothy Ingraham, 

Sheriff, - Geo. if. Babbitt, 

Bewttty Sheriffs. I June, and Augost, and on the first Tuesdays 

MUboromh, Elijah R. Read, James \Y.: r March and November. 

New Bedford. 
New Bedford. 



/te™«^,Wm. Barker, Jr. 

E'aston, Augustus W. Lothrop, 

Fall River, James Wixon. 

Faivhaven, Asa II. Pease. 

Freetown, Guilford Hathaway. 

Mansfield, Conrad Spraker. 

New Bedford, John Baylies, Charles D. 

At AVw Bedford, oxi the first Tuesdays of 
.February, June, and December. 

At Freetown, on the tirat Tuesday of Jan- 

At ReltolotJi, on the first Tuesday of April. 

At, on the first Friday next after 
the first Tuesday of April. 

At Dtnhton, on die first Friday after the 

Burt Win. S. Cobb, Shubael G. Edwards, first Tuesday in October. 

J .... b L- Porter, Eliplialet Ifebbins. j At Norton, on the first Tuesday of July 

AV«m, Austin Messinger. j ft H'e«/;wrt,onthefi«t Tuesday ol August.. 

Pawtuckel, Wm. II. Cohvell. ■ At S-eeoni-, on the first Tuesday or bep- 

Seel'tink Joshua Lothrdn, Jr. tember. 

T«u°"on% ;LGcSr,Henrj K. Cobb, At F«« Paver, on the fir,; Tuesday of Oc- 
r • » si fl tober. 

At Alileborough. en the first Tuesday of 

Crier of Courts. 
Taunton, Henry F. Cobb. 


Con n fcy Commissioners. 
Jailers, John Baylies, New Bedford; Horatio X. 

Isaac G. Carrier, Taunton; Jacob L. For- Gunn, Fall Paver; Joseph W. Capi 
teT, Netc Bedford. \ borough. 

Special Commissioners, Edward .Kingman, 
Se? sions of Courts. . Manfudd : George Austin, Swanzcy. 

Prolate Court, liolden at T<zunton f on Fri-i ZWs of Meeting.— At "Taunton, on the 
day next after the first Tuesdays of January,; 4th Tuesdays in March and September. 



OoiSimissioiiers of "Wrecks. 
. '., Thomas Almy, Prince Sears. 
} ford } Charles Grin nell, Job Almy. 

\\ ramissioners of Insolvency. 
'■■,•'•. Elnatban P. Hathaway. 
■.• ,'■ fford, Joshua C. Stone. 
Hon, Edmund H. Bennett. 

Public Administrators. 
. • River, John S. Brayton. 

li dford, Henry II. Crapo. 
\\ apart, Nathan C. Brovmell. 

Master in Chancery. 
Taunton, Wm. A. F. Sproat. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil Officers. 

F'lU lli-cr, Hezekiab Battelle, James Ford, 
i barles J. Holmes, Foster Hooper, Phineas 
W Leland, Joseph E. Read. 

town, Elnathan P. Hathaway, Ebenezer 
V, . Pierce. 

New Bedford, Rodney French, Eli Haskell, 
Tito! >a3 M, James, VVm. JL Taylor , James F>. 
rbompson', Joseph S. Tiliinghast. 

Pawtuchet, Apollos Cushman, James C. 

irk weather. 

Taunton, Samuel L. Crocker, ' James P. 
i.'--. Horatio Pratt, James Sproat, Wm. A. 
F Sproat, Joseph Wilbar, George M. Wood- 

Justices of the Peace. 

-•, .I'-i-ii. ■■■• ;.-- of the F'-a-e and Quorum, dedijnat ' " a ', 
■-...'•'. •ij'iinttk': Comtmnivseallk, dfdgj-.uudtij a \J 

V i 

AUhborouqh, Thomas A. Barde.n, Nathan 
H Bliss, *Eikanah Briggs, Harvey Clafli'n, 
•Noah Cliihii, Joseph W. Capron, H. N. 
:M. '•::, John Daggett, Lucas Daggett, Ly-j 
W. Di/rp'ett, *L'yman VV r . Drian,"Lnre«'>" 

ley, *Hezekiah Battelle, Josiah C. Blaisdell, 
^Nathaniel B.Borden, *Simeon Borden, John 
S. Bray ton, Robert C. Brown, James Buffin- 
ton, Richmond Davol, B*-njamin Earl, -i imes 
Ford, Charles S. Giflbrd, Stephen B. Giflbrd, 
Arad Gilbert, Chester W. Green, llorario 
Gunn, f C. J. Holmes, *Foster Hooper, Louis 
Lapham, *Phineas W. Lela- d, Jonathan E. 
Morrill, James M. Morton, *Joseph E, Read, 
B. F. Winslow, *Eliab Williams. 

Freetown, Brad ford Braley, Sam'. R. Brown, 
*Einathan 3'. Hathaway, Gideon P. F . 
way, Nicholas Hathaway, C. A. Morton, T. 
| G, Nichols, Ebenezer IV. Pierre, Ruel Wash- 
j burn. 

} Mansfield, William B. Bate?, Darwin Deane, 

j Thomas M. George, Herman Hall, Elijah 

Hodges, Edward Kingman, Charles Pratt, 

Schuyler Shepard, Isaac Stearns, Charles P. 


New Bedford, *John A. P. Alien, Charles 
| Almy, Wm. H. Alien, Arnold, El 
muad Anthony, Abraham Barker, *E(lwih L 
Barney, Samuel Bonney, Alanson Borden, 
George A. Bourne, fLineoIn F. Brigham, Cy- 
rus W. Brown, Charles D. Burt, Isaac Case, 
fJohn IL- Clifford, James H. Collins, James 
B. Congdon, Wm. T. Cook, Benjamin Coombs, 
*IIenry II Crapo, Austin S. Cushnian, VVm. 
W. Crapo, John Davis, Philip T. Davis, Jo- 
seph F. Dearborn, Joseph C. Delano, Tristram 
R. Dennison, Thomas I). Eliot, Jireh L. Fer- 
guson, fRodney French, Daniel R. Green, 
Thomas A. Greene, f Joseph Grinneli, I 
\). Hall,*Eli Haskel', Albert D. Hatch, Lu- 
ther G. Ilewins, San ford S. liorton, *Abrahara 
H. Ho wland, James Howland, Seth II. In; 

as M. James, Ephraim Kempton, - ! /seph 

; ; r vv. i> lg gett, *Dyman W'.^an, ^enzo| a lCent , Warren L ., i(] . Benjamin Lii 

raper.ejames G. H.dden, *&b.jan M. Ide,^ - LindsC}r , A .dam Ma kie . Thomas Man- 

iTttord de *Ehsba Or. May, f Lemuel. May,}^ E lhvard ' Milliken, Walter Mitchell, Ed- 

U srureB. Richards, Jesse l.liumaras,Goa- ward M unro, Henry S. Packard, William 

(av >\ heelock- Phillips, Francis L. Porter, *G!iver Prescott, 

~' W ' S - Crane, Jabez iox , Edwin I Robe ^ t C . Pitman, Isaiah C. Ray, Isaac M. 
:h, Lphraim Ijcni'ti, bamuel b rench, | i^ohaidson, George F. Richmond, Thomas I). 
Town=end, h. | R binson,f Benjamin Rodman, Benjamin King 
Saver, Edward F. Slocum, George F. South- 

i " iams 
Dartmouth, Benjamin S. Anthony, Wm. 

- ; -;■• r, .h., Francis D. Bartlett, Eiisha S. 

\v;o|:, Gidton F, Spcooer 2d, ^Faal t>po« i i 
Calvin Staples, Silas Stetson, Joshua C. Stone 

J rapo, J. Gray, Nathaniel Potter, Jr., James Wm q. Taber, Wm. II. Tavlor, *James 

Ihompson, Eiisha Tliornton, Jr., *Joseph S. 
Tiliinghast, Calvin K. Turner, 2d, Ambrose 
Vincent, Augustus L. We.-t, Borden Wood. 

Norton, J. Arnold, Daniel S. Cobb, G. B. 
Crane, John Crane, Earl Hodges, L. Hbdsi«s, 
Royal P. Hodges, Cromwell Leonard, E<Fh 
■ Zeno Keilv, Lemuel Perry, * J 

i- biocum, Iliram Whaion 

Dujhlon, Crocker Babbitt, Simuel Davis, 
Leonard Gooding, David Hathaway, Joseph 
'• '■• Jonathan Fr<att, Seth Talbot, Alfred 

fCinton, Joseph Barrows, Bravo C. Dunbar, 

^ * n Gilmore, Tisdale Harlow, Seba Howard, \ 

' ■ ■ ir 1 Lotbrop, i! trrison T. Mitchell, Wil- j ^ nc,ji ' 1 - 

i .,, \ , i» . , ,. , u i btiepard, Laban IVL Wheatoo. 

•> eu, A.ibert A. liotcn. Galen S ivester. l ' f . 

• ■'.•.■v.i, Nathaniel Church, Cyrus E. Pawtucket, William. W. Blodgett, - 

• *,J. A. Hawes, Hervey B. Keen, *Geo. Cushman, Claudius B. Farnswonh, Wi 

• F. G. Morton, Alfred- Nve, Jones ' «>« Kent, Thomas K. King, Geo.Mason, 

'■■->■>;._ •Nathaniel S. Spoouer, (korge H. 1 O. Read, Samuel Shove, jJames C ■ ■ •' ■ 

»««*t, John 'iVrrv, Ansel White. ! weather. 

''«& Hiver, David Anthony, Wm. IT. Ash^| Raynliam, Soranua Hall, Samuel ■' 


M A S S A C II U S E T T 3 REGIS T E 11 . 

Thomas M. Keith, Abisha Lincoln, Godfrey 
Robinson, *Samiu*l Wilbur, *Seth I). Wilbur. 

Rehoboth, James B landing, Horace Bullock, 
George W. Bliss, Lloyd Bosworth, Danforth 
G. Flortoa, Lemuel Morse. Oliver C. Peck. 
Lewis Pierce, M. R. Randali, E. J. Sauford, 
C} rus M. Wheaton. 

Seel'onk, Zebtna W. Bourne, Tristram Bur- 
gess, Raymond H. Bun*, William Ide, Andrew 
N. Medbury, Viall Medbury, Robert M. 

Somerset, Philip Bowers, John D. Cart- 
wright, Joseph Marble, Avery P. Siade, Jona- 
than B. Siade. 

Swanzef/i George Austin. Mason Barney, 
Henry F. Eaton, f John Mason, E. P. Shor\ 

Taunton, George B. At wood, *Anselm Bas- 
sett, Edmund B. Bennett, Zebina Blake, 
James Brown, Benjamin Caswell, Gi sorge C. 
S. Choate, George A. Crocker, fSamuel L. 
Crocker, William A. Crocker, Benjamin R. 
Leva, Samuel A. Dean, George W. Dean, 
Joseph P. Deane, Joshua Drown, *James P. 
El is', Timothy Gordon, Andrew H. Kali, 
William Haskins, Abijah M. Ide, Jr., Samuel 
B. King, Arunah Leach, *Iehabod Lincoln, 
Theodore L. Lincoln. Willard Lovering, *Mar- 
cus Morton, Nathaniel Morton, Joseph M. 
Oris, Stephen Pierce, ^Horatio Pratt, Alien 
Fresby, Chester I. Reed, Elijah M, Rich- 
mond, Simeon W. Robinson, Ira Sampson, 
R. Sanford, William Seaver, William Sekel, 
Silas S hep-lard, *James Sproat. * William A. 
F. Sproat, Win. B. Sproat, Albert E. Swasey, 
Lemuel T. Talbot, S. R. Townsend, Stephen 
L, White, Joseph Wiibar, George E. Wil- 
liams, Henry Williams, Sydney Williams, 
George Walker, George M. Woodward. 

WcMpprt, Nathan C. Browneii, George H. 

jSTotaries Public. 

Attleborough, J. Daggett, Lyman 
Godfrey W.heeloek. 

h Dean, 

FairTtav n, Cyrus E. Clark, Thomas Davis, 
John A. Hawes, Nathaniel S. Spooner. 

Fall River, Simeon Borden, 2d, John S. 
Brayton, Robert C. Brown, Benjamin Ear), 
Morton Eddy, James Ford, Louis Lapham, j 
Eiiab William. 

New Bedford, Lincoln F. Brigham, Charles i 
D. Burt, Henry II. Crapo, Wm. W. Crapo, 
Austin S, Cushman, Thomas Dawes Eliot, j 
John A. Hawes, Walter Mitchell, Edward 
Miinroe, Albert R. Paul-ling. Robert C. Pit- j 
man, Isaiah C. Ray, Thomas D. Robinson, 
Joshua C. Stone, William H. Taylor, Augus- \ 
tus L. West, Borden Wood. 

Pawtuclet, Apollo3 Cushman, Claudius E. I 

Taunton, C. J. II. Bassetr, James Brown, j 
Joseph P. Deane, James P. Ellis, B. F. Pres- 
bury, B. Sanford, Wm. A. F. Sproat, George j 
M. Woodward. 

Wesipori, Nathan C. Brownell. 


AukhorouglL'LemmA Bishop, Jonathan Rich- j 
ardson, Atherton Wales. 

Berkley, Dean Burt. 

Dartmouth, Benj. S. Anthony, L. Mosher. 

Dighton, Crocker Babbitt. 

ifasfon, Tisdale Harlow. 

Fall River, Seth Darling. Richmond Davei. | 

Freeioivn, Ebenezer W. Pierce. 

Norton, Cromwell Leonard. 
i New Bedford, Charles I). Burt, Benjamin i 
! Coombs, Shubael G. Edwards, William 0- | 
! Russell.- j 

! Iiaynham, Seth D. Wilbur. 

Somerset, Philip Bowers. 

Swanzey, Israel Gardner. 

Taunioiu Geo. EL Babbitt, J. Woodward. 

i Westpori, George Francis, P. W. Peckman. ' 

| «, j 

; Commissioner to establish line between Gay- j 
head Indians and White Inhabitants. 

Asa R. Nye, New Bedford. 





Shire town, Ed^&rtowkt- 

P03 ULATION IN 1855, 4,401, 



';/(- of Prolate, 
g inter of Probate, 
f 'r/j 6/' *Ae Courts, 
Register of Deeds, 
County Treasurer, 
S. triff, 

Deputy Sheriffs, 

Crier of Courts, 
\ Jailer, 

Theodore G-. Mayhew, 

Hebron Yin cent, 
Daniel Fellows, 
Josiah H. Smith, - 
Barnard C. Marchant, 
Isaiah 1). Pease, 
Thomas H. Lambert, 
Jonathan Luce, Jr., 
Samuel S. Daggett, - 
Samuel S. Daggett. 

Edgar town. 
Edgartown. j 
Edgartown. \ 
Chilmark. \ 
Tishury. j 

Sessions of Courts, j Commissioners to qualify Civil Officers. 

Probate Court, holden at West Tishury, on j Edgarioicn, Theodore G. Mayhew, Joseph ! 
the third Monday of January, j T. Pease, Jeremiah Pease. 

At Holmes's Hole, on the third Monday of ! Tisbury, Thomas Bradley. 

At Edqartown, on the thud Mondays of ; 

July and October. 

County Commissioners. 

Justices of the Peace. 

j \Incluilwjj. rJso, Justices of th>- iVuv <.•-?' C,c>:r.,,i, J>:-'-jnafcd ty 
a *, and Jwsti i s '' : -■ unhotit Uie Commonwealth, by a +.1 

! j 

Chilmark, Samuel Flanders. Smith May- | 
hew, W. W. Swain. 

t, . . -p. •' . r , , n ? • 'new, vv. Vv. ovvam. I 

benjamin Davis, Edqartown. Chairman. \ -' t ri . n «• .-r» - 1 -i > - 

■x f - . -, Ay-i i Edqartown. Henry A. Cofhn, tDavid Davis, 

Moses Aoarns, Ltnlrnark. ' T -, r , -,- ..-,.. . , ,. ',,■ ,.. . 

William A. Mayhew, Tishury, 

[Joseph Dunham, ^Daniel Fellows, Barnard 
C. Mareha-nt, * Harrison P. Mayhew, John 

■ r - , , ,- ,- *. rw l , *i e'- luarcnaru;, ^riarnson r. ivtaynew, <jum 

limes of.MeehfKfi — At Edqartown, on trie ; -, Vf ,, ^,.' ,„ -,, , . ',., ,', Vt , 

- • , J , -■ ., ,'•• ,-•.■ , - ; M:n hew *Xheo. G. Mavhew, Arcmibalo W ,- 

m inesday next atter the third Monday tn , , •-.',,,, • .. , . ' . n , -,. 

- • ,, ,„ , , . .-, ' .-, men, oerevmaa reasc, '■■Joseph 1. Pease, 

mjy, and'on the ivednesday next r:':vi ihcj-,^.-, -. r -, ,.-,-' ... rr £ rv 

, -, , ■■ • ■,, , ' . ivienard L. rues:-*, rLeavitt Inaxter, 

.•eoud Monday in N'oreiabei 
Bdgarioivn, Barnard C. Marchant 

doner in charge of India: 



Commissioner of Insolvency 
Edgartown, Leavitt Thaxter. 

| B. Vincent, II. Vincent 

Tishury, Bartlett Allen, -Moses Brown, John j 
i Holmes, Jonathan Luce. Jr., Wm. A. May 
! hew, Alfred Norton, Eliakim Norton. 

| Notaries Public. 

Chilmark, John W. Gifford. 
j Edgartown, Ira Darrow, David Davis, Cha?... i. 

j F. Dunham, Daniel Fellows, Tarlton C. Luce, ; 

-John Mayhew, Joseph Mayhew, Theo. G. ; 
I Mayhew, Shaw Ncrris, Joseph T. Pease, John j 
| C. Waighfc 

I Tulju'ry, George Dunham, John Holmes, 
i Win. C. Luce. *Henry P. Worth. ■ 

^garto-wn, William P. Chad wick, Ira Dir- 

P'ublic Administrator. 
Tishury, Thomas Bradley. 

Commissioners of Wreck 

row, Chas. F. Dunham, E. G. Pease. 

Chilmark, Thomas EL Lumbert, Ephraim 
-•^yhew, Jr. 

Chilmark, William Mayhew. 
"Edgartou i, Samuel Kennfeton. 
Tisbury, dames Cottle. 




Incorporated Mat 10, 1643, 
Number of towns, 34. 

Shire towns, Salem:, Newburyport and \ 

Population in 1855, 147,8.14. 

Judge of Probate, 
Register of Probate 
Clerk of Courts, 
Register of .Deeds, 
County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correction, 
Sheriff, ----.- 


- Nathaniel S. Howe, 
James Ropes, 

- Asa hoi Huntington, 
Ephraim Brown, 

- Allen W. Dodge, 

( Asa W. Wildes, - 
< Stephens Baker, 
( Ebenezer B. Currier, 
James Cary, 


- Salem, j 

Salem. '■ 

Hamilton, j 

Newburyport. i 

Beverly. 1 

- JjGVjrence. j 


Deputy S&erlffe. 

Amesbury . John Rowell. 
Amesbury (West), Jacob S. Fullington, 
Essex. Ezra. Perkins, Jr. 
Georgetown, Otis Thompson. 
Grovehmd, Ebenezer P. Jewett 
Haverhill. Jacob How, Phineas E. Davis. 
Ipswich, Joseph Spiller. 
Lawrence, James W. Bailey. 

At Lawrence, second Tuesday in March, 
June, September and December. 

At Lynn, Wednesday following first Tues- J 
day in January and July. 

At Marblehead, Wednesday following first 
Tuesday in Apr!! and October. 

At Newburyport, last; Tuesday in March, 
June, September, and December. 

At North Andover, third Tuesday in Jan- j 
! uary. j 

At Salem, first Tuesday in every month. I 

County Commissioners. 

Lynn, Charles Merritt. 

Marblehead, John Dixey. 

Newbw-.yport, John Akeroian, Wooster 
Smit* 1 ' I 

North Andover Moody Bridges, James C ! Asa W. Wildes, Newouryport, Chairman; 
Pfl 3S: -*"W?-«V J*-ooaj x>na es, james ^ ,, gte hena Baker, itetwfo ; Ebenezer B. Cur- 

ne . , / awrence. 

Spread Commissioners ) Lewis Allen, Dan- 

Rockpor', Henry Dennis 
Salem, Daniel Totter. 

Sovih Danvers, Stephen Upton, Chas. A,i ve ™> Wm - ^f- Roc p^ L . , _ . ■ | 

j iimc, a?r« J'laces of Meeting. — At Ipswich, \ 

| on the second Tuesday of April. } 

Salem, on the second Tuesday of July. 
Ncuiburyport, on the 2d Tuesday of Oct. 
On the fourth Tuesday of December, at I 
StzZem, Newburyport or Ipswich, as the Court I 
Ipswich, Ira Worcester; Newburyport, John ffiay determine at the term next preceding. j 
kermau; SWero, Ebenezer L. Kimball ; At £ aWTCWce> on the last Tuesday of Aug. | 


Crier of Courts 
Ipswich, Theodore Andrews 


Lawrence, James Cary. 

Masters of the House of Correction. 

Ipswich, Ira Worcester. 

Lawrence, James Cary. 

Session:; of Courts. 

Commissioners of Insolvency 

Lawrence, Nathan W. Harmon. 
Newburyport, Henry B. Fernald. 
Salem, John Glen King. 

Public Administrators. 
Prolate Court, holden at A ndover, second Marblehead, Frederick Robinson. 
Tuesday in February, (Sorlh Pari h,) and lYewbur-ypori, Edmund Smith. 
j second Tuesday in August, (South Parish.) , v 'ohm, Benjamin A. Gray, Edwin Josselyn, 

At Gloucester, -third Tuesdays in .January 
and July. 

At Haverhill, third Tuesday in April and 

At Ipswich, Third Tuesday in February, 
! May, August, and November. 

Nathan Millet, Thomas Needbam. 

Masters in Chancery. 

Lawrence, Nathan W. Harmon, 
Newbury port, Henry B. Fernald. 
Salem, David Roberts. 



Corurniss; oners of \Yrecks. 

• '. 1 iac Story. 
'dt'hs Theo. Andrews, Stephen Bal r, 
- , .; bn Lord, Jr. 

.-.,..•.-.', Edmund Smith. 

ixaissioners to qualify Civil Officers. 
An I wr, Nathan W. Hazen, Samuel Mer- 

•erhj, Robert Rantoul. 

• Ljucester, Lonson Nash. 

;' i rhitl, James II. Duncan, Stephen Mi- 
?,-'. William Tagsart. 

;, u:lch, Asa Andrews, Charles Kimball. 

fjiv-'retice, Wadieigh Goodhue, Nathan W. 
:'■ irmon, Nathaniel White, Dan Weed. 

Lynn % Wm. Bassetfc, Benj. F. Mudge, Jere- 
• C. Stickney. 

.\iarMehead, G. Wilson, Joseph P. Turner. 

V"rrA Andover, George Hodges. 
Im i ••' uryport, John Coo'-:, Moses Pettingellj 
Jo! 't Porter. 

Sqknn, Joan Chapman, Asahel Huntington, 
Charles Kimball, John G. King, Joseph B. F. 
Osgood, John Punchard, George \YheatIand, 
Henry Whipple, Daniel A. White. 

Juaticf-s of the Peace. 

; i.r]>,din.'i J---v ■•- cf (hi; p,:-jrr. ana Quovi.nn. de*i(. natylby a*, 
■•:.■ cithro-uyiiout the Commantcedith, designate, toy a f.] 

dmesbufy, #Lowell Bagley, Wo. C. Binney, 
Elijah Chase, f Joshua Colby, Amos Currier, 
John Ev*:)^, Joseph Gale, William H. Has- 
] <■'■'. Joseph Merrill, Jr., John S. Morse, 
*Jonathau Nayson, William Nichols, Orlando 
S. Patten, Robert Patten, Patten Sargent. 

indover, Amos Abbott, Asa A. Abbott, Na- 
Ihua Abbott, 2d, fJohn Aiken, Jedediah Burf, 
-■■■■■■ : Carlton, Isaac Carrutb, Heemab P. 
Randier, William Chickerin .?, *Hobartdark, 
: • acis Cogswell, Samuel T. Cooper; ^'Samuel 

rrar, John Flint, ^George Foster, Moses 

Foster, Jr., Enoch Frye, 3d, Abraham J. 

bauid, Samuel Grav, -Nathan W. Haze,., 

*$?,mue\ Merrill, *Mark Newman. Willard 

Pike, William Pierce. 

Beverly, 11. A. Appleton, John I. Baker, 

; bena Baker. F. W Choate, GharleslOavis, 

• nklin Dexter, Ilez. Foster, Henry P. 
Ilerriek, J. E. Ober, John Porter, Edward 

'■'■'!. Ruf'us Putnam, *Robert Rantoul, 
tries Stephen.-, Thomas Stephens, Richard 
!'• Waters. * 

uoxfard, N. Bodwell, M. Dorman, Solomon 
■■•'• George Pearl, G. Parley, George W. 
kiwyer, Enoch Wood. 

s Bradford, George Cogswell, Benj. Green- 
w*f, Joseph Hall, *Edomnd Kimball, Eliohalet 

erx, Mcses Black, Jr., Ebenezer Hunt, 
•* '.■• O.-^ood, Philemon Putnam, Caleb 
' ' Her, Wm L. Weston, 

- --. A.l. Butnlwm, Ebenezer Burnham, 
" ■■'/'-' I Choate, Ezra Perkins, Jr. 

'■ A — ••■■••, Jeremiah P.Jones, John M. 

j Prince, * Jeremiah Russell, Chas. S. Tenney, 
Orlando P. Tenney. 

Gloucester, John J. Babson, Joseph S. Bar- 
ber, Joseph Blood, Brijrbam L. Corliss, 
j Alex. P. Davis. Geo. L. Ford, Theopbilus 
: Ilerriek, John W. Lowe, Nathaniel Pierce, Al- 
fred Presson, Leonard J. Presson, Ira Saville, 
1 Isaac P. Smith, Joshua P. Trask, John Web- 
ber, *John S. Webber.! ) Wm. S. Bal eh, George Hudson, 
Natli'l Ladd, Amos. Parker,' Benj. Parker, J. 
i W. Peed, Jeremiah Spoflbrd. 
j Hamilton, Choate Bnrnbam, Temple Ca- 
ller, Alien W. Dodge, Joseph Knowlron, Na- 
[thaniel A. Lovering, Joseph Patch, Paul D. 
I Patch. 

I Haverhill John Brickett, Wm. Caldwell, 
lElbridge W. Chase, Tbos. N.Chase, W. D. 
S. Chase, Jesse Ciement, Eph. Corliss, fJames 
H. Duncan. John R. Easter brooks, Orenzo T. 
Emerson. Moses G.J. Emery, Daniel F. Fitts, 
Edward G, Frothingham, James Gale, Simeon 
George, Walter Goodell, Samuel E. GreerJeaf, 
E.J.:M.Hale,Wm. H. Hewes, Isaac R. Howe, 
*'.Nath*i S. Howe, Caleb D, Hunkinj, Ensign 
S. Hunkins, Eiias T. Ingalls, *Aifred K.t- 
tredge, John James Marsh, Truman M. Mar- 
tyn, Moses Merrill, ^Stephen Minot, John B. 
Nichols, Moses F. Peasle<\ Eleazer A. Poiter, 
Eben II. Sa'dbrd, Benj. E. Sawyer f Wm. ! ■;_- 
part, Thomas West, Thos. 11. West, *Moses 
Win gate. 

Ipswich, Asa Andrews, Theo. Andrews, 
*Josiah Caldwell, Augustus C. Gary, Aaron 
Cogswell, Gilbert Conant, *Wra. Conant, Geo. 
Haskell, Alfred Kimball, *.Charles Kimbail, 
George R. Lord, Frederick Mitchell, "John A. 
Newman, Timothy B. lio^s, Aaron Waliis, 
Asahel II. Wildes* 

lavireiice, James K. Batfcw, Geo. W. Ben- 
son, Charles 11. Bigelow, Beuj. Bordman, I >-■-. 
P. Brio-as, George D. Cabot. Joseph O'ilea 
Cantjllori, *Perley S. Chase, Albert P. CI iik, 
Joseph P. Clark, *Robert Cros6, John B. .Fair- 
field, ^Nathan W. Harmon, Michael D. Hart, 
James D. Ilerriek, John C. Hoadley, Leonard 
Hoyt, Wm. D. Joplin, Win. M. Kimball, Win. 
Morse, Charles S. Newell, C. G. Newton, 
Henry K Oliver, Thomas A. Parsons. John 
Rodman Rollins, Daniel Saunders, Dani I 
Saunders, Jr., William Stevens, ,*Charies S. 
i Storrow, Ivan Stevens, Albert Warren, B r\ 
| Watson, *Dan Weed, *Nathaniel White, Na- 
thaniel G. White, Thomas Wright, W. II- P. 

Lynn, fJohn B. Alley, James Babb, *D tniel 
C. Baker, William B issett, John II itctiel I ■- 
■ Andr< ws Breed, H ram N. Breed, Laiali 
| Breed, Joseph i^i:>»), 2d, * Isaac Bi ■ 
!*Oiivc'r B; Coolidge, Joseph Dampney, *i ; - 
1 ward S. Davis, George Foster, A. C. Go 
•Joseph Haines, John Hilton, *George 11 
William Howland, Nathaniel in^:^-^ l 
Josseljn, George W. Keene, Josiah .F. Ivnn-, Alonzo Lewis, James 3. Lewis, Call b .1. 


M A S SACK U S E T T S 11 E G I S T E R 

Long, Aaron Ln nonius, Charles Merritt, Benj. 
Mudge, *Bepj. F. kludge, Ezra W. Mudge, 
Asa T, N" vball, Francis S. Newhail, Henry 
Newhail, - ? - \ - : i ;s R. Newhail, *Thoiaas B. New- 
hall, Henrs C. Oliver, Francis Parton, Dean 
Peabody, Daniel Perley, James W. Fond, 
Amos Rhodes Robert M. LFtchardson, Joseph 
N. Saundersoii, Chas. Henry Stiekney, ^Jere- 
miah C. Stickney, Cyrus M. Stimson, Amos P. 
Tapley, Roland G. Usher., Jojin P. Woodbury. 

Lynnfield, John Danfcrth, Jr., Joshua 
Plewes, Andrew Mansfield, Josiah Newhail, 
John Perkins, Jv. 

Manchester, Jos. Hooper, Benj. Leach, 2d. 

MarUekead, Sam"! Bowdoin, Glover Brough- 
ton, Benj. Brown, Ephraim Brown, *Wm. Fa- 
bens, Thos. Foss,John Gilley, Henry G.Gray, 
J tmes Gregory, fFrederlck Robinson, Joseph 
H. Robinson, John Sparhawk, Jr.. Joseph F. 
Turner, George Wilson. 

M'Jthuen, Stephen Barker, John Davis, 
Josiah Dearborn, Wm. H. Frye, John M. 
Grosvenor, Joseph How, Joseph F. Ingalls, 
John Low,B. F. G. Marsh; Chas. Shed,- Josiah 
G.-- White. 

Middkton, Ebej\ S.Phelps. 

Nahxint, J. Q. Hammond, W. W. Johnson. 

Newbury, -Daniel Adams, Geo. W. Adams, 
Richard Adams. David S. Caldwell, Joshua 
Coffin, Daniel Caiman, Daniel Lunt, Daniel 
Noyes, Samuel Poor, Wm. M. Borers. 

'Newhuryport,^.3ohn Akerman, Jacob Atkin- 
son, * Horace Bickford, Isaac H. Boardman, 
Joseph K. Bragdon, Tristram Coffin, Jv.^ *Geo. 
J. L. Colby, Jeremiah Colman, *John Cook. 
Solomon II. Currier, Win. E. Currier, fCaleb 
Cashing, *\Ym. Da 1 , is, Henry B. Fernald, 
Nathaniel Foster, Henry Frothingham, Jos. G. 
Gerrish, Major Goodwin, Daniei Grander, 
Narh'l Greeler. Benj. W. Hate, Moses Hale. 
John Ham i,*Geo. W. Hill, Nathaniel Hals, 
Philip K. Hills, Jacob ]Ior;ou, Eleazer John- 
son, Harrison G. Johnson, *IIenry Johnson, 
*Henry W. Kinsman, Caleb Lamson, Josiah 
Little, Moses Little, Micajah Lunt, ^Stephen 
W. Mavson, Andrew W. Miltimore, Edw; rd 
S. Moselev, *Moses Pettinc'ell, *Samuel Phil- 
lips, Isaac "Pearson, John N.\Pike, Josiah W. C. 
Pike, John Porter, *Edward S. Rand, *Ed- 
inund Smith, Eben F. Stone, William Stone, 
Mark Symonds, Wm. Thurston. John G. Til- 
ton. *Geo. Titcomb, f Asa W. Wildes, Paul T. 

North Awlovcr, Jededlah II. Barker. Daniel 
Carleton, George Hodges, James M. Hubbard, 
Wm. Johnson, Bailey Loring, Laac O. Loring, 
Henrv eood, James Stevens, Nathaniel 

irtlett, Eben Blatehfmd, 
■- ! r tski 11. J nn 'S Man- 
:-.. Wm. Poole. 
, iS. Smith, Edwd. Todd. 
Allen, George Andrews, 


!:■ d i ■>■'..> = ■• ph 

Gftorp •'!>. Hale, Ja 

nine:, Benj. Parsons 

Bowleg R. Herb- 

Saletv y tthaoi 

i ml 

Joseph Andrews, S.itn'i P. Andrews, Nathan 
Appletoo, Wm. Archer, Jr., John Ball, Sidn 

C. Bancroft, Benj. Barstow, John Bertram 
James B. Brings, Ammi Brown, Ephraim 
Brown, Jr., Nehemiah Brown, *Nehemiah 
Brown, Jr., Wm. Brown, f Albert G. Browne, 
Benj- F. Browne, John T. Burnham, Samuel 
B. Buttrick, Joseph 5. Cabot, Oliver Carlton, 
William Galley, John C had wick, f John Chap- 
man, Geo. F. Chever, George F. Choate, Jos. 
Cioutman, * Horace L. Conolly, Francis Cox, 
Geo. 11. Curwen, Jose]!) A. Dalton, Geo. H. 
Devereux, Humphrey Devereux, John Dwyer, 
Charles M. Endicott, Wm. C. Endicott, John 
G. Felt, f Caleb Foote, William H. Foster, 
James A. Gill's, Benj. A. Gray, Daniel P. 
Grosvenor,' Henry B. Groves, Leonard B. Har- 
rington, Mark Haskell, Wm. P. Hayward, 
Moses Hill, Jacob Hood, fAsahel Huntingto i, 
'Stephen B. Ives, Jr., John Jewett, Chi ries 
Kimball, Ebenezer W. Kimball, James Kim- 
ball, *John G. King, Henry L. Lambert, Ed- 
win Lawrence. Joseph S. Leavitt, *Nath'l J. 
Lord, fOtis P. Lord, Geo. B. Loring, Willi 
Maynes, Jas, Me Geary, Thos. Needham, Geo. 
L. Newecmb. Gilbert G. Newhail, David Ni- 
chols, John II. Nichols. *Wm. D. Northend, 
Thos. F. Odell, ^Joseph B. F. Osgood. Jere- 
miah Page, Wm. \Y Palmer, John Brooks 
Parker, Edward H. Payson, Wm. B. Parker, 
Francis Peabody, Geo. Peabody, Robert Peele, 
Aaron Perkins, Daniel Perkins, ^Jonathan C. 
Perkins, Jonathan Perley.Jr., Jairus W. Perry, 
"-Stephen C. Phillips, f Stephen H. Pnillips, 
Wilford P. Phillips, David Pingree, Thomas P. 
Pingree, Daniel Potter, *Wm. C. Pfescott, 
*John Punchard, Daniel Putnam, David Put- 
nam, Perley Putuam, Moses I). Randall, -^Da- 
vid Roberts, ^Augustus D. Rogers. Straiten 
W. Robinson, Henry Russell, Israel D. Sl.ep- 
ard, * Nathaniel Silsbee, Edmund Smith, Geo. 
H. Smith, Henry B. Smh h, J G SUmpson, 
Thomas M. Stimpson, Augustus Story, Gilbert 
L. Streeter, *Wm. Sutton, John I). Symonds, 
Nathaniel D. Svmonds, *Larkin Thorndike, 
John \Y. Treadwell, Chas.^W. Trumbull, 
Charles W. Upham, Abbott Walker, Ebenezer 
N. Walton, * Joseph G. Waters, Wm, D. Wa- 
ters, Benj. Webb, Natlri Weston, *George 
Wheatland, Henry Wheatland, Stephen G. 
Wheatland. *Hcnry Whipple, John Whipple, 
♦Daniel A. White, Henry L. Williams, \\ r m. 
Williams, Jonathan F. Worcester, Isaac 

Salisbury, Ezekiel Brown, Wm. Carruthers, 
Thomas J. Ciark, Streeter Evans, B. E. Fifieid, 
Elias French, T. P. Morrill, George Turner, 
Azor O. AVebster, D. Webster. 

Saiigus, Wm. W. Boardman, Geo. W. Fair- 
hanks, Benj. F. Newhail, Elijah P. Robinson. 

South Dancers, f Alfred A. Abbott, Lewis 
Allen, fRobert S. Daniels, Warren SI. Jacobs, 
James P. King, George Osborne, Geo. A. Os- 
borne, Miles Osborn, Kendall Osborn, Ri- 
chard Osborne, Joseph Qsgoo<l, John B. Pea- 
body, Benj. (.'. Perkins, Israel Perkins, Fitch 
Poole, Leonard Poole, Nathan H. Poore, Wm. 


ftete, ' ' ■ • Vn'shiv, *John W. Proctor,] Neicburyport, Isaac H. Board man, J. ■ -.', 
|^ 65 . ' p- on > Stephen Upton, William j H. Bragdon, John Cook, Nathaniel Fo 

Sm***r#eott% S. C. Pitman, Waldo Thompson 
/w,j, ..-, Jos. W. Batehelder, *WHliam X 

Samuel 3 hillips, • > hn Porter, Asa W. 
Rockport, James Haskell. 
S '■ , George Andrews, Oliver Carlton, 

Ctottfciincl, Andrew Gould, Zaccheus 1, Joseph Ckmiman, Win. C. Endicott, Ephraira 
(III r,<l, Joel Lake, Samuel S. McKen- ( F. Milii r, Joseph B. F. Osgood, William C. 
2j & i llnyal A.Merriam, Richard Phillips, Jr., Prescott, John Punchard, David Roberts, Lar- 

P ofe. 

-. ■•.-,■. Andrew Dodge, Moses Foster, 

' _ N "'•-••".'/. John C. Carr, Eliph. Emery, 

.,. ?y» Kmcrv, Nehemiah F. Emery, Edmund 

: -. fj ihn Moody, Closes Newell, Thomas 

» I :■■' y, Ben Perley Poore, *Dean Kobin- 

i .. .- miuel Rogers, John M. Tewkesbury. 

STotaries Public. 

\nti <ver, Henry W. Abbott, George Poster, 
m:,m-. Merrill, Win. Pierce. 

lUvtrbj, Stephens Baker, Frederick Yv\ 
i i oate, ilezekiah Foster. 

f'Htneezs, Richard Hood. Samuel Preston. 

Ge.jfsttoion, Jeremiah Russell. 

Ciicucesler, Jos. S. Barber, Lonson Nash, 

'-..>. P. Trask. 

Ihreri HI, James Gale, John James Marsh, | Lamb, Julius H. Morse. 
K'n Tajrgart j MarUehead, Samuel Bowdcn, James Gre«- 

hvc.rence, Benj. Boardman, Nathan W. j rr. 
. ; •• . k ■:, Daniel Saunders. Dan Weed, Nath- j Newburyport, John Cook. 

Rockport, James Manning. 
Salem, Nehemiah Brown, Wm. Brown, 
Henrv Derby. 

kin Thorndike, Joseph G. Waters, SLephen 
G. Wheatland. 

Salisbury, Thomas J. Clark, George Turner. 

South Danvers, Alfred A. Abbott, Benj. C. 
Perkins, John W. Proctor. 


A m es b u ry, Wra . Pe c k e r . 
Andover, Joseph Pice. 
Bradford. Jonathan Kimball. Jr. 
Danvers, Richard Hood. 
Essex, Caleb Cogswell. 
Georgetown, Claries S. Tenney. 
Groveland, Nathaniel IT. Griffith. 
Haverhill, Truman M. Martyn. 
Ipswich, Theodore Andrews. 
Lynn, Hiram N. Breed, Plume? Chesley, 
James Stone. 

Lawrence, David Dana, Jr., William D. 

Lynn. Edward S. Dams, Philip C. Kuapp, 
.. . -s R. Newhall, Amos Rhodes, Cyrus M. 

SiarUehead, Samuel Bowden,Wm. Fabens, 

- -a • • s ( iregory. 

U f.hucn, George Foot. 

Salisbury, Elias Frern-h. 

South Danvers, Stephen Upton, William 
j Walcott. 
I West Newbury, John Mood v. 



Incorporated June 24, 1811. 
Number of towns, 26. 

Judge of Probate, - 
Register of Probate, 
Clerk of Courts, 
Register of Deeds, 

County Treasurer, - 

Overseers of House, of Correction. 

Sheriff, -..'--■-- 

Deputy Sheriffs, 
Charlemont, Samuel Potter. 

Shire town, Greenfield. 
Population in 1855, 31,630. 


Franklin Ripley, 

Charles Mattoon, - 

George Grennell, 

Almon Brainard, - 

Almon Brainard, 
( Franklin Ripley, "> 
( H. G. Newcomb, ) 

Charles Pomeroy, 

Times of Meeting. — At Greenfield, on the i 
1st Tuesdays in March and September, and j 

Greer: ■ : '. 
Greenfu Id. 
Green el ; . 
Green fieM. 


Coleraine, Roswell A. Buck. 
Conway, W. C. Campbell. 
Greenfield, Lorenzo P. Joslyn. 
Montague, Solomon C. Wells, 
New Salem, Wilson Andrews- 
Northfield, Elisha Alexander. 
Orange, Wilson Wheeler. 
Slielburne (Falls,) Henry Eld ridge. 
Sliuleshury, A. S. Howe. 

Crier of Courts. 
David Wright, Greenfield, 

Deputy Jailers. 
Seth C. Smith, Greenfield. 

Sessions cf Courts, 
Prolate Court, balden at Greenfield, 2d 

2d Tuesdays in June and December. 
Commissioner of Insolvency. 
Horatio G. Newcomb, Greenfield. 
Commissioners to qualify Civil Officers. 

Charlemoni, Roger II. Leavitt, Sylvester 

Greenfield, Cbas. Allen, D. W. Alvord, j 
Almon Brainard, George Grennell, Whiting j 
Griswold, Chas. Mattoon, Horatio G. New- j 


ace W- Taft. 

Justices of the Peace. 

[Im-bi.lhg Justices of the Peace n-'.d Quorum, d^'i hi a' 
end Justices throughout the Commonwealth, designated b% a*.} 

Aslfield, Wait Bement, Bela Gardner, 
Samuel W. Hall, Alvin Perry, Henry S. S.2,n- 
ney, Chester Sanderson. 

Bernardston, John E. Burk, f Henry W. 

Tuesdays of February March and May, 4thjCushman, Aretas Ferry, Pliny Fisk, Timothj | 

Tuesday in August, 2d Tuesday in October, |K- Horton, Zcbina C. Newcomb, Daniel W. j 

1st Tuesday in November, and 3d Tuesday in! Temple. 

December. j Buckland, E. D. Be moot, Ebenezer May- | 

At Conway, 1st Tuesday in February, and) nam. Thomas B. Moniague, John Porter, j 

3d in July. ^ *John Tobey, Josiab Trow, Ruths Trow- 

At Charlemont, 3d Tuesdays in May and] bridge. 

! October. ' Charlemont, Stephen Bates, Hart Leavitt, ! 

i At Orange, last Tuesday of April and theh lo ^ er ir - I-eavitt, Alex. P. Maxwell, *Syl- j 

j 3d Tuesday of September. J yester_Max well, Austin Pease, Leonard B. ! 

! At 

I the 1 
dav in September 


Friday next after the 3d Tuesday of Septem- Stephen Shepardson, Jonathan Potman, Jehu 
ber. ' Wilson. 

Conway, Pbineas Bartlet, Chester Bement, 
County Commissioners. John Bradford> Horace B. Child, Gardiner 

i Jostah Goddard, Orange, Chairman : Lucius Dickinson, *Asa Howland, Austin Rice. 
j Nims, Greenfield; Hart Leavitt, Charlemoi.tA Deerfield, Isaac Abercrombie, ' *Plir.y Arms, 
Special Qmwiissioners, Gardiner Dickinson, Wm. D. Bates, Dexter Cbild s, Horatio Hawkes, 
j Contcoy; Albert R. Albee, Erving. (Robert M. Pease, Christopher A. Stebbins, 

t Northfield,oa the Wednesdays next after Rice, Elias Taylor, A. L. Tyler, Frederick W. j 

last Tuesdays of April and the 3d Tues- White. 

in September. Coleraine, Amos Bardwell, John Drury, j 

At Lock's Village, Shutesbury, on Friday *Joseph Griswold, Jonathan Johnson, Wiliiai 
xt alter the last Tuesday of Anvil, and the Lan fair, Hugh B. Miller, Calvin W. ShattucI 


: . r.han A. Saxton, Artemas Williams, John j 


luring, Henry II. Holton, S. II. Wood- 
w ...) 

V,-'. Josiab D, Canning Rpswell Field, 
Jot : Lvoi-.s, John A. Tezmey, Jonathan S. 

Or nfield, Charles Allen, *D. W. Alvord, 
•Atraon Brainard, David N. Carpenter, *Geo. 
r Davis, * Wendell T. Davis, Timothy M. 
Dewey, Wra. Elliott, Richard E. Field, +Geo. 
Grennell, James S. Grennell, Whiting Gris- j 
wold, Samuel 0. Lamb, fHorace Lyman, I 
►Charles Mattoon, *Horatio G. Newcomb, 
Harvey C. Newton, *Samuel II. Reed, * Frank- 
lin Ripley, Frederic G. Smith, Alfred Wells, 
George D. Wells, Hopkins Woods. 

fkiwley, Samuel Hall, Calvin S. Longley, 
John Vmeent. 

Heath, E. S. Darling, Aaron Dickinson, 
Joseph W. Hunt, Wm. M. Maxv ell. 

Leverett, Luther Dudley, Alden C. Field, j 
Zebina Field. Francis Frary, Elijah Ingraham, 
T. B. Rice. ' . - 

Leyden, Fernando W. Carlton,. John Mowry, 
2d, *Eli Win* Packer. 

Montague, S. I). Bard-well, Philander Bout- 
well, Sanford Goddard, Jonathan Hartwell, 
Harrison F. Foot, Augustus L. Taft. 

Monroe, Asahel Gore, Charles Phelps, Phil* 
I aader Boutwell. 

New Salem, Emerson Fay, Samuel Giles, 
; Aipheus Harding, Virgil M. Howard, Horace 
Hunt, William Smith, Claik Thompson, Jabez 
F. Whipple. 

Northfield, Zebulon Allen, Richard Colton, 
I S. A. Field, Timothy Field, Hugh W. Green, 
1 ":\ tiles Osgood, James White. 

6ranqe;tl. Baker, Otis Brooks, V, D. Chase, 

Daniel Frost, D. Go Ward, Joslab Goddard, 

■ £ina Goddale, Rodney Hunt, Philip Martin, 

| Kdwin Stone, *Wm- B. Washburn, John R. 

! Whipple, Hiram Woodward. 

Rowe, Humphrey Gould, Wm. P.Taylor, 
Noah Wells. 

Sheiburne, Charles M. Duncan, S. T. Field, 
Zebulon W. Field, I. J. Hawkes, Flam Kel- 
loga, E. G. Lamson, A. Maxwell. 

Shutesbury, Hardin Henimenwav, Henry 

Sunderland, Wm. F. Bowman, Charles 
Cooley, William Delano, Ashley Hubbard, 
Avery D. Hubbard, Clark Howe. Emmons 
Russell, Wm. W. Russell, *HoraccW. Taft. 

Warwick, James Goldsbury, James Stock- 

Wendell, Daniel Ballard, Thos. IF Brooks, 
Jabez Sawyer, D. Wilder. 

Whattly, Josiah \Allis, Chester Bardwell, 
2d, Daniel Brown, James M. Crafts, Samuel 
Lesure, S. B. White. ' 

£7ota.rie3 Public. 

Conway, Gardiner Dickinson, David C 

Deerfidd, John Wilson. . 

Greenfield, Wm. II. Allen, Charles K. 
Grennell, Samuel 0. Lamb. 


Bernardston, Samuel J. Lyons. 

Charlemont, Samuel Potter. 

Coleraine, Thomas R. McGee. 

Conway, David C. Rogers. 

Deerfield, Isaac Abercrombie. 

Gill, Roswell Purple. 

Greenfield, Alfred Wells, 

Levercit, Svlvarvus Field. 

'North field, Richard Colton, Simeon A. Fiel 1. 

Sunderland, Erastus Pomeroy. 

Wendell, Samuel Brewer, 




I X C O R P ( ) R A T ID, F E B R (J A E Y 20, 181 2 . 


Shire town, Springfield. 
POPULATION in 1855, 54,875. 


Judge of Probate , - 
Register of Probate, 
Clerk of Courts, 
i Register of Deeds, 

j County Treasurer, - 

Overseers of House of Correction, 

Oliver B. Morris, 

Charles A. Winchester. 

George B. Morris, - 

William Rice, 

Norman .Norton, 
f Stephen G. Bemls, ) 
< William Stowe, y ■ 
( Elijah Blake, J 


Sp? ingfield. 

Spring field. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Chester ^Factories,) Charles W. Knox. 
Chicopee, Simon G. Southworth. 
Chicopee (Fall*,) Lewis Calkins. 
Granville, Timo.thj M. Cooley. 
Eohjoke, Robert G. Marsh. 
Ludlow, Edmund Bliss, 
Palmer, Parker W. Webster. 
Palmer (Thomdike?) George Movers. 
Springfield, Marcellus Finney, David A, 
Auams. • 

West field, Frederick Bush. 
Wilbraham, Wm. B. Morgan. 

Deputy 5?b..-r 4 flc In Hampshire County. 

Northampton, Ansel Wright. 
I Norwich, John Parks, 
| Ware, Samuel H. Phelps. 

Deputy Sheriff in Berkshire County. 
Otis., Francis E. Btishnell. 

Crier of Courts. 
Wm. Hatfield, Springfield. 

Deputy Jailer. 
Elihu Adams, Springfield. 

Sessions of Courts. 

Probate Court, holden at Snrinafield on tin 

Nathaniel Cutler, - Chicopee. 

County Commissioners. 

Amred Homer, Brimfield, Chairman ; Fran- 
cis Brewer, Springfield; Henry Fuller, West- 

Special Commissioners. — Robert E. Bemis, 
Chicopee; Daniel G.White, West Springfield. 

Times of Meeting. — At Springfield, en the 
2d Tuesday of April, and 1st Tuesday of j 
October, and 4th Tuesdays of June and Dee. i 

Master in Chancery. 
Springfield, John M. Stebbins. * 

Commissioner of Insolvency. 

Springfield, Henry Yose ; Palmer, James : 
G. Alien; Westfield, Edward B. Gillette. 


Commissioners to qualify Civil Officers. 

Palmer, James G. Allen, Gordon M. Fisk. j 

Springfield, Erasmus D. Beach, Geo. Bliss, ! 
Richard 'Bliss, Wm. B. Calhoun, dam.- W. j 
Crooks, George B. Morris, Oliver B. Morris, 
Justice Willard. 

Westfield, W. G. Bates, James Fowler, IN". 
T. Leonard, 

Wilbrdham, L. B. Bliss, Solomon C. Speiman. 

Justices of the Peace. 

[Including, oho. Justices of the Peace and Quorum, dem'gnated \<j 
o * , and Jtislices throughout the CoitimoHWto.Uk, by a f .] 

Agawam, Alfred Flower, Samuel Flower, j 
Spencer Flower, Enoch Leonard, Newbury 

irst Tuesdays of January, Februry, March, ! Norton, Samuel Palmer, Wm. F. Wolcott, ! 
kpril, June, July, November, and 4th Tues- : Charles G. \\ right. 

lays >f' April, August and September. 1 ' ndford, Lyman Gibbs, Wm. H. Gibbs, ! 

U Westfield, on the 3d -Tuesdays of March, j James Hinsdale, Albert Knox. Eli Pease, j 

I A, 

; ([! 

» June, 

pt ember and December. 

David P. Robinson, David Shurtlej 

| At Marison, on she 2d Tuesday of June ; j Brimfield, Parsons Allen, *Henry F.Brown, j 
! and at Palm r, on the 2d Tuesday of Sep- j John \V. Foster, George C. Homer, Eben. • 
j teinber. ' ' Knight, Oilman Noyes, Jairus Walker. 


ester, EHzur D. Cook, John J. Cook, E. 
. . Forbes Kyle, T. K. D'WolfF. 

pee, Sylvanus Adams, Emi.Hus S. Al- 
- ■ .. Jar vis LHrstow, Robert E. Bemis, Ezekiel 
" W\ Pliny Cadwell, Otis Chapman, Jonathan 
H. Cbilds, Timothy W. Carter, Amory Doo- 
■; •. Chas. R. Ladd, Closson Pendleton, Mar- 
fir, J. Severance, Samuel A. Shackford, Chas. 
Si terman, Geo. M. Stearns, Warren Smith, 


■John Wells, Mortimer D. 

■\ itaker 

Granville, fRufus H. Barlow, Charles F. 
Bates, Martin K. Bates, * James M. Goodwin, 
Vincent Iloleomb, Samuel Root, fElijah Sey- 


II Hand, John Wallis, Wm: A. Webber. 

Uolyoke, Irving Allen, Hervej Chapin, 
H rcry Eh, George C. Ewinsi, Cyrus Frink, 

5 ephen Holman, Jaraes K, Mills, Lester 
Newell, Wm. B. C. Pearsons, Porter Under- 

■.. i :. 

Jjmgmeadow, G. O. Bliss, Henrv J. Crooks, 
*Wm. White. 

Ludlow Charles Ah] en, Geor»e Booth, John 
P. Hubbard, Jerre Miller, Eli M, Smith. 

Monson, Samuel D. Brooks, Sherman Con- 
verse, Wra. N. Fiynt, '-Austin Fuller, Warren 
Fuller, Hiram Newton, John Newton, Timothy 
Packard, Ira G. Potter, Joseph L. Reynolds, 
Nelson F. Rogers, Samuel Shawl, Francis L. 
Smith, John W. Smith, Walter Smith, Jacob 

Montgomery, David Allen, Wm. Squire, 
Edward Taylor. 

Palmer, James G. Allen, Moses Barnes, 
Aionzo V. Bianckard, Rufas Brown, Enos 
Calkins, Gamaliel Collins,' Gordon M. Fisk, 
John Foster, Franklin Morgan, A. R. Mur- 
floek, David Tenney, Calvin Torrer, Eiias 
i r ner, John Ward. 

Unwell, Newman Bishop, Jr., Nelson I). 
Parks, Roland Parks. 

Voathvicfc, Homer M. Forward. Joseph M. 
Forwardi Amasa Holcomb, Carmi Shurtleff, 
- i iron Warner. 

Springfield, David Ames. Chas. T. Arthur, 
tGeo.rge Ashmun, Frederic A. Barton, Francis 
Bates, Wm. L. Rami?, Richard Rk c s. fGeorge 
Bliss, ^Erasmus 1). Reach, Stephen G. Bemis, 
Klkanah Barton, Ephraim W. Bond, Walter 
H. Rowdoin, Samuel Bowles, William Bridg- 
jan,Waa. Bryant, \ Wm. R. Calhoun, Franklin 
■ tiberlain, Chester W. Chapin, Harvey, 
Cbapin, * Reuben, A. Chapman, *James W. 
'■ rooks, Russell Crooks, Harvey Danks, Samuel 

6 Hu\ Elijah W. Dickinson, Solomon Hatch, 
>■'■■ B. Hildreth, *John Hooker, *Josiah 

ker, tCnarles Howard, Joseph fogr&haui, 

' V. Re ward, Daniel Los \b ir I, |-J< hn I [ills, 

'■:'■ S. Moore, -Henry Morris, George B. 

Morris, Rich. J). Morris, James II. Morton, 
Simeon Newell, Lorenzo Norton, Norn 1 ! a 
Norton, Horatio S. Noyes, An.-ei Phelps, Jr., 
*Thomaa G. Phipps, Geo; W. Rice, Wm. 
Riee, Otis A. Seamans, Heruan Smith. Henry 
Smith, Wm. L. Smith, Augustus L. Soiile, 
Chas. Stearns, John M. Sti bl ins, *Eliphalet 
Trask, Phiios B. Tyler, Henry Vose, Georg • 
Walker, * Solomon Warriner, Samuel Webber, 
Leonard B. Wight, * Justice W r illard, Charles 
A. Winchester. 

Tolland, Hiram C. Brown, Fowler T. Moore, 
Joseph D. Sloctim. 

Wales, Ferdinand L. Burley, Absalom 
Gardner, Elijah Shaw. John Smith. 

Westfield,_ Jehiel Abbott, fW. G. Bates, 
fPatrick Boies, Henrv Fuller, f James Fowler, 
Comfort Gibbs, Edward R. Gillette, Hiram 
Harrison, . Samuel Fowler, *N. T. Leonard, 
Henry B. Lewis, David Moselev, Reul in 
Noble, Asa P. Rand, Silas Root, Asa B. Whit- 
man, Milton B. Whitney, Lucius Wright. 

West Springfield, Richard Beebe, Hon er 
Ely, Addison Harger, Edward Parsons, Daniel 
G. White, Henry White, Lester Williams, 
Chas. C. Wright. . 

WUbrahani, Marcus Reebe, *L. R. Bliss, 
Roderick Burt, Marcius Cady, John W. Lang- 
don, John M. Merrick, Samuef F. Merrick, 
Jr., Eleazer Scriptor, John R. Morris, Loren 
C. Pease, Jesse W. Rice, Wm. V. Sessions, 
Solomon C. Spelman, Wm. C. Spelman. 

Notaries Public. 

Chkopce, Geo. M. Stearns, John Wells. 
Mortimer I> Whitaker. 

Holyoke, J^n-< K. Mills, Lester New-,!!. 

Morism, Philip Gage, John Newton. 

Springfield, Ephraias W. Bond, J. F. C lin- 
stock, James W. Crooks, James H. Morton, 
Geo. W. Rice, Otis A. Seamans, Augustus L. 
Soul*, John M. Stebbins, James M. Thorn] on, 
Henrv Vose. George Walker. 

Vfestfi'M Henry Caller, Edward B. Gillette, 
Milton R. Whitney. 

WilbraJiam, L. V. Chaffee. 


Brim fid J, Alvin Janes. 

Chester, Wm. Shepherd. 

£Idly< be, Alpheua B. Clark. 

Monson, Hiram Newton. 

Palmer, Elias Turner. 

Spring field, Wiph Blake, Wm. G. !'•- 
I Harvey Chapin, John R. Kirkhara. 

. ' . iel Abbott, James II 11 

i Wilbraham, Roderick Burt. 



Incorporated May 7, 1662. 
Number oy towns, 23. 

.Shirk tows, Northampton. 
Population in 1855, 35.403. 



Ithamar Conkey, 

Albion P. Perk, - 
Samuel Wells, 
Harvey Kirkland, 
Charles Delano, 
r Samuel Wells, 
Overseers of the Home of Correction, J David Damon, 

( Charles Smith, 
Sheriff', - ' - - , - - Henry A. Longley, 

Judge of Probate, 
Register of Probate, 
Clerk of Courts, 
Register of Deeds, - 
Count// Treasurer, 

Northampton, | 

- Northampton. 

- Northampton. 

- Northampton. 


Deputy Sheriff. 
Amherst, Francis Kingman. 
Chesterfield, Spencer Town. 
Enfield, George L. Shaw. 
Huntington, John Parks. 
Northampton, George F. Wright, Cornelius 
Plain field i Leonard Campbell. 
South Iladlej {Falls), Enoch C. Cbapio. 

Ware, Samuel H. Phelps. 

Williamsburg, Luther Loomis. 

Deputy Sheriffs in Hampden County. 

Chester, Charles W. Knox. 

I IMi/oke, ftoberi G. Mar^h. 


j Jailer and Master of 32euse of Correction, | 

Cornelius Delano, Northampton. 

Commission ers of Insolvency. 
Amherst, Ithamar F. Conkey. 
Northampton, Haynes II. Cbilsoo. 
Ware, Samuel T. Spaulding. 

Public Adninistratoxs. 
Hadley, Ephraim Smith. 
Southampton, Samuel C. Pomroy. 
Ware, Otis Lane. j 

Commissioners to qualify Civil Officers. 
Amhers', Ithamar Conkey, Ithamar F. Con- j 

Enfield, Epaphras Clark, Josiah B. Woods, i 
Northampton, Amos H. Bullen, Havces II. j 
Chilson, Samuel Wells, Eliphalet Williams. 

Ware, Wrai S. Breckenridge, George II. 
1 Gilbert- 
Justices of the Peace. 

[Including Justices of tht Pwca owi Quorum, d&iipin tAfl by <i *, ' 
and Justice* throuyhoui the Conimon^r.iUh, <;.--<' _",.,.>.;,' f: a *.j i 

Amherst, Lucius Boltwood, * James W. Boy- ; 
j den, Henry A. Bridgman, George Burnham, j 
Jr., Simeon Ciark, *Itbamar Conkey, fltha- 
At Belchertown, 2d Tuesday in May and mar y. Conkey. John K. Cush man," Daniel 
j October. Dickinson, fEd ward Dickinson, Baxter East- 

At Chesterfield, 3d Tuesday in May, and 3d | man, John M. Emerson, Newton Fitch, Al- ! 
j Tuesday in October. | bion P. Howe, Daniel Payne, Ferdinand Hob- 

Sessions of Courts. 

Probate Court, bolden at Northampton, 1st 
j Tuesday in each month. 
! At Amherst, 2d Tuesday in January and 
i August. 

County Commissioners, 

jinson, Benj. F. Smitb, Luke Sweetser, Jonas 
II. Winter. 


1 Elisha II. Brewster, Worlhmgton i TV m. P. Belchertown, Leonard Barrett, Wrigb 
; Dickinson, Hadley; Elkanah King, Jr., hunt- Bridgman, James H. Clapp, Frai.klin Dickin 
1 mgton. | son, Samuel W. E. Goddard, Aeahe! Goodell, \ 

j Special Commissioners.-— AiW.phas Strong, j Thomas it Green, Henry A. Longley, Win. 
Belcherioii-n ; Otis G. Hili, Williamsburg. Phelps, David Riee, Mason Shaw, Samuel A. 

Times of Meeting. — At North unn'on, 1st I Shaw, Ebenezer Warner. 
Tuesdays "in March, April, September, and Chesterfield, *Dyar Bancroft,. Paul IT. Cud- i 
December, and Tuesday next after the 2d W3r th, Oliver Edwards, Orson M. Pearl, Tim- j 
Monday of June, annually. ' otby A. Phelps, *Edsel VVitherell. 



lington, William Dwight, Nathan Or- 
t :■<. EKphalet Packard, Wra. Packard. 

fca.<thampton, WiiKam N. Ciapp, Luther 
'.. Eben Ferry, Charles B.Johnson, Lem- 

j ]' Lyman, Samuel Williston, Luther 
. .J.?. Jr. 

Enfield, *Epaphra3 Clark, Charles Rich- 
.• •■•, .Joseph Root. 

Goshen, Luther Stone, Benjamin White. 

Gra xby, Rodney Avers, Urban Career, 
; '. Chapia, Charles Ferry, Wm: J. Patrick. 

■ .. • nvncJt, Stephen Douglas, *Laban Mar- 
;:v, Jobw North-urn, Culleu Warner, John 

Hadky, George Allen, Simeon Dickinson, 
Elijah E. Hay ward, Charles P. Hitchcock, 
Stephen Johnson, Frederick Lyman, John A. 
" ■-.-. rton, Samuel Nash, Charles P. Phelps, 
Bieazer Porter, James B. Porter, Ephraim 
Smith, Joseph Smith, Thaddeus Smith, Jason 
Stockbridge, Levi Stockbridge, Perez S. Wil- 

TTatfieM, *Tsrael Billing?, Horace W. Field, 
George W. Hubbard, Roswell Hubbard, Jas. 
Morton, Moses Morton, Austin Smith, Joseph 

Huntington, Francis Harwood, Washington 
Stevens, Horace Taylor, Daniel Granger, 
Rufus h, T. Pomeroy, Jabin B. Williams. 

Middlefield, Joan L. Bell, Calvin Smith. 

Northampton, William Allen, Jr., fOsmyn 
Baker, James Banks, Benjamin Barrett, 
r Amos H. Bulien, Haynes H. Chilson, 
B C3 Miricey Clark, John Clark, *Chaa Delano, 
1 . A. Dewey, John Eden, jChas. E. Forbes, 
Joseph Haskins, »Chas. K. Hawks, *Saixruel 
L, Hincldey, Horace I. Hodges, Benj. S. John- 
s' *•. Harvey Kirk'kmd, *'Satn : u"« ! F.', A. 
Perrj Peck, Mllo J. Smith, Fftram Stebbins, 
Wni. II. Stoddard, Abijah W.Thayer, Josiab 
D. Whitney, Jonathan L. Weds, *Samuel 
Wells, *Eliphale.fc Williams, Zeiias Wright. 

Pelkam, David AbeTerombie, Calvin D. 
Eaton, Horace Gray, Ansel A. Rankin. 

Plainfield, Elijah Chirk, Albert Dyer, Isaac 
K. Lincoln, Jaoon Richards, David Shaw, 
C'o. Yining. 

Prescott, Eli W. Chapin, Samuel Henry? 
Charles Hodgkins, Nathan Vaughan. 

Southampton, Elisha Edwards, Elisha A. 

Edwards, Jonathan N. Judd, Samuel Lyman. 
Noah L. Strong. 

South Iladley, Wm. Bowdoin, Titus Clark, 
O. P. Ingraham, Wells Lathrop, G. A. Smith, 
David Turner, Warren L. Waterman. 

Ware, John Bowdoin, Wm. S. Brecken- 
ridge, Joseph Cumminss, Arthur L. Devens, 
Geo. H. Gilbert, Benj. F. Goff, Ira P. Gould, 
Joseph Hartwell, William Hyde, Otis Lane, 
Joel Rice, Eberiezer C. Richardson, Orrin 
Sage, Addison Sandford, Samuel T. Spaulding, 
Chas. A. Stevens. 

Westhampton, Anson Chapman, Joel Cook. 
John Fish, John A. Judd, Almon B. Ludden, 
Jesse Lyman. 

Williamsburg, Lewis Bodraan, Bela P. 
Clapp, *Salmon 11. Clapp, Stephen Hopkins, 
Daniel F. Morton, Spencer Root, Addison H. 
White, fEphraim U. Wright. 

Wortkington, John Adams, Wm. A. Bates, 
Elisha XL Brewster, Edward C Porter. 

Notaries Public. 

Amherst, J. W. Boyden, Edward Dickin- 

Chesterfield, Dyar Bancroft. 

Enfitlrf, Epaphras Clark. 

Northampton, Amos }I. Bulien, Charles 
Delano, Charles K. Hawks, Janies Hibben, 
Jonathan L. Wells, Joslah D. Whitney. 

IFare, Benj. F. Goff, Samuel T. Spaulding. 

Amherst, Solomon K. Eastman. 
Belcherlown, Henry A. Longley, Ralph 

Chesterfield, Joel Willcntt. 
Greenwich, Stephen Douglass. 
Iladley, Eleazer Porter. 
Hatfield, Austin Smith. 
Northampton) Ansel 'Wright. 




| Incorporated May 3 0, 1643. Shirk towns, Cambridge, Concord and Lowell. 
| NXJMBEK OF TOWNS, 51. POPULATION in 1855, 186,953. 


Judge of Probate, 
Register of Probate, 
| Clerk of the Courts , 

j Assistant do., 

Registers of Deeds, 

County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correction, 
I Sheriff, - 

Samuel P. P. Fay, 
Alfred A' Prescott, 
Seta Ames, - 
M. Preston, 

( Caleb Harden, 
U-B. Wright,- 

Amos Stone, 
r William Parmenter 

J Samuel Chandler, 
'j Fisher A. Hildreth, 
[_ John S. Keyes, 
John S. Keyes, - 





- E. Cambridge. 




Deputy Sheriffs. 
Camhidneport, Josiah W. Cook. 
Charlestown, Perez it. Jacob?. 
Concord, Moses Priohard. 
E. Cambridge, Levi Parker, S. W. Richard- 

Framinghcim, Joseph G. Bannister. 
Groinn, Willi. Mn C, Lewis, E. S. Clark. 
Hopkinton, Stedman W. Howe. 


- Lowell. 

At Loir ell, on the 1st Tuesdays of March, 
June and December, and 3d Tuesday of Sep- 

At Woburn, on the 4th Tuesday of April. 

County Commissioners.] 
[Sec Act Mi page ID.] 
Leonard Huntress, Tewlcsbury ; John K« 
| Going, Shirley; Paul H. Sweetser, South 


Lowell, Joseph Butterfield, Wm. IL Clem- . ' 6" :?'/ n • ■ wir tt s 

.- ,-, r> 1 a i t'< t^i • t opeciat Lohimissioncrs. — \\ ilham Ilastmc-g, 

enee, b. IJ. ia«e, Aianson io.som, hawm L, rw™,- ? . t u t -em * t • ~ 

qL j ° framing ham; John P.. Jb letcher, Acton. 

'~' ! %.* „ t t i ^ ir 57/;:e.s c;u( Places of Meeting.- At Car/i- 

Marlhorounti, John \V. Moore. ; •, t > , -, * t< f ^ t 

, ,- ,v- ; *t i ■ r V vrri bridge, on tue 1st Tuesday of January ; and at 

-W- ■{/ ■;.-'j > John T. White, 
Natick, A, W. Burks. 
''Newton, Horatio N. Hyde. 
Stoneham, Samuel Tidd. 
SVoifl, Francis Conant. 
5ba:/ii -W. Charles B. Barrett. 
U r afctot.,'E. W.Fiske. 
Wo&«r/i, Thomas J. Porter. 

Cri er of Courts. 
Cambridge-, Levi Parker. 
Cambridge, Charles J. Adam?. 
Concord, Samuel Staples. 
Lowell, Samuel Meserve. 

Master of House of Correction. 
Cambridge, Charles J. Adams. 
Sessions of Courts. 


I Coney/'. 7 , on the 1st Tuesdays of June and 
! September. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
! 1 nc 11, Isaac S. Morse. 

| Nali lyJohn W, Bacon. 
i Watiham, Josiah Butter. 

j Public Administrators. 

Charlestown, IJuncan Bradford. 
Concord:, Nathan Brooks. 
Framingham, Moses Edgell, 

Masters in Chancery. 
Cambridge, (East,) Ezra Ripley, Joseph H. 

Charlestown, George W. Warren. - 

Lowell, Arthur P. Bouncy. 

j Commissioners to qualify Civil Officers. 

Probate Court, hoiden at Cambridge, on ih^ ; Cambridge, Seth Ames. S. P. P. Fay, John 
; 2.] Tuesdays of January and June, on the 3d j G.. Palfrey i Nathaniel P. Whitney. 
I Tuesday oi' March, May, November and IX- j Charlestown, Moses G. Cobb, Thos. Sumner, j 
cember, on the 1st Tuesday of September, (Charles Thompson, George Washington War- ! 
: and on the 2d Tuesday of October. ' j rem Paul Willard. 

At Concord, on the 2 \ Tuesdays of Febnv : Cnna rd, Nathan Brook?, Neheminh Ball. 
i ary, April, August and November. Fran '■• , ' f.Clias. R. Train, Edgell. 

At Charlt.stown, on the 3d Tuesdays of | Grotou, Benj. P. Dix, Walter Shaitnck. 
| February and August Lowell, Alpheus R. Brown, Nathai Crosby, 

l At Framingham, on the last Tuesdays of John W. Graves, S. W. Stickney, Nathaniel 
' Jane and October. j Wright. 

At Groiun, on the 1 :t Tuesdays of May and j Newton, Horace R. Wethi rell. 


! Pepperel^Chrlst't W. Bellows, John Walton, j 



Sfurtey, James O- Parker, James C, Par- | 
ion.«, E. D. Bancroft. 
Stoneham, Geo. W. Dike, Alonzo V. Lynde. 
IFeston, Isaac Fiske. 

Justices of the Peace. 

■,,~':-, !:•"] Jitstiixx of ' tr-s Peace and Q>Mxrwn, rJ-sfiyrifitcdtjy a * , 

ti.itl j ustices t) •■-'_, hout thi L't.'.itu. jhiv' -.tit;' , by a t .] 

Acton, Robert Chailiu, Abraham Conant, 
Ebenezer Davis, Jr., Winthrop E. Faulkner, 
Allien Fuller, *Stevens Hay ward, John M. 
Mile.-*, Moses Taylor, * Francis Tuttle, Daniel 
Wet her bee. 

/Uhhy, Cashing Burr, Martin Howard, Amo3 
Wellington, *Luke Wellington, Francis W. 
Wright, Stephen Wyman. 

Ashland, Andrew A Hard, Elias Grout, Benj. 
Homer, Luther E. Leland, William. Seaver, 
Geo. LI. Stone. 

Do! ford, * Reuben Bacon, Phineas W. 
Chamberlin, Amos B. Cutler. 

BUterica, John Baldwin, Jr., Leander 
Crosby, Dudley Foster, Jonathan Hill, Benj. 
L. Judkins, Azel W. Patten, John P. Robin- 
son, Amos Spalding, George 11. Whitman. 

Uoxbora', Francis Conant, John Fletcher, 
Cephas Hartwell, Samuel Hay ward, Oliver 

Brighton, Stephen II. Bennett, Elijah Clark, 
Joseph "Duneklee, David Hart, Charles Heard, 
John S. Kelly, S. L. Piumer, William War- 
ren, Francis L. V inship. 

'Burlington, Nathan Blanehard, Silas Catier, Shedd, Wm. Winn, Jr. 

Cambridge^ *Seth Ames, Isaiah Bmgs, 
Thadde.nS B. Bigelow, William A. Brewer, 
* Joseph T. Buckingham, *£phraim Buttrick, 
Robert Carter. Henry M. Chamberlain, Ed- 
ward T. Channiir/, Edmund T. Dana, John 
B. Dana, Richard" IT. Dana, Jr., Epea S. Bix- 
v-. !i, Abraham Edwards, John C. Farnham, 
tS. 1*. p. Fay, Nathan Fiske, Charles Folsom, 
*James D. Green. Samuel S. Green, * Thad- 
dewj W. Harris, Caleb EUyden, Ezekiel Hay- 
den, John Hensbaw, Bela F. Jacobs, *John 
S. Ladd, Abraham Lansing, *Asa F. Law- 
rence, Charles C. Little, *George W. Liver- 
more, *fsaac Liver-more, John Livermore, 
I ore.nzo Marett, Charles' R. Metealf, Jinxes 
R Morse, William H. Odiorne, Frederick J. 
Ordwav, Lucius R. Paige, fJobn G. Palfrey, 
Levi Parker, *\Vm. Parmerirer, Sedgwick L. 
Piumer, Henry Potter, Zebina L. Raymond, 
Edward Richardson, *Ezra Ripley, John Sar- 
■'" : ". Charles B. Stevens, George Stevens, 
Wnu F. Stone, Henry Thayer, *Joseph li. 

' ) ; "r, Jonathan Wheeler," Benj. W. Whi-ney, 
<*os. Wuitney, *Nathaniel R. VVhitney, Titos. 
'< Whittemore, fSUttej Willard, Charles 
"'cod, William Wyman. 
( 'urlltle, George F. Duren, Calvin Heald. 
CharteMown, James Atlantis, Henry D. Aus- 
;; 'b fNathaniel Austin, Ebenezer Barker, 
■J^eph P. Boyd, Daneart Bradford, Wm. 

Bradford, Philander 


:3 G. Cobb, Nathaniel W. Collin, Gilb 

D. Cooper, Samuel P. Croswell, *Jame< 
Dana, Patrick Denvir, Thomas M. Devens 
Thomas Doune, Thomas J. Eliot, Jacob Fors- 
ter, Jacob Foss, Henry K. Frothingham 
*James K. Frothingham, Richard Frothing 
ham, Jr., James G. Fuller, Tho3. Greenleaf, 
John Q. A. Griffin, Gustavus V, Hall, Albeit j 
0. Hart, Joseph S. Hart, Charles C.Hayward, j 
Thos. Hooper, James Hunuewell, George li. '• 
Jacobs, David S. Jones, Geo. P. Kettell, Seth | 
W. Lewis., Joahua -Magouti, Nathan Merrill, j 
Geo. B. Nea>, Chas. Poole, Biekibrd Pul&ifer, 
Jr., Chas. Robinson, Jr., Chas. B. Rogers, \ 
Timothy T.Sawyer, Abraham F>. Shedd, Wm. 
B. Stearns, Amos Stone, Phineas J. Stone, j 
*Thos. Sumner, Warren B. Thomas, f Abra- i 
ham R. Thompson, jCnas. Thompson, Edward j 
Thorndike, Edward Ward, *G. Washington i 
Warren, Wa W. Wheildon, Paul Willard, j 
Paul Willard, Jr., Sidney A. Willard, William j 

Chelmsford, Benjamin Adams, J. C. Bart- j 
lett, *Chas. T. Bird, Ziba Gay, Jr., Samuel j 
P. Hadiey, Jonathan J. Hoyt, *Eli P. Parker, I 
Dawson Pollard, Jos. Reed, Christopher Roby, j Spauldiog, Eli F. Webster. 

Concord, *\Neheiniah Ball, George M. j 
Brooks, fNathan Brooks, Simon Brown, John j 
M. Cheney, Charles B. Davis, Jacob B. Far- I 
mer, Addison G, Fay, Chas, W. Gobdnow, ! 
George Hey wood, *Ebenezer R. Hoar, Jo- j 
seph Reynolds, Daniel Shattuck, Elisha | 
W heeler. 

Draeut) C. Blood, Jr., George W. Coburn, 'j 

Ira Had, Wm. F. good, Asa Clement, Theo. ! 

Parker, Henry Richardson, Chas. B. Varnum. J 

Dunstable, Allen Cummings, Josiah Cum- i 

mins, Henry Parkhtmt. 

Framingham, Albert Ballard, James W. • 
Brown, AJ'exr. Clark, Jonas Cloves, Moses I 
Edged, C. Cs Estey, Charles Ftske, Joseph ; 
Fuller. Jonathan Green wood, *Wm. Hastings, 
Eiias Howe, Lawson Kingsbury, ^Ahiei S. 
Lewis, fWm. G. Lev/is, Franklin Manson, 
Warren Nixon, Henry Richardson, *Lorenzo | 
Sabine, Ebenezer Stone, Eiias Temple, |C has. i 
It. Train, John Wenzell, Chas. S. Whitmore, j 
Simon Whitney. 

Groton, Jonathan S. Adams, f George S. j 
Boutwell, Benjamin P. Dix, Andrew Gardner, ; 
Edward A. Kelley, John ^V. Parker, John M. \ 
Porter, Samuel Vv : . Rowe, *Bradford Russell, 1 
Walter Shattuck, John Spaulding, Jr. 

Hollistoh, Benjauiin F. Bacheledr, George j 
Batchelder, Elias Bullard, John Claflin, Au- j 
gustus N. Currier, Ebenezer IL Currier, Elish \ \ 
Cutler, Abner Johnson, George S. Johnson, | 
*Alden Leland, Eliel Li ttietield, Samuel Fay- ; 
son, Abel Fond. 

HopkinioTU S. D. Davenport, John A- \ 
Fitch, Silas Mirick, Augustus Phipp.s, Mosw ' 
Phipps, Alanson Valeniine, Jo*. Valentine, 
Lucius H. Wakefield, Albeit Wood, Willard i 
Woodward, 2d. j 

Lexington, Wm. Chandler, Robert M. Cop- i 



land, fGhas. Hudson, William Plumer. Mar- 
shall Preston, Charles Robinson, Jr., Sylva tus 
W. Smith, Christopher Solis a Royal B. Willis. 

Lincoln^ Loring H. Austin, James L.Chapin, 
William Foster, Abel Wheeleh 

Littleton, Daniel Bolles, Benjamin Dix.Pe- 
Utr C. Edwards, Jonathan Hartwell, Jos. A. 
Harwood, James Kimball, Wm. Kimball, 
Samuel Smith. 

Lowell, James C. Abbott, Julian Abbot, 
*Josiab G-. Abbott, *Joel Adams, John T. K. 
Adams, *Shubael P. Adams, -Edwin A. Alger, 
Hiram A. Alger, Otis Alien, John Avery, 
Daniel Aver, J. H. B. Ayer, * Jefferson Ban- 
croft, tHomer Bartlett, Frank F. Battles, Itha- 
mar A. Beard, John Bennett, Harrison G, 
Blaisdell, Andrew Blood, Arthur P. Bonney, 
Artemas L. Brooks, *Alpheus R, Brown, 
*Samue3 A. Brown, Ethan B'urnap, *Benjamin 
F. Butler, *Joseph Butterfield, John A. But- 
trick, George H. Carlton, *Roberfc B. Caverly, 
Josiah G. Chase, *Linus Child, Aibe C. Clark, 
Ransom Clifford, James S. Coleman, Joshua 
Converse^ Isaac Cooper, * Horatio G. F. Co-- 
iiss, Aknson Crane, Nathan Crosby, David 
Dana, Joshua W, Daniels, William Davidson, 
Robins Dinsmore, Erastus Douglas, Alpha E. 
Farr, James K. Fellow?, James 13. Francis, 
Abrara French, Cyril French, Josiah B. 
French, Abner Frost. *William S. Gardner, 
*John W. Graves. Samuel P. Hadlev, Jr., 
Philip Hardy, Asa Bildreth, Eliphalet Bills, 
Lorenzo G.Howe, Moses G. Howe, Anson 
Huntington, }Elisha Huntington, Samuel K. 
Hutchinson, Daniel Hard, Fonj, F. Jackson, 
Jeremiah F. Jewett, Jonathan Kendall, Wm. 
Kittridge, Chauueey L. Knapp, *J©hn A. 
Snowies, Jonathan Ladd, Wm. Lamson, Jr., 

•ose J. 

uel Law-re nc 

i ron^nran * S< wall G. '"'. 
guire, Albert &J illsrd, Jol 

James 3 Ma- 
Manahan, Jos. 
W. Mausur, Stephen Man.sur, John B. MeAl- 
vin, Hugh Mc-Evoy, Darius Mcrr'iam, Joshua 
Merrill, Samuel Meserve, *Isaao S. Morse, 
John Nesmith, Arthur F, L.Norris, Frederick 
Parker, Samuel Parker, Ephraim B. Patch, 
Josiah G. Peabody, Timothy Pearson. Samuel 
C. Pratt, Thos. W. Pressey, James II. Rand, 
Abel .'Richardson, Daniel S. Richardson, Wm, 
A. Richardson, Augustus B. Roby,AVm. Roby, 
E. W. Scott, *Edward F. Sherman, William 
Smith, Sidney Spalding, Samuel W. Stiekney, 
Holland Sfreeter, Joshua Swan, Theo. H. 
Sweetser, Abraham Tilton, Sam u I J. Tuttle, 
Artemas S. Tyler, Wm. D. Vinal, Samuel A. 
Waters, Edward F. Watson, *Wm. P. Web- 
ster, Charles A. Welch, *Tappan Wen • >rth, 
Oliver M. Whipple, Joseph Wl ite, H*p»oo I 
Wright, Wright, Nathan i 1 Wright, 
Walter Wright 

Maiden, George F. Cox, Solomon Corey, 
Joseph Qerrish, Gilbert Haven* Benjamin G. 
Hilt, Azro D Lamsoru Charles Lewis, Wm. S. 
Stearns, Francis i. Tay, Henry E. Turner, 
Joshua Webster. 

Marlboro', O. W. Albee, Lambert Bigelow, 
William B. Gale, David Goodale, Isaac Hay- 
den, Nathaniel Longley, Hollis Loring, George 

E. Manson, Stephen Morse, Stephen Pope. Ni- 
cholson B. Proctor, George S. Rawson, Benj. 

F, Underbill, Salomon Weeks, Jabez S. With- 
erbee, Wm. IF Wood. 

Medford, Timothy Cutting, Alex. Gregg, 
Joseph P, Hall, Aaron K. Hathaway, Judah 
Loring, Sanford B. Pvvty, *John Sparrell, 
James M. Usher. 

Melrose, William Bogle, Jonathan Cochran, 
Samuel O. Dearborn, Isaac Emerson, Wm. J. 
Farnswortb, Eibridge Greene, Jeremiah Mar- 
tin, *Jolm T. Paine, John Shelton, James M. 

Natick, *Chester Adams, John W. Bacon, 
Moses Fames, Benjamin F. Ham, Stedman 
Hartwell, Edwin C. Morse, Ashur Parlin, Na- 
thaniel Smith, Edward Walcott, flienry Wil- 

Newton, *Amos Alien, Joseph N. Bacon, F. 
W. Bacon, Joseph Barney, fEbenezer Brad- 
bury, Edward J. Collins, *Seth Davis, J. Wil.ey 
Edmands, Closes Garfield, Watson Goward, 
David K. Hitchcock, Edwin Holman, Ezra C. 
Hutehins, James F. C. Hyde, Timothy Jack- 
son, Samuel Jennison, Jr., William Kenrick, 
Dustin Fancy, James W. Rice, Marshall S. 
Rice, Thomas Five, Jr., J. St. Clair, Adolphus 
Smith, Jonas Smith, Jr., William C. Strong, 
♦Andrew H. Ward, Andrew H. Ward, Jr., 
Horace E. Wetherell, Loring Wheeler, John 
Winslow, Ebenezer "Woodward. 

North Heading, Wm. Emery, Charles F. 
Flint, Daniel Flint, George Flint, John F. 
Hammond, F. F. Root. 

PeppereU, Christopher W. Bellows, Sumner 
Carter, Samuel Farrar, Arnold tiutehinson, 
Samuel A. Jewett, Samuel Tucker, *John 

Heading, John Batchelder, Stephen Foster, 
Abie! Hold en, Chauncey P. Judd, Still-man E. 
Parker, Daniel Pratt, Jr., Nathan P. Pratt, 
Thaddeus B. Pratt, Alfred A. Prescbit, Joshua 
Prescott, Thomas Sweetser, Caleb Wakefield, 
Horace P. Wakefield, Wm. J. Wightman, 
Hiram F. Wright. 

Sherborn, Jeremiah Fader, Amos Clark. 
Thomas J. Morse, Silas Stone. 

Shirley, E. D. Bancroft, James Gerrish, 
John K. Going, Israel Lonoley, John Pa:k, 
James C. Parsons, Peter Tarbell, Wm. Taylor, 
Thomas Whitney. 

Somerville, Alfred Allen, *Luther V. Bell, 
George O. Brastow, F. F. Cutter, John K. 
Hall, Charles H. Hudson, John C. Magoun, 
Erasmus A. Norris, John James Sawyer, Isaac 

us A. Norris. John James Sawyer, I; 
ephai I, Edward L. Stevens, Fran'ci: 
Columbus Tyler, Chas. C. Waiden. 

South Reading, John B. Atweli, Lucius, William L. Brown, Fill}' Eaton, A. F. 
Hutchinson, Edward Mansfield, Daniel Nor- 
eross, Noah Smith, Paul II. Sweetser, Benja- 
min F. Tweed, William H. Willis.. 


Sfom^am^DexterBucknam, Edward Buck- j bert Thompson, Cyrus Thompson, ^Leonard 
• :. David H. Burnham, George Cowdry, | Thompson, Moses F. Winn. 

'.;.-: C. Crocker, Silas Dean, |George IV 
, Lyman Dike, Amasa Farrier, *Ira Gerry, 
Cyrus Hay, *Alonzo V. Lynde. 

V,v, Ssth Bass, Henry Fowl er, Elijah Ilile, 
Charles Tower, Joel Waleutt, Edwin Whit- 

S dbury, Asahei Balcolm, Christopher G. 
Order, Drory Fairbanks, Lyman Howe, Na- 
bura Thompson, Ephraim Stone. 

Tewksbury, Jonathan Brown, Seneca Hills, 
Leonard Huntress. Caleb Livingston, Horatio 
C. Merriam, Elijah M. Read, William Rogers, 
I>. F. Spaulding, Samuel Thompson. 

Totciisendf Noah Ball, Ezra Blood, George 
Green, Samuel Jenkins, Jr., Levi Sherwin, 
Levi Steams, Frederic A. Worcester. 

Tt/ngsboro*, Charles Butterfield, Samuel L. 
Dana, Lowell Lawrence, Simon Thompson. 

Waltham, Horatio Adams, fNathaniel P. 
Banks, Jr., *John Clark, Daniel Emerson, 
George W. Frost, kahuna Hardy, Gideon 
ftay.nes, Ebenezer Hobbs. Wm. Hobbs, D. A. 
Kimball, *Jarvis Lewis, George W. Lyman, 
* Chos. J, Marsh, Arad Moore, James G. Moore, 
Eliphrdet Pearson, Josiah Eutter, G. A. Som- 
erb) , Frederick M. Scone, S. B. Whitney. 

ffiiitertQwn, *• Charles Bemis, Isaac Y. Bemis, 
Seth Bemis, -Tyler B'gelow, George Frazer, 
Samuel D. Green, Hiram Hosmer, Wm. H. 
Ingraham, Joseph B. Keyes, Marshall King' 
man, Samuel 0. Mead, .Isaac Bobbins, -Levi 

Wayland, David Hoard, Lewis Jones, jEd- 

West Cambridge, Charles J. Frost, John M. 

.'i'v-worfb, Jobs 
a P"*J 

me R.m 

tnsur W. M i h 
II, Thomas Eu's- 

Westford, Ephraim Abbott, John W. P. Ab- 
tt, John B. Fletcher, Marcelius H. Fleteh* r, 
eroian D. Fletcher, Ephraim A. Harwood, 
seph Hildreth, True worthy Keyes, Luther 

iston, Alpbeu 

Bigelow, Samuel II. F. 
i Isaac Fiske, John L. Gourgas, Na- 
than Magar, Edwin Hobbs. Isaac Jones, Benj. 

Wilmington, Henry Blanchard, Walter 
Blanchard, Charles H. Carter, William II. 
Carter^ John M. Durgin, Lemuel C. Fames. 

W inchester, Cyrus Bancroft, fJohn A. Bolles, 
Oliver B. Clark, Loring Emerson, William In- 
' -b . X. A. Richardson, Samuel S. Richardson, 
K Jenezer Smith, Benj. F. Thompson, Edwin 
A- Wadleigh. 

■_' "/'.., Bowen Ruckman; Charles Cfcoate, 
• ' P. Converse, Martin L. Converse, Par- 
"' L_ Converse, John Cummings, Jr., John 
a - W'a, Edwin Fuller, Joseph Gardner, 
,,;: ' • T. Grammar, Albert 11. Nelson, John 
; on, Austin iJ. Perkins, James M. Il mdall, 
A *toert L. Richardson, Abijah Thompson, Al- 

Notaries Public. 

! Brighton, Andrew B. Cobb. Charles Heard. 
! John S. Kelly. 

Cambridge, Franklin Hall, George W. Liv- 
! ermore, Benjamin W. Whitney. 

Ckarlestown, Nathaniel Austin, Duncan 
Bradford, Moses G. Cobb, J. Q. A. Griffin, 
George B. Neal, Thomas Sumner. 

Concord, Nathan Brooks. 

Framingham, Lorenzo Sabine. 

Holliston, Eiias Buiiard. 

Hopkinton, Silas Mirick. 

Lowell, Edwin A. Alger, James G. Carney, 
David Hyde, John A. Knowles, William A. 
Richardson, S. W. Stickney, Abe! Whitney. 

Maiden, Benj. G. Hill, Albert F. Sargent. 

Melrose, Samuel O. Dearborn. 

Newton, Samuel Jennison, Jr. 

South Reading, "Wm. L. Brown. 

Townsend, domes N. Tucker. 

Waltham, Josiah Beard. 

Woburn, Alpha E. Thompson. 


Acton, Luther Conant, Winthrop F. Faulk- j 

Brighton, Isaac G. Bra man. 

Cambridge, Nathan. Fiske. 

Cambridge (East), Chas. J. Adams. 

Carlisle, Jonas Barker. 

Charlestown, A. B. Shed, Thomas Sumner, 
Edward 'Ward.. 

Concord, Anthony Wright. 
I '^unstable, George P. Wright. 

Framingham, Wm. G. Lewis, Allston W. 
| Whitney, H. Richardson. 

Groton, Abel Farnsworth, Jacob Pollard. 

Hollision, Loammi Littlefield, Samuel P. 
j Smith. 

Hopkinton, Silas Mirick. 

Littleton, Samuel Smith. 

Lowell, Josiah B. French, J. B. Jewett, Ed- 
win L. Shed, Joel Spaulding. 

Marlboro'', Levi F. Whitmore. 

Medford, John T White. 

Melrose, Jonathan Cochran. 

Natick, Alexander Cooledge. 
• Newton, Adolphus Smith, Henry M. Stim- 

Peppcrell, Isaac Boynton, Jr.. Samuel P. 
Shattuck, Luther Tar bell. 

Reading, Abiel Ilolden. 

$om> rville, Hugh Moore. 

South Reading, Daniel Norcross. 
■ Wayland, Wm. Heard, 2d. 

Weatford, Solomon Richardson. 

Waltham, Wm. Hobbs. 

Woburn. John Nelson. 




Incorporated June 20, 1695. 

Population in 1855, 8,064. 


Judge of Probate, ----- Samuel Mitchell, 

Register of Probate, - - George Cobb, - 

Town and County Treasurer, - - Reuben Macy, 

Cleric of the Courts, George Cobb, - 

Register of Deeds, ■ - Asa G. Bunker, 

Sheriff, Uriah Gardner, 

Crier of Courts, ----- Caleb Cuskman, 

Jwler and Master of House of Correction, Isaac Myrick, 

Sessions of Co art*. 

Probate Court, holdeu first Saturday of every 

'Commissioners of "Wrecks. 
Nantucket, William Barney, Philip EL Fcl- 

ger, Thomas A. Gardner, George Myriek, E. 
W. Gardner, Daniel Ilussell, Jr., Samuel B. 

Public Admin: str ator. 
Nantucket, Samuel G. Mitchell. 

Nantucket. \ 
Nantucket. \ 
Nantucket. \ 
Nantucket, j 

Bfotaries Public. 

William Barney, James M. Bunker. Caleb 
Cuskman, Philip H. Folger, Samuel Mitchell 

Elisha M. Hinckley, George Brown. 

Justices of ine Peace. 

[rnch'dina ,Tv.«iic<s of the Pence an.'T (>vc>-"<,i. th.*ii?i; d.-d >,:,- a ', 
and Justices throughout t.i.: Cv-.imoauetd'.h, de.s'.yno.'tij >.•, f . ; t-.j 


Commissioner of In solver cj , 
Nantucket, George Cobb. 

Commissioner's to quality Civil O Ulcers. 

Nantucket, * William Barney, *John W. 

Barrett, Asa G, Banker, *James M. Bunker, 

Caleb Cusbman, *Geo. Cobb, Win. Cobb. Job 

Coleman, James Easton, 2d,- Elisha P. Fearing 

KPfaiUp H. Folger, William C. Folger, *£d- 

| R'arc! M. Gardner, Timothy Hriesey, Justin 

! Lawrence, Thomas Macy, Francis M. Mitchell, 

James M. Bunker, George Cobb, Timothv i Samuel Mitchell, William Mitchell, William 

Hussey. | B. Mitchell, *Paui West 



Incorporated March 26, 1793 
Number of towns, 22. 

Judge of Probate, 
Register of Probate.^ 
Clerk of Courts, 
Register of Deeds, - 

County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correction, 
Sheriff, -..-,- 

Shire town, Dedham. 
Population in 1855, 94,123. 


Wm. Sherman J. eland, - 

- Jonathan IT. Cobb, 
Ezra \\ r . Sampson, - 

- En os Foord, ------ 

Geo. Ellis, ' '- 

< s Martin Marsh, - 

James Richardson, ..... 
Ezra W. Sampson, - - 

Thomas Adams, ----- 

D ed ham. 
D( \h \m. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Canton, Rufus C. Wood. 
Bedham? Augustus B. Eiidieott, Bradford S. 
Dorchester, John Rohie. 
Midway (West), Valentine It. Coombs. 
Randolph, John T. Jordan. 
»SYi uffhton, E. G. Kinsley, 
V/eymovth, Silas Binney, Geo. WAV Ida.-, Jr.. 
Wrentkam, John B. Ingalls. 

Crier of Courts. 

George Alden, Dedham- 

Deputy Jailer. 

Bradford S. Farrington, Dedham. 

Sessions of Courts. 

Probate Court, hold*; n at Dedham, on the 1st 
1 "'b-y of each month, and ac Webster Hall, 
in Roxbury, every Saturday afternoon, at 2 
o'clock precisely. 

At Quincy, on the 2d Tuesdays of February, 

Public Administrator. 

Dedham, Ira Cleveland- 
Masters in Chancery. 

Dedham, Alexander Cb Washburn. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil Oincers. 

Braintree, Naaman L. White 

Dedham, Jonathan H. Cobb, Eqos Foord, 
James Richardson, Ezra W. Sampson. 

Roxbury, Jonathan- P. Robinson. 

Weymouth, Noah Fifieid, Appleton Howe, 
Fisher A. Kingsbury, Edmund Thomas. 

Wreniham, Harvey E. Clapp, Daniel A. 
Cook, Melatiah Everett 

Justices of the Peace. 

fJntfUdina j&stici of the Peace and Qn-m/a, rte*urnni< ■'■ " a *, 
eiitf Justices t roui/IioUt tfi£ Co/iitnonwealiA, deii'j>iuti lojau\ 

Bellirigham, Francis D. Bate.:, Nathan Burr, 
Nathan A. Cook, Save! Metealf, Jeroid O. 

Braintree, Chas. IE Dow, Berrj. Dyer, Sam'l 

,J ! Dyer, Asa French, fBenj. V. French, Samuel 

At Roxbury, on the 4th Tuesdays of Feb- f D ; Hdvden, £[; a3 Hay ward, Chas. S. Hobart, 

ruary, .May, A.u£ust,,and November. I AlvH M orr i SO n, Brvant Newcomb, Edward 

At Wrentham, on the ad Tuesdays of May, . p otter) Caleb Stetson. *Minot Thayer, Chas. 

August, and November. j V Thompson, Wm. E. Walker, Asa Wel- 

.'xiUedway, on the 3d Tuesdays of iebru- a n g ton? Naaman E. White, Jonathan "Wild. 
- r y, June, and October. Brookline, William Aspiiiwall, James Bart- 

Gounty Commissioners. j left, Amos Cotting, Elijah C. Emerson, II. 

Kathamel R Satford, Dnrehester, Chairman : f T a >'> Tn ° !nM Gri f? s ' ^ eo /^ K I I ( Iei ^ v ' f 11 

p ar . Howe, Artemas- iNewell, fJohu II. W. ra^e, 

i L'hos. Parsons, Chas. Pope, Augustus Shurrieif, 

| Samuel A. S hurtle IF, John N, Tamer, Samuel 

j A. Walker, Charles Wild. 

Canton. *EU'i9 Ames, Chas. Endieott. Chas. 
■ ' oj Aleetina. — at Dedham, on the 3d TT • ' , r , -,, ' . „ . ,. • ,, ,. 
>.,,. Xc \ 11+1 i ! v i , „c II. French, fThos. trench. /iebediaS Holt, 
•'•■■ ol April, and the 4th luesuays oi 

•' : i Sep'emb ir, and on the last Wednes- 

JWiC D.ane, Cohasset; Bradford 
•■ : ; cm, Dedham. 

- *i?ciai Omimissinners. — Abraham F. Ho 
ry ; John A. Gould, Walpole. 

»t Decern oer: 

Qonujaissioners of Insolvency. 


L Walk 

'o *, Charles Endtcott. 
fo'zbury, Francis Lliiliard. 

Samuel B. Noyes, James T. Sumner, Nathan 
j Tucker, Elisha White. 
j Cohasset, Solomon J. Real, * James C. 
| Doane, Martin Lincoln* John Q. A. Lothroj , 

Edward Tower, Henry J. Turner. 

Dedham, Obed Baker, Charles J. Capen, 
l*Ira Cleveland, * Jonathan 11. Cobb, Waldo 



Colburn, Henry W. Cushing, Colburn Ellis, 
Merrill D. Ellis-, Richard Ellis, fJohn Endieott, 
Bradford S. Farrington, *Enos Foord, E. F. 
Gay, Henry 0. Hildreth, Martin B. Inches, fE. 
L. Keyes, Martin Marsh, Curtis G. Morse, 
Thos. Motley, Henry White Richards, fjames 
Richardson, *Ezra W. Sampson, Thos. Sher- 
win, Henry II. W. Sigourriey, John Nelson 
Stevens, E. Stone, Hezekiah Turner, Ezra 
Wilkinson, Erastus Worthiogton. 

Dorchester, Oriu P. Bacon, Edmund J. Bi- 
ker, Eieazer J. Bispham, Williams B. Brooks, 
Nahum Capen, Asaph Churchill, Ebenezer 
Clapp, Jr., Moses G. Cobb, John W. Draper, 
Ebenezer Eaton, Isaac Field, Oliver Hail, 
Gustavus E. Karnes, Charles Howe, Edward 
Jarvis, Edward King, Win. P. Leavitt, fSam- 
uel P. Loud, John Mears, Erasmus D. Miller, 
John O. B. Minot, Thomas M. Moseley, Ed- 
ward L. Pierce, *Jesse Pierce, Lewis Pierce, 
Robert Rhodes, Robert Richardson, Nathaniel 
F. SafTord, Edward Sharp, William I). Swan, 
fEdmund P. Tileston, Franklin L. Tiieston, 
Eben Tolman, James H. lit. Lam, ^Robert 
Yose, fM. P. Wilder. 

Lover, Sherman Battelle, Hiram W. Jones, 
Daniel Mann, Calvin Richards, Luther 

Fnxboro\ Warren Bird, James Capen, Jas. 
E. Carpenter, Otis Carey, John M. Everett, 
Alfred Fales, Freedom Guild, Henry Hobart, 
Joseph Kingsbury. 

Franklin, Peter Adams, Pan! B. Clark, 
Ellas Cook, Albert E. Daniels, IL (I Fisher, 
John H. Fisher, Willard Fisher, Willis Fisher, 
William Metcalf, George W. Nason, S. W. 
Richardson, Erastus Rockwood, Alpheus A. 
Russique, Saul B. Scott. 

Med/ield, Jonathan P. Bishop, Charles Ha- 
mant, Walter Janes, Charles C. Sewall. 

Medway, William B. Boyd, *Arfemas 
Brown, William If. Carv, Austin S. Cushman, 
EHsha Cutler, Milton M! Fisher, Chas. H. Fitts, 
Asa M. B. Fuller, Alpheus C. Grant, John P. 
Jones, James Loverin?, fWarren Lovering, 
Horatio Mason, -Luther Metcalf, Clark Par- 
tridge, * Joseph L. Richardson, Christopher 
Slocum, Vud, II. Temple, Albert Thwing. 

Milton, Josiah Babcoek, Samuel Babcock, 
Charles Breck, Charles M. S. Churchill, Jos. 
McK. Churchill, Wm. II. Davis, * Robert B. 
Forbes, Amor Holiingsworth, Jason W. Hough- 
ton, Joseph Lyman, *Nath an C. Martin, Geo. 
Pennhnan, Jason Reed, James M. bobbins, 
George Thompson, Eben.ezer G. Tucker, 
Elijah Tucker,' Robert S. Watson, .Seth D. 

Needham, Francis Blake, George K. Daniel, 
Wm.Flagg, Dan'] [£imbail,tArtema?Newhall, 
Charles Rice, Reuben Ware.fE. K. Wh ; ukor, 
Moses AVinch, Joseph W. Wright. 

Qulncy, Seth Adams, Lemuel Braeketr, Jo- 
siah Brigham, Noah Cummings, Wm. B. Dug- 
gan, *Jonn M. (rourgas, John A. Gr.-em * Wru. 
S. Morton, George" Marsh, Bryant B. New- 

! comb, Whitcomb Porter, Samuel Thomas, Jr., 
'. Albert Thompson, Thos. C. Webb, George 
i White, Isaiah G. Whiton, Solomon Willard." 
Eandolph, Hiram C. Alden, Eieazer Beal, 
J. White Belcher, Seth Belcher, Abel B. 
Berry, Nehemiah C. Berry, Amasa Clark, I). 
S. Conant, Abner L. Cushing, Alex. E. Dubois, 
Zenas French, Benjamin Holmes, Frederi ! 
Howard, Thomas Howard. Barnabas Lothrop, 
James Maguire, Seth Mann, 2d, Silas Paine, 
Isaac Spear, Rufus Thayer, Isaac Tower, 
*Royal Turner, Seth Turner, ^Bradford L. 
Wales, Ephraim Wales, Erastus Wales, Ora- 
mel White. 

Roxbury, Wm. Bacon, Henry Bartlett, Mor- 
rill P. Berry, John C. Boyd, Joseph N. Brewer, 
Enos F. Bronsdon, Joseph H. Chad wick, Benj. 
F. Copeland, Linus B. Comiris,lsanc P. Clark, 
John J. Clarke, Wm. A. Crafts, Ariel I. Cum- 
mings, Nelson Curtis, Joseph W. Dudley, Jas. 
A. Dupee, John T. Ellis. Wm. Ellison, John 
Fowle, * William Gaston, Charles E. Grant, 
James Guild, John A. Hall, Chas. J. Hendee. 
*Francis Hilliard, Sanford M. Hunt, John B. 
Kettell, Wm. Raymond Lee, Wm. S. Leland, 
* William G. Lewis, James M. Keith, Wrn. B. 
May, Allen Putnam, f Chandler R. Ransom, 
William J. Reynolds, James Ritchie, * Jonathan 
P. Robinson, Joshua Seaver, William Seaver, 
Samuel A. Shed, f David A. Simmons, Thos. 
Simmons, John S. Sleeper, Ebenezer W. Stone, 
Supply C. Thwing, fThos. Tolman, Samuel F. 
Train, Joseph W. Tucker, Samuel Walker, 
Samuel H. Walley, John Webber, William 
Whiting, Horace Williams, Franklin Y\ T ood- 
side, Edward Wyman. 

Sharon, A. D. Bacon, Amasa Dunbar, Geo. 
W. Gray, Elijah Hewins, Lemuel D. Hewins, 
Otis Johnson. 

Stougliton, Samuel Capen, 2d, Lucius Clapp, 
Justin Field, Charles A. French, Lemuel Gay, 
Samuel W. Hodges, Clifford Keith, Francis C. 
Sumner, James Swan, Luther Swan, Enos 
Talbot, Jabez Talbot, Jr., Joel Talbot, Eben 
W. Tolman, Chas. Upham, 2d. 

Walpole, Daniel Allen, Jr., Samuel Allen, 
Jr., Ellis Bacon, f Francis W. Bird, Nathaniel 
Bird, Edmund W\ Clop, Truman Clarke. John 
A. Gould. Smith Gray, Palmer Morey, Bain- 
bridge Mcwrv, James P. Tisdale, Horatio 

West Roxbury, Stephen M. Allen, Arthur 
W. Austin, Joseph 11. Billings, Samuel 1). 
Bradford, Isaac F. Coffin, James W. Converse, 
Cornelius Cowing, Joseph Curtis, Joseph H. 
Curtis, Nathaniel Curtis, A. W. Draper, Theo- 
dore Dunn, George Faulkner, John M. Fes- 
senden, Luther M. Harris. William Maccartv, 
Thos. Motley, Jr., George R. Russell, *L. M. 
Sargent, Robert Seaver, Wm. H. Sumner, 
ChrTstopher M. Weld. F. M. Weld, fStephen 
M. Weld. Michael Whittemore, Benj. P. Wil- 
liams, Moses Williams. 

Weymouth, Warren W. Barker, James L. 
Bates, E. S. Beals, Lovell Bieknell, Silas Bin- 



-. rhos. J. Burrili, Henrp Dyer, Elijah F. 

; ,; Appleton Howe, Albert Humphrey, Jas. 

. | mipbrey, * Lemuel Humphrey, A^bertou X. 

•;;;:. James Jones, *Fisher A. Kingsbury, 

■ -a Lathrop, Jacob Loud, John W. Loud. 

• VV. Paine, Jason Pratt, *Alvah Kay- 

: , Ellas Richards, Andrew Sherman, *Ed- 

■■,•: i Thomas, John W. Thomas. James E. 

1 irrell, Norton Q. Tirreli, Alien Vining, Noah 

\ bin*, Jr., Asa B. Wales, Amos S. White, 

I pjaxnia F. "White, Orian White. 

|j rent/iam, Wm. W. Co-well, John A. Craig, 
Preston Bay, *Melatiah Everett, Calvin Fish- 
er, jr., Silas F. Fisher, Joseph B. Gerau'd, 
Sdas Metealf, Samuel Warner, Jr. 

Notaries Public. 
Braintree, Samuel D. Hayden. 
I! -oo -dine, Wm. Aspmwalh 
Canton, Francis W. Deane. 
Cohasxct, James C. Doane. 
Dedham, Waldo Colburn, L. H. Kingsbury. 
Dorchester, Asaph Churchill, Chas. Howe. 
Foxboro't Henry Uobart. 
Milton, J, McK. Churchill, Nathan 0. Mar- 
Randolph, Royal W. Turner, Eleazer Beal. 

1 Quincy, Israel W. Munroe. 

Roxbury, Joshua Seaver, Francis IT. Thomj 
son, Joseph W. Tucker, Win. Whiting, 1st. 
Weymouth, Elijah F. Hall, Fisher A.Kings- 

| bury, Amos S. White. 

Wrenlham, Melatiah Everett. 


Bellingham, Edward C. Craig. 
Braintree, Jonathan French. 
Canton, B.ufus C Wood. 
Cohasset, Henry J. Turner. 
Dorchester, Robert Vose. 
Dover, Wm. Cleveland, liiram W.Jones. 
Franklin, Saul B. Scott. 
Medioay, Valentine II. Coombs, Nathan 

Milton, Ebenezer G. Tucker. 

Needham, George Jennings. 

Quincy, Lewis Bass. 

Randolph, Ezekiel French. 

Roxbury, Thomas Adams, Morrill P. Berry, 

Sharon, Elijah Hewins. 

Stoughton, Lemuel Gay. 

Walpole, Nathaniel Bird. 

Weymouth, Silas Binney, Geo. W. White, Jr. 


Incorporated June 2, 1685. 
Number of Towns. 24. 

Shire town, Plymouth. 
Population in 1855, 01,853. 


Judge of Probate, 
? ighter of Probate, - 
i 'Jerk of Courts, 
Register of Deeds, - 
County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correction, 

! Sheriff, ------ 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

^ Abinglon, Luthei Glover, Samuel H. Me- j 
Bridgewafer, Philip]). Kingman. 
Hanover, Robert H. Studley. 
Kingston, Spencer Cushman. 
Marion, Daniel Hall. 
Middl hnro\ Milton Alden. 
Xorth Bridgetvater, Charivs J. F. Packard. ; 
■ '. ScituaU , Josiah Gushing. 

Criers of Courts. 
Philip D. Kingman, Bridgewater. 
Jailer and Master of House of Correction. 
I Farieis J. Goddard, Plymouth. 


Aaron Hobart, - Mast Bridgewater . 

Joseph S. Beal, ... Kingston. 

William H. Whitman, - Plymouth. 

William S. Russell, - - Plymouth. 

William R. Sever, - Plymouth. 

Jacob II. Loud, - - - Plymouth. 

William IT . Whitman, - Plymouth. 

William Thomas, • - - Plymouth. 

John Perkins, - - - 'Plymouth. 
Sessions of Courts. 

Probate Court is holden at Plymouth, on the 
3d Mondays of January, February, and May, 
on the 2d Mondays in April and August, and 
on the 1st Monday in December. 

At Scituate, on the 1st Tuesday of Jane. 
and the last Tuesday of November. 

At East Brid(j water, on the 1st Tuesdays 
of April, July, and October. 

At Middleburo\ on the 1st Tutsdaya of 
May, August, and November. 

At Wareham, on Wednesday next after the 
1st Tuesday of May, and Wednesday next 
after the 1st Tuesday in November. 



At Hingham, on the 1st Tuesday in March, ' 
and last Tuesday of August. 

At Hanover, on the last Monday of Sept. 
At Abington, on the 2d Monday of January. 
At Bridgewater, last 'rue.-'!/.}- of February. 

C aunty Com mia sion ers. 

Ebenezer Pickens, Miihlleboro' ; William II. j 
Cooper, North Brirfgewater ; Isaac Kersey, | 
Ahington; Martin. Bryant, Pembroke. 

Special Commissioners, Williams Latham,' 
Bri'/gewaler ; John At wood, J >.., Plymouth, 

limes of Meeting, — At Plymouth., on the 3d j 
Tuesday in .Much, the 1st Tuesday of Au- 
gust, and the last Tuesday of January. 

Commissioners of "Wrecks. 

Duxbury, Eiisba Holmes. 

Hull, John Mitchell, Moses B. Tower. 

Marshfield, Otis Baker, Win. Harrington. 

Plymouth, Barnabas H. Holmes, Ephraun I 

Scitwite, John Damon, Win. J. Newcomb, j 
John Tilden, Jr., Henry F. VinaL 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Hanover, Perez Simmons. 
Aliddlehoro*, Wm. H. Wood. 
Ply mouth, John J. Russell. 

Public Administrators. 
*Duxhurv, Samuel Stetson. 


Commissioners to Qualify Civil OiScers. j 

Ahington, Isaac Hers'ey, Jesse E. Keith. 

Brirfgewater, Joshua E. Crane, Abraham I 
Washburn, 2J. i 

Duxhury, Samuel Stetson, Gershom B.i 
Western. | 

East Bridgewater, Aaron Hohart, Welcome 
Young. | 

Hingha?n, Solomon Lincoln, Thomas Lnring, ! 

Mkhlleboro\ Peter II. Pierce, Ellab Ward, 
William II. Wood. | 

North Bridgewaier, Jesse Perkins, Ellab j 

Plymouth, Moses Batei, Jr., Jacob IT. Loud, i 
Wm. K. Sever. Wrn. II. Whirman. 

Rochester, Joseph Haskell, Theophilus King, j 
James Ruggles. 

Scititate, John Beal. 

South Scituate, Anson Robbins, Samuel A. 

Wareham, Seth Miller, Jr., David Nye. 

West bridneamtcr, William Baylies, Austin 

u\n:u! Jus u ett&rvuffh 

Justices of tho Peace. 

, ■>' ■ "■ '.t I ' i 

Ahington, Henry Alden, Jona. Arnold, Jr., 
Nathaniel Beal, William. P. Cortheli, Henry 
Dunbar, Cyrus A. By er. J as. Ford, Isaac Her- 
sey. Benjamin llobart. Freeman P. [lowland,! 
Daniel IT. Johnson, Jesse E. Keith, Asa Mil_j 

let, Holland W. Novo?, James Noyes, George 
W. Pratt, Zophar D. Ramsdell, Levi Reed, 
Samuel Reed, jr., Ezekiel Tbaxter, Spencer 
Vinirig, Jared Whitman, John D. Woriuell. 

I'.r'ohf water, Solomon Alden, Horace Ames, 
George Bassett, Samuel Breck, Dion Bryant. 
George Chij.vnan, Thomas Cushman, John 
Er?son, Levi L. Goodspeed, *Artemas Hale, 
Caleb Hohart, Mitchell Hooper, Elbridge 
Keith, Lafayette Keith, * Williams Latham, 
Franklin Leach, Samuel Leonard, fJohn 
"Reed, *Nahnm Stetson, El" Washburn. 

Carver, Joseph Barrows, Timothy Cobb, 
James Cole, fj.'sse Murdock, Lev/is Pratt, 
Wm. Si. very, Wrn. S. Savery, Henry Sher- 
man, Lot Shurtleff, Thomas Southworth, Jas. 
B. Tillson, Thomas Vaughn. 

Duxhitry, Benjamin Alden, Benj. BoyLton, 
Wm. Ellison, Nathaniel Ford, Merlin Gard- 
ner. John Holmes. Samuel Loring, George P. 
Richardson, John Sampson, George B. Stand- 
ish, Samuel Stetson, Joseph F. WadswOrth, 
fCL B. Weston. 

East Bridgewater, Jacob Bates, Jr., Joseph 
Chamberlain, Levi Churchill, Simeon Curtis, 
Benj. W. Harris, f Aaron Hobart, Benjamin 
W. Keith, Rufus A. Littlefield, Csuhing 
Mitchell, James H. Mitchell, John Pearce, 
Isaac Pratt, Calvin Reed, John Reed, *Eze- 
kiel Whitman, * Welcome Young. 
^_ Halifax, Cyrus Morton, Ir.i, L. Sturtevanr, 
Dexter 0. Thompson, Ephraim B. Thompson, 
Zadofk Thompson. 

Hanover, Perez Simmons, Albert White, 
Alexander Wood. 

Hanson, Isaiah Bearce, Barak Osborn, 
Thomas Smith. 

Hiiaha'm, *Edward Ca?neau, Henry Gush- 
ing, Oliver Gushing, Jedediah Farmer, David 
Fearing, Hawkes Fearing. Jr., Ebenezer Gay, 
Robert Gould, Henry Hersey, Henry E. Her- 
sey, James L. Hunt, James S. Lewis, Marshall 
Lincoln, *Solomon Lincoln. Thomas Lorino", 
Caleb B. Marsh, Joseph B. Tbaxter, Jr., 
James H. Wilder. 

Hull, Joseph Pope. 

Kingston, Joseph S. Beal, Alden S. Brad- 
ford, Horace L. Collamore, Nath'l A. Faunce, 
James Poster, J.osiah Holmes, Alex. Holmes, 
John Gray, George Russell, Joseph Stetson. 

LakevUle, Thom&s Dnggett, Reuben HafTord, 
Apolloa Hastins. Abizier X. Harvey, Job. P. 
Nel?on, Asa T. Winslow, 

Marion, Samuel Delano, "Walton N. Ellis, 
David Hathaway, Gilbert Hathaway, Barna- 
bas Miller. 

Marshfield, John Ford, *Luther Hatch, 
Hiram A. Oafcman, Daniel Phillips, F. 
Rogers, Seth Weston. 

Middleboro*, I F. At wood, Stillman Benson, 
Jonathan Cobb, James G. Cushman, Joshua 
Eddy, *Zachariah Eddy, Paul Hathaway, 
Nathan King, Seth Miller, John Q.Morton, C Perkins, Ebenezer Pickens, "Peter 
li. Pieree, Zebulon Pratt, Wilson C. Rider, 



Everett Robinson, Freeman Shaw, Augustus j Merritf, E!ias R. Mungo, Calefc W. Prouty, 

[i s^.ule, Horatio X. Thomas, Eliab Ward, Seth Webb, Wm. Younjj. 

pbilander Washburn, Andrew Weston, Wm. I South Sciluate, John Collamove, Ebenezer 

;; White, Alfred Wood, Jr., Benjamin P. | T. Fogg, I.R.Jacobs, .John Jones, * Anson 

Wood, Cornelius B. Wood, Joshua Wood,! Robbius, Horace P. Stevens, Samuel Tolman, 

^t»or«re'W. 'Wood, Wra, H. "Wood. *Samuel A. Turner, Lemuel C. Waterman. 

iforlh Bridgeivater, Franklin Ames. George I Wareham, Jedediah Briggs, Joseph P. Hay- 

W. Bryant, George Clark, Isaac Fames, j den, Darius Miller, *Seth Miller, Jr., #David 

Francis M. French, Hiram Jemegan, Bsda'j Nye, f Thomas Savary, K". Sherman,- Joshua B. 
. Keith, Edwin H- Kingman, Eliph. Kinsman, j Tobey. 
. I #aac Kingman, Charles Lincoln, Perez Mar- j West Bridgewater, Jonathan Ames, fWm. 

V ,!!, *Jesse 1 erkins, Jonas R. Perkins, Jona. ; Bajlies, James Copeland, Jonathan Copeland., 

White, *Etiab Whitman. Dwelley Fobes, Joseph Kingman, Abie! Pack- 

Pevibroke, Morrill Allen, *Martm Bryant, 1 ard, Austin Packard, Josiah Richards, Elijah 

Joseph Cobb, * Ho race Coliamore, George F. Smith. 

Hatch, David Oldham, Ambrose Parris, Titos. | Notaries Public. 

; Turner, James H Whitman. Abmnion, Isaac Hereev, Jesse E. Keith. 

Plymouth, John At wood Jr. T imo.hy Bri ^ swaieT ^ Samuel Breck. 

Bany, Gustavus D. bates, •Moses Bates, Jr., j Du:cbur „ SarDliel s ets0D . 

VVm. Bishop, Lemuel Bradford, Jr., George Eas[ Brid(fewater Welcome Young. 
| Bramhall, Jr., Nath'i Clark, We Clark, Ro- 1 mnq j imn £ avid Hardin* ■ 

| land E. Cotton, Allen Dan forth, C has G. IW, pi ymnui ^ Gustavus Gilbert, Jacob II. 
; Wn, T. Dave, Chas. 0. Doteo, Nathan Dan- \ ^ Q J Wm / R g 
: l»m. G '^ & ] '; e V *Sti«avns Gilbert, lim-i Mars U e ] A Lu \ h er Hatch, 
; othy Gordon, fR^obertB. Rail, Jason Hart, j Mddieboro% Eliab WaitL 
: Benj. Hathaway, Isaac L. Hedge, 1 hoe. Hedge, ; AM Br y Igewater Geo. W. Bryant, Jonas 
I Amasa Holmes, Barnabas H. Holmes, Henry j ^ p er s : ;j;,, " 

JR. Holmes, James L. Hunt, Ezra Leach, \ ° Ro C h eS ter % B enj. F. Barstew, Elijah Willis. 
I Jacob H. Loud, Leander Loyeil, Joseph Lu- Sciiuate, John Beal. 
! cas, John Perkins Thomas Pierce, Jr., Daniel ; h,.,w...>^ K;| Vi) nn<i 
' J. Robbing, Josiah Bobbins, John J. Russell, | 

Wm. S. Russell, Win. R. Sever, Elcazer'C! 

Sherman, Win. F. Spear, *Win. II. Spear, | 
i Isaac N. Stoddard, * William Thomas. James! Bridgewaier, Philip D.Kingman. 

Thurber, E. C. Tamer. *Win?low Warren,] Duxbury, Avery Richards. 

\Vm. II. Whitman, Oliver T. Wood. Bingham, William 0. Lincoln. 

Plymvton, Zenas Brvant, Isaiah Churchill, #u«, Moses B. Tower. 
i Zenas Cushman, Josiah S. Hammond, Eraslus | Marshjhld, Wales Titden. 

Leach, Za.'ebeus Parker. Martin Perkins, | Middltb -n\ Joseph Jackson. 

Laiah :S. RipW'v, Hudson Soule, William "H. North Bridgwater, Thomas Wales, 
j Soule Isaac Wriiiht. Plymouth, Ephraim Holmes. 

Rochester. BenJ. F. Barstow,R. L. Baretow, Plympton, Abie! Washburn. 

Joseph W. Church, Amittai B. Hammond,; lUchesitr, .David Lewis. 

Charles Hooper, Theophiius King, Nahuai | Scituate, John Real, 
| Leonard, Jr., James II. Look, James . Ruggles, j 5wa/A Scituate, Josiah Gushing, Ebenezer 
! William Sears. Stetson. 

Scituate, Geo. M.Allen,* John BeaJ, Reuben j Wareham, \\ ilhaui S. Fearing, Abisha Bar- 
| Curtis, Elijah Jenkins, Jr., Ezekiel Jones, rows. 

! George C. Lee, Dexter Merritt, Shadrach B.{ West Bridgewaier, Thomas Ames, 

Wareham, Silvan us Bourne, David Nye. 




Incorporated May 10, 164; 
Population in 1855, 171,&1S 

Judge of Probate, 
Register of Probate, 

Clerks of Supn 
Clerk of , 


2 Court, 
Court of Co\ 

Shire town, Boston. 
; - Number oi< towns, 4. 


Edward G. Loring, 
Wm. C. Brown, - 
Geo. C. Wilde, Joseph Willard, 

Register of Deeds, *■ 

County Treasurer, - 

Commonwealths Attorney, 

Sheriff, - • . - - - - - 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

William P. 1'^v, 14 Mass. Block.- 
Benjamin P. Baylor, 7 Court square. 
Joseph D. Goburn, 5 Court square, 
Francis 0. Irish, 9 Court square. 
George W. Loud, 104 Grorf. 
Charles J. Merrill, 18 Railroad Exchange. 
Alonzo F. Neale, 8 jlihss. Bio k. 
Erastns W. Sanborn, 13 Court square. 
Joseph A. Willard, 3 CW* Zfcuse. 

Win. Sampson Bartlett, Boston. 

Master of House of Correction. 
Charles Bobbins, &u/ft Boston. 

Sessions of Courts. 
Probate Court holden at the Probate Office, 
in Boston, every Monday in January, Feb- 
ruary, -."March, April, and Slay; every Mon- 
day in June, except the first and last; and 
every Monday, except the first in each, in the 
months of August, September, October, No- 
vember, and December. No Court in July. 

Masters in. Chancery. 
Boston, John, Wm. J. Hubbard, 
Wm-Minot, Charles C. Nutter. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Boston, John M. Williams, Isaac Ames, 
Sebetis C. Maine. 

Public Administrators. 
Boston, Francis E. Parker, Lorenzo S. 

Commissioners to qualify C 

[ 'lf °f Suffolk,. Joseph Wiliard, 
Henry Alline, 
Frederic U. Tracy, 
George W. Cooler, 
- John M. Clark, ' - 


- B onion. 

- Bostoi 
Bos 'on. 

Office 21 Court House. 

Justices of the Peace in Boston, 

biding Justices of the Peace and Quorum, designated by a Justices throughout the Commonwealth, by a t.j 

Abbott Andrew 

Abbott James A, 

Adams Albert W. 

Adams Alvin 

Adams Chas. 13. F. 

Adams Chas. Fred, jr, 

Adams Geo. W. 

Adams Joseph II. 

Adam- Paul 

Albee Sumner 

Albree John 

Allen Augustas O. 

Allen Benjamin L. 

* Allen Charles E. 

Allen Charles J. E, 

Allen Frederic H. ■ 

Allen Joseph H. 

Allen Samuel A. 

Aliine Henry 
\ i, e J, 1.... C. 

Ames Isaac 

Ames P. Aclams 

Amory James S. 

Amory Thomas C. 

Amory Thos. C. Jr. 
| Amory William 
I Andrew John A. 

Andrews Alexander J. 

Andre- .- 3 1 nry II. 

Andrews John L. 

Andrews Samuel 

Andrews Willhim 

A n d r e vr s W i n . T . 

Andres Milton 

Andross Kiehard S. S. 

Angell George T. 

Apollonio Nicholas A. 

Appleton Nathan 

Appleton William 


| Appleton William 

j A train rton, IL h. 

Boston, John P. Bi<*e!ow, Wm. Tufts, John i « Atkinson Jacob 

A. JJoUes, Charles W. Lovett, Albert L. Per- j At wood Charles 

nald. j *Austin Ivers J. 

j Austin Milton 
i Avery Edward 

♦Superior Court of County of Suflc Ik on page [j-t. 

Paeon Francis 
Bacon Jacob 
Bailey Adams 
Baker James 
Baker James L. 
Baker Wm. W. 
Balch Joseph W. 
Baldwin Aaron 
Baldwin Elizur 
Baldwin James F. 
Ball Jonas 
Ball Joshua D. 
Ball Nahum 
Ballard James M, 
Ballard John 
Ballard Joseph 
Bancroft George 
Banfield Everett C. 
Bangs Edward 
Barbour John N. 
Barker James M. 
Barker Lemuel M. 
Barnard Wm. P. 
*Bames Isaac 0. 
Barnicoat William 
Barrett Jonathan F. 
Barrett Sumner F, 
Barrows Horace O. 
Barstow Simon F. 
*Bartlett Sidney 
Bartlett Sidney Jr. 
Bartlett Theodore 
Bartlett William S. 
Bassett Eiisha 
*Bassett Francis 
Batchelder E. L. 
Bates Henj. E. 
Bates John 
Bates Samuel W. 
Bates William 
Beat James fcL 
Beal Thatcher 
Be ids James II. 
Beals "NVilli'am 
Beals William Jr. 
1 Beard Ithamar W. 



[knap John 

SW!i Joseph M. 

liell Wm, A. 
tis George 

Bennett Edmund H. 

• ;. &tun Ninian C. 

Ris»elow Abram O, 

;■; £elow Edwin M. 

' ;elow George F. 

Bigelow Horatio 

1 igelow Prescott 

BLgelpw Timothy 

Binney John 

Bishop Joel P. 

Ulake Edward 
: Blake George Baty 

Blake Joseph H. D. 

Blake Pynson 

Blake William 

Blanchard Andrews 

Blanchard Geo, D. 13. 

Blodgett Luther 
JBolles Matthew 
' Bonney Pelharn 

Bouteli Lewis- H. 
• Bowdiich Jona. L. 

Bowditch N. I. 
, Bowke£ Albert 
j Boyd Francis 
, Bradbury Samuel A. 
■ Bradford Joseph R. 
I Bradford William B. 
I Bradish, Levi J. 
j Bradlee Josiah 
! Bradley Joseph JI, 
j Brewer Gardner 
j Brewer Isaac C. 
! Brewer Nathaniel 
! Brewer Thos. M. 
i Brewster Augustus O, 

Bfigtrs B'iflmgs 

Brigham Joseph L. 
: Brigham William 
! *Brinlev Francis 
'\ :.-. Ihead Daniel D. 
i Brooks Benjamin P. 
j Brooks Edward 
' Brooks Francis A. 
; Brooks William G. 
| Brown Charles 
j Brown Edward 
j Brown Jeremiah 
j Brown Kehemiah Jr. 
i Brown Vernon 
( Brown Wm. C. 
I Brown Wm. Henry 
j Browne Albert G." 
; Browne Caustcn 
i Browne Ephraim Jr. 
j Browne George M. 
- : Br-owne John W. 
| Bryant David 

Bryant G. J. F. 
j B.-k Edward 
| Buck Ephraim 
j Buckingham J. H. 
I Bnlnneh Thomas 
IBullard Francis 

'Bullock William W. 

Butler Beniamin 
Butler Eber R. 

Bu'tler Franklin J. 
Butler John Henry 
Butler Peter Jr. 
Butters Willi i 

Button Worthing! til) 
Cabot Henry 
Caldwell Charles 
Calrow William II. 
Carney Andrew 
Carpenter Geo. 0. 
Cart wright C W. 
Cary Isaac 
Cary Nathan C. 
•Cary Thomas G. 
Champlin II. L. 
tChandler Peleg W, 
Chandler T. P. 
Chase Enoch 
Chase Theodore 
Che ever Ira 
Cheever James 
Cheever Tracy P. 
Child Geo. EL. 
Child Stephen 
Clapp Joshua B. 
Clapp William W, 
Clark Albert 
Clark Benj, C. 
Clark George, Jr. 
Clark Henry 
Clark James 
Clark John 
Clark Joseph F. 
Clark Lester M. 
Clarke Samuel G. 

* Clary Henry D. 
f Coburn Daniel J. 

* Cod man John 

: Codman Robert 

I Cdlburn Frederick. A, 

Coiburn Jer« miah 

Collamore Geo. W. 

Collins James H. 

Comer George N. 

Conley Chas. C. 

Coblid'ge Austin J. 

Coolidse Joseph 

Cook Charles E. 

Cooke Benjamin F. 

*Cooke J. P. 

GooBdge Samuel F. 

Cooper Samuel 

Cotting Chas. U, 

Cottrell Asa 

Cowdin John 

Cowdin Robert 

Cowles Wm, W. 

Cragin "Lorenzo S. Jr, 

Cram Geo. W. 

Crockett Geor-o K. 

j Crosby Frederick 
j Crow.ninsh.ieJd E. A. 
j Cruit Edward 
Cumin'gg Bradlt y >• . 

j Cumming;s Ai ? '• • J r - 
I Cummmes Job. 1 A. 

♦Currier Benjamin II. 
•Curtis '^^.' amin 11. 
•Curtis Charles P. 
Curtis Daniel B. 
Curtis George T. 
Curtis Thomas B. 
*l 'usliing '.' \ 
*Cushin : 1 iiithi r S. 
Cushing Thos. Jr. 
Cushman Freeman L. 
Cutler Joseph 
Cutler Pliny 
Dall William 
Da! ton Henry 
Dalton Thos* D. 
*Dame A. A. 
"Dame Theodore S. 
Dana Edward A. 
Dana Richard H. Jr. 
Danforth Isaac 
Darling George B. 
Darracott Franklin 
Darracott George 
Davenport Henry 
Davis Adolphus 
i >avis Augustus B. • 
Davis Henry- 
Davis Henry A. 
Davis Jerome 
Dean Benjamin 
Dehon William 
Demond Charles 
Denton William 
Derby E. Il-askett 
Dexter Edward A- 
Dexter George M. ; 
Dexter George S. 
'Dexter Thomas A. 
Dexter William S. 
Dickinson Fred'k W. 
Dimmock ( '3 a ;. E. W 

* Dimmock John L. 
D'tngiey John T, 
Dixwell Epes S. 
Dodge John C. 
I)onahoe Patrick 
Dorr William B, 
Dow Jamen B. 
Dow Nathan T. 
Dowe Joseph 

I >oyen John S. 
i a,...- i Lenry A, 
Drake Tisdale 
^Draper Moses 
DriscoB Cornelius 
Dudley Elbridge G. . 
Duncklee M. F. 
Dunklee Benj, W. 
Dunham Josiah, Jr. 
Dunn Jos. C. 
Durant Henry F. 
Button Henry W. 
'Dwighl v. . 
Dyer Hem ■ 
Dyer Micah, Jr.. 
Eastburn John II. 
Eastman Josephus 

• 3 . . on (J •■ re 
Eaton William 
Eddy Caleb 

X >i\ 

Eddy Robert H. 
Edmands B, Franklin 
Edwards Henry 
Egan James 
*EJ Iridge Edward H, 
Eidridge John S. 
Eldridge Samuel 
•Eliot Samuel A. 
Ellis Charles M. 
Ely Alfred B. 
Emerson Frederick 
Emerson John W. 
English James L. 
Erving Edward S. 
Euatis William T. 
Evans Alonzo Jf. 
Evans Brice S. 
f Everett Edward 
Everett Charles J. 
Fairbanks Drury 

* Fairbanks Stephen 
Far well Asa 
Fay Richard S. 
Fearing Albert 
Fernald Albert L. 
Field Charles 

* Field Justin 
Fisk Robert F. 
Eiske Augustus II. 
fFlint Chas-. L. 
Flint John 

Flint Waldo 
Fogg John S. H. 
F.dger George H. 
Folsom Albert A. 
Foster Archibald 
Foster David W. 
Foster James G. 
•Foster William 
Foster William II. 
Francis Ebenezer 
Francis Nathaniel 
Freeman Willi u i 
French Abram 
French Chas. 
French Ebenezer 
Frost Oliver 
F ro t h i n g h am. Samu el 
Frothingham Thos. B, 
Frve Isaac W. 
Fuller H. W. 
Fuller Richard F. 
Fuller Stephen P. 
Fullerton Alex'r 
Gardner Henry J. 
Gav Timothy 
Gihbs Ira 
Gibson Charles L. 
Gilbert Sylvester P. 
Gilchrist.Daniel S. 
Giles Alfred E. 
*Giles Joel 
Gill Thomas 
Gilley John E. M. 
Oilman John L. 
Girdler Richard 
Gleason Hoi -. 
Glen Samuel R. 
Goldsbury John 
Gooch Daniel \V*. 

92 , 


*Goodrich Charles B. 

Hay-ward Pelham W. 

Keith James M. 

Marsh Thomas J. 

Goodwin Albert G. 

Razleton Horace L. 

Keller Martin 

Mil.' in Enoch 

Gordon George W. 

HeadEdw. F. 

Kelly Daniel D. 

Mason David II. 

Gordon Solomon Jones 

Head George E. 

Kelly William F. A. 

Mason George M. 

*Gorham Benjamin 

Healev Mark 

KcBcv Wohsier 

Ma son Lyman 

Gas8 Alfred F. 

'Heafv John P. 

Ken dell bewail 

Masscy Stephen D. 

Gould Benjamin A, 

Heard'Jol a T. 

Kettelie- Jacob Q. 

Mathews Nathan 

Gould Benjainin T. 

Henchman Daniel 

Keyes George 

May Samuel 

Gove John 

Kersey Alfred C. 

Kimball David 

Mayo Charles 

Goward Watson 

Hey wood Samuel P. 

Kimball James Wm. 

M Clear y Samuel F. 

Granger David 

Higgins Peter 

♦Kimball Moses 

MeClcllan John 

Grant Moses 

Hiuguison George 

Kimball ('tis 

Meara Elijah 

Graves 1? wight 

Hiidreth Richard 

King John G. 

Merriam Charles 

fGray Francis C. 

Hi Hard George S. 

Kingsbury George H. 

Merrill Amos B. 

Gray Horace Jr. 

HilJiard William 

*Knapp William 

Merwin Elias 

fGray John C. ~*V 

Hinds Calvin P. 

Kuhn George H. 

Mover Joseph 

*Gray Wm. 

Hinks Edw; W. 

Kuhn John 

Mills Charles H. 

Greele Samuel 

Hobart Aaron 

Ladd James 

* Mills James K. 

Green John Jr. 

Hobart Albert 

Lamb Thomas 

Minns George W. 

Green Nicholas S, J. 

Hobart Enoch 

Lane Charles 

Minut George 

Greene Benj. D. 

Hobbs Wm. Jr. 

Lawrence Abbott 

Minot William Jr. 

Greene Wm. C. 

Hockey Joseph 

^Lawrence Amos A. 

Mitchell Joseph 

Greehough David S. 

Hodges Edward F. 

Lawrence James 

*Mitchell Nathaniel 

Greenough Wm. W. 

Holbrook Daniel 

Lawrence Samuel 

Montgomery Hugh 

Gregg Washington P. 

Holbrook Henrv M. 

Law ton John T. 

Mooney Thomas 

Griggs George Ralph W. 

Leavitt Benson 

Moore Charles II. 

Griswold Almon W, 

11 •■'hues John 

Leavitt Thos. H. 

*Moore Charles W. 

* Guild Benjamin 

Holmes .3 elm S. 

Leavitt Thos. W. 

Moore Edward N. 

Guild Samuel E. 

Homer Charles 

Lee James W. 

Moore Frederick H. 

Hahn Silas B. 

Homer Fitzhenry 

Leighton Charles 

Moore Jonathan I'. • 

Hale George S. 

Homer George 

Leighton George 

Morgan David 

Hale Most s L, 

Homer George F. 

*Leighton John C. 

Moriarty J. M. 

*Hale Nathan 

Homer Henry 

Lerow Lewis 

Morrill George 

li.ale Nathan Jr. 

Homer Peter T. 

Lewis Joseph 

Morris Robert 

Halo Theodore P. 

Hooper Robert 

Lewis Win slow 

Morse John T. 

Hall Adin 

Hooper Samuel 

Lincoln Charles I), 

Morse Nathan 

Hall Andrew T. 

II ,rton David W. 

* Lincoln Ezra 

Morton Marcus Jr. 

Hall Edward F. 

Hort-ou Henry K. 

Lincoln Fred'k W. Jr. 

Moulton Charles J. B. 

j Hall Franklin 

Hovey So lorn on 

* Lincoln Heman 

f Mudge Ezra 

j Hall James 

Howe Edward W. 

Litchfield Noah Jr, 

Murdoch James M. 

Hall Joseph 

Howes William B. 

Little Chas. H. 

Nash Stephen G. 

Hall Ilenrv 

Hoyt Kenry 

Littlenekl Walter Jr. 

Nazro Charles G. 

Hall Robert W. 

Subbard Charles 

t Locke John G. 

Neal Samuel 

Hall Samuel 

Hubbard Gardiner G. 

L idge James 

Newell Charles S. 

Hall Thomas B. 

Hubbard Josiah W. 

Lodge John E. 

Newell John 

iHaliett Henry L. 

Hubbard Nathaniel D. 

Loring Benjamin 

Nichols George N. 

|Hanaford Lvman B. 

*Hubbard William J. 

*Loring Charles G. 

Nichols George W. 

j*Haneock Charles L, 

Humphrey Francis J. 

Loring G. Wm. 

Nichols Lyman 

j Hanscom Simon P. 

Hunkins James 

Loring David 

Niekerson Sereno I). 

Harlow Dexter 

Hunnewell John L. 

Loring Edward 

Nicolson Samuel 

j Harlow Thomas S. 

Hunting Thomas 

Loring Ellis Gray 

Nutter Charles C. 

Harris George S. 

Hut chins Henry C. 

Loring Francis C. 

Nutter Thomas F. 

, Harrison Thomas 

Hutching Horace G. 

Loring John A. 

Ober John P. 

! Hart 8. Rowland 

Inches Henderson 

Loring John F. 

Odiorne James C. 

Hartshorn EUphalet P. 

Jackson Abraham Jr. 

Lothrop Thornton K. 

Osgood Isaac P. 

Harvey Peter 

Jackson James 

Loud Andrew J. 

Otis Edmund B. 

Harwood Daniel 

Jac.<son John G. 

[Lovett Charles W. 

Otis George A. 

Harwood Irving J. 

Jacobs Asa 

Lovis Francis A. 

Otis George W. 

Haskell Benjamin 

Jacobs Justin A. 

i Low Obed B. 

Otis Theodore 

Haskell Daniel X. 

James John W. 

i Lowell Augustus 

Otis William F. 

Hassam Joha 

Jarves Deming 

Lowell John 

fPag? John H. W. 

Hastings Geo. Russell 

*Jenks Samuel H. 

Lowell John A. 

Page Timo. R. 

Hatch Samuel 

Jenkins Solon 

1 *Luni G< orge 

l'..i ;c James W. 

J Haven Franklin 

Jewell Harvey 

: In..,.!! George W. 

Paine Charles C. 

Hawks Chas. W. 

Johnson Henry A. 

: Maine Sebeus C. 

Paine Henry W. 

J Hawkes Thomas B. 

Jones Fred'k A. 

iMandell M. J. 

Rune Robert Treat 

Hayden William 

Jones George Stevens 

! Manley John It. 

Palfrey William 

Hayes Fr ineis B. 

J >ned Wm. K. 

j Manumg Francis C. 

Park John C. 

j Haves Wm. A. 

Jov Albion K. P. 

i Marsh Levi H. 

* Parker Aurelius D. 

Haynes Chas, H. 

[Judsoii Walter H. 

| Marsh Lucius B. 

Parker Charles Henry 




P&rker Edward G. 

, ■ , I r Francis E. 
porker Henry M. 
■■' trker Moratio G. 
Parker Isaac 

.-: Johii Brooks 
barker Matthew S. 
' Parker Samuel D. 
•Parker William 
Parks Nath'l Austin 
Parmenter William E, 
Parsons Samuel 
Parsons William 
I ' e ab o rl y Owen G. 
Peiree Silas 
* Perkins David . 
Perkins Samuel S. 
1'crkins Thos. II. Jr. 
Pertin William H. 
Peters Edward I). 
^Phelps Abner 
Phillips George W. 
♦Phillips Thomas W. 
•Phillips WillaYd 
Pickering Arthur 
Picketing Edward 
Pickering John 
Pierce Edward L. 
Pike Charles E. 
Piper Solomon 
Plimpton Silas P. 
Piympton Henry 
Plummet Farnham 
Pond Benjamin 
Pope Thomas' B. 
Pope William. 
Porter Walden 
Potter O. B. 
*Power Thomas 
Pratt Elisha B. 
Pratt George W. J'abez 
Pratt Juttn C. 
Pratt Thomas B. 
Prescott F. W. 
Prescott Levi T. 
Prescott William II. 
Preston George II. 
Preston Jonathan 
Price E. Sewall 
Prince Frederick 0. 
Prince Joseph H. 
Proctor George B. 
Putnam John P. 
Hand Edward S. 
Randall Otis G. 
Ranney A, A. 
Raymond Edward A. 
Raymond Freeborn i ; 
Rayner John 
Road James 
Reed Benjamin T. 
Reed E I ward 
Reed Sampson 
Reed Samuel G. 
*Itevere Joseph W. 
Reynolds William B. 
Rhodes Daniel 
Rice Alex, H. 
Rice Freeman 

Rice George E. 
Rice Henry 

Rice Henry A. 
Rice James 
Rich Otis 
Kith Thomas P. 
Richards J- Avery 
Richardson Geo. F. 
Richardson Henry L. 
Richardson Jcifry 
Richardson William 
Richardson William F 
* Riley Patrick 
Ripley Christopher G 
Ritchie Harrison 
Robb James B. 
Roelker Bernard 
*Rogers John G. 
Rogers Henry B, 
Rogers William 
lioteh Benjamin S. 
Rowean Thomas 
Russell Benjamin F, 
Russell Charles T. 
Russell Thomas 
Russell Thomas II. 
Russell William G. 
Ryan Edward 
Salisbury Daniel W. 
Saitonstall Leveret.t 
*Sampson Geo. II. 
Sanborn Erastus W. 
Sanderson James G. 
Sanford Philo 
Sanford Wm. II. 
f Sanger George P. 
Sargent Ignatius 
Sawyer F. W. 
Sawyer Jabez A. 
Scott Joel 
Seudder Henry A. 
Searle G. W. 
*Seajs Ehmd 
Sears Joshua 
Sears Phihp U. 
*Seaver Benjamin 
Seavei Nathaniel 
Sew -11 Benj imin 
Sewall Sanuiel K, 
Sharp Daniel 
Shaw Gardner II. 
Shaw Geo. A. 
Shaw Lemuel Jr. 
Shaw Nathaniel B. 
Shaw South worth 
Shattttck Lemuel 
Shelton Thomas J. 
Sheppard J. IF. 
Shipley Horatio 
•Shurtleff Nath'l B< 
Siders Charh s 
* Simmons Charles F. 
Simon o.s A Ivan 
TSloan Samuel \V. 
Smith Benjamin 
Smith Chauncey 
Smith Ebenezer 
Smith George A. 
Smith Henry 
Smith Henry B. 

Smith Henry W. 
Smith Horace 
Smith Jeremiah 
Smith Ji'ome V. C. 
Smith John II. 
Smith Josenh 
Smith Matthew II. 
Smith W. 11. L. 
Snelling N. G. 

* Sohier Edward D. 
Sohier William 

* Sohier William D. 
Sor< n John J. 
Sparhawk George 
Spinney Samuel R. 
*Sprague Charles 
Spurr Oliver II. 
Stacy William R. 
Stan wood Lemuel 

* Stearns Jacob 
Stevens Benjamin 
Stevens Edward G. 
Stevens Oliver 
Stevenson J. T. 
Stoddard Lewis T. 
Storey Charles W. 
Story Franklin H. 
Story Joseph 
*Sturgis William 

t Sullivan Richard Jr. 
Sumner Charles 
Sumner Frederick A. 
Surer Hales W. 
Sts allow Asa 
Swift William H. 
Tappan Charles 
Tappan J^hci 
Tappan Lewis W. 
'Parboil ( 'oor^f G, 
TarbeUJoim P. 
Thacher Geo. M. 
71 el ex Thomas 
Thftxter Adam W, 
Thayer 1 >avid 
T haver George W. 
Thayer John Eliot 
Thayer Nathaniel 
Thomas Charles G. 

inomas Seth J. 
Thomas William 
Thompson Charles Jr. 
Thompson N. A. 
Thompson Willis .V. 
Thorndike John II. 
Thorndike John p. 
Th irnton J. W. 

! . ■ ■ : George 
1 i kuor William D. 

filton Warren 
; Tobey Seth 
j Tolman Samuel 
1 i Lolman Th >mas 

Pn nlinson John EL 

* T rey Charles 

| Torrey John G. 

iPowhe William B. 
Tracy Frederick U, 
, Train Enoch 
Tudor Frederick 
Tucker Alanson 

| Tucker Lewis 

Tucker William 
i Tufts William 
| Tumor Allied T. 
! Tuxbury George W 

Ty-ler George W\ 

Tyler J. Kendall 

Tyler John S. 

Tyler William C. 
; Underwood A. B. 
I Up ham Henrv 
j Upharn William E. 
; f Upton George B. 
{ Urann Joseph 
j Yose Edward A. 

Wadsworth Al&x. 

Wakefield John II. 

Wakefield Thomas L. 

Walker Clement A. 

Ward Joseph H. 

Ward Samuel D. 

Ward Samml G. 

Ward Thomas W. 

Ward William 

Ward well David Iv. 

Ware -Henry 

Warner Hermann J, 

"Warren Chas. II. 

Warren John C. 

Warren J. Mason 

Warren J. W. Jr. 

Warren Win. W. 
! Washburn Alex'r C. 

Washburn Cyrus 

Wash our n Fred. L. 

* Washburn W. R. P. 

* Watts Francis O. 
Webb Seth Jr. 
Webster Flet-her 
Welch Charles A. 
Welch Francis 
Welch John P. 
Weld Wm. F. 
Wellington Hiram 
Well man William A. 

* Wells Charles 

; Wells Charles A, 
i Wells Charles B. 
j Wells John B. 

West Benjamin II. 

Weston Allen B. 

Wet move Thomas 

Wheeler Alexander S. 

Wheeloek Perer S. 

Wheelwright A nd'wC, 

Wneelwright G eorge 

White Charles H. 

White Horace II. 

Whiting William 

Whitnev Joseph 

Whitney Marshall 

Whiton Jaoms M. 

Whittemore Benj. F. 

Whitwell Samuel 

Wggin C. E. 

Wiggin James S. 

Wilbur Asa 

Wilbur Horace B. 
-ViM James 0. 

* Wilde George G. 



Wilde Henry J. 
Wilder David Jr, 
Wilkina Charles 
'* WLkins John II. 
Wilkina Levi 
♦Willard Jc e >h 
Wahrd Joseph A. 
Willett William 
Willey Tolman 
Williams Geo. F. 
Williams Goo. W. A. 
Williams John II. 
Williams Joseph Oris 
Williams Rob ct B. 
* Williams Samuel K. 
Willis Clement 
Willis Hamilton 

Willis Horatio M". 
Wilson Archelaus 
Wilson William A . 
\\ in slow tsaac 
tWinthrop Robert C. 
Wolcott J. Huntington 
: .lei L. 
Woodman George 
Woodman Horatio 
Wright Albert J. 
Wright Edvs in 
*Wright Isaac H. 
Wright John M. 
Wright John S. 
Wright Willh ra 
Yearly Sylvan us M. 
Young Edward 

Justices of tire Peace. 

[j'-e-'.-., Justices of the Peaceand Quorum, dcsiQ . ted '_;-■- .\ 

Chelsea^ Samuel Bassett, Jr. t Hamlett Bates. 
Joshua Bear, Ralph Beatly, Wm. G. Brown, 
Simeon Butterfield, Isaac R. Butts, Mellen 
Chamberlain, Ira Cheever, Tracy P. Cheever, 
James P. Farley, Francis B. Fay, John F. 
Fenno, John W. Fletcher, Benj. J. Gerrish, 
Horace Gleasoh, David Gould, William 0= 
Haskell, Wm. E. P. Haskell, Joseph Hockey, 
Hosea Iilsley, ^Lombard Bra-; John Low, 
Sebeus C. Maine, Stephen B.Massey, Samuel 
Orcutr, George B. Parrott, Erastus Bug?. 
*Euggles Slack. Enoch II. W r akeneld. 

North Chelsea, Nathaniel Coolidge, *John 
F. Fenno, Jonathan Harrington, Benjamin 
ShurtlefF. __ 

Winthrop, David Belcher, Edward Floy], 
Hi ram Piu miner. 


Bt Uon, \\ Andrews, Wm. M. Cornell, 
| Jacob Herriek, Jabez Pratt, Edwin Bice, ; 
I Erastus W. Sanborn. Charles Smith, Charles 
H. Stednian, Jasper H. York. 

Cht sea, Hamlett Bates, Erastus Rugg. 

North Chelsea, John F. Fenno. 

Winthrop, Edward Floyd, Jackson Rich- 

IsTotaries Public. 

Boston, Albert W. Adams, Charles B. F. 
Adams, Wm. Alline, Samuel Andrews. Adol- 
phus Bates, John B. Bigelow, Prescoifc Bige- 
low, Luther Blodgett, Joseph B. Bradford, 
Ira Cheever, Henry Clark, Samuel F. Cool- 
idge, Wm. W. Cowles, Benjamin IB Currier, 
Edward A. Dexter, Thomas A. Dexter, Chas. 
E. W. Dunmock, Daniel TV. Gooch, George 
S.iHarrb, Wm. Hobbs, Jr., Joseph Hockey, 
Samuel IB Jenks, Jacob Q. Kettelie, The?. H. 
Leavitt, Ezra Lincoln, Walter Littlefield, Jr., 
W r m. M. Lothrop, Hugh Montgomery, Matthew 
S. Barker, Henry Bice, Henry L. Richardson, 
Edward Russell, Phil.o Sanford, Nathaniel 
Seaver, Daniel Sharp, George M. Thacber, 
Chas. F. Thayer, Newell A. Thompson. John 
S. T : .Br, Sett Webb, Jr. 

Chelsea, Joseph Hockey, Ira Cheever, John 




roFDL-Tiox IN 1855, 148,363. 

Shire town, Worcester. 
Number o* towns, 58. 


Judge of Probate, 

register of Probate, - 

( 'krh of Courts, - 

.Assistant Clerk) .-.'... 

Register of Deeds, ------ 

i ( .-':r ; /^ Treasurer, - 

Ourseers of the Home of Correction, 

Sheriff; ..... 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

A/Ml, Jbhn IT. Partridge. 
Barre, .Franklin Smith T 
Biackston e , Mi ileus Ta ft. 
amton, E. K. Gibbs. 
Fitchburg, Alpheus P. Kimball. 
Grafton, George F. Sloeomb. 
Hubbardston, Appleton Clark. 
Leominster, Win. H. Xoung. 
Petersham, Cephas Wiilard. 
SoictkborougTi, Curtis Newton. 
Southbridge, Solomon Thayer, Jr. 
Spencer, Nathan Hersey. 
Siurbridge, Truman Charles. 
Sutton, John W. Whipple. 
Templeton, Joshua Hosmer. 
Uxbridge, Scott Se3<rrave. 
Webster, Salomon ShuLnway. 
Vvest Broohfteld, Silas i>. Cook. 
Westboro\ Daniel F. !N T ew'on., 
Winchendon, Joseph S,, Watson. 

Thomas Kinnicutt, 

Charles G. Prentiss, - 

Joseph Mason, 

Wm. A. Smith, 

Alexander II, Wilder, 

Anthony Chase, 
\ Edward Lamb, 
) George W. Richardson, 

George W. Richardson, 

Worcester, \ 

Were,' . 

• Worcester I 

Worcester, j 

Worcesd ■■. 

Worcester. \ 

Worcester. \ 
Worcester. , 

At Barre, on the Fridays next after the 3d ! 
Tuesdays of May and October. 

At Milford, on the 4th Tuesday of May, 
and Wednesday next after -1th Tuesdaj in j 
October. ■ 

At Uxbridge, on the 4th Tuesday of Go;. 

County Commissioners, 

Bonum Nye, North Broolcjield, Chairman : j 
Zadock A. Taft, Uxbridge ; Asaph Wood, ; 

Special Commissioner,-;, Edw. II. Hemraen- 
way, Worcester; Thos. Billings, Lunenburg. 

Times of Meeting. — At Worcester, the ;ta : 
Tuesday in March, the 2d Tuesday in Sep- 
tember, the 3d Tuesday of June, and 4th j 
Tuesday of December. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Fitchburg, Wm. J. Merriam. 

n/*c««*a«m, uuwpu o. n ai.ou. Jtf«/ord, Thos. G. Kent 

Pera^er, Jona. Fay, Loveil Baker, Jr., J. j wr -' ' A u vnn; w i 

L. Baker, 

Puputy Sheriff in Hampshire County. 
Samuel II. Phelps, Ware. 

Criar of Courts. 
ILK. I\ ewco m b, 1 Vorcesier. 

Jailer and Master of House of Correction, 
Kutus Carter, Worcester. 

Sessions of Courts. 

Worcester, Alexander H. Bullock. 

Public Administrators. 

Worcester, William Jennison. 
Shrewsbury, Adam Harrington. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Worcester, Jonathan P. Hill, Henry Cba- 
j pin, Francis Way land, Jr. 

Commissioners to qualify Civil Officen 

Probate Court, Lolden at Worcester, 1st! Athol,. Theodore Jones, Isaac Stephens. 
Tuesday of every month. Barre, Seth Caldwell, Lyman Sibley. _ 

At West Brookfeld, on the 2 1 Tuesdays of Fitchbiirg, Ebenezer Torrey, Nath'l \ 
M \j an 1 October. i Goldsmith F. Bail 


the 3d Tuesdays of May and October 



Justices of the Peace. [Jenks, Joseph Leland, Chandler M. Pratt, 

[inchtJinff justice or in- Prowmti <?unfim, d*siwattd H' o. *, John W. Sloeomb, Wtn. F. Slocum, Jonathan 
' " * •' "'- ■ ! •-'• -'"•'" *A.<*«t.j ! Warren, Rufus E. Warren. J. I). Wheeler, 

Ashburnham, John L. Cummings, Jerome Stephen R. White, Charles C. Wood. 
W. Fo: iter, G< o. &o< kwood, Charles Stearns, Hardmck, Dwight Billings, Win. Mixter, 
Enoch V\ httroore, Ohio Whitney, Jr. j Almon M. Oroutt,. 

Athol, E'ias Bassett, *Charles Field, Ly- Harvard, Emory B irnarcl, Jerome Gardner. 
man W. Hipgood, Theodore Jones. Calvin I Augustus G. Hill, Eliakim A. Holman, Noah 
Keiton, Nath'l Richardson, *Isaac Stevens, Warner, Reuben Whiteotnb, Jr., William B. 

Eliphalet Thorp. 

Auburn, Hervey Bancroft, William Emer- 
son, John MeUish, Thomas Meriam, Stephen 

Barre, Charles Brimblecombe, *Nahura F. 
Bryant, Seth Caldwell, Edward Denny, John 
Kin?, David Lee, Henry J. Shattuck, Lyman 
Sibley, Edwin Woods. 

Berlin, Josiah Babeoek, Asa Sawyer, Lev/is 

Blacksinne, Jared Benson, S. A. Burgess, 
Arthur Cooke, Edward S. Hall, Dan Hill, 
Nahum Morse, Moses D. Southwick, Wm. L. 
Southwick, Preserved S. Thaver, Walter 
Thorpe, Paul P. Todd. Abel Wilder, Wiiiard 

Bolton, Roswell Barrett, --John E. Pry, 
Aoiory Holman, George F. Rice, Jos. Sawyer, 
Caleb Wheeler, Edwin A. Whiteomb. 

BoyUton, Charles Andrews, George A. Cat- 
tin.;:, James Davenport, Eli B. Lamson. 

Brookfield, B. B. Adams, George Forbes, 
*Oris Hay.den, Francis Elowe, William Howe., 
Dwight \l)^K-, Auron Kimball, Hiram Pierce, 
Abram Skinner, Nathan (Jpham. 

Churlluii, Henry Clark, Rufus B. Dodge, 
Devi ilamumnd, S. Lamb, William P. -Marble, 
John .Si.'UiT, Salem Town. 


Hotden, Charles Chaffin, David Davis, Chas. 
L. Knovvlton, David F. Parmenter. 

Hubbardsion, Wm. Bennett, Jr. Leonard 
Clark, Ethan A. Greenwood, S. R. lit-} wood. 
Asa Marean, Benj.D. Phelps, *Samuel Swan, 
Geo rue Williams. 

Lancaster, Luke Bigelow, Asa D. Farns- 
worth, Jacob Fisher, John G. Thurston, Silas 
Thurston, Wilder S. Thurston, John M. Wash- 
burn, Solon Whiting, G. II. M. Withington. 

Leicester, Joseph A. Denny, Cheney Hatch, 
Horatio G. Henshaw, Hiram Knight, Samuel 
II. Moore, S^wa'l Sargent, Frederick S. Tay- 
lor, Tahnan Trask. 

Leominster, Leonard Barrage, Joel W. 
Fletcher, Charles Grout, Noah R. Harlow, 
Charles H. Merriam, Wm. A. Kichols, f David 
Wilder, Wm. Wilder, Merritt Wood. 

Lunenburg, Thomas Billings, Epbraim Gra- 
ham, * Cyrus Kilburn. 

Mendon, Benj. Davenport, John G. Met- 
caT, Araariah Taft, Arnold Taft 

Milford, Charles F. Chopin, Clark Ellis, ' 
John Erskine, Leander Holbrook, Aaron C. 
May hew, Lyman Maynard, Edward Ross, 
John S. Scammel, £L B. Staples, Sullivan 
Thayer, Orison Underwood, James T. Wood- 

Cl'mton, Horatio N Bigelow, Preston Ghatn- ! bury, 
berlaim John T. Dm e, 'Charles F. W. Park-' 'Mitlhury, Simon Farnsworth, Elias Forbes, 
hurst, Ezra S syer, CI arles G. Stevens. Ephraim Goulding, It bran Harris, Nymphas • 

Loiii-ley, dough R. Miles, Daniel J. Paul, 

Jjana, -S^'h'i Johnson, .Nath'l L. Johnson, 
Daniel 6; one. 

Douqlm, F. Batch eller, A. F. Brown, Enoch 
Brown, Warren Humes, Moses Knapp, Lyman 

Dudley, Moses Barnes, Hiram B. Child, 
John Eddy, Charles C. Wood, Henry \L 

Fiichburg, Goldsmith F. Bailey, Thomas R. 
Boutelie, Lewis II. Bradford, J udson S.Brown, 
Thomas C. Caldwell, Alvah Crocker, Levi 
Downe, A. Hitchcock, .Moses G. Lyon, C. 
Marshall, Charles Mason, David H. Merriam, 
Wm. J. Merriam, Amasa Norcross, Fran ; > 
Perkins, tvers Phillips, Abel Sioionds, Charles 
ILL. Snow, John Todd, fEbenezer Torre v, 
Thornton K. Ware, Moses Wood, ^Nathaniel 
Wood, Wan. Woodbury. 

Gardner, John &!gei! Thomas E. Glazier, 
Rufua Newton, Francis Richardson, S. W. A. 

GrafiiMi *-Ou& Adams, Samuel H.Allen, 
*A M. Billow, E. R. Bigelow, H. D. P. 
Bigelow, Charles tSr.igl.iam, Oliver M. Brigham, 
Joseph Bruce, Thomas T. Griggs, Charles B. 

Samuel D. Torrey, Asa H. Waters. 

New Braintree, Amasa Bigelow, Henry A. 
Delano. fSamuel Mixter, Uollis Tidd. 

Northborough, Geo. Barnes, Samuel Clark, 
George C. Davis, f Cyrus Gale, Anson Rice, 
Abraham W. Seaver. 

Northbridge, Ebenezer Cadwell, John Tay- ; 
!or. Hiram Win in 

North Brookjield, Chas. Adams, Jr., *Wm. j 
Adams, Thomas Bond, James II. Hill, John | 
Hill., Hiram Knight, George H. Lowe, Bonum 
Nvr' v i \\\\y 3S ve, f Amasa Walker, F. Walker. 

Ord-ham, James Allen, Mark Haskell. 

Oxford, Charles D. Bowman, Jasper Brown, j 
Alexander Da Witt, Nathaniel Eddv, Cyrus 
Lamb, John B. Pratt, S. \V. Smith, Aivia G. 

Pa$ton, Wm. Gray, Solon C. Howe, John •; 
N. Murdo :k, Oliver VVilson. 

Petersham, Collins Andrews, Artemas Bry- j 
ant, Setii 11 ipgood, * Jared Wood. 

Phdlipsio-n, Charles C. Bissett, Jason Gould- j 
i; _ r . Oliver 1 'oners, Ephraim Turner. 

Princeton, Alphonso Brooks, John Brooks, ; 








i I 

Jonas Brooks, Jr., Soion S. Hastings, Joseph | Ed win S. Men ill, Giles H. Whitney, Lucius 
A. Reed, fCbarles Russell. | D. Tierce. 

Royalston, Barnet Buliock, Rufus Bullock,] Worcester, fCharles Allen, Samuel Allen, 

Joshua B. Gould, Jervis Davis, Lucius W. 
Partridge, Bienoni Peck, Joseph Raymond, 
fetac P. Willis. 

Rutland, Zadoek W. Gates, Calvin G. Howe. 

Shrewsbury, Asa H. Allen, Lucius 8. Allen, 
•A. Harrington, Wm. II. Knowkon, Thomas 
B. Nbrcross, Job C. Stone, Thomas W.Ward, 

James G. Arnold, Peter C. Bacon, James H. 


Bancroft, Emory Bannister, *Ira M. Barton, 
Win. S. Barton, Win. M. Bickford, *Abijah 
Bigelow, Harrison Bliss, fElmer Brigham, 
Calvin M. Brooks, Alexander II. Bullock, fAsa 
S. Burbunk, Benjamin Butman, George Chan- 
dler, Henry Chapin, Anthony Chase, William 
Southboro', David Alden, Solomon Este, |D. Cheever, John B. J). Cogswell, Edwin Co- 
Sullivan Fay, Enos King, Curtis Newton, Oil- i nant, Caleb Dana, *John A. Dana, Ezekiel 
ver S. Sandford. - J Daniels, flsaae Davis, Jonathan Day, Charles 

Souihbridge, Daniel P. Bacon, Frederick Devens, Jr., Francis H. Dewey, Silas Dins- 
Vv r . Rotham, Sidney Clark, Thos. N. Harding, 'more, Wm. Dickinson, *Wra. Eaton, Geo. II. 
Samuel M. Lane, Manning Leonard, John j Estabrook, James Estabrook, James E. Esta- 
Otis MeKinstry, Nathan Upham, George A. brook, Benjamin Flagg, D wight Foster, Sam- 
Vinton. uel B. I. Goddard, Jesse W. Goodrich, *Wm. 

Spencer, * James Draper, William T. Har- j N. Green, *Wm. Greenleaf, William Grout, 
low, Lutber Hill, Phineas Jones, Wm* Pope, Franklin Hall, Charles A. Hamilton, Edward 
Willard Rice, William Upham. i Hamilton, Timothy W. Hammond, Wm. Har- 

Slerling, .Samuel Houghton, Ezra Kendall, 
Wm. D. Peck, Luther W.Rugg, Samuel Saw- 

Sturh'idqe, *Geo. Da 1 

nngton, Clarendon Harris, Wm. H. Harris, 
-■Charles W. Hartshorn, Samuel F. Haven, 
Nathan Heard, Edward H. Ilemenway, Chas. 
imeon A. Drake, ! Hersey, Charles H. Hill, *J. Henry Hill, Geo. 
Calvin P. Fiske, Amos Holbrook, Benj, D. | F. Hoar, George Hobos, Wm. R. Hooper, 
Hyde, Aaron Lyon, Edward Phillips, Avery j Wm. II. Howe, S. A. Howland, *Samuel Jen- 
P. Taylor, Roswell Warner, David Wight. \ nlson, *Wm. Jennison, jThomas Kinnicutt, 
Sutton. Beniamin L. Bajtchelier, Abraham John S. C. Enowlton, Edward Lamb, Dame' 

Chase, Harvey Dodge, Horace Belaud, Ed- 
mund J. Mills, Solomon Se.very, Henry J, 
Sibley, James Taylor, Daniel Tenney, Pans 
Tourteilot, John W. Whipple. 

Templeton, Benjamin Brown, Joseph Davis, 
Oilman Day, Dexter Gilbert, *Artemas Lee, 
Samuel Lee, Henry Newton, Frederic Parker, 
Joshua Sawyer, Leonard Stone.. 

Upton, Nahum W. Holbrook, Elijah Stod-1 George T. Rice, Henry O. Rice, William Yv. 
6ard Valorous Taft * Rice, George W , Richardson, Austin L. Ko- 

*;/. idoe LneienC. Bovnten Alvan Cook Igers, Steuben Salisbury,* William A. Smith. 


W. Lincoln, Edward Winslow Lincoln, fLevi 
Lincoln, Wm. S. Lincoln, * Joseph Mason, 
♦Lewis A. Maynard, J. IL Matthews, William 
B. Maxwell, Thomas McGiunis, Charles M. 
Miles, #Rejoiee Newton, Patrick O'Keefe, 
Charles Paine, Frederick W. Paine, Calvin 
E. Pratt, Addison Prentiss, Charles G. Pren- 
tiss, George M. Prentiss, Charles L.Putnam, 


gynton 4h-an Cook '•£$rs. Stephen Salisbury, *WiUia! 
lis Iteane, Merrill Greene^ George s! \%Hj& J}- Btedlird Daniel Stone, Henry D. 
Zadok A. Taft, Theodore B. Whiting, i Stone, Samuel V. Stone, Nathaniel 

; Geo. Swan, Putnam W. Taft, Lewis Thayer, 
H arrm James S Davis, Dame] Hitclic* k, ^^ - , ThomaS Wm . a Thompson, iW 
gf^V- Hitchcock, Pardon J^eyes, Nathan j ^ v, ^^ * Char]es Thurber, George 
.-.: .nai &on. ! A. Trumbull. Joseph Trumbull, Stephen P. 

Webster, Hiram Allen Asher Joshn, James | TwJ m ^ d w /y aill Gi !l Valentine, Geo. 

l0Ur " I F. Verry, Daniel Ward, Charles Washburn, 
fEmory Washburn, Henry S. Washburn, F. 
Wayland, Jr., George A. WethereJl, J. W. 
Wetherell, Charles White, Geo. W. Wheeler, 
-Calvin Willard, Alexander H. Wilder, Joel 
Wilder, Hartley Williams, James 0. Williams, 
William A. Williams. 

Alien, Asner dosun 

Robinson, Lyman Sheldon, Newton "lour 

Wesiboro\ B. Boynton, Elmer Brigham,! 
Jdhu A. Fayerweather, Jabez G. Fisher, v Xa- 1 
hum Fisher, Samuel D. Fisher, Lafayette W. 
Pierce, Otis F. Vinton, Samuel N. White. | 

West "Brookfield, Linus Banister, Oliver S. j 
Cooke, Baxter Ellis, AJanson Hamilton, Ayery. 
Keep, Ivers Lincoln, Ebenezer Merriam, -Da- 1 
vid L. Morrill, Joseph A. Sprague. 

West Boyhton, Everett Webster Bigelow, 
Elias Davis, Charles Goodale,Eplvraim Hinds, 
IJ- M. Hosmer, Lemuel D. Kewion, Levi 
t'seree, Windsor N. White, Aaron E. Winter.! 

Westmin$ter\ William S.Bradbury, Edward 
!•= bdaii, Joseph M. Whitman, H. G. Whitney, 
benjamin Wyman. j 

Winchcndotii Bethuel Ellis, Moses Hancock, 

Ivot&riea Public. 

Athol. Charles Field, Isaac Stevens. 
Biackslone, Paul P.Todd. 
Brookjield, Otis Hayden, Otis Steven*. 
C'inlon, Charles G. Stevens. 
Fitchburg, donas A. Marshall, William J- 
Merriam, John Todd, Nathaniel Wood. 
Grafton, William F. Sloeum. 
Lancaster ,Georg6 R. M. Withington. 




Leicester, Cheny Hatch, iloratio G. Hen- 

i! hi) jrd, Kufas F. Bn »er, John S. Scamruel. 

MWbury, Ira N. Goddard. 

Nbrthboro*, Samuel Clark. 

(te/bri Emory Sa-nfi - . 

Southbridge, Calvin A. Pal; ,1 fol 'r^dge Am- 

C ';;//?• t< ''_7<', '1 c 1 1 n W . Ca pron . 

Warren, Jos. F, Hitchcock. 

WPesi BrookjUeld, Daniel L. Morrill. 

Winch&ndon, Lucius 1>. Pierce. 

TKorce-^7', Peleg E. Ald'ricjb, Jobn Boyden, 
Wm. S. Barton, Wm. Dickinson, J. Her ry 
Hill, Joseph Trumbull, Charles Washburn. 


Auburn, J. S. Prentiss. 

Bolton, Joseph Sawyer. 
Clinton, Ira Coolidge. 
Dana., John II. Farnsworth. 
FUchhurg, A. P, Kimball, Jonas A. Mar- 
shall, Ivers Phillips. 

&tctflm>, lioveil Baker, Jr. 


George Fia<jg. 

Hubbardsion, David Bennett 

Leominster, Wm, II. Young. 
Mendon, John G. Metcalf. 
Mi/ford, Clark Ellis. 
Or/W, Svlvanus Harris. 
Petersham, Cephas Willard. 
Princeton, Alphonso Brooks. 
Royalslon, Ambrose Clark, Cyrus Davis. 
Rutland, Jeduthan Green. 
Southboro", Cunis Newton. 
Southbridge, Holdridge Ammidown. 
Sturbridqe, Edward Phillips. 
Sutton, John W. Whipple, E. J. Mills. 
Templeton, Herman Partridge. 
Upton, Joseph F. McFarland. 
I r xbridge, Scott Seagrave. 
Warren, Nelson Carpenter. 
Westbord', Daniel F. Newton. 
West Brookfield, Ivers Lincoln. 
Westminster, Frederic]; Alien. 
V/inchendon, Joseph S. W&i^on. 
Worcester, Loveii Baker, Jonathan Day, | 
Asa Matthews. 


[Corrected in January, 1S56J 

The Militia of Massachusetts is divided into two classes, the active and enrolled ; the I 
latter consist? of all tS aJtde-bodied white male citizens of the ap;e of eighteen years, and j 
under that of forty-five, excepting person's enlisted into volunteer companies, and persons j 
exempted by law, or Incapacitated by physical and other causes.*' [See sec. 5, Militia j 
L ; ,.] 'i h( whole rvis nber i nrolled in 1855, as appears from the Returns of Assessors j 
of cities and towns, (whose duty it is to make such returns), is 141,192, being an in- j 
crease of 5,971 over last year. 

The Active Militia consists of Volunteers, who are paid a ncrdiem allowance when orj i 
duty, amounting, in the \>ho>e, to VJ per annum, each rnari of the Artillery, Infantry ! 
and Riflemen, and $18 each for Cavalry. They consist, by the returns of 1855, of j 
about 7000 men. These are organized into three Divisions ana six Brigades, embracing j 
two Divisionary Corps of Cadets, one Company of Light Artillery, live Companies of j 
Cavalry, and twelve .Regiments and one Battalion of Infantry^and two Battalions of! 
Bifiemen — in all, 10S companies. 

The first division is made up of Militia in Suffolk, Norfolk, Plymouth, Bristol, Barns- | 
table, Nantucket, and Dukes counties; the second, of Militia in Middlesex and Esjsox ; 
the third, of Militia in Worcester, Hampshi • Hampden, Franklin, Berkshire. 

j &EW 

I j His Excellency Henry J. Gardner, of Boston, Commander-in- Chief. 

Adjutant-'General, Ebeaezer W. Stone, of LI ox bury. 

Aids to Commander-in-Chief, with rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Geo. M. Thacher, of Bos- 
I • to.i.; Ithamai F. Coakey,©* Amherst; J. Franklin Bates, of Woburn; Charles Pomeroy, of 
* i Northfield. 




Major-Gt leral, Benjamin F. Edman Is 
John Jeffries, Jr., of Boston; Division 
«>>» Quartermaster, Frederick A. Heath, 

Boston; Aide* de-camp , Curtis B. Raymond, 
'.dor, James 11. Darraeott, of Boston ; Divi- 

cbury; Division Engineer, John H. Reed, of 

Moore, of Boston, Company E; Captain, Au- 
gustine Harlow, of Boston, Company F. 

Brigadier- General, Ebenezer W. Peiree, of 

ton; Brigade Quartermaster, ihuy ■ ±*. rung- Freetown ; Aide-de-camp, Joshua F. Wins- 
man, of Boston; Engineer, Pamel bharp, Jr., ji ow> f Abington; Brigade-Major, 

of ' ; Brigade- Quartermaster, 

? f . Engineer, Win. 

Bo ti i ; Judge A loocate, Samuel E. Guild, oi 
Brigadier- General, Saarl Andrews, of Bos- 
ton; Aide-de-camp, Henry C. Brooks, of Bos- 
ton; Briaade-Mmor, P. Stearns Batis, of Bos- 

of Newton 



Captain, Moses 6. Cobb, of Boston ; Anju- 
tant, »Adin Partridge, of Boston ; Surgeon, 
William 0. Johnson ; lsi Lieutenant, Joseph 
Halo, of Boston ; 2/? Lieutenant, Nathaniel F. 
Stevens, of Boston ; 3d Lieutenant, George 
S. IZolr, ci Boston; 4.1k Lieutenant, Horace 
Williams, of Box bury, 

[First B&ttalion—Ijigbi Bragoons, 

Major, Thomas J. Vie-ae^, of Cambridge; 
Adjutant, William F. White, of Somejvuie; 
Quartermaster, Lucius Siade, of Boston; Sur- 
geon, Jonas W. Chapman, or' Boston ; Captain, 
Chas. A. Kimball., of Cambridge, Company' A ; 
Captain, Isaac H. Wright, of Lexington, Com- 
pany B. 

First Regimes t— Infantry. 

Colonel, Thomas E. Chickering, of Boston ; 
Lieutenant Colonel, R. I. Burbank, of Boston ; 
Major, Albert J. Wright, of Boston ; Adju- 
tant, John It. Hall, of Roxbury ; Quartermas- 
ter, Montgomery Ritchie, of Boston; Pay- 
master, Richard S. Fay, -Jr., of Boston.; S ar- 

il D. 

•^ i a a t , 

Boston : burn on •■ 

Boston; Captain? Uhzrhs dh: 

0-0;;,, i>a 

bert J. Wright, of 

O. Rogers, of Boston, Company A ; Captain 
Joseph L. Henshaw, of Boston, Company B; 
Captain, Joshua Jenkins, of Boston^ Company 
0; Captain, Dexter H.Follett, of Boston, 
Company I); Captain, Isaac F. Shepard, of 
Somerviile, Company E; Captain, Henry A. 
Sqow,of Somerviile, Company F; Captain, 
George Clark, Jr., of Boston, Company C ; 

Caolain, ■—, of Company 


Second Regitaex 


tenant Co'onel, Win. W 

Bollock, of Caui- 

E, Bump, of North Easton. 

Company of Light Dragoons, annexed to 


Captain, Joe! F. Ellis, of North Bridge- 
water; Is* Lieutenant, Henry A. Raymond, 
of Abington; Id Lieutenant, J. R, Pt-rkins, 
of North Bridge water; 3d Lieutenant, Lucius 
Richmond, of North Bridgeware^; Alh Lieu- 
tenant, James W. White, of Mansfield ; _/L/yV 
tara*, Luther Scudley, of North Biidgewater; 
Surgeon, James C. Swan, of West Bridge- 

Third Regiment— Infantry. 

Colonel, Stephen Thomas, of Middleboro* ; 

Lieutenant Colonel, ■ , of 

• Major, Rogers L. Barstow, of 

Rochester; Adjutant, Elnathan W. 'Wilbur, 
of Mlddletoro' ; Quartermaster, Charles T. 
Thacber, of New Bedford; Paymaster, 8. II. 
Churchill, of Pl\ mouth; Surgeon, Ervin Web- 
ster, of Plymouth; Surgeon's Mate, Norman 

Webster, of Plymouth ; Chaplain, 

— , of - — ; Captain, C»tis Pratt, of 

Halifax, Company A; Captain, Charles Ray- 
Plymouth, Company B; Captain, Fer- 
" unpany E ; 
Caj ain, Thomas Wesson, of Middleboro', 
Company F; Captain, Silas P. Riuhuioi d, of 
'A town, Company G; Captain., Cephas 
C. iiumpus, of Pivmpton, Company H; Cap- 
lain, William A. II itVords, of Lakeviile, C\ m- 
pany A; Captain, S. R. Thorn as, of Midule- 
boro', Company Kf ; Captain, Timothy Ingra- 
ham, of New Bedford, Company L. 

Fourth Regiment-Infantry. 
Colonel, Charles H. French, of Cantm; 

Lii '■'- rtant Colonel, of— ; 

Major, Oliver Ames, 3d, of Easton ; Atjulant, 
Edward Potter, oi Braintree; Quartermaster, 
frank M. Ames, of Easton; Surgeon, ILu.j'. 
M. Rounds, of Norton ; Surgeon's Mate, G. 
W. !. Swan, of Easton; Paymaster, Henry 
;: misdi II, < f Abington; Captain, Cha.les 
| b. Cus mail, Canton, Company A; Cap- 

| e:^-y B ; Captain, Cburles IL Dow, of B< in- 
;, Company C; Captain, Elirnut C. Aiden, 

bury; Adjutant, Solon Fisher, of Cambridge; 
Quarterm inter, Daniel Cram, of Boston; Sur- 
geon, Rufus L. Hinckley, of Boston ; Par • : ; : 
ter, Joseph H. Bates, of B >s'*on ; p/j ' 
Thomas H. Evans, of Boston, Company A; 
Captain, Benj. F. Rustell, of Boston, Com- 
pany B ; Captain, John B. Whorf. if Bo it j ft UK ] .;.',»_ 

Company C; Captain, Isaac S. Barrel!, oi 'Reed, of Abington,Compaoy E; Cty/at'fr.Chikj. 
Roxbury, Company i>; Captain, McLelland I » Km* Freetown Compaq, j c&rrcr c< ^ ,■- r.>: y . 

my I); Captain, Tn 



Richai ison* of Pawtucket, Company F* ; I of Milton ; Ensign (with rank of Major), C has 
Captain, Timothy Gordon, of Taunton, Com- 1 A niory, of Boston; Adjutant (with rank r 

pauy U ; 
ing, Jr., of J 

..■ ; , ; , 

Amory, of Boston; Adjutant (with rank ot 
tarn, Alfred B. Packard, of Captain), Thomas P. Rich, ofBoston; Quarter- 

• •v, Company H; Captain t Hawkes Fear- ; master, Moses \Y. Weld, of Boston ; Surg 
-i, Company I. 

CORPS OP CADETS, | of Brooklinc, Joseph S. Whitney 


Captain (with rank of Lieutenant-Colonel), 
Thomas C. Amory, of Boston ; Lieutenant 
(with rank of Major), Christopher C.Holmes, 

Ezra Palmer, Jr., of Boston; trf Lieutenant . 
I J iseph M. Churchill, of Milton, Thomas ii. 

of Boston, W T m. A. Bangs, of Boston, A. 
1 '.'ii arles Baldwin, of Boston, S, Parkman Dex- 
ter, of Boston. 



Major- General, Wtn. Sufion, of Salem ; Aides-de-camp, Benjamin Barstow, and | 
Samuel Brown, Jr., of Salem ; Division-Inspector, Daniel Perkins, of SaVrn ; Division- 
Quartermaster, Henry B. Groves, of Salem; /wefye Advocate, Alfred A. Abbott, 
of DanvcTS ; Engineer, David Moore, of Salem, 

Brigadier -General, Jas. Jones, Jr., of Lin- 
coln: h Igade-Major, Josiah G. Chase, of 
Lowell; Brigade- Quartermaster, Edwin L. 
Shed, of Lowell; Aide-de-camp, Amos A. 
Taylor, of Lowell; Engineer, Goo- Going, of 

I*ig-3it Dragoons, annexed to Brigade, 

■ Oa tain, Gideon Haynes, of Waltham ; 1st 

Lieut., of — ; '2d Lieut., 

Samuel L Bateheider, of Waltham; 3d 
Lieut., Thomas S. Stratton, of Waltham; 
Aih Lieut, Thomas W. Farnsworth, of Wal- 

Fifth. Kegiment—Infantry. 
Colon I, Chas.B. &ogers ; o r Gharlestown; 

S. Henry Stone, ofBoston; Quartermaster, 
Geo. Curtiss, of Medford; Pay?naster, Fred- 
erick A. Ham, of Charh town; Surgeon, 

Win. B. Jewett, of Pepperell, Company ! 
A ; Captain, Walter Shattuck, of Gro- i 
ton, Company B ; Captain, Ephraim Hart- \ 
veil, of Lowell, Company C; Captain,. Eze- j 
kiel Eastman, of Lowell. Company D ; Cap- ' 
tain, Daniel Turtle, of Acton, Company E ; 
Captain, J, M. Decker, of Lowell, Company 
F; Captain, Josiah A. Sawtell, of Loweli, 
Company G; Captain, Andrew Bloc!, q'l 
Lowell, Company II ; Captain, Joshua P. 
Piiisbury, of Lawrence, Company I. 

Second Battalion of Kiflemen. 
Major, Ephraim Moore, of Sudbury ; Adju- i 
tant, Nathan L. Pratt;, of Sudbury ; Qua\ ■■- 
master, Stedman Arnold, of Marlborough; , 
Surgeon, Dexter M. Tucker, of Marlborough, . 
ain, He cry Whiteomb, of Marlborough, ' 
C< mpany A; Captain. I'.n Willis, of Sudbury. ■ 
Company B. 

Brigadier-General, Joseph Andrews, of Sa- ; 

Lane, of Gharlestown; Surgeon'syem; Aide-de-camp, Samuel C. Oliver, of 

Lawrence ; Brigade-Major, Henry Merritt, of i 
Salem; Brigade- Quartermaster, Benjamin R. j 
White, of Salem. 

ion Drew, of Woburn ', Captain, 
G e o . I I e y w o o 1 1 , o f C o n cord. Com p a 1 1 y A ; 
Captain, Francis Tufts, of Somerviile, Com- 
pany B; Captain, Gardner Banks, of Wal- 
tham, Company :C ; Captain, Wm. R. Swan, 
of Cheisea, Company 1); Captain, Henry W. 
Usher, of Medford, Company E; Captain, 
Thomas 0- Barri, of Cambridge, Company 
F; Captain, Geo. P. Kettelle,ot Gharlestown, 
Company LL 

Si x In I? egiment^-Infs n try. 
Colonel, Geo. F. Sawtell, of Lowell; Lieu- 
tenant- Colonel, Lorenzo D. Sargent, of Law- 
; Maj r, Ivlward F. Jane: of Loweli ; 
ant, Alpha B. Farr, of Lowell ; Qu h - 
termasier, Benj. F. Watson, ot' Lawrence; 
Paymaster, Ambrose Lawrence, of Lowell; 
Surgeon, Joel Spalding, of Lowell ; Sur- 
geon's Mate,, Win. D. Lamb, of Lawrence; 
Chaplain, Tbeo. Edson, of Lowell ; Captain, 

* M >rtoii Cooip&ny. 


Seventb. Segiment —Infantry . 

Colonel, , of : Lieu- \ 

tenant- Colonel, William Saunders, of Salem; j 
Major, Lyman Like, of StOnebam; Ad- \ 
jutant, Henry G. Fav, of Stone bam ; Q'tar- \ 
ister, William Brown, of Salem; Pay- \ 
master,. Jairns W. Perry, of Salem ; Sure, •-.. 
James C. How, of Haverhill; Surgeon's Mate, j 
Lincoln It. Stone, of Salem; Captain, James \ 
A Farle>s, of Salem, Company A; Captain, : 
Simeon Flint, of Salem, Company B ; Ca\ 
S imuel Trdd, of Stoneham, Company C ; Cap- 
tain, John W. Ehoades, of Salem, Company 

Company E; Captain, John F. Fellows, of j 
Chelsea, Company i ; ' ; Captain, William Tag- j 
eart, of Haverhill, Company G; Captain A 
Eleazer Hathaway, of Salem, Company II. 


10 L 

Eighth Hegiment— Infantry, 

Colonel, Frederick J CofHn, of Newbury- 
porfr; Lieutenant- Colonel, Roland G. Usher, 
• of Lynn; Major, John F. Brown, of Marble- 
! ai ; ddjutt nt, Nehemiah Flanders, of New- 
| buryport ; Quartermaster, Samuel T. Payson, 
of Xewburyport ; Paymaster, Francis Foster, 
; of Lynn; Surgeon, John Renton, of Lynn; 
' Captain, John C. Remick, of Ne.wburyport, 
j Company A ; Captain, Simon A. Stone, of 
| Marblehead, Company B; Captain, Knott V. 
j Martin, of Marblehead, Company C ; Cap- 
tain, Timothy Muni'oe, of Lynn, Company I) ; 
j Captain, Israel W. Wallis, of Beverly, Com- 
| pany F ; Captain, Thomas Herbert, of Lynn, 
j Company F; Captain, Jeremiah R. Cook, of 
; Gloucester, Company G; Captain, John M. 
| Anderson, of Marblehead, Company H. • 

First Battalion of Kifiemen. 

Perley Poor, of West New- 

| bury ; Adjutant, -— , , of ; 

j Quartermaster, II. P. .Mackintosh, of New- 

P. Stanwood, of West 

Captain, — , 

buryport ; Surgeon, — 

; Capta In, Mose \ 

Newbury t Company A 

of , Company B ; Captain, J. Scott 

Todd, of Rowley, Company C. 


Captain, Samuel B. Foster ; Adjutant, John 

Pickering, Jr. ; Quartermaster, Robert Broi ':- 

house, Jr.; Surgeon, John G.Wood; Captain* 

Lieutenant, J. Louis Marks; 1st Lieutenant, 

Joseph A. Dalton ; 2d Lieutenant, Chas. A. 

j Hopes; 4th Lieutenants, Charles H. Pinkbam; 

| Joseph C. Foster; Charles E, Swasey; Eben 

J Sutton ; Ensign, Richard Skinner, Jr. 

Majapr-General, George Hobbs, of Worcester; Aides-de-camp, John II. Matthews 
and Calvin M. Pratt, of Worcester; Division-Inspector, John. M. Goodhue, of Worces- 
ter; Division- Quartermaster, Frederick G. Stylos, of Worcester; Judge Advocate, 
John A. Dana, of "Worcester : Engineer, Charles W. Fermo, of Worcester. 


■ Brigadier- General, Augustus Morse, of Leo- 
minster; Aide-de-camp, William B. Wood, 
of Fitchburg; Brigade Inspector, Charles II. 
Merriam, of Leominster; Brigade'- Quarter- 
master, Daniel R. Haynes, of Leominster ; 
Engineer, Oris T. Ruggles, of Fitchburg. 

Jsfiniii Segiment-^In t'antry. 

Colonel, Edwin Upton, of Fitchburg; Lieu- 
tenant Colonel, Gilman Id. Palmer, of Clinton; 
Major, Wm. Kimball, of Fitchburg; Adju- 
tant, George W. Rockwood, of Fitchburg; 
Qmrleimaster, George II. Sherwio, of Fitch- 
burg; Paymaster, — ■ — -, of 

; Surge-op, James P. C. Cummings, of 

Fitchburg ; Surgeon's Mate, Chas. W. Wild- 
er, of Fitchbarg; Captain, Luther Stone, of 
Leominster, Company A ; Captain, John W. 
Kimball, of Fitchburg, Company B; Captain, 
Andrew L. Feller, of Clinton. Company C; 
Captain, Amos 13. Holden, of Westminster, 
Company D ; Captain, James A. Pratt, of 
Sterling, Company F; Captain, Joseph P. 
Rice, of Ashburnham, Company G. 

Tenth Regiment-Infantry. 

Colonel, Albert }I. Foster, of Worcester; 
'" utenant- Colonel, Samuel II. Leonard, of 
Worcester; Major, Chas. S. Child, of Wor- 
cester; Adjutant, John M. Studley, of Wor 

Worcester; Captain, James LI, Barker, of 

Milford, Company A ; Captain, 

, Company B; Captain, 

Geo. H. Ward, of Worcester, Company C; 
Captain, Levi P. Bigelow, of Grafton, Com- 
pany D: Captain, Pelham Bradford, of West 
Boy 1st on, Company E; Captain, Christopher 
S. Hastings, of Berlin, Company F; Captain, 
AIon::o B.Pratt, West Boylston, Company G; 
Ca; 'ain, Albert Barber, of Hopkiuton, Com- 
pany 11. 


Brigadier- General, Andrew A. Richmond, 
of Adams; Aide-de-camp, Charles K. ITawkes, 
of Northampton ; Brigade-Major, Josiah Q. 
Robinson, of Adams; Brigade- Quartermaster, 
David W. McElwain, of Adams ; Engineer, 
John J. Luroy, of Adams. 

Company of Cavalry, annexed to Brigade. 

Captain, Jonathan S. Robinson, of Spring 
field ; 1st Lieut,, Henry Crane, of Springfield 
t 2d Lieut., Gideon J. Burt, of Longmeadow 
3d Lent., E. P. Chapin, of Springfield; ith 
Lieut.., George Ensworth, of Springfield; Sur 
geon, Varillas H. Owen, of Springfield. 

Eleventh Regiment— Infantry. 
Colonel, Samuel F. Dudley, of Shun 

l-Colonel, Lucien 1L Stone, of M<>n~ 
cester ; Quartermaster, Geo. L. Allen, of Wor- | taguc ; Major, dames Stock-well, of Wai - i 
elster; Paymaster, Eliakim A. Bates, of .Hop- Adjutant 1 'Sa.mue\ 11. Crandali,of Shutesbury; 
kiaton; Sw^o/j, Benjamin Hey wood, of Wor- \ Quartermaster t Wxn. R. Bali, of Warwick; 
tester.; Surgeon's Mate, Samuel Flagg, of 1 Pay master t , of 

' 102 


Surgeon, L. Dwight Seymour, of Greenfield; 
Surgeon's Mate, Edward II, It. Revere, of 
Greenfield; Chaplain, James K. Morrill, 

of Montague ; Captain, , 

of , Company A; Captain, Calvin 

F. Marvel, of Leverett, Company B ; Captain, 

Company D; Captain, Charles Wilson, of 

Coie.atne, Company E; Captain, 

( f . 1 Company F ; Captain, 

Wendell T. Davis, cf Greenfield, Company G. 

Twelftll Regiment— Infantry. 
Colonel, Horace. C. Lee, of Springfield ; 
Lieutenant-Colonel, Samuel D. Bowers, of 
Springfield ; Major, John M. Emerson, of 
Amherst ; Adjutant, Albert II. Kirkham, of 
Springfield; Quartermaster, Albert S. Haven, 
of Springfield ; Paymaster, Jarvis G. Shaw, 
of Springfield; Surgeon, William G. Breck, 
of Springfield ; Surgeon's Male, Austin W. 
Thompson, of ^Northampton ; Chaplain, Mor- 
ris E. White, of [Northampton ; Captain, ■ — 

. . 1 of- , Company A; 

Captain, William L. Smith, of Springfield,. 

Company B ; Captain, Luke Lyman, of North- 
ampton, Company C; Captain, Elliott Bri :_• 
j man, of Belchertowrr, Company D; Captain- 
' Leander Hilton, of Ware, Company E. 

First Battalion — Infan try. 
Major, Henry S. Briggs, of Pitt-field ; Ad- 
jutant, Nathan G. Brown, of Pittsfield; Quar* 
j termasler, Daniel J. Dodge, of Pitu field; Sur- 
\geon, John W r . Gamwell, of Pittsfield; Cap- 
\tain, John Van Veehten, of Pittsfield, Com- 
I pany A: Captain, William M. Brown, of 
Adams, Company B ; Captain, John Wilkin- 
son, of Great Barrington, Company C. 



Major Moses G. Cobb, Captain. Major 
| Ben : Perley Poore, First Lieutenant. Col. 
Edward F. Hail, Second Lieutenant. Lieut 
Josiah Porter, Adjutant. Lieut, John G. 
Roberts, Treasurer. Col.Wm. Mitchell, Clerk. 
Sergeant Warren French, Armorer. 

a m 




Copcland George, Brewster 
Davis John W., Wellfleet 
Bay Joseph M., Barnstable 
| Marston George, Barnstable 
Marston Nymphas, Barnstable 
Nye Seth 1"., Sandwich 
Scudder Zeno, Barnstable 
Small Symeon N., Yarmouth (Port) 


Adams Robert W., Pitt-field 
Bartletfc Wm, G., West Stoekbridge 
Bennett Charles F., Dalton 
Bishop Henry W., Lenox - 
Bliss Henry J., Adams 
Bowerman Samuel W., Adams 
Bradford James, Sheffield 
Branning John, Lee 
Briggs George N., Pittsfield- 
Briggs Henry S., Pittsfield 
Brown L. D-, Lee 
Cole Gordon E., Cheshire 
Coli James D. 2d. Pittsfield 
Danforth Keyes, Williarostown 
Dawes Henry L., (North) Adams 
Dewoy Daniel N., Williamstown 
Ensign Edward P., Sheifield 

Emerson Charles N., Great Barrington 
Field Jonathan E., Stoekbridge 
Filley Lester, Lee 
Fillej Wm. T.,Lanesboro' 
Fitch Henry E., West Stoekbridge 
Gamwell Lorenzo H., Pittsfield 
Gardner Silas II., Hancock 
Gold Thomas G., Pittsfield 
Hodge Neheniiah, (North) Adams 
Hubbard Henry, Pittsfield 
Johnson Norman L-, Pittsfield 
Kellogg Ensign II., Pittsfield 
Lanckton M. R., Pittsfield 
Martin Calvin, Pittsfield 
Morse Almond C, Dalton 
Page Joel S., Pittsfield 
Page Phinehas L., Pittsfield 
Palmer Billings, Great Barrington 
Plunkett William R., Pittsfield 
Price John, Great Barrington 
Richmond Andrew A., (North) Adams 
Robinson Thomas, (North) Adams 
Robinson James T.. (North) Adams 
Rockwell Julius, Pittsfield ' 
Shepherdson Wesley L„ Pittsfield 
Strickland L. K., Sandisueld 
Sturgis Franklin, Lee 
Sumner Increase, Great Barrington 
* Sumner Samuel Ik, Great Barrington 



Tuft Henry W., Lenox 

Thayer Shepard, (North) Adams. 
Tucker George J., Lenox 
Tucker William S., Lenox 
Turner Augustus, New Marlborougl 
Twining Thomas. Gi ;at Barrington 
Walker John A.', Pittsfield 
Waterman Andrew J'., Williamstown 
Wilcox Marshall, Lee 
Wolcott John Cj Cheshire 


Barney Edward L., New Bedford 
Bassett Anselm, Taunton 
Bassett & Reed, Taunton 
Battelle Hezekiah, Fail River 
Bennett Edmund IT., Taunton 
Bennett & Williams, Taunton 
Blaisdell Josiah 0., Fall River 
BMgett William W., Pawtucket 
Borihey Charles T., New Bedford 
Boomer F. A., Fall River 
Borden Aianson, New Bedford 
Borden Simeon 2d, Fall River 
]B ray ton John S., Fall River 
Brio ham Lincoln P., New Bedford 
Brown James, Taunton 
Cady Stillman, Fall River 
Clifford John II., New Bedford 
Crapo Wiliiara W., New Bedford 
Cushman Apollos, Pawtucket 
Cushman A. S., New Bedford 
Daggett John, Attleboro' 
Deane Joseph P., Taunton 

Beans Ge 


r i 


Dearborn Joseph F., New Bedford 
Eliot Thomos D., New Bedford 
Fales Edward, New Bedford 
Farnswortb Claudius lh, Pawtucket 
Ford James, Fall tiAvev 
Hathaway Elnatlian P , Freetown 
Hathaway Joseph, Freetown 
Hathaway Nicholas, Freetown 
Hawes John A., Fairhaven 
Holmes Charles J., Fall River 
King Thomas K., Pawtucket 
Lapham Louis, Fall River 
Lindsey John, Fall River 
Mackie Adam, New I Jed lord 
Mitchell Walter, New Bedford 
Morton Nathaniel, Taunton 
Worton & Sanford, Taunton 
Pitman Robert 0., Nov/ Bedford 
Porter Francis L, New Bedford 
Pratt Horatio, Taunton 
Prescott Oliver, New Bedford 
Lay Isaiah C. } New Bedford 

Heed Chester I., Taunton 
Robinson Morrill, Jr., New Bedford 
Robinson Thomas !>., New Bedford 
Sanford B., Taunton 
Sanford Joseph B., Attleboro' 
Spooncr Nathaniel S., Fairhaven 
Sproat William A. F., Taunton 
Stetson Thomas M., New Bedford 
Stone Joshua C, New Bedford 
Townsend Samuel R., Taunton 
West Augustus L., New Bedford 
Williams Eliab, Fall River 
Williams George Edgar, Taunton 
Williams Henry, Taunton 

Williams Si 



Mayhew Theodore G., Edgartown 
Peakes James D., Tisbury 
Pease -Joseph T., Edgartown 
Thaxter Leavitt, Edgartown 


Abbott Alfred A., South Danvers 
Andrews George, Salem 
Bancroft Sidney C, Salem 
Barstow Benjamin, Salem 
Benson George W\, Lawrence 
Biekford Horace, Newburyport 
Binney Wiliiara C, Amesbury 
Bordman Benjamin, Lawrence 
Briggs George P., Lawrence 
Brown Arnmi, Salem 
Brown Isaac, Lynn 
Brown Nehemiah, Jr., Salem 
Chase Perley S., Lawrence 
Choate F. W., Beverly 
Choate George F., Salem 
Choate Wm. Gr., Banvers 
Conolly Horace L., Salem 
Cross Robert, Lawrence 
Dexter Franklin, Beverly 
Dodge Allen W., Hamilton 
Duncan James II., Haverhill 
Endicott William CL, Salem 
Fabins William, Marblehead 
Foster Moses Jr., Andover 
Fernald II. B., Newburyport 
Gerrish Joseph G., Newburyport 
Gillis James A., Salem 
Goodell Abner C, Lynn 
Harmon N. W., Lawrence 
Haskell George, Ipswich 
Iiazen Nathan W., Andover 
Holmes Charles II., Topsfield 
Howe Nathaniel S„ Haverhill 
Howland William, Lynn 



Huntington Asakel, Salem 
Ives Stephen B. Jr., Salem 
Jones Jeremiah P., Georgetown 
Kim ball Edmund, Wen ham 
Kimball E ben W., Salem 
King John G-., Salem 
Kittredge Alfred, Haverhill 
Lamson Caleb, Newburyport 
Lord George R., Ipswich 
Lord Nathaniel J., Salem 
Lord Otis P., Salem 
Marsh John J., Haverhill 
Marston Stephen W., Newburyport 
Merrill Samuel, Andover 
Mudge Benjamin F.. Lynn 
Nash. Lonson, Gloucester 
Newell Charles S., Lawrence 
Newhall James R, , Lynn 
Newhall Thomas B., Lynn 
Newton C. G-, Lawrence 
Northend & Qhoafe, Salem 
Osgood J. B. F., Salem 
Parsons Thomas A., Lawrence 

j Peabody Dean, Lynn 

| Perkins Benjamin C, South Danvers 
Perry <S:, Endicott, Salem 
Phillips Samuel, Newburyport 
Phillips Stephen H., Salem 
Pierce Nathaniel, Gloucester 
Pike John X., Newburyport 
Poole Benjamin, Salem 
Preseofcfc William C, Salem 
Proctor John W., South Danvers 
Reed Jacob W., Groveland 
Roberts David,,Salein 
Robinson Frederick, M/arblehead 
Robinson Joseph II., Marblehead 
Rogers Augustus IT, Salem 
Russell Jeremiah, Georgetown. 
SaiTord Daniel E., Hamilton 
Saunders Daniel, Jr., Lawrence 
St an van John E,, Haverhill 
Stephens Thomas, Beverly 
Stevens Ivan, Lawrence 
Stickney Charles IT., Lynn 
Stickney Jeremiah G., Lynn 
Stlmpson Thomas M., Salem 
Stone Ebun F., Newburyport 
Story Augustus, Salem 
Taggart William, Haverhill 
Thorndike Larkin, Salem 
Waters Joseph G., Salem 
Watson B. P., Lawrence 
Weed Ban, Lawrence 
Wheatland George, Salem 
Wheatland Stephen G., Salem 

i White Nathaniel G%, Lawrence 

Wiley Hiram 0., South Danvers 
Wright Thomas, Lawrence 
Wright Wm. H. P., Lawrence 

Fit A N K LT S C U N T.Y. 

Alien Charles, Greenfield 
Alvord I). W., Greenfield 
Arms Pliny, Deerfield 
Brainard Almon, Greenfield 
Chase R. I)., Orange 
Davis George T., Greenfield 
Davis Wendell T., Greenfield 
Dewey T. M., Greenfield 
Emery Stephen, Orange 
Field Samuel F., Shelburae (Falls) 
Grennell George, Greenfield 
Griswold Whiting, Greenfield 
Hart well Jonathan, Montague 
Lamb Samuel 0., Greenfield 
Lanfair William, Coleraine 
Mattoon Charles, Greenfield 
Maxwell Arthur, Shelburne (Falls) 
Maxwell Sylvester, Charlemont 
Ne.wco.mb Horatio G., Greenfield 
Taft Horace W., Sunderland 
Wells George D , Greenfield 


Allen James G. , .Palmer 
Arthur G. T., Springfield 
Ashmun & Leonard, Springfield 
Bates Charles F., (East) Ciranville 
Bates William G., Westfield 
Beach & Bond. Springfield 
Boies Patrick, Westfield 
Chapman 6c Chamberlin, Springfield 
Crooks James W., Springfield 
Fowler Samuel, Westfield 
Fuller Henry, Westfield 
Gardner Absalom, Wales 
Gillett Edward B., Westfield 
Hildreth R. B., Springfield 
Hinsdale James C, Biandford 
Hooker Josiah, Springfield 
Ladd Charles R , Chicopee 
Leonard Norman T., Westfield 
Lewis Henry B,, Westfield 
Hills James K., Holyoke 
Morris George B , Springfield 
Morris Oliver B., Springfield 
Morton James II . Springfield 
Newell Lester, Holyoke 
Norton Lorenzo, Springfield 
Pearsons William B. G., Holyoke 
{'helps Ansel Jr., Springfield 
Richards Franklin L)., Chester 
Seainaus Otis A. } Springfield 




.- sverance M. J., ChJcopee 
Smith William L., Springfield 
Squle Augustus L., Springfield 
Smarms George M., Chicopee 
Stebbins John M., Springfield 
' Torres Calvin, Palmer 
Vose Henry, Springfield 
Walker George, Springfield 
; Wells John, Chicopee. 

Whitney Milton B., Westfield 
| Whittaker Mortimer 1)., Chicopee ( 
< Willard Justice, Springfield 
I Winchester Charles A., Springfield 


! Aiken David, Northampton 
I Allen Wbj, Jr., Northampton 
Baker Osrayn, Northampton ' 
Bancroft Dyer, Chesterfield 
Billings Israel, Hatfield 
Bowdoin William, South Hadley 
Boy den J. W,, Amherst 
Chilson ITaynes H., Northampton 
Clark Epaphras, Enfield 
Conkey Ithamar F., Amherst 
Delano Charles, Northampton 
Dickinson Edward, Amherst 
Dickinson Wm. A., Amherst 
Emmerson John M., Amherst 
Forber Charles E., Northampton 
Goddard S. W. E., Belchertown 
Granger Daniel, Huntington 
Hodges Horace I., Northampton 
K>llogg Giles C., Hadley 
Msrcy Laban, Greenwich 
Spaulding Samuel T , Ware 
White Addison H., Williamsburg 


Abbot Julian, Lowell 
Abbott James C, Lowell 
Abbott k Brown, Lowell 
Abbott John W. P., Westford * 
Adams Joel, Lowell 
Adams John T, K., Lowell 
Adams Shubael P., Lowell 
Bacon John W., Natick 
Bemis Charles, Watertown 
Bemis Isaac V., Watertown 
Bigelow Alpheus, Weston 
Biaisdell & Norris, Lowell 
Loardman A. W., Charlestown 
Boles John A., Winchester 
Bqnney Arthur P., Lowell 
Bradford Wm. J. A„ Charlestown 
Brooks George M., Concord 
Brooks Nathan, Concord 


Drown & Alger, Lowell 

Drown William L., Sooth Leading 

Dullard Elias, Holliston 

Burt William, Somerville 

Butler & Webster Lowell 

Butterfield Charles, Tyngsboro* 

Buttrick & Marrett, (East) Cambridge 

Caverly Robert D., Lowell 

Chamberlain Henry M. ; Cambridge (port) 

Cheney John M., Concord 

Cobb Moses G., Charlestown 

Converse Joshua P., Woburn 

Corliss Henry Gr. l\, Lowell 

Crooker Jabez C, Stoneham 

Curtis C'iarles P. Jr., Winchester 

Dana James, Charlestown 

Dean & Dinsmoor, Lowell 

Downes Henry R., Charlestown 

Edwards Abraham, Cambridge (port) 

Esty C. C, EramiDgham 

Fiskc Isaac, Weston 

Fletcher L. J., Lowell 

Gale Wm. B., Marlboro' 

Gerrish ..fames, Shirley (Village) 

Gooch Daniel W., Melrose 

Goodnow Charles W., Concord 

Griffin John Q. A.. Charlestown 

Hadley Samuel P., Jr., Lowell 

Haggerty Peter, Lowell 

Elam Benjamin )\, Natick. 

Hayward Charles C, Charlestown 

Hey wood George, Concord 

Hoarl'". RoekwooeL Concord 

Hoar ''- ,;; ^ •' Concord 

Mo* ; i 


Charles 11., Somerville 



Jackson Benjamin F., Lowell 
] Jennison Samuel, Jr., N wton (comer) 

Kelley Edward A., Grolon 

Kent George, Maiden 

Keyes Joseph Ik. Watertown 

Knowli John A., Lowell 

Ladd Jo! d S (Ea t) Cambridge 

Ladd Jonathan, Lowell 

Lewis Charles, Maiden 

Lewis Samuel P., Pepperell 

Livermore George W., Cambridge (port) 

Locke J< i\ n, S\ eat Cambridge 

Loughran James, Lowell 

Lynde Alonzo V>, Stoneharn 

Mason David i!., Newton 

Merrill Samuel S , Lowell 

Moore Arad; W dtham 
I Morse k Clark, Lowell 
! Neal George H., Charlestown 

Nelson Allen 1L, Woburn 
; Paine John T., Melrose 



Parker Samuel, Lev, ell 
Pearson Timorhy, Lowell 
Pelton Florentine W., Marlboro' 
Perry Sanford B., Medford 
Plume.** Sedgwick L., Brighton. 
Plumnier William, Lexington 
Prescott Alfred A., Heading 
Prescott Joshua, Reading 
Preston Marshall, Lexington 
Prince F. G., Winchester 
Randal! James M., Woburn 
Richardson D. 3. & W. A., Lowell 
Ripley Ezra, (East) Cambridge 
Randall James M., Woburn 
Robinson C harles Jr., C harlestown 
Robinson John P., Billerica 
Russell Bradford, Groton 
Russell James. West Cambridge 
Ratter Josiah, Waltham 
Sherman Edward F., Lowell 
Somerby Gustavus A., Waltham 
Spaulding John Jr., Groton 
Steams Williams S., Maiden 
Steele Thomas L., Winchester 
Stevens George, Lowell 
Stone Frederick M., Waltham 
Story Isaac, Somervxlle 
Sweetser & Gardner, Lowell 
Thatcher George T.. Peppereli 
Thompson Thomas M., Peppereli 
Train Charles R., Framingham 
Tufts Francis, Somerville 
Tyler Joseph H., (East) Cambridge 
Wakefield Lucius FT., EJopkinton 
Warren George W., Charlestow-a 
We n t w o r th Tap p a n , Lo vy e 1 1 
Whitman George, Billerica 
Whitney Benjamin W., Cambridge 
Whitney Edwin, Stow 
Willard Paul, Charlestown 
; Willard Paul, Jr., Charlestown 
| Willard Sidney A., Charlestown 
| Worcester Frederick A., Townsend 
Wright Nathaniel, Lowell 


Bunker James M., Nantucket 
Gardner Edward M., Nantucket 


Ames Ellis, Canton 
Aspinwall William, Brookline 
Avery Edward, (-East) Braintree 
Berry A. B., Randolph 
Berry N. C. Randolph 
Bishop Jonathan P., Medford 
Churchill Asaph, Dorchester 

Churchill Charles M, S., Dorchester 
Clarke John J., Roxbury 
Cleveland Ira, Dedham 
Cobb Jonathan II., Dedham 
Golburn Waldo, Dedham 
Crafts William A., Roxbury 
Cushing Abner L., Randolph 
Dickerman Albert, Stoughtou 
Draper John W., Dorchester 
Everett Meletiah, Wrentham 
Field Justin, Stoughton 
French Asa, Braintree 
Gaston William, Roxbury 
Gourgas John M., Quincy 
Griggs George, Brookline 
Hall Elijah F., Weymouth 
Billiard Francis, Roxbury 

Keith James M., J.ioxbury 

Kellogg Eliot E., Roxbury 

Kingsbury Fisher A., Weymouth 

Belaud William S , Roxbury 

Loud S. P , Dorchester 

Levering Warren, Med way 

May John W., Roxbury 

Morton William S., Quincy 

Noyes Samuel R., Canton 

Reed Jason. Milton 

Richardson James. Dedham 

Richardson William, Dorchester 

SafFord Nathaniel F., Dorchester 

Swan Luther. Stoughton 

Walker William L., (South) Braintree 

Warner Samuel, Jr., Wrentham 

White Naaman L., (Fast) Braintree 

Wilkinson Ezra, Dedham 

Woodside Franklin, Roxbury 


Baylies William, West Bridgewater 

Beal Joseph S., Kingston 

Breck Samuel, Bridgewater 

Davis Charles G., Plymouth 

Eddy Zachariah, Middlehorough 

Foirg Ebenezer T., South Seituate 

Gay Ebenezer, Hmgham. 

Gilbert Gustavus, Plymouth 

Harris Benjamin W., East Bridgewater 

Hobart .Aaron, East Bridgewater 

Hobart Benjamin, Abington 

Hunt C. S., Bridgewater 

Johnson Daniel U., Abington 

Keith Jesse 13., Abington 

Latham Williams, Bridgewater [chest 

Leonard No-hum, Jr., (Mattapoisett) 1 

Lincoln Solomon, Hingham 
S Loud Jacob II., Plymouih 
j Miller Seth, Jr., Wareham 


107 J 

I Packard Austin, West Bridge water 

Barstow Simon F. ID 11. R. Exchange 

Perkins David, Bridgewater 

Bartlett Sidney, 1G Court 

Perkins Joiv.x?. 11 , North Bridgewater 

Bassetb Elisha, U. S Court House 

i Heed John, Bridgewater 

Batchelder Francis L. 39 Court 

Robinson Everett, Middleborougb. 

Batchelder John M. 39 Court 

Uu&sell John J., Plymouth 

Batchelder Sam'l jr. 39 Court 

| Simmons Perez, Hanover 

Bates Samuel W. 46 Washington 

! Spear William F., Plymouth 

Bates Wm. 15 Mass. block 

j Spear William H., Plymouth 

Beard Ithamar W. 9 State 

Stetson Samuel, Duxbury 

Beard & Nickerson, 9 State 

, Thomas William, Plymouth 

Bell Joseph M. 7 1-2 Treinont row 

Ward Eliabj Middleborougb 

Bello Santiago C. 17 Bromfield 

White Jonathan, North Bridgewater 

Bemis George, 5 Court 

Whitman Eliab, North Bridgewater 

Berry N. C. 20 Court 

• Whitman James 11. , Pembroke 

Betton Geo. E. 27 Court 

; Whitman Jared, Abington 

Bctton N. C. 27 Court 

1 Wilder James iL, .Hiogham 

Bickford Horace, 10 It II. Ex. 

; Wood William M., Middleborougb 

Bigelow Edwin M. 10 Court 

1 Young Welcome, East Bridgewater 

Bigelow Timothy, 15 Mass. block 

Bishop Joel P. 27 Trem on t Temple 


Blake Edward, o9 Court 

I Abbott James A. 27 Court 

Bolles John A. 10 Court 

! Abbott Josiab G. G State 

Bon tell Lewis II. 17 State 

| Adams Geo. W, 42 Mass. block 

Bowditch Nathaniel I. GO State 

j Adams Charles F. jr. 15 Scollay's build. 

Bowditeh Win. I. 8 R. R. Exchange 

j Adams •■Colman S. 1 Joy's building 

Bradley Joseph IT. 19 Court 

j Albec Sumner, 27 Court 

Bradley Aaron A. 4G Court 

i Allen Augustus 0. 27 Court 

Brewster A. O. 1 Beacon 

| Allen Charles E. 27 Court 

Brigham Wm. 35 Court 

j Alien Frederick II. 27 Court 

Brinley Francis, 4 Court 

! Alien Macon B. 31 Exchange 

Brooks & Bali, 40 State 

j Almon Andrew B. 47 Court 

Brooks Benj. Ik 40 State 

' Ames Isaac, 20 Court 

Brooks Francis A. 70 State 

: Andrew Jon- A. 4 Court 

Brown Jeremiah. 47 Court 

■ Andrews John L. 40 Court 

Brown T. Ik 17 Joy's building 

! Andres Milton, 20 Mass. block 

Brown William L. 17 Joy's building 

j Angell Geo. T. 4G Wash. 

Browne Causten, 39 State 

Apthorp Rob?. E. 18 Joy's building 

Browne Geo. M. 16 Old State House 

Aspinwall Win. 13 Exchange. 

Browne John W, 19 Court 

Atkinson Jacob, H Joy'* buildiDg 

Buck Edward, 11 Court 

Atwood Charles, 39 Court 

Buckingham Joseph 11. 25 R. R. Exca. 

Austin Arthur W r . 10 Court 

Burbank Robt. i. •!G Court, c. Tremont 

Austin Henry D. 10 Court 

Burke Albert (k 27 Court 

j Austin I vers J. SO Court 

Burlingame Anson, IS O, State House 

Austin & Toung, Gray's b. 80 Court 

Burr Samuel C 4 Court 

i Austin John D. 20 Court 

Burt & Lincoln, 4G Washington 

■ A eery Edward, 10 State 

Burt Wm. L. 46 Washington 

: Ayer* P. 19 Court 

Butler Benjamin, 18 Mass. block 

i Bacon Cbas. 11. 27 Court • 

Butler Franklin J. 33 School 

! Ball Joshua D. 40 State 

Butler John JL 27 Curt 

i Ballard James M. 9 State 

Butler & Heard, 20 State 

: Bancroft George, 20 Court 

Buttrick Edward K. 1 Joy's build. 

Banfield Everett C. 40 Court 

Chamberlain Mellen, 35 Court 

Bangs Edward. 39 Court 

Chandler Peleg W. [ Court. 

Banks Nathaniel P. jr. 13 Exchange 

Chandler Theophjlus P. 4 Court 

Barker James M. 4G Washington 

Chcever Tracy P. 39 Court 

Barrett Jonathan F. 13 Exchange 

Choate Chas. F. 1 Devonshire 



Choate Fred. W. 27 Court 
Choate Rufus, 7 1-2 Tremontrow 
Churchill Jeseph McKean, 40 Wash'. 

Clark Joseph F 20 Court 
qiarke S. G. 20 Court 
Clarke & Shaw, 27 State 
Cobb Moses G. 24 Old State House 
Ccdman Join), 4 Court 
Codman Robert, 40 Court 
Collamore George W. 4 Court 
Converse Joshua 1*. 19 Court 
Cooke Benjamin F. 17 Tremont 
Cooke Josiah P. 9 State 
Cooley George W. 46 Wash, 
Coolidge Austin J. 39 Court 
Cottreli Asa, 2 Lewis, E, B. 
Cragin Lorenzo S. jr. 3 State 
Crockett George. K 27 State 
Curriei Ben}. H., Mer. Exchange 
Curtis Charles P. 16 Court 
Curtis Charles P. jr. 10 Court 
Curtis George T. 19 Court 
Cashing Abel, Court House 
Cutler Joseph, 47 Court 
Dame Abraham A. 26 Mass. block 
Dame Theodore S. 9 State 
Dana Edward A. 19 Court 
Dana Richard li. jr. 30 Court 
Dana & Cobb, 24 Old State House 
Davis Augustus B. 9 Scollay's build- 
Davis Jerome, 9 Seollay's building 
Dean Benjamin, 6 State 
Dehon fm. 12 Scollay's build. 
Demond Charles, 52 Wash- 
Derby li. Ilasket, 40 Court 
Dexter Edward, 9 Court square 
Dexter Thomas A. 23 State 
Dexter Wm. S. 10 Court 
Dickinson Frederick W. 7 Court sq. 
Dodge John C. 39 State 
Dorr Wm. B. 135 Dorchester are. 
Dow Nathan T. 30 Court 
Dow & Prince, 30 Court 
Draper John W. 21 Mass block 
Draper Moses, 21 Mass. block 
Dudley Eibridge G. 20 Court 
Dudley Dean, 16 Mass. block 
Duneklee Mark F. 13 Joy's building 
Durant Henry E. 12 Old State House 
Dyer Micah jr. 20 Court 
Eastman Joseplras, 40 Wash. 
Eastman William II. 47 Court 
Eagan James, 19 Old State House 
Eldridge John S. 39 State 
Eldridge Samuel; 39 State 
Ellis Charles M- 21 Old State House 
Ely Alfred B, 3 State 

j Emerson John W. 20 Court 

End Wm. 27 Mass. block 

English James L. 9 Court square 

Everett Wm. A. IS Scollay's build, 
j Farley George F. 7 Court square 
! Fslton Alexander C. 7i Tremont row 

Field Justin, 9 State 

Fiske Augustus H. 5 Court 

Fiske Edward, 5 Court 

Fletcher Diehard, 40 Wash. 

Fox James A. 46 Wash 

French Asa, 13 Exchange 

Fuller Diehard F. 10 State 

C4ay Ebenezer, 35 Court 

Gardiner Wm. H 9 Court sq. 

Gilchrist Daniel S. 20 Railroad Ex. 

Giles Alfred E 4G Washington 

Giles Joel, 4 Court 

Gleason B 

son Horace, o 


Goldsbury John, 8 Railroad Exch. 

Gooeh Daniel W. 26 Old State House 

Goodrich Charles B. 30 Court 

Gordon Solomon J. 15 Joy's bid. 81 Wash. 

Gould David, 11 R. R. Exch. 

Gray Horace jr. 30 Court 

Gray Levi, 35 Court 

Gray Wm., Gray's build. 30 Court 

Green K, St. J". 20 Old State House 

Greene Wm. C. 20 Court 

Greenougb David S. 40 State 

Gregg Washington P., City Hall 

Griggs George, 4 Court 

Griswold Alnton W. I Devonshire 

Guild Eenj. 4 Court 

Guild George D. 4 Conri 

Guild Samuel E. 4 Court 

Halm Silas B. 27 Court k Maverick sq. 


S. 4 Court 

Hall Franklin. 39 State 
Hall. Thomas B. 30 Court 
Haliett Denj. F., 11. S. Court House 
Hallett Henry E., II. S. Court House 
Hancock Charles L. 10 Court 
Harlow Thomas S. 27 State 
Haskell Benjamin, 17 Mass. block 
Hastings George R. 20 Court 
Hayes Francis B. i Devonshire 
Haynes Charles H. 30 Mass. block 
Hazelton Horace E, 1 Joy's building 
Head Edward F. 30 Court 
Healey John P. 40 Court 
Horsey Henry E. 40 Washington 

17 State 


Hillard George S 4 Court 
Milliard Wm. 27 School 
Hinds Calvin P. id Court 
Hoar E. li. 39 Court 



Hodges Edward P. 46 Court 

|{o1j ics John S. 46 Court 

Holmes John, 11 Court 

Homer George F. 4 Court 

Elowe Wm. K. 39 Court 

Howes William B. 30 Court 

Hubbard Gardiner G. 5 Congress 

Hubbard Josiah W. 30 State 

Hubbard Win. J. 30 Court 

Hudson Charles H. II Scollay's building 

Hutchins Henry C. 20 Court 

Hutchins Horace G. 5 Court sq. 

Hutchins 6c Wheeler, 20 Court 

Hutchinson Horatio B. 5 Court 

Ire sou S. Edwin, 39 State 

Jacobs Justin A & B. F. 1 9 Scollay's bid. 

Jackson Abraham jr. 47 Court 

Jackson John G. 47 Court 

James John W. 10 Court 

Jamison Samuel jr. 27 State 

Jewell Harvey, 20 Court 

Johnson Daniel U. 9 Court sq. 

Johnson Henry A. 40 Court 

Joy Albion K. P. 14 Joy's building 

Judd Chauncey P. 4 Court 

Judson Waiter EL 27 State 

Keith James M 1* State 

Keith fc Boutell, 17 

KettfeUe Jacob Q. 9 State 

King John G. 27 State 

Kingsbury George IJ. 46 Court 

Knapp Wm. 6 Court House 

Lamson A. Ward, 10 Court 

Leland William^. 2" Court 

Lincoln Charles 8. [6 Wash. 

Loring Caleb \V. 00 Court 

Loring Charles G 30 Court 

Loring Edward G. 16 Court 

Loring Ellis G. 27 State 

Loring Francis C. 39 Court 

Loring John A. 39 Court 

Lotbrop T. K. 30 Court 

Loyis Francis A 13G Dorchester avenu* 

Low Obed B. 11 Court 

Lowell John, 40 Srate 

Luni George, 4 Court . 

Lynde Alorizo V. 10 Scollay's building 

Main Sebeus C. 8 Court square 

Marcy Junes \Y '. 5 Merchants row 

Mason David 11. 20 Court 

Mason Lyman, 20 Court 

Maya Charles, 18 Mass. block 

MeCleary Samuel P. ir. City Flail 

Merrill Amos 11 10 Court 

Merrill James C 30 Court 

Merwin Elias, 16 Court 

Meyer Joseph, 12 Scollay's building 

Miller Thompson, 13 Mass. block 
Minns George W., Old Btate House 
Minot George, 4 Court 
Minot William, 39 Court 
Minot William jr. 30 Court 
Montgomery Hugh, 99 Dorchester ave. 
Moore Edward N. 10 & 12 Mass. block 
Moore Jonathan F. 9 Court sq. 
Morey George, 20 Old State House 
Morgan David, 2 Lewis, E. B. 
Morrill George, 27 Court 
Morris Robert, 17 R. B. Exchange 
Morse Nathan, 10 Court 
Morton Marcus jr. 30 Court 
Nash Stephen G. 20 Court 
Nelson Albert H. 19 Court 
Nelson & Converse, 19 Court 
Nichols Benjamin W. 60 State 
Niekerson Joseph, 9 State 
Nutter Charles 0. 10 Court 
Nutter Thomas F. 10 Court 
O'Connell Maurice, 27 Mass. block 
| Osgood Isaac P. 5 Court 
Otis Edmund B. 1 Devonshire 
| Otis Theodore, 1 1 Court 
' Paine II. W. 30 Court 
Paine John T. 17 Joy's buildii g 
Palfrey Francis W 4 Court 
Park & Russ, 7 Court sq. 
Parker Aurelius I). 20 Court 
Parker Edward G. G3 Court 
Parker Francis Edward, 30 Court 
Parker Joel, 40 Washington 
Parker Horatio G. 40 Wash. 
Parker Henry M 4G Wasb.. 
Parker Samuel D. 10 Court 
Parmenter Wm. E. 19 Court 
Peabody Owen G. 80 Court 
Pearson Eliphalet, 2 1 « >ld State House 
Peirce Roger N 35 Court 
Perkins David, 27 Court 
Perkins Horatio N. 15 Mass. block 
Perrin Win. II. 1 Devonshire 
i Perry Baxter E. 20 Court 
I Phillips George W. 9 Court so. 
I Pickering Howard, 10 Merchants Ex. 
i Pickering John, 40 State 
I Fierce Edward L. 46 Wash. 
Pike Charles E. 27 Court 
i Pinkerton John M 5 Congress 
[Plimpton Silas F 5 Court 
i Pond Benj. 23 Old S. H. fc Mav.sq. E. B. 
( Pope I homa ; 3. 16 Court 
| Porter George D. 35 Court 
'■ Portei J. 10 R. R. Exchange 
i Power Thomas, 6 Court House 
i Pratt Edward E. 47 Court 



Preston Geo. II. 3 Joy's building 

Prince Frederick 0. 30 Court, Gray's bid. 

Prince J. Hardy, 9 Court sq. 

Putnam John Phelps, 19 Court 

Q u i n c y J o - i ah j.r 2 7 S tate 

Quincy Samuel 3! 4 Court 

Hand Edw. S., Gray's bid. BO Court 

Ranney Ambrose A. 10 Court 

Uahiiey & Morse, 10 Court 

Rice George :v..lw. 25 R. R. Exchange 

Richardson George F. 6 State 

Richardson Ivory W. 9 Court square 

Richardson William, 46 Wash. 

Riley Patrick, U. S. Court House 

Ripley Ezra, 20 State 

Ritchie Harrison, 30 Court 

Robb James B. 39 State 

Roelker Bernard, 39 Court 

Rogers J.Gray, 19 Court (Justices' Court) 

Rogers Win. 4 Court. 

Rollins 'Jatiies W. 1 Devonshire 

Russell Ben). F. I! Seollav's/build. 

Russell C. T. & T. II. 27 State [Court) 

Russell Thomas 35 Court (Judge Police 

Russell Wm. G. 35 Court 

Saltonstatl Leverett, 4.6 Court 

Sargent Horace B. 30 Court 

Sargent Henry J. 3D State 

Sargent Lucius M.. Amory Hall 

Sawyer Frederick W. 20 Court 

Sawyer Jabez A. 6 State 

Scudder Henry A. 17 State 

Searle Geo. W. 35 C 

Sears Philip il 46 ' 

ScanoU Ceo. 1 11. R 

Sewall Siii 

K. 4 

Washing U . 
27 State 

Seymour Frederick X, 
Shattuck George O. 40 
Sheppard John if. 1 1. Cuurt 
Shipley Horatio, 9 State 
Shorey Daniel 1, 20 Court 
Simmons Chas. F. 47 Court 
Simmons David A 20 Court 
Smith Chauneey, 46 Washington 
Smith II. Farnara, 40 Wash. 


:h W 
,h W 

Hale. 1 B 

u 22 OM I 

II Exclian* 
tnte House 


Sohier Edward D. 1 
Sohier Win. D. 40 State 
Sohier & Welch, 19 Court 
Sohier & Lowell, 4H State 
Sparhawk George, to Wasb 
Steele Thomas L 19 Court 
Stevens Oliver, I'J Court 

| Sullivan James P. 17 State 
Sumner Charles, 4 Court 
Suter Hales W. 27 State 
Swasey J. B. 5 Congress 
Thaxter David, 16 Court 
Thomas Charles G. 20 Court 
Thomas Seth J. 40 Court 
Thompson T, M 3 State 
Thorn dike L. 30 Sumner 
Thorndike S. L. 47 Court 
Thornton J. Wfngate, 20 Court 
Tilton Warren, 46 Court 
Tobey Seth, Court House 
Tolman Thomas, 11 Court 
Train Charles R. 20 State 
Treanor Bernard S. 12^ Mass. block 
Tuxbury Geo. W. 5 Court 
Tyler J. Kendall, 27 Court 
Underwood A. B. 20 State 
Wakefield John H. 10 Court 
Wakefield Thomas L. 10 Court 
Walker William L. 30 Mass. block 
Ward Samuel D. 10 Court 
Ware Henry, 18 Seollay's building 
Warner Hermann J. 11 Court, 
Washburn Alexander C. 60 State 
Washburn Fred. L. 10 Court 
Washburn Wm. R. P. 46 Wash. 
Watts Francis O., Gray's build. 30 Com 
Webb Seth jr. 85 Court 
Welch Charles A. 19 Court 
Welch Wilson J. 19 Congress , 
Wellington Hiram, 10 Court 
Wheeler Alexander 8.20 Court 
Wheeler Samuel G. jr. 3 Joy's building 
Wheelock Tutor S. 35 Court 
Wheelwright Andre* C. 19 Court 
White George, 1 3 Exchange 
Whiting k Ru-ssoll, 35 Court 
Whiting Wm. ^ Court 
Willard Paul jr. C3 Court 
Willard Joseph, Court House 
Willey Tolman, 20 Court 
William? Benj. P. 20 Court 
Williams J. Otis. 13 Exchange 
I Williams John M. 30 Court 
Willis Horatio M. 27 Court 
Wilson Arehelaus, 40 Shite 
Winthrop Win. W. 38 Court 
[Woodbury Charles L. 20 Muss, block 
n Eras ins, 20 Court 

20 Railroad Ex. 


Itorey Ci 

W. 1 i 

. i' Ota 
Wright Edwin, 81 Washington 
Wyman Isaac C. 20 Court 

Yearly Syivunns M. 9 Court square 
Young Edward, 30 Court 

Story Isaac jr. 40 Washington 




AJdrich r. E., Worcester 
Alb n Charles, Worcester 
ALllen Samuel H., Grafton 
Bacon P. 0., Worcester 

Bailey Goldsmith Ik, Fitchburg 
Baldwin Isaac, Clinton 
Barton Ira M., Worcester 
Barton William S., Worcester 
Bigelow A., Worcester 
Botharu Frederick W., Sauikbridge 
Bowman Cbarles I)., Oxford 
Boynton Lucian C, Uxbridge 
Brimblecom Charles, Barre 
Brooks Calvin ?.!., Worcester 
Bryant Nahum Fk, Barre 
Bullock Alexander 11., Worcester 
Burgess S. A., Blacksione 
Chapin Henry, Worcester 
i Clarke Samuel, Northboro' 
I Cogswell John B. D., Worcester 

(Jonant Edwin, Worcester 
I Dame John T., Clinton 
I Dana John A., Worcester 
! Davenport dames, Boylston 

pavis Isaac, Worcester 
! Davis Wm. S., Worcester 
, Deane Francis, Uxbridge 
\ Devens Charles jr., Worcester 
, Dewey Trancis 11., Worcester 

Easferbrook James E., Worcester 
: Field Charles, Athol 
Fletcher Joel W-, Leominster 
Foster Dwigbt, Worcester 
Fuller Eiisha, Worcester 
■ (jroddard Samuel B. ]., Worcester 
. Goodrich Jm>e W., Worcester 

Gorhaui J. Martin, Barre 
: Green William N,, Worcester 
Grout William, Worcester 
Hall Franklin, Worcester 
| Harlow William T.. Spencer 

II ill J. Henry, Worcester 
, Hill James IF, North Lrookilokl 
j Hinds Ephraim, West Boylstoa 
; Hoar George F., Worcester 
| Holbrook Leander, Milford 
j Hooper William Ik Worcester 
liowe William H.., Worcester 
i Hyde Benjamin !>., Sturbridge 
Kent T. G., Milford 
KijmlcuU Thomas Worcester 
| Lyji\ Aaron, Sturbridge 
| Mason Charles, Fitchburg 
j Mason Jo--eph, Worcester 
| Matthews ,)l.\\y\ II., Worcester 
Maynard Lewis A., Worcester 
; Maxwell William B., Worcester 

McElroy Robert D., Worcester 
Merriam C. If., Leominster 
Merriam David H., Fitchburg 
| Merriam Wm. J. 3 Fitchburg 
! Miles dough Ik, Millbury 
Morril David L., W r est Brdokfield 
| Kelson T. L., Worcester 
Newton Bejoiee, Worcester 
iNorcross Atuasa, Fitchburg 
Pearson H. Ik, Harvard 
Pierce Lafayette W., Westboro' 
Pierce Lucius L>., Wiechendor: 
Pratt Calvin E., Worcester 
Prentiss Addison, Worcester 
Rice Henry C, Worcester 
Puce William W., Worcester 
Richardson George W., Worcester 
Rogers Edward, Webster 
Scammell John S., Milford 
Shelden Lyman, Webster 
Sloeum William Ik, Grafton 
Smith William A ./Worcester 
Snow Charles H. Ik, Fitchburg 
Soutbwick William L., Blackstone 
Sprasue H. L , Worcester 
Staples II. B., Milford 
Stevens (k C, Clinton 
Stevens Isaac, Athol 
Stoddard Elijah Ik, Worcester 
Stone Henry ])., Worcester 
Swan George, Worcester 
! Swan Samuel, Hubbardston 
ITaft George S., Uxbridge 
I Thayer A., Worcester 
I Th n as 11(H)] imin v., "Worcester 
[TilioJsUn 0. »., Worcester 
j Todd John, Fitchburg 
I Todd Paul Ik, Blackstone 
[Torre v Ebenezcr, Fitchburg 
Tourceloti Newton, Webster 
> Trumbull Jo* ph, Worcester 
Twiss S. P., Worcester 
! Underwood A. B , Milford 
V r erry George F., "Worcester 
Ware Thornton IC, Fitchburg 
W;,-hhura Emory, Worcester 
Way land Francis, Jr., Worcester 
Weed Jared, Petersham 
I Wethereli Charles K., Worcester 
IWeibereli Geo. A., Worcester 
j Wethereli John W. r Worcester 
| Whitney Giles H., Winchendon 
! Williams Hartley, Worcester 
Williams James , Worcester 
Williams Lemuel S„ Westboro' 
Willi ,nis Williams A., Worcester 
Withkigton G. It. M., Lam-aster 
Wood Nathaniel, Fitchburg 





| .Explanation of the Abbreviations: — 0. T., Con gregatiojial [Trinitarian) ; Jl. 

| Baptist ; F. B., Freewill Baptist ; A/"., Methodist; M. P., Methodist Protestant ; M J ... 

| Methodist Fpiscopal ; F\, Episcopalian ; 0. 17., Congregational (Unitarian) ; Uv., 
Universalist ; Cn., Christian ; JR. C, Roman Catholic ; Mn., Mormon; Pres., Presby- 
terian; Swed.j Swedenborgian ; S. A., Second Advent ; W. M., Wesleyan Methodist, 




| Elisha Bacon (Centreville) - 

I S. J. Bronson (Hyannis) 

j Theopbilus V. Doggett 
Joseph Marsh 

Lawton Cady (Marston's Wills) -■ 
John U. Parsons (Hyannis) 
L\S. Pope (Hyannis) 
J. Burleigh Hunt (Osterville) 

- - (Hyannis) - - 

- (Cotnifc Tort) - 


0. A. Brail 
James Bavif 



Nodiah S. Die 
Joseph E. GiHbrd. 
Matthew E. lli^e 
J. Ellis Guild, - 


Benjamin Eastwood 
Henry W. Jfogg 
J. xM. Stanton ^ (West) 
Isaiab C. Thacher (South) 
William 31. Tisdale (North) 
I Scolly G. Usher (North) 

* - - (North) - 


I Ebenezer Chase 
i George Burnhara, 






















C. T. 




Alexander Childs 

Thomas Blower - 

Henry B. Hooker - 

Daniel "Webb - 

Cyrus Mann - ' - 

Horace Pratt 

Josiah C.Allen (West) 


E. K. Colby (East) 
Ezekiel Adams (South) 
John P. Fogg (West) ' 
Moses H. Wilder 

oki. I-;; 

E. Guilford 
Jacob White 

C.U ]T 



U v . 





.at sen 

ueorge .Alexander 


Nathan E. Philbrook 
Robert MeGonegal 
Osborn Mvriek 





















E. I 


E. ; 








T? 1 









Thos. D. Blake (West) 

Thomas Borden 
C. T. i Jacob G. Forman 
M. P. C. Headly 
M. Bartholomew Otheraan 
C.U. J. M. Mace (Pocasset) 

Richard Dorr 

William Morai 

Giles Pease 
M. E. 



M. E. 



G. U. 


- G. T. 


M. E. 

o - 

- B. 


- 31. C. 



(Monument) M. E. 


- E. 


- Friends. 


A x o 


' John W. WiHeit - 

Wm. Leonard (South) 
' E. W. Noble - 


Erasing Benton 
George Denbam 
E. Sanborn (South) 
I - - (South) - 


j James M. "Worcester (South) 
j Davis Lothrop (South) 
j J. E. Davenport ('Port) 

Abel K. Packard - - 
! J. Perry (Port) 
j John IE Well? (West) 
I Francis A.ltoomis ' (Port) - 



M. E. 

0. T. 


T. A. H9zen 
Albinas Johnson 


Cephas Pasco - 
James B. Cleaveland - 

M. E. Josiah L. Dickevson 

C T. j 





E. W. Tefffc 

0. T. 



- C.T. 



S. A. 




J. Jay Dana - - « 
Miles Sanford (North) 
Samuel Meredith (North) 

j H. S. Daon (South) - ' - 

I Loren Benton 


M E 


■ Uv. 

C. T, j S. S. N. Greely 

Sw.ed. 1 l-^v.;s Green 

C.T.llr. K Andrews 
. M.E. G.L. Phut - 

■ I i 

A. P.Yieis ■ 

.^' J " ; Brown 

>"V' ,-. ! William Goodwin 



Uv. I John V. Ambler - 
- B. rChaun * &ldj 
C.T ;;• iiu i IB. Shaw 

I - 



C. T. 







E T. 


















C. T. 





m • 






C. I. 

John R. Hasted 



M. E. { 

C. T.I Am :v Gale 

'.V:l-..:.: Gale 


j Charles IE Norton (North) 
I I>. T. Shailer (North) 
I Zolva Whkmore 

Pi 1 Moore (South) 
' V to. Ostrand'et - 




; 0. D. Miller 
j Aaron Hull 
! K S. Park 

ax. ; ,. 
. b. ' 


- M.K. 

jWrc. Brush - 

K K. Alden - - - 
j Wm. H.Brooks 

. M.E 

]»_ J10STEHET, 

- U v, ; \\ inturop il. Phelps 


C.T. I 
E. ! 



M. E. 
M. E. 

C. T. 

C. T. 

114 M A S S A C H V S E T T S R E G I S T E R . 




Amos B. Mauley - 


T. Benedict - - 



m; e. 

A. H. Dashicl, Jr. 

- C T. 1 

Richard Hiscox 

M. E. : 


Louis Green 

- E. 


C. T. j 

Alfred Eaton. 

M. E. 





J. Y. Bates 

- M. 

! Otis Lombard - 

C. T. 

Poster Henry ~ 

" B - ! 

K. T. Searle .... 


Community of Shakers. 







Eber L, Clark 

a t. ! 

William B. Colburn 


Richard Morgan - 

- M.E. : 

- • 








DeLos Lull 

M. E. ! 


Lewis Pennell - 

- C. T. j 

M. M. Longley 


Walter P. Poo, 


a t. 


A. Br on son - 


P. Cuddihy - - . - 

E. C. 

S. H. Hancock - 

- M.E.I 

Samuel Harrison 

C. T. 

H. P, Hoisington - 

c. t. ; 

He-man Humphrey '- 

C. T. 

Mark Hopkins - 

- C.T.I 

Kobert J. Parvin ... 



Lemuel Porter 



Cyrus Prindle - 



E. H. Pureell 

K. C 

Palmer C. Perry - 


IT. I, Starks .... 


John Todd .- 

C. T. 


m. - w 



C. T. 


W. Harrison Alden (North) 

- B. • 


•Joseph P. Pierce (North) ' - 


Sardine B. Morley (South) 

- a" T.I 

Chas. S-Renshaw - 

C. T. 

G. W. Wallace (Iiebronville) - 
Chas. D. Lothrop 

F. B. ! 

D. W. Lull .... 

M. E. 

- c. t. ; 

A. H. Worthing - 

M. E. ! 




J. L. Barlow 




Aaron Pickett - - - 

G. T. 

Lucius B. Eastman 

C.T. j 


John D. Smith - 

- C. T. i 

SiTOY. ' 


Amos Doming 


Hatch - - . 


! Joa;> Noon ..__-.- 

M. E. ' Jonathan Wheeler 

- C. T. ; 

b. li. Vmsden 


IX. Tripp ..... 


Cummings Bray 

- Gh. | 

Geo. L. Smith ... 

ch. ; 


Friends, j 

T. P. B. Mereein - 


Ch. | 

George E. 11 ill - 

G. T. 

- M.E. j 



Carlos Banning (North) 

Abraham Gushee 
James Pierce - 
Martin M. BraTy 
Samuel A. Collins - 


A. L. Roche - ' - 
Luther Sheldon 
William A. Whitwell - 
! Lyman White 


Win. H. Richards 

J.LrWhittemore - - 


John Willard 
1 E, Franklin Hincks (North) 


John Kowsou 

A^a Bronson 
| P. B. Hanthwaut - 
! Warren Hathaway 
J Edward Mnrphy - 
j Mieah J. Talbot 
I Almedus W. Tripp 
I E. M. Porter 

Benjamin J: Belyea - 
: i-.ii 1 hnrstjan 
! Josiah K. Waite 

C H U R C II E S A N D C L E It G Y M E N . 
! Charles F. Chadwick 




- C 



- 01 


- c. 





- B. C. 
M, E. 

- C. U. 
C. T. 

- M.P. 

- M.E. 

■ Ch. 

C. T. 

■ M.E. 

G. U. 

; William Jackson 

| Daniel C. Burt 
j Wheeloek Craig 
| G. W. Stearns 
I Azariah Eldridge 
1 -John Gird-wood 
; John B. Gould - 
; George M. Carpenter 
I E B. Bradford 
; II. E, S. Heh'mss 

Moses How (Bethel) 

George H. Eldridge - 

Timothy Stowe 

'Thomas Sunrise - 
| James T&vlor - 
I ylosea G. Thomas (Min. at la 

Peter Ross 

John Weis3 
! franklin Gavitt 
I Samuel Rice 
| Benj. V r . Stevenson 
; Tw a Societies of 






ids j 






















T. | 

- Ch 

■ I 






- C. 








31. JfcL 
F. B. 


R. C. 

m. ; ; 


a t. 

p ')' 

c. i 


Jol .. A. Gibson 

'•■ i irge P. Clark 

. riYanklin Holmes 


! Con.a ntine Blodgett 
J lin S. Townsecd 
t" i Justus Erskine 

Charles A. Merrill. (Globe Tillage) M. K 


' - Uv. 

! ..... Friends 


j Barnabas Collin? - (East) 
j John E. Corey - (Assonet) 
j George Tyler - (East) 

\ A. G. Cummins - (Assonet) 


Rbl rt Carver 

G'eorj ' An. luD 

' Enoch San ford 




E. S. Stanley 


vv . lyaraner 
Daniel W. Stevens 


C. T. 

1 :-. 


A. Adams (North) - 
es P. GrosvenoT 

'- ■ ■ r ■-, [ton - 

m. i: 

Chihis :,.- 

L. Parker 

: in . r . Thacher 

M. 1'. 

- Sixth 1 


c. u.j 

C. T. ! 
B. ! 

C. T. 

P. B. 
M. E. 

0. T. ! 

B. ; 

C. T. : 

C. U. ! 

31. E. 

C T; 

P. B. 


; . I; 




J;t ties 0. Barney 
Henry Gr. Stewart - 
George Matthews 


Jolin N. Collier 
B. F. Summerbell 



Silas Hall 

William Witliincton 

• 0. T. Samuel Cole 

-" B |Wm. II. Stetson (Holmes Hole) 
B. p. E. Guild (West) 
- Jesse Pease 

William H. Sturtevant - 
! N. S. Thomas 
M. E. 


Friends. « amesbury. 

j 3 - I Robert F. Chase 
' James M. Bacon - 
William Hurlin 
Nathaniel Lassell 
b. 1. loacoer (West; - 
Leander Thompson (West) - 
Wrai P. Colby - 

Eliiah Mason - - ■ - 



i. 1 


T. II. Batcbelder 
Charles 11, Brjgbam 
James Bruce 
Moses iJmvvri 

Alvao Cobb 
Mortimer Blake 
Erastus Maltby - 
William Cole - 
Andrew Pollard - 
E. Anthon 
J. R. Cubing - 
Henry Baylies - 
Samuel F. Up ham 

James H. Cooley (Point) 
M. E. Gammons 
John 1 [unter 

i 1 . 














c . 


,\ r 




One Society of 



George Moore 

George E. Fisher 

Samuel Fuller 

Henry S. Greer.; (Ballardvale) 

Varnura Lincoln (Soutb) - 

Wm. F. Warren (Ballardvale) 


J. B. Farns - 
Gideon W. Tripp 
Two Societies of 

Ch. " ' 
• Ch. 



C. H. 

buess counts? 


W. 11. Duncan 
W. E. Sheldon - 


Lewis Holmes 
Sanford Bentoj 

C. T. 

m. i; 


M. E. 

- C. T. 

Jos&pb Abbott 

^ Ordway 

G. W. Redding 
A. B. Rich - 
C. X. Thayer - 


William S. Goggin - 
Calvin E. Park (West) - 

J nines J . fucuolioni 


Milton P. Braman 
Aaron W. Cbaifin - 
James Fietcber 
James W. Putnam - 

C. T. 
M. E. 

a t. 



a t. 

F, B. 

0. T. 
- C. T. 

M. E. 




C. T. 

G. T. 

C. T. 

M. E. 
G. T. 

- a t. 

C. T. j 

C. T. j 
0. U. I 

- Uv. ! 

- C. IJ. 

a t. 

C. T. 

- c. 



- c. 



- B. 







J. A. Healy (Line Brook) - 

- 0. T. 

; John Prince -■-.-.- 


David T. Kimball ) 

Robert Soutbgate (colleague) ) 

C. T. 


0. T. 



Charles H. Plummer - 

- Ch. 

Isaac Bra man } 
! John M. Prince Jr. (colleague) i" 

C. T. 

William C. Foster - 

C. T. 

J J. Bray ton - 

- Uv. 

| . . . * - . 


John McLaughlin - 

M. E. 



James O'Donnell 
George Packard 

- R. C. 
E. | 


A. ]>. Williams 

F. B. 

Abraham M. Osgood - 

J. L. Hatch - - - Inde 

- JM, h. 
i g f] (j e n t . 

Jonathan Hall - 
Joel Stokes, 2d 
James M.Taaffe 

- M. E. 
Ad. | 

- R. o. ; 

Howard G. Dunham - 

M. E. 

Samuel E, Pierce - 


William L. Jenkins - 

- c. u. i 


- P. 

G. T. j 

Robert P. Rogers - 

C. U. 


George J. Saneer ' - 

Nathaniel Richards - 

- C. T. 

/ 1 ' \ ■ 

Nathaniel Gunnison 

u; 1 ' 



W. E. G. Mellen 

U v • 

&1 bridge G, Brooks - 

• Uv. 


C H . 

Win. Butler - 

M. E. 


C. T. 

Isaac S. Cushman - 

M. K ■ 

Parsons ('coke 

C. T. 


Isaac W. ila!lam 

- E. 

Gardner B. Perry - 

Daniel W. Pickard (colleague) - 

David A, Wosson - - . Ind i 

C. T. 
C. T. 

sen lent 

ML i:. 

Samoel Johnson - 
Abraham D. Merrill 
Wm. G. Richards - 
Ci irle*< Shackford 

Free Oh, | 

- M. E. j 

B. | 

G. U. \ 

I uiae Smith - 

- M. E. \ 

Nj'Kki D. George 

M. E. 1 


. , , . *-' 

-i s r\ i 

rt-trj k i' If rain - 

- R, C. i 

J. H. Mordoitgh - 

- C C 

J, ':-,■ 

B. | 


Josham B. Scwall 

- C. T. 


VVHiiam Miller 


Addison Brown (East) - 
Silas Green - 


Henri Jewell - 

- Uv. 

M. K. 


Asa Farwell (West) 

C. T 

Benjamin F. Hosford - 

- C. T. 


Wales Lewis (East) 

G, T. 

Vncl P. Chute (South) 

- C. T. 

A* H. Marty n 

Uibcr Walcott - 


Leonard S. Parker 

- C. T. 


- C. T. 

Henry Plummet 



J. B. Pomfrefc (West) - 



Charles Tenny (North) - 

. T 

XJ t , ft. Taylor .... 

' Arthur S. Train - - 

C. T. 

i T. Cole - - - " - 


- B. 

j Cal?!.n Damon --..-'" 

I'v. ; 

1 William 0. Brown - 


! John T. McDonnell - 

Benjamin R. Allen - 

C. T. 

j . 

& [ -fC H. Dutton - 

- Uv. 


: Augustus F. Bailey - 

- M. E. 

m wiCH". 

Geo] c Vv\ Patch - 


Jeremiah L. Hanaford 

M. K I John B. Richmond - 

- E. 

Daniel Fitz - 

C. T| 

C. U. 

118 M A S S A 





B. P. B rosso n - 

- B. 

Epbraim W. Alien 

- C. T. : 

John 0. Phillips - 

C T. 

George W. Briggs - 

C. U. 

W. Spauldlng . 

- Uv. 

Michael Carlton - - Seamen 

6 Bethel. ! 

Charles Young 

M. E. 

James Conway 

R. C. I 


Sumner Ellis 

- Uv. 

Brown Emerson - . 

IC T ! 


Israel E. Dwinell (Coll.) - 


C. T. 

Dexter Clapp ... 



Charles Lowe 

- C.U. 

James M. Hoppin - 

C. T. , 

George Leeds 

- E. ! 


J. H. Marston 

F. B. I 

H. W. Webber 

- Ind. M. 

Robert C. Mills - 

- B. 

Lemuel Osier - 

S. A. 

Daniel Hi char ds, 

- M. E. 


Thomas EL Shahan 

R. C. 

Francis Y. Tenney - 

- C. T. 

James W. Thompson •• 

- c. u. 

Leonard Witbington 

- C. T. 

Samuel M. Worcester 

C. T. 

J.L/Trefj*n (Arsons Mills) 

- M. E. 

D. D. Winn 

- B. 


One Society of 




Randolph Campbell - 
. Luther F. Diinmiek 

C. T. 

- 0. T. 

B. P. Byram - 

- B. 

Daniel T. Fisk 

C. T. 

Elihu Scott (East) - - 

M. E. 

M.osely D wight - 

- M.E. 

Benjamin Sawyer 

C. T. 
- Ch, 

Henry Lennon 

P. C. 


J. S. Pearson, Jr. 

- S. A. 

Daniel P. Pike 



John G-. Richardson 

- B. 

M, E. 
C. T. 

William IP Hatch 

- M. E. 

Wiliard Smith 
1 Samuel J . Spalding 

Levi Brio barn 




\ Asunei br. V enn-itye - 

- P. 


- UF. 


0. u. 


- B. 




James 0. Murray, - 

C. T. 

Charles H. Wheeler - - ' 

- C.U. 


N. Medbury ----- 


Orville Brayton - 

- Uv. 

Francis C. Williams - 

- 0. u. 

Edward A. Manning 

M. E. 

Win. F. Laeount - 

M. E. 


- 0. T. 



Charles Noble - 

- M.E. 

Jonas B. Clark - 

C. T. 

Augustus C. L. Arnold -. 


Wakefield Gale - 

- C. T. 


L, P. Atwood 

M. E. 

i A. E. Battcll - 

- B. 

Jobn Smith ... 

- M.P 

; Duttd Brinmcr 


Anson McLoud 

C. T. 

now LET. 


! A. W. Can 

- B. 

Jeremiah Taylor - 

- C. T. 

! John Pike 

C. T. 

Isaac Woodbury - 






Davis Foster 

One Soeiefcv of 

0. T. 
C. T. | 


Eli Mood 


I S. H. Amsden B. 


E. F. Brooks 
John Capen 




C. T. ! 
Uv. ! 

! Charles Cleveland 


j H. B. Butler - 
i John Capen - 
i Willard Bipam 
Harvey Crowley - • - 


James Clark 

J. W. P. Jordan 

Ass B. Smith 

q' rji A. Chandler 
-rj' " Cyrus L. Eastman 
p Vn | W. F. Nelson 
p* rp' ! William Flint - 

Uv. ! 

M. E. j HAW1EY. 

*-'• -*-•; henry beymour (J&asi) 

B. Jeremiah "Pomroy (West) 

C. U. | J \' 


-d | Edward B. Emerson 


rv m 

O. a, 



T. : 


e. ; 




E. | 






u. ! 


T. i 

- c. 

0. T. 


Aaron Foster (East) - 
John Goodwin 
Matthew Kingman (West) - - C. T. I 
- . - - . - C. la i 
. B. 

Daniel DoWolf 
C T.jc. Merrifj id 

M. E. ! 


S.A. W ;ik.. 

David Ea< tman 



I 0. Davenport 

| G. McNamarra 

| William Stowe - 

! L. L. kangstry 



! George M. Adams 
! David Pease - 


! David Todd (South) - 
I John F. Moors 
D.A. Strom; (South) - 

William Pease 

John U.iU - 


M. 1 


E- | 



T, S 




B. ! 

M. E. ! 

!> ! 


C. T. 


Claudius Bradford 
James II. Merrill 


C.^jjolihCtein . 
*?' ,, William IE Bayvvard 
- %1 - ^[Charles A. Perry 
. t bom as Weston 

(South) - 

M ; . 

G. U . 

C. T. ' 

B. il.fezckiah B. Colliei 

C X. Daniel C. Frost 

CT. William C. Tenney 


<- 7 - 1 




E 1 


T. ! 


E. ! 


U. * 




M . E. 
C T. 

, 120 MASSAC H 






Levi Ballou (North.) - 

Uv. Charles J. Hinsdale - 

- C. T. 1 

Joseph Hemphill - - 


John W. Lee- 

M.E. : 

David Peek ---•,- 

C. T. 

John Middletori (North) 

- M.E. 

(Moria) . - 

C. T. 



- . - 


- B. 



E. D. Fish - 


Jason Morse 

- C. T. j 

Sumner Lincoln 

C. D. 



C. T. 





David Breeo*, Jr. 

- C.T. 


Wareham Campbell - 
Daniel Waite ... 

- S. A. 

- M.E. i 

Edgar' H. Gray (Fills) 


Hugh Gibson - 

c. t. : 

R, S. Biilinga - - - - 


■ j 

Jam.cs Fisher (Falls) - 




WilUam F. Loomis (Falls) 
Linns Fish (Falls) - 

C. T. 

"»~* T7* ~3~a *? * /Yi 1 t \ 


- B. 
It. G. 

- C.T. 

& u. 

R. K. Bellamy (Falls) 
W. .11 Bkakinsop - 


J. C. Cromaek 
Warren Lincoln - 

M. E. 
- B. 

James Tisdale - 

G. T. 

Samuel Pettes, Jr. - 

C. U. 



R. B» Thurston (Falls) 

- C.T. ! 



Benj. F. Green (Falls) - 

M. & 

M. E. 

William H. Munroe 
Samuel Pettis - " - 

- Epis, 
G. U. 



- Uv, 

Erasbcta Andrews 



C. T. 

Sereno D. Clark 

0. T. 



Timothy M. Cooley 

- C. T. 

Henry M. Bridge 

0. T. 

G. D. Fltton - 

'- B. 

Abraham Jackson - 

c. u. 

Benjamin Howe - 

- C. T. 


~ _ 



H. K. Grarmis - 

- C. T. 



- - 

S. B. Gilbert - 

C. T. 




Mark Carpenter - 
Philander Wallingford 

-' B. 



C. N. Seymour - ' - 

C. T. 

James B. R. Walker, - 

- C. T. 

C. T. 

Simeon Miller - 
Jeremiah Callahan 

0. T. 

- R.C. 



- Uv. 

A3 A WAV* 

Ralph Perry - 

C. t. 



Stephen J). Ward 


F. Besfcon » 

- B. 


Addison Parker - - 


.Joshua B. Brown (East) - 

C. T. 


Ephraira S jott - 

M. E. 

John YV . Harding 

- C. T. 

Randall Mitchell 

m. e; 

j Rodney Cage (East) 

M. E. 






I Kinsman Atkinson 

! J. W. Tuck - 


j Alfred Ely - 

| Theron G. Cdion (Coli.) 

j JT. C. Foster 

I David K. Morrill - 

Thomas Hall 



M. E. ! Emerson Davis - 
C. T. Gilbert Haven, Jr. 
0. T. John Green 

Will tain Carpenter 

Ephraiin. Scott 

\c. T. 


J. Bowers (North) 

Chester Field - ' - 

J. C. Houghton (South) - 

J. C. Foster 

Geo. E. Chapman (South) 

C. T. 


I Andrew D. Bullock (Depot) 
! Franklin Fisk (Three Favors) - 
! Joseph Vaille (Depot) 
' 0. tu Baker (Threeltivers) - 
John li. M. Leland (Thorndike) 


Hiram A. Morgan 


James A. Clark, 
David Avery - 
























M. E. 

0. T. 


0. T- 1 E. S. Dwight (West) 

George E. Fisher (North) 
J. L. Merrick (South) ■ 

B |W. A. Stearns (College) 
C. L, Woodworth - 


a k. Coi* 

M. E. i 



















Samuel G. Buckingham 
William S. CMds " - 
0. S. Howe 
J. J. Twiss - 

George B. Ide - 
! Jefferson Hascall 
| Samuel Osgood - 
| Henry M. Parsons - 
| Ray mood 11. Soeley 
Francis C. Tiffany - 
George D. F. Folsora - 


i Franklin D. Austin 


| Ase. A. Bobinson 



j Theron II. Hawkos - 
! Miner Raymond 

. J . Yv . Mo w ry (South) 
r. m j J. M. Rockwood 

M.E. i 

iFcurv B. Blake 


B. |Wm. S. Phillips 
M. E. • 

Ic.T. " 


C. T.| 

0. !'. 

C. 1. ! J. !>. Baldwin 

]l. 0, >• ivmrd Clark, - 

Theodore J. Clark - 
|J. ; GiOord (West) - 



B. i Aaron M, Colton 
31. E. :-h S. Stone 

C T. | David Kilburn 
M- ^ j Robert MeEwen 

U. T. 


C. T. 
M. E. 

0. T. 
C. T. 
C T. 


C. T. 


- C. T. 


M E. 


- C. T. 

122 M A S S A C H U SETTS R E G I S T B R . 



Thomas H. Rood 

George W. Green 

M. P. 


- B. 




C. T. 




Hem-| Mills 

- C. T. 



0. T. 


M. E. 

Juclah Crosby - 

M. E. 

Stephen C. Strong 

C. T. 


E. P. Blodgett 



E. Y. Swift .... 

C. T. 



- - (Falls) 

C. T. 

Rowland A.yers 

0. T. 

Warren li. Beaman (North) 

- a t. 



John Wood-bridge 

G. T. 


S. W. Banister (West) 

C. T. ; 

George E. roller - 



George G. Channing - 

C.U. ; 


a t. 

H.T.Jones - , - 

M. E. ; 

A. E. P. Perkins 

C. T. 



John H. M. Leeland 

a t. 


William Taylor 

TV F 17 

C. T. j 

Town tend Walker - 

C. T. 

Wm. Goodwin 

- B. 



E. W. Cooke 

Union. ; 


E. W. Root - - 

0. T. 1 

John B. Burke 


Lorenzo White <- • 

m. e. ; 

Richard -Mor-gai) - 

- M.E. 

Mood)' Harrington - 

a t. 


John PL Bisbee 

C. T. 


Moses Stoddard - - 

M. E. 

Denzill M. Crane 

- B. 


Wm. C. High 

ol. E. 



Gordon Hall 

- C. T. 


John P. Hubbard - 



William Silsbee - 

- C. U. 



C. T. 

Charles Rockwell 

C. T. j 

- R. C. 

Geo. W. Frost - 

M. E. j 

W. II. Watson (W. Acton) 

E. | 





Jobn Jones - 



Enimcrson Hill - 

- B. 

Charles W, Wood 

C. T. i 

' * * * 

( . T\ 

John S. Brown 

c. u. i 





Win. M. Thayer 

C. T. ; 


- C ' T. 




S A N 

D C L E 11 G Y M E N . 



Oliver C. Everett - 


C. U. 

Henry J". Patrick 

C. T. 

George A. Hamilton - 
Hiram Hutching 
Alexander G, Laurie - 


B. C, 

p, . 

rleorge W. Webster 



j. * - ' 

Zaehariah A. Mudge 


M. E. 


James B. Miles - 


C. T. 

Geo. H. Procter 


Emery H. Page 



Nath'l 0. Chaffee 

e. u. 

A. M. Hopper - 



J. 1). 0. Stearns - 

C. T. 

Benj. Tappan, jr. 


C. T. 









C T. 

J". C. Boomer - 





Benjamin E. Clark (North) 


G. T. 


Wm. Morse - 




John Parkburst - 



i J. N- Graves --.-'- 



F. B. 

i Arthur Swazey 

C. T. 

! Frederick A. Whitney 

C. 0. 



B. 0. 

Luther II. Angier 


C. T. 

Barzillai Frost - 


c. u. 





Doras Clarke - - 


C. T. 




William Allen 


a t. 

John A. Albro 

C. I. 

Joan Parsons 
Abraham Folsom 


a t. 

M. E. 

A.M. Averill ----- 
- Joseph L. Bennett (East) 




a t, 

Caleb Davis Bradlee - 
Man asses Dougherty - - 

C. IJ. 

p. a 


Frederic W. Holland (East) 


Darwin Ad; y o^ 


0. T. 

Nicholas Hoppin - 





William Newoii 

C. 1 '. 

Charles Jones 

0. T. 


Wm. Page (Port) 


Joseph C. Bodwell - 


a t. 

S-. R. Mason - 


Thos. V>, Treadwell (Saxonvil 

*) ~ 

BE E. 

John Pryor *-.-...- 


William C. Child - 


Charles A. Skinner 


Edward Farrelly (Saxonville) 


b. a 

A. F. Spalding (East) 


Birdsev G. Northrop (SaxonvillcO 

a t. 

James Walker (Pres. Harvard Univ. 

) c.u. 


Samuel D. Bobbins 


a u. 

Joan F. W. Ware (Port) - 


John Nichols (South) 



Thomas Wnitieraore 


(South) - 


Chas. S. Macreading (Port) 


Converse L. MeCurdy (East) - 
- ' (Port) 

M. E. 



Lawrence Carroll (East) 

it a 

-■ i ard A. Balkley 



J. M. Chick (South) 




David Fosdick (South) 
Crawford Nightingale 


a u. 


a u. 

John Lawrence - 

a t. 

Geo, )■:. Tucker ° 



Wni. H. Bicknal 

a v. 



Stephen Gushing 


M. E. 

: FTesi-ry V. Degen - - 


•' shua T. Tucker - 


a t. | 

George E. Ellis - 

a a 



Uv. j 





Lauren Pearson (Woodville) 
Hezekiah P. Andrews 
Edward IVrreilj 
John C. Webster 


Ira Leland 
Nahor A. Staples 


William 0. Jackson 


! J^raneis Hi, Laeaves - 
Elihu Loomis 
Frederick 11. Newell 


John W. Dadman 
F. H. Berick - 
Amos Blanehardi 
Wm. II. Brewster - 
John P. Oleavelami - 
Peter Crudden - 
J. L. Jenkins - 


M, E. 

n. c. 

0. T. 



c. u, 
0. u. 

V.' - -t . 





Horatio Alger - 

Levi A. Field .."-•- 

T. Wiliard Lewis 

Leander Wakefield (Felionvillc) 

Geo F. Poo! (Rockbottom) 


Justin Field - , - 
Thomas E. Keelj 
Jacob M. Manning 
G. V. Maxbara 
Elisba P. Marvin 
Edward S. Best 
John Pierpont 


C. T. 

M. E. 

M. E 



tj John W. Perkins 
Alex. G. Sessions 


! I). 0. Edcly - 
Theodore Edson - 
Eden J>. Foster 
Isaac Hesford (at large) 
Daniel E Chapin 
Sereno Howe 
S. T. MeDermott - 
A. K. MouHon 
William S. Studley - 
John O'Brien 
Thomas B. Thayer 
D. I). Winn 
Horatio Wood (at large) 
Augustas Woodbury - 
Theodore Tebbetts - 
Orpheus T. Lamphear - 


Aaron C Adams 
William 11. Bagnall 
Francis G Pratt 
William ]*'. Stubbert 
Edward Otheman (East) 


M. E. 

R. 0. 
F. B. 

M, E. 
11. C. 



c. u. 
c. u. 
c. u. 

0. T. 

C. T. 
0. T. 



S. A. 
C. T. 
It. C. 
C. T. 

Joseph W. Lewis 
A. S. Lyon 
Elias Nason 
Emmons Partridge 


John Paulson (U. Falls) - 
Ami row Groswell (L. Falls) - 
Daniel I, Furber (Centre) - 
i Washington Gilbert (West) 
(Joseph C. Smith (Newton Come: 
0. S. Stearns (Centre) - 
Benjamin A. Edwards (Centre) 
Joseph P. Drummond ('West) 
- - (Upper Falls) - 

(Lower Falls) 


E. W. Pray 

T. N. Jones - 

i lenrv II. Parmenier 




C. T. : 


C. TJ 

M.E. | 

a U. , 


0. T. ! 
B. i 

M. E; I 


C. T. i 
Uv. j 

c. u. ' 

C. T. 

C.U. I 

a u. , 


C. T. | 

b.. ; 

C. T. i 
C. T. j 

C. T. 

M. E. j 


Charles Babbidgo 





William H. Beccher 
Edward K. Fuller 


Theodore IT. Dorr 
Bdinond Dowse 

C, T. 

0. T. 


0. T. 


: Kronson B. Bcardsley (Shirley Fill 

Beth Chandler - - 

; K. W. Coffin (Shirley Village) - 


Com ai unity of Shakers. 


Georeo H. 'Emerson 
.\\ M. WirUaras 
George G. Fairbanks - 
Benjamin Judkins 









S. Clark 

Luther H. Sheldon 

J. A. Ames 










John, Branson 
George Osgood 


Justin S. Barrows 
M. L. Biekford 
T. F, Kales 
Patrick Flood 
Roswell Foster - 
Thomas Hill - 
Johr Whitney - 
M. Goodrich - 





Joseph D. Hull - 
Daniel W. Phillips - 
Richard W. Reed 
Benton Smith - 

- C.T. 


S. . 


•Luther li'cs - 
Patrick Flood 
Franklin Forber 
Charles E, Hodges 
W. L. Brown-' 


Henry Alien - 
Edmund II. Sea? 
John B. Wright 


Reuhen Bates - 
t bomas Tread well 


Marvin Lemnswell 

Linus II. Shaw 


ftichard Tolrmm - 


C. T, 

M. K. 


C. EJ. ' 
C. T. 

G. T. 


George Hill - 

Samuel A. Smith 
Samuel B. Swain 


Stillraan Clarke - 
1 nomas Wilson 


John S.Day 

Joseph Field - 
r v II. TopliS" 


.J. M. Durgta 
Joseph E. Swallow 


a it. 


M. E. 



R. C. 

C. T. 

c. u. 

0. T. 

r. a ! 

M. E. J 
C. U. ! 

C. 3\ 

- c. u. 

C. U. ! 

- W.M. 


c. u. 


a r. 

a u. 


M E. I 
C.U. | 

F. B. 
C. T. 





Reuben T. Robinson - 


Leonard Cos, Jr. 
Jonathan Edwards - 
John M. Masters 
George Sutherland - 
Joseph Kicker 

- - (Norm) - 


Charles H. Canfield - 
James E. Crawford 
Edward W. Dunbar - 
John Cooper .'-.-- 

George H. Hepworth - 


C. T. i Oliver P. Farrington (North) 

B. j Joseph Osgood 
Frederick A. Heed 


C. T. I Samuel B. Babcock 
0. U. | Ebenezer Burgess - 

M. E. j Jeremiah Chaplin (West) - 
B. | Moses M. Colburn (South) 
(j. T. John M. Merrill - 
C U Alvan Lamson 

I Calvin S. Locke (West) - 
W. C. Patterson (East) - 
• Ebcn Fisher (South) - 


E. ! Stephen G. Bulfinch - 

B. | Gershom F. Cox 

BEE, 1 Edward L. -Drown 

M.E. Nathaniel .Hall 

C U. I Daniel Steele (Neponset) - 

C. T. James W. Lnthrop - 
B. James H. Means 

Richard Tike - 

B. W, Barrows (Neponset) 



Joseph T. Massey 
George N. Townsend 


a T. 

; John Hash ell 
j Ralph Sanger 





Edmund Y. Garrette - 
Isaac Smith 
Lucius Holmes - 
Q t >}\ I Warren Bird - - - S< 

C. T. 


; Samuel Hunt 
i Pliny Wood - 
T. B. Hay ward New Jerusalem Church. [Joseph Thayer - 

M. E. 
C. U. 
0. T. 


C. T. 




E. i 


U -i 







George Dafond (South) 
William 15. Hammond (South i 
Jonas Perkins (East) -' 
Richard S. Storrs - 


C. U. | 
M. E. I 

E. ! 

c. u. I 

M. E. ' 
C. T. 

c. u. ! 

B. ! 

C. T. ! 

C. T. ! 

a xj. | 


C. T. 



J. M. Finnotti 
M. M. Smith 

John S. Stone 
N. M. Perkins 


Sol HJjon Clark - 
Philemon 11. Russell 
Seth Saltmarsh - 
Joseph Crehore 

R. C.| 

C. T. | >i".LT\-:i.n. 

E ; jRnshtonl). Burr 

**• \ Andrew Bi^elow 


C. T. Jacob Ide (West) 
B. |E. C. Messenger, (West) 
0. U. David Sanford (Village) 
Uv. - - - (East) ■ 

R. C.I- - 
















T. j 


T ' 





rlsa P. Cleverly 
Edwin Leonard . 
Job:: H . Morrison 
Albert K. Teelo - 


Andrew N. Adams 
A. It. B;<Ver 
Joseph W. Lewis 
Amos Webster 

j walpole. 

Uv. .John M. Merrick - 
C. T. J. Augustus Adams - 
C. U. Edwin H. Nevin - 
C. T. 


Thomas Laurie - 

He in an Lincoln 
C. U. Cameron F> M'Bae - 
0. T. Grindall Reynolds - 
E. Alonzo II. Quint 

a u. 

M. E. 
C. T. 

a t. 


QUIXCi v , 

i Gordon Bradley 

I Nelson Clark 
I Willaim P. Lunt 
; John T. Koddan - 
* Daniel Wise - 
|.D. L. Gere (Point) 

0. T 

11. c. 

Edmund B. Wilson 


C. W. Mellen 
Joshua Emery, Jr. 

Wiliard M. Harding 
Elmer Hcwett (South) 

M E I E - S - i* ^er 

V.-' W ! Horatio T" 

i James P. Terry 

. Houghton (East) 
























Christopher M. Cordley 
Ezekiei Russell - 

Benjamin Wheeler - 
John Koddan 


Alfred E. Putnam - 

Thomas D, And< i-san 

U. P: trick (PBeirne "> 

Edward Delabanty j 

George Putnam - 

fc fi.JElyder 

Augustus C. Thompson 

George Bowler - 

John Waylaud 

Simon P. Zimmerrnann - Germ; 

Si- All ON. 

Norwood Damon 
Mvlon Merriam 
L.' E. Phillips 


J. W. Dennis 
Albert Perry 
AbeFGardner - 
M. P. Foster (East) 
Joshua Hudson (North) 

C. T. 
C. T. 

K. C. 


John D wight (North) 
Win. L. Rones - 
II. W. Al >rse 

Uv- j (North) - 




Kl C, |w. P. Everett (East) -' - 
- G. U. I Joseph Pettee ' - 
Uv. (Horace P. Walker (East) - 

- C. T.I Jan:,- W. Ward - 
M. E. 1 Isaac C. White (North) 

- E. Frederick A. Wiliard (South) 
mM. E. I Henry L. Edwards (East) - 

- B. E. S. Foster - 

(South) - 








C". i. 

"I J 



' ; David Bri'sham 

p' n< Samuel L. Eockwood - 
u X ' Thos. P. Rodman - 
' ]•:. 13. Palmer - 


n 'p. » CAEVER. 

M. Ml Nathaniel Cogswell - 
I>. j Jeremiah M. Mace - . 
M. .P. Win. Tozier 


C. T. 
C. T. 
C. T. 

M. E. 
C. T. 

C. T. i 
C. T. | 

Swed. ! 

C. U 

- c. 









| Isaac Dunham 

Josiah Moore - 

Samuel Noma (West) 
i Asa U. Swinerton 

M. I Nathan S. Clark 


) Joseph IT. P-bipps 
j Baalis Sanford 
Eleazer Smith 
Piiilu B. Wilcox 


Timothy Brainard 

C. U. 
M. E. 

M. J;. 


C. T. 

C. T. 

C. T 

Lea rider Cobb 
licnry C. Vo?o 


Ebenezer Aided, Jr. 
S. Cutler 
Jared Brackett - 
Benj. K, Bosworth ■ 

Frederick A. Fiske 
George Leonard 



Charles Packard 
I George H. Winchester (Koc&) 

Samuel Cutler 
J. Freeman - 
Thomas Con ant 

J. h\ Bigolow 

E. William 0. Dickinson 
(j. T. Israel W. Putnam 
B. L.Tandy 
T. I. W. Etorton - 


M. P 

C. T. 


c. t. ; 


M. P. | 
M. E. | 
C T. ! 

c. u. ; 
B - i 

Uv. ! 

C. T. | 

M. E j 

B. j 

C T. ! 

0. T. | 

B. ! 


Uv. I 

Elmer Hewitt 
Wm. Leach (South) 


J. I). Cagffl 

Ebenezur P. Over - 

Paul Townsend - 

Joseph Bichardson ) 

Calvin Lincoln (colleague; ) 
j Oliver Stearns 
I Wm. T. Clark (South) 
! J. Tilson 

C T 


Paul Couch « 

Andrew Dunn - 

Warren God dard 

Andrew McKeown 

David T Padkerd - 
0. T. I'ehaHes-t. Mills - - - 
M.-E. Azariah B. Wheeler (Northwest) 

C. U- 1 


T. ! 



Swed. j 


E. j 




T . 


A. . 




E. E. Kello^s 


c. u. 


II. E. 


William L. Stearns - 
James B. Washburn 

One Society of Friends. 

C. U. j 

M. E. I 


Joseph Peckham - 
Geo. B. Williams - 


G. T. 

C. U. 


C. Chapman - 


C. T. 

E. W. Barrows 

* — 

F. B. 

- . - 




D. VI. Bahcock - 

•A iliiam [vellen 

Israel A. Wood 

Robert B. Hall . 

James Kendall 

George S. Ball, (colleague) 

Russ* M Tomb' n son 

Benjamin Whitmore 

J U R Jr.h 

Foseph B. Johnson 

























Charles Livingston - - 

C. T. 

V¥m. A. 13 ram an - 



C. M, Nickels - 

- 0. T. 

Win. .A. Fuller - 

C. U. 


M. G. Kimball 

Free Ch. 

P. Brett - 

M. P. 

Paysoa Tyler - 

- B. 

Isaac Briggs ( North ) - 

0. T. 

Eii W. Harrington - 

0. T. 


E. Hunter .---•- 


William A. Houghton - 

- 0. T. ! 

William L. Mather 

G. T. 


Frederick Tripp 


M. E. 


- - 



I Fiske. Barrett - 

j James B. Weeks - 

| 6h*OPge Carpenter 

I Daniel Wight, Jr. (North) 

tt ' i David Mason (MuTville) - 
MP I J. A. M. Chapman (Millville) 
Charles O'llielley 

j A. B Goodrich - 

| E. M. I.appan 
C U. I Thomas E. Biiss 
M. E. I 

1:> - One Society of 
0. T. 



' L. L. lUc-ord 
I Caleb Stetson 
' Lewis E. Dunham 


c. u 

M. E 

j Asaph Merriam 
Thomas T. St on 


Homer Barrows 
Philip Crandon 


,10'-.' v A, r ' 


William II. Sanford - 


x .. , 

M. E. : 

II. C. i 

Epis. ! 

F. B. ! 

0. T. j 

C. T. | 

riends. ! 

B. j 

C. U. 
Friends. ! 

G T. 

Russell A. Ballon - 

E. B. Hinckley (Coehcset) - 

Erasmus B. Morgan 

I.K. Bragg 
Uv. Sylvan S. Hunting 
M. E. i B. 0. Putney (East) 






U. 1 






[6ee page loo.] 



E. G. Little 
J. D. Crosky 
Austin F. Herrick 


Samuel F. Clark - 

Offai'les Farrar 

John F. Norton 

Gardiner Bice - 

Nathaniel H. Martin (Depot) 

C. T.| 
C. T. 


c. u. 

V. ! 

John Haven - 
Wis. B. Olds 
J. H. Willis - 



Newel! S. Spauiding 
Charles M. Bowers 

Leonard J. Liveraiore 
W. W. Winchester 


T. 1 














G. T. 
M. K. 
M. E. i John Keep 



T. T. Latham 

L. Ives Hoadly 

C. T 

0. T i 

WAP i 
31. E. 




David Hoi roan 

S. E. Pike (East) - 
Joshua L. Maynard (East) 
Amos Fates 

(Manchaug) - 


C. T. . Ezra Crowell - 
M.E. ! William P. Paine 
C. T. I Time C. Tingley 

R.BI. - 

c. T. 
B. | 

Frien Is i -'j' rl1s W« Allen 
Charles leaker 
A. S. Ryder 



Joseph Barber 
Henry Pratt 
Jonathan L. Estey 


E. Davis 

E. Twepfe - 

Kendall Brooks 

Josiah Marvin 

Benjamin Tolman - 

George M. Steele 

Q. Buckingham -Willeox - 

Wm. P. TUden - 


Richard K. Ashby - 
John C. Paine - 
Abijali StOvveli 


Thomas C, Biscoe 
S. Brimblecom 
Thomas W. Brown - 
Gilbert 11. Bent (NT. E. Village; 
Joseub Smith 


M. E. 


George M. Bartol 
Franklin B. Doe 


R. C. ; .Banitl Atkius 

B. B,N. Bullock - 

Uv. ! John Nelson - > 

P. B. | Andrew 0. Denison (Colleague) } 
M.E. John H. Bouse - - - 
0. T. ! Qti 3 Converse - - 

C. U.j 


C. I. J. S. Bingham 
0. TJAmos Smith 

I Nathan A. Souh 

A. C. B: 

C. T. 

Uv. I 
0. U. i 


(New England Village) B 


William A. Clapp 
-Martin Tupper 

C. T. 
M. E. 

C. I. 
M. E. 
C. U. 

C. U. 
C. T. 













C. T. 

c. u. 


r, a 


John Dodge 

Wm. G. Babcock - 

Charles iVI. Witlard - 

i 'oisHBun ty of Shakers. 

M, E. 

James Thurston 

C. U. 


Wm. A. Mandell 

- C T. 


Wm. A. Clapp 


M. E. 

M. E. 

Robert Hossall 

C. U. 

C. T. 

Wm. Pentecost - 

- M. E. 

C. u. 

Elijah Demond 

C. T. 



Edward Farel 

K. C. 

< ! . T. 

.]. R. Johnson 

- Uv. 

C. U. 

Aaron 3). Sargeant - 



Leonard Wakeiield 

- M. 

James T. Woodbury 

C. T. 


Levi A, Abbott - 

- B. 

L T v. 

Adin Ballou - 


1 31 


J Nathaniel Beach - 

! Beverett Griggs 

j S- HaJman -•'.-.- 

| Icbabod Marcy 

! C. T. Tucker"' - 

j E. S. Sheridan 
Phineas Crandall ("West) 



C. T. 
C. T. 

0. T. 
M. E. 

E. C 

M. E. 

C. T. 

J. W. Weeks 


Joseph Allen 
Samuel S, Ashley 

S. Bipley 







Increase B. Bizelow 


E. W. Ballard 

Silas Kenny (West) - 
C. Kendall - 
Jams Wilson (South) 


| William Bates 
| Lewis F. Clark - 

j George B. Gargill 

C. T. i 

Moses P. Webster (Wbitinsville) M. E. j 

Friends ' 


I William Gordon 
j N, W. Williams 


Thomas Snell ) 

j Christopher Cashing (Colleague) J 

j fm. J. Pomfret - - - 

i L, F. Waldo - 

C. T. 


M.E. Thmi M. Elwood 
C. T.llF,- B. Eosket 

James Kimball 



Horatio Bard well 
11. Closson - - 

Burt is Judd 

Joseph Hodges Jr. (North) 


William Phipps, Jr. 


Cm I 

v t.' : Isaac b\ hliss 

" l j John Cadwell - 

S.S.Parker - 
j J. T. Powers 
|Wm. C. Wbifeomb - 

Uv. j ■ 
M.E. I 

M. E. 

C T. 

M. E. 
C. T. 

C. T. 

C.' T. j' 
M. E. j 

M. E. ! 
C. T. j 


C. T. 

C. T ' 
■3. > . 
C. U. I 


T ! 


E. i 





ion. ! 






St i>kn GLBodd 
Nathaniel J. Merrill 
n T 'J- V. Leutell - 

C T 



indrew B. Foster 
John Shepardson 


C. T. : SV'm. Miller 
B John H. Lerned 

c. u, - - 

C. T.1 


U A S 8 A cni'SETTS R E GIST E R . 


W. P. Blackmer (Fiskdale) 



t\j £ i Joseph W. Cro^s 

&,' "I W Franklin Ward (Oakdale) 

q > j . j Zeno P. Wilds 

William Murdoek 


Beni H. Chase (WilkinsonTiUe) Epis. j _ . 

Willard Fuller - - - ' - F. B. ■ S.wift Bymgtoii - - 

John H. Gaylord (Centre) - M. E. j J°°n Al - Coobdge - - 

L. 0. Lovell - - - - v>. \ 

George Lyman . - ■ - C. T. j westbqbough. 

Alio! Fisher 



Daniel 11. Cady 
Nathaniel Gage - 
Clark R. Griggs 
Wm. H. "Walker - 


Gerard Bushnell - - - E^- 

Anthony V. Dimock (Bald win ville) B. 

Lewis Sabin - - - - O.T.| 

Oharles Wellington - ) p yj 
Edwin G.Adams ( Colleague) \ 

, .: - ' - -M.B- 




Wiliiam Warren 

C. T. 
C. XL 

William Baldwin 
Silas Piper 
Abijah P. Margin 
J. B. Mitchell 

C. X 
M. E 

0. T 
0. U. 

C. T. 

M. E. 

C T. 
C. IT. 
S. A. 


0. T. ! 


0. T. 
0. T. 

C. u. 


Jacob J. Abbott 
Samuel Clarke 
E. J. Sheridan 
J. W. Russell 


S. S. Smith - 
I ) avid Sherman 
]>. II. Plumb 

S. C Kendall 
X. Align ml l. 
Samuel Tupper 



' v -'- -*-• John G. Adams - - - Uv. 

0. U. | Gcor-e Allen (Hospital) - •• C. T. I 

B.C. J. Boyce - - - - P.. C. \ 

B. | George Bushnell - - - - C. T. ! 
Friends. Fales H. Newhall, - - - M. E. \ 

J. j). E. Jones - - - - B. 

Daniel W. Faunce - - - B. 

M.. W.Gibson - K. C. ; 

Edward E. Hale - - - C. IT. 

0. T. j T. W. IIig*inson (Free Church) - C. U. I 

M.E.iAlonzoHill - - - C. U. 

U v. j Horace James - - - - C. T. ! 

Henry W.Warren - - - ALE. ! 

Archil ild M. Morrison - - E. 

iel Sv etser - - - - C. T. • 

j II. L. Wayland - - - B. 

C. T. J. N. Mars - M. 
E. 0; K. Cutler - - - C. T. 
M, E. ! Wm. T. Sleeper (Mission Chapel) C T. 
B, i One Society of Friends. 

c hurc h r: s a nd cl b r g y m e n 


Names of Churches. 


Denomi. — 2 


; >30 




; F 

' 1: 


I i: 


j i 

i i 

First Church .« » 

Second Church , 

Friends' Meeting Houi 

So'-Firsi Baptist Church.. 

I69!01d South Church • •>. 

ISGjStone Chapel ,,... 

1991 Brattle Street Church. 

14 New "North Church..-. 

IGJNew South Church. . . , 

'22|Christ Church 

27}FederaI Street Church. 

'32 Hollia Street; Church.. 

34 Trinity Church ....... 

iChauncy place . .IQ. 
JBedford street . . C. 
Milton place... . Qi 
iSomnrset street.. B 
j Wash. c. Milk. Jc. 
Trem't, c. School {C. 
Brattle street ... C, 
[Hanover street ., C. 
-Summer, c. Bed'd C. 
Salem street.... IE 
Fed), c. C ,'ir r 
Hollia street.... C. 

Sum.'r,c. HawleyjE 


iLynde street . 

. 11853 Rufus Ellis i24 Edinboro' 

. |1833jCha ad ler Robbins [80 Mou n t Vernon 

u- I [No Minister! 

. 1837 Rollin H.Neale [6 Crescent place 

. IS36 George W. Blagden... 10 Central ct. 

. L846 Ephraim Peabody |54 Chambers 

. 1831 Samuel K.Lothrop ...j 

.!ISo3- Arthur B. Fuller 31 Sheafe 

7371 West Church..... 

7431 Second Baptist Church, i Baldwin pla 

T^.5 ! FIrst fJniversalist Ch 



Koly Cr 


1 804 

1 sof, 

| 18TS| 

! isf; 

I 1819) 
| I819| 
, 1820 

i IS')?! 

Chapel of Holy Cross . . 

First Meth. Epis. Ch... 
First Christian Church. 
African Baptist Church 
Second Meth. Epis. Ch- 
Charles si. Baptist Ch.. 
Park Street Church .... 
St. Matthew's Church.. 
Second Univ. Chns ch. . . 
New Jerusalem Church 
African Meth. Epis. Ch. 
Havves Place Church... 
Union or Essex St. Ch.. 

St. Paul's Church.. 

BuTfineh Street Church. 
Phillips Church 

[Mano r,c.i>ennet|Uv. 

iFr.vklin street . R.C.. 

Franklin street R.C. . 

I V. 

rh-irt -nth Cong. Ch.. 
Pitts Street Chapel ... 
Salem Street Church.. 



jnth Con^u Chur 

:h .. . 

1 - 57 


T"c Street Bap. 

Ch. . 



ethel Church.. . 



ariners' Church 



. Stephen's Cha 



race Church... . . 


mrth Univer. C 


>uth Baptist Ch 


! 1834 


tird Meth. Epis 


> 1S35 


hirren Street Cl 


. 183,5 


ifth Univer. Ghu 

reh . 





antral Church.. 


Hanover street.. 

Tyler, c. Kneel'd 

Belknap street. . 

Li rem fie Id street 

Charles street . . 

Park,c. Tremont 

Broadway, S. B. 

School street ... 

Bowdoin street . 

May street ...... 

-South Boston . . 

Essex, c. Rowe . 
.{Bulfinch street . 
■ | Broadway, S. B, 

. Marr.av. c. Beach 

[Pitts street . 

, Sal'm, c.N.Ben't 
j Yv ash'n, c, Pine 
iWash'n, Ci.Castle 
JBedford, e. Rowe 
iXorrh square .. . 
.'Summer, c. Sea. 
.'Purchase street 
.iTemple street . . 
;'j Broadway, S. B. 
.jBroadway, S. B. 
• Church street . . 
.iWarren street . . 
. j Warren street . . 
.'Winter street .. 

|M.B .. 







iM. E.. 
IC. T.. 



C. U.. 

■C T . 
|C! T., 



C. T.. 

ilS51rWilIiamX. Smithett.. . 

;1824iEzraS. Gannett 

■ 1348; Chomas Starr King ... 

|iu/59 > Mantou Eastburn ... 

~\-( John Cotton Smith .. 

11306) \ Charles Lowell 

is;v7 ) Cyrus A. Bartol .... 

1 1853 Thomas F. CaldicOtt.. 
11824! ^ Sebastian Streeter .. 
11835} J N. M. Gaylord...... 

i (J.B. Fitzpatrick.-. ) 

}N. J. A. O'Brien.. j 

| CJ-Fmnotti \ 

i \ J- 3- Williams .... 

} James Haley j 

!l853;John H. Twombley .... 
J1S44 Edward Edmunds ..... 
! 1851: William Thompson 

11854 William Rica 

,11853; John C. Stockbridge .. 
,jlS49 Andrew L. Stone'...... 

J1S 18 Joseph ri. Clinch 

. ]- 18 A. A. Miner Worcester ... . 
.11851! Freeman 

}1854 Thomas Dawc ? 

J1S34 Nehemiah Adanvs 

6 Sheafe 
k-Bumstead pi. 

|12 Burroughs place 
|167 Tremont 
:35 Edinboro' 
I at Cambridge 
[17 Chestnut 
:22 Sheafe 
14 X. Bennet 
: :n. Bennet stl 

3 Pxanklin o'; 



■r a. V 

It. Alger 

: . Porter 

r-. .on 

C. U. 

C. T. 

.11855; Willi 
,118-54 Charl 
,11825 Sam i 1 Barrett ....... 

,jl846 -hire:!. B. Wnterbary. ,. 
,|1S42 James I. i\ ( oolidge. . 
, ; 1846 Samuel H. Winkiey . . 
;1S(4 ! 
, 1-: 1! --'- M. Dexter ....■ 

1842 1 

IS48 Bar >n Stow 

: v . • ■ : ard '•'. Tavlor 

: — Evello^ 

: \-U K. M. P. Wells 

IS48 ! Charl Mason 

!•- W. SV. Dean 

ilSlo i. A •■ o lhae 

!1S5J Daniel K Banister.... 

■ • Charles F. Barnard ... 
.iiS'lO.Otis A. Skinner 

. 1: 


| j' J. McEiroy ) 

1836 St. Mary's Church .... .JEruiicott street .JR.C...J j <j J;]> e^tali 

. i Jos. Bixio j 

n omas Lvnch 

i Hufus Vv'.Clirk 

' P: q i W. YY • 

. Moses A, I iu we ...... . 

I A. ii. Bnrlin-ham .... 

[. S. K lUoeh 

' y u .•;■•! B. Ciruft 

i A. Rumpff 

Louis 15. Sch warz . . . . . 

ISoojl. J. P.. Collyer; 

F A Lorenzo It. Thayer 

1837:St. Patrick's Church ...Northampton st. R.C. 

1837 Maverick Church ,. Fia^t Boston C. T. 

1838 Zion Church., \\~ ■< - Centre St.. M. -• 

1839 Fourth Meth. Epis. Ch.jN. Rn^scll st... M F. 
1839! Harvard Street Church. [ii -r. av.c.tiatv'd B.... 
1839 Tremont St. Bap. Ch.. .-Tremont !;.-. 

ISo I Suffolk Street Chapel .-IShstwmut av C I -■■ 

)' Y German Evangel L th.lSsj.iiVtmit av Gi Uit 

F : i German F. mg. ChurchiShaw'tn. ]">■:<■-'■ GerPn 
84«)|Fifth Meth. Fris. Ch.. . D street, S. P -• M -'■• 
840iSixth Meth. Epis. Ch...JMeridiaust.E.B.:M.E.., 


:3 Unity 

J32 W. Orange 

[29 Bridge 

•5 Waver ly place 
;42 Charles ' 
| at Roxhury 
|G, near Broadway 

23 Green. 

9 Louisburg square 

G. near Fourth 

! Boylston pi. 
J 158 Tremont 

38 Temple 

301 Broadway 

:0 Chambers" 

")•} Temple 
[Beach, opp. Edin. 

7 Bulfinch 

at Roxhury 


;20 Flarrison av. 

1 Prince 

34 Purchase 
|6 Louisburg sq. 

117 Piedmont 
5 Warren 
i IT Tyler 
;23 W. Cedar 

'IPS Endicot't 

jr. Church, North'n 

^.'ebst ;r,c. Bel -■ 
|S3 May 
•5 Kenn ird a\ ?. 

20 Oak 

IBromfi Id lIo.L>^ , 

I llShawmut av. 

1 Ringgold 

! i Charles 

:\\ fourth 
111 Webster 



y.i'nes of (Hun. hi*. 

Location. ! i snoml. j-^ 


1840; Sixth Uniyer. Church.. JRitchJIall, E.C Uv 

1S41 Bbwdoin Sq. Bap, Gh..jBi « ' >in cjuare. )>.. — 

18 I ( li, of the Di cipl ?.»..«! Indiana pluc< '0.1/.. 

IS42! Mount Vernon ( hurch... Ashburton pi 'e'C, T... 
184'2'Ch. of the Adventists...;Hudson,c. fcLnTti S. A.. 

iSl-3 I 


rue of Israelite: 

ill Bap. Chine.} 
Sq. Eantist C3 

K Church of St. Peter 
! ; and St. Paul. 

73 Vf ,.> :wisb 

Florence str< -t . E 

I:N. Bennet street: 1WV.B 
[Central sq. E. B. B...... 

Broadway, S. B. 

1844 St. John's Church Moon street 

18 14: Church of the Adven 

rreen street 

. K 




. E 

- R 
. : ,K 

c. . 

c. . 

. ; B 


1844 Ch. of the Holy Trinity 'Suffolk' street . 

1844. Ch. of St. Nicholas [East Boston .- 

1S4-5 2Sth Congrega. Society. ;Music Hall . .. 
1845'Unidn Baptist Church.. ;Merrimac stree 

1845 PaysonChureh .iBroadwav, S, r 

1845JBoston Baptist Bethel..'' Lewis c. Coram*] B 

1845-Seame'n-s Chapel. . .. .. .{North street... . K. .... . 

1845'South, Univ. Society.... -iCauton e. Suffolk; L'v.. . . 

1845] Shawmut Church «. LShawniut avenue C. T... 

IMd krst Boston Chur a..... E .-;. Boston., .. C. U... 
ISiS'i-f IdingdM th. I ■■' -.- ' S .v. ■•■ a avenue! 
184 First; Ass. Ref. I res. Ch. L<] Milk jtrcet -• 

1846! St, John's Church ...jPaiis, c. Decatui 

1848rTwelfth Baptist Church'Southac street,. 

184SJ Bethel Church ..jW. Centre 

1849 St, Vincent tie Paul's. s« set, 
1851 St. Mark's Church ...... jConcprd street.. 

L852 St. MaryS? Church... ...'Richmond street 

18^3! Eighth . Meth. Epi.s. Ch ,jB unii r.tou 

1 i>53 St! James Han trd c.Alba'j 

i.853 John Knox's Church .. .1 Freeman plane.. 
1832 Union Evangelical '.- : i Ington 

i Webster street Chure i, Webster, c. Ori'.* 
jCh'J of Guardian Angel. jCambridge st.... . 





M id. 
: C... 
Pr ■■... 
U. Ev. 


1853 William IT. Wines .... 

1841 James Freeman Clarke 

jl842|Edward N. Kirk 

|1842 Joshua V. lliraes 

1853; Joseph Sachs 

IS 16 George M. Randall 

1851 D. i'.< ill* 

1852; James N. Sykes 

i ^ P. Lyndon ........ ) 

j | I Peter Hammill \ 

[George F. Haskins.,.. 
11852: 5 Horatio Southgate .. 

\U >3 ( M.P. Stickney. 

! [Gustave Eck 

I I 

!lS46:Tneodore Parker 

1845 William Howe 

ISio'iJoy II. Fairchild 

! 8 ! 5 Phineas Stowe 

11852; John Irwin.. .. , 

;1S53 Charles Smith 

1 1852 Warren It. Cudwotth . 
[1854 John T, Pettee 

18E Alexander Blaikie . 

1 [John Irwin 

ISlSjL. A. Grimes 

29 Chambers 
at Roxbury 

23 McLean 
at Charlestovra 
64 Fayette 
201 Harrison av 
4 Baldwin pi. 
Terrace place 


|M. P. Galli-her.... 

1854 R. A Renouf ...... 

1851 J. P Robinson .... 

1853 Ralph W. Allen ... 

1853 1). Walsh 

185! Adam Stuart Mnir. 

JLuman Boyden 
1554 David A. Wallace.. 

ill. Tucker.. 

J16 Broadway 

iNorlh square 

4 Bowdoin 


1 Allston place 

32 Middlesex 


1 Exeter place 

119 Allen 

260 Fourth 

s Baldwin place 


[208 Sumner 

1 ! 


[69 Shawmut a v. 

|l Meridian. 


|42 Bradford 


lo Newbern place 

|208 Sumner 

128 Grove 


23 Franklin place 

13 A. von place 

.Jamaica plain 

. |38 Saratoga 

.122 Hudson 

.1493 Tremont 

J 55 Trenton 

.58 Princeton 

.'23 Franklin place 


t :../> 

(First Bapti 
First Unit 

'Park st. J! 

:Sr X-A^'e 
Firs! Uni* 

Broads av 
M-t. Bcllin 
North Che 

\Knrth C.\ 

st Churc 
■irum Ch 
:.E. Ch- 
t. Cons. 

Cong. Ci 




E. Ch 
;. Tr- 

-. Id: 


M E. C 

iwthorn s 

rk St 

! t ! 

i id' av. 

rth Choi 
vfth Ch«i. 


. ( . U. 
,.IM. E. 

,.;c. t. 

. . R ... 
. . J I" v . . 
..ill. C. 
. | C . T . 
..iC T. 
..!C. U. 

[Alanson P 
11855-Charles B, 


IWm. It. Clark .. 
jlsaac P. Lang-worthy 
jWia, S. Bardlet.... ". 

iChas. II. Leonard. . 
jPatris 1; Strain.... . . 

! Joseph A. Copp. .. . 

jJosiah Higgins..... 

IChas. Grr, nwood 

: Wm. 0. Mo- I.-v... 

..y5G Beacon 

.. : Carey ave. 

..87 Pearl 
.. .jBeilingham st. 
...jShurtlcff st. 
...i Washing ton a-\ 

. . jBroadway 
. . .'75 Chestnut 

. . j99 Shurtlcff 
...) North Chelsea. 
...-North Chelsea 




B A R N STAB L E C 17 S T V . 

Allen Paul W., Barnstable 

Bachelder John, (Monument) Sandwich 

Brownell Nathan P., Chatham 

Carpenter E. W., Chatham 

Clifford D P., Chatham 

Cornish Aaron, Falmouth 

Danforth Nathaniel, Chatham 

Doane G-. W., (Hyannis) Barnstable 

Bodge Franklin, Harwich 

Ford Oliver, (Hyannis) Barnstable 

Grooch Win. B., Truro 

Gould S. H., Brewster 

Greene Wm., Falmouth 

Harper John, Sandwich 

Hedge James, Yarmouth 

Humbert E. M., (South;) Dennis 

Jenkins Freeman, (West) Barnstable 

Jones Luther, (South) Yarmouth 

Leonard Jonathan, Sandwich 

Lord W. E., (North) Dennis 

Lothron John L., Provineetown [stable 

McCallum H. E., (Mai-ton's Mills) Barn 

Newton A. H., Truro 

Nye Edward 0., (North) Dennis 

Paine Stephen A., Provineetown 

Phillips John, Eastham 

Pitcher S. Jr., (Hyannis) Barnstable 

Pratt A., (South) Yarmouth 

Pratt Qr. J., Harwich 

Hog ;rs Moses, I aim oath 

Russell Henry, Sandwich 

Seahury Benjamin P., Orleans 

S! 07 • George, Yarmouth (Port) 

Smith I. B., Barnstable 

Stetson John, Harwich 

Stickney E. W., Provineetown 

Stone Thomas N., Provineetown 

Sutherland Isaiah G., Wellfleet 

Swift Alfred, (South) Dennis 

Wilson Timothy, Wellfleet 

Whitney Isaiah, Provineetown 

Bo.w.ker Alonzo M., Savoy 

Brewster J. M. } Pittsfield 

Brewster 0. E., Pittsfield 

Briggs S. N. [botanic] (North) Adams 

Cady ]•". A., Pittsfield 

Campbell Robert, Pittsfield 

Camp Samuel, Now Marlboro' 

Cass Jonathan s Egremont 

Chapman 11. P., Egremont 

Cbilds Henry II. , Pittsfield 

Chikis Timothy, Pittsfield 

Ciough Willard, Pittsfield 

Colo Isaac S., Cheshire 

Col • Lansing J., Cheshire 

Cole Harvey, Pittsfield 

Coleman William, Pittsfield 

Collins Clarkson T., Great Barrington 

Dew< y Luke, We ;1 Stockbridge 

Duncan S., [ dentist] Williamstown 

Ferre Henry, Dalton 

Gilford John B., 3 ee 

( ■vl-'\ old R. G.j Lanesboro' 

Harvey A.. (North) Adams 

Hash's E. Si, (North) Adams* 

Hud/.- s Isaac, Adams 

Hoi nab GUI ord C, Lee 

Holmes H hi, Adams 

Jennings Selden, Richmond 

Jud i J lids' >n, i <ec 

h : ; :e S. R., Sheffield 

Kittredjre B. P.. Hinsdale 




U S 

&.dauis Lucius S., Stockbridge 
Babbitt N. S-, (North) Adams 
I Pailey Charles, Pitts ield 
j Balch Ebenezer, Sandlsih Id 
i Barker John L., Adams 
I Bassett J. M., Egremont 
i Beach John C, Sandisii sld 
I Bissett Charles K, West Stockbridge 
Bliss AlbertuSj Cheshire 


I w*j 'nee G. C. Adams 

N omiri John M., Lee 

I ;;=v;o Dudley, West Stockbridge 

McAllister Charles, Stockbridge 

Melh .; Henry, Sandisfield 

Moor- S. B.;Otis 

Norton 11. J., Lanesboro' 

W.H , < rrcat Barrington 
P.t«-- ■'.■! s Samuel C, Sandisfield 

Oliver, Sheffield 
■' rkios J. P., Great Barrington 
1 ; ■' Noble P., Great Barrington 

ips II. P.. (North) Adams 
h ing Julius A., New Marlboro' 
IN-' 0, S., Pittsfield 

dn Henry L , Williamstown 
i Milltm, I enox 
S ovill John, Sin (held 
" ' " ison Noah, [botanic] Adams 
' ' icdiey James, Williamstown 
Smith Andrew M., Williamstown 
Speli in 11. K., ( His 


M A S S A C II 17 S E T T 8 REGIS T E K . 

Ticknor A. P., Monterey 

Train Horace IX, Sheffield 
Turnei Alvin H , Monterey 
Tyler William II., (North) Adam* 
Van Deusen Harlow, Eg-remont 
Wheeler Elbridge 0, ; Becket 
White Leland, New Ashford 
While V., Stockbridge 
Whiting J. B., Lee 
Williams Elisha, Hinsdale 
Wilson John W., Tyringham 
Wilson N. J., Pittsfield 
Wing Zeri, [botanic] Hinsdale 
Worthington Robert, Lenox 
Wright Eliphalet, Lee 


Abbe E. P., New Bedford 

Aldriek James M., Fall River 

As pin v- all -Th-jmiv,- W; 5 Seekonk 

AtwQod Qeorge, Fairlmven 

Barrows George, [homoeo.] Taunton 

Bartlett p. i>., Dartmouth 

Bartlett Lyman, New Bedford 

Bsehelder Calvin, Taunton 

Baylies Alfred, Taunton 

Borden LNIL,' Fall Liver 

Blanding A. 0., [homeeo.] Rehoboth 

Braley Bradford, (East) Freetown 

Brown P. $., Fall Liver 

Bullock Samuel, Rehoboth 

Bump Thos., (Assonet Village) FreefoW: 

C arpen t e r B e n oni, P a v; t 1 1 ek e t 




UiarK ti< 
OMr-k J., New Beilford 
Clarke .John L.< Fall Liver 
Colby Elijah, New Bedford 
Davis Robert T., Fall Liver 
Dawes Ebenezer, Taunton 

an J. iL, Taunton 
ainuel, Easton 



Dickinson Willian 

Lvoiley Jerome, Fall Liver 

Fairchild Isaac, Fairhaven 

Fiske Isaac, Fall River 

Foster James W., (North) Attleboro' 

Fuller Lemuel, Attleboro' 

Gardner Jo'un.son, Pawtucket 

Gaylord William A., Pawtucket 

Gordon W. A., New Bedford 

Handy James IE, Westport 

Hartley James W., Fail River 

Harris C. W., Taunton 

Hathaway Shadraeh, Berkley 

Hayward EiLha, Raynharn 

Hooper Foster, Fall River 

Howe Charles, Raynham 

Hubbard J i. B., Taunton 
Jennings John IL, New Bedford 

Jones ■ , [homoeo.] Taunton 

King D,, Taunton 

Knapp IE., (North) Attleboro' 

Larkin L. B., (North) Attleboro' 

Learning Philip S., [botanic] N. Bedford ; 

Learned Eben T., Fall River 

Leonard George, Taunton 

Maekie Andrew, New Bedford 

Mackie J. Ft., New Bedford 

Mason William B. 3 Dartmouth 

Matthes F., [homeeo.] New Bedford 

Mayhew J. S., New Bedford 

Morton Lloyd, Pawtucket 

Newman Albert, Attleboro' | 

Nichols J. I)., Taunton 

Nichols Thomas G., (Assonet Village) j 

Oaks Thomas J\, Dartmouth 
Palmer Horace, Mansfield 
Perry W. F., Mansfield 
Phelps Thaddeus, (North) Attleboro 
Priest M. L., Fall River 
Randall D. F., Rehoboth 
Randall H. R,, Rehoboth 
Roche Manning B., [homoeo.] if 
Hounds B. M-, Norton 
Sampson Ira. Taunton 
Sanford Edward, Attleboro' 
Sisson Benjamin B., Westport 
Sisson Edward IL, New Bedford 
Spare John, New Bedford 
^^-nc^r O.L., fhofjaceo.] New Bedford 
Spooner Paul, New Bedford 
Stiekney C. D., New Bedford 
Stowe Samuel F., [botanic] New Bedfi 
Sumner Esek P., Seokonk 
Swan Caleb, Easton 
Swasey Charles L., Fevr Bedford 
Talbot Charles, Digbton 
Wales Ephraim Jr., Easton 
Webster J. W., New Bedford 
Wellington James L., Swanzey 
Whittridge Win. C, New Bedford 
Wilbur Amos C, Fall River 
Wilbur Thomas, Fall River 
Wilder Daniel, [homceo.] New Bedford 
Williams Seth P., (Assonet Village) 

Wood Alfred, Dighton 

D V K E S C O U N T Y . 

Bracket! Win. T. S., Edgartown 
Brown Moses, Tisbury 



P H Y S I C I A N 


Jones B, K. ? Tisbury 

Lucas Ivory II., Edgartown 
Luce Wm.IL, (West) Tisbury 
Pierce John, Edgartown 
Ma vborry Edwin, Edgartown 
Shiverick G F., Edgartown 

£ S S E X C U N T Y . 


• Abbott 0. I)., Rock-port 

; Allen Daniel S., Hamilton 

I Allen E. B., Lawrence 

| Allen Myron 0., Wenham 

I Ambrose D. L., West Newbury 

j Ames J. N., [botanic] Ipswich 

I Angell II. 0.; Salem 

! Atkinson Benj., (West) Amesburj 

I Atkinson Joan, Newburyport 

j Balch Israel, Amesbary 

I Barber Jo3. S. 3 (Atiftisquam 

| Blaisdell Clark, Marblehead 

j BlaisdellJ. M„ Lynn 

! Bonier Joseph E., Ipswich 

| Boyden W. C , Beverly 

| Briggs Barnes C, Masblehead 

j Brown Josiahu Lynn 

Burnham Josiabj Lawrence 
j Campbell Alexander, Newbarrport 
I Chase I. E., Haverhill 
; Cfcroatc David, TopsfieFd 


Cboate Geo 

rge, Salem 

Clark Jam- 

3, [eclectic] Lynn 

Clark M. P. 

, Lawrence 

Cogswell G< 

ior^e. Bradford 

Cogswell W 

tiliaoi, Bradford 

Colbv Isaac, 


' Cox Benjamin, Jr., Salem 
I Couch H. 31., Georgetown 
; Cross Enoch, Ivewboryport 
| Croweli John, Jr., Haverhill 
I Dana David, Jr., Lawrence 
j Davidson If. E., Gloucester 
| Dearborn Cyrus, Salisbury 
! Dearborn "If. S., Amesbury 
j Dickens Job T., [botanic] Newburyport 
Dyer Jonah, (Annisquam) Gloucester 

Farrar L. 


j Flint Kendall, Haverhill 

I Flitner Isaac Ik. Ipswich 

j Kioto A Angel!, [homoeo.] Marblehead 

! Ffoto J. II.,' Salem 

; French A. J., Methuen 

•j Gale J. B., Salisbury 

; '■ bile Stephen 31., [honiceo.] Newburypori 

; Galloupe Isaac F., (West) Lynn 

j Garland George W,, Lawrence 

Garland Joseph, Gloucester 
GersdorrTB., Salem 
Gedeon Sz., Salem 
Gould Abraham, (West) Lynn 
Grosvenor David A., Danvers 
Grosvenor E. Ik. Newbtirport 
Grosvenor John 31.., Methuen 
Guile Daniel. Marblehead 
Haddock Charles, Beverly 
ilannan I). Ik, Salem 
Haskell Benj., Rcekporfc 
Herbert Richard, Rowley 
Hildreth C. II., Gloucester 
Holder J- 13., Lynn 
Howarth James, Andover 
Hun! Ebenezer, Danvers 
Hurd Y. G-, Amesbury 
Huse Stephen, Methuen 
Ingalls L, Newburyport 
Jones Nathan, Wenham 
John-son Jona. G«, New bury port 
Johnson Samuel, Salem 
Keenan Thomas, Lynnfielo* 
Ivenison Timothy, Haverhill 
Kimball W. II., Andover 
Kiitreage Ingalls, Beverly Ingalls, Jr., Loverly 

I Kittredge J., North Andover 
Lamb W. D., Lawrence 
Lamson Josiah, Essex 

Lord Samuel .A., Soath Danvers 
Mack William. Salem 
Manning Joseph, Lock port 
Merriam P. A., Topsiield 
Moody George, Georgetown 
Morse J. EL, Lawrence 
New hall Asa T., Lynn 
Newhall Edward, Lynn 
Nye James M.. West Lynn 
Ordway Aaron, Lawrence 
Osborne George, South Danvers 
Osgood George, Danvers 
Osgood Joseph, South Danvers 

I I air s o : i s . F o s e ph P . , 1 1 a v e rliill 

| Perkins Henry C, NeVfboryporfc 
| Perkins George A., Salem 
■ P< rley Daniel, Lynn 

Phelps E. S., Middleton " 
i Pierce L. [homoeo. j, Haverhill 
' Pierson E. B., Salem 
' lake A. W., Lawrence 
! Plummer Daniel T., Newbury 
j Porter A. Ik [eclectic], Haverhill 

Prince William IE, Salem 

j Proctor Charles, Rowley 

I Quimby Eiisha, Salem 

I Roberts M.. Lawrence • 



Robinson Dean, West Newbury 

1l'^QT< R. S., Lynn 

Ivc ,: Martin, Newbury 

Sanborn B., Salem 

Sanborn J. P. [dentist], Beverly 

Sargent S., Lawrence 

Sawyer Benjamin E. [hoinmo,], Haverh 

Sawyer J. II., Newbaryport 

Smith Geo. W., Gloucester 

Smith I. N., Haverhill 

Smith Isaac P., Gloucester, 

Smith X. J., [botanic] Haverhill 

Snow Charles, Lawrence 

Snow Jesse W., Danvers 

Sparhawk Thomas, Arnesbury 

SpofTord Jeremiah, Groveland 

Spofford Richard S., Newbury port 

Stone Lincoln 11., Salem 

Story Asa, Manchester 

Swasey G. P., Essex 

Swift George B., Lawrence 

lyy^saac, Lawrence 

Augustus, Beverly 
ephen, Andover 
Treadwell J. G., Salem 
True J.IL, 
Tuttle H. (X, Salem 
Wheatland Henry, Salein 
Wheatland Richard H., Salem 
Wildes A. H., Ipswich 
Williams William, Salem 
Winsor Frederic 
Wood J. G. } Salem 
Wyman Samuel W-, Newbury port 
Youii£ Samuel 1 , Marbiehead 




. Andrews Robert, New Salem 
j Bardwell Chester 2.1, Whately 
j Barton Edward, Grange 

Bates Stephen, Charlemont 
! Bement John, Shelburne (Falls) 

■ Bradford David, Montague 
I Brooks John, Bemardston 

• Brooks Sidney, A-slifield 
Bull George, Sbelburne 

■ Carpenter E. W., Bernardston 
Cobb Anson, [botanic] Montague 

| Cook Lucius, Montague 

; Calhoun Dean A., Coleraine 

■ Deun James, Greenfield 



Fisk Charles L., [botanic] Greenfield 
P)sk D. D., [botanic] Greenfield 
Gale George P., Deer-field 
Gilman N., (South) Deeriield 
Gould Humphrey, Rowe 

Hall Philip, Nortbfield 
Hamilton E. D., Conway 
Hamilton Washington, Conway 
Harwood Myron, Whately 
Hawkes P. B., Charlemont 
Ilawkes Erastus, Charlemont 
Haynes Edwin, Leyden 
Iiovey Daniel, Greenfield 
Kemp E. C, New Salem 
Knowlton Charles L., Ashueld 
Lomax John , G reonfield 
Lyons Charles, Coleraine 
Lyons Joel, Gill 
Meacbum Hiram A., Orange 
Mead Marshall S., Nortbfield 

Parker W. M„ Shutesbu 

r 7 

Porter I. P., Deerfield 

Puffer 0., Sbelburne (Falls) 

Revere P. II. It., Greenfield 

Rice David, Leverett 

Sev-eraiwr M. S., [hot.] Sbelburne (Falls) 

Seymour L. IX, Green held 

Stearns S. y Greenfield 

Stratton Elijah, Northfield 

Taylor Amos, Warwick 

Taylor A. XL, Charlemont 

Temple Cyrus, Heath 

Trow Josiah, Buekland 

Trow Nathaniel GL, Sunderland 

Warren Joseph, Ashfield 

Wilson G. Herrick, Conway 

Wilson Milo, Shelburne (Falls) 

Wright George, Montague 


j Abbott Jehiel, Westfield 

1 AbellK. IX, Chieopee 

I Adams Nathan, Springfield 

i Allen E. C-, [homceo.] Springfield 

Alden W. B., Ludlow 

Barron Reuben, [bot.] Palmer (Depot) 

Bartholomew Hiram, West Springfield 

Bell Gyrus, Agawam 

Bottom Abicl, (South) Wilbrabam 

BreekW. G-., Springfield 

Brewster John M. Jr., Springfield 

Bridgroan Win, Springfield 

Cady Henry, Monson 

Cady Marcus, (South) Wilbrabam 

Calkins Marshall, Monson 

Chaffee 0, C., Springfield 

Cbaruberlin Geo- P., Brimfield 

Champion Reuben, West Springfield 

Chapman Thomas L., Longmeadow 

Church Jefferson, Springfield 

Clarke A. P., Holyoke 

Collins H. A., [homceo.] Springfield 



Davis Amasa, Palmer (Three Rivets) 

Denison George W., Chicopee 

DeWolf T. K., Chester 

Downes Nathaniel, West Springfield 

English E. G. W. f Springfield 

1 ' it. h W. L. f Springfield 

Fosket Stebbens, (North) Wilbraham 

Hamilton II. A., Springfield 

Hill Edward L., Chester 

Holbrook William, Palmer (Depot) 

Holcombe Vincent, Granville 

Holland Homer, Westfield 

Holland James, Westfield 

Hooker George, Longmeadow 

Hooker John, Springfield 

Hubbard Simeon P., Westfield 

Kibbe Gideon, Wilbraham 

King Aaron, Palmer (Centre) 

Knights Ebenezer, Brimfield 

Lambert Alfred, Springfield 

Long L„ (Ireland) Hoiyoke 

Lucas H. S., Chester 

Markham Ralph P., [botanic] Westfield 

Me G ray Ed vrin , A ga w a m 

McLean A. S., Springfield 

Miller William lh, Blandford 

Otis George A., Springfield" 

Page E. L, Chicopee (Falls) 

Peabody Daniel, [hot.] Palmer (Depot) 

Pierce E. G., Hoiyoke 

Rice Jesse W., (North) Wilbraham 

Robinson Millard, Westfield 

Rockwell J. W., Southwick 

Seeger Edwin, Springfield 

Shepkrd E,., [botaitie] Chicopee (Fails) 

Shurtleff Simeon, Westfield 

Smith Alvin, Monson 

Smith David, Springfield 

Smith John, Wales 

Smith William G., Chicopee 

Starkweather E. P., Granville 

Stickney P. LeB., Chicopee 

Strickland P., Longmeadow 

Taylor N. W., Springfield 

Taylor C. W., Westfield 

Thomas J. B., (Thorndike) Palmer 

Tulley William, Springfield 

Underwood Porter, Hoiyoke 

Vaille H. IL, Springfield 

Wilbur J. P., Chicopee (Falls) 

Wood Robert. Lmllow 

bright Silas P., Blandford 

Wright Lucius, Westfield 

II A 31 P S HIRE CO U N T V • 

Allen David, Belchertown [ley (Falls 

Allen Edmund G, [homeeo.] South Had-] 

Bartlett N. S., Huntington 
Bell Art em as, Southampton 
BellWm. 0., Huntington " 
Bonney Franklin, Hadley 
Bowker Glsas., Plainfield 
Browne S. 0., Ware 
Chamberlain C. X., Granby 
Chamberlain Levi, Hatfield 
Church James U., Middlefield 
Clark Atherton, Easthampton 
Collins Daniel, Williamsburg 
Davis Charles E., Greenwich 
Denniston Edward E., Northampton 
Dunlap James, Northampton 
Dwiglit William, Cummington 
Fish Seth, (North) Amherst 
Fiske Samuel A., Northampton 
Gardner Benjamin, Cummington 
Gilbert John H., Huntington 
Gilfillan Thomas, Cummington 
Goodman Gas South Hadley (Falls) 
Green Francis C, Easthampton 
Gridley J. A., Southampton fampton 

Hals ted Hatfield, [motorpathic] " North- 
Hillman Roswell S., Williamsburg 
Hooker William, Westhampton 
Joy Royal, Cummington 
Lester William, South Hadley 
Malony C. E. t [hot] South 3 iadley (Falls) 
Meekins Thomas, Williamsburg 
Miner D. W., Ware 

Munde Chas., [hydro.] (Florence) North- 
Orctitt IL rvcy, Westhampton 
Peck Gnstavurs )).. Northampton 
Pierce Anna? G., Worthington 
Pierce Daniel, Goshen 
Richard W., Cummington 
Richardson E. C, Ware 
Richardson John IL, Chesterfield [ton 
Roberts George W., [homoeo.] Northamp- 
Roekwood E.H., Enfield 
Shaw Samuel, Plainfield 
Silcox Edwin, South Hadley (Falls) 
Smith Abner M., Worthington 
Smith B. F., Amherst 
Smith & Taylor, Amherst 
Siedraan Isaiah. H., Cummington 
Taylor I. H., Amherst 
Thompson Daniel, Northampton 
Thompson Horatio, Belchertown 
'I hompsi n darm ■■. Northampton 
Trow William M., Williamsburg 
Wihnarth A. T v Ware 
Winslow Joseph W., Enfield 
! Wo >dman < i-eo. S., Amherst 
! Vale John, Ware 

1 140 m a s s a c n u 8 e t 

T S R E G I S I E R . 

M I D D L K S E X C U K T Y . 

Coolidge J. B., [dentist] Natick 

1 Adams Abel B. s Bedford 

Cowdrey Harris, Acton 

Adams Charles F., [liomoeo.] Waltham 

Cow-lea .H., (Saxonville) Framingham 

| Adams Horatio, Walthani 

Currier William J., Lexington 

| Alien Jonathan P., Cambridge (port) 

Cutler Gv, Charlestown 

| Allen Charles II., Cambridge (port) 

Cutter Benjamin, Woburn 

| Allen John, [botanic] Lowell 

Cutter Nehemiah, Pepperell 

I Allen Nathan, Lowell 

Dalton J. C., Lowell 

j Ames Ebenezer; Wayland 

Dearborn A, 1)., Newton (Upper Falls) 

j Andrew A., Lowell 

Dickey Hanover, Lowell 

i Bancroft Amos B., Charles town 

Dorr James C, Medford 

Barnes Edward F., Marlboro' 

Dow Darius A., Westford 

Barrett Henry A., Concord 

Dows Amos W., [botanic] Lowell 

Bartlett C. K., Charlestpwn 

Dowse C. 13., Waltham 

Bartlett E. X., Newton 

Dowse John, [botanic] Lowell 

Bartlett J. C, Chelmsford 

Drew S. Watson, Woburn 

Bartlett Josiah, Concord 

Durgin E. S., Littleton 

Bartlett J. E., Somerville 

Eaton Jacob S., Stow 

Barrett Henry A., Concord 

Edwards N. B., (North) Chelmsford 

Bell Luther V. % Charlestown 

Emerson Nathaniel, Lowell 

Beinis J. W.. Charlestown 

Fay G. W., (West) Acton 

Bemis Charles V., Medford 

Fisk Timothy, Holliston 

Berry M., [horaoeo.] Reading 

Foster G. F., Cambridge 

Bickford Hezekiah, Bi'Uerica 

French Leonard, Ashby 

Bigelow Henry, Newton (Corner) 

French Nathan, Maiden 

Birmingham S. T., Lowell 

Gale G. W*, Lowell 

Blake Jeremiah, Draeut 

Gale L. !>., Charlestown 

Blanchard Albert ll., Sherborn 

Goodnough Levi, Sudbury 

Boardman A. D., Newton (Upper Falls) 

Goodwin Benjamin S., [botanic] Maiden 

Booth Chauncey, dr., Somerville 

Gorham William JL, Cambridge^ 

Boynton Aiuos I:., Lowell 

Gould Daniel, Maiden 

Boynton Boyal B., Townsend 

Graves John W., Lowell 

Bradley William 11.,.. Lowell 

Green John 0., Lowell 

Braman Isaac G., Brighton 

G r e e n J ash u a , G r o t o n 

Brann 7 : .no cue E., * 'h-arh - town 

Grey William, Biilerica 

, Brooks F., [botanic j Lowell 

Grosvenbr David A., (North) Reading 

Brown John GL, South Reading 

Hall Lueinda S., Mrs., Lowell 

! Brown Jonathan, Tewksbnry 

Hall Robert, Lowell 

1 Brown J, I.I., (West) New-ton 

Hamblet Lorenzo, Lowell 

1 Brown Silas, Wilmington 

Harmon J. M., Lowell 

j Browne William C, Lowell 

Hams Jonas C, Ashland 

j Burnham Walter. Lowell 

Hayes Jacob, Charlestown 

! Bprnhaoa Z. P., Lowell 

Heard John, Town-end 

! Burnap S. G.. Holliston 

Heath William 11., Stoneham 

| Burbee J. A., [homceapathie] Maiden 

Hed en berg Janie s , Medio rd 

Buxton Edmund, [botanic] Woburn 

Henderson John, Somerville 

| Campbell Patrick P., Lowell 

iiildreth Israel, Dracut 

j Chapin Alonzo, Winchester 

Hills Seneca Xewksbury 

j Chapin H. C> Lincoln 

Hodgdon R. L., West Cambridge 

Chaplin Charles F., Cambridge I port) 

Holmes Howland, Lexington 

Chase Hiram L., [homo o.] Cam! rM.y 

Holt Daniel, [homoeo.] Lowell 

CJieever John, [botanic] Gharh to\ n 

Hookell. M,; Lowell 

Child Asaph B., [dentist] Somerville 

Hooker Anson (East) Cambridge 

Clark A. Wa, Woburn 

Hosmer Hiram, Watertown 

Clarke Moses, (East) Cambridge 

Howard Levi, Chelmsford 

Clough John, Woburn 

Howe Estes, Cambridge 

j ColeE. L., [botanic] Lowell 

Howe Francis A., Peppered! 



■ Howe .James S. N., Peperell 
! Hoyt Enos, Frarninghaxn 

■ Hoyt George, Framin<rham 
I Hoyt John. Natick 

Huckins D. T., Wate?i:©wn 
Hunt Otis E., Weston 
Huntington Elislia, Lowell 
Hutchinson Isaiah, Acton 
In ff alls William, 'Winchester 

Jenness L. 

, o\veH 

Jewett J. P., Lowell 

Johnson Othello O., Sudbury 
Johnson William O., Cambridge 
Kimball Gilman, .Lowell 
ICittrcdge Theodore, Waltham 
Knights Nathaniel Z,, Somerville 
Lake Hiram, Iloliision 
Lane William N,, Charlestown 
Mansfield George, Lowell 
Mansfield Joseph D., South Read 
Marsh Austin, Carlisle 
Marsh Charles D., Marlboro' 
Marston Ephralm, Cambridge (p 
Martin Daniel B., Lowell 
Mason Augustus, Brighton- 



ilium, Charlestown 

iviason n'lj 

Masta J. A., Lowell 

MeCluer Benjamin, Holliston 

Melvin Jbshua, [botanic' Lowell 

Merrill .J., Hopkiaton 

chiles James, Lowell 

Miles John M., Acton 


i. W., [horanic] Lowell 

j Moore Ira L„ Lowell 

| Moore Marcus A., Waltham 
Morris W. B., Charlestown 

I Morse L. B., Lowell 

{ Mowe Daniel, Lowell 

I Neilson J. C, [homce] Charleston 
Nelson John, Woburn 
Olcotfc James S.. Lowell 
Osgood Benjamin s Westford 
Osgood J. W., (Saxonville) Fra 
Parker Daniel, Billeriea 
Parker Hiram, Lowell 
Parker James 0., Shirley 
Parker Moses, Melrose 
Peiree George, Lowell 
Perliam Otis, Lowell 
Perkins hk A., Lowell 
Person John W., Lowell 
Phinney E. 0., Melrose 
Piilsbury Harlin, Lowell 
Piper 11. U., Woburn 
Plimpton A. A., Shirley 
Plympton Syiyanus, Cambridge 
Poland Joseph, South Leading 

Pratt Jefferson j Honk in ton 
Putnam Charles, Marlboro* 
Ranney Mark, Somerville 
Eemiek II. P., [botanic] Charlestown 
Reynolds Joseph, Concord 
Richardson Samuel, Watertown 
Richardson Solon 0., South Leading 
Rickard Truman, Woburn 
Robbins Charles, Charlestown 
Russell Ira, Natick 
Sanborn E. K., Lowell 
Savory Charles A., Lowell 
Sawyer Samuel, Cambridge 
Scales T. S., Woburn 
Scammell L. L. ? Charlestown 
Scribner Isaac W., Lowell 
Skelton Benjamin, Lowell 
Smith Norman, Groton 
Spalding Joel, Lowell 
Spaulding Miles, Groton 
Spaulding Stillman, Lexington 
Spaulding Stephen II. , Reading 
Stearns George, Groton 
Stevens J. S. ik, Lowell 
Stevens Thomas J., Charlestown 
Stevens William P., Stoneham 
Stiekney A. G., Townsend 
Stiekney J. M., Peperell 
Sullivan John L., Maiden 
Swao Daniel, Medfbrd 
Taylor John B,, (East) Cambridge 
Teuton \V. P., Newton (corner) 
Thompson Abraham P., Charlestown 
Thompson James, Lowell 
Thompson M. E., [botanic] Lowell 
Townsend G. J., Natick 
Toothaker Samuel A., Reading 
Trevett 8. M., [botanic] Lowell [boro' 
Tucker Dexter M., (Feitonville) Marl- 
Underwood Joseph, Jr.. West Cambridge 
Wakefield A. Judson, Ilopkinton 
Wi ' efield Horace P., Leading 
Walton John, Bepperell 
Warren Edward, Newton (Lower Falls) 
Warren George A., Ilopkinton 
Warren R. S., Waltham 
Wellington W. W., Cambridge (port) 
Webber A. Carter, Cambridge (port) 
Wells David, Lowell 
Vv Idling Augustus, Charlestown 
Whiting John g tJ Charlestown 

Whitman , Somerville 

Whittemore J. M , Brighton 

Whitney Ailston W., South Framingham 

Whitney Simon, Framingham 

Whitten J. W. Mrs., West Cambridge 

Wiggin Joan SI., Wayland 



Willis William 11., South Reading 

Winn D. K., Lowell 

Woodbury Elwell, Medford 

Wright Ward E. [hot.] Cambridge (port) 

Wynaan Morrill, Cambridge 

Youngman David. Winchester 

York S. D., Lowell 

N A X T XJ C E E T C IT N 'I Y . 

Bell Wm. II., Nantucket 
Cross William P., Nantuckel 
Fearing Elisha P. 3 Nantucket 
Hanaford Joseph H., Nan-tuck et 
Kelley Joseph R., Nantucket 
King John B., Nantucket 


Abbott E., Canton 

Alden Ebenezer, Randolph 

Allen Emery A., Randolph 

Allen Ira, Roxbury 

Atwood Shadrach, Franklin 

Bacon A. D., Sharon 

Bartlett Henry, Roxbury 

Bell George L. [botanic] Roxbury 

Blake Jacob, [homoeo.] Wrentham 

Brown Ariemas, Ivledway (Tillage) 

Brown Orlando F., Wrentham 

Burgess Ebenezer P., Dedham 

Clap Harvey E , Wrentham 

Cornish Theodore 0., Dorchester 

Coiling Benjamin E, } Roxbury 

OumMlngs A . L, Roxbury 

Cashing B :■■', u tin, Dorebesie! 

Dlckerman Lemuel, Foxboro' 

Draper A. W., West Roxbury 

JEames Ambrose, (North) \Vrentham 

Faulkner Geo,, West Roxbury (Plains) 

Fifield Noah, Weymouth 

Fifield William, Weymouth 

Flint John S., Roxbury 

Fogg David S., (South) Dedham 

| Forrest A -i M., (South) Weymouth 

j Foster P., Cohassei 

i Foster James W., Atilebore' 
Francis X. E-., Brookline 
Fritchie Chas. P., [homceo.] Dorchester 
Fuller Lemuel, (North) Weymouth 
Gale Amory. (East) Medway 
QsAloup J. S.j Medlield 
Giftb.rd Si! is G., Stoughton 
Harris Luther M , West Roxbury 
Hartshorn Darn: W, Dedham 
Haynes Aaron, (South) Braintree 
Hitchcock dm- ph G, S., Foxboro' 

! Hodgdou Joseph P., (East) Weymouth 
! Holmes Christopher (J., Milton 

Howard Frederick, Randolph 

Howe Appleton (South) Weymouth 
I Howe Francis, (West) Dedham 

Jackson Alexander S., Dorchester 

Jackson Wm. F., [homceo.] Roxbury 

Jarvis Edward, Dorchester 

Jones D. A., Medfield 

Knight William, Med way (Village) 

Leavenworth P., [hydro.] Dorchester 

Lindsay Albert, [homceo.] Roxbury 

Mann Benjamin, Roxbury 

Mann C. S., Stoughton 

Marden Jonathan, Quiney 
! Martin Henry A-, Roxbury 
I Maynard John P., Dedham 

MeRobert William E., Roxbury 

Miller Erasmus D., Dorchester 

Munroe A. L. B.. Medway 

Morse Horatio G., Roxbury 

Nelson George, Bellingham 

Nolen William, Franklin 

Noyes Josiah, Needham 

Note Timothy 11., Roxbury 

Paine Joseph P. [homoeo.] Dedham 

] 'aimer Simeon, Milton 
I Wm. S., Quiney 

Perry Ira, (West) Medway 

Pratt E., Cohasset 

Richards Jacob, (East) Braintree 

Robinson John H., Roxbury 

Salisbury S., Brookline 

Seaverns Jock West Roxbury 

SicartleiF Augustine, Brookline 

Shurtleff Samuel A., Brookline 
• Spear Henry F. Bed ham 
. ■-.' oner John P., [homceo.] Dorctestei 
! Steen A. L., [homceo.] Foxboro' 
| Stetson James A., Quiney 

Ste w a id Ed ward , ry 

Stimson Jeremy, Dedham 

Stone Ebenezer, Walpole 

Streeter Joseph II., Roxbury 

Taft C. S., Canton 

j Tirrell Norton Q., (North) Weymouth 
' Tovrey Noah, (South) Braintree 

Tucker Simeon, Stoughton 

Waldock James, Roxbury 

Wales Bradford L., Randolph 
Wales Ephraini, Randolph 
Wan J-onatb m, M ilton 

Warren E. L. (Hast) Braintree 

Weld G. Minot, West Roxbury 

Weston Hervey E., Weymouth 
j Wight Danforth P., Dedham 
Wild Charles, Brookline 



'. - 


■ Wild Jonathan, Brain-tree 

I Wiley Adams, Roxbury 
Wmuship Charles M. } Koxbury 
Wood Theophilus E., (East) Randolph 
Wood want Ebenezcr, Quincy 


Alden Samuel, Bridgewater 
Barker Bowen. Hanson 
Blanchard II., Marshfield 
Borden A. K., North Bridgewater 

Bourne Francis, [dentist] 
Briggs Daniel H., [horn ceo.] Abingtc 
Bryant Horatio, North Bridgewater 
Bunipus Charles S., (South) Carvei 
Burgess Benjamin, Ware ham 
Chaplin Daniel, West Bridgewater 
Gollaraore Francis, Pembroke 
Comstock Thomas. Middleborough 
Doggett P. F.. Warebam 
Brake JD. W„ Middiehoroirgh 
Eddy IL, North Bridgewater 
Ellis Walton N., Marion 
Erlaad Ilenry T., Carver 
Fearing Benjamin Jr., Wareham 
Fiske B> T. P., Hingham 
Forbes Joseph B-, Bridgewater 
Forsaith Frederick F., (South) Ab 
Foster F., South Scituate 
Gage Thomas E., (South) Abingl i 
Garatt Alfred G, Hanover 
Gordon Timothy, Plymouth 
Gould J. B. N., [dentist], (East) - 
Hammond J. S., Plympton 
Harlow J., Eingha© 
Harris J. T., Ease Bridgewater 
Haskell Charles II. , (South) Abinqf 
Hitehborn Alexander, Nor b Bridg, 
Hubbard Benjamin. Plymouth 
Hunt J. L., Plymouth 
Jackson Alexander. Plymouth 
Jenks George F., Wareham 
Jewett Frederick A., Abington 
Jones Henry IN., Kingston 
lung George, Middleborough 
Kingsman A. W., North Bridgewai 
Knight E. 0., Middleborough 
Maekie Peter, Wareh trn 
Millet Asa, xlbinirton 
Moore Sylvia Iv., Halifax 
Nichols Paul L.j Kingston 
Orjr Samuel A., East Bridgewater 
Paine Isaac, Marshfield 
Perkin s Jo hn , 3 1 i d d 1 e bo rou g h 
Ferry Nathan, North Bridgewater 
Porter John, Duxbury 
pratt Calvin B., Bridgewater 

Robinson M., Middleborough 

Snow Geo. W., Middleborough 
Southworth N., Rochester * 

j Sparrow William, Rochester 
Stackpole Thomes, North Bridgewater 
Stephenson Ezra, Hingham 
St< i ion A. E., South Scituate 
Swan James C, West Bridgewater 
Sweet, J., Rochester 
Tanner Nelson B., (North) Abington 
Thaxter Ezekiel, Abington 
Thomas Francis, Scituate 
Tamer T. F., East Bridgewater 
Underwood James M., (East) Abingioit 
Warren Winslow, Plymouth 

| Washburn N., Bridgewater 

[Webster Irvin, Plymouth 

j Whit well Benjamin, Hanover 

I Wilde James, Duxbury 

S U F F L 

C O IT N T Y — BOS T O N . 

on I 

Mm>h r» oj tin SuFff ;J . K District Medicat. Society, residing 
i»i town. The lint jrrepared by J. B. Alley, Secretary of tm 
.- m «■'>/. 71i-ey are likewise members of the Massachusetts 
Medical Socibxt. -■ 

Abbe A.Ianson, Boylston, c. Lowell place 
Abbot Samuel L., 16 Winter 
Adams Edwin, 23 Oxford 
Adams ZabdielB., 31 Boylston 
Adams Horace W., 45 Cambridge 
Amsworih Frederic S., 28 Somerset [way 
Alexander Andrew, Dorchester, c. Broad- 
Alley John lb, 85 Boylston, c. Head pi 
Aver James. 341 Hanover 





"■'■ ill Stephen, "J 1 Montgomery place 

Barnard Chas. F., [dentist] 7 Summer 

BartSett George, 3 Tremont place 

Beihnne George A., 106 Tremont 

Bigfdow George F., 425 Washington 

i Sow Henry J., 5 Chauncey st. 

Bi :• 1 >w Jacob, 13 Summer, opp. Haw ley 

Blaki K. W., liS Harrison avenue 

B!uk« S. C, 153 Sbawmut avenue 

] Soriano John N. 3 9 Chestnut 

Bowditch Henry I., 8 Otis place 

Bri ;gsWm, A.", 28 Charles 

Bre eer Thomas M., 8 Kdinboro* 

Brown Buckminster, 26 Beacon 

Brown John lb, 8 Joy 

Bryant Henry, 9(5 Mt. Vernon 

Bock Ephraim, 146 Salem 

' : ■■' vingham Chas. E., 8 Harrison avenue 

' ' -' ol Samuel, Jr., 17 Winter 

< banning Walter, Bulfinch, c. Allston 

Cbanmn- Wm. F., 64 West Cedar 

C farli tienry G., 4 Pemberton square 

Clark Luther, 37 Pinckney 


M A 


Clarke Edward H., [aurist] 21 Rowe 

Cleaveland Charles !>., 26 Oals 

Clough John, [dentist] 94 Tremont 

Coale Wm. Edward, 4 Stamford 

Codman Willard W., [dentist | 33 Boylst< i 

Coffin William S., 121 Court 

Colt Daniel T., 12 High, n. Summer 

Coles L. B., 3 Cornhiii 

Cooke MeLaurin F., 253 Hanover 

Coolidge Algernon, 41 Summer 

Cornell William M. 630 Washington 

Crane Phineas M., Maverick, c. Meridian 

Cummings John A., [dentist] 25 Tremont 

Curtis Josiah, 25 Winter 

Dale Wm. J.» S Bowdoin 

Davenport Edward J., "20 Bedford 

DeGrasse J. V., 40 Poplar 

Derby George, 11 West 

Dix John IE, [oculist] 70 Tremont 

Dupce Horace. 6U3 Washington 

l>urkee Siias : 50 Hmvai*d « i -««*«*' 

Dyer Henry, 8G Shawmut avenue 

Eastham Charles, 25 Tremont 

Eastman Edmund T., 9 Summer 

Everett Edward !>., 26 Pemberton sq 

Ellis Calvin, 31 Winter 

Fabyan Geo., 191 Salem 

Fales Joseph J., 21 Maverick sq. N. side 

Flagg S. B., 220 Harrison avenue 

Flint John, "Warren, c. Washington. 2 . 

Fogg John S. EL, 825 Broadway 

Folts Daniel Y., 38 Maverick square 

Fuller Milton, 35 Essex 

Gay George II., 75 Boylston 

Gordon Charles, 1 H; aec k avenue 



Goulet Ambrose, 113 Broadway 



Green Samuel C, 1 Fayette 
Greene Charles G., 823 Washi 
Greene Moses 0... 15 Green 
Greg 0, Samuel, 3o Howard 
Greer Robert, 104 Hanover 
Hall Adino B., 80 Salem 
Hallinan James B. ? 1 H alley square 
Hanaford Wm. G., 110 Tremont 
Harlow Edwin A. W., 101 Essex 
Harlow James F., 71 Cambridge 
Harwood Daniel [dentist--] 11 Sure, er 
Haven S. F-, G Bowdoin square 
Hayden John C. 1G4 Tremont 
Hews Augu? us A., [chemist] 1 ! Boj 
Hayward George, Pemb irton s mare 
Hay ward George, Jr. , 11 Hayward pi 
Heatori George, 2 Exeter place 
Her rick J. Everett, i K Dedham, con 

[Hill John 1m 25 Winter 

: Hinckley John W., 23 Meridian 

j Hinckley Rufus L., 14 Maverick square 

: Hobbs Alvah, 147 Shawmut avenue 

: Hodges Richard M., 5 Rowe 

JHoilendahl Charles F., 20 Somerset 

! Hoftendahl H. L. H., 20 Somerset 

Homans Charles D., 1 Chauncy street " 
jHomans Jehu, 129 Tremont 

S lolmes Oliver W«, 8 Montgomery place 
j Hooper Robert W., 44 Summer 
' Hoyt George, 77 Bedford 
! Hubbard George, G Prince 
JHyndman James, 239 Congress 
[Inches Herman B., 27 Winter 
I Jackson Charles T., 32 Somerset 
[Jackson James. 3 Hamilton place 
; Jackson J. B. S., G Chauncy street 
iJarris John F., 32 Leveret 
[Jeffries John, 15 Chestnut 
j'Jenks Thomas L., 2G Portland 
j Jones George S., 17 Cambridge 
| Jones Jos. S., 1 Bowdoin, c. Carubr'go 
I Keep N. C, [dentist] 74 Boyls,, c. Carver 

Keep Samuel II., 74 Boylston 
I Kennedy T. J, TV., Pine, c. Harrison av. 
I Kiitredge Edward A., 19 East Canton 
jKneeiand Samuel, 14 West 

Lane J, F. IV., 10 Hollis 

Lane Jonas II., 4 Montgomery place 
[Lee Henry, Winthrop House 
! Leonard Marcus B., 7 Meridian 

Lewis Win slow, 75 Boylston 
j Lincoln Francis 242, 19G Harrison av. 

i am oln John J 2, 13 Beach 
j Lodge Giles II., 938 Washington 
| Lothrop Joshua 11., Rainsford Island 

2_, man George 41., 152 Tremont 

Maun Jonathan, 302 Broadway 

':■''■ irtia Alexander D. W., 50 School 

Martin Henry J., 50 School 
j Mattson Morris, 17 Franklin, and Marl- 

boro' Hold ' 
[Mifilin Charles, SO Beacon 
[Mighxll Stephen, 4 1. Howard 
JMignault L. M. t., 60 Kingston 
| Minot Francis, 14.0 ( 'harles 

Moore (mas. \Y., 278 Hanover 

Moore Edward B., 252 Hanover 
iMoriarty John 21.. Beer Island Hospital 
[Morland William W., 35 Hancock 
[Morrill Samuel, 3 Kingston 

Newell Robert Y7., G Stamford 
; Noyes F. A , [dentist] Chauncy, corner 
I Summer 

Oakes T. F„ 140 Court 
; Odin John, Tremont, e. Eliot 



> ! 

Oliver Fytehe E., 4. Bcwdein 

Osgood David, 1 Rowe 

Qtis Geo. W., Jr., School, c. Province 

Owens Thomas XL. 127 Merrimac 

Page Calvin G., G9 Myrtle 

Page William ll., 20 Beach 

Palmer E. D. G., 13 Portland 

Palmer Ezra, Jr., 1 Treason! place 

Palmer John K., 274 Washington 

Parcher Sewall F., Maverick sq., E. B. 

Parker David M., [dentist] 11 Summer 

Parker Thorn us I., 1 Mason 

Parks Luther, Jr., 88 Dover 

Patch Franklin F., 47 Chambers 

Perry Marshall S., 16 Rowe 

Phelps Abner, 237 Tremont 

Phelps Charles A., 5 "Beach 

Phipps James M.,.l Eliot, c. Washington 

Prescott Benj. T.. 15 Howard 

Putnam Charles G., 4 Temple place 

Putnam Charles J. x lo Bheafe 
j Read Win-, 713 Washington 
j Pen ton George, 14 Bed lord 
I Kenton Peter, 14 Bedford 
! Reynolds Edward, 29 Winter 
j Reynolds John P., 27 Winter 
j Richardson Aaron P., 17 Green 
| Richardson Horace, U- S. 1 : l tel 
j Roberts David, 140 Dorchester avenue 
\ Robertson Charles A , 4 Suffolk place 
| Rolte Enoch C, 563 Washii 
| Eublee Chauncv M.. 212 Tremont 
I Russell George, 10 Lynde 

Russell Le Baroa, I 

ter Richard IE, I Stanii 
ake } J. M..'7 Highstre. 


Sharp J. Caldwell. 20 West Cedar 
Shattu •!•; George C, 15 Cambridge 
Shaw lieni. S., 13 Bowdoin 

Shurtleff N; 

niei B. >2 Rcac 

Slade Duniel I)., 51,- Beacon, op. bomcri 
Smith Jerome Y. 6 , 10 Temple pi i i 
Sprague Seth L , 971 Washington 
Stacy Horace, 103 Court. 
Stedraan Charles II , 6 Montgomery pi. 
Stedman Charles E., 6 Montgomery pi 
Stevens Calvin, 158 Tremont 
Stevens John, 41 Howard 
Stevens Norman C, 6 Brook line 
Stocker Alfred A ., 80 Harrison avenue 
Stone II. Osgood,. 1.7 Bedford 
Stone James W., C» Bowdoin squ ..■■ 
Storer D. Humphreys, 14 Winter 
Store r Horatio It ., 7 Chester 
Strong Woodbridge, 5 Cambridge 
Sumner Frederick A., 1 Central 
and 5 Washington 

Taft Augustine C, 11 Cornhill 
Talbot I. Tisdale, 35 Howard 
larbell John A., 37 Pinckney 
Thaxter I). McB., 370 Broadway 
Thayer David, 10 Ben h 
Thomas Alexander, J 30 Tremont 
Thomson-'George X., 286 Washington 
Thorndike William EL, 31 Chelsea 
Tobie Ira W., 34 Salem 
Tower George, 1 S. Bennet 
Townsend Solomon 10., 18 Somerset 
Towiisend William E., S Cambridge 
Tucker Eiisha G. f [dentist] 1 West 
Tucker George G , 56 Essex 
Tucker Joshua, [dentist] 4 Hamilton pi. 
Urbane J. Baxter, 31 Chestnut 
Walker William J., 3 Bulfmcb 
Walsh John 1)., 44 Maverick square 
Ward Henry A., 228 Tremont 
Ware Charles E., 6 Temple place 
V.. u : John, 3 Winter place 
Waneu Ira, 3 Avon place 
Warren John C, 2 Park 
Warren J. Mason, Park 
Warren John \Y., 49 Harrison avenue 


son Abraham A., 


ason av 

Weeks Charles M., 232 Harrison avenue 

V eld Moses W., 14 West 

West Benj. 11., 12 Harrison Avenue 
Weymouth Aurelius L., 96 Court 
Whipple S. S., 1-72 Harrison avenue 

V bite Robert, 16 Salem and 165 Broad 
Whitney Warren J., 167 Federal c. High 
Wiilard Francis A., 192 Shawmut avenue 

V iiJ-i i-ms Henry W., [oculist] 33 Essex 
Williams J. L., [dentist] .158 Tremont 
Wood Jacob A., 215 & 229 Washington 



208 Broadway 

• 'Ames Sen C, [eclectic] 11 Meridian 
iAyer I. Winslow, 16 N. Russell 
[Barber George, .AUen,c. Blossom 
| Barker Lemuel M., 30 Pleasant 
| Harrington John C, Fourth, c. C 
' Barrows Horace G. 7 W. Orange & City 

JTartktt James, 263 North 
I 1-0 Gec-rge L, 311 Tremont 
I Birmingham Samuel T., 63 Cambridge 
] H .urdman George 31., 12 Suffolk place 

IJragg F. 3VL, 33D Hanover 
; !•-. •■•a C.P., [oculist] ISO Washington 
I Uronson & Beers, [stammering cured] 

186 Washington 

: Brown Da\ Id II., 90 Union 

Brpwn S. Osborn, 30 Eliot 




Bruce S., 15 Montgomery place 
Charming John W., 40 Albany 
Clark Charles M., 1 Bennet place 
Cogswell Francis, 20 White t 

Cooper Win. II. 


Cutter E. G. & K. \V. f [psychological] 202 

Dadd Chas., [veterinary surg.] 165 Broad 
Dale L. C, 185 North 
Darby Ralph IT., Fleet, e. Moon 
Bearing T. 11., Central square 
Dillenback II. P., 69J Summer 
Dillingham Nathan H. 50 Kneeland 
Dolby Win., National House 
Ellis Thomas T., 11 Oxford 
Evans P. P., 25 Hudson 
Felcli Walton, [hydro.] 11 Lexington 
Fitch V. IT., 29 Hanover 
Flaherty John, 103 Kneeland 
Girardin Louis, 2 Eliot 
Geist Charles F., 49 Essex 
Gove Hiram, [homoeo.] 112 Meridian 
Griffin S. W,, 208 Washington 
Guenther Theodore, 1217 Washington 
Hall Alfred G,, [nutritive] 3 Central court 
Hall Luther, [homceo.] 28 Havre 
Hartneit Maurice K.. i Quihey pi. 
Hewett S. C, 25 Rowe 
Higgins Jeremiah. F., 24 Oneida 
Hughes John 13., 21 Endicott 
Httntoon Haze'n P., 161 Cambridge 
Johnson Win. II., [head] 114 Hanover 
Keliey J. Clawson, [analytical] 271 Tre- 


a n 


iteactau Noah, 
Kessman M. C, 12 Eliot 
Knight Edward, 259 Tremont 

Knox Thomas P., 29 Myrtle atuuwm *- tll j A *"» "^"w 

Kob Charles F., [surgeon] 12 West | Mason John D., [electic] 116 Court 

20.] nG Summer I Pinkerton T. II., SO Cambridge 

Perkins Thomas S„ [mes.] 4 Pine 
Plummei Henry, G4 Cross 
Rock John S., GO Southac 
Koot Oliver D, 03 Meridian 
Sanders Orin S,, [honioeo.] 11 Bowdoin 
Saudicty D. T., [homceo.] 76 Kingston 
Sargent Ignatius, [homceo.] 4 Decatur 
Skinner H. B., 15 Friend 
Si hie v Rodney, 12 Bowdoin 
Small Ebcnozer, 10 Franklin 
Smith Timothy H., Richmond c. Salem 
Spear Edmund I)., IS Kneeland 
Spring John, 103 Kneeland 
Sunderland LaRoy, 28 Eliot 
Taylor George H. T. W. 19 Richmond 
Teulon Wm. F. 110 Washington 
Tewksbury Carlos, 123 Leveret 
Walsh Walter M., 1 North square 
Watts Henry R., B, near Third 
Weidman A.,- [homceo.] 1 Bumstead pi, 
Wesselboefr, William, [ homceo.] 22 Bed- 
Whitman E. F., [oculist and aurist] 11 G 

Wilson Norman, 215 Washington 

Physicians, [Botanic) 

Abbott J. & B, F., 214 Hanover 
Ames Seth C, 11 Meridian 
Chapman Jonas W., 4 Salem 
Cheever Joseph, 1 Tremont Temple 
Clark Joseph J., 117 Hanover 
Darling Eliakim, 1 X. Margin 
Hayden Wm. 11., 5 Hayward pi. 
ad way 



Jackson Joseph, "l 02 Court 
Jonckins S , 250 Broad 
Maeomber Perry 11., G Lowell 

' u o j -- 

Krebs Francis IT., [homceo.] 

Langford Henry J., 339 Hanover 

Leach "Wm., Gl Warren 

Ludwig Warren, 50. Fleet, c. North 

Lynch Thomas, 124 Fourth 

Macfarland L., [homceo.] 1 Asylum 

blather Augustus IL, 13 Endicott 

Mather Ozias H., [homceo-] 51 E^e>c 

McLaughlin James A., S Camden 

McMahon John B.,Moon„e. Moon st. ct. 

McSheehy John J., 103 North 

Morrill Frederick, 23 Howard 

Nihil Jdlfti, 157 North 

Niles John N., 10 Lowell 

Oakes Asa H., [electric] 140 Court 

O'Reilly Philip, 119 Prince 

Paterson James T., 25 Winter 

Peabody Nathaniel C, [hon ceo,] lo West 

Severy Daniel, o21 HaTiovcr 
Shaw Joel, 735 Washington 
Snow Azel, 103 Pinckney 
Taylor T. K., 17 Hanover 

Underwood William F., 05 t Wai 

Wright Thomas, 172 Commercial 

D.] 201 Tn 

Physicians, {fen 
Adams Charlotte G., [A 1 

Anderson C, 205 Endicott 

i Elizabeth, 3 Bartlett pi. 

'Clark X. E., [M, I).] 19 Hancock 
Eaton Edee, 3 J Albany 
Girardin L., 2 Eliot 
Hunt Harriot X. Miss, (M. D.) 3: 
Tike M. S. Mrs., 28 Portland 




Sawin Martha A., (M. D.) CO Temole 
Smith Marcia P. L., o3 Chelsea 
Walcott Hannah M., 05 Lowell 
Wheeler Ruth, Merrimac, c. Friend 
Wieting Sarah Mrs., 4 Avery place 
Wiswell Rebecca, 72 Gross 

Physicians in Chelsea. 
Chase Charles, 145 Broadway 
Cheever Joseph, (botanic) 128 Chestnut 
Coggswell Francis, 120 Shurtleff 
Forsyth James B., 12 Maiden 
Johnson Daniel A., [homceo.] 110 Pearl 
Mitchell Jacob, 157 Broadway 
Otis Geo. W. Jr., 88 Park 
Poole Alexander, 193 Broadway 
Rimmer Wm., 221) Broadway 
Toomy John, 01 Chestnut 
Wheeler Wm. G., 143 Broadway 
Willard A. T., [dentist] 52 Pail 
Willis L. M., i64 Chestnut 

W O I? C K S T ER C O D K X i . 

Ad am 3 Charles. Oakham 

Aitkins Charles, Milford 

Andrews John, Boylston 

Andrews John A., [botanic] Worcester 

Andrews J S., [botanic] West Boy] s toil 

Austin H. B., Athol 

Barnes Henry, Northboro' 

Barnes John, Milford 

Burrows E. A., Webster 

Bates George A., Worcester ' 

Bates J. N., Barre" 

\\ oroesler 

new is Luerrreii, i nospsi 

Bennett A. W., Oxbridge 

Bigelow \Vindsor IP, Bolton 

Billings L. P., Barre 

Blood Oliver II ., Worcester 

Bosworth F. A., [botanic] Grafton 

Boutelle Thomas P., Fitchburg 

Boylston W. N., Princeton 

Brigham A., Shrewsbury 

Brigham II. H.,- [botanic] Fitchburg 

Brooks Alfonso, Princeton 

Brown F, I)., Webster 

Brown George, Barre 

Ballard G. P., (Mlllvillc) Maekstone 

Burditt G. W., Clinton 

Burgess G. M., Blackstone 

Burnett E. G., Webster 

Burnham Asa, [botanic] Fitehburg 

Buxton H, W., Worcester 

Carpenter Henry, Upton 

Carpenter Nelson, Warren 

Carter Calvin, Lancaster 

Chandler George, [hospital] Worceste 

Clark Henry, Worcester 

Colony George P., Athol 

Corlew Josepb E., Millbury 

Cummings James P. C, Fitchburg 

Cummings Royal, [botanic] Mendon 

Cummings P., Lancaster 

Curtis William, [West] Brookfield 

Curtis L. W., Southbridge 

Cutler Wm. IT., Ashburaham 

Darling IP, Charlton 

Da- vis David, Holden 

D iggett E. A., Leicester 

Deland Armit B. Worcester 

Dillingham A. W.-, Clinton 

Dyer Edward C, Spencer 

Eaton A. J., Worcester 

Emerson 0. W., Webster 

Pay Allen C, Milford 

Pay Charles M., Charlton 

Fay J. B., Shrewsbury 

Field C. C, Leominstei 

Field George, Athol 

Fiske Daniel, Brookfield 

Fiske Calvin P., Sttirbridge 

Flagg Samuel, Worcester 

Flint Edward, Leicester 

Freeland Chester, [homceo.] Fitchburg 

Freeland James C, [homceo.] Fitchbui 

Gage Thomas IP, Sterling 

Gilmore II , BrookOeld 

Godding Alvah. Winchendon 

Gott Lemuel, Berlin 

tld J. 


( > reen Daniel, Auburn 

Grlg'g,: Samuel, Western' s Thomas P.. Grafton 

Guilford Jonas, Spencer 

Hartshorn Edward, Berlin 

jPrwt A Samuel, Southbridge 

Hartwell Samuel C., Southbridge 

Hathawaj John E , Worcester 

Heard John, Townsend 

Hero John IP, [hydro.] Westboro' 

Heywoe'd Benjauun, Worcester 

Hey wood Benjamin P., Worcester 

Hill Calvin A , [botanic] Worcester 

Hitchcock Alfred, 

IP Pin Anson P.. 

i [olman David, 

Halmaa E. A. 


Southboro 1 

s e is 


Hu : 


lectic] Worcester 
, Harvard 
mtist] Princeton 

t A. P., Winchendon 
aphrey Daniel, (Past) Dough 
itlt y O. L M Fituhbunr 

Jewett George. Gardner 


M A B S A C II U S E T T S R E Or I 6 T E 11 . 

Jewett H.A., Northboro' 

Johnson Henry F , Worcester 

Johnson Joshua J., Northboro' 

Kelly P. H., [eclectic] Worcester 

Kendall Albert A., New Braintree 

Kendall l.'eirson T:, Sterling 

Kimball W. M., Blackstone 

King S. J) , Lunenburg 

Knight Samuel P., Dudley 

Leland Francis, Milford 

Lincoln Henry, Lancaster 

Lidnsey Silas F.Dudley 

Linn ell J. E., [homceo.] Worcester 

Linzie Daniel, Dana 

Loveil Ephraim, West Boylston 

Lynde James Porter. Hard wick 

Marsh L. E., Dana 

Marshall Jonas A., Fitehburg 

Martin Oram el, Worcester 

Martin S. P., Oakham 

Metealf John G. r .Mendon 

Mignauli Peter 05,, Worcester 

Miller Alfred, Ashburnham 

Morse George M., Clinton 

Murdock John N>, Paxton 

Mirick Lawson,West Brookileld 

Negus Charles, Webster 

Newel' Jonathan, Harvard 

Nichols George M., [botanic] Worcester 

Nichols Jonathan, Oxford 

Nichols L. B., [homceo.] Worcester 

Orcutt Almon M., Hard wick 

Osgood J. W. P., Templeton 

Paine Samuel C., Oxford 

Parker Amos, Bolton 

Parker David, Gardner 

Parker Henry, Grafton 

Parkhurst William, Petersham 

Peirce G. W., Leominster 

Pennimnn J. A,. Brook field 

Phelps Moses, Hubbardston 

Peirce Delano, Grafton 

Pillsbury K. IL, Hubbardsion 

Pillsbury Levi, Fitehburg 

Pond Benjamin, Westboro' 

Porter Joshua, Jr., (North) BrookSeld 

Potter Allen, Blackstone 

Rawson Charles, [botanic] Oxford 

Rawson Levi, Grafton 

Rice J. M. Worcester 

Rising Henry II., Westboro* 

Robbies E. K., Webster 

, U< bbins James W., Uxbridge 
; Robinson Eben, [botanic] Warren 
; Ko£ :rs Seth, Worcester 

: Rosenthal, , [horaceo.] Worcester 

| Russell Dwinrht, [hydro.] Milford 
Russell William L. Barre 
Rutherford 3. C, Blackstone 
Sanders Wm. S., Sturbridge 
Sargent Henry, Worcester 
Sargent Joseph, Worcester 
Seammell Alexander, [botanic] Milford 
Seaver John M., [botanic] Spencer 
i Sinionds George W., Clinton 
j Shaw Henry, Upton 
Slocomb William, Milford 
Smith Albert P., Holden 
I Smith Edward, [hospital] Worcester 
' Southwick M. D., Blackstone 
Spaulding Leo, Mill bury 
Spoon er B. A., Southbridge 
Starkweather John, Upton 
Stone James, Phillipston 
Xaft B. F., Douglass 
Taylor Samuel, Petersham 
i Terry William, Sutton 
I Thompson J. L. S., Lancaster 
j Thornton William, Grafton 
iTowne Dean, Worcester 
Tripp Benjamin II., Rutland 
I Tyler Warren, (North) Brookfield 
! Vining D. T., Dana. 
| WaTbridge Ames. Leicester 
[Wallace Merrick, [Thomp.] Ashburnh? 
i Warner Clinton, Westminster 
■ Warren (L W., (West) Boylston 
' Warriner Lorenzo, Warren 
Whitman J. II., Fitehburg 
West H. D. Southbridge 
I West Joseph 0., Princeton 
; Wheeler Edward M., Spencer 
j Whitcomb Charles, Worcester 
White David P., (East) Douglas 
i White Jonathan, Templeton 
\ Whttmore Locke L , Ashburnham 
I Wilcox Chauncey A., Uxbridge 
| Wilder Ab 1, Blackstone 
j Williams A. G., Westminster 
j Willis Isaac P. . Royalston 
Woodward Rufus, Worcester 
| Wool worth A . [dentist] Southbridge 
i Workman William, Worcester 




[Bank Commissioners on page 55.] 

ized capital of abou 

On the 1st of January, 18.55, there were in Massachusetts, 169 banks, with an author- 
558,295,000. Of these, ol were in Boston, having 332,710,000 
1, anil 132 in other parts of the State, with a capital of 525,585,000. 

During the session of 1855. the Legislature granted an increase of capital to S banks 
amounting to $800,000. 

They also chartered one bank, the Bank of Mutual Redemption, in Boston, with a 
capital of 33,000,000, and 2 in. other parts of the State, with an aggregate capital of 

From the report of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, it appears that the condition 
of the Massachusetts banks on the 25th August, 1S55, was as fellows: 

Due from 100 banks that were then in Operation ; capital stock paid in, $58,032,850 ; 
bills in circulation, $23,116,024.55; net profits on band, $7,086,279.29 ; bal- 
ances dne to other bank?. $5,947,835.79 ; cash d iposited, including all sums whatsoever 
due from the banks not bearing interest, their bills in circulation, profits and balances 

jd, S21.47SJ17 

ea:5h- deposited, baarkur interest, £494. 

due to other banks ex 

The resources of the same 169 banks were : specie in their banking house?, £4,409,- 
402.35; real estate, 81,281,601.91 ; billls of other banks in New England, $4,547,- 
710.4.8; balances due from other bank-, 37,010,323.33; debts due, including notes, 
bills of exchange, and all stocks and funded debts of every description, excepting the 
balances due from other banks, 2>99,.506 7 711.5G. 

The amount of the semiannual dividends paid in, April, 1855, was $2^228,112,65; 
and the amount of reserved protks en hand at that time, was §4,485,425.62. 



Nc. 3 Kit/a Street. Incokpor. 

TED, 1S23. 

Nathaniel Harris, Pn id it Benjamin Do 
Cashier. Franc-is Fisher, Jeremiah Hill. Ezra O. i 
Hutchins, William It. P. .Washburn, Abcl : 0. Peek, • 
Nathaniel Harris, John S. Jenness .) is, tl. K< i-.-_v, : 
Directors. i\ C. Severance, Teller. Georce U'jl- j 
i liain Dodd, Bookkeeper. William O. I) dd, 
; count Clerk. Albert Dodd, Messenger., Monday and Thursday. 
| 1 

No. 10 Kilbv. corner Doa 
Incorporated, 1833. Capital, $o •'. • 
I Charles H. Brown, President. Joseph '■' - 
\ Cashier. Charles 11. Brown, William Davi i . 

John H. Foster, Moses D. Kin tall, ; ■ • '■ 
; Manning, Directors. Benjamin 11. Barnes, 
I ing Teller. Charles L. Lane, Bookkeeper. !•• 
! P. Lane, Receiving Teller. George D. ^~V • '■ : 
' Messenger and C 'lecti •■ Clerk. 

Discount, Tin sday. and Friday. 

So Stats Street; Incorporated, IS. '. 
Capita i., S-, () ^ ] - : '" - 
Benjatnln E. Bates, Pr -ident. C. II > '■ 
ner, Cashier. Benj imin B. Bati s, 
j Bates, Thomas W. Pierce, .1 i ob ■ 
: Slside, Reuben S. Wade, J. Piek< rinj I 
Directors. Philip C. Ivnapp, /Vr*i / 

iah P. Dunham, Second Bookkeeper. A. S. Lin- 

s. i' ■;■'■•■■; 3TcW ■•. Wallis S. Chase, U 

e'r, Gt.-cri?e II. Davis, -We Teller. George 

i-- iis, />' '.';; ' •', .vh Morton M. Snow, 
'; ;- • ■ .; < '■-■■■. Wm. S. Barton, Coll '■ n 
f v. Oren F, Clark, Messenger. Nathaniel Rus- 

j:.. .' sistant Messenger. 

• it, Wednesday and Saturday. 


■" ■ S i v . : Stki ;:t. Incorporated, 1851. 
-Capital, 57.30,000. 
it orgc W. Crockett, President. John K. Hall, 
i7 < •"■''. C arles Hici , Clement Willis, Tin 
i-t'rw>n i uarlesLane, J. W. Pottle, William S. 
• ■•■ •' * Snow,. Directors. James W. Bailey, 
;'-: /h/.Vr. James M. Burgess, lieceieinn Tel- 
■"-. Geo. W. Huukins, First Bookkeeper. 'Benj. 
: L. C\:-h ; N^.vjjJ Bookkeeper. Geo. C. Fessen- 
i -i icount, Wednesday and Saturday/ 

Blalkstone, corner Hanover Street. 
I }'■• rporatjkd, 13-51. Capital, £7-30,000. 
i •■ ■•• ■--' ^ G< i I, ../. Joshua Boring, 

' - ' " "• William Adams, Dexter Itoby, Gari •: 
•n, Benj. L. Allen, Joel M. Hold, n, L . i] 
■ »y,HrnryCutt r, George W. Chioman, Neiie- 
• • UP. Mann I saac if. Hazelton, Directors. Bcnj. 
^ iJ ■ mi , •, li •■..''. John Carr, Pa uing Teller. 
' J Ni iio] ;, ,'.' i .'.-. ,. T< ,; ' r. ': horn \ 'in- 
' • - : • - : iiaut < 'U w G\ c rge O. L< i< h, 0.'- 
Discount, Monday and Thursday; 


;s State Street. Incorporated, 1SQ3 
Capital. 5000,000. 
ent. Jai 



Robert Hooper, pres 
Cashier. Charles Home 
id C. Bacon, Josiah B 
Thomas B. Curtis, Hear 
Ingersoll Bowditch, Will 
as Stevenson, Din tors. 

G. Gunderson, Tetter. Fredorie L. Church, Dis 
count Clerk. John Harris, Bookkeeper. George 
Breckenrid : ^e, Messenger. 

Discount, Tuesday and Friday, 



Incorporated, 1845. Capital, §400,000. 

rectors. John A. Mendum, Paying Teller. James 
W. Hunt, Receiving Teller. Isaac W, Blanchard, 
Bookkeeper. Kbenezer Sampson, Messenger and 
j Collection Clerk. 

Discount, "Wednesday and Saturday. 
C. Wild, I 
in Vpph ton, Dan- 
('•"'.. I Mi 

n, J.Xh Howe, J. 
Billiard, >. Thorn- j 
ert Lash, Cfer. v. J. ! ■ 

23 KiM.v Street. Incorporated, 1853. 
Capital, £000,000. 
A. Howe, President. Rooert L. Ds 

Cashier, John R. Brewer. William C. Coalman, 
John Dcmeritt, Walter Hastings, Thomas. Hopkin- 
son, William A, Howe, Wra. II. Jameson, Wm. P. 
P roe, John P.Robinson, John N. Turner, Ste- 
phen Til ton, Jr., Directors. D. K. Galloupe, 2W- 
/ r. Francis Harrington, Bookkeeper. Samuel A. 
Gushing, Messenger and Collection Clerk. Francis 
A. Low, Assistant. 

Discount, Monday and Thursday. 


Timothy Gilbert, President. John J. Soren, j 
Cashier. William Parker, William Pope, Amos! 
Cummings, Timothy Gilbert, Luther Biodgett, No. 28 State St., Merchants Bank Building. 
Thos. TTpham, Wm. Brown, Directors. LV ponder, eo i , n „„„„„„ 

[NCOEtPORATED, 1817. CAPITAL, $ 1,000,000. 

George W. Thayer, President. Joseph M. Marsh, 
i ashler. Solomon R. Spaulding, J. B. Kimball, 
Alexander Strong, John G. Davis, John Foster, 
Sampson Reed, William H. Dunbar, Directors. 
Jonathan M., Paying Teller. Abner I. 
Ben yon, Receiving Teller. John S. Learoyd, Booh- 
W. A. B. Ho oner, Second 'Bookkeeper. 
John T. Bouve, Discount Clerk. Edward O.Rock- 


S. Waterman, Bookkeeper. Jesse J. Underbill, 

Paying Teller. John Capen, Receiving Teller. Al- 
bert Farnsworth, Messenger. 

Discount, Wednesday and Saturday. 

10 Broadway, Incorporated. 1853, 
Capital, §150,000. 
Seta Adams, President. Horace H. White, Cash- 
ier. Seth Adams, Charles J. F. Alien. Hamson O. 
Briggs, William Raton, Caleb Gill, Samuel Leods, 
Francis Maguire, John P. Monks, Joseph Smith, 
Directors. Lloyd Briggs, Messenger. 
Discount, Wednesday. 


61 State Street. Incorporated, 1822. 

Capital, $1,000,000. 

lin, Samuel It. Pavson, . ; s< h B. G 
topher C. Chadwkk, Directors. Wi 
mai •: . Po a Tell r. We" ■ i H. ■' 

,. ••/.... j.-. ■..■/ Hak L.Keyes,Ro< '. I 

W Holbrbol . Disc, i nt Clerk. Willi: 

Collection C/t-rA. Charles N. Conan 

Discount, Tuesday and Frio 

r. i 

a S. 

34 State Street. Incorporated, 1822. 
Capital, $750,000. 
John T. Coolidge, /'. n'tl nt. Albi rt Dr; , 
Cashier. George W. Lvman, John L. Co ' ;e, 
Charles Henry Parker, Geo. M. Barnar I, T. )■ 
son Coolidge," Win. F, Parrott, Or recurs. James 
F. G. Baxter, 7W/«\ Geo. Gushing., BooLivtper. 
William U.Broughton, Discount L'U-rr.. Bcnjau in 
F. Sawver, Messenger. 

' Diseount/Monda) and Thursday. 


16 Kilrv Street. Incorporated, J.S22. 

Capital, §700,00 : . 

Waldo Flint, Pwi V*«r. Robert S.C> <-el! C •'■- 

i'er. William Almy. \ mlr< w Cunni .-' m< ( > m^e 

II. Gray, Elijah 1L [Ingham, Ja'mci !.. Litth , John 

Williams, John 1). Bates, Benjamin Tbaxter, Di- 

wood, Collection Clerk. Francis IT. Thompson, 
Mes ienger. 

Discount, Monday and Thursday. 


South Market St., corner Merchants Row. 

p. eu (Rated, 185 1. Capital, £500,000. 

Nathan Robbins, President. Jonas Bennett, 
• 'fishier. Joseph C Bailey, J. II. Curtis, Cephas 
: C. ( hamberlin, Jom than V. Fletcher, Dexter Fol- 
; •. Charles J. Morrill, LemuelPii ?, NathanRob- 
::..::.: ! e, Ralph Warner, Directors. Ed- 
L L. Toad, Paying Teller. Henry T Wheeler, 
: Receicinq Teller. Thomas G. Hiler, Jr., Book- 
-keeper. 'Walter J. Follett, Messenger. 

ait, Monday and Thursday. 

No. 17 Sea Street. Incorporated .1836. Cap- 
ital, ,$400,000. 
Solomon Poor, President. Jeremy Drake, 
( ' •■ r. John II. Rooters, Ebenezer Atkins, 
Prentiss Hobbs, Tisdale Drake. Charles E. Cook, 
Direct ... ir mel D. Horton, 'Teller. Edwin A. 
Simonds, !>■ >kh eper. Everett Burnham, Messenger. 
Discount, Monday and Thursday. 


IS and 19 Union Bcildlng, 40 State Street. 

Incorporated 182-4. Capital, #1,000,000. 

Ignatius Sargent, President. Charles Sprague, 
Cat/tier. A i - s lams, Stephen Fairbanks, Ilenrv 
Hail, ii .;. S< i • r, Din t >rs. William B. Si •- 
^>n^ 1 / ' ng I ■ -, Samuel S. Stevens, Receirina 
Jeuei. Lnuer ' oic,uooKAeeper. (. lias. J. bprague, 
D : omit ' 'erk. '• harles S. Callender, Central 
Clerk. William S. Nichols, Collection Clerk and 
Messenger. ( hauncey Peck, Porter. 

Discount, Monday and Thursday. 




I No, 01 State Street. Incorporated 1332 
Capit ix.t £900,000. 
Aroheus Hardy, President. Achibald Foster, 
[(tastier. James" McGregor, Joseph V. Bacon, 
i Char] s Br >ks, George R. Samps i ., M, ■ 

Hardy.. James IT. Deal, Osborn Howes, Elijah C. 
| Emerson, Directors. Andrew J. Loud, Paying 
\ Teller. Henry Kneeland, Receiving Teller. Al- 
! fred B. Hail, B< okkeep r. Joseph Callender, D<*- 
| count Clerk. H. H. W. Edraands, Messeng, .. 
Discount, Monday and Thursday. 


No. 70 State Street* Incorporated 1847. 

Capital, £750,000. 

Samuel G. Reed, President. Chas. H. Tylor, 
Cashier. Nathaniel Winsor, Jr.. Geo. A. Fiske, 
Stephen Tucker, John P. Bigelow, Addison Gil- 
bert, Sylvester Bowman, Ebenezer II. Balcb, Di- 
rectors. Royal B. Coiiant, Receiving Teller, Mar- 
tin Draper, 'Bookkeeper. Francis A. Howard, Dis- 
count Clerk. Julius K. Graves, Collection Clerk. 
James A. Holmes, Asst. Clerk. 

Discount, Mon dav. 

Wintiirop Block, E. B. Incorporated 18-54. 
Capital, £400,000. 
Samuel Hall, President Calvin S. Lane, CosA. 
~ : aue] flail, Noah Sturtevant, William C. Bar- 
- ■'■. Ileiii .-'. Hooper, Martin L. Hall, Paul 
1 i Us, William R. Lovcjoy, Directors. Webster 
D. Holden, Teller. Edward Sumner, Bookkeeper 
and Jl ■, rnger. 

Discount, Wednesday and Saturday. 



Lvcohporatsd 133G. Capital, 5250,000. 
James W. Converse, I*resident. AlvanSimonds, 
Cashier. John II. Jenks, Frederick Nickerson, 
Benjamin James, Benjamin B. Converse, Directors. 
Thomas C. Simonds, Assistant. 

Discount, Monday. 

No. 23 State St. Incorporated March, 1831. 
Capital, £4,000,000. 
Franklin Haven, President. John K. Fuller, 
Cashier. Luke Fay, Benjamin Burgess, Francis C. 
Gray, James K. Mills, Israel Whitney, Samuel 
Hooper, Edward Brooks, William Amory, J. 
Huniiiigton V alcott, Directors. James I". Hast- 
ings, Paying Teller. William Raymond, Assistant 
Teller. George Stimpson, jr., Receiving Teller. 
Thomas* ST "Cary, O .dm:" Brewc^ ! Charles N M. Lincoln, Secmul Receiving T 'I ■. 


1 No. GO State Street. Incorporati 
Capital, 5500,000. 
Daniel Denny, President. S. S. Bl 
C hi 

Samuel W. Svvett, Marshall P? Wilder, Thomas 
Wigglesworth, Jr.. Benjamin F. White, Directors. 
Edward Hearsey, Jr., Teller, George Leighton, 
Bookkeeper. George A. Smith, Assistant Clerk. 
Henry P. Shed, Clerk and Messenger. 

Discount, Wednesday ami Saturday. 


j No. 97 State Street. Incorporated 1853. 

Capital, £500,000. 
I Charles Ellis, President. Georsre F. Hersey, 
| Cashier. George W. Robinson, AbTjah W. im-rm 
French, Rt-Uben E. Demmon, Elmha A 

Samuel Phillips, Jr.. Discount Clerk. E. HubbaTd 
Severance, ,)Ai:\ P. Gore", Bookkeepers. Samuel C. 
Ware, D.Lyman Laws, Accountants, Wm. Henry 
Wadleigh, Corresponding Clerk. Thomas Bull- 
finch, Collection Clerk. John Barnes, Messenger. 
George Hay den, Poi , J r. 

Di - ount, Monday and Thursday. 


RATED 1853. Capital, §750,000. 
John IT. \N ill ir -•. Pr v.dent. Charles B. Hal!, 
Cw. ; ■'■/. Ox'n >■ mi H, John !:. Hazel-ton, William 

5-, Henrv L. D «*ret.t, Charles GUis, D. rectors. H..Hj:1L David Kimball, A. T. Lowe, Jonathan 
>. D. Clark Teller. Aron S. Mcintosh, jjoo/c- Br esion, John H. Wilkius, Directors. Ebenezer 
-">•.' Noah Robinson, Collection ' Clerk. N'a- pV~. 'Bumstead, W&r. Theodore Baker, Dw«n. ' 

thamel G. Snelling. .-lm/Vm>£ CVerA. 

Discount, Wednesday and Saturday, 

No. 1 Merck. Exchange, Incorporated lS3i 
Capital, 5500,000. 

Clerk. Henry W. Perkins, Jr., Bookl 

Daniel B. limieit, Mess: n-;< r. 

Discount it U o'clock, A.M., Tuesday mid Friday. 

No. 07 State Street. Incorporated 1813. 
Capital, 51,000,000. 
Thorn u> Lamb, President Seth Pet tee, Co* 

Jose -■ ><'::•-:, y, Elijah Vose, Mace Tisdale, Win. 
VVouhmgkui, Dudley Hall, D erectors. Samuel 

Josiah Siickneyj President. Jonathan Brown, 
Jr., Cashier. Jesse Bird, Francis O. Watts, 
Charles O. Whitmore, Abner 11. Bowman, Benja- 
! i, : -r-^\ Dl ™ c ';- J % James -W. Gushing, r^ tr .j, i: , . nn,Payiwa>idIUcBivhig Teller. James 
Benjamin F. Tee, Bookkeeper Charles L. Cur- j gwa|] # m,, ;; ,.>. 'Charles F. Swan, Collection 
. ner, Cm;-,-. Charles S. Evans, 3i«s«iyer. j a . a , les E CHhnan, jl/mew/er. 

Discount, W eduesday and fe iturday. Discount, Tuesday and Fridnv. 


No. 66 State Street. IncorporaTud 17$ L 

Capita r.. S800.0 )0. 


; IS Kiltit Street. Incorporated 1825. Capital 

John J. Dixwell, President. Jam • 
Cashier. William D. Solder, John L. < 
John J, Dixwell, Israel Lombard, Cl arlos I 
George Gardner, Directors, tfemry K. F 
ham, Teller. Henry G. Fo^sr". /'';- 
Amasa L. Lincoln, discount Clerk. J' 1 
Haj den, Messenger. 

Discount, Monday and Thursday. 

n.du. ( barles G. Nazro, /'. : "dent. John B. \Y\ I r- 

;e, Cashier. Daniel Kin ball, Elijah Williru -. 

M_i ■ Fame* Weld, Francis B. Fay, Edward H.Eldn . . 

;!.i:;r- Henry i. Daland, Directors. William L. i rues, 

Payirig Vclter. Sylvester Trull. Receiving i ■'■ 

ih K. John X'hork-y, Bookkeeper. Ebenezer C. Mill tt, 

! Collectii n CI, rk. Edmund Farnsworth, M 

! Discount, Monday and Thursday. 




No, 11 State Street. iNcoRroii 
Capital, 57.50,000. 
Wins. Bramhrdh President. $u . a , 
Cashier. William Bratnhall, Ba 
John Gardner, Jairus B. Lincoln, ... 
Benjamin T. Beed, Directors. Ehcn Sm 
Charles H. Miller, Bookkeeper. Nat 
Pond, Receiving Teller. Josephus G. 
lection Clerk. Jesse Osborne, Messenger 
Discount, Monday. 

rE» 18; 

No. 9 

niel D 
ift. <VW- 

vn: Street. Incorporated 1831. 
Capital, $000,000. 
Esaac Parker, President. Jeremiah Gore, ''■•■/.•- 
rt-r. George Cullender f Jahez Fisher, Dernii ; 
Jai jes, Thomas Loi I, Id i i W. Thaxter, jr., Di- 
rectors. Charles J. Whipple, Teller. Thomas 
Waterman, Bookkeeper. Frederick S. Davis, Dis- 
cou ' Clerk. Thomas O. Brackett, Collection 
t , rk r. d Mi • - w,;,- r. Korai e Philbrook, Assistant 
>.'•• \enger and Porter. 

Discount, Wednesday and Saturday. 

No 13 

Kilbt Street. Incorporated 1S36. 
Capital, £1,000,1 00. 
Enoch 'Baldwin, President. Samuel Carr, Cash* 
ier. Cheever Newhall, M. S. Lincoln, William L. 
Spooner, William Bur.ragc, Josiah M. Jones, Isaac 
Williams, John Albree, Caleb Stetson, G nan S. 
Low, John C. Potter, Dire tors. John 
Paying Teller.. George E. Haskell, Receiving 
Teller. Henry W. Richards, 1st Bookkeeper. 
Elijah Howe, jr., 2d Bookkeeper. Joshua Clark, 
Collection Clerk. Geo. A. Trull, Assistant C/crk. 
Francis E. Yv hitcomt, Messengt r. 

Discount, Tuesday and Frid iy. 


14 Union Building, 40 State Street. Incorpo- 
rated 1811. Capital, £1,8 10,000; 
Samuel Frothingham, President. James Sivret, 
Cashier. Samuel Austin, James S. .V: iory, Benj. 
Bangs, Levi Bartlett, Samuel T. Dana/ <•• ■-.-."- 
Howe, Robert M. Mason, James P. Thorn lik 
Abner Kingman, F. Gordon Dexter, Directors, i ( 


No. 4!. State Street. Incorporated 1814. 

Capital, 51,250,000. 

i Andrew T. Hull, President. Amos T. Frothingham, 

( . ; i. Ezra H. Laker, Caleb Curtis, Nathaniel 

j B. Gibbs,'Wil.Jium Perkins, Charles B Shaw, Enoch 

I Train, Isaac Thacher, Directors. I). E. Snow, Pay- 

• tug Tetter. Charles O. Tufts, Bookkeeper. Johii 

• \ K'. Iliuckney, Receiving Teller. Edward Souther, 

' !■■■■>.■ t 'lerk. .1 . Carter Cutter, Collection Clerk. 

Jol -i J. Underbill, Assistant Clerk. Herbert Cur- 

! tis, Messenger. 

liiut, Monday and Thursday. 

ng Teller. 


Wm; E. Vint 
ierce, Second B 



keeper. "Henr 

H, Smith, Discount Clerk. Ja'j 

Collection Clerk. Lewis Bass 

Hiram Clapp, Messei <jer. 

Discount, Monday and 

,!. .. i U 
i t, Fin 

G. uM, 

.' '. 

Fo iter, jr., 

16 Union Building, 40 State Street. Incor- 
porated 1702. Capital, $1,000,000. 
Thaddeus N'iehols, President. Lemuel Gulliver. 
| f ashu r. Eben Dale, Thaddeus Nichols, Natb micl 
II. Emmons, Charles Merriam, Edward S. Tobey, 
George C Richardson, William Parsons, Charles 
Faulkner, Directors. Timothy Bryant, Paying Tel- 
ler. Henry Howard, Receiving Teller. Almarin 
Trov bridge, Bookkeeper. James Skiiton, Discount 
C A. Watson Grant. Messenger. 

Discount, Tuesday and Friday. 


60 Statu Street. Incorporate! 
Capital, §1,000,000, 

Amory Davis, President. Edward 
ier. Jeremiah E. Bridge. Assist .' t 



•J ucfc 


No. '\b State Street. Incorporated 1825. 

Capital, 5750,000. 

,1m a D. II. dges, Preside**. Charles A. Put- 

, Cashier. J .. )'. C •'.• , Josiah Stedman, 

Williams, Geo) ^ T. Lyman, Francis Bacon, 

D. Dutton, John- L. Emmons, Alanson 

Jr., Joseph W. Balch, Directors. Caleb B, 

James II. Cbampney, Bookkeeper. 


Edward D. Peters, Nathaniel Hooper, San 

Frothingham, jr., Francis Curtis, John A. Lowell. 

Jeffrey Richardson, Charles Amorv. Thomas A.j 

Goddard, J. Wiley Edmands, Edward Ayx 

Directors. Horatio Hobbs. Vagina Teller. A 

W. Lefavour, Discount Clerk/ Claudius H. j 

Patt n, Collection Clerk. C. F. Fits, -<■>■."■ ''<"• ■■' r. George B. Up! 

Collection Clerk. Harrison G. Hunt, Ueceicitxr j Horatio II. II unnewdl, William A. Crocker," Jas. 

Teller. Charles E. Jackson, Note Teller. Chi s M. Beebi , '-, ill mi P. K • Id, John M. Forbes, Wm. 

: C. Bacon, hGc-orge 11. hah:;. Directors. Edward 

|W'. Brown, Vugiufl Teller. Charles L. Kiddle, Ite- 

\teiring 'Teller. M rrill X. Bovden, Bookkeeper. 

-■'■ ry C . Daui '1, />« ! -/ CArA. William C. 

! ''.^ iu, f '■■. : on Clerk. Caleb S. Brown, Wes- 

tern T. Hodges, Discount Clerk. Henry 'Kcl- 
Discount, Tuesday and Friday, 


L> Exchange Street. Incorporated 1853. 
Capital §1,500.000. 
iinas, President. Solomon Lincoln, 
Lewis W. Tap jam, 

L. Holbrook, Bookkeeper. GetKrse 

11. Edw rd 

John 33. Alden, Assistant £<* 

kkei'pers. t 

Smith, William Hunt, J- M. Ci 

. -;, h.-.r: 

Phippen, jr., C\-'.-- \ \V, Stone. 'A it 

istant A • ■ • 

William Grubb, Daniel H. Beikn i\ 

, Eli EL Kus 

sell, Fan ign Money Clerks. '■ 

• A ! ' ' i 

MepetHter. Lorei •'• Uodtrdon, for; 


:>' ■ :.. it, Wedi ( sdaj and Sa 



No. C 5 -- ; i 

Franklin Haven, of Cm Merchai 

t* ■,:'.. C/« 

Andrew i . Hall, 1 ■■ hi Ba«.k ; 

Vv d io Hint, 

Alpion D. Hodges, U'.;-. ; .i...a .'n B;n 

r. ; Benjamiu 

H- nry B, Groves, Manager. 

j Di 
■ [-ndfi 

10 ■■' :-C A. Id., Tuesday and j 


vn; Strj et. 

i ' ii tin. William Thoi 



.Webster Bank, Secretary 
imb, New England Bank ; 
ierce, Standing Con 

C D N T R Y B A N K S . 



Abixgton. Inc. 1850. Capital," .Si 50, 
Asaph Dnnbar. President. J. N. Fa 
Ciishhr, Asaph Dunbar, Gushing Milt ... 
Joshua Whitnvarsh, Joseph Cleverly, Saiuu il 
Blake, J--., Jenkins Lane, Goddard Reed, 
Baxter Cobb, John Line, Directors. 

J George Wheatland, G. G. Newball, J. B. 
; I-i \_ ■_■ , L( Dnard U. I hi rinj ton, James B. Cur- 
! v V, Qi y, n A Brown, Directors. Benjamin 
! Pitman, Bookkeeper. Charles II. Towne, Tel- 

<r, Wm. J. Faster Clerk. 

Discount, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Discount, Monday. 

ADAMS Bank- 
Adams. Capital, $200,00-0 


a ltleboro', incorporated 1s36. 

Capital $10-0,000. 

Laban M. Wheaton, President. II. A T , 

Richardson, Cashier. Willard Blaekington, 

D. h. Tyler, President. W. A. Brayton, 7A x ( %>• . j t -m *tm . n 
r» ' • no T'i v, it ii c \- M Mervev M. Richards, L.M. Wheaton, George 
Cashier. 1). S. iyler, Samuel Ingalls, Saniord ! ,,,-.- v < , l V( „ , v T - A 

pi* u« »„■„ T hn L,» Pr-o,-^ p if v.- ii ■! R.Rjcnards, Samuel M. Holrnan-, Zeuo Kelly, 
blaexmAcn, I nomas A. bra\ ton, A A, \v ells, ,, • , T , t • i -n r>- i r ri -o r> 

w m pfiuJ i-wn ii.on ?A- . ,-- i Ezefciel LUles, Josoali D. Richards, 11 F. bar- 

i\ m. i. oliocs, Isaac b/ean, Utrectors. .... ,, m • i n i >• -r 

Discount Thursday. (■ rows, Oliver Carpenter, Abal Codding, Jr., 

Springfield. Capital. $200,000. 

Theodore Siebb'ns, President. F. S. Bai- 
ley, Cashier. Chester W. Chapin. M. Chapin, j 
Theodore Stebbios, J. B. M. Stebbins, Daniel 

! J. J. Freeman, Directon 

Discount, Monday. 

Brighton. Incorporated 1852. 

Capital, $250,000. 

liton, E. South iw'orthr Loin- 1 E. Sparhawk, President. Robert N. Wbod, 

bard "Dale, Directors. W. P. Harrison, k*a*«- 'worib, =' A 'A r. Edward Sparhawk, James 

an( Cashier. J. F. Hartwell, I'e/i r. | Stefcon, Stephen H.Bennett, Cephas Braek- 

DiseouBt, daily. i ett, D< stei Fay, James Dana, George Liver- 

I more, Samuel Bigeksw, David Collins, Narban- 
AGBICUATI7EAL BA3 . ! iei Mat m. J- W. Hollis, Theo. Matehetfc, Di- 

T , n _..,... .-j. .; e/or*. i>. S. Fisk, Teller, S. A. Caper;, 

Pittsfield. Capital, 5200,000. .., , 

_ G. W. Campbell, President John 11. War- | j v .", . !; ,_ Monday and Thursday, 

riner, Cashier. Edward A. ^evrton, Geo. W. j 

Campbell, Thomas F.-.'Plu'nkett, Jasom Clap] BA&fK OP CAPE ANN, 

Hosfea Merrill, Directors. DwpM Roberts.' 

Cf.ui CL:,T 


Discount, \ . etinesuay. 

^^^^^_^^_^. Gorbam P. Low, President Samuel J. 

ANDOVEK BANK. j g;| .^ oi ,• r Q orhsim p. Low, Moses Farr, 

AxppVER. Capital, "S2.30. Cm j t: ,bn • -v-. Geo. F. Monsonj David White, 

Samuel Farrar, President Fraiieis Co«5«- [ Joshua P. Trask, Joseph O. Proctor, Directors. 

di, Ca*> 

Farrar, An 

John Flint, Samuel Merrill, Nathan !';; e, | 

Nathaniel bvvi ft,. Moses Foster, Jr., /. V ■'■':■; 

Discount, Tuesday and Fri lay. 

Lowell. Ixcor. 1S47. Capital, S200.0( . 

John A.Knowles, President. A in F- KS 
ball, Casttier. John A. Knov ies,J. A Fn i i 
Isaac Farrtngton, Ransom Reed, Wui Ns b 
Jr., George Bra'gdon, John Nesmith, A. ^S , | 
Butlrick, William A. Richardson, A ' 
William ILJaquitb, C O. Biilimjs, t'j — 
Discount, Tuesday and Fri lay. 

Salem. Capital, 6210/ ■ 


Harwich. Incorporated 1855. 

Capital, $1.00,000. 

— - President. Obed Brooks, Jr., Cashier. 

Christopher Hall, Elijah Cobb, Solomon 
Frwuvm* -Isaac S. Doane, Thatcher Ryder, 
>■ ! U A r, Zebina II. Small, Watson Baker, 


Varmoutii Port. Capital, $350,000^ 

;-'•!: Crowell, President. Amos Otis, 

J. O. Fhayer, Assistant Casl ' • . 

: irth Crowell, David K. Akin, Seth Crowell, 

D. Ba^-setr, Daniel Crocker, Ebenezer 

con, Nathaniel S. Sirnpkins, George Lovell, 

Kelly, Valentine Doane, Alexander 

Joseph S. Cabot, President W, II. Fc Ler, liaxtcr, Directors. 
Cashier. Joseph .'S. Cabot, Nathan ; ' ^ : . Discount, Thursday 


M A S S A C H U S E T T 



Beverly. Incorporated I Sol. 

Capital, §100,000, 

BardHTON. Incorporated 1854. 
Capital, $200,000. 
Life Baldwin, President. R. E, Grav . 
Henry Kitfielfl, of Manchester, J '. i tidmt. ' ' '''■■ --'- Life Baldwin, Charles Heard, Jacob j 
Jona. Nichols. Cashier. H. Kittield, of M.aa- ! ! '• Taylor, Granville Fuller, Hiram Baker, 
Chester, Win. H.Lovett, David Croweli. Win. Geo - H- Brooks, Edmund Rice, Jr., Stephen | 
Larrabee, A. N. Clark, John A. Greene, fj Smith, Edward C. Sparhawk-, Elias D. Ben- ! 
j Beverly, Win. B. Pessenden, of Boston, Daniel I nt?t *» Willard JI. Giles, Directors. Charles H. [• 

Emerson, of North Danvers, Direci ;•.■••. 
Discount, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Wheeler, C7«*. 

BAY STATBBANIL Taunton. Incorporated 1833. 

Lawrence, Capital, 8500,000. Capital, $350,000. 

Charles S. Storro^, President Nathaniel I rj - heo - Dean, />r < 
White, Cashier. Charles S. Storrow, Thomas. j se b*-r, ' 

C. Smith, Samuel H. Waller, William M. | Monroe, II. W. Church, Edwin Keith, Salmoi 
Kimball, George L. Davis, D.'S. Swan, Geo. Washburn, of Taunton: Theodore Dean 
W. Hills Directors. | Raynham ; Cromwell Leonard, Norton ; Arte 

W. W. Fairbanks, Francis S. 

Discount, Monday. 


Hew Bedford. Incorporated 1816. 

Capital, $000,000. 

mas JIale, .Bridgewater ", H. M. Pool, Easton, 

Directors. Discount, Saturday. 


i ClIARLESTOWN. CAPITAL, 8300,0;-!"'. 

Edward Lawrence, President. Thomas 

! Marshall, Cashier, Thomas M. Cutter, James 

Edw ar d fiiott .Lobmson, 1 rest, ' s \ im , t Wm . Arnold, 1 ►aniel White,. George 

Benjamin F, Coonib>, Assistant Cashier. 
mas F. Palmer, CI rL 

Discount, Monday and Thursday. 

Beverly. Incorporated 1SV2. 
Capital, 125,< 



Discount, Tuesday and Friday. 

Chicopee. Capital, $150,000. 
J< Oma W 'Ik, President. II. H. Harris, 
j <!>/>•/» ier, Jerome WAV-, Sylvanus Adams, 
timoih} W. Carter, John Chase, Sidney 

Samuel Endicott, President. Robert G. i Chapia,E. P. Kimball, Directors. J. Chapi 
Bennett, Cashier. Ezra Eliingwood, Cotton j Clerk. Discount, da 

Eennet, Abraham Edwards, John Pickett, 

Andrew T. Leach, Wm. Eudieott, Dir , ., CAMBRIDGE BANK. 

j Camrridgeport. Capital, $100,000. 

Thomas Whittemore., President. Lucius It. 
I Paige, Cashier. Robert Douglass, William B. 
j Lbvey, Thomas Whittemore, Jeremiah Weth- 
erb -c. Charles Wood, Edward Hyde, Ira 
Paul Whitin, President. E. TV. Harward, { 5 1 ? 1 . 1 "< Sectors, George W. Livermore 
Cashier. Paul Whitin, Joseph Day/ J. F. 
Southwick, Oiio Wilcox, closes Xaft, hrael 
Piummer, Jesse F. Alderman, I enner Bache- 
lor, George S. Taft, Directors. j 
Discount, Monday. 

sw T. Leach, Wm. Eudieott, D/r g'o 
Discount, Monday and Thursday. 



Capital, $100,000. 

6 'ticitor. 

Discount, Mondav and Thursday. 


Cambridge. Incorporated 1853. 

( APITAL, $100,000. 

John i ivermore, President. Edward Ri h- 
DoEGiiESTER. LN-C1832. Capital, SI 50,00- . ardson, Cashier. John Livermore, Samuel P. 
Asaph Churchill, President, Eicazer J. Heywnod, Joseph A. Holmes, Eliphalet Davis, 
Bispham, Cashier. Roswell Gleason, Thomas EI. M. Chamberlain, George T. Gale, George 
Liversidge, Asaph Churchill, Thomas IXollis, \Y. Whittemore, Directors. R. Litchfield, Jr., 
Jr., Seth D. Whitney, Otis Wright, K. II.R. \ Messenger. 


Discount, Monday evening 




CamrP.idge. Incorporated 1851* 

Capital, 150,000. 

George W. Lewis, President. Warren Sai 

j ger, Cashier. George W. Lewis. George Mch-| 

cham, Henry Potter, Calvin Diaiick, S. F. 

Woodbridge, Directors. Woodbridge, 


D iseo u n t , We d n esd a y 


Worcester. Incorporated 1S29. 
Capital. $350,000. 
Thomas Kinnicutt, President. G. F. Harts- 
i horn, Cashier. G. C. Bigelow, Assistant 
I Cashier. Thomas Kinnieutf, I. Washburn, 
| Charles G. Prentiss, J. C. Mason, Joseph Ma- 
! son, Alexander II. Bullock, Edward H. Hem- 
, enway, P. L. Moen, Directors. 

Discount, Mondav. 


Cambridge. Capital, §100,000. 

Charles C. Little, President. J. B. Dana, 

Cashier. C. C. Little, William T. Richardson, 

Abel Willard, Oliver Hastings, Ck.iv, 

Smith, Directors. 

Discount, Wednesd .y. 

Springfield. Capital, $300,000. 
Philo F. Wilcox, President B. F. Warnei 
; CasJder. P. F. Wilcox, H. Fuller, Jr., J. B., 

Henry Chapin, Calvin Foster, George Bov/en, 
Lewis Barnard, William B. Ion, Jr., H. N. \ 
Bigelow, Charles Thurber, George M. Rice, ' 

1 discount, Tuesday. 

Salem. C \vi tal, $200,000. 
William Sutton, President. E. II. Pay son, 
Cashier. William Sutton. Philip Chase. John ' 
Bertram, W. I). Waters, J. C. Sfimpson, Geo. 
W. Keene, Michael Shepard, Wm. P. Good- ! 
hue, Directors. S. B. Buttricfc, Bookkeeper. \ 
Discount, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, i 


Concord. Capital, 3100.000. 
Daniel Shattuok, President. J.M.Cheney j 
Cashier. Nathan Brooks, Kehemiah Ball, ! 
Elijah Hale, John S. Keyes, Cyrus Warren, J 
Cyrus Stow, George Hey wood, Stedman But- i 
trick, Directors. 

Discount* Monday. 


Conway. Incorporated 1854. ! 

Capital, $100,000. ; 

Luther Rodman, Jr., President. William i 

B. Hale, Cashier. L. Bpdroan, Jr., James S. \ 

Whitney, Charles Parson-, Austin Rice, Lewis ! 

Bodinan, A. H. Bullous, Joseph Allis, Samuel [ 

W* flail, E. D. Hamilton, John A. Wmslovv, j 

Directors. j 


South Dan vers. Capital, $150,000. 
Eben Sutton, "'resident. G. A. Osborne, 

Rumrill, Geo. Walker, G. O. Bliss. Elijah W. *f. en ™! ron ' i ™ueni. u. a. usporne 
Bliss. J. D. Brewer, Directors. \ $*?*"% *£** bc \lf n \ ^f ren , M l Ja ' r f^ 

Discount ever* dav. Robert b. D tin Is David Daniels, Jonathai 

King, E. T. Gsborn, Joseph Osgood, Dzrec- 

Worcester. Incorporated 1S36. 
Capital, £150,000. 
• Francis T. Merrick, President. G. A. 
: Trumbull, Cashier. F. T. Merrick, F. II 

Discount, Tuesday 'and Friday.. 

DEDriAM. Capital, 8250,000. 
Jeremy Stimson, President. Lewi^ Ii. ; 

.! Kinnieutt, Anthony Chase, Edward Earl, E. Kingsbury, Cashier. J. Stimson, Daniels Car- 
: Waldo ilutchins, Directors. \ ' ," ' y ''-dw ; M. Hichaids, Luther Metcalf, Ira 

Discount Monday i Cleveland, Ezra \\ . Taft, Joseph Day, Direc- 

tor*.. John H.B. Thayer, Clerk. 



Discount Daily. 

Lynx. Incor. 1S5-1. Can 

John C. Abbott, President. 
French, Jr., Cashier, Amos P. Tapley,Tho Jam 3 Gale, President. William Caldwell, 

P. Richardson, Stephen Oliver, Jr., Philip P.j Ouhier. John C. Tilfon, Franklin Brickett. 
TapleVj Otis Johnson, Director. George D.'j Khas T. Ingall3, James Gale, Geo. Johnson 

im j n v*. Haverhill. Inc. 1S51. Capital, $100,000. < 

Whittle CU 

Discount, Tue-s b • ; 


Worcester. Incorporated 1854 

Capital, 8300,000. 



Salem. Capital, S200,000. 

Gideon Tucker, President. J. Chadmck, | 

' 'A. Gideoi Tucker, Tucker Daland, J. | 

IC. Lee,W, D. Pickman, John Webster. Direc- \ 

j George W. Llicharu'soo,Pre.s'iok a. P. Ham A .-. Joseph H. Webb, Bookkeeper. 
mend, Cashier. George W. Richardson,] Discount, Tuesday and Friday. 




Fa rit ha vex. 

Capital, S3 



Ezekiel Sawin, President. Pveuben Nye, 
Cashier. Kzekiel Sawin, Nathan Church, 
Geore« F. Tripp, Joseph Tripp, W. Delano, 
!'. K Whii well, Wm. P. Jenney, Wilson Pope, 
Philemon Fuller, Directors. 

Discount, Monday and Thursday. 

Fall River. Incorporated 1825. 

Capital, §350,000. 
David Anthony, President II. II. Fish, 
Cashier. David Anthony, Richard Borden, 
John S. Cotton, Joseph Marble. Abner Blade, 
William Manday, Guilfoid II. Hathaway, Ui- 
rt 'tors. Charles Durfee, Teller, 
Discount, Monday. 


Falmouth. Capital, §100,000. 
John Jenkins, President. S. T>. Bourne, 
Cashier. John Jenkins, O. C. Swift. Thomas 
Swift, John Match, Jr., Silas Jones, Thomas 
Lewis, Jr., Warren N. Bourne, Directors. 


Fitchburg. Incorporated 1832. 

Capital, $250,000. 

Francis Perkins, President. E. Torrey, 

Cashit r. Charles J. Billings, Assistant Costlier. 

J. A. Marshall, Walter Heywood, Nathaniel 

Wood, Ivers Phillips, Charles W. Wilder, 

Fitchburg; Porter Piper, Stephen Shipley, 

Leominster ; Ephraim Murdoek, Jr., Win- 

chen&on ; Levi Heywood, Gardner, Directors. 


F R AM INGHAM. C A P I T A L, $ 2 , . 

Sullivan Fay. President. Francis Jaques, 
Cashier. Moses Edoell, Jason Hall, 1. 8. 
Wheeler, Charles iCTrain, James W. Clark, 
George Phipps,of Framirigharu; Sullivan Fay, 
of Soutbboro' ; Ellas Buliard, of Holliston ; J. 
B. Wolcott, ofNatiek, Directors. 
Discount, Monday. 

Greenfield. Incorporated 1848. 
Capital, $200,000, 
Henry \V\ Cushman, President, Charles 
Fuller, Cashier. Henry W. Cushman, Wen- 
dell T. Davis, William Keith, Almon Brain- 
ard, Quintus Allen. Ebenezer Maynard, Joel 
Fay, John S. AVard, William B. "Washburn, 
Ira Atererombie, Directors. 

Discount, every day. 

Gloucester. Capital, $300,000, 
Isaac, President. J. J. Babson, 

Cashier. Isaac Somes, John W. Low, Fred 
rick G. Lev, Samuel Stevens, P>. K. Hou 
Jr., Epes W. Merchant, Edward Babson, Di- 

Discount, Tuesday. 

Grafton. Incorporated 1854. 

Capital, Si 00,000. 
John W. Slocomb, President. J. W. Slo- 
comb, E. B. Bigelow, Jona. D. Wheeler, Eras- 
tus Fisher, H. D. P. Bigelow, Alfred Morse, 
Jona. R. Putnam, Directors. 

GRAND BANK, Capital, $100,000. 

Knott Martin, 2d, President. Joseph P. 

Turner, Cashier. Knott Martin, 2d, Edmund 

Kimball, Abel Gardner, Francis Freeto, Thos. 

i Garne.y, Henry F. Pitman, George Wilson, 

I Ebenezer B. Phillips, William T. Haskill, Di- 

\ rectors. 

Discount, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 


Greenfield. Incorporated 1822. 

Capital, $200,000. 
Franklin Ripley, President. Georse Ripley, 
Cashier. Franklin Ripley, Henry W. Clapp, 
! George T. Davis, Isaac Abercrombie, Lucius 
JNims, Davis Goddard, Win. I. Davis, David 
! R. Wait, Directors. 

Holyoke. Inc. 1851. Capital, $200,000. 

Rufus D. Woods, President. Charles W. 

Raniet, Cashier. "William Meleher, Cyrus 

! Frink, Abel D. Chapin, Chester Crafts, Whi- 

| ting Street, Alfred White, G. C. Lyman, Gil- 

! bert A. Smith, Directors. 

Westfield. Capital, $1,00,000. 
J E. B. Gillett, President. R. Weller, Cashier. 
j Samuel Dow, Alvan Fowler, 1 1 i ra z:a Hull, E. 
j B. Gillett. John Smith, James Noble, 2d, Thos. 
j Kniel, WTUiam O. Fletcher, Directors. 

Ware. Capital, $250,000. 
O. Sage, President. William Hyde, Cashier. 
\ O. Sa^e, S. Mixter, William Mix re r, Ezra 

j Gary, John Ward, John Warner, Joel Rice, 
Joseph Hartweil, W. S. Rreckenridge, Nathan 
Richardson, Directors. 

Haverhill. Capital. $150,000. 
John A. Appleton, President. James !•• 
Gale, Cashier. John A. Appleton, Humphrey 



| lloyt, Charles Haseltine, John <3. Marsh, Wil- 
liam N. Kimball, Directors. 

Discount, Monday. 

Hixoiiam. Capital, $140,000. 
N. Richards, President. John O. Lovett, 
! 'Cashier. Luther J. Barnes, Royal Wbiton, 
I David Lincoln, Ebenezer Gay, Thomas Loud, 
I George Lincoln, R. T. P. Fiske, Rufus Lane, 
| Jr., Directors. 

Discount, Monday. 



Capital, $ loo, 000. 
William S. Batchelder, President. R. F. 
Brewer, Cashier. W. 8. Batchelder, 5. G. 
Burnap, Timothy Daniel?, Alden Leland, 
KHas Bull'ard, of Holliston ; Drury Fairbanks, 
of Boston ; Clark Partridge, of Med way ; A. 
K. Leland, of Sherbom; Appleton Bragg, of 
I Braggyiile. 

Discount, Monday. 

HQLYOHE bank. 


John Clarke, President. Matthew B. Bart 

Mudge, Cashier. F. S. Newhall, Henry 
Newhal!, James N. Bufl'um, Ezra Baker, Jos. 
B. Lamper, M. S. Breed, Samuel M. Bubier, 
Directors. H. A. Smith, Clerk. 

Discount, Monday and Thursday. 


L A N CASTER. C A V I T A L, § 2 ,00 . 

Jacob Fisher, President. C. T. Sy mines, 
Cashier. Jacob Fisher, Jobn G. Thurston, 
Amory Holman, Anthony Lane, Sidney Har- 
ris, J. S. Buttriuk, George Cuintuings, Direc- 

Discount, Monday. 

East Cambridge. Incorporated 1853. 

Capital, 8100,000. 
Leivis Hall, President John Savage, Jr., 
Cashier. Lewis Hail, Amory Hongbton, 
Thomas Dana, Samuel Slocomb, K. S. Chaffee, 
Francis Draper, A. C. Sanborn, Directors. 

Lee. Capital. $200,000. 
Leonard Church, President. Edward A. 
B'iss, Cashier. Leonard Church, S. A. Hol- 

, .. r, 7- '. . n , , ,-,,. r- , , bert. William laylor, Ihomas Sedgwick, i 

letc, Ca.sfucr. John Clarke, 0'iver Edwards, . ' , r ., ^. r - ' n , c r ,- t; , 

c ' , w,i- . r> km \ »■ nson Garbed, Miner Coatee, Directors. 

Samuel AY tin-ton, George Alien, Austin ' ,... L , -,' 

Saiitb, Joel Hayden, Charles Delano, Silas M. 
■ Saiitb, John Dickinson, Directors. 


; Incorporated 1803. Capital, $100,000. 

Lee Chimin, President. James S. Tileston, 

Cashier. Lee Ciatiiu, Erastus Thompson, 

Milton ii. Sanford, L. H. BOwker, S. Boyd, 

A. Kimbail, Directors. 

Discount, Monday. 


SfOC.KDR.IDG B. CAPITAL, Si 50,000. 
( Charles M. Owen, President. I). R. Wil- 
liams, Cashier. Charles M. Owen, Horatio 
Byington, William Whitney, Thomas Cone, 
Jeth Seymour, Directors. 

Discount, Thursday. 


Springfield. Capital, 100,000. 

\ James M. Thompson, President. Edmund 

I D. Chapin, Cashier. James M. Thompson, 

I Edward Ingersoll, Solomon Hatch, W. H. 

•'- ! '- ( iui:>, Bliny Cadwell, George Ashmun, 

; - ha Gunn, Jr., Directors. John F. Wilcox, 

Discount, daily. 


Discount, daily. 

Leicester. Capital, $200,000. 

Cheney Hatch, President. D. E. Merriam, 
Cashier. ' Cheney Hatch, J. A. Smith, Hirai i 
Knight, Jonah Green, Wm. Hatch, D wight 
Biseoe, Charles Barnes, Josephus Woodcock, 

L o w e l l . In c or p o r a t e d 1 S 2 3 . 
Capital, $200,000. 
Nathaniel Wright, President. J. L. Ord- 
way, Cashier. C. M. Williams, Clerk. Joshua 
Bennett, G. II. Carleton, John O. Green, Ste- 
phen Cashing, Cyril French, James G. Car- 
ney, Nathaniel "Wright, Hapgcod Wright, 
Daniel Cushing, Directors. 

Discount, Monday and Tuesday. 


Lynn. Incorporated, 1814. 

Capital, S:?00,000. 

Isaiah Breed, President. William Bassett, 

Cashier. Isaiah Breed, Mieajah C. Prat 

John Lovejoy, Nathan Breed, Joseph N. 

Saunderson, Nathan D. Chase, Samuel B yce, 

John B. Alley, Wm. S. Boyee, Directors. 

Wm. Bassett, Jr., Teller. Chas. S. Ingalls, 

*sn. iscoiu'1849. Capital, 6200,000. \ Clerk. 
Praiivii S. Newhali, President. E. W. j Discount, Tuesday and Friday 





Taunton. Inc. 1847. Capital, 

William Mason, President. C. R. '\ 
Cashi r. William Mason, A. J. Bari 
n-mts Rriggs, Nathaniel Mcrton, 
IVntt, Willartl Lowing, Horace Le 
Pauutou, D/r< ct'07'5. 

Discount every day. 

Azariah Shove, Israel Ruffinton, Alderi [] 
J thaway, Jr., Hiram Bliss, Chas. B. Stickne> 
l-porge 11. Fiske, 7e#g 
Discount, Wednesday 

200,000. ! 

j Directors. George 11. Fiske, Teller. 
kery, ' 
:er, Ar- 


Ifi A1 T AT AN B ANK. 


Charles Carrutb, President. Williams B, 
j Brooks, Cashier. Edward Kinsr, Alex. Pope, 
MAHAIW-KBANX. Charles Carruth, M. Field Fowler, Oliver 

Great Baruington- Capital, $200,000. ! Hall, Directors. 

John L- Do ige, President. Wra. Bostwiek, ! MECHANICS BANK, 

Cashier. Edward P. Woodwortb, Increase AT n *„/.-. AAn 

,,., (V c ., M r ,. ! Newburyport. Capital, S200,0O0. 

Sumner, Gilbert Mimson, Seta Morton, Cnes- ! 

ter Goo'iale, Noah Gibson, Directors. 

Discount, Tuesday. 

; Moses Davenport, President. J. Andrews. 
J Cashier. Moses Davenport, Robert Bayley, 
I Jacob Horton, Josiah Little, Joseph Johnson, 
j Edward S. Moseley, Eben F. Stone, Directors. 

MAIiBEN BAKU*. Inc. 1851. Capital, $100,000. 1 Gea W - ^Bookkeeper. 

Discount, Monday. 
John G. Webster, President. Charles Mer- 
rill, Cashier. Elisba S. Go«««» ^ 

L. Fay, Thomas 

( S c o rg e E m e rso n , O . 
Sampson, Directors. 

Discount, Thursday. 

i verse, 

Wait, John G. 

[I. Underhi 



Makbleiiead. Capital, §120,000 

Win. Hammond, President. John S 
hawk, Jr., Gjx/ 
Hammond, \\ 

Sam'l Sparhawk, Geo. Knight, Benj. Lindsev, 


Nlv, Bedford. Incorporated, 1832. 
Capital, SG0O,COO. 

Joseph Grin nell, President. John P. Bar- 
ker, Cashier. Joseph Grinnell, Wm. C. Taber, 

New Bedford. Incorporated 1831. 

Capital, $400,000. 

Thomas Mandell, President J, Congdon, 

Cashier. John K. Thornton, Jireh Swift, Jr., 

Edmund Taber, Edmund Gardner, Thomas 

\ Mandell, Joseph R. Shiverick, Pardon Tilling- 

_ | hast, James II. Collins, Wm. Watkins, Direc- 

President. John c?par- . ni - , , r , h t.< 

r nu i , • v.- 'tors, h iphaiet \\ . Hervev .Assistant Cashier, 
r. Jason Chambei lam, V. m- -, 1X i , , ,-., , * ' 

r . .- tj t,' .Isaac H-owland, Clerk. 

\. Courtis, Henry Hooper, ! -p.- . |r r , i i c , i 

Discount, V\ ednesday and .Saturday. 

Worcester. Incorporated 1843. 
Capital, £350,000. 
Francis II. "Dewey, -President. S. Berry, 

Cashier. Alexander DeWitt, II. 

James Howland, Edward C. Jones, Lemuel ; Yl^: f 1 /™* 1 *} 'i v m L De ?" e "n S 
Koil - i.. Ward SI Parker. Edward W. How- i g' Biclrfor^ Charles \\ashburn,L. H. Bower 
land, William Gilford, Ephraim Kempton,!^; Bliss, Z>i«rfo«. I. M 
jWwfor*. Harrison G. Lowell, Teller. Geo! ! ■^ h * T ?f s Drew ' Bookkeeper, 
B. Hathaway, Wm. A. Church, Bookkeepers ' 
Discount, Tuesday and Friday. 



Barker, 2<. ' '•. 

E. H. Dewey, 


Salem. Capital, 8200,000. 



Capital, $100,000. 
Daniel Fisher, President. Joseph T. Pease, ! William F. Nichols, Directors 
Cashier. Daniel Either, Wm. II. Munroe, Jinson-, Bookkeeper. 

. Harrow, Joseph Uplley\ Benjamin Worth,] Discount, Tuesday and Friday 

Abraham Osborn, Thomas [ 

John Dwyer, President. J. Hardy Phip- 
pen, Cashier. L. Thorndike, Oliver Thayer, 
Aaron Perkins, John Huse, Daniel R. Bowker, 


• Daniel Fell 

Barrows, Bartlett Ma} new, Dirct tors. 
Discount, Tuesday. 

Fall River. Incorporated, 1846. 
Capital, 8200,000. 
Isvnr-I Buiiinton, President. Lean 


Ne w Bed ford. In co r top. ate d 1 S 5 2 . 

Capital, S 6 00, 000. 
Charles R. Tucker, President. James" B. 
Congdon, Cashier. Abraham Barker, David 
R. Greene. Gideon Allen, Edward L. 

Tucker, Dennis Wood, Andrew 

Eor- j Charles R 
■n, Cashier. Oliver S. Hawes, Iram Smith J Hicks, Jonathan Bourne, Jr., Win. P. ii - 

C U N T 11 Y 33 A N K S . 


Directors. Peleg dlowlarid. Assistant} 3EILLBURY BANK. 

F-A-WaAbarn^ooi-X^r. Isaac ! MlLLBtJRy: Capital, $75,000. 

mil, Clerk. | » 

Deseoant, Tuesday and Friday. j Simon Farnsworth, President. D. Atwood, 

j Cashier. Simon Farnsworth, Jonathan War- 
HERCHANT8 BANK re n, Simon Dudley, Jonathan A. Pope, Asa 

Salem. Capital, $200,000. j Woodbury, Directors. 

B. H. Silsbee,Pm^. N. B. Perkins,! Discount, Tuesday. 

■ A ::'\ J t } l: K^' ^f m : s ^"'.f MILLERS RIVER BAKE. 

•V. Peele, \Y. P. Phillips, Benjamin \Vebb, 

Directors. Wm. II. Whipple, Bookkeeper, Atiiol. L\c. 1854.. Capital, 8100,000. 

Discount, Tuesday and Friday. g^ Hapgoodj PresidenL M . E . Ainsworth, 

MERCHANTS BANS. Cashier. Isaa ? Stevens, Charle, €.13 -it, 

, Lewis Ihorp, Lyman A. Hapgood, JNathan- 

Lowell. Incorporated !So4. ie , Richardson, John C. Hill, Athol; Jos. 

* Capital* SI 00,000. Raymond, Royalston; Jona. Bowker Tem- 

llarlin Pillsbury, President. 3 no. N. Pierce, rple ton; George T. Johnson, Dana; James 

Jr., Cashier. Harlin Pillsbury, As?; HildrethJ Goldsbury, Warwick, Directors. 

rhomas Nesmith, Royal Southwick, Jona- 1 Discount, Monday. 

ifoau Tyler, Edward Tuck, W. W. Wymauj 

Albert Wheeler, C. G. Weaver, Joshua Math- 
- w, baae P. Morse, Directors, 

- Discount, Monday and Thursday. 

SffONSON. Inc. 1854. Capital, $150,000. 

"William N. Flynt, President Jonathan R. 

Flynt, Courier. William N. Flynt, Horatio 

Lyon, C. H. Merrick. I. B. Merrick, C. W. 

Newbuxypo-rt. Capital, $210,000. j Holmes, J. \V. Foster, Warren Fuller, Di- 

Micajah Lunt, President. Gyles P. Stone, | rectors. 

udder. Henry Johnson, John N, Gushing, j 


H'm. Graves, J. J. Knapp, Mieajah Lunt, 
Xath'I Hills, Isaac II. Boardman, Director*. 
Nathaniel S. Osgood, Bookkeeper. 
Discount, Monday. * 

Discount, Monday. 

Charlestown. Incorporated, 1854. 

Capital, 8150,000. 
MERRIMACK BANK, p ete r Hubbell, President. George L. Foote, I 

Haverhill. Capital, $180,000. Cashier. James Lee, Jr., James O. Curtis, j 

Andrew Sawtell, George W. White, James 
L. J. M. Hale, President. E. A. lorter, p.,, j ames H . Conant, Directors. J. \Y. 
t .z*A<er. E. J. M.Hale, Thomas Newcornh, talker, Jr., Teller. Charles Cullender, Jr., | 
Samuel C. Sawyer, George Appleton, J.H. j \£ esSen /, er . 
^arosworth, Directors. Discount, Monday and Thursday. 

Discount, Monday. 

Fall IUver. Incorporated, 1853. 
Capital, 8600,000. 
Jefferson Borden, President. Azariah S 

| Quixcy. Inc. 1853. Capital, $100,000. 

Charles Francis Adams, President. Louis 
Congdon, Cashier. Charles Francis Adams, 
Lewis Bass, Joseph W. Robertson, Joseph U 

*ripp, Cashier. Jefferson Borden, Daniel Whitcher, Bryant B. Newcomb, Israel \Y. 
Brown, William Marvel, William Carr, Wm> i Munroe, Francis M. Johnson, Franklin Curtis, 
Uudstiy, Thomas J. Borden, Philip D. Borden, 3 )anici P. Nye, Directors. 

Nathan Dai ice, Wm. Hill, Directors. George 
lO Durfee, Teller. 

Discount days, Monday and Thursday. 

Discount, Tuesday. 

Salem. Capital, $500,000. 
David Pin^ree, President Jos. II. Towne, 

Milfoicd. Lvc,lS49. Capital , $250,O0O..| Cas . /t/t;i ^ Wm. B. Pai 

Aaron C. Mayhew, President. Rufus Brew- i Nathaniel Weston, Jeremiah Page, R ; S. 
er, Guiurr. Benjamin Davenport, A. G. j Waters, E. D. Kimball. Benjamin A. West, 
^aybew, O. Underwood, W. A. Hayward, S.| Directors. . G. R. Pelt, Discount Cerk. J. II. j 
Susnner, W'illiam Knowiton, Wm. A. jhnpps, | Madison, Messenger. George B. Emerson, j 
& '- ctors. \ Bookkeeper. 

Discount, Monday. Discount, Tuesday and Friday, 




Can i ox. Capital, $150,000. 

Oxford. Inc. 1823. Capital, Sl00,00d. 

Charles H. French, President. Francis W. John Jewett, President-. Wilson Olney,! 
Beane, Cashier, C. II. French, Sainud Ca- \ Cashier. John Jewett, Emory Sanford, Cha*. I 
pen, George Downes, Leonard Hodges, Na- A. Angnli, William- A. Wheelock, Samuel C. | 
■ '...■';. ! n./nhftr. .1. Swan. Viral! J. M^-inapr. Paine, Havvelin Towns, Lament, B. Corbin. i 


tji mi< I Dunbar, J. Swan, V 


Newton. Capital, S15O/J00. 

Levi Thaxter, President. Daniel Kingsley, 
CashUr. Joseph N. Bacon, Edward J. Col- 
lins, George Hyde, Newton; Levi Thaxter, 
Watertowa; Edward Waleot, Natiok :; Henry 
B. Williams, Boston, Directors. B. F. Bacon, 

Discount, Thursday. 


NOK T IIAMPI OX. C A PI TAX, $200,0 0. 

Eiiphalet Williams, President. Charles 
White, Cashier. Eliphalet Williams, Lewis 
Strong, Iknj. Barrett, E. Hopkins, W. Hiilyer, 
Charles P. Huntington, E. Mitchell, Henry 
Bright, Eieazer Porter, Directors. 


NoETiiMORo'. Inc. n:>\. Capital, $100,000. 

Geo. C. Davis, President. Abraham W. ' 
Seaver, Cashier. .Wilder Bush, Thomas Co- 
rev, Geo. C. Davis, Cyrus Gale, Jonathan 
Nelson, Otis F. Newton, John Rice, J. H. 
Spring, J. S. Wetherbee, Directors. 

Paine, Havvelin Towne, Lament B. Corbin, | 
Davie B. Kingsbury, Franklin M. Farnum, 

Discount, Monday. 


Nantucket. Inc.1812. Capital, $200,000. 

John W. Barrett, T'rcs. William Mitchell, 
Cash. Francis M. Mitchell, Assistant Cash. 
John W. Barrett, Paul West, Henry T, De- 
friez, Matthew Crosby, George Cobb, Timothy 
W. Calder, Edward Field, Elisha.P. Fearing, 
Ebenezer Coleman, Directors. 

Lawrence, Inc. 1854. Capital, $100,000. 
Levi Sprague, President. Geo, G. Wood- 
war*], Cashier. Levi Sprague, George D. 
Cabot, PGna Sargent, Charles Smith, Joseph 
Norris, Wm. Pouer, of Lawrence; William 
North, Lowell ; George Hodges, North An- 
dover, Robert W. Lord, Boston, Directors. 


Roxbcet. Capital, §150,000. 

Samuel Guild, President. Baman Stone, 

Cashier. Elijah Lewis, Aaron D. Williams, 

Samuel Guild, Chester Guild, Joseph W. 

Tucker, "Benjamin F. Campbell, James Guild, 

Directors. George Gregerson, Messenger 
N07.1TII BREDGEWATER EMS. I Discount; Tuesday afternoon. " 

N. Beidgewater. Incorporated, 1S54. PITT SFIELD BANS, 

Capital; StlOOjO'OO. hPiTTSFiELD. Inc. 1853. Capital, $300,000. 

Mar-tin Wales, President, Rufus P. Kirig- 1 David Carson, President. J. i). Adams, 
man, Coslihr. Martin Wales, Eueuezer'JVuek- 

lvia^man. Chandler Sprague,-Wrn. 
f. Brett, Frederick Howard, Pardon Coj.e- 
land, Dirtciors. 

Discount, Monday. 

NewbuRyport. Capital, $150,000. 

William Stone, President. Jacob Stone, 
Cashier. William Stone, John B.dcb, Jere- 
miah Colrnan, Nathaniel Noves, Enoch S. 
Williams, Llufus Smith, James Blood, Direc- 
tors. G. F. P, Stone, Bookkeeper. 
Discount, Monday* 

Cashier. David Carson, John V. Barker, 1 
Tueodore Pomeioy, Henry Stearns, Thomas 
Colt, Wm. Pollock, John C. West, Directors. 
J. Q. Adams, Teller. E. S. Francis, E. Whit- I 
tlesey, Clerks. 

* Discount, Tuesday. 

PL YI^ 01) TH BANK. 

Plymouth. Capital, $150,000. 

Isaac L. Elftlge, President. I. N. Stoddard, 

Cashier. Isaac L. Hedge, Timothy Gordon, 1 

John Gooding, Allen Danforth/ Anthony 

Morse, Jasou Hart, Wm. T. Davis, Directors. \ 

Discount, Friday. 

Plymouth. Capitals $150, 

Salisbury. Capital, $100,000. 
Robert Patten, President. J. P. Web: 
Jacob II Loud, Presid rd. George G. Dyer, I Cashier. Robert Patten. Timothy P. Morrill. 
Cashier. William Nelson, Jo-urn Robbing John lumbal), Daniel Webster, Thomas J- 
Jacob U. Pond, Leander Lovell, Audrew L. j Clark, David L. Dearborn, Joshua Colby, &*• 
ftussett, tfirecfors. Ireclors. Charles R. Littlefield, Bookkeeper. 

Discount, Tuesday. j Discount, Monday. 



Lowell. Inc. 1 850. Capital, $200,000. 

Cashier. R. Turner, Horatio B. Alden, Eb- 
enezer Alden, Abiel Howard, David Burrell, 
Edward South worth, Jr., Atherton Wales, Di- 


Joel Adams, President. A. S. Tyler, Cash- ; 
itr. Samuel Bur bank;, Charles B. Cob urn, I 
Daniel S. Richardson, Artemas L. Brooks, 

,] trnes Ft. Rand, Elijah M. Used, Joshua Con-] Roxbuey. Inc. 1803. Capital, $150,000 
verse, Joel Adams, J. L. Cheney, J. A. Bra- 
brook, James Dinsinore, Directors. A. C. 
Blancbard, Charles A. Kendall, Clerks. 
Discount, Monday and Thursday. 

Pp.oyincetown. Inc. 1854. Cap. $100,000- 

Nathan Freeman, 2d, President. Elijah 
Smith, Cashier. Nathan Freeman, 2d, Dan 
iel Small, Euos Nickerson, Nathaniel Holmes,! 
Henry Cook, E. 8. Smith, Isaiah Gilford, J 
Joshua E. Bowley, Joseph P. Johnson, Direc- 

Springfield. Inc. 1853 Capital, $150,000. 

H. N. Case, President H. Alexander, Jr., 
Cashier, li. N. Case, Willis Phelps, Homer 
Foot. Ephratin W. Bond, J. C. Pynehon, 
James Kirkbam, George Bliss Jr., II. B. Crane, 
B. K. Bliss, Directors. 

Discount daily. 


Quincy. Capital, §100,0 00. ' 

Josiah Bfighatn, President. John C. Pan- 
da!! , Cashier. Josiah Brigbara, Lemuel Braek- 
ett, Adam Curtis, N. White, J. Neweomb, 1). 
Baxter, A. Randall, O. T. Rogers, C. Marsh, 
Edward Potter, James Torrey, Apollos Ran- 
dall, Directors. 

Discount, 'Thursday. 


Worcester. Inc. 1833. Capital, 5200,000. 

Isaac Davis, President. J. S. Farnum, 
Cashier. William Dickinson, Isaac Davis, B. 
L. liar Jon, S. II. Cotton, Elijah B. Stoddard, 
Joseph Walker, Richard Ball, Charles L. Put- 
nam, Directors. 

Discount, Monday. 


Lowell. Inc. 1S31. Capital, $600,000. 

S. W. Stickney, President. John F. Ro- 
gers Cashier. S- W. Stickney, Homer Bart- 
lett, Willi im A. Burke, Linns Child, David 
Dana, Charles Hovey, S«wall G, Mack, Geo. 
Motley, John Wright, Directors. Cfcarles C. 
USstchinson, Clerk. 

Discount, Tuesday and Friday. 

Randolph. Capital, $150,000. 
Royal Turner, President. Seta Turner, 

Samuel Walker, President. Samuel Little, 
Cashier. Nahum Ward, Thomas Adams, 
Calvin B. Faunce, George Packer, Joseph 
Dorr, Francis M. Weld, Wiiiard A. Humphrey, 

Stephen P. Fuller, Directors. 


Rockpobt. Capital, $15O,C00. 

Ezra Eames, President. Jabez It. Gott, ( 
Cashier. Ezra Eames, David Babson, John I 
Preston, Eleazer Boynton, George Goit, Jr., j 
of Rockport; Neheaaiah Boynton, of Boston; 
and W. P. Dolliver, of Gloucester, Directors. \ 


Fxtchbulg. Inc. 1849. Capital,- $250,00.0. j 

Moses Wood, President. L. H. Bradford, | 
Cashier.. Moses Wood, C. Marshall, Benja- j 
min S off, Jr., Moses M. Gage, Leonard Day, | 
of Fitchburw; Charles Winchester, Ashbu'rn- 
ham; E. II. Nichols, Leominster; Daniel 
Putnam, Lunenburg ; William Bennett, Jr., 
Hubbardston ; Elisha Murdock, Winehendon, 
John K. Going, Shlihey, Directors. Wm. li 
Woods, Teller. 


Salem. Capital, 6250,000 

George Peabody, President. Charles M. 
Endicott, Cashier. George Pea'~ody, Ati^tis- 
tus Perry, Francis Pea bod i , Nathaniel J. Lord, 
William C. Endicott, Directors. George D. 
Phippen, Bookkeeper. 

Discount, Monday ?t<a\ Thursday. 



Jacob Ed wards Jr., Pre*. S. M. Lane, 
Cashier. Jabob Edwards, Jr., S. A. Drake, 
C. A. Paige, Manning Leonard, S. P. Irwin, 
Jairus Putney, John Edwards, Directors* 
Discount, Monday. 



S cth Reading. Inc. 18; 

£100,000. . 

Thomas Emerson, President. Lilley Eaton, 
Cashier Chas. 11. Hilt, Assist. Cashier. 
Thomas Emerson , Lucius Beebe, Gt*orj»e O 
Carpenter, Samuel Gardner, Jr., Edward 
Mansfield, Cyrus Wakefield, Directors. 
Discount, Tuesday, 





Methuen. Inc. 1853. Capital, SI 00,000. 

J)-h.h G. White, President. George Foot, 
' • • . , . Jofrn Low, Josiah G. "White, Josiah 
;>.■.. bofu. "'Kimball C. Gleason, John Davis, 
True W. White, G. W. Cochrane, Directors. 
Discount, Monday. 

Sl'KXK Q F J K LI). C A r I T A L, S3 00 , . 
Benj. Day, ['resident. Lewis Warriner, 
Cashi r. Josiah Hooker, Edward A. Morris, 
George Dwight, William Gunn, Lewis Gor- 
ham, Henry Brewer, Jr., Directors. William 
C. Robinson, Teller. Edward C. Robinson, 

Discount, daily. 


Tadktox. Inc. 1812. Capital, $350,000. 

Lovett Morse, President. C. J. IT. Bassett, 
Cashier. Eil-Is Hall, Allen Presbrev, Lovett 
Mos e, Philip E. Hill, Charles L." Babbitt, 
George 2\L Woodward, Thompson Newbury, 
William R. Davenport, Henry G. Heed, Di- 
rti "Mrs. 

Discount, eyery day. 

Towxseni*, Txc. 185-1. Capital, 8100,000. 
Walter Fessenden, President. Edward Ord- 
way, Cashier. Walter Fessenden, Daniel Ad- 
.:.;-.. C. B. Barrett, Nelson Howe, E. C Bai- 
ley, Stephen Wyman, Luther Tarbell, Charles 
['arsons. Directors. 

tr alv:!s;''5 bai pjk, 

Chelsea. Inc. "IS50. Capital, 8150,000. , 
i^ae Stefcbins, President" William pJ 
fVarmam, Cashier. Isaac Stebbins, Henry) 
■ •■«•, Abuer R. Campbell, Zenas Snow, 
.lames Hardin, Lyman Hoiiings worth, Di~ 

I > i s e o u n t , M o n d a y . 

IIavkrium.. Capital, $150,000. ■ 
George Cogswell, Pn - ; A" ; /. James Noyes, 
Cashier. Geor-je Cogswell, Jonathan Crow- 
ell, Daniel K. Fitts, Moses How, Sam'l Chase, 
Georga Carleton, Jr., Directors. 
1) i see a n t , M o i ; c la y . 



Weymouth. Capital, 5 150,000. 

Benjamin Kin^r, President. John W.Load, 

Cathier. Benj. Kin-, Albert Humphrey, E. 

!,. Whir., L. Humphrey, M. TirWl, James 

Jones, Samuel V'eazie, G. Burrell, J. Loud, 

Jr., Directors. 

Da s-vkiss. Capital, S200,0t 0. 
Moses Putnam, President. W r m. L. We-< 
Cashier. Moses Putnam, Moses Black. J ) t« 
Richards, Aaion Putnam, Joseph S. Bia , 
Edwin Mudge, John R. Lanalev, of Danvi ■. 
Francis P. Merriam, of Middleton ; Jo 
Wright, of Topsfield; John A. Putnam, . ■ 
Wen ham, Directors. 

Discount, Monday and Thursday. 

Waltham. Capital, $200,000. 
Charles Bemis, President. D. A.Kimball, 
Cashier. Charles Bemis, Jonas H. Priest, 
Horatio Moore, Josiah Beard, Horace Heard, 
Thomas Page, John M. Wright-, W. A. Ad- 
ams, Samuel B. Whitney, Directors. 
Discount, Monday. 


Lowell. Inc. 1853. Capital, $150,000. 

Horace Howard, President. John IL But- 
trick, Cashier. Horace Howard, Sidney Spal- 
ding, Ignatius Tyler, Abiel Rolfe, Abrara 
French. Henry C. Howe, Samuel Horn, A5- 
[)heus R. Brown, Addis L. Waite, Directors. 
Discount, Tuesday and Fiiday. 


Wareham. Capital, $100,000. 

Joshua B. Tobey, President. Thomas 1- 

Miles, Cashier. Jesse Murdock,- William S- 

very, Peter Mackie, Isaac Pratt, Jr., Joshua 

B. Tobey, Directors. 

Sou in Dan* fens. Capital, $200,000. 
Lewis Allen, President. Francis Baker. 
Cashier. Lewis Allen, Henry Poor, Sylve>t< f 
Osborn, Benjamin Wheeler, Levi Preston. 
Franklin Osborn, George Osborne, Elijah Vi 
Upton, Frauds Dane, George J. Tenney, /-'<- 

Springfield. Capital, S250.000. 
Caleb Rice, President. James L. Warrine 
Cashier. Cakb Rice, E. Freeman, E. Tra?l 
Wilson Eddy, William Pice, W. C. Sti irl 
vant, S. S Day, William Btrnie, C. L. Covid 
Directors. Henry Blasdale. Teller. C A 
ams, Assistant Teller. 

Discount, daily. 

Westfield. Capital, S150,00< . 
William G. Bates, President. 11. UooU 
Cashier. Hiram Harrison, Caleb Aider- ■ 
11. Rand, George H.Moseley, A. G. Chad*"- 
Benj Little, A. B. Whitman, S. Gillelt, I 

■ — I 


Wout'AX. Inc. 1853. Capital, $100,000 

Abijah Thompson, President. E. J. Jetiks, j 

■ ' ; .-. John YFade, Charles Choate, Boweri ! 

.-. 1, J. B, Winn, B. F. Thompson, Ste- i 

■■■;■ Dow, John, jr., John Flaii- 

i , Moses F.Winn, Charles B.ond,Z)irec/or{>. j 

fhai. P. Metcalf, Clerk. 

Discount, Monday. 


WoncF.STER. Inc. 1804. QMl'Bal,. $3 00,000. j 

'Stephen Salisbury, President. WcSrCrbss, j 
Cashier. C. B. Whiting, Assistant Cashier. 
S. Salisbury, Levi Lincoln, George T. Rice, Newton, B. F. Hey wood. Emory 
\Vashoum, Henry S. Washburn, Directors. 
C. M. Bent, Bookkeeper. 


Blackstone. Capital, $100,000. 

Henry S. Mansfield, President. M. Farnum, 
2d, OWer. II. S. Mansfield, Alex. Ballou, 
Alvin Cook, J. F, Comstock, Joseph Tucker, 
E. W. Burrows, E. S. Hall, Laban Bates, 
John Cady, Directors. 

Discount, Wednesday. 


Wkentham. Capital, SI 50,0 00. 

I). A. Conk, President. Calvin Fisher, Jr., 
Cashier. D. _ A. Cook, T. Clark, II. C. 
Fisher, Hiram B. Either, Jason H. Archer, 


The number of Institutions for Savings in Massachusetts on the 1st January, 1854, : 
a-as eighty, and at the session of the Legislature in 1855, there were chartered eleven 
more, nine of which were Five Cents Savings Banks. 

The Report of the Secretary of State gives the following view of the condition of the j 
Savings Institutions on the 25th August, 1855. 


Number of Depositors, 148,263 ; Amount of Deposits, $27, "290, 21 6 75; Invested in ; 
Public Funds, $097,247 14; Loans on Public Funds, $10,300 00; Bank Stock, 
$6,306,067 41 ; Loans on Bank Stock, $075,315 50; Deposits in Bunks bearing in- j 
terest, $487,468 14.; Railroad Stocks. $119,914 00;' Loans on Railroad Stock,! 
SI99j913 00 ; Invested in Deal Estate, 8176,310 16 ; Loans en Mortgage of ileal E$> | 
late, $9,41*8,135 05, Loins to County or Town, S2,4.S7,U17 75; Loan, on. Pers li 
Security, 80,909,846 07; Cash on band, $344,827 95; Line of Ordinary Dividend I u 
last year, 4 97-100 per cent. ; Amount of Ordinary Dividend for last year, $1,049,435 50; 
Average Annual per cent, of Dividends of last five years, G 75-100 per cent. ; Annual 
Expenses of the Institutions, 877,756 03. 

The number of depositors and amount of deposits in each bank, according to the same 

report, are given belov? in connection with the officers. 


_ -V fe.-^The dividends for the last year are calculated on the deposits in sixty-three Banks. The divi- j 
Sends for the last live years are calculated on the deposits in forty-three Banks, 

Abjn.gton Sayings Bank. Berkshire Co.un.ty Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1853. Jenkins Lane, Pres.A Pittstield.-— Incorporated 1846. Tho*. F. j 
'Tudson N. Fanar, Treas. Depositors, 239 ; Plunk ett, Pres. ; John R. Warriner, Sec. ; 
Deposits. $34,327.88. I James Warriner, Treas. Depositors. •" '■ : 

; Deposits, $102,974.48, 

Bj^ackstonk Savings Bank. 

Andoveh Savings Bank. 
Andover. — Incorporated April 2d, 1834 

i:un-l Grav, Pres, 


»*'/ Treas. Depositors, 1,037 ; Dej osit; 
»J '-S.3-L 

Barnstable Institution for Savings. 
ncorporated — — . Eben Bicon, Pres.; 

Blaekstone.— Incorporated 184 9. Alexah- 
Igl Nier Ballou, Pres.; Alvin Cook, Sec. ; Moses • 
r ' j Farnum, Trees. Depositors, 142; Deposits, 
! S20,06G.43. 

Boston Five Cents Savings Bank 

«Iv»hn TMunroe, Trcas. Depositors, .1,255 ; De-.j Incorporated 1S54, No. 32 School street 
: 'it--, S273.590.S0. (open daily from 9 to 1 . Paul Adams, Pr s. 



i Alonzo H. Evans, Treas. ; Curtis C. Nichols, 
| Sec. Depositors, 8,007 ; Deposits, $105,532.84. 

Buistol County Savings Bank. 

; Tunntom — Incorporated 18-16. Silaa Shep- 
ard, Pres. ; (veo. D. Atrtood, Treas. Deposi- 
| tors, 1,760 5 Deposits, ^312,729.76. 


Cambridge Institution fob. Savings. 

J lacorpors'ed 1834. Charles C. Little, 
' Prt's. : John B, Dana, Treas.; Lyman Tburs- 
! to:). Sec Depositors, 1,189 ; Deposits, $210,- 

; 523.50. 


Incorporated 1853. Benj. Tilton, Pres.; 
\ Lucius It. Paige, Treas. ; Geo. W. Liver more, 
| Sec. Depositors, 271 ; Deposits, $29,4.83. 68. 

I Canton Institution for Sayings. 

Incorporated . Charles II. French, 

\Pres., Francis W. Deane, Sec. and Treas. 

! Depositors, 3i2 ; Deposits, $10,480.19, 


Cape An:" Sayings Lank. 

Incorporated . "Gloucester. — John W. 

[Lowe, Pres.; Alfred Presson, Treas. Depo- 
sitors, 449 ; Departs, $48,880.27. 


| Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank. 

Harwich. — Incorporated 1855. — - — , 

Pres. ; , Treas. ; , Sec. 

Charleston*! Five Cents Savings Bank. 

Incorporated I Sol, Phineas J. Stone, Pres.; 
1 Anios S-'one, Treas.; Duncan Bradford, Sec. 
\ Depositors, 726 ; Deposits, $6,931.23. 



Chelsea. — Incorporated 1854. Francis 13, 

j Fay, Pres.; Frank B. Fay, Sec; Samuel Bas- 
Isetr, Jr., Treas. Depositors, 522; Deposits, 

Chicopee Savings Bank. 

: Chicopee. — Incorporated 1845. Jerome 
j Wells j Prcs.; James Lyman, Sec; Henry" II. 
[Harris, Treas. Depositors, 14.4; Deposits, 

CiT.y Institution tor Sayings. 

Lowell — Incorporated 1848. Daniel C. 
j Lady, Pres.; John A. Buttrsek, Treas. De- 
jpositorSj 3,694; Deposits, 8929,315.40. 

Clin ion Savings Bank. 
Incorporated 1851. Horatio N. Bigeiow, 
'■!■■!?>.; C&arle? L. Swan, Trea r. ; Charles G. 
j Stevens, Sec, Depositors, 193; Deposits, 

> Coijasset Savings Bank. 

Incorporated . Abraham If. To^er, 

Prcs.; Levi N. Bates, Treas. Depositors, 323; 

Deposits, $70,88). 59. 

Danyebs Savings Bank. 

Danvers. — Incorporated 1850. Gilbei ! 
Taptey, Pres. ; W. L. Weston, Sec and Treas. 
Depositors, 1,018 ; Deposits, Si 74,372.71. 

Dedham Savings Bank. 

I Incorporated 1831. Ebenezer Burgess, Pres.; i 
C. Guild, Jr., Sec. and Treas. Depositors, : 
2,381; Deposits, $466,818.27. 

Dorchester Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1853. William Richardson, ' 
Prcs.; Charles Howe, Treas. Depositors, 282 ; j 
Deposits, $34,155.92. 

East Boston Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1S48. Winthrop Block, Mav~ ! 
erick square, East Boston. Samuel Hall, ! 
Pres.; Ebenezer Atkins, Vice Pres. ; Albert \ 
Bosvker, Sec and Treas. Depositors, 4 24; 

East Cambridge Five Cents Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1851. Frederick W. Holland, 
Pres.; John Savage, .Jr., Treas.; Ezra Ripley, 
Sec. Depositors, 370 ; Deposits,,$12,497.14. 

Essex Savings Bank. 

Lawrence. — Incorporated 184 7, Cfcas. S 
Storrow, Pres.; Nathaniel White, Sec and 
Treas. .Depositors. 1,062; Deposit;, $163,- 


Fairiiaven Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1832. Joseph Tripp, Pres. ; 
Chas. Drew, Sec. and Treas. Depositors, C39 ; 
Deposits, $202,470.48. 

Fall Fivei; Five Cents Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1855. S. Angier Chase, 
Pres.; Hale Remington, Sec ; Charles J. 
Holmes, Jr.. Treas. 

Fall River Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1828. Micah II. Rubles, j 
Pres.; Eiiab Williams, Sec ; Joseph F. Lind- ! 
sey, Tre.os. Depositors, 4,964; amount of De- j 
posits, 61,174,353.93. Discount, Tuesday. 

Frrcuijuita Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1816. Francis Perkins, Pres. 
Ebenezer Torrey, Treas. ; Thomas C. Cald- | 
well, Sec Depositors, 2,086 ; Deposits, §364,- j 

Foxboro' Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1855. Otis Carv, Pres.; J,i 
E. Carpenter, Ircas. and Sec Depositors, 93 ; j 
Deposits, S2.072.82. 

Framingham Savings Bank. 
Incorporated — -. Moses Edgell, Pres. ;\ 

Lorenzo Sabine, Treas. Depositors, 659; 
| posits, $124,669.65. 


16j Savings Institution. 

, .... ;;,.; j .— Incorporated . William EI. 

[j. /",-• .; Fi tnkliri Ripley, Treas. ; Chas. 
Alien, (.Yer-v. Depositors, 1 ; 55S; Deposits, 
« 51 7,318.41. 

Hampden Savings Bant;. 

Springfield.— ^Incorporated 1852. 

..„..' — /Pres.; Augustus L. Soule, Sec; F. S. 
; Bailey, Treas. Depositors, i>31 ; Deposits, 
SLOt t *268.99'. 

Haverhill Savings Bank. 

Incorporated . Jobn Appleton, Pres.; 

; James Gale, Treas. Depositors, 2,905 ; Depo- 
I sit*, $529,547.05. 

Hingham Institution tor Savings. 

Incorporated -. David Fearing, Pres.; 

J David Harding, Treas. Depositors, 1,909; 
I Deposits, $453,447.64. 

Holyoklb Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1855. Cyrus Frink, Pres.; 
\ James 1C. Mills, Sec; Gusfavus Snow, Trees. 
j Depositors, 53; Deposits, $1,727.00. 

Lancaster Savings Bank. 

Incorporated . Henry Wilder, Pres.; 

MiLLBURT Savings Bank. 
Millbury.-- -Incorporated 1854. Jonathan I 
A. Pope, Pre*. ; I). At wood, Sec. and Treas. I 
Depositors, 64 ; Deposits, 84,434.60. 

Nantucket Institution top. Savings. 
Incorporated 1834. Robt. M. Joy, Pres. ; I 
Win. Mitchell, Treas. Depositors, 1,1 90 ; De- 
posits, S3 1 2,222.86. 

New Bedford Five Cents Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1855. George Howland, Jr., : 
Pres.; James C. Rieketson,"7rcas. ; Charles 
Almy, Sec. Depositors, 506 ; Deposits, 

817,840.19. l 

New Bedford Institution tor Savings. < 

Incorporated 1 §25. Abraham Barker, Pres.; ! 
Win. C. Coffin, Treas.; Edmund Taber,,$ c. ; 
Charles Russell, Assistant Treas. Depositors, 
5,978; Deposits, $1,505,414.88. 

Newbueyeort Five Cents Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1854. Joseph B. Mores, Pres : 
Andrew W. Ivliltimore, Sec. and Treas. De- ' 
positors, 986 ; Deposits, $39, 230.78. 

Newbttryport Institution tor Savings. 

Incorporated . Mieafah Lunt, Pres. : 

John M. Washburn, Sec. ; C. T. Syrames, jKTatVl Hills, Treas.; R. Stone, Sec. Deposi- 
tors, 5,737 ; Deposits, $.1,168,118.77. 

Newton Institution for Savings. 
Incorporated 1829. , Pres. ; 

I Treas. De|)ositors,784; Deposits, $147,93346. 

Lee Savings Bank. 

Dee. — incorporated 1852. Harrison Gar- 
i field, Pres. ; Edward A. Bliss, Treas. and Sec. 
I Depositors, 314 ; Deposits, $43,998.3.3. 

Lowell Five Cents Savings Bank. 

Lowell. — Incorporated 1S54. Horatio 
j Wood, Pres..; Artemas S. T>ler, Treat. De- 
j positors, 1,648; Deposits, §123,542.03. 

Lowell Institution for Savings. 

Luther Paul, Sec. and Trees, .Depositors, 
130 ; Deposits, $10,093.37. 

North Adams Savings Bank. 

Incorporated April. 1848. Sanford Black- 
in ton, Pres. ; W. E. Bray'tori, b'ec. and Treas. 
Depositors, 1 75 ; Deposits. $28,203.39. 

Northampton Institution for Savings. 

Incorporated 1829. Tbeo. Edspn, Pres..; Incorporated . Joseph La ihrop, Pres.; 

] James G. Carney. Treas. Depositors, 5,632 ; 
I Deposits, Sl;l20,8l6.9 

Beujamin Barrett, Sec. and Treas. Deposi- j 
tors, 473; Deposits, §67,288.21. 

Lynn Five Gents Savings Bank. North Bridgewater Savings Bank. 

j Incorporated 1855. George Hood, Pres. ; Incorporated 1851. Edward Southworth, 
j John Batehelder, Treas. j p feSm . Kdward Southworth, Jr., Sec and Treas. 

Lynn Institution for Savings. j Depositors, 226 ; Deposits, 826,302 08. " 

North Brooxfield Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1826. Joseph N. Saunderson, 
j ; Amos Rhodes, Treas. ; Benj. F. Mud^e, 
i Sec. Depositors, 1,602 ; Deposits, 8^03,1 13.06! 

Middlesex Institution for Savings. 

Incorporated 1854. Amasa Walker, Pre.;.: 
Hiram Knight, Sec. and Treas. Depositors, 

101 ; Deposits, §3,2 75.68. 

Concord.—Incafporated Nathan People's Five Cunts Savings Bank. 

Brooks, Pres; J. M. Cheney, Treas. Deposi- Incorporated 1854. No. 14.5 Hanover street, 
ors, 2,026 ; Deposits, 5457,443.44. Boston. 

Open every day, from 9 till 1 o'clock, and 

Mrr/FORD Savings Bank. 

Saturdays, from 3 till 5, and from 7 till 9 P. M. 

Incorporated 1851. Geo. O. Underwood,] William Adams, Pres.; Isaac F. Shepard, 
. Pres. ,; David Brewer, Treas. Depositors, -281 ; \Sec. and Treas. Depositors, 1,311. Deposits, : 
j Deposits, §23,230.43. ' j 852,660.02. 



Plymouth Five Cents Sayings Ban 

Shelburne Falls Five Cents Savings Baxi 

Incorporated 1855. Jason Hart, Pres.H Incorporated 3 855. J. B. Bard well, Pres 
I Dan'i J. Robbing, Sec Depositors, 101 ; De- | G L. Fairbanks, Treas.; G. B. Hajes, Sec. 
| posits, $1,588.29. 

Plymouth Savings Bank. 

outhbridge Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1 848. Samuel Hartwell, Pres 

Incorporated . Nathaniel Russell, | Manning Leonard, Sec; S.M.Lane, 7 •■ 

: Pres. ; Allen Pun forth. Treas. Depositors, 
3,822; Deposits, $685,588,31. 

i Provident Institittion for Savings, "Boston. 

Depositors, 509 ; Deposits, g 71,568.71. 
South Scituate Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 181 Q. Office 12 Temple place. 
i Open daily from 9 to 1 o'clock. 

Deposits are received Monday. Tuesday, I 986*9*8 
i and Wednesday, and payments are made on J "' J_ 
i Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 
| Wm. Appleton, Pres. ; Peter Wainwrisjht, 
I Treat.; John Heed, Jr., Vice Treas.; William 
| S. Dexter, See. Depositors, 27,381 ; Deposits, 

Incorporated . Moses Rogers, Pres. : 

Ebenezer T. Fogg, Trees.; Thomas J. Gai l- 
I ner, Sec. Depositors, 7 07; Deposits, SI 70,- 


Qitncv Sayings Bank. 

j Incorporated . Josiah Brigham, Pres.; 

Springfield Five Cents Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1854. Hon. Willis Phelp?, 
Pres,; Ephraim W. Bond, Sec; Joseph C. 
Pynehon, Treas. Depositors, 1,412 ; Deposits. 


Springfield Institution for Savings. 
Incorporated- — . Josiah Hooker, Pres. ; 

«jobn L. Ranciatl, Areas. l/eposjtors, S3o ; u A , r Tr , T , T , 

pv;. ;,__. c, ~q | 4 qo Henry o terns, imzs.; Henry Yose, o/?c. De 

1 v " " 7 - ' ! positors, 2,805; Deposits, $653,756.12. 

Randolph Savings Bank, 

Incorporated 1851, Bradford L. Wales, 
I Pres. ; Velie II. Deane, &c. Depositors, 05 ; 
j Deposits, $7 j.127.97. 

Bo K.i'GR-f Savings Bank. 

j Incorporated T85 3. James Haskell, Pm.; 
Newell Giles, Treas.; Samuel J. Giles, Sec. 

I Depositors: 17 2: Deposits, $11,454,41. 

Hoxburt. Institution for Savings. 

Incorporated- . Samuel Guild, Pres.; 

! Win. Whiting, Treas.; William A. Crafts, 
! ike, Depositors, 1,-580; Deposits, $318,776.90. 

Salem Five Cents Savings Bank. 
j Incorporated 1855. Edward D. Kimball, 
| Pres. : J. Vincent Browne, Treas. Depositors, 
[ 772 ; Deposits, 825,186.65. 

Salem Savings Bank. 
Incorporated 1818. Daniel A. White, 

r> . . n i. r r ur nr .,. ; Joel Rice, bee. and Ircas. Depositors, 

f'rts.; Ilenry Kcpes, Treas.; Yvm. wains, u, .. , , «.,..,,, - , 

Sec Depositors., 8,750; amount of Deposits, 


Salisbury and Amfsriuiy Provident Insti- 
tution for Savings. 

StOneham Five Cents Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1855 Eiisha Green, Pres. ; 
Wm. II. Heath, Treas. and Sec Depositors, 

130; Deposits, $1,17 7.04. 

Suffolk Savings Bank. Boston. 

Incorporated 1833. Office, Museum Build- 
in jr. Open daily, from 9 to 1 o'clock, P. M. 
Deposits received and payments made daily. 

Thomas Lamb, Pr<<s. ; Benjamin Seaver, 
Vice Pres. ; Charles Henry Parker, Sec and 
Treas. Depositors, 7,73rf; Deposits, $1,963,- 

YvAi/rn am Savings Bank, 

Incorporated 1853. Horatio Moore, Pres. ; 
D. A. Kimball, Treas. and Sec Depositors, 
240; Deposits, $35,286.00. 

Ware Savings Bank. 

Incorporated 1850. Wm. Hyde, Pres.; 
A Pice, Sec and T 
Deposits, $122,022.54. 

War eh am Savings Bank. 

Incorporated . Joshua B. Tobey, Pres.; 

Tfaos. R. Aides, Treas. Depositors, 020 ; De- 
posits, $212,076-66. 

Warren Five Cents Savings Bank. 

j incorporated . Azor O. Webster 

! Pres.; Robert Patten, Tr-eas. Depositors 
1 1,270; Deposits, $213,021.40. 

bouth Danvers. — Incorporated 18o4, Geo. 
Scituate Savings Bank. j Osborne, Pre.*.; Francis Baker. Sec. and Trent 

Incorporated 1S31. Elijah Jenkins. J r .j Depositors, 296; -Deposits, 318,442.15. 
Pres.; Caleb W, Prouty, Treas. Depositors, , T „ T 

j 141 ; Deposits, 520,717:36. Warren Institution for Savings. 

Charlestown. — Incorporated . Jai 

Seaman's Savings Bank. j ,yd»nis, p re s.; John Skilton, Treas.; James ; 

Provincetowm — Incorporated 1851. De- j K. Fvo'h'mzb&m, Sec and Supervisor, Depos- 
positors, 122; Deposits, SI 7,377.25. | itors, 3,120 ; Deposits, $643*240.33. 



W.ESTFiEiD .Savings Bank. I Pres. ; James N. Dow, Sec. and Treas. Depo- ' 

\V -: wM.*- Incorporated 1S5S, Ja?. Fow- j si tors, 536; Deposits, 815,228.23. 
'"' •• ; Samuel Fowler, Treas. : E L Gil- Worcester County Institution foe Savi.vos. : 

>,r, >. c. Depositors, 257; Deposits, $26,- 

Worcester. — Incorporated . 

Salisbury, Pres.; J. Henry Hill, Sec; C A. 
'.VsrMOUTH and BiiAiSTREE INSTITUTION for Hamilton, Treas.; Edward Hamilton, Assist. , 
Savings. '//'reus. Depositors, 9,700 ; Deposits, Sl,S-iG,- 

locorporated 1 833. Elliot L. White, Pres. ; j 683.97. 
;. .... S. White, Sec- and Treas. Depositors, Worcester Five Cents Saving-, Bank. 
85<J: Deposits^l54,860.78. j. Incorporated 185-1. Charles L. Putnam,] 

WinchentjON Savings Bank. \Pres. ; E. B. Stoddard, Sec; Clarendon Har- ! 

„.. , , .. , . . 'ris, Treas. Depositors, 705; Deposits, Si 3,- : 

Incorporated 18o4. £di>ha Muroock, Pres.; | 9gn 3Q 
C. K. Whitman, Sec; S. B. Ball, Treas. De- j ~ 
positow, 77 ; Deposits, $4,103.50; Worcester Mechanics' Savings Bank. 

I Incorporated 1851. Alex. DeWitt, Pres. ; 
Woburn Five Cents Savings Bank. . f# il Dewey, Sec. ; H. Woodward, 2>< . 

Incorporated 185 1. Bowen Buckman,! Depositors, 1,539 ; Deposits, §311,890.31. 

liM o u itii tS uJd I'UMJt Ali IJ&>o. 
[Insurance Commissioners on page 56.] 

In 1854 returns wore mode to the Secretary of State from 3d Five and Marine lusur- 
.'• ce Companies incorporated with specific capital. Of these, 10 were in Boston, and 15 
in. other parts of the State. Their -aggregate capital was §6, 693,850. 00. Amount of 
losses occasioned by are, paid during the year, S435 ,7-S3.86. Marine losses, $2,475,- 
252.70. Amount then at ri>k by fire, Sll2,775,318.S8. Marine -risks, $65,965, 2 L7-.25. 

The number of Martial Fire and Marine Insurance Companies was 15, of which 
number 7 were in Boston and 8 in other places. Total amount Ol as^eti of theac com- 
panies, §6,165,759.11. Losses paid during the year cm muiine risks, §3,42 8,523 fcS. 
Losses aseeitained and not paid on marine risks, $311,907.06. Amount insured during 
the year ori marine risks, S129.711, 771,50, Losses paid on fire risks, $53,911.68. 
Losses ascertained but not mud on lire risks, HQQ0, : QQ« Amount insured during the 
year on Bre tasks. S-41 $82;0 11.00, 

There were in all 69 Mutual Fire Insurance Companies, 12 of which were in Boston j 
and 57 in the country. The amount insured by existing policies by these companies 
^as S1.87, 467,173, 08. Amount of policies issued during too year, S74,083,Sb5.00- 
Amount of policies terminated during the year, $54,421 ,110.11. Losses as ascertained | 
but not paid; S96.57&3-Q. Dividends for one year, 8212,520.66, 

At the sessions of the legislature in 1855, 17 new companies were incorporated ; 5 in ; 
Boston and 3 in the country., with specific capital, and 2 mutual in Boston and 7 mutual 
in ether places. For other legislation in 1855. with regard to Insurance Companies, 
see Abstract, (commencing on pane 17 of this book,) Numbers 2, 10, 00, 117, 1:M. 
169, 1ST, 206, 207, 291, 320, 343, 437, 47G, and Resolve, Number 77, page 4$. 


Xo. 41 State Street. Incorporated 1S-50, | No. 5-4 State aau-air Incorporated 1 
J* el $■ •;•;. Pnskkmt. William II, O, C« p ! mu, '■ ■ ■ ■ '■ L, S3 10,000. 

,s niary. Henry II. Jones, Christopher Ci Chad- J. L--.-a Bowditch, Pr, -dati ". C. 

';■;. ■ • Sjimui'l Austin, Micajah Unit, George II. Dorr, Secret^ N'athsm Appleton, Wiu. J 

^Daiand.^Georcro li. Sampson, Sewell R. I). Fo^os, Benjamin A. Gould. - • H. 

!'; »eon, William Perkins, .Mills, A140?. A, Lawxence, Sainuvl ' Mav, Tl 

t •:■; tn, Geox „- 

G< Tgre M Barnard, 3 

M rirj'r, Henrv R. Cx 

r.j Chase, jaues S. Amory, Edwin Ausi i, 
m M. SVeld, Joel Bacon F.;'teor<fr>n Dexter. /)*>•« fors. b'ra b 

Franci Skimaet, Wm. Bramhall, David I>. I Bul>r.£c3 C 
ickpoie, Directors, Charles U. Cole. Cfc/vt. I Dividead, January .-and July. 



It E GIST E H . 


N '. ■■ S< it lay'.s Building, Tremont Row. 
In corf or at kd 18.33. 

William Pulsifer, President. Ebenezer Pulsifer, 
Secretary. William Pulsifer, Treasurer, William 
PtiKiftT," -Silas Sanborn, Ebenezer Pulsifer, Sylves- 
ter Phelps, Jones Robinson, lehabod Macomber, 
G. D. Cooper, Stephen Miller, William W. Bullock, 

No. 02 State Street. Incorporated 1823. 

Capital, £300,000. 
Peter W. Freeman, President. Henry Washburn, 
Secretary. N. K. Emmons, Robert C. Mackay, 
Kenrv ft. Crocker, George L: Pratt, John F. Lor- 
ing, Edwin Holland, George 7. Silsbee, Eben 
Dale, Directors. Thomas P. Larkin, Clerk. 
Dividends, March and September. 


No. G5 State Street. Incorporated 1850 
William Amory, President. John L. Hughes, 
Secretory. John Aiken, Charles II. Mills, William 
Amory, William D wight, James Read, James S. 
Amory, Francis Skinner, Directors. 


No. 8 Ol 

d State House. Incorporated 1854. 

Warren White. Abraham T. Lowe, David Ki i 
Isaiah Bangs, E. P. Tileston, Edward A. Rayrrn 
Frederick Perkins, George C. Richardson, 0\ 
Norcross, William Burrage, Directors. 
Dividends, April and October. 


No. SG State Street. Incorporated 1847. 

George II. Folger, President, Edmund P>. Whit- 
ney, Secretary. Ephraim Lombard, Pliny E. Kin-;. 
man, Samuel Weltch, Ebenezer T. Fan in 
Alfred Blanchard, John M. Mayo, Charles Smith, 
William Lang, James F. Athearn, Henry Lincoln, 
Frederick A. Sumner, Ives G. Bates, George A. 
Fiske, Benj. F, Copelaud. Daniel Lewis, J icob 
Stanwood, Ezra Farnsworth, Charles J. Hen dee, 
Charles S. Newell, George II. Folger, Hiram I . 
erson, Hamilton A. HillfG. W. Whit-, William R 
Clark, Directors. Warren Gill, Clerk 


No. 70 State Street. Incorporated 1853. 

George TV\ Bean, President. Henry Earl, Secre- 
tary. John Nesmith, Ithamar W. Beard, Nahum 
Clark, George W. Pope, Stephen Dow, John Gove, 
Simeon II. Lewis, Blisha S. Converse, George W. 
B m, 3. W. Parker, William Hunter. Andrew L. 
Chamberlain, George W. Chipman, James Dana, 
Elijah C. Drew, Edward Chamberlin, Francis Bush, 
Wm. F. Brett, Gershom L. Fall, Wmi P. Tenncy, 
Matthew P. Elliot, Parker Fall, Henry E. Turner, 
Henry Earl, Directors, 

I..- pnzo Burge, President. Michael Leary, Sec- 
ret •- . .'''.:;■ Sr^ch, Thomas Thacher, David 
fv.ii i! all, vViiliram Parkrnan, Joseph Buck Ley, James 
G. Movey, Noah Lincoln, Jr., William White, Lo- 
renzo Burge, William L. Whitney, .Directors. 


No. 45 State Street. Incorporate* 1 1825. 

Capital, ^CO;) 000. 
Joseph V>". Baleh, President. Horace W. Barry, 
' l '''>'/y. Wnirarn S. Bullard, Thomas Wiggles- 
vfortli, Jr., George T. Lyman, Patrick Jackson, 
Alansoii Tucker, Jr., Charles Amory, Josiah P. 
Cooke, M >es Williams, C Loring Cunningham, 
' •'.' ■•■-• Bacon, Henry T. Daland, Directors. 
Dividends, April and October. 

No. 52 State Street. Incorporated 1853. 

!LXO : 


George L. D< 

Secretary. Fran : s Bacon, Eben Bacon, Ezra H. 
Baker, Edward ('. Sites, William S. Billiard, Pred- 
.-- T. Lush, Joseph S. Coolidge, John A. Cun- 
ningham Samuel T. Dana., Chanes B. Fessenden, 
John M. Fori,:-, Robert B. Forbes, Joseph P. Gard- 
ner, Nathaniel Gbddard, Andrew!'. Hall, Augus- 
tus Hememvay, Osborn Howes, James Huckins, 
George T. Lyman, Robert C. Mackay, George It. 
ML ot, William F. Parrot*, S. Endieott Peabody, 
Henry A. Peirce, Thomas W. Peirce, Wm. Perkins, 
Eben C. Stanwood, James Slur 'L, Lewis W. Tap- 

El io i i 






No. 55 State Street.- Incorporated 18-50. 
Ci VITAL S 150,00 J. 

Samuel P. Heywood, President. Austin W. Ben- 
ton, Secretary 

No. 23 KriiBi" Street. Incorporated 18-19. 
Capital 5200,000. 

William A. Howe, President. William M. Lath- 
rop, Secret* y. Chas. U.Cotting, William A. Howe. 
Robert Codman, Amos Cummings, Calvin W. Ha- 
ven, John M. Bethune, William II. Jameson. Geo. 
A. Curtis, James Longley, Franklin Evans, Carmi 
E. King, Gardner P. Drury, Charles L. Ilayward, 
William Parker, John P. Robinson, Ahijah W. 
Parrar, Directors. Joseph N. Bradford, Clerk. 


Merchants Exchange. Inc. 1839. 
John Clark, President. Samuel Wheeler, Secre- 
tary. Benj. Burgess Benj. C.Clark, Enoch Train, 
Charles Scudder, John li. Pearson, S. Fairbanks, 
Lewis W. Tsippan, Augustus II. Fiske, William W. 
Goddard. Gorge Callendar, i-^:^i lasigi, G.'B. 
Weston, William Bramhall, John S. "Wright, Wm. 
Ropes, Geonre 13. Upton, Thomas Gray, Charles 
Larkin, William Dwight, Charles O. Whitmore, 
Directors. J.Theodore Clark, .Marine Clerk. John 
J. Loring Jr., Fire Clerk. 

Congress Square. Incorporated 1855. 
Capital, §500,000. 
Lueian I, Bisbee, President. D. H.Norris, Sec- 
reiary. Lncian I. Bisbee, John S. Tvler, Geo. W. 
Norris, T L. Ki>ss, Charles Scott, E/Stimpson, C. 
S. Darrow, Directors. 



No. 75 State Street. Incorporated 1831. 

Capital 5300,000. 
Thomas C. Amory, President. Shubael G. Rcg- 
Cheever, John 1L Wilkins, i ers, Secretary. John Cpllamore, Jr., Thaddeus 



ii . ijs, Benjamin Seaver, Ignatius Sargent, J. 
• , r y Davis, Joseph Hay, Samuel R. Payson, 
■' Sllison, John B. Parker, Nathaniel Harris, 
,. : je X -V. Messinger, Directors. 

Dividends, January and July. 


No. 44 State Street. Inc. 132-1. Capital 

Boles, Benjamin Beal, Wn. Eaton, Loyal Love- 
jov, John H. Bowkcr, Job A. Turner, Nath'l 
Adams, Jos. D. Roberts, Rob't Marsh, Wm. Whit- 
ing, Dint tors. Jas. D. K. Willis, Clerk. 


No. 53 Stat;: Street. Incorporated 1822 

CAPITAL, $300,000. 

Francis Welch, President.,, ■William. M. Byrnes, I - Nathaniel Meriam, President. William B Cof- 

k II. BraTIIee. John A.'Blan- ?"• Secretary. Benjamin Bangs, James B. Hrad- 
G corse L. Pratt; Eben Dale, ££• benjamin Howard John K 1 o -. i 

Wigglesworth, Llijah Williams, George 11. M i i ! 
Richard C. Nichols, Charles Wilis. ./; rectors. 
Dividends, May and November. 

*. v tary. Fn 
ird, John L" 
En , h Train, Adalphus Davis, Edward A. Crown 
iijuhield. Directors. Win. H. Adam;;. Clerk. 
Dividends, January and July. 


No. 38 State Street. Incorporated 1816. 

Capital, £500,000. 

No. -15 State Street. Incorporated 1S31. 

Capital, $200,000. 
Augustus Loxett, Presiclent Wm. McManus, 1 Thomas C . Smith, President. James C. Bra- 
.VrtKrfaro. Benjaimn A.Gould, Wm Davis, jr., man , Secretary. F. B. Crowninshield, Eii K. 
George Calendar, Nathamel Goddard, Gustavus Davison , Wm. Gray, Patrick Grant, Israel Whit- 
luckcrnian. Wuhain I. Par tot t, Joan R. Lee, neV) Francis Curti s, H enry Hall, John Will 
PrancisD. Darling. Poster Waterman, Edward 5. Robert Hooper. SamM Hooper, John A. Lowell 

Tobe'v, Director 

Dividends, April ana October 

per, aam l iiooper, 
Sam' 1 T. Morse, Directors. Francis 11. Dix, G 
W. Pearce, Jr., .11. B. ltd:. Clerks. 

Dividends, April and October. 

No. 59 State Street. Incorporated 1S22. NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY. 

Capital, g400,000. 

C. W. Cartwright, President. Samuel Gould, 
Secretary. Otis Daniel!, Henry Hall, John Wil- 
liams, Wm. SUimmin, James Head, Benjamin F. 
White, William T. Andrews, George Morey, Calvin 
W Clark. Ch&xles L. Thaver, James II. Beal, Di- 
rectors. T. B. G. Messinger, James J. Goodrich, 

Dividends, April and October. 

No. 50 State Street. Incorporated 1323. 

Capital, g590,000. 
Nathan A:p ,\< toi , President. Moses L. Hale, 
Secretary. William Appleton, William S. Bullard, 
Samuel A. Eliot, John C. Gray, Robert Hooper, 
Thomas Lamb, George W. Lyman,- Wm. Minot, 
'■'-. unas Motley, Jonathan Phillips, Je.siah Quincy, 
Bavi<l Sears, John Tappan., George Tickhor, Robr. 
C. -Vinthrop, Vice Presidents. Wm. Amory Sam'l 
Austin, Francis Bacon, J. Ingersoll Bowditch, J. 
•'•■.':-. Edniands, George H. Kuhn, Charles G. 
farmer, Francis C. Lowell, John A. Lowell, Chas. 
J i • Mills, 1 matins Sargent, William Siur:ris, Direc- 
'•■ r -'. Charles G. Loring, Actuary. Edward L. 
Berkins, Receiver. Henry P. Chamberlain, Clerk. 
Alb at Smith, Messenger. 

Drvidcn ds , J a n u ary . 

No. 66 State St. Incorporated 1832. 

Capital, g500,00O. 

Samuel W. Swett, President. Aaron II. Bean, 
Secretary. Daniel Denny. J- Wiley Edma: . I 
F. White, John A. Lowell, Francis Skinner, Daniel 
Kimball, Isaac Liverraore, John L. Gardn< r, < : • . . 
Howe, George IL Kuhn, Marshal! P. Wilder. Jus. 
McGregor, Jas.M. Beebe, Israel Whitney. Willi im 
Amory, R. Hooper, Sam. T. Dana, S, 1 - -■ .'..:.-. 
O. Goodwin, Nathan i I Ho >p« r, Jan \ \ 
George B. Blake, -Wiiliam S. Bullard, W .. II. 
Gardiner, Samuel W. Swctt, Directors. Henry 1 . 
Aboxn, Assistant Clerk. 

■ Dividends, April and Oetobj r. 


No. 11 State Street. Incorporated l v h. 

Organized 1S13. 

Willard Phillips, President. Benjamin F. 
Stevens, Secretary. Charles Hubbard, Charb I - 
Curtis, Thomas A. Dexter, Marshall P. W. 
Sewed Tappan, A. W. Thaxter, Jr., Wil'ia 
Reynolds, George H. Folger, Directors. Jol n Ho- 
mans. Consulting Physician. 

j Merchants Exchange Building, Stats St. 
I Incorporated, 1S39. 

! Joseph H. Adams, President. Edward P. M< r- 
Charlea Weils, President. William Tofts, Sec- iam, Secretary. Benjamin Lyon, Assistant Scire 
rrtary. William T. Andrews, Edward Brooks, j tary. Joseph II. Adams, Nathan B. Gibi 
■Mm Bryant, Ebenezer Fra 


No. Gi State Street. Incorporated 1793. 

Charl sC 

11. Hun- j ham Plummer, Joseph V. Ba a 
ell, George 11. hnba, Samuel Mav, William I ham, B tmin B. Bates. Benjar 
■■ >l, John P. Thorndike, M iscs Will . ms, Nath'l ! Tayl >r, Hem / Li : dn, Jabez hi 
■ Kiamons/Jeflr ■ Richardson, Ito rf r.s. Hefirv 1 1 


'*'- Humphrey, Messenger. 

ier, Jr., 


sra H. Laker, Frederick Nick. -. • 
lA „aIl, Alpheus Hardy, Holmes Ami 
MECHANICS 7>IUTUAL FIRE INS. CO. :<•,.'. -. n Howes, William Lincoln, B.Thaeher, Wil- 
liam T. Glidderi, Thomas W. Fein e, G 
Lor.l, Directors. Samuel S. All n, Charl 

- ! -7 State Strei x 

' •-: n Ho 
itary. Da 

ftPO'OATED 1836. 

y. President. Osborn B. Hall, 
[Tillson, Thomas Moulton, John 

■ on, John Adams, C/«^. Edward A. Sneih'ng, 



No 6-i State Street. Incorporated 183.1. No. 17 State Street. Incorporated [-:, 

Capital, 5300,000. J George W. Gerrish, President. George S. J i 

. . . n -7 / /•' i- o i i. son. Secretary. Samuel II. Jenk.s, C'harli ■ 

t Curtis, President. George J:. OsDfirne, \r- ,,.,'., ,, ,,-•,, . it-*, k n r/,:*i ,i- 

■ , ', .,, r-j ,i r >. ■■■•, 1T ( . ' , ! White, E. H. Bromard, Robert C. Keith, v. rn. , 

\uarew I. Hall, L iarn\> Honor, C Tines Tr . ,. .. ,- ,-, T ' r . 

,-.,•- . ,, , i. .• ,, • < m i ■ Houston, George C. \ arnev, Benjamin J. Gern.xb 

' v •-.,!, Rarnah is Davis, benjamin bewail, Jo tin «•, . - T . • . v . , V i n tj w 

■: ?.. T v . • . - . /• • IhomasM. Smith, toumuel iSewiaarch.O. B.WattJi 

• • hiorudike, Joseph Whitney, George Gardner, , T r\~~ i n- 

• • fi'-iv Sr /-: ,.- • -\- v • i -■ A. L. Dearborn, Directors. 
><■ ■-,./■>. William II. Cutting, Nathaniel roster, 

; ; . Stephen Osborne, Cl< H t. 

Dividends, April and October. 


No 10 Old State House. Incorporated 18-31. 

Capital, §200,000. 

Albert Bowker, President. J airier C. E. Hall, 
Secretary. Siias Pierce, Benjamin Lamson, Sam- 
uel Hail, Henry N. Hooper, Thomas P. Rich, John 
P. Ober, William C. Barstow, B. P. Spaulding, 
John Jeffries, Jr., Alfred A. Wellington, Solomon 
Piper, Ebenezer Atkins, Ezra C. Dyer, Jacob 
Sleeper, John C. Potter, Directors. 



No. -13 State Street. Incorporated 18-5 1. 

Job.'). J. Nazro, President. Wra, C. Swift, >• - 
retary. Enoch Train, George B.Upton, Char! 
Wilkins, Philo S. Shelton, Isaac Thacher, Chad"* 
G. Nazro, William Lincoln, Robert B. Storer, Lew 
W. Tappan, James Sturgis, Charles Larkin, John 
G. Nazro, B. K. Hough, Thacher Magoun, Jr., 
Wm. T. Glidden, George Bacon, Harrison Far, 
Samuel Hooper, Robert B. Forbes, Samuel G, 
Reed, Geo. Callender, Isaac Rich, Phineas Gay, Di- 
rectors. Augustus Triable, Clerk. 


4NCE COMPANY. NTo. 99 State Street. Incorporate, 1852. 

No, 39- State Street. Incorporated 1853. William Rice, President, Thomas P. Haviland, 

I Gcorcpc O. Brastow, President- Simeon P. Tav- j Secretary. Wm. Rice Samuel C. Cobb. Henn 

: lor, Secretary. Clement Willis, C. F. Moore, SamT ! <f*rdner Charles J. Morrill, Josepn Is ickerson. 

! IL Jenks, George O. Brastow, George C.Goodwin, j J ° s £P h S. Ropes, Adam W. Thaxter Jr., Edwan! 

j mi . Tolman, George A. Hill, Benjamin F. Ten- I J ■ Bate T s ' George T Lvman, Cusmng Stetson, Paul 

rcv, Abe! G.. Peek, Alexander Wood, Horace Sears, Jr., Henry A Pierce, Adolphus Davis A,v 
I Siuii .. John H. Farweli, Dexter Dana, Isaac F. i few Penrce -Jr. , Bradley 3N Cumings, John MS. 

... i c>,., r>,»o r p-x,,ir>r AY,., tt AV-vi-ft T) K Vv Foams, JR-nrv ix. Crocker, Ken den > v >. \N aac. 

•->;.;-;. William B. May Dan'i L Gear H E Charles laompson, Jr., David uocidard, W . I er- 

Vi : aid, .Tames Noble, Israel 1). Shepard, Winslow 
1 ites., Leonard Hoyt, Simeon P. Taylor, Bir&zturs. 


kins Draper, Joseph H. Gardner, Directors. 
gustine Lincoln, Clerk. S. ~\V. Smith, Assistaii 


No. 29 State Street. Incorporated 18-13. 

No. 5; H.vNOYER Street. Incorporated 1854. Enoch Hobart, President. George G. Ti« 

i Seer. 

Enoch Hobart, Samuel If. W 

C'U'ITAC £100,003. j Benj Lamson, A^a Swallow, Uriel Crocker, N. 1 

I : .'■>.;. WiiliamBun'a^e xTohn I ^°t«len, Billings ttA^i, Samuel Leo!:. Dam' 

•n D. Massey, Gerry Yv . Coch- 

ITenchman, George H. Kuan, George T. Bigeh 

Abraham T. Lowe, George A. Bourne, J as. Clara 
Adam W. Thaxter, Jr., Eliphalet Jones, Jacob B 
Loud, John P. ObeF, Directors. 

■ ■ i ;• '■ rick J mes, William Clafiin, Benjamin 

F Ni - ',.::. E. N. Holhrook, John Field, Francis 

'C -' ■■ U i: (la rington, Albert Tirrcll, Samuel 

1 ■ •• • ■' im"s S. Stone, Alexander Strong, John P. I 

:, , J ob S. Aber, W. S. Messervey, Eben [ UNION MUTUAL LIFE INS. GO. 

B.P1 <?» t JHrvctoKS. Cyrus M. Stimson, Secretary. I Of Augusta, Maine. Incorporated IMS. 

STATE JtTTJTUAL ^I^E INS CO Directors' Office, GS State Street. 

ri • ^ * °^' Original and Accumulated Capital, 5550,000. 

ect. Incorporated 1843. Elisha 1$. Pratt, PrMirfew*. Whiting H. Holib- 

/ ; r. •.'•,.'. Pelham Bonney, i ter, Secretary. Eiisha B. Pratt, Daniel Sharp, J r ; - 
. II, ;. -.,-, 1 ., pold rlcrm in, j James Sawyer, Henry Crocker, Matthew Cobb, E- 
ac H. Ci'i r, William Dehon, '■ R. Seccomb, of Boston; Reucl Williams, John 1>- 
.•;• ;i-; Levi Boles Sai iip-1 Lang, J. II. Williams, Charles Jones, of Maine; C 
illips, F>.'N. Ci .::- •., •' .' < C.'Conl y.T'C. Collins, E. Russell Hinckley, of New York ; i>>- 
heeler, Francis Stai iisli, Joseph W. Coburn) ' rectors. John C. Sharp, M. D. t Medical Exami>> ' 
( ..rur, Directors. John Wm. Doles, Clerk, I Langfurd YY. Loring, Bookkeeper. 

No 27 

S f ate :• 

; k< •■ 

F. 11 >v 

- f r., .St r 

■ ' ■ ./. •• 

Flavtd SJ 


State, < oiwer op Congress Street. I ^'°- - State Sim bt. Incorporated. II 

In* out UR.V1 Kb 181S, Capital, ,• ... 

o'. Ji 

pelham W. Havward, President, James JI, 
I. unr, Secretary, Henry Waiiiwrisht, John L 
Gardner, Stephen II, Ferkli s, li< njaiain C. N 1 hit*, 

C.VIUTAI., 5200,000, 

Robert B. Williams, President. J< 

s. !'. Tl 

D *e •-:■;. 

nuel L. Fuller, AA>- j B. M 

lis, Secretary. Wm, Perkins, Edward S. lt>' 
Ammi C. Lombard, Israel Lombard, Alfred 

orge It. Sampson, John S. V right, '•.'"'" 

si, Osborn Howes, Charles II. Brows . 


Dividends, April and Qetobei 

Bramhall, Directors. 

Dividends, December and Juno 

C U X T It Y INS K A X C E C M P A X I E S . 



$<i 12 Street. Incorporated 183-5. j No. 72 State Street. Incorporated 1824. 

Capital, §150,000. Capital, 5200,000. 

Isaac Sweetser, President. Benjamin Sweetser, 

it. C. E. \Y. D 

;.:.-, l. iiiumopK, ™»a««. < • r.. nv , ^,, v/ Thomas Lamb, Richarcl-Soulo. John T. ; 

k ..-rr/:;ry. John B. Eobmson, Jolm C. Ab- | Co oUd g e, T. Jefferson CooJM-c, M.H.Simpson, : 
' *< li * b * . Ai *%*> Ja "\ es . S ,' JJ 1 ^"' H " 1 .^ L - 1 P. M.Favkman, John H. Thorndike, John A.W ; 
n - John 1 yler Daniel C Laker Ellison ; Isaac g^eetser, I>^to. James SwortS, 

Paraclete Holmes, Directors. George S. | clerk. 

.....,■ i. Solicitor 

Dividends, April and October, 


Adams Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

Incorporated 1851. Sanford Blackinton, 
Pre*. Daniel Jenks, Vice Pre*. Wm. E. 
Bray ton, Treas. Wm. P. Bray ton, Sec. 

American Insurance Company. 
Provincctown. Incorporated 1855. 

Atlantic Mutual Fire and Marine Ins. Co. i 

City Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

Roxbury. Aaron D. William?, Pre?. Geo. 
Gregerson, Sec. 

Cohasset Mutual Folk Insurance Company. 

Daniel T. Lotlirop, Pres. Henry J. Tur- 
ner. Sec. 

Commercial Insurance Company. 


Provincetown. Incorporated 1854. Capi- j Jfantpcket Incorporated 1831, Capital 
».ii;. G5,o00. David Fairbanks, Pres. It. . E. $50,000. Francis M. Mitchell, Pres. An- 
Nickerson, Sec. \ c ] rew j. Morton, Sec. 


, ,. . nn _ , • _ t, Commercial Mutual Marine Insurance Co. 

Incorporated 1836. John Daggett, Pres.\ 
Samuel Carpenter, 2d, &?<r. Ke *' Bedford. Capital, 8200,000. Chas. 

R. Tucker, iVcs. Henry H. Crapo, Sec. 

Barnstarle County Mutual Fire Ins. Co. 
Zenas I). Bassett, Pres. Amos Otis, Sec. 

Berkshire Life Insurance Company. 
PittsnVid. Ceo. N. Briggs, Pres. B. F. 
Johnson, Sec. 

Berkshire Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

Ffttsfield. Ezekiel R. Cult. Pres. James 
B .:.• ! , Sec. 

Beverly Insurance Company. 

William W. Crapo, Asst, Sec. 

Coxavay Fire Insurance Company, 

Incorporated 1849, James S. Whitney, 
Pre:*. Joseph IT. Sprague, Sec. E. D Ham- 
ikon, Treas. D. C. Rogers, Actuary. Boston 
office, 27 State. 

Dancers Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

South Dan vers. Henry Cook, Pres. Goo. 
A. Osborne, Sec. 
Incorporated 1852. Capital, $30,000. Mi- 
chael U hitney, Pres Robert G.Bennett, Bebham Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 
A; '-'- j Dedham. James Richardson, Pres. L. 

Bais-roL County Mutual Fire Insurance Co. j Cleveland, >S>c. 


Dorebester. Incorporated 1855. Asaph 
Churchill, Pres. Wm. F. Temple, Sec. 

New Bedford. Henry XL Crapo, Pres, 
Joseph S. Tillinghast, Sec. and Treas. 

Casiuiurge Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

Cambridjjeport Incorporated 1833. Jo- 1 Equitable Marine Mutual Insurance Co. 
«ah W. Cook, Pres. Abraham Lansing,: . , , 7( ,-,. 

x\ . , , rp , . -l n „„ i „„ D u „„-,:**) Frovrneetown. ihos. Hilliard, 7V«. 

>--<•. ami Ireas. Available and cash capital!. . ., . . 

about §150,000. P ab bmsth *^ c - 

Charlestown Mutual Fire Insurance Cc 

Charlt-siown. Charles Thompson, Pres. j p V 

Essex Insurance Company. 

Saiem. Capital, 5100,000. James V. 

Ja*. G. Fuller, So 


I Brigjis, Pres. XV w. Northey. Sec 

Chelsea Mutual Fire Insurance Company. ! Essex Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

Krastus Rugg, Pres. Jason B, Lcomis, | t Saiem. George Nichols, Pres. John II 
Secretary. *"" j .Nichols, Sec. 

ft'hzExs Mctua 

Brighton. E 
A. 15, Cobb, See. 

hzExs Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Fairtiayex Mutual Marine .Insurance Co. 
Brighton. Edward G. Sparbawk, Pm.j Incorporated 1S55. Firman R. Wbitwell, 

j Pres. John A. llawes, Sec. 



; Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 
Georgetown. Thomas E. Payscn, Pres. 
Wra. Boy&'ton, Sec. ami TVeas. 

' Fayette Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

Howard Fire Insurance Company. 

Lowe!!. Capital, $200,000. Natban Allen 
Pres. J. W. Daniels, Sec. and Treas. 

Lowell Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

Lawrence, incorporated -1S55. DanaSar-j Lowell. J. H. B. Ayer, Pres. Jacob Rob- 
■ gent, Pres, Benj. liordman, Sec bins, Second Treas. 

Lynn Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

Nathan. D., Pr/?j. Andrews Breed, 

I FrrcRBURO Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 
i Nathaniel Wood, Pres. Abel Thurston, 
j Secretm y. 

i Franklin Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 
Greenfield. Horatio G. Newcomb, Pres. 

Lynn Mechanics Fire and Marine Ins. 

,, „ .. , o r . , i u t>--»i Capital, So0,000. Micaiah C.Pratt, Pres.' 

• Almon Bratnard, Sec faamuei D. Keed, . 1 T », '•, ' c J 

,., ' • Amos Knodes, Sec. 

Gloucester Marine Insurance Company. 

Capital, $50,000. George H. Rogers,Pres. 

■ Alfred Presson, Sec, 

! Gloucester Mutual Insurance Company. 
Moses, Pres. Joshua P. Tta^k, Sec. 

[ Gkejenplelp Stock and Mutual Fire Ins. Co. 

| Incorporated I $54. Ira Abercroinbie, Pres. 

■ Wendell T. Davis, Sec. E. Maynard, Treas. 

Groveland Mutual Insurance Company. 

Na&anid II. Griffith, Pr 
Ladd, Sec. ami Treas. 


Hampden Fire Insurance Company. 

i Springfield- John Mil's, Pres, Geo. W. 
i lliee. Sec 

Hamilton Mutual Insurance Company. 

! Salem. Wra. C, Prescbtt, Pres John T. 
: Bursham, Sec 

MArelehead Marine Company. 

Marblehead. Capital, $100,000. John 
Hooper, Pres. S. S. Tithey, Sec. 

Marlboro' Mutual Fire Insurance Company, j 

Jabez S. Wetherbee, Pres. Hoi lis Loring, 

Treas. and Sec. 

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. 

Springfield. Capital, $100 ; 000. Caleb j 
Itice, Pres. F. 33. Bacon, Sec 

Mechanics Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 

Worcester. Incorporated 1855. Henry 
A. Denny, Pres. Wm. S. Denny, Sec. 

Merchants and Farmers Mutual Fire Ins. 

Worcester. Incorporated 1810. Isaac Da- . 
Yis, Pres. Charles L. Putnam, Sec. 

Meeeimao Mutual Lire Insurance Company. ; 

Andover. Samuel Merrill, Pres. Samuel 
Limpshtre Mutual Fire Insurance Co. | Gray, Sec and Treas. 

Northampton. Samuel F. Lyman, Pres. Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

Concord, Daniel Shattuck, President. K. 
Brooks, Sec. and Treas. 

j Harvey Kirkland, Sec. and Treat 

Haverhill Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 

Incorporated 1831. Alfred Kittredge, Pres- 
j M. P. Peaslee, Sec 


j Hingham Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

| _ Solomon. Lincoln, Pres. David Harding, 
j Sec. Kufus Lane, Treas. 

-j HoLLLsioN Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 
Alden Leland, Pres. George E. Johnson, 

Milford Mutual Fire Insurance Company. ! 

Aaron C. Mayhew, Pres. Chas. F. Chapio, | 

Monument Fire and Marine Insurance Co. ! 

Charlestown. Incorporated 1855. 

Mutual Marine Insurance Company. 

New Bedford. Henry Taber, Pres. Par- 
don Tillinghast, Vice Pres. W. II. Taylor. ! 
j Holyoxe Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Secretary. 

j Saletn, Augtjstcs Story, Pres John T. j Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

j Burnhain, & :. Weslfield. Edward B. Gillette, Pres. As., . 

< n ,.„ rr „ T - P. Rand, Sec 

i IIousatonic Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 

j Stockbridne. Incorporated 1854, Chas. Actual Safety Fire Insurance Company. 

K. Owe;, pres. Jonathan E. Field, Scc.l South Heading. Incorporated 1853. Lil- 1 

! Daniel It. Williams, Treas. j ley Eaton, Pres. Wni. II. Willis, Sec. 

i Secre, 




J ;..u Baleh, Fres. Joseph J. ELnapp, Sec 

' n ; vvrxuYroirr Mutual Mail Insurance Co. 

Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

Quincy. William S. Morton, Pres. Ste- 
phen Bates, Sec. Israel W. Munroe, Trea 

Safety Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 
[«aac II. Boardman, President. Joseph J. w ■, , f / i ,«,-- 

. *- .. ' x ■ ! JNewDuryport. Incorporated, ISoo. 

k.n *n;>, £ec. r ' 

Salem Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

Northampton Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 
. Incorporated 1855. 

i)u> Colony Fire and Marine Insurance Co. 

Plj-mauth. Incorporated 1835. Capital, 
: 100,000. Wm. Nelson, Pres. Wm. S. Dan- 
&rtb, Sec. 

Oriental Insurance Company. 

Salem. Capital, $200,000. Nathan Endi- 
cott, Pres. William S. Cleveland, Sec. 

Pentucket Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 
Haverhill. Incorporated 1853. Walter 
GtaodeU, r^ec:. A. J.. Sawyer, Sec. 

People's Equitable Mutual Flub Insurance 
Co mt any. 

Taunton. Incorporated 184S. Albert 
Field, Pres. Philip E. Hill, Sec. end Treas. 

Salem. Jobn H. Nichols, Pres. Charles 
S. Nichols, Sec. 

Salisbury and Amesbury Mutual Fire Insu- 
rance Company. 

Incorporated, 1855. Thomas J. Clark, 
Pres. C. R. Littlefield, Sec. 

State Mutual Life Assurance Company. 

Worcester. Capital, 8100,000. Isaac Da- 
vis, Pres. Willani Dickinson, Treas. Claren- 
don Harris, Sec. 

Springfield Pike and Marine Insurance 

Of Sprier- Geld, Mass. Capita! Stock, 
$150,000. Edmund Freeman, Pres. Wm. j 
Conner, Jr., Sec. 

Traders and Mechanics Insurance 

Lowell. Joshua Converse, Pres. Edward | 

Stock and Mutual Fire Insurance F« Sherman, bee. 


Worcester. Incorporated, 1847, Capital 
$100,000. Surplus, SI 00,000. E. II. Hem 
ernvar, President; I. S. Parish, Secretary 
Branch Office, 8 Old State House, Boston 
Lorenzo Burge, Agent. E. II. Hemenway, 
Henry Gbapin, Ju>eph Pratt, Horatio N. 
T >wer, Joseph Bay den, Js a cs H. Wall, Ed- 
win Eaioii, A. A. tVilliams, Jonathan Luther, 
l\ W. Tail, E. L. Brigbam, Edward Earle, 
Worcester, Janathan Warren. Grafton, Henry 
A. Dehny, Leicester,Chas. P. Bancroft, Boston, 

Plymouth County Mutual Insurance 

Warebam. Stephen Glbbs, Pres. Silva- 
ntis Bourne, Sec. 

Quincy Fiue and Marine. 
Incorporated , 1 B55. 

Union Mutual Marine Insurance Company, j 
New Bedford. Capital, $200,000. Thos. j 
S. Hathaway, Pres. Borden Wood, Sec. 

West Newbury Mutual Fiee Insurance j 

D-an Robinson, Pres. J. C Carr, Sec. 

Weymouth and Bratnteee Mutual Firh In ; 
surance Company. 

Wey mouth. Lemuel Humphrey, Pres. j 
John W. Loud, Treas. Ellas lite hards, Sec. j 

WoR.CESTEii Mutual Fire Insurance Company, j 

Wore.oster. Anthony Chas?, Pre--. Fred- j 
etick Wm. Paine, Treas. Chas. M. Miles, | 
Western Massachusetts Insurance Company. 

Pittsfie.ld. Capital, $150,000. Thos. Cole, 
Pres. J. C. Goodridge, Sec. 




Act 236, page 3).] 

Boston Xioan JYind Associations. 
4.) State StreeTi 


10 State Street. 

NVm. II. Cook, President. Thos. C. Porter, K. 
John C. Hubbard. President. Albert J. Wright, j President. John Farrington, Henry T. Si 
\>< President. John C. Hubbard, James W. Vose, | William E. Blanchard, George W. Hunn< 
B. Hasti 

Alvan B. Hastv, James W. Bates, Wm. Rogers, 
("it; i. Moulton. Hosea B. Bice, Geo. JE Fitch, John 
Favor, Daniel O.Goodrich, Hosea Noves, M. W. 
Sawyer, Jesse Russell, Jesse Tirrill, James T. Pen- 
niman, Hiram Curtis. Dexter T. Mills, Alanson 
Vale tine, David G. Cooley, John A. Fitch, Di- 
rectors. Elijah il. Phinney, Secretary. Charles 
Carter, Surveyor. William Rogers, Attorney. 


40 State Street. 

Pearl Martin, President. Amos Cummrhgs, Jr., 
>' crct '■>/. Jonathan B. Severance. John Mansfield, 
Iltnrv F. Parker, EHsha Parker, James E. Miller, 
G. Bvron, W. ILTiieston, E. P. Evans, Orlando H. 
Davenport, Wm. Floyd* Directors. Wm. Rogers, 
Attorney. Geo. P. Parrot*, Surveyor. 

J. Bispham, Solon Thornton, Robert Whar! 
Benjamin W. Adams, Abijah P. White, Charh s 
Hay den, Alonzo V. Lynde, John Binney, Edwin i; 
Horn, Edmund P. Dolbeare, Jr., Dexter 'i Mil 
Horace L. Hazelton, Samuel Newmarch, Wm.A 
Swift, Directors. George II. Fitch, Secre\ . 
Robert Wharton, Surveyor. Horace L. Hazelton. 


40 State Street. 

Pearl Martin, President. Alfred J. Wright, Vice 
\ President. Amos Cummlngs, Jr., Secretary. Al- 
fred A. Childs, Joseph L, Bates, James Tolman, 
C. Smith, Daniel Cragin, Edwin Til Jen, Thomas 
Blasland, E. Rand, I). Veasey, Directors. William 
Rogers, Attorney. Elijah R. Phinney, Surveyor. 


114 Hanover Street. 

irrar, President. Horace L. Duncklee, 
mt. Samuel M. Folsum, Stephen li. 
i irtrer, George T. Carrufn, Daniel Monroe, John C. 
Howe., Lorin L. Fuller, Henry J. Hunt, George W. 
Pr< acott, James II. Collins. Thomas A., 
Alfred S. Brown, A. W. Mendum, Jacob Brown, 
J. L. Bailey, Samuel W, Olapp, Joseph Hiss, Joseph 
A. Pond, Ira W. Tobie, Directors. Lyman S. Hap- 
rtxu \, Secretary. Mark F. Duncklee," Attorney and 

114 H'akotek Street. 

I mm 

vie* r 


2') State Street. 

Moses, President. James G. Blake. 

ice President. John C. Hubbard, Andrew L. 
Chamberlain, Daniel Farrar, Henry A. Gane, Elisha 
Smith, Jr . Charles S. Burgess. James Quinn, 
Charles C.' Coolidge, Benj. F. Dudley, Charles II. 
Laugh ton, Henry Jones, Samuel Curtis, Davis W. 
Bailey, Directors. David Chamberlm, Secretary 
and- Surveyor. William V. Thompson, Attorney. 

East Boston. 
Edward F. Porter, President 

David Y. Kcn- 

1 °"f ' , "««<&»'-,_ Ihaddeus Stone, j daU Vice President Edward F. Porter, David Y 
lt : rM^-i ■ . J V r '' r - Au Ivm,. ' Kendall, Henn W. Farley, Morrill Cole, Austh 
\ m ™%M**%.'\: V t! ;:'\ Vl , l ' am Gove, James W. White, Joseph Garretc, Asahe 
ties u . \\ arren, Richard V. MaUor" ' - 

V\ atson, Taaddeus Stone, Samuel Gil- 
ies L. Shaw, Gardiner 1). Durgin, J. M. 
mi Day, Ebon Stone, C. W. Kimball, 
Lyman S. Hapgood, Secretary. Mark 
!ee, Attorney,. Andrew 15. Potter, Ap~ 



David Y. Rend . 
Via President, C 
ward Rri«5h tin. Ed 
blin. William S. Al 
Goodwin, Hi nry ^ 
V. llal!,John M 3 
< ieorge P. Dudley 

i, E. Boston*. 

Durgan, George P. Dudley, William T. Albertson, 
William B. Sprague, John" J. Curtis, Thomas Rob- 
inson, Martin H. Cross, Directors. Silos B. Ham.. 
Attorney. Caleb W. Prouty, Secretary. J no. M- 
Doane, Surveyor and Architect. 

E \sr Boston, 

Nichols Litchfield, President. Bradbury G. Pre< 
>tt, Vice President. Merrill Cole, Salma E. Gould 

• tident. Merrill Pcttengill, 

v . Proutv. Secretary. Ed- . , 

y Porter Joseph G Ham ' ' ' ;n Howe, Jr.,Johnb. Mendum, Jairus Pratt, jr., 

n', Nakum Mitchell/Daniel j Charles W. McLellan William Thompson, Willi x ■ 
Ju^enrx Garrett, Win. I *■ M1 > bamucl Y..Chatse, Merrill Pettingill, Wat- 
son G. Mayo, W-m. T. High*, Samuel Sanson. -S. a " 
thaniel Seaver, William Smith, Directors. Tl ■ 
I>. Pratt, Secretary. Joseph G. Ilamblin, Survey 
Silas B. Hahn, Attorney. 


;. Robinson, D r rs. 
. Silas B. Hahn. At- 


40 State brum,! 


■1 G 



B. h 


:rt, P* 

J /•/ . -'• :. Wii 

William H. Jameson, J imes W. Couv '-■. 
11. Washintrn, Joseph Newrnarch, Andr< 
McPhailj Jr., Lynde A. Huntington, Wo 
French, James E. Tavlar, James J. Smart, Direc- 
tors. Elijah R Vohmey. &«?■* 
Washburn, Attorney. 





10 Devonshire. 

Edward Tvler, President. Robert L. Robbie ■ 
Vice Presidt tit. G. A. P. Darling, James M. Fr i \, 
William Hobbs, Chester H. Carruth, Jeremi^b ' 
!.:■;.;..-. . John 11. Griggs, Benj. W. Seamans, Jan 

ewis II. | W. ilobbs, Charles B. Farley, Isaac Watts, Kmo-i- 
I ton S. Ch iffe'e, Joseph Breed, 2d, Joseph C. Fos! 



sins P. Hamlin, Directors. Edward G. Ste- 
S cr tary. William V. Thompson, Attorney. 
Bur lio g ame, Surveyor. 

43 State Steeet. 

:.ul W. Johnson. /V< 
<■ President. Geo. 
nm v. Charles C. Sc< 

C. Porter, Robert Whart 
Simon P. Atkins, E. if. 
Dolbeare, dr.. Henry T. 
Daniel 0. Berry, John Fa 

:, Directors. Geo 
Wharton, Surveyor. 

■'-nt. William II. Cool , 

Hunnewell, Elijah R. 

Joseph Pierce, Thomas 

i, Enos H. Tucker, Jr., 

. Rubles, Edmund P. 

pear, Libyan P. White, 

ington, Samuel M. Col- 

;e 11. Fitch, Set retary. Robert 

Wm. Rogers. Attorney. 


10 State Street. 

Robert Cowdin, President. Dexter T. Mills, Vice 
President. Geo, Howland, Nathaniel Adams, .1 
H. Chandler, Charles K. Darling, W. VV. Bullo k' 
James W. Vose, Geo, M. Tha« her, rlenrv Wyman' 
Daniel Cragin, Ansel Lothrop, Franklin Shephard' 
Geo. W. Snow, Directors. L( vi Wilkins. Secretary 
Geo. B. Parrott, Surveyor. Alfred P. !•.!;, .I,m,r- 

40 State Street. 

Nathaniel 0. Hart, President. Jonathan I!. S< -.- 
erance. Vice President. Amos Cummings, .)c, 
Secretary. A. Wood, Geo. W. Pope, Samuel Cur- 
tis. Aaron Hook, R. Holmes, Hilton P. Lai ley, 
Thos. Russell, Charles Gowen, J. Li*, hfiel i, J; 


40 STATE SlIlEET. H. York, J. S. Saver, Jr., 11. H. Slater, It'. J ,f Jt , 

r ilkins yi ce \ son, Directors. J." W. Browne, Attorney. Geo. B 

Win. F. Goodwin, President. Levi W 
president. Win. F. Goodwin, Levi Wilkins, Charles 
]>. Rice, Jonas Fitch, Alfred M. Hinds, Samuel 

| Curtis, Samuel P. Langmaid, Charles H. Crosby, 

I. Henry Robinson, Charles K. Darling, William G. 

•' Langdon, Dustin Lancy, Joshua W. Crosby, 1). R. 

i Sortwell, Samuel B. Krogruan, Directors. Wrn. 

] W, Bullock, Secretary. Wm. Rogers, iiiiorney. 

i George B. Parrott, Surveyor. 


40 State Stheet. 

I Daniel Warren, President. Lyman B, Han; I ud, 
' lice President. A. P. Blake, Secretary. Charles 
French, S. >L Bullard, James E. Farwell, John A. 
Hughe-", Samuel Neal, Benj irnin S. Codman, George 
Odiorne, Luther L.Tarbel], William Rogers, Alden 
Avcrv. Jesse C. Johnson, David A. Sahlein, Dexter 
{ T. Mills, Nathan Hathaway, Leonard Morse, John 
Williams, Thomas D. Morris, Briggs Mann, Geo. 
S. Rawson, Calvin Rynder, Directors. William 
Rogers, Attorney and Counsellor. Elijah R.Phin* 
«ey, Surveyor. 


4 ) State Street. 

Samuel B. Rrogtnan, President E. P. Dolbeare, 
: Jr., Vice President. Levi Wilkins, Secretdrif. C. 
■ W. C. Grant, Thomas L. Smith, William WV Bui- j 
I k.' Horace C. Rose, Elcazfrr Bullard,- James M, 
ok, David S. Tarr. Nathan Underwood, Lorenzo 
: M. Dyer, Directors, George x>. Parrott, Surrei ir. 
. Alfred B. Ely, Attorney. 


23 State Street. 

Parrott, Surer yi 


40 State Street. 

Levi Wilkins, President. Atkins A. Clark, I u 
President. William W. Bullock, Secretary. Wm. 
F. Goodwin, Jonas Fitch, J. Davenpoi r. Brook line ; 
Frederick A. Heath, James Garland, Uoxburt ; 
Samuel B. Bickner, A. P. White. Julian Q. M, -.><.■ n, 
Alverdo Mason, Directors. Elijah It. Phir.ney, 
Surveyor. William Rogers, Attorney. 


40 State Stkekt. 

James Butlinton, President. Thomas J. Marsh, 
Vice President. Daniel Warren, Tn ■ wer. W- 
pheus P. Blake, Secretary. Francis De Witt, Hen- 
ry Lvman, C. G. Churchill, Seth Whittier. Joseph 
Dow; Caleb D, Hunkins, Daniel N. Pi .: ■'..-. 
Thomas Rice, Jr., Moses Tcnny, Jr., Beni. P.-.., 
Robert Taylor, Wm. O. Fletcher, Simeon W. P >o- 
inson, Wm. Whiting, Samuel A. Bro o >srv, Wm. 
A, Winte, Axel Dearborn, Wm. II. CajrW, Su- 
ohen Ca-te,. James Tubman, for ... Oldh'an e. •■. 
W.Anies, Augustus C\ Carey, Jame Qui n ■ I 
N.Ttupp, Jantei MeGenry. Geo. !• si's, fr., J m«*i 
Downing, Thos. C. Williams, Wm. ll.o'>ey, J >-<■. h 
E. Dawlev, Moses G. Lvon,- Francis Dane, ; : 
! L. Sprague, Dwight B- Rich, Timothy Davis, C 
I F. Ramsdeil, Aaron P. Richardson, John N. Brown, 
| William A. Gov, Leonard B. Usher, II. Ci .-■■ • n 
Fis'k, Holiis'Lormg, William IP Nightingale, Oliver 
T. Leigh ton. Augustus Lothrop, X. W. P : '. . ... 
Abel E. Bridge, James C. White, Nathaniel s n- 
born, Directors. Erastns Worthington, Attorney 
and Counsellor. John Williams, Surveyor. 

Luther Farwell, Preside, 


seph H. 

D. Brow 

A. Turnei 

tit, Luthei '£ arwel 


40 State Stee 
,ard, Pr ' i t. 

John C. Hub 

Vice President. Elijah R. Phinnev, f. 

' K. Hathaway, J. S. DiHingfi im, AH 

. John Pavor, Hosea B Rice, John Pennim 

! Smith'. Joshua G. Wilbor, John C. Hubb: 

iah :•: rtin. J. Swnn, Di xier T. Mills.C. 


Livid Chamberltn, | 10 Devonshike Steei :'. 

Charles II. Knox, Knowlton S. Chaffee, President. Daniel P. Wi>c 
• \Viee President. Edward G. Stevens, S/crrtu i. 
\ Win. Hobbs, Geo. W r .Edmands, John II. Loiahton, 
i Robert L. Robbins, Luther Farwell, Jr., fhoi 
Simonds, Richard W. Henshaw, Edwin Fl< iinu 
| K. S. Vennard, Geo. A. P. Darling, Edward Tyltr. 
! Muses Clark, Henry D. Morse, Chas. B. I 
I John C. Havnes, Directors. Benjamin I 
: Surveyor. '' 

J. V. 

P.. . 


s at< 

iC luou 

'S '. 

A. P 
J ere 

D'Arev, S (l 

Wm. Roger . AUvruey. trai 

• 'J' 


SI Washington? Street. 

Justin Jones, President. Benjamin Frci 
President. Lewis Leroy, Secretary. ■' - 
ham, Jr., D. L.Poland, William B. M . . :> ■' ■ 




Hall, William G. Clark, Nathan Richards, Par- 
ker Merrill, David Perkins, Edward Fillebrown, 

Direct -v. J..;;;cj Clar:;, Surveyor. Alfred R Ely, 
Attttnu v. 

Country Loan, Fand Associations. 


Lucius Faxon, President. Z. D. Ramsdell, 

J '•.: :' President James F. Cox. Secretary and 




Hiram P. Kemick, President. W. D. Butts. 
V';;"u President. Xhos. Sumner. Secretary. 
Charles C. Hay ward, Attorney. Edward 
Pratt, Surveyor. 



Marshall Warner, President. Jonathan E. 
Field, Secmt-ary and Attorney. Win. Whit- 
ney, Swe^r. * 



Eiias B. Armstrong, President. Royal Gil- 
key, Vice President. David T. Huckms, 
Secretary. J. B. Keyes, Attorney. Henry 
Ross, Surveyor. 



Alden Leland, President. Geo. E. John- 
son, Secretary. 



E. ,7. Richards, /Vw. J. M. Trescott, Sec. 
fln</ jfhras. J. B. S<tnford, Attorney. 



Formed 1853. John W. Graves, President. 
ShubaeS F. Adams, Secretary. 



S. C. Pratt, President. Shubael P. Adams, 



Edward Ward, President. Adolphus ,T. 
Carter, Vice President. Gilbert D. Cooper, 
Secretary. Charles C. Hay-ward, Attorney, 
Thos. J. Elliot, Surveyor. 

North Bridgewater. 

A. B, "W heeler, President. Noah Chesman, 
F7ce President. C. C. Blxby, Secretary. 
Washburn Packard, Surveyor. Jonas B. Per- 
kins, Attorney. 



Leander Lovell, President. Nathaniel 
Brown, Vice President. Wan. II. Nelson, 
Secretary. Moses Bates, Jr., Surveyor. Chus. 
G. Davis, Attorney. 

East Brid g ewa te r, 

James Bates, President. Nathan "Whitman, 
F/ce President. B. W. Harris, Secretary. 
Joseph Chamberlain, Surveyor. B. W. Harris, 


John I>. Wilson, President Bloses B. 
Bewail, Tat\? President. Thomas Sumner, 
Secretary. Chas. C. Ilayward, Attorney. Ed- 
ward Pratt, Surveyor. 



Commenced business Oct. 1, 1853. 

John W. Bond, President. Noah Yining, 
Jr., P^'cfl President. Etias (iicliards, Secretary. 
Jacob Loud, Surveyor. Nauman L. White, 




Stephen II. Phillips, President. Thomas 
Hunt, P7c2 President. Samuel Hack inure, 




Previous to January 3, 1855, there had "been Acts of In corporation granted to sixty- 
' u Railroads in Massachusetts, with an aggregate capital of Eixty-one millions five 
hundred and five thousand and one hundred dollars. Fifty-four of these roads v ere in 
, peratton, and their construction hud cost over sixty-live millions. They had an aggregate 
| tt awth of track of fourteen hundred and fifty-three miles; of double track, two hundred 
an I eighty-two miles; and of branches, over one hundred and thirty miles. The greatest 
[ adopted by passenger trains on any of these roads was twenty-eight miles per hour, 

but the usual speed was about twenty-three 

w -three miles. The total expense of working thesi 
roads tor the year 1854 was near seven millions of dollars; their net earnings for the same 
I time about three and one-half millions \ and amount of dividends declared, two and one 
., larter millions. 

Eighty-three persons were injured by accidents; seventy-two, fatally. 
At the session of the General Court in 1855, eight other railroad 
I as follows : Lexington and Chelmsford II. K. Co., West Stockbridge Branch 11. R. Co., 
Waltham & VYatertown R. li. Co., Cambridgeport K. It. Co., Milford and Woonsoi 
il. ft. Co., Medford and Charleslown R. R. Co., Union Railway C 

oads were incorporated 

Co., Independent Line 



Lowell. For other legislation in leoo with regard to Railroad 

gee abstracts of acts passed by last Legislature, commencing on page 17 of this bee 



From Fnunini&am to Northboro'. 
j I^ers -Pmllips, of Fiiehburg, Pres. DexteT 
; Pav, Jabez S. Witherbee, Sullivan Fay, John 
; Wenzel!, Anson Rice, Samuel Boyd, Augustus 
I Morse, Cyrus Gale, Albert Ballard, Wilder 
I Bush, C. T. Hastings, Directors. Geo. E. 
j Johnson, Holliston, Treas. 


Incorporated 1851. From Amherst to Pal- 
', 20 miles. 

' Willis Phelps, Springfield, President The-. 
W. Williams, '-New London," Conn.; EdWard 
j Dickinson, John Leland, L. M. Hills, Charies 
; Adams, Amherst; James 11. Clapp, Belcher- 
! town; John S. Adams, Amherst, Clerk and 
\ Treasurer* ■S". D. Patter, Amherst, Superb, - 
I i ndent. 

Edward Denny, Seth Caldwell, James W. 

Jenkins, Jr.. and Spencer Field, of Barre; 
j Hollis Xidd,of New Braintree; Charles P. 
'Adams, of Boston; Amasa Walker, Ezra 
I Batcheller, and John Hill, of North Brock- 
: field, Directors. 

From the North line of Connecticut through 

Sheffield, Gt. Barrington and West Stoek- 
j, bridge to the Sonth Hue of the State of V \ 
I York. 

Run by Hoasatonic R. R. Co. under a per- 
i petaal lease. 

j- Caaries W. Hopkins, Great Harrington, 
• President. Ckc ;, W. Hopkins, Increa; : - na- 
| ner, Great Barrington; Charles Hunt, Canaan, 

Conn.; Charles Peek, Sheffield ; John E* 
Thayer, Boston, Directors. Edward P. En- 
sign, Sheffield, Treasurer. Charles Hunt, 


Prom Worcester to Barre and Gardner. 

Hon. John Brooks, Princeton, P res-id it. 
John Brooks, Princeton ; Stephen S \i* 
Samuel Davis, Horatio N. Tower, P. K. Kin- 
nicutt, Rejoice Newton, George T. Bice, \\ m. 
A. Wheeler. David S. M-essinger, Henry II. 
C'haaiberlm, "Worcester ; Joab S. Holt, H ■ 
den; Henry Prentiss, Hubbardston ; 1 :vi 
Heywood, Gordner, Directors. Caleb Dana, 
Worcester, Clerk and Tr asurer. 


[See Act 286, page 33, and Act 341, pa : : 

Station in Boston, foot of Summer street. 
Edward Crane, President Edward Haj 
Jr., Treasurer. Cilice at the depot. _ T- L\ 
Graves, Thompson, Conn., Clerk. Theodore 
Atkinson, Boston, Superintendent. 

[See Act 13d. page 25.1 

Treasurer's office, 5 Tremont street, Bostoi 
hxm Parker, President Win. Si 
■ Hinckley, G. Rowland Shaw, Pr<m -l l» 
Crowninshield, Geo. W. Lyman, Wiu 
Director*. J. Thomas Stevenson, !>■.■-'• n. 
Treasurer. Thos. P. Tenney, Clerk. 
Parker, Agcrd. John B. Winslow, Suj 





[See Act 311, page 26.] 
Si it Ion in Boston, Haymarket square. 
J ... ;. 1 1 v^anl, Boston, Pres. Jas. Hayward, 
Samuel Raehelder, Geo. W. Kittredgc, Jn 
H. Duncan, Wm. I.Walker, Francis B Hayes 
A Vlxivce-i Jr., Henry L. William, Peter T. 
: ; mer, Francis Cogswell, Directors. William 
Merritt, Superintendent Horace B. Wilbur, 
Ireasurer. George Minot, Clerk. 


Station in Boston, Pleasant, opp. Eliot st 
Charles H. Warren, President. John Bar- 
stow, Samuel T. Dana, William Amory, 
George R. Russell, Joseph Grinnell, Geo. W. 
Ilallett, Directors- Daniel Nason, Superin- 
tendent Edward ■ Pickering, Clerk. Henry 
Dalron, Treasurer. 

Station in Boston, Beach, cor, of Lincoln st. 
Thomas Hopkinson, President. Daniel 
Denny, George B. Blake, Nathaniel B tm- 
mor.d^ Geo. Morey, Isaac Emery, William 
Parker, BenjaniinF. White, Emory Wash- 
burn, Directors. Ginery Twitchell, Superin- 
tendent. George Morey, Clerk. The-, Hop- 
kinson, Solicitor. Horace Williams, Treasurer. 
D via Wilder, Jr., Auditor. 
JgTJ : — ■ i \ "■: ~ r -'"-;;7.";;;T9 E-r New York and 

Et^hi: — ^:ijv::.i. ii:' Albany, through in 

8.30 hour?, without change, of cars, via Wor- 
cester and Springfield. 

By express mail trains twice a day, leave 
Boston and Worcester Railroad station, Albany 
Btreet, at 8 BO A. M., and 3 P. M. For Alba- 
ny, at 7 and 3.30 A. M. 5 and 1.30 and 3 P. M. 
New York passengers by 8 30 A M. train, 
are d te in New York at 4 S'O P. M. : those, by 
3 P. M. train sup at Springfield, and arc due 
in New York a* 11. 30 P. M. Albany, pas^ 
sengers dine "and sup at Springfield, and are 
A in Albany at 5.15 and 11 P. M. 


trains leave Albany for Niagara 

tails, Buffalo, and the West, at 6 and li. 

Tickets obtained at oOiee of Western Rail- 
road, No. 19 State street, Boston, and at ticket 
office of Boston and Worcester Railroad, Al- 
bany street. A ! so for New Yokk, via Nor- 
wich, by steamers Commonwealth or Connec- 
ticut, daily, (Sundays excepted,) at 5.30 P. M. 
fickets, state rooms. &c, secured at ticket of: ice 

of Boston and Worcester 
baby street 

lilroad dei 


G. Twic'heia, Supt B, §• )V. R. R, 


1 . ■ n Boston to Cambri Ar. 

leased by the Union Railway Co., at eight 
per cent, oa the cost. 

Gardiner G, Hubbard, C. C. Little, John 
Livermore, II. M. Chamberlin, W. A. Saun- 
ders, Geo. Meacham, Directors. 

(Office at Hyannis.) 

From Boston, via Old Colony and Fad 
River Railroad, to Middleboro'. 

John H. W. Page, President. Minor S. 
Lincoln, Rich rd Borden, Benjamin Bur* 
Nathaniel S. Simpkins, Alexander Baxter, 
Matthew Starbuck, Directors. Amos Otis, 
Clerk. Silvanus Bourne, Superintendent. E. 
N. Winslow, Treasurer. 


From Fitehburg to Bellows Falls. 

Office in Boston, 54 State Street. 

Thos. Thacher. Boston, President. Thomas 
' Thacher, Boston ; Hiratn Hosmer, Watertown ; 
Salma Bala, Thomas M. Edwards, Keene; 
Ephraim Murdock, Jr., Winchendon ; George 
Huntington, Walpole ; George D. Button, 
Boston, .Directors, Charles J. Everett, Trees, 


Tots road connects at Springfield with the 
Western Bad road. 
Daniel L. Harris, President. Daniel L. Har- 
| ris, I. Sargeant, E, G. Howe, Samuel Henshaw, 
j James K. Hub, C. P. Huntington, Abel Ad- 
' ams, Chester W. Qhapin, Directors. S. F. Ly- 
man, Treasurer, 


[See Act 1, page 17, and Act 42, page 20. 

Incorporated 1852, From North Danvers 
to South Reading. 

Wm. D. Northend, of Salem, President. 
Wm. D. Northend, WilJard P. Phillips, Dan- 
iel C. Haskell, Gilbert Tapley, E. D. Kimball, 
Hdo- Osborn.-F. Perky, Charles M. Cox, Di- 


Robert B. Forbes, of Milton, President. 
Seth D. Whitney, of Milton, Treasurer. 


[See Act 149, page 26. J 

Front Boston to Portland. Station in Bos- 
ton, Causeway, comer Andover street. 

John Howe, Brookline, President John C. 

Lee, of Salem; Nathan D. Chase, of Lynn ; 

| Henry H. Ladd, of Portsmouth; Samu i 

! Hooper, Geo. M. Browne, G. Howland Shaw, 

of Boston-; Micajah Lunt, of Newburyport ; 

Albert Thorndike, of Beverly, Directors. John 

B. Parker, of Boston, Clerk and Treasurer. 

Albert Thorndike, Auditor. Jeremiah Prcs- 

' cod, Superintendent 


Incorporated 185-i. 
From the Stoughton Branch Railroad to 
j Easton. 

Oalces Ames, President John H. Swain, of 

K A ILRO A I> V F I E 11 S . 


,.. • i .. St retary and Treasurer. Oliver] 

'■.. s, -Jr., (Jakes Ames, A. A. Gilmore, of] 
[-*Aa b , Lyman Kinsley, of Canton; Nath'l 
Morton, of Stoughton, Howard Lothrop, Di- 
rt -tors. T. M. roller, Agent. 


Incorporated 1S5L 

From the New York Central R. R. to East 

Francis W. Bird, Walpole, President, Geo. 
[I. Race, Walpole, Secretary and Treasurer. 
V. \V. Bird, John Morse, Wiliard Lewis, Geo. 
Everett* Chester Morse, Directors. 

David Pingree, of Salem, President. Eben 
Sutton, of Danvers; Joseph N, Saunderson, of 
Lynn ; Nathaniel Weston, David Pingree, 
Nathaniel B. Mansfield, Salem ; Henry G. 
Gray, Marbiehead ; Henry K. Oliver, Law- 
rence, Directors, John E. Parker, Clerk and 

Vn. , S^etn t-i Mile?. Prices. [X'rcm Salera to 

loa. Prices. 

So. Danvera . 1| • .o 
Danvers Part4| .10 
North Ban vers .... 10 
Beaver Brook ....15 
Swarfs Crossing. . 

Middleton 9A... 


Boxford...... .....40 

V Andover..t9£.. -50 

3utton'sMills20^ 55 

Lawrence.... 2U 60 


From Fail-haven to Tremont Iron Works, 
Ware-ham, connecting with Cape Cod R. R,, 
for Boston. 

Ezekiel Sawin, President. E. Sawin, Win, 
L B. Gibbs, Nathaniel Church, L. C. Tripp, 
l^ild\\ F. Terry, of Fairhaven ; Edward W. 
Rowland, of New Bedford; Loring Meigs, of 
M ittapoiiiCtt, Directors, Hervey Tripp, Treas- 
urer. Horace Scott, Superintendent. Office 
at Depot in Fairhaven. 


Station in Boston, on Causeway street. 
John J. . Swi i\ ■Pres. Alvab Crocker, Fitch- 
burg; E. Hasket Derby, J. J. Swifc, Boston ; 
Winthrop E. Faulkner, South Acton, Direct- 
ors. Liberty Bigelow, Superintendent. John 
P. Welch, Clerk and Treasurer. 


(Office at Fiichburg.') 

Ivers Phillips, President and Superintendent. 
Nathaniel Wood, James H.Carter, Cyrus Hol- 
broofc, Samuel Houghton, Joseph Haskell, 
Directors. Charles V 
Cltrk and Treasurer. 



(Office in liostQn, io" Exchange Street.") 

David Kimball, Pr $. Thomas Hopkinson, 
Benjamin Lamson, David Kimball, George A. 
Whitney, John P. Ober, Samuel S. Lewis, 

Samuel Hooper, Directors. George W. Gor- 
don, Treasurer and Clerk. Win. L. Dearborn, 


From 'Northampton through Westfield to 
Connecticut State line at Southwiok, and 
thence by the New Haven and Northampton 
Railroad to New Haven. 

Samuel Williston, President. Samuel Wil- 
Hston, Easthampton; Joel Hayden, Hayden- 
ville; David Damon, Charles Smith, N . • 
ampton ; N. Lyman Strong, Southan (ton; 
Win. G. Bates, John Smith, Ira iTeomaus, 
Jr., Westfield; William Johnson, Ste; hen D. 
Pardee, John E. Wylie, New Haven, Direc 
Wm. Johnson, New Haven, Treasurer. 


From Springfield to New Haven. 
C. F. Pond, Hartford, Pres. H. Fitch, Treat. 
E. M. Reed, Superintendent. C. I'. Pond. 
Charles Boswell, Hartford; J. S. Brooks, 51 
riden ; Chester W. Chapin, Springfield; C. 
Yanasher, John A. Robinson,. Thos. S. Gi 
New York; Ezra C. Read, New Haven ; Wil- 
liam Jarvis, Middleton, Directors. 

[Act 351, page 3 7.] 
From Horn Pond to the Woburn Bran* h 
of Lowell Railroad. 

Adolphus Davis, Boston, President, i 'aniel 
Draper, Wm. P. Draper, George D. G 
Boston; Bowen Buck man, Wqburnj Dh ■■ 
Wm. P. Draper, Sup't and Treas. 


From Pittsiiekl to Bridgeport, 1! ,: t ,i-. ; s. 

Charles Hunt, of Canaan, Pre*, and Sup't. 

Charles Hunt, of Caanan ;. N. Thayer, of 
Boston ; Lee Canfieid, of Fails Village ; 3 Janiel 
Marsh, of New Miiford ; C. W. Hoj kins, of 
Great Barrington ; Morris Ketchum, New 
York; Stephen Tomlinson, E. J. Bishop, of 
Bri Igeport ; \V. W. Boardman, of New Haven, 

Horace Nichols, of Bridgeport, Treasurer. 
Ira Sherman, of Bridgeport, Seci'etary. 

(Office, 100 State Sired, Boston.) 

Run by the Fitchburg Railroad Company. 

Charles Hudson, Lexington, President. ^ S. 
Butterfieid, Addison Gage, John Field, West 
Cambridge; James Dana, Joseph N Howe, 
George T. Lytnan. Boston, Directors. Win. 
Ste 1 ens, Treas. and Clerk. 


Sidney Spalding, Lowell, Pn h 
Spalding, Otis Allen, Fred. Parker, J 
Howard, Isaac Farrington, Abner W. But- 
trick, Wm. Livingsti a^JMrectors, Fr; I ' 
Nourse, Supt. Frederick Parker, C, 





[S e Act 19, page IS.] ! AND PALMER. 

From Marlboro' Centre to Feltonville. | From Conn, to Palmer, Mass., GO miles. 
Mark E*y. T :Pr£sidenL Mark Fay, Lambert Thomas W. Williams, New London, Pits. 
\ Ki^f iow, Kdward A. Gay, AVinthTop 'E.Faulk- j John Dickinson, New London, Treas. and 
I iier, li. W. Gleason, Eloliis I oring,John Chip-I ' '/erfc. N. D. Potter, New London, £«/>£. 
„, 0»wfo«. . Lambert Bigelow, 2W * NO RWIOH AND WORCESTER. 

MEDWAY BRANCH. J JoeI w . W hite, Norwich, Pres. David A. 

From Medway Village to the North Wren- Neal, of Beverly; Alexander DeWitt, of Ox- 

\ tham Depot of the New York Central R. R. ford; John A. Rockwell, Jedediah Hunting- 
Julius C. Eiurd, Medway, Pres. and Supt. ton, Charles Johnson, of Norwich; ( 

i George A. Daniels, Medway, ZYm?. Julius ! W. Rockwell, Robert Bayard, F. F. Ma : 

C. Hmd, Alfred Daniels, Warren Lovering, John A Week?, of New York; Albert !i. 

| Artemas Brownj J. B. Wilson, Medway, Di- Aimy, of Norwich; Charles J. Stedman, of j 


New York, Directors. George L. Perkins, i 
[Norwich, Trees. P. St. M. Andrews, Nor- j 
MLDDLEBOROXJGH AND TAUNTON j wich| AgenL E . F. Parker, Norwich, ka^r 
BRANCH. | f Transportation. C. S. Turner, Wo; 

Wm. A- Crocker, Taunton, Pres. Wm. A. | Master of Transportation, 
) Crocker, Taunton ; Fitz.henry Homer, Boston ; 
| Pardon Tillinghast, J. J. Tillinghast, New 
; Bedford; Gka^es Robinson, Ikyiiham ; J. B. 
Trth«»v Wareham ; A. Ellis, Sandwich, Direc- 

tor*. £, Pickering, 2reas. a/»i C/er£. A- E. 
i Swasey, Supt. 


; From Mill-bury, through Webster, to South- 
Tl. D. A mmidowjj, of Soutnbridge, President. 
j li. N. Slater, Manning Leonard, Joshua Bal- 
ard, Jr., R. 0. Stpxrs, E. J). Acamidown, 


(Station, in Boston, Kneeland, c. South St.) 

From Boston to Plymouth, 3 7 1-2 miles. 
From Boston to Fall River, 53 miles. 

Alex. Holmes, Pres. Richard Borden, 
Francis B. Crowninshield, William" J. Walker, j 
Peter H. Peirce, Caleb C. Gilbert, James H. j 
Beal, Directors. George Haven, Supt. John j 
j M, Washburn, Treas. Offices in Boston. Geo. ! 
W. Billings, Agent, Fall River. 


William Edwards, T. E. Graves, Parky Jor- Connecting with Fitcbburg R. R. at Groton 

dan, \V. Farnuin, Director. 


-Junction. From Groton to Mason Village, 
23 miles. 

! G 

*> John M. Maynard, of Lowell. Pres. John 

fashua with Wilton. R. R., I Nesmith, George Barrett, R. P. Woods, Chas. 
! Concord .K l. and Worcester and Nashua j-B. Barrett, Daniel Adams, F. A. Wore 
j R. R. | Walter Fessenden, J- II. Walker, J. M. May- 

Robert Reed, Nashua, N. H., Pres. Ed- | nard, Directors. Ed- ward Ordway, of Towns- 
man I P trki r. of Nashua, FrancisB. Crownin- j end, Clerk and Treas. 
- shield, \\ ia. An ory, Boston, Daniel S.Richard- 
I son, of Lowell, 'Directors. George Stark, FXTT.SFIELD AND NORTH ADAMS. 

Nashua, Supt. George Bowers, Clerk: C. E. 
! Paige, Master of Trans. Abiel Eolfe, Station 
\ and Freight A<jent\ Lowell. 


[ From Taunton to New Bedford, 20 miles. 
j Joseph GrinneU, New Bedford, Pres. A, 
j 32. iSwa-ey, Taunton, Supt. Lawrence Grin- 
\ uell, !7-V«rts. 

From Newburyport to Bradford, and George- 
town to North Danvers. Consolidated with 

1 >»n 

rl Geoi 

( leorge G ■: well* of Brad! >rd, Pj ■■'■ ' 
George Cogswi'i!, George J. Penney* Samuel 
Little, Wm. D. Northend, F. Brickett, £. J. 
Brock wo v, 
B. Mora, 
M. E. Hale, 2«flj. A. Kimball, Jr., Supt 

Pailey, Jr., L. Kimball, Joseph 
Pearson, T. Perley, Directors. 

Chester W. Chapin, Springfield, President 
C. W. Chapin, Springfield ; William II. Swift, | 
Edward Austin, Boston ; Josiah Stickn 
Watertown; Robert Campbell, Pittsfield ; : 

| Charles H. Plunkett, Hinsdale; William A. ! 
Crocker, Taunton; Ansel S.Tyler, Cbarle- 
mont ; Alfred B. Ely, Boston, Directors, j 

\ Stephen Fairbanks, Boston, Treasurer. Henry 

| Gray, SpringGeld, Superintendent. William 

I Ritchie. Springfield, Auditor. 


William G. Weeden, Providence, Pres. and 
Treas. T. M. Burgess, Robert II. Ives, Amos | 
D.Smith, Wm. Goddard, W. G. Wei len, 
Providence; Charles T. Child, Warren; | 
Samuel W. Church, Bristol j Willis Pfa 
Springfield, Directors. 

R A J L R A D P F I C E R 3 . 



Welcome Farnuin, Pres. Daniel W. 
Vanghan, Lice Pres. Horatio N. Slater, 
Mosea B. Lockwopd, Welcome B. Sayles, Earl 
| ; ' ■ ,nn, Harvey Chaee, Paul Whirin, Erastus 
Williams, Edward S. Hall, We M. Bicfcford, 
[saac Davis, Hen] 
Oliver Dean. I 


Goulding, Ales. De Witt. 
ae Livermove, Director 

uiiver .uean, juaciu jL»ivermoie, uireciors, 
John B. Winslow, of Providence, 5u/)if. John 
R. Balcb, of Providence, Treas. Stephen H. 
Tabor, Si/t/tf. of Transportation, Providence. 
William II. Jourdan, SiipL of 'Transportation, 

«a nry-vn &vft\ t riTO"FT v 

Incorporated 1848. 

Stephen C. Phillips, of Salem, President. 
Sidney Spaulding, Josiah T>. French, of Low- 
ell ; J. Willard Peele, of Salem; Caleb Liv- 
ingston, of Te wksbury ; Charles F. Flint, of 
Reading, Directors. Stephen II. Phillips, of 
Salem, Clerk. Nathaniel B. Perkins, of Sa- 
lem, Treas. Francis PL No.urse, of Lowell, 


Joshua Webster, Maiden, President. Joshua 
Webster, Maiden; Gardiner Gk Hubbard, 
Cambridge; Benjamin T. Heed, Lesion; 
Albert Thorndike, Beverly: Benjamin F. 
Newhall, Saugus; Isaiah Breed, Lynn; Mica- 
jah Lunt, Newbury port, Directors. John B 

Parker, Clerk, and Treas. 


emiah Prescott. 


From Danvers to the B. & M. Railroad at 
South Reading. 

Albert Thorndike, Pn idei '. William 
Sutton, Isaiah Breed, W. H. Foster, George; 
Osborne, Directors. John B. Parker, Clerk 
and Treas. Jeremiah Prescott. SupL 




(Office, 27 State Street.) 

rom Old Colony Depot, Boston ; connects 
t Old Colony Railroad at Bramtree. 
Wm. Humphrey, Boston, President. Wm. 
Sohier, William Humphrey, Boston ;■ James 
C. Doane, Laban Souther, Cobasset; E. L. 
White, Brain-tree; John W. Loud, Joseph 
Loud. Jr., Charles Humphrey, Weymouth, 
Directors. Giiman Davis, Boston, Treas. 


Thomas Ilulbert, Lee, Presidt nt. 1 boroas 
Huibert, R. H Owen, Leonard Chnrch, Le • 
Wm. B. Cooley, Pittsfteld ; Daniel R. Wil 
liams, Stockbridge; John II. Coding, Gilbert 
Barrington, S. M.Buckingham^ Poughkeepsie, 
Directors. C carle; 

Thaddeua Richardson, Charlestown, Pres. 
Thaddeus Richardson, Charlestown; J. P. 
Guild, Alpbeus Richardson, Samuel Tidd, 
Allen Rowe,Jr., Stoneham ; Gardner Symmes, 
Winchester, Directors. Frederick 0. Prince, 
Winchester, Treas. and Clerk. 


From the Nashua and Lowell Railroad in 
North Chelmsford to Groton, there uniting 
with the Fitchburg, Worcester and N 
and Peterboro' and Shirley Railroads. 

Connects at Lowell with the Boston and 
Lowell, Salem and Lowell, and Lowell and 
Lawrence Railroads. 

Tappan Wentworth, Pres. Wm. A. B irk . 
Ziba Gay, John W. P. Abbot, John Wri ' 
Sewall G. Mack, Samuel Lawrence. i ■ . 
George Stark. SupL Charles Hovey, 'A - 
and ''Clerk. Abiei Rolfe, Freight Age, at 


From Stoughton to Boston. 

Frederick W. Lincoln, Canton, 7 J - ' 

F. W. Lincoln. Martin Wales, Natl miel 
Morton, Stoughton; Oakes Ames, E^ston; 
George L. Gary, Boston; Lyman Kinsley, 
Canton, Directors. James Dunbar, Can o t. 
Trees. Jesse Holmes, Stoughton, Su 2 . 

(Office, No. 10 Merchants' iZxch \hg* 

Wm. A. Crocker, Taunton, Pres. N. II Em 
moos, Sa,muel Frothingham, Wm. A. Cr< 

K. Swasey, Taunton, 
mir. Cleric wi'd 
of Trans, at Boston. 

Upt:. PA ■ I I 

John Deane, do 


Treasurer. John Z. Goodrich, Stockbridge, 

David N. Carpenter, Greenfield, Pres. ; 
tern. Wendell T. Davis, Greenfield, 1 is. 

[See Cambridge Railroad Company, page ITS.] 
II. H. Stimpson, Willard Phillips, Cb 
C. Little, Gardiner G. Hubbard, Direc 

(Office, No. IS Exchange Street.) 
Thomas Whitiemore, Boston, Presid '■ 
John J. Swift, David N. Carpenter, Green- 
field; Joseph Goodhue, Brattleboro', Vt.; 
.! inies Ch ev sr, Boston, Dir< ctors. 
Haggles, Fitchburg, Supt. John llogc 
ton, Treas. and Clerk. 


Not yet constructed. 
Orrin Sage, President. Orrin Sage, Arthur 



L. Devens, William Mixter, A. Sanford, Otis I 
Lane, W. S. Brakenridjze, B. F. Goff, Samuel i 
II. PMps, Joel Rice, Wm. Hyde, Directors. 
Wm. Mixter, Clerk and Treas. 


(Office No. 13 Railroad Exchang .) 

Prom Worcester Depot, Boston. (See Bos- 
ton and Worcester R. K.) 

Completed in 1842. Extent, 15G miles. 
The Albany and W r est Stoekbridge Road, 
from Albany to State Line, S3 1-4 miles, is 
leased by the Western Road. 

Cheater W. Cbapin, Springfield, President 
Josiah Sticfeney, Edward Austin, "Wm. A. 
Crocker, Chas. H. Llunkett, Wm. H. Swift, 
Boston; Robt Campbell, Pittsfield; Alfred 
B. Ely, Newton ; Ansel L. Tyler, Charie- 


mont, Directors. Stephen Fairbanks, Tr ■ 
Henry Gray, Supt. Wm. Ritchie, Auditor. 
KUis Gray Loring, Clerk. Ansel Phelj 
Springfield, Solicitor. 


B. F. Mills, J. M. Colo, Leonard Doty, | 
James A. Eldridge, Rufus L. Mason. 


George T. Rice, Worcester, Pres. Alex- 
ander Dewitt, Oxford; Stephen Salisbury, 
Francis IT. Dewey, F. H. Kinnieut, Wor- 
cester; Jacob Fisher, Lancaster; Thomas 
Chase, Nashua; Scth W. Fowle, Boston. ; A. 
E. Hildreth, Groton, Directors. T. W. Ham- 
mond, Treas. and Clerk. George W. Bentley, 


Office in Bmtm, 31 State Street, Traveller 
\ Build 'iry. 

N. 0. Aiden, Pres., James Eddy, Supt. 


I Office, in Boston, 24 Merchants Exchange. 
llniel S. Richardson, Agent. 


Office, in Boston, 24 ]\fer -chants Exchange. 
Itiiiel S. Richaruton, Agent, 


Office, in Boston, 31 State Street, Traveller 

! AV'";'.- 7- 

I Chas, Spear, Pres. 


| House's Letter Printing Telegraph. 

Office, in Boston, Traveller Building. 

Charles Spear, Manager and Treasurer. 



Of} ■ . in Boston, 31 State Street, Traveller 
Buil ling. 
A. A. Love It, Superintendent. 

N. Y. AND N. 71 UNION TEE 00 = 

Southern, Western and Northern" 

Linus., in Boston, Merchants Exchange. 
H. M. Schieffelin, 2^5. C. E. Wood, Supt. 

Morse's Line. 
Office in Boston, 23 &'ate Street. 
11, T. Rice, H ,:s. (;. A. Dodge, Swpf. 


Office, in Boston, SG State Street. 
Robert C. Rowe, Operator. J. C. Itowe, 



Incorporated 1854. Capital, $75,000. 



Incorporated 1 855. Capital, 825,000. 
Henry Kellogg, Pres. and Supt. 

A. S. Carle ton, Sec. and Treas. 




[See Act 146, page 26.] 



Samuel A. Eliot, President. William W. 
Greenou^h, Treasurer and Agent. Charles C. 
Smith, Clerk. Oilice, West Street. 


Incorporated 1853. Capital, 850,000. 


Incorporated 1853. Capital, 5100,000. 

Harrison Fay, President. Nathaniel Harris, 
Treasurer. Geo. F. Homer, Secretary. 


Incorporated 1852. Capital, $300,000. 
: John H. Blake, President. Estes Howe, 

: Treasurer and Clerk. 

| Peter Hubbell, President Geo. B. Neal, 
: Clerk. Treasurer and Aqent. 


j Incorporated 1852. Capital, $100,000. 
Isaac Stebbins, President. William E. Pear- 
main, Clerk. Jason B. Loomis, Treasurer, j 
: John Andrew, Sirpt. \ Treasurer. Charlc. 

C. Bryant, Aqent 
Incorporated 1854. Capital, 824,000. 
Franklin Fortes, President. A. E. Bigelow, 
Secretary. Horatio N. Bigelow, Trees, and 
Age tit. 

Incorporated 1S53. Capital, 850,000. 
Henry Cormerais, President. Jonathan II. 
■ Cobb, Treasurer and Secrcian/. 

Incorporated 1853. Capital, Si 00,000. 

Benjamin K. Hough, 'President, V. K. 
Woodbury, Secretary. John B. Thomas, 

Incorporated 1853. Capital, $100,000. 
James IT. Duncan, President. William 

Caldwell, Treasurer and Secretary. 


Incorporated 1853. Capital, Si 00,000. 
John C. Pratt, President. Robert Seaver, 

Seer clary and '1 Yeas u rer. 


Incorporated 1840. Capital, $55,000. J 
H. Blake, Prcs. Samuel Lawrence, 7 rt ■ : 
Geo. D. Cabot, Agent. G.G.Adams, CI ■ 


Incorporated IS49. Capital, $200,000. 

J. Wright, President. George II. Carlcton. 

IV \ r> r I 

Incorporated 1853. Capital, S200,< 
James N. Buffum, President. Joseph .■. 
Saunderson, Treasurer, Valentine Meade r, 

Incorporated 1854. Capital, $150,000. 
Enoch Train, Edward King, Wm. Pope, jr., 
I John 11. Robinson, John L.Lawrence, Gideon 

Beck, Joseph C. Potts, Directors. 


Incorporated 1853. Capital, $150,000. 


Incorporated 1854. George Wilson, i 
dt ■■: t and Treasurer. John Conway, A.. 
Secretary. Gardner Warren, Adoniram C. 
Orne, Rev. Benjamin Huntoon, Johi I ' - 
way, Jr., 1 dr. ctors. 

Incorporated 1854. Capital, $100,0' . 
Orison Underwood, President. A... 
Kb. Treasurer, George M. Dimmock, Secre- 

I . George U. Piummer, President, Samuel \ tar) J and A 9 ent - 
| Curtis, Treasurer. Wm. II, Chase, Clerk. 

j Incorporated 1847. Capital, -$'35,000. 
j Richard Borden, President. John X. Bay- 

'. lies, Superintendent. 

Incorporated 1852. Capital, $100,000 
Hers Phillips, President. Chas. W. Wilder, 

j Clerk and Treasurer. 


Incorporated 1854. Justin Lawr< 
President, William H., Seen ■■ 
Treasurer. Alanson Swain, Isaac Ma 
Henry Coffin, Directors. 

Richard Fowler, President. Mark Sym i 
j Clerk and Treasurer. 



NOTTON AND WATERTOWN GAS George Choate, President. Francis Bro n, 


; • srporatjsd 1854. Capital, $80,000. 
J<M^pb \V\ Stone, Pres. B. F. Bae< 
Q. G.Hubbard, Clerk. 



heorporated 1853. Capital, $50,000. 
Josepb Lathrop, President. Stephen W. 
| Hopkins, Secretary and Treasurer. 


j [ncorpo.rated.lS55. Capital,. $40,000. 
I II. M. Richards, Pres. Henry Rice, Sec. 


Incorporated 1853. Capital, 860,000. 
Harvey Chace, Pres. Robert Sherman, 
] S i . Samuel Shove, IVeas. Henrj Cro'veli, 

FmmFmm coal g&s vomzpasfst. 

incorporated 18-53. Capital, 340,000. 
| ThoaiJviF.Pinnkett^Pr^. Frank E. Tay- 

' r. fn-usurer. 

' I':-V?-:';irai GAS LIGHT COMPANY, 

\ Incorporated 1S5S. Capital, 840,000. 

• ■• • i - Hedge, President. John J. Russell, 

Incorporated 1852. Capital, $80,000. 

Joto* i. Clarke, President William B. 
' H= .• ' ary, CYer£ a?w2 Treasurer. Thomas J. 
1*1*1*0 , \ • rintendent. 

;' 3 OH! i, 1S50. Capital, $75- 


. ■ - ; Meeting, second Monday in 

Treasurer and Superintendent. Richard 

Gardner, Clerk. 

Incorporated 1854. Capital, $100,000. 


Incorporated 1852. Capital, $80,700. 
William T. Andrews, President. Jeremy 
Drake, Treasurer. E.J.Davenport, Clerk. 

Incorporated 1853. Capital, $60,000. 
Lovitt Morse, President. Edwin Keith, j 

Clerk and Treasurer. 


Incorporated 1853. Capital, $100,000. 
Horatio Adams, President. Horatio Moore, 


incorporated 1853. Capital, §20,000. 
E. P. Whitman, President, Arthur L. | 
Devens, Treasurer. C. A. Stephens, Sec'y. 



Incorporated 1854. Capital, $50,000. 


Incorporated 1854. Capital, $100,000. 

Abijah Thompson, President. Parker L. I 
Converse, Sec. and Treas. Aaron Thompson, . 


Jneoi'porated 1S51. 

George T. Rice, President. William Cross, 
Treasurer and Clerk, James B. Blake, At ei ' 


\ ! 




B.i.restal)Ie. Patriot, Barnstable, weekly, P. B. Thinner, publislier, $2 per year. Democratic. 
. v.e Cod Ad yocate, Sandwich, weekly, Pinkham & Bowman, publishers, §1.50 per yr. Free 

Vermouth Register, Yarmouth Port, weekly, Charles F. Swift, publisher, S2 per year. "Whig. 


Berkshire County Eagle, PittsGeld, weekly, Checkering & Davis, pub., Si. 50 per year. Repul . 
Berkshire Courier, Great Barriiigton, J. D. Gushing, publisher. Republican. 
Caiturist & Gazette, Pittsfield, Heed, Huli & Peirson, publishers, SI per year. Agriculture. 
Tree American, .North Adams, weekly, Wra. S. Burton, publisher, $1.50 per year. Llep :b. j 
N'orth Adams Transcript, weekly, Chickering & Davis, publishers, Si. .00 per year. Rep ll . 
Fittsfield Sun, weekly, P. Allen & Sod, publishers, S2 per year. Democratic. j 


American Whig* Taunton, weekly, J. W. D. Hall, publisher, $2 per year. 

Daily Evening Standard, New Bedford, E. Anthony, publisher, S4 per year. Republican. 

Pely . ■Alerou.-T, New. Radford. Benjamin Lindsey, publisher, $5 per year. Whig. 

Fall River 'Monitor, weekly, Henry Pratt:, publisher, $2 per year. Whig and K. N. 

Fall River News, weekly, Aim;, and Milne, publisher, $2 per year. Deim arid Repub. 

%ivr Bedford Mercury, weekly, B. Lindsey, publisher. Whig. 

Republican Standard, New Bedford, weekly, E. Anthony, publisher, Si. 50 per year. 

Taunton Daily Gazette, Ide & King, publishers, S3 per year. Democratic. 

Taunton Democrat, weekly, A. M. Ide, Jr., publisher, Si. 50 per year. Democratic. 

Whaleman's Shipping List, New Bedford, weekly, Benjamin Lindsey, publisher, $1 per \q:\t. j 

Vineyard Gazette, Edgartown, weekly, E. Marehant, publisher, SI per year. Neutral. 


■Andover Advertiser, weekly , Wm. P. Draper, publisher. $1 per year. 
Bay State, Lynn, weekly, Lewis Josselyn, editor and proprietor, S2 per year. Democratic. 
Cape Ami lac*.:, Gloucester, weekly, John S. E. Rogers, publisher, $2 per year. Amu, : ; 
Daily Herald, Newbury pott, Mors*, Brewster & Huse, publishers, S4 per year. 
Essex Banner, Haverhill, weekly, E. H. Safiord, editor and proprietor, S2 per year. Dem. 
Gloucester Fireside Gazette, Proctor Brothers, S2. 

Uayerhill Gazette, E. G. Frothingbam, publisher, S2 per year. j 

Herald of Gospel Liberty, Newburyport, weekly, B. F* Carter, publisher, $1.50 per year. 
Lawrence Courier, semi-weekly, I. F. C. Haynes, publisher, S2 per year. Whig. 
Lawrence Sentinel, weekly, George A. Gordon, publisher, 81.50 per year. Democratic. 
Lynn "News, weekly, J. F. Kimball & Co., publishers, $2 per year. Whig. , 

[-yen Weekly Reporter, P. L. & II. S. Cox, publishers, $2 per year. 

y swburyport Herald, semi-weekly, Morss, Brewster & Huse, pub., S3. 50 per year. V. Lie- j 
people's Advocate, Slarblehead, weekly, James Collin, pubIisher,SL50 per year. Dem. 
^^.m Evening Journal, daily^E, Lawrence, publisher, S4 per. year, American. 
Siriem Gazette, semi-weekly, Caleb Foote 6: N. A. Horton, pub., S3. 50 per year. "Whig. 
S •'' m Mercury, weekly, Caleb Poote & N. A. Horton. publishers, SI. 50 per year. Whig. 
>i-iAj\ Observer, weekly, Am. Ives & Co., publishers, S2 per year. Neutral. 
•silem Register, serui-weekh*. Chapman & Palfrey, publishers, S-i per year. Whig. 
Saturday Evening Union, Newburyport, Wm. H, Huse, Publishers, St. 50 per year. Atner. j 
^legraph & News, Gloucester, semi-weekly, John S. E. Rogers, publisher, S3 per year. Am. j 
2 ■'■'■ * !*■*, Salisbury Mills, weekly, W- B. II. Currier, publisher, $1.50 per year. Neutral. 
• ■■- True American, Salem, weekly, Geo. W. Sargent &■. Co., pub., S>2 per year. Amer. 

.* 1 


*a»iican Republic, Greenfield, weekly, C. J. J. Ingersoll, pub., $1.50 per year. ' Free Soil. 
; ratikho Democrat, Greenfiel i, weekly, C. A. Miriek, publisher, SI. 50 per year. Deni. >( _ 
'^Mctte and Courier, Greenfield, weekly, S. S. Eastman & Co., pub., $1.50 per year. \\ u.ig. 




Chlcopee Weekly Journal, Chicopee, D. B. Potts, publisher, James C.Pratt, $1.50 per ; 

1 1 . > Mirror, Lillie & Pratt, publishers, S2 per year. Literary. 

.., r Journal, Palmer Depot, weekly, Fisk & Goff, publishers, SI. '25 per year. 
S ■ rile! ! Daily Rep iblican, Samuel Bowles & Co., publi hers, £5 per year; weekly S-J.J 

Westfield News-Letter, weekly, Baell, Carter & Co., publishers, $2 per year. Republican. 


Hampshire and Franklin Express, Amherst, weekly, Win, Faxon, S2 per year. Fusion. , 
Hampshire Gazette, Northampton, weekly, Hopkins, Bridgeman & Co.,S2 per year. Repub. 
Northampton Courier, weekly, Henry S. Gere, publisher, $2 per year. Republican. 


American Citizen, Lowell, Z. E. Stone, weekly, $2. American. 

B inker Hill Aurora, Charlestown, weekly. W. W. Wheildon, publisher, 82.50 per yr. Whig. 

Cambridge Chronicle, weekly, John Ford, publisher, 82 per year. 

Charlestown City Advertiser, semi-weekly, Decosta & Williams, publishers, $2 per year. 

Christian Era, Lowell, Weekly, J. M. Burt, publisher, $2 t>qt year. Baptist 

Daily Morning News, Lowell, J. T. Chesley, publisher,.^ per year. Independent, 

R**ilroa<! Mercury, Geo. fL Brown, publ;sue:<, Groton Junction. 

! Advertiser, fcri-weekly, Charles Hunt, publisher, S2 per year. Democratic. 

Lowell Daily Journal and Courier, S. J. Y 

rey, publish 

: 5 per year. Whi< 

Lowell Patriot and Republican, Charles Hunt, publisher, Si. 50 per year. 

Lowell Weekly Journal and Courier, S. J. Varney, publisher, 82 per year, Whig. • 

M • sex Freeman, Concord, Fisher A. Hildreth, publishei , weekly, 82 per year. Dem. 

Mi i tlese.x Journal, Woburn, John J. Pippy, publisher, weekly, 82 per year. Independent. 

II m ml Magazine, Cambridge, Joan Bartlett, publisher, monthly. 

1 : wiy Ann riean Citizen, Lowell, Z. E. Stone, publisher, 84 per annum. American. 

"S ox Populi, Lowell, weekly, J. T. Chesley, publisher, 82 per year. Neutral. 

Waltham Sentinel, weekly, J. Hastings; publisher, 82 per year. 

Worlds Crisis, Lowell, Jonas Merriam. Second Advent 

HAjXTUCXIET county. 

Nantucket Inquirer, Morrissey & Moore, pub., tri- weekly, $3 ; weekly, $1.50 per year. Whig. 
Kariti ;kei Weekly Mirror, Uu..< y ik Robinson, publishers, 8- : ; • ; ■■■■ f Neutral. 

I t 



; '. .' rtfe, weexly, Henry O. Hildreth, publisher, $2 per voir. Republican. 
C lu-uty Journal, Roxbury, weekly, L. B.&O.E. Weston, publishers, Win. A. ! 

. -:' , -r V: .-. 
Patriot, weekly, John A, Green, publisher, §2 per year. Neutral. 


Abington Standard and Plymouth County Advertiser, wkly, Chas. G. Easterbrdok, 82 pr yr. i 

Hingham Journal, w< ekly, Blossom 5c Easterbrook, publishers, S2 per year. 

Nama ket Gazi ttc, Mid lb borough, weekly, S. Pratt, publisher, Si per year. 

N )rth Bridgewater Gazette, N. Bridgewater, weekly, Geo. Phinney, 82 per year. Neutral. 

( 'hi Colo :y Mem -i d, PI rmouth, weekly, James Thurber, publisher, S2 per year. Whig. j 

Plym >uth Rock, Plymouth, .weekly, Charles A. S. Perkins, pub., 82 per year. Democratic. 




1. Re 


4G}, Kne iland, w> 

:.; per rear. Second Advent. 

Advertiser, X I.Ial« and Chas. Flale, 6 Congress, daily, SS; semi-weekly, 84 per year. Whig. 
Advertiser of the North, M. Hoffman, publisher, 4 Water, -weekly, $3 per year. German. 
Advocate of Peace, George C. Beckwith, 21 Cornhill, monthly, 50 cents ner year. 
American Bee and Guardian of Liberty, Bee Printing Co., 7 State, weekly, 82 per year. 
American Odd Fellow, John B. Hall; 2-1 Congress, weekly, $2 per year. Saturday 
American Patriot, J. E. Farwell & Co., 32 Congress, weekly, 82 per yr. Native An i i 

N E W S P A P E RS, ETC. 18' 

American Phrenological Journal, Fowlers, Wells & Co., 1-12 Wash., monthly, Si per year. 
linerican Privateersrnan, Geo. II. Willi tins, 52 Wa >hington, weekly, §2 per year. 
American Railway Times, Haven & Jones, 33 Devonshire, weekly, S3 per year. 
African and Foreign Christian Union, Rev.B. Dickinson, 15 Com hill, monthly, Si per yr. J 
American Union, Graves & Weston, 36 Washington, -weekly, 82 per year. Literary. 
American Veterinary Journal, S. N. Thompson, pub., G. H. Dadd, editor, &7 Union, j 

monthly, $1. 
At!a3,Thos.M'[Brewer&Co.,5 0. State House, daily, S3; semi-wkly, $4 ; wkly,S2 pr. y. Wl . . ' 
Hallou's Dollar Monthly Magazine, M. M. Ballou, publisher, 100 Tremont, monthly . - I pr.yr. 
BallouV Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion, Maturin M. Ballou, publisher, 100 Tremo t, : 

corner Bromtield, weekly, S3 per year. 
Dee, Bee Printing Co., 7 State, daily, SG per year. American. 

Boston Almanac, Damrell 6w Moore and Geo. Coolidge, 16 Devonshire, annually, Jan., 25 ■ '-. I 
Brownson's Quarterly Review, Benj. H. Greene, 1.24 Washington, corner Water, £3 per year. } 
Carrier Dove, published by S. A. Beiit & Co.. 91 Washington, weekly, 6 cents per copy. 
Child's Friend, L. C. Bowles, publisher, 111 Washington, $2 per year. 
Christian Examiner, Rev. George Putnam and Rev. Geo. E. Ellis, editors, Crosby, Nichols k 

Co.. publisher?, ill Washington, bi-monthly, >l per year. Unitarian. 
Christian Freeman & Family Visitor, Rev. Sylvanus Cobb, CI Cornhill, weekly, $2 per ye: 

Christian Register, David Reed, publisher, 22 School, weekly, $2.50 per year. Unitarian 
Christian Watchman and Reflector, Uphara, Ford & Olmstead, publishers, 22 School. •■ i : iy 

82 per Baptist. 
Christian Witness and Church Advocate, Kev..Thc:\ F. Fates, editor, Jame^ B. Dow. pro- \ 

priefor, 94 Tremont, $2 per year. Episcopal. 
Chronicle, Robert C. Nichols & Co., publishers, 15 State, daily, $6 ; weekly, $2. 
Ccngregationalist, Rev. R. S. Storrs, Rev. Henry M. Dexter, Rev. Andrew L. Stone, 

editors, 120 Washington, weekly, S2 per year. Orthodox. 
Courier, E. B. Foster & Co,, 10 Congress, daily, S8 ; semi-wkly, S4 ; wkly, $2 pr. yr. V« '■ \ 
Cultivator, Otis Brewer, 39 Commercia-, weekly, $2 per year. Agricultural. 
Directory, George Adams, 91 Washington, annually. July, SI. 50. 
Dvpighfs Journal of Music, published weekly at 2! School, S2.50 per year. 
East Boston I dger, Tyler & Blanchard, Winthrop block, Maverick sq., weekly, S 2 \ ■■• r ; ■ o 
Caiblem, an Odd Fellow's Magazine, Chas. D. Cole, 21 School, month U, $2 per year. 
Evening Gazette, W. W. Clapp, Jr.. -10 Devonshire, wkly, Saturd iy eve., : ( pr. yr Lit r i • 
Evening Telegraph, Telegraph Newspaper Co., 82 Washington, daily, $6 per year. 
Express List, George K. Snow, 22 Court, 10 cents each. 

Flag of our Union, Maturin M, Ballou, 100 Tremont. corner Broinfiehl, weekly, S . : ; 
Forrester's Boys' and Girls' Magazine, F. & G C. Rand, 7 & rnliil-1. $1 per year. 
Forrester's Pi lymafe and Mdiithl} Instructor, Wrn. Guild & • o. E50 Wa h , mthiy, S'l pr. yi 
Freemason's Monthly Magazine, Charles W. Moore, 21 School, S2 per year, 
Friend of Virtue, published by the N; E. Female Moral Reform Society, 9 Bedford strv :. 
Fruits of America, C. M. Hovey, 7 Merchants row, bi-monthly, So per year. 
Goward's Real Estate Register, Yl aison Goward, 91 Washington, week ; . I '. \ er year. 
C roe to Holiness. Henry V. Degen, editor and publisher, 15 CornbilU monthly, $1 pr.yeAr 
Hippy Home and Parlor Magazine, C. Stone & Co., 21 Cornhill, monthly, $2 per year. 
H raid, Bailey, Lawrence & Co., 100 Washington, daily. S3 per year. 
Horticulturist^ J. Breck & Son, 51 North Market, monthly, S2 ; colored edition, So per 
! telligencer, Haven & Jones and J. B. Gibb's, 30 Devonshire, weekly, o2 per year. 
International Journal. W. C. St. John & Co.. 5 Doan'e, weekly, $1.50 per year. Int< n 
Investigator, Horace Seaver and J. P. Mendum, 65 G rahili, weekly, $2 pur year. Fo 
••' urnai, C. O. Rogers., 12 State, daily, ■•■■ ; semi weekly, § 1 ; weekly, S2 per year. _ 
-,' irnal of Missions. 33 Perribertonsq., monthly, 25 cents per year ; 8 copies to one n« 

'• 'w-Noihing and American Crusader, Adams, Lakin & Co., 59 Court, w< iskh 2- p» ■• 
flies' Almanac, Damrell & Moore and Geo. Cooltdare, annually, Jan., 16 Devonshire, : 
' ■ lies' Enterprise, E. A. Norm, pub., Miss P. H. Merrill, editress. 5 \Wh., wkly. S2 \ r. 
I Ladies* Repository, A. Tompkins, pul ., Rev. IL Bacon, editor, 3S Cornhill, mthly, S2 pr 
! lies 1 Repository? J. P. Magee, 5 Cornhill, a outhly, I per year. 
' iw Reporter, George S. Hale, editor, C« »by. Nichols & Co., Ill Washington, n* 

S3 per year. 
\ jberator, William Lloyd Garrison, 21 Cornhill, weekly, §2.50 per year. Anti-SUwr 
^-->; Illustrated, Fowlers, Wells ^o Co., 1 12 Washintrton, weekly^ S- per year. 
[ ■ •- z Age, Littell, Son & Co., Bn mtield, corner Tremont, weekly, So pr. yr. 
'Aeedonian, American Baptist Missionary Union, Rev, J. G. Warren, editor, 

monthly, l^aptist. 

\ ; 

1.. try. 




Magazine of Horticulture, C. M. Hovey, editor, 7 Merchants row, monthly, 82 per year. 

Mail, Timothy Bigelow 6c Co., 9 Devonshire, daily, S3 per year. 

Massatdiuietts Ploughman, W. & W. J. Buekminster, 51 N. Market, S2 pr. yr. Agricultu .'. 

. . chusetts Register, George Adams., 91 Washington, annually, January, SI. 25. 
" . . chusetts Teacher, published by the Massachusetts Teachers' Association, Samuel C 

idg< , publishing agent, 3 6 Devonshire, monthly, Si. Educational. 
Medical and Surgiearjouraai, Dra. J. V. C. Smith, F. Minot and W. W. Morlaud, Edit »«, 

Franklin, corner Washington, weekly, S3 per year. 
Mercury, S. Boston and Dorchester, Albert-.'. Wright, and Moore & Crosby, 1 Water, $2 pr. yr. 
Merry's Museum, J. E. Hickman, agent, 33 School, monthly. 
Methodist Quarterly Review, J. P. Magee, 5 Cornhill, S2 per year. 
Missionary Advocate, J. P. Magee, 5 Cornluli, monthly, 25 cents per year. 
Missionary Herald, published at 33 Pemberton square, monthly, $1 per year. 
Missionary Magazine, Rev. S. Peck, editor, 33 Somerset, monthly, SI per year. Baptist. 
Monthly Religious Magazine, Rev. F. D. Huntington, editor, 111 Wash., monthly, $3 pr. yr. 
Mother's Assistant, C. Stone & Co., 21 Cornhill, monthly, SI per year. 
Myrtle, J. M. Usher, publisher, 37 Cornhill, semi-monthly, 50 cents per year. Juvenile. 
National Magazine, J. P. Magee, 5 Cornhill, monthly, $2 per year. 
New Church Magazine, Oris Clapp, 3 Beacon, monthly, $1 per year. Swedeiiborgian. 
New Church Repository, Otis Clapp, agent, 3 Beacon, monthly, 82. 
.New England Directory, advertising sheet, Whitney & Co., Derby Range, SI per year. 
N. E. Farmer, Joel Nourse, Quiney Hall, weekly, 82 per year. Independent. 
N. E. Farmer, Joel Nourse, Quiney Hall, monthly, Si per year. Agriculture. 
x 3 K Uistori* -0 and (genealogical Register, S. G. Drake, 26 Promi'leld, quarterly, 82 pr. yr. 
New Eng) md Spiritualist, A. E. Newton. 15 Franklin, weekly. 

New Jerusalem Magazine, Otis Clapp, 3 Beacon, monthly, 82 per year. Swedenborgian. 
North American Review, A. P. Peabody, editor, Crosby, Nichols & Co., Ill Washington, 

(Quarterly, $5 per year. 
Olive Branch, E A. Nbrris, editor, Mrs. C. F. Gerry, asst. editor, 5 Wash, weekly, 82 pr. yr. 
Orphan's Advocate and Social Monitor, A. & E. C. Fellows, Tremont, corner Common 
Panoram i of Lite in Literature, Littell, Son ec Co., Bromneld, e. Tremont, monthly, $3. 
Pathfinder Railway Guide, George K. Snow, 22 Court, monthly, 75 cents per year. 
People's Paper, 332 Washington, weekly, 82 per year. 

Peitengili's Reporter, S. M. Pettengill & Co., 10 State, 50 cents per year. Literary. 
Pilot, Patrick Donahoe, 23 Franklin, weekly, 82.50 per week, Roman Catholic. 
Portfolio, John S. Sleeper & Co., 122 Washington, weekly, 82 per year. 
Po?i, Reals. Greene & Co., 21 Water, daily, $8 per year. Democratic. 
Press and Post, Beals, Greene & Co., 21 Water, semi-weekly, $4 per year. Democratic 
Pri or ir's Friend, Rev. C. Spear, 37 Cornhill, monthly, 82 per year. Criminal Reform. 
Pari i Recorder, Moore, Riddel & Co., 22 School, weekly, $2 per year. Orthodox. 
Real Estate Advertiser, Li-upp, Hunt & Spear, 33 School, weekly. 
Saturday Dvening Dispatch, J. Frank Lakin, 59 Court, weekly, 82 per year. 
S :ientific Lferald, J. B. Hall, 24 Congress, weekly, 82 per year. 
Shipping List, Learned, Tompson & Co., 86 State, semi-weekly, $G per year. 
Scar Spangled Manner, A. Woodman & Co., publishers, 130 Washington, -weekly, 82 pr. yr. 
Statesman, Bealsj Greene & Co., 21 Water, weekly, 82 per year. Democratic. 
S • 1 nl and Schoolmate, Robinson & Richai'dson, 110 Washington. 

Francis Adams, publisher, 3 7 Cornhill, weekly, 82 per year. 
nday " 

Sunday X, 

Snnfl.iv S..K 0o l Advocate, J. P. Magee, 5 Cornhill, semi-monthly, 50 cents per year 
Sunday School Journal, Henry Hoyt, 9 Cornhill, semi-monthly, 25 centi per year. 



?d at 3 and 5 State, daily, 84 per year, and 1 cent each 
rlpt, Dan 'I N. Haskell, ed., Dutton & Wentworth, proprietor 
ler, Worthington, Flanders & Co., Traveller Buildings, 31 State, j? 
Punchsrd, editors, daily evening, S6 ; semi-weekly, S3 ; weekly, 8 

Congress, 85 pr, 

Andrews & Geo. ; 
per year. 

True Flag, Mo.iUon, Elliot & Lincoln, publishers, 22 School weekly, 82 per year. Literary- 

Trumpet attd Universalist Magazine, Rev. T. Whitteinore, 37 Cornhill, weekly, 82 per year. 

Uncle Sam, George 11. Williams, 52 Washington, weekly, 82 per year. 

Uncle Samuel, Wymai: & Co., 2 Water, weekly, 82 per year. Literary. 

United Si t ■■■■ Reporter, J. E. Harwell & C< 32 C 

I niversalis! Pulpit, J, M. Usher, 37 Cornhill, qu 

Universalist Quarterly, A. Tompkins, 38 Cornbill, Rev. H. Ballou, 2d, editor, 82 per yc^r. 

Water Cure Journal, Fowlers, Welis & Co., 142 Washington., monthly, 81 per year. 

Waverky Magazine, Moses A. Dow, 12 Water, weekly, 83 per year. 

Weekly Messenger, Nathan Dale and Charles Hale, 6 Congress, weekly, 82 per year. 

Weekly Telegraph, Telegraph Newspaper Co., 82 Washington, weekly, 82 per year. 

i i ev ss SI per year, 
i terly, 81 per year. 



v.hckly Transcript, Dan'IN. Haskell, ed., Button & Wentworth, proprietors, 33 &: 35 Con- 
gress, 81.50 pr, year. 
,': Spring, Rev. Asa Bullard, Editor, 13 Cornhill, weekly, 35 cents per year. 
Vankee Blades, Mathews, Paine > Q <: Co., 5 Washington, weekly, $2 per year. 
S ..'<.■<> Privateer, J. Jones, 2 Water, weekly, $2 per year. Literary. 
Vouyg Reaper, N. E. Sabbath School Union, Id Cornhill, monthly, 1.5 cents per year. 
i ith's Companion, Nathaniel Willis, 22 School, weekly, Si per year. 
} >uth's Dayspring, 33 Pemberton s uiare, monthly, 10 to one address, $1. 
Youth's Guide, Rev. J. A". Hiines, 46^ Kneeland, monthly, 25 cents per year. 
V i-uth's Penny Gazette, Henry Hoyt, agent, 9 Cornhill, bi-weekly, 12A cents per year. 
Zion's Herald and Wesley an Journal, lie v. Daniel Wise, editor, 7 Cornhill, wkly, §1.50 pr. yr 

Chelsea Telegraph and Pioneer, Henry Mason, editor and publisher, weekly, £2 per year 


Barre Gazette, Nahuni F. Bryant, publisher, weekly, 81.50 per year. Neutral. 
Barre Patriot, weekly, J. Henry Goddard, publisher, Sl.oU per year. Whig. 
Daily Transcript, Worcester, Fiske Sc Reynolds, publishers, Si per year. 
Fitchburg Sentinel, E. k,J. F. D. Garfield, publishers, weekly, $.1.50 per year. 
Fitchburg Reveille, John. J. Piper, semi-weekly, S2.50 per year. Republican. 

Massachusetts Spy, Worcester, John M. Earle & Thomas Drew, wkly, S2 pr. yr. Republican. 

Milford Weekly journal, A. Deleter Sargeant, S1-5Q per year. Neutral, 

a tonai .. 

"ore ster, C. Buckingham Webb, nub., weekly, 61-50 per yea 

Practical Christian, Mllibrd, Rev. A. Ballou, .:ii per year. 

Saturday Courant, Clinton, E. Ballard, publisher, weekly, $1.50 per year. 

Southbridge Press, Clark a Jilison, Si. 50 per year. 

Worcester Daily Spy. John M. Earle & Thomas Drew, pubs., $5 per year. 

Worcester Palladium, John S- O. Knowlton, publisher, weekly, £2 per year. 

Worcester Weekly Transcript. Fiske & Reynolds, 61.50 per year. Whig. 

West-bora" Sheaf. Wtnslow Packard, weekly, $1.50. 




(CoYre&e-d from the booh of the Post 

Office Department, Jan. 1, 1S58, by Ch • 

ncey ! 

Smifj> ; iEsq.j CoivespOi 

i-ing. Bond and Register Cirri-.) 


Abingtori, Jesse E. Keith 

Ashburnhara Depot, John M. Frost 

i^ East, Daniel Blanchard 

Ashby, Nathaniel Whitierhore 


' : South, Cyrus A. Dyer 

Ashfieid, Diehard Cook 


Acton, Samuel Despeanx, 

Ashland, James 11. Jones 


11 South, Win. I{, Shattuck 

Ashley Falls, John Scovill 

•* Wests Charles Robinson 

Ashleyville, Edward Kneeland 

Adams, George A. Lapham 

Assal et, i e Sudbury 


" North, Abel Wetherbee 

Athol John II. Williams 


Adahvsviile, see Goleraine 

" Depot, S. E. Twitehell 


Agawam, Lyman Whitman 

Attleboro', Lyman. W. Dean 

A)ford,M. ii. Vandensen 

"■ North., J. D. Richards 

Amesbury, David Bagley 

" South, J. S. Day 


" West, Stephen Baylcy 

Auburn, E. M. Knowles 

Amherst, Seth Nims 

Auburndale, sec Newton 

" North, Horace Cutlci 

ijaldwin.sville, see Templeton 


li South, C. F. Hay-ward 

Bal 1 Hill, see Franklin 


Andovcr, Hobart Clark 

Ballard Vale, see Andover 

Ballard Vale, I. O, Blunt 

Bancroft, Joel Haskins 


Sutton Mills, Lahan Sawyer 

Barnstable, Elijah Lewis, 2d 

Annisquam, see Gloucester 

" West, Shadrach N. Howl; 

• ; iiburuham, S. V. Whitney 

Hyaunis, Rowland S. V 1 



Cotuit Port, Randall Kelley 
Marston's 31 ills, Charles Bassetfc 
Centerville, Ferdinand G. Kelley 
s tef ville, I s a iah C ro c k er 
! Barre, Charles Brimbleeorxi 
! « Plains, Edward Denny 

Cold Brook, W. B. Sibley 
! Beckett, Alexander Clark 
« North, Henry A. Bidw. 
" West, Kendall Baird 
| Bedford, Henry A. Gleason 
I Belcbertown, P. S. Rridgman 
Belliogham, Ellery Thayer 
I " North, Levi P. Coburc 
j " South, Reuben Chilson 
Belmont, Middlesex Co., John I,. Alesandc 
j Berkley, Daniel S. Briggs 
Berkshire, S. T. Whipple 
Berlin, R. S. Hasting 
j Bernardston, Daniel W. Temple 
I f« North, Timo, K. Hopton 
| Beverly, Joseph B. tuck 
| '•' Norai, Elijah E. Summus 

Farms, Josiah Obear 
Billerica, Wm. EL Blanehard 

North, James Faulkner 
j Blaekstone, Darius Bennett 
S " North, Alvab P, Colvin 

M ill ville, Wiliard Wilson 
Biandford, David P. Robinson 

;i North, Edwin Ely 
Bolton, Joshua E. Sawyer 
I Bond's Village, see Palmer 
! Boston, Edwin C. Bailey 
u East, Samuel G. Alien 

. Boxford, Elisha G. Bunker 
•' West, Moses Kimball 
Boyl itou. EH B. Lamson 

■* Centre, Henry White 
; Ltraaford, \\ ilham J ennoy 
j Bragj;vil!e, see HoUiston 
I Braintree, Ebenezer F. E, Thayer 
j " South, Joseph Dyer, Jr." 
I Brewster, Jeremiah Mayo 
'• West, David Mar wood 
" East, G. W. Higgiria 
i Bfrdgewater, La Fa} r ette Keith 

Scotland, George Chipman 
{ Brighton, YVm Warreu 
Briiiifiold, Nathan F„Robinson 
: Brook field, Franuis Howe 
' - East, P. B. Adams 
t I >roe kliae, A. 11. Glapp 
• Bucklandj Josiah Trow 
Burlington, Silas Cutler [Burrag 

Burragevilie, (Worcester Co.) Charles W 

Byfield, see Newbury 
Cambridge, William Caldwell 

" East, Andrew Fogg 

" North, -J. IP Davis 

" Port, Samuel James 
Campello, see North Bridgewater 
Canton, Caleb S. Taft 
Carlisle, Geo. W. Green 
Carver, Daniel Shaw 

" North, Wm. S Savery 
" South, T. B. Griffith* 
Centerville, see Barnstable 
Charlemont, David B. Hawks 

East, Horace Wells 
Charles River Village, see Dover 
CharlestOwn, Charles B. Rogers 
Charlton, A. E. Pisk 

" Depot, J. E. Tucker 
Chatham, Josiah Mayo 

North, Thatcher Ryder 
Chelmsford, JOl i P. Webster 

" North, J. II. Smith 

West, Christopher Roby 

" Middlesex Village, John E. Chase 
Chelsea, Gideon W. Young' 
Cheshire, R. C. Brown 
Chester, T. K. DeWolf 

" North, Jonas Parmenter 
" Factories, Charles H. Warner 
Chesterfield, Oliver Edwards, Jr. 

" West, Ansel Thayer 
Chicopee, Wm. W. Johnson 

" Palis, L. Dickinson ' 
Chilmark, T. Allen, Jr. 
CiiiUonvilic, see Plymouth 
Clappvilie, see Leicester 
Clinton, John T. Dame 
Cochesett, see West Bridgewater 
Coehituaie, sec Wayland 
Cohasset, Z. Stoddard 

44 North, Solomon J. Deal 
Cold Brook, see Barrc 
Gold .Spring, Alonzo Waterman 
Coleraine, Calvin V 7 . Sbattuck 

Adamsvillc, John Wilson 
Collins's Depot, sec Wiibraham 
Concord, Charles B. Davis 
Conway, T. S. Dickinson 
Gordaville, see Soutliboro' 
Cotuit Port, see Barnstable 
Cummington, Wm. Swan 

West Vill., E. Mitchell 
Curtisville, Marshall S. Heath 
Dalton, Franklin Weston 
Dana, Nathaniel L. Johnson 

North, George T. Johnson 
Dan vers. Levi Merrill 



P&nvers, Centre, Henry Prentiss 

' « Port, David Mead 
pjrtniQ.ufch, Charles Tucker 
4i North, J. Curnmings 
< 4 South, Jireb Sherman 
• Iham, Elidha Thayer 

West, Theo. Gay, 2d 
(l South, Eben F. Gay 
Deerfield, Charles Williams 

South, William P. Bates 
Dennis, Hoves Chapman, 
<•' South, "Watson Baker 
" East, L. Howes, Jr. 
" West, Salmon Crowell, Jr. 
Dighton, Charles Talbot 

.•' North. John Rose 
Dorchester, Robert Vose 

Harr. Sq., Isaac Field 
Neponset YiiL, Chas. Hunt 
Dover, Ralph Sanger 

Chf.3. River Vil!., Lov;i3 B. Russell 
Douglas, J ; avid Holman 

" East, Norris Yates 
Draeut, Simeon Flint 
Dudley, Moses Barnes 
Dunstable, Wm. Dunn 
Daxbury, John Holmes 

" West, George B. Blandish 
: East Bridgewater, II. 0. A. Orr 
! 1 * stham , G eorge Sen b ary 

North, D. C. Atwood 
■ Ea-stbampton, Ebenezer Ferry 
Fasten, T. F. Davidson 
" Nortb, A. 0. Howard 
South, Horatio Copektnd 
Fdgu-towo. Silvautrs L. Pease 

Holmes's Hole, G. Dunham 
Egretaont Plain. Harlour A. Van Deusen 
South. William O'Connoll 
North, G. W. Lqster 
Enfield, Cyrus F. Woods 
Frying, David Black mer 
Fssex, Albert F. Low 
Fairhaven, Joseph Cutler 

North, Cyrus E. Clark 
Fall Fiver, James M. Morton 
Falmouth, Frederick Davis 
" East, John Robin ;on 
( ' North, Ferdinand G. Nye 
West, S. Dillingham 
Woods's Hole, Elihu Fish, Asa Phinney 
! amumsvil'e, pee Grafton 
| deeding Hills, see West SpringGeld 
PeUon-snlle» see Marlboro' 
1 ; -''d Je, see Sttirbridge 
• j tahburc* John Todd 

Fitchburg, West, Harrington Sibley 
Florence, see Northampton 
Florida, Nathan White 
Forge Village, see West ford 
Foxboro*, David Hersey 

" East, Joseph Kingsbury 
" West, Henry Hobart 
Frauainghara, John Clark 

South, Willard Howe 
Saxonville, Samuel P. Griffin 
| Franklin, Smith Fisher 

City, David Dean 
{i South, Joseph H. Wadsworth 
Bald Hill, Elias Cook 
Freetown, Joshua Shove 

" East, Reuel Washburn 
Gardner, Levi Hey wood 

''• South, Simoon W. A. Stevens 
Georgetown, Samuel Wilson 
Gill, Josiah D. Canning 
Giondale, Berkshire County, J. II, Strong 
Gloucester, Gorham J 'arsons 

Annisquam, W. W. Chard 
Goshen, John L. Godfrey 
Grafton, H. D. P. Bigelow 

Farnumsville, T. A. Euffura 
New England Village, J. W. Har- 
Saundersville, G.'C. Taft 
Granby, II. H. Sterns 
Granitevillo, (Middlesex Co.) Danl. C.Moad 
Granville, East, Carlos Gibbons 


es M. Goodwin 

GrantvMle, see Nee&batn 
Great Harrington, Samuel B. Sun 
Greenfield, David N. Carpenter 
Greenwich, James Hanks 

" Village, Ira Haskell 
Groton, Theodore Andruss 
- South, H. A. Wood 
" West, A. Archibald 
Grout's Corner, see Montague 
Groveland, Nathaniel H. Griffith 

South, Jacob W. Reed 
Hadiey. Edward Stebbins 

" North, Simeon F. Cooley 
Halifax, Eiiab Pool 
, Hamilton, George AppletOn 
! Hancock, Hiram S. Smith 
! Hanover, Stephen Jossefyn 
j H: nson, Cyrus Drew 

South, B rak Osborn 


iek, A. K KmVht 

Harrison Square, so.: Dorchester 
Hartsville, sec New Marlboro' 
Harvard, Zephnr- Wetberbee 
Harwich. Obed Brooks 



Harwich, East, B. F. Eldridge 

South, Joseph P. Nickerson 
West, David II, Small 
" Port, Benjamin W. Eldredgo 
Hatfield, Josiah Drown 
Haverhill, James V". Smiley 

" East, John W. Ladd 
Hawley, Calvin S. Longley 

" South, Levi Holden, Jr. 
" West, Stephen K. Hitchcock 
Haydenvilie, see Williamsburg 
Heath, George Temple 
Hingbain, Hosea J. Gardner 

South, Andrew Gushing 
Hinsdale, Monroe Emmons 

Depot, Edward T. Nash 
Holden, Charles Chaifin 
Holland, Eiisha Kinney 
Holliston, Abel Pond 

■ Braggville, 1). Hartshorn 
;t East, Harrison Whiting 
Holmes's Hole, see H%rtowrt 
llolyoke, Lester Newell 

Ireland, Chester Crafts 
Hock Valley, Tryon Winchell 
HopMnton, E. A. Bates 

Woodville, Albert Wood 
Flousatouic, William Selkirk 
Huhbardston, William Bennett, Jr. 
Hull, .Joseph Pope 
Huntington, Lucien B. Williams 

Norwich, Whitman Knight 
Hyamiis, see Barnstable 
Indian Orchard, (Hampden County,) EI 

A Fuller 
I j« ? i :h, Stephen Col ram 
h Ian ■'. see llolyoke 
• '' muaica I'laln, see W. Roxbury 
K •;;-0;! t . Horace L. Collaniorc 
Lan aster, Qhrbtopher A. Pollard 

South, S. H. Turner 
Lanetboro', George R. Rockwell 
LanesYille, (Esses Co.,) Levi Dcn'nen 
Lawrence, \i. F. Watson 
Lee, Albert M. Hawk 
*« East, George E. Sturges 
" South, A. B. Mauley 
Leeds, see Northampton 
Leicester, II. D. Hatch 

Clappville, Samuel L. Scone 
Lenox, ( ieorge Wells 

« Furnace, W. A. Phelps 
"' New, David W. Dewey 
Leominster, C. II. Colburn 

" North, W. F. Howe 
Leverett, Francis h rary 

" ■ North, Benjamin F. Graves 

Lexington, John Davis 
Lexington, Feist, W. H. Smith, 2d 
Leyden, John Mowry, 2d 
Lincoln, C. L. Tarbeil 
Littleton, William Jlurter 
Look's Village, see Shutesbury 
Longraeadow, Samuel R. Newell 
4i East, Henry J. Crooks 
Long Plain, C. F. Thacher 
Lowell, Fisher A. Hildreth 
Ludlow, Jerre Miller 
Lunenburg, Daniel Putnam 
Lynn, Jeremiah C. Stickney 
Lynnfield, Henry W. Swasey 

4i Centre, Samuel K. Newcomb 
Maiden, Reuben Green 

" South, Solomon Corey 
Manchester, John P. Allen 
Mansfield, M. F. Shaw 
Marblehead, Samuel Cox 
Marlboro', J. C. Cottiag 

Feltonsville, G, L. Manspii 
Marshfield, Proctor Bourne 
" East, Tilden Hall 
fi North, Constant Qakman 
Marston's Mills, see Barnstable 
Mattapoisot, see Rochester 
Medfield, Walter Janes 
Medford, James C. Winnek 

" West. Franklin Patch ' 
Medway, S. W. Metcalf 

" Past, G. H. llolbrool; 

11 West, Gilbert Nourse 

Bockviile, John S. Walker 
Melrose, George Howard 
Mcndon,W. ff. Afeh 
Methuen, John Low 
Middleboro', Sidney Tucker 

" East, Nathaniel Eddy 

" North, M. Robinson 

" Some, C. R. Smith 
Rock, Israel Smith 
Middlefield, Solomon Root 
Middlesex Vill., see Chelmsford 
Middleton, Amos Batchelder 
Miiford, James II. Barker 

i; South, Samuel W. Gilbert, Jr. 
Millbury, Simon Dudley 

" "West. Ephraim Goulding 
Mill Liver, see New Marlboro 5 
Millville, see Blackstoce 
Milton, Nathan IN Martin 
Mittcm agu , see W. Springfield 
Monroe, Samuel Stafford 
Monson, Foster Pepper 
Montague, EHsba Wright 

" Canal, Benjamin Henry 



Grout's Cor., Martin Grout 
.Monterey, W. G. Langdon 
Moatgoaiery, Nelson Clark 
Hontviile, Win. W. Lao^don 
ponuuient, see Sandwich 
Mwiehviilo, see Taunton 
Nahant, W. W. Johnson 
Nantucket, Charles F. Swain. 
Natiek, Calvin W. Perry 

" South, John I. Perry 
Needham, George E. Eaton 
" Westj William Flagg 

Grantviile, Alvin Fuller, 2d 
Neponset Village, see Dorchester 
New Ashford, James Dewey 
New Bedford, Joseph C. Kent 
New Boston, see Sandisfield 
New Braintree, Charles B. Frost 

Byfield, Samuel S. Moody 
Newbury port, John M. Cooper 
New England Village, see Grafton 
New .Lenox, see Lenox 
New Marlboro'. Sarah I). Catlin 
Harts ville, Austin Brett 
Mill River, Henry N. Wheeler 
Southlicld, Augustus Turner 
New Mills, see Danvers Port 
New Salem, Alpheus Harding, Jr. 
North, W. Whlttemore 
j Newton, Dexter Whipple 
I " Centre, Jonathan St. Clair 
4i Lower Fulls, Charles E. Snow 
" Upper Falls, James Taylor 
! " West, John Mead 

Aubnradale, George L. Bourne 
Newtonviile, Andrew H. Ward, Jr. 
1 Northampton, Amos H. Bullen 

Florence, Isaac 8. Parsons 
Leeds', Thomas Musgrave 
| North Andover, J. P. Foster 
i Nortkboro', Anson Rice 
1 Nortlibridge, Hazen 0. Bean 

Centre, Mm. B. Fuller 
Whitinsville, George Benson 
North Bridgewa-ter, A. B. Drake 
Campello, Nelson J. Foss 
N. Wesl Bridgewater, Levi French 
North Brookfield, John Hill 
North Chelsea, George I\ewcomb 
Nortbrield, Charles Osgood 
" Farms, Moses Fitfield 
West, Elijah E. Beiding 
North Reading, Frederick Abbott 
Norton, Earl i Lodges 
Norwich, see Huntington 
Oakdale, sec -West Boylstoa 

Oakham, Alanson Prouty 
Orange, G. A. Whipple 

" North, Hillel Baker * . 

Orleans, Edward Barber 
" South, S. Sparrow, Jr. 
l< East, Freeman Doane 
Osterville, see Barnstable 
Otis, Lyman J. Strickland 

" West, Alanson Thompson 
Oxford, Wm. E. Pease 

" North, Stephen Barton, Jr. 
Palmer, John Bowles 

Thorndike, Davis B. Bishop 
Three 111 vers, Asa Shumwa? 
Bond's Yili., N. D. Wight" 
Paxton, S. D. Harrington 
Pelham, Calvin D. Eaton 
Pembroke, Horace Collamore 
Pepperell, John Loring 

" East. Crosby Lewis 
Peru, Sylvester S. Bowen 
Petersham, Samson Wethereli 
Phillipston, Jason Goulding 
Pittsfield, Phinehas Allen, Jr. 

. (i West, Augustus W. Williams 
PlaioSeld, Levi Chirk 
Pkinville, (Norfolk Co.,) John P. Cheeve] 
Plymouth. Moses Bates, Ji\ 
s; South, William Clark 

Cbiitonville, Geo. Braraball, Jr. 
Plympton, Martin Perkins 

" " North. Zenas Cuskman 
Pocasset, see Sandwich 
Preseott, Christopher Paige 

" North, Horace Hunt 
! Princeton. Ivory Wilder 

t! East, Joseph Whitcomb 
Provincetown, Godfrey Rider 
Ouincv. John A. Green 


Petei W. 


Randolph, L. F. Thayer 

u East, John ii. Jordan 

* ; Seutli, Daniel Faxon 
Beading, Horatio N. Gate 
Rehoboth, J. C. Marvel 

" North, Grenvilie Stevens 
Richmond, Eleazer Williams . 
Ringville, Ethan C. Ring 
Rochester, Theophilus King 

North, I. F. Niekerson 
Mattapoisett, Benj. F. Barstow 
Keck, see Middlcboro' 
R ckboi torn see I udbury 
[.toekport, Francis Tarr, Jr. 
Rockville, see Medway 
Rock Valley, see Holyoke 
Rowe, John Ballon 




Rowley, Ezekiel Bailey 
Iloxbury, Isaac S. Burrell 

\ -,.;.•',.,. J. E I brook 

"•« South, L. W. Partridge 
B ;■ el!, II- L. Gridley 
l> ■ , |, Zadock 'V. . Gates 

West, Michael Quimby 
Sal m, George B. Loring 
S«Ii ; ury, Enoch Fowler 

Easfc, Cyras Dearborn 
Sandisfield, George Hull 

New Boston, Samuel C. Parson s 
Sandwich, Charles B. Hall 

" East, Joseph Ewer, Jr. 
" North, Charles Bourne 
" South, Solomon C. Howland 
" West, Isaac Keith 

Monument, E. 0. Paaker 
P< easset, Howard Perry 
Saugus, Herbert B. Newhall. 
R aundersvilie, see Grafton 




Sajconvilie, see Framingham 
Seituate, W P. Allen 

North, Joseph B. Merritt 
West, Ebenezer Blanehard 
S ' : - • Bridge saier 

ck, William Tde 
" South, Nathan Mnnroe 
ShaT n, ( •■' in Turner 

« East, Warren Cobb 
■"-.' B »1 1. Edward F. Ensign 

East, Elijah S. Deming 
Shelburne, Lvman Conant 
, s t" II. M. 1 • k 
" . li , Alfred ;. >ven 
I -;-- ; : : , James Arnold 
•" ■ . ' m, Jeremiah K. Hawes 
: '• bi v, 

'■« * Village, Israel Longley 
Shrewsl ury, L »zano C. Knowlton 
Sbutesbury, Hiram II. Spear 

L k*s Till /-, Eli Ames 
Sippiean, Walton X. Ellis 
Si lithvillej changed to Cold Brook 
Ss mersefc*, J. A. Sayles 
Son erville, Geo. A. Sanborn 
Southampton, Jonathan N. Judd 
oro J , Solomon Este 

Cordaville, Curtis Wood 
Southbri Ige, A. F. Ammidown 
■- ; .:': L>: . All B. Fisk 

..-■"".. y rl ro 
So ith Hadley, George I... Smith 

' Falls,!.). P. Ingraham 
South Reading. Samuel Kinsman 
South Seituate, John K. Na=h 

Southwick, A. J. Forward 
Spencer, Luther Hill 

" North, Jonas Wilson 
[Springfield, A. W. Cbapin 
Spring Hill, (Barnstable Co.,)Nathan Win* 
Sterling, J. M. Stephenson 

11 West, Elisba Smith 
Still River, (Worees. Co.,) Wm. F.Bah <. ■ • 
Stockbridge, N. A. Waters 
Stonebam, George W. Dike 
Stoughton, Bradford Kinsley 

East, Elijah Bianchard 
Stow, W. Robinson 
Sturbridge, James Bachellor 

Fiskdale, Amos Munroe 
Sudbury, S. D. Hunt 

" North, Lewis C. Purler 
Assabet, Amory Maynard 
Rockbottom, Augustus Bice 
Sunderland, Edwin S. Pierce 
Sutton, Salem Chamberlain 

" West, Rufus C. Hall 
Sutton Mills, see Andover 
Swampseott, Waldo Thompson 
Swanzey, John Mason 

li "North, Mason Barney 
Taunton, Abijab M. Ide 

«< East; Ben]. B. Taylor 
Miriekville, Wm. Simi . 
Templeton, Dexter Gilbert 

Baldwinsville, James H. Cl pp 
Tewksbury, Benj. F. Spaulding 

" North, Leonard. Huntress 
Thorn dike, see Palmer 
[Three Rivers, see Palmer 
iTisbury, West, J. B. Nickerson 
| Tolland. Wm. W. Harrison 
Topsneld,B. P. Adams 
Townsend, Charles Osgood 

' : Harbor, Charles Emery 

' ( West, Augustus G. Stickney 
Truro, Josiah Wilder 
" _ North, John Grozer 

. si •:■/, S; nmel Elliott 
Tyringham, Frederick C. Williams 
Upton, Davis J. King 
Uxbrid-e, C. B. Rawson 

' ' N o r 1 1 1 , W m. FL Dudley 
Tan Deusenville, John IE CofEng 
Waehusett Yiii.. Benj. Wyraan 
Wales, Geo. C. Royce 
Walp : rid K. Metcnlf 

'• En si I i ;o. W, Jol : on 

" South, 'I i !larke 

Waltbara, Fred* rick M. Stone 
Waquoit, • e F dmouth 
Ware, Addison Sand ford 





arcbam, 0. F. Washburn 
West, J. !!. Sproat 
" East, Samuel T. T. 
arwick, Samuel Scott 
arreu, Daniel Russell 
asbington, Daniel Sibley 
atertown, Benjamin Dana 
ayland, Newell Heard 
ayland, Cocbituate, C. R. Damon 
ebster, Lyman Sheldon 
ellfleet, Allen Iliggins 

South, S. A. Hatch 
endell, Otis Chittenden 

" Depot, WBliam Putnam 
enham, John A. Putnam 
estbpro\ J. A, Brigham 
est Boyiston, G. B. Howe 

Oakdale, Augustus V. Sheldon 
est Bridge water, Calvin William? 

Cochesetfc, Albert Copeland, Jr. 
est Brookneld., Jacob Dupee 
est Cambri ige, 33. XL Prescott 
estrMd, Gilbert W. Cobb 
cstford, D. C. Butterfield 

Forge Village, Luther Prescott 
estbampton, John A. Judd 
estminstcr, J. "Whitman 
est Newbury, Daniel Nichols 
eston, Marshall Hews 
estport, Nathan C. Browne!] 
" South, F. Brown ell 
< c Point, A. H. Cory 
est Roxbury, William S. Keith 

Jamaica Plain, Robert Seaver 
est SyringQi Id, Leandor L. 

Feeding Hills, Enoeli Leonard 
est Stofikbridge, Cyrus II. Woodruff 
est Tisbury, see Tisbury 

Weymouth, Elijah F. Hall 
" East, Z. L. Bicknell 

(t South, John W. Thomas 

" North, Elisba Pratt 
Wbately, Dennis Dickinson 

" East, Josiah Allis 
Whitinsville, see Nor Abridge 
Wilbraham, Luther B.'Bliss 

<; South, Solomon C. Spelraan 
Collins's Depot, W. Collins 
WilkinsoRville, W. R.Hill 
Williamsburg, Lewis Bodman 

Haydenville, Lewis Warner 
Willi manseit, C. Pendleton 
Williamstown, Keyes Danfortb 

11 South, John H. Jordan 
Wilmington, John M. Durgin 

" North, Silas Buck 
Winehendon, Edwin S. Merrill 
Winchester, Horace Holt 
Windsor, E. G. Chapman 

if East, Reuben Pierce 
Winthrop, Warren "Belcher 
Wobura, A. E. Thompson 

!i North, Stephen Nichols. Jr. 

' : East, Albert L. Richardson 
Woods's Hole, see Falmouth 
Woodville, see Hopkinton 
Worcester, Emory Banister 
Worthingten, Edward C. Porter 

" West, Russell Bartlett 
Wrentham. 0. W. F'arrii gt - 

i; North, Henry Trowbridge 

« South, William E-. Pond 

i? West, P. I'. Cook 
Yarmouth, Isaac 'Ryhr 

*< Port, Thomas Ar:v 
West, F, il. Crowell 

" South, John Larkin 



The Post Officeis in the Merchants' Exchange, State Street. From the 1st of April to th< 
Oct iber, the office is open from 7 A. il. to 7£ P: M. From October to April, from S A. H. u 
M. On Sundays, from 9 to 10 A. M. 

1 st of : 
7A P. ! 


Mails Close. 

£ them, .5 A. M. and 2 and U P.M. 
Kastern, 5 A. M. and U P. M. 
Atb mv, and on the route, 5 A. M. 
C ■ r ,:] an( i Nantucket, 5 A. M. 
• Kern Mail, 5 A. M. 

Uh Mail by Steamships, on days of sai 
i \, A. M. ■ 
California on the -1th and 19th of each month at 
2i and 4£ P. M. 

lctctb cAJtHXEiis' office. 

James II. Patterson, S'upf,, 23 Merchants' Exchange. 

When Due. 

S tuthcrn Mnil 
Ivasteni Mail 
.• iany Mail 

Nbi . ■ y\l Mail 

s?es6P. M. and 12 i 
Li P. M. and i. 

7 P. M. and L2 mid 
7 P. SI. 

.el lod (Nantucket,) 1 and G£ P. M 







rs in the United States, 
- v ; ver 3000 miles 10c pi i 
! Advertised letters, 1 t 
;■'» c per A ox., over 3000, 15 c, p 

newspapers, periot 
j .,- 3 ounces in wei 
tio:»al ounce or fract 
llMuiai ni-wsi ipen 

3 c. pre: 

£ oz., (fractions same,] not over 3000 mues, e c. prepaid oy 
bj stamps, Letters dropped for delivery only, I.e., prepayment 
a. To or fron j tin Provinces, not over L-'JOO miles from the lim , 
1 or not. 

isealed circulars, or other articles of printed mutter, not exc< ; d- 
lt, to any part of the United States, prepaid 1 c, not prepaid 2 c; each addi- 
ii of an ounce, prepaid 1 c, not prepaid, 2 c. 
pers or periodicals, paid yearly or quarterly in advance, when circulated in the State 
where published, not weighing >".-. .•;• 1A oz., -\ e. ; over U oz. and not over 3 oz., £ c. ; every additional 
02. or fra cion, .'. c. When circulated o«i5 q/'iAe SVate, ail weighing 3 oz. or less, A c, and each addi- 
tional oz. or fraction, k c. Weekly newspapers within the county where printed and published, 
copy free to each subscriber. Small newspapers and periodicals, monthly or oftener, and pam] hi ts 
no containing more than sixteen octavo pages, in single packages of not less than 8 oz. to one address, 
pr j ■- id ; y stamp h c. far each ounce ; fraction same. 

Books* bound or unbound, not weighing over four pounds, under 3000 miles, 1 c. per c/,., prepaid, 
H c. i dt prepaid; ever 3000 miles, 2 c. prepaid, 3 c. not prepaid. 

Publishers of m ■; rpers and periodicals arc allowed a free exchange of one copy, and may also send 
to ea< h actual subscriber, enclosed in their publications, bills and receipts fox the same, free of p • ■- : ige. 
All i rintcd matter must, be sent without cover, or in a cover open at the ends or sides. There must 
be no word oi communication printed on the same after its publication, or upon the cover, except the 
name and address of the person to whom it is to be sent.. There must bo no paper or other thing 
< : h ed m oi with such printed paper. 


extra for Californ 
payment in United 8i 

Letters. — Each «} oz. 24 e.; 6 c. extra fo: 

Ni wspaper&s — 2 c. each, payment in Cn 

/ ; odicah and Pamphlets. — Not over t 

States ; and same postage is payable in rb 

to sixpence, and each extra oz. is twopenc 

or Oregon. Prepayment optional. 
;wo oz., 2 c. each, and 4. c. each extri 


i\*<_> uz., .i e. tccii, 

he United Kingdom, e.\ce 

. each extra oz., payable in United i 
iptiiig that fox the third oz. it rises ; 

custom: house officers, 


By a regulation of the Treasury Department, the Custom House opens at 9 o'clock, 
; M. and closes ac 3, P. M..ibr the transaction of business, through the year. 
Custom House, foot of State Street. 

Collector's OfFICE. 
Charles II. Peaslee, Collector. 

R. S. S. Andrew, Deputy Collector -.and Auditor 

e\V . McLeiSan, Adam Bailej , Deputy 
tun L. Prothingham, Cashier. 

Albert Han scorn, As isiant Cashier. 
\ Samu i Andrews, Ephraim Atwood, Jobn 
\ K Biliifi ■■■■, Albert Case, Henry J). Clary, 
• Perkins Cleveland, Francis A, Durivage, James 
. Davis, Vv iiliatn II. Emery, Ephraim L. Froth- 
! hi^ham, Jr., Nathaniel Gale, Thomas Gill, 
j Edward Grace, Alexander [Iariscbm, E. W. 
i Holmes, Samuel J'. Lo-vett, George J. Liudsey, 
I II. A. S. D. Payne, Taylor M. itundlett, John 
| O. Shaw, George A. Savage, Thomas J. Whit- 
; temore, Ralph C. Webster, Warren Webster, 
I Joseph W. Wripht, Geor sB " • U lan Wil- 
i am V. iliiaui: •' igar K. Y\ hit taker, Eli A, 
Yale, Clerks'. 

William W. Wilde, Superintendent qf"Cn - 
torn House. 

Henry 1). Xodd,W. H. Porter, Cyrus Kim- 
( ball, Messeng • 

Naval Oiticer's Department. 

Charles G. Greene, Naval Officer. 

C. Danielson Lincoln, Deputy Naval Offlc> r. 

Nathan I). Hyde, William P. Hill, Andrew 
J. Locke, Vv'iu.H. Burbeck, William Stevens, 

Ceo. O. Davis, Messenger. 

Surveyor's Office. 

Fletcher Webster, Surveyor. 
James Whiting, Deputy Surveyor. 
William W. Parker, Assistant ■ Deputy Sur- 

John G. Grafton, Clerk. 
Franklin Prince, Messenger. 

Public Store Department. 

George Dennett, Superintendent of V/arc 
h usi -. 

Joseph Barney, Otis Bullard, John II. ( 
Sai mc'l O. Dearborn, James G. Deland, Benj. 
T. Gould, Charles A. Mann, Gardner Pi i 



house Clerks. 
A. B. Eustis, Storage Clerk. 
fsaac N. Riddle, Permit. Clerk, Appraiser's 

"P. Col bum, Joseph C. Chase, S. J. Deacon, 
Thomas G. Easterbrook, 3 >aniel Harris, Nathan 
Jenkins, James Thomas, Nathau II. Thayer, 
Clerks in Warehouses. 


William Chapman, Charles Henshaw, Henry 
| W. Peaslee, Charles Sanborn, S. S. Seavey. 

Weighers and G augers. 


; J. L. C. Amee, Charles Caldwell, Fiumer 

; Chesley, Henry H. Cook, Horatio N. Crane, 

I George A. Dresser, Charles Edmunds, Joshua 

J II. Hay ward, Eph. Is at?, John McNeil, Jona- 

j than Nayson, John C. Tucker, Sam'i Walker. 

Inspect q es' I) epartmen t. 



Henry A. Aldrieb, Albert Alden, Levi 

t Barker, John Belcher, Tobias Boland, Calvin 
Bridgman, Isaac N. Centre, Abner Child,. 

J George W. Chin-chill, Asa 0. Batman, Ezra 

| S. Conant, Joseph S. Darling. George II. Da- 
vies, Robert L. Davis. Daniel B. Fenn, Hiram 
Ferry, Jas. G-. Foster, Jos, Fuller, Thos. Har- 
rison, Natal Howard, Bamllia N. Hudson, 
Eel w, Jones, Gideon Lane, E. S. Lawrence, 
Andrew J. Lewis, G. Hlnman Loomis, 
John R Lord, Henry K. May, Robert Means, 
Thomas Mooney, Dennis W. O'Brien, Tim- 
othy R. Page," Ed win A. Palmer, Roland 
Parks, Samuel II. Parker, dorr;* B. Proctor, 
George Robbing, Alfred A. Roberts, John 
Ryan, J. W. Sandford, Daniel P. S-mpson, 
Joseph A. Sampson, Samuel D. Slocum, Eii 
M. Smith, Charles J. Smith, William R. Stacy, 
Gideon A. Stiles, R. R. r ..^i\k.r. Warren B. 
Thomas, Hambleton E. Smith. Jeremiah Smith, 
Israel C. Trow, Robert M. Waitt, Isaiah 


[so, James Young 

I. M. Follansbee, at Quincy ; II. C. Wilder, 
at ITmgham; John H. Wilson, jr., at Cohasset. 

Aids to the Revenue. 

Joseph P. Raymond, Enoch II. Snelhng, 
Ebenezer French, Frank J. Tay, John II. 
Jackson, Moses E. C ashman, b!o;e? Stearns, 
Freeland Marble, Nathan M. Marble, David K. 
Wardwell, Darnel H. Whitney, Henry J. Sib- 

ley, J. Q. A. 

W. Lewis, II. M. 

balm-. Robert Dowry, P. FL Green, W. P. 
Brown, Isaac lb Kelson, E i h Q. Fellows, 
D. II. ilyil,:, Charles Clark. 

Nigh t Ins pec to rs . 

William; R. Stacy, Oipt. E. SeweH Price, 
'••; Ciipt. Wm. Bradford, Albert Clark, James 
H. Cochrane, Jas. Collin, William A. Gragg, 

Willard Graves, Thomas II. Grenville, Charles 
S. Hunt, John U. McDonald, Edmund Snow, 
Samuel A. Wentworth, Thomas II. Dolliver, 
Johr, M. Tyler, Abram Weeks, Daniel I). 
Hartley, Charles W.MoLellan, Jacob Norris, 
Patrick Rogers, F. H Llhoades, J. Hughes, 
Chas. R. Sturgis, Asred W. Hall, Robert \\ ier, 
Rufus K. Ladd, Win. H. Carpenter, Christo- 
topher Plunkett. 

Coastwise D e partment. 

[Export, Re-Warehouse^ Transportation. .••• 

Coastwise Districts. No. 1, — Boston, above 
Cbarlestown, (old) Bridge, with Cambridge 
Watertown, &c, including Fitchburg R. LI., 
S ition No. 2. — Charlestown, including 

Yard; nnd Boston, below Old Bib!./.-, to 
Gray's Wharf. No. 3. — Boston ; Comev's to 
Union Wharf, No. 4. — Boston ; Sargent's to 
Lewis Wharf with East Boston and Chelsea. 
No. h. — Boston; Commercial to Cifv Wl 
No. 6. — Boston ; T, Long and CentralWharv^. 
No. 7. — Boston; India Street and Whrf, 
Rome's and Foster's Wharves. No. S.--1 - • . 
Page'sWhavf to Sea Street Bridge, with South 
Boston. No. 9. — Boston, above Sea Street 
Bridge, with Roxbury ; including Fall River, 
Worcester, and Providence R. R Stations. 
No. 10. — Eastern, Bos ton and Maine, and 
Lowell R. It. Stations.] 

District IsrsrECTOiiS. — Dist. No. 1 — 
Mason Damon. [No. 2. — Thomas O'Neill. .'■• . 
3. — Alexander Gregg. No. 1. — Geo ■ ■•• 1 > ■ .- 
inson. No. 5. — Thomas P. Wilson. No. G. — 
Edwin Eaton. No. 7, — Alexander Ewins. No. 
8. — Benjamin S. Turtle. No. !>. — Samuel Fab- 
yan. No. 10. — Calvin Swallow. 

Pue-wc Appraisers' Office. 

Appraisers' Office, Comm'l St., corner Com- 

Gei rge F. Emery General Appraiser. 

C.J. F. Alien, \l:i:ry Crojfcer, Principal 

' Aaron Hobart, Jeremiah Colburn, Assi 
. ', praisers. 

Wm. Allen, Joseph B. Frost, C. Dana Lin- 
coln, James B. Weeks, Examiners. 

Joseph II. Smith, Examiner of Drugs. 

Joseph B. Bridge, George B. Dexter, Wm. 
Hard wick, John W. Neason, Isaac I. Ripley, 
Charles W. Spoffbrd, Oliver C. Wyman, 

Custom House Barge. 

Hambleton E. Smith, Boarding Of] 
Long Wharf. 

Retenur Ci fter Morris , 
John Whitcomb, Commander. 
Jo! 1 .!! L. Prouty, 1st Lieutenant 
Samuel N. Miller, 2d Lieutenant, 
John H. Gladding, 3d Lieutenant. 
John Donelly, Gunner. 



Ithamat W. Beard, 17. S. Assistant Trcas- 

C>. Riven, Ithamar A. Beard, Clerk*. 

/ $rt of Barnstable. — Sylvanns B. Phiuney. 


Custom House, North Second Street, co 
ner of William. 

Port of New Bedford.— Ch&rl&sB. IT. Fes 
sendee, Collector; James Taylor, Dej uVj l '■ '- 
lector; Wm. M. Irish, Clerk; Wilmot Luce, 
Inspector and Boarding Officer; Jireh L. Fer- 
guson, Inspector, Weigher, Ganger, fyc; Alex- 
ander G. Ryder, Custom House Boatman. 

Port of Fairhaven.—Geore€ H. Taber, id- 

; Collector; Daniel Ba^sett, Deputy Collector; 

j Charles Lewis, Isaac Wheiden, Inspectors. 

: Port of Sandwich. — Abrarn Nye, Inspector. 

| Port of Falmouth > — Silas J. Bourne, Deputy SJJ ^ C ^ 

I *pZTof Yarmoulhr-Chm. Sears, Inspector. Port °f MattapoisetL—Aiisett Weeks, 7 

* Port of Chatham..— Epliraim Tavlor, Deputy s P ector - 

| Collector. " j Port a/ Sippican.— Charles C.Allen, Inspec- 

I 'art of South Dennis.— Watson Baker, Dep- (or. 

\ utu Collector. Port of Wareham.~Da.vid Nye, Deputy Col- 

Port of Wellfleet. — Freeman L. Hickman, j lector and Inspector. 
I Deputy Collector; Nathaniel P. Wiley, IiispecA p ort r Dartmouth.-* Humphrey Sherman, ' 

' "port of Promncotown.-Xutns L Th.cher, \ Ins P ecior ' 
eputy Collector; Simeon "if.Giffbrd,7«*^ctor. L i ^ ^ ^^orL-Kussell Gilford, ih*p«> ; 



Harwich Port. — Anthony Kelley, Inspector- 


Constant Norton, Collector; S. P. Conin, 
; Deputy Collector. 

Custom House, 23 Water Street, 
j Port of NewvuryporL— James Blood, Co 

, Reefer ; Nicholas Brown, Naval Officer; Nath'l | 
DISTRICT OP FALL RIVER. [Jackson, Surveyor; Thomas W. Burnham, 7h- | 

For/ o/ Tall River.-— Phineas W. Lelana J *P ector an <* #^«ty Collector; Enoch Hale, Jr., 

Inspector, Weigher, and Measurer; George W . ! 
Hill, Inspector and Ganger; Charles Peabody, I 

Inspector ; Joseph Lowell and Nathaniel \ 

Collector; Jonathan Slade, Deputy Collector; 

Jonathan Slade, Philip M. Marvel, John V. 
' Pierce, Liberty Tripp, Inspectors, Weighers, 
land Measurers; Jeremiah Brown, Revenue 

Boatman; Jonathan 1. Hiiliard, Inspector of j Port of Ipsioicli. — Daniel L. WTlcomb, Sur- j 
! Steamboat Hidls and Boilers. j veyor ; Frederick Wilcomb, Inspector. 

i Pert of Somerset. — John 0. Fierce, Inspec- j 
j lor. Measurer, and Weigher. DISTRICT OF PLYMOUTH, 

<*f Bighton.— Liberty Tripp, Wcijherl ' p rt of VI. mik.— Edward P. Little, ColA 
j - : ' ; - : - l * ur> r - . lector ; L. Bradford, Deputy Collector. 

\ DISTRICT OF GLOUCESTER. j Port of Duxbury.— David Lakin, Inspector. \ 

Port of 'Gloucester.— -William IL Manning, | Pcri! °/ Kingston.— H. L. Collamore, In- | 

Collector.; David Baboon, Surveyor; Samuel ^ s P cclor ' 
| A. Sbiev, Addison Winter, Inspectors; Leon- 1 Port of Marshfeld. — Tilden Hall, Inspector- \ 

aril J. Presson, Wm. Fears, Weighers and\ Port of Scituate. — Edwin Young, Inspector. \ 
i (J <•■; ■■ ■ ; Robert Howe, Boatman. j 

1 Pm I of Manchester.— Ezra Stanley, Inspec? I DISTRICT OF SALEM AND BEVERLY, j 

| tor - ' > _ . , ,, „ . . _ j Custom House, 112 Derby Street, corner of 

| Port p/ flar^porf-— Mosca Haskins, InspecA q a Streeti g aIem< 

| Port of Salem. — Ephraim F. Miller, CoW 
for ; Henry E. Jenks, Deputy Collector ; Henry 
L. Lambert, 67er£ ; Chas. Millet, Ave' d;/d- ! 
cer; Lewis Jo.sselyn, Surveyor; Jonathan 11. \ 

P rtof MmVieJiead.-AXm. Bartoll, Collec- 
tor; John Ornc, Deputy Collector; John In- 

fjaiL^^'yr^or; John Swett./n.^ector, lKciy7*erJ Orne, Charles H. Manning, William B. lake-. 

Ganger, and Measurer. Weighers and Congers; JRobert W. Gould, | 

P / /.. -Samuel C Pitman, Deputy \ Measurer; Nathan Millet, Samuel Grant, Geo. I 

! Cwill -' ' ■■ ; Inspector. I W. Mullet, Wtliiam A. Phillips, Samuel Ful- 

| Parti j' $ ■ t and Na'hanL— -Kphraim J h v r, Henry W. Perkins, Henry Derby, Edw'd | 

i A. Ingalls, Insj. dor. j C. Peabody, John II. Scone, inspectors ; Sam'l ! 

: Fove. Henry Meek, Boatmen ; George J. L. ' 
DISTPTCT OF HANTIJCEET. | c J i;} , /. ,,/,,„ Qn j Acting PMic S (o r ekeep< r. i 

j Port pf Nantucket — Eben W. Allen, CollecA Port of Beverly. — Samuel Porter, Su 

j tor. (John R.'Tibbetts, Stephen Lovett, Inspectors. 




RESIDING- IN BOSTON j Peruvian Consul, (acting) Santiago C. B3II0, 

I (jznime Republic, Fitzheary Homer, 13 - i;; Summer, 

Prussian Vice-Consul, Francis A. Hirsch, 
13 Doanc street. ■ 

Central wharf. 
] Austrian Consul, 3?. A. Hirscb, 13 Donne. 

Belgian Consul, Ives G. Bates, So State 
j street 

Brazilian Vice Consul, Archibald Foster, 61 
; State street. 

British Consul, Edmund A. G-rattan, 7 
j Doane street. 

j Buenos Ayres, Fijzhenry Homer, 13 Cen- 
s tra! wharf. 

Danish Consul, George M. Thaeher, 60 
: State street. 

I Equador Consul, Seth Brjant, 76 Pearl 
t street. 

French Consul, M. Jules Eiienue Bouchard, 
10 Devonshire street. 

Chancellor of the Frencli Consulate, A. de 
Yau^igneuse, 10 Devonshire street. 



[ie^jrj br. Andrews, 8 

j Chilian Consul, Santiago C.Rello, 16 Sum- 

! mer street. 

j . Hanoverian end Hansealic Consul, C. H. F. 

j Moring, 39 Commercial wharf. 

j Mexican Vke-Comul, H. F. Fallon, 17 Cen- 

j tral wharf. 

j Netherlands Consul, B. JT. Dixon- Acting 

I NetL Consul, George' M. Thaclier, 66 State 

j street. 

j Nicaragua Consul (acting) Santiago C. Bel- 

| lo, 16 Summer street. 

oane street. 

Pontifical Suites, N. Reggie-, 3i Central ! 

Portuguese Vice-Consul, Archibald Foster, j 
23 Street. 

Russian Vice-Consul, 11. B. Storer,4 7 India I 

Sardinian Vice-Consul, N. Reggio, 31 Cen- | 
tral wharf. 

Sicilian Vice- Consul. N. Reggie 31 Central ' 

Spanish Consul, Jose Muflos Pascual. . j 

Swedish and Noncegian Vice-Consul, E. L. i 
S. Benzon, 80 State, street. 

Turkish Consul, Joseph lasigi, 30 Central 

Uruguay Consul, Charles Soule, Jr., 40 j 


Prussian Vice-Consul, George Hussey. 
Spanish Consular Agent, Edward Fales, 


British Consular Agent, Zaohariah Bur eh- 
more. t 

British Consular Agent. William Barney. 


! ! 


Established by an act of the Legislature, April 20, 1837. ■ 

The Governor and Lieutenant Governor ex qfiiciis : Mark Hopkins, D. D., of Will • • 

town; Rev. Edward Gtheman, of Chelsea: Hon. Isaac Davis, of Worcester; Henry | 

| Wheatland, M.-B.,oC Salem; HoseaBaIlou,2di"D.D., of Someryillc; Ariel Parish,of Spring- j 

! field ; Frof. Cornelius C, Eelton, of Cambridge; Rev. Alonzo U.. Quint, of West] 

! Roxbury. . J 

Hon. George S Boutwell, Secretary ; Hon. Thomas Kinmcuit, Treasurer, Samuel ! 

i C. Jackson, Assistant Secreiarji: 

! i 


Established by Law, 1838. 

The State Normal Schools are designed for those only who purpose to tern ! . i id 
especially for those who purpose to teach in the Common Schools. Of those who a-, lil 
i themselves of the advantage's of the-'? Schools, and who afterwards become teachers in i 
| the Common Schools of Massachusetts, no tuition fee is required. 
, There are at present four in this Commonwealth, as follows : 




rK N'oum at, School at FitAMiKGHAM. The Fall River Railroad passes through 

Fob Females only.' Bridgewater, and the Normal School Hous< 

George X. Bigelow, Principal 

This School has the honor of being the first 
& nd oldest institution of thisclass in the New 

World Originally established at Lexington, 
July 3, 1839, it was transferred in May, 1844, 
ti West Newton ; from thence, in 3 853, to 

? • 

id but a few rods from the depot. 

State Normal School at "West field. 
Foe both Sexes. 
William II. Wei!,, Principal. 

Barre, September 4, 18:30. In 1841 it was 
suspended, and in September, 1844, was re- 
commenced ai Westfield, 

Salem State Noumal School. 

For Females only. 

Opened September 13, 1854. 
Edw ards, Principal. 



Briegewateh State Normal School. 
Foe both Sexes. 
Marshall Conant, Principal. 

Those who enter this school, male pupils, 
must beat least 17, and females, at least 16 
years of age. 

Tenns. — The school year is divided into two terms, commencing as follows 
Framlngham on the first Wednesday of March and September of each year. 
Salem on the second Wednesday of " " . " " " 

Bridgewater on the third Wednesday of " " " " u 

Westfield on the fourth Wednesday of " " " " " 

The Spring Term of each school is preceded by a vacation of four weeks, and the 
Autumn Term by a vacation of eight weeks. 


Of these Institutes, the Secretary of the Board of Education, in his report, says: 
"They are steadily advancing in power and efficiency. Just in proportion as we have 
succeeded in providing able and skilful instructors to conduct them, has the interest 
manifested in them by teacher:-;, school committees) and the people at large increased." 

The number of Teachers's Institutes held Merrimac Normal Institute, Teacher of Elo~ 

during the year was thirteen. They were as cation. 

follows : .Lowell Mason, Esq., Teacher of Mime. 

Littleton, BridgewateT, Brewster, Montague, j> ro £ a. Guvot, Teacher of Geography. 

Westiield, Chelsea, Rutland, Shrewsbury, -.- w T T <r,.' -,' rr 7 ,x n„\ • 

,' , . . , , , ' /? j Mr. W.J. V\ m taker, learner of Drawing. 

x&rmouth, Ashournham- Adams. ' J J 

There w. re in all, 1,572 members, and an j '™f. Agass-ii, Lecturer on Natural Ilisfoiy. 

eragc attendance ot 125, 

These Institutes arc all under the personal 

perintendenceofthe Secretary. The Board 

of Permanent Instructors employed by him, ing-to the resolves of May 2, 185 T — Webster's 

Dictionaries furnished during the year end- 
ing December 31, 1855, to the Public Schools 
at the of the Commonwealth, accord- 

Prof. Aipbens Crosby, formerly 

mouth College, is Teacher of Grammar end of 

36 copies, at a cost of S144. Whole number 
of copies furnished since the resolves took 
effect :— Webster's, 3,198 ; Worcester's, 112, 
and the total expense to the Commonwealth 

Prof. \\ illiam Russell, Principal of the I to January 1, 1856, is $13,016. 


j The following valuable Statistics are taken from the nineteenth Annual Report of the 
; Secretary of the Board of Education, compiled December, 1855 : — •• 

l Number of towns in the Commonwealth, (including three incorporated at the last session,) 331 
j Towns in the Commonwealth, which have made returns, ■ 32 7 

Tour, th ■[ have not made returns, • 

N&tnl :r < : Public Schools, ■ • • 

S I) ilars oi ail ages in all Public Schools, in Summer,* • • 

Scholars of all ages in' all Public Schools, in Winter,- ■• • 
j Average attendance in all the Public Schools, in SnmmeJ 
\ Average attendance in all the Public Sehi ols, in Winter, 
] Persons under 5 years of age attending Public Schools,. • 
j Persons over 15 rears of age attending Public Schools,' • 







189,99 J ; 


202,709 ; 





a.;!';:" 1 

157,657 : 



15,601 ; 



21,877 ; 




rsons between 5 and 15 years in the State,- 

suibef of Ma'e Teachers, in Summer, 

u )hev of Female Teachers, in Summer,- • ■ • 
iml er of -Male Teachers, in Winter, 

213,934; Increase, 

:r of Fein 

: perso 


1,73!) ; 








Teachers, in Winter. ■ 

nploye ] as Te icii us during the year,- ••• 

Average length, ot the Schools, 7 months 16 days. 

Average monthly wages, including value of board, Males, • $41.45 

Average monthly wages, including value of board, Females - $17.29 

M >aey raised by taxes for support of Schools, including only wages of 

Teachers, board and fuel,- • $1,137,407.76 ; Increase, 8123,935.50 

Amount of board, and fuel, and money voluntarily contributed to prolong 

Public Schools, - ' 

\ mount of money appropriated to Schools, as income of local funds, 

Amount received by the towns and cities as their share of the income of the 
State School Fund. $48,61 1.04 ; "increase, 

Aggregate expended on Public Schools, for wages, fuel, and superintendence, 

Amount raised for taxes, (including income of surplus revenue,) for each 
child between 5 and lb, 

.Villager of Incorporated Academies returned, - ■ 

A verage number of Scholars, 

Aggregate paid for Tuition, 

Number of Private Schools and Academies, 

Estimated average mraiber of Scholars. • * 

Estimated aggregate amount paid ibr Tuition,- - 

Amount annual;)- expended to promote popular education in Massachusetts, 
exclusive of the cost of erecting and repairing School-houses, of providing 
school books, of appropriations by the Legislature for Normal Schools, 
Teachers' Institutes, &c, and of the support of Collegiate, Professional, 
and Charitable Institutions,- $'1,620,222.56 

The law requires each town to raise, by tax at least Si. 50 per child, between 5 and la, as a 
condition of receiving a share of the income of the State School Fund. 

All the cities and towns returned have raised SI. 50, or more, for each child between 5 and 15. 

.Number of towns that have raised $3.00, or more, per child, between 5 and 

' 15, - - • 244: Increase, 10 

S3 7 

j re.o i 


160.59 ; 


, 7 0,,J 


,486.42 | 

£5,361 | 


4,716 j 


406.10 1 

646 j 

17,0 71 | 





[See Act 163, page 27 
Abbott Female Academy, Axdgver. 
Incorporated 1829. Miss Nancy J. Hasel- 

Nathaniel Swift, 

tine , Principal. 

\ Peter Smith, President, 
! treasurer. 

Amheesi College. 

Incorporated, 1821. 

Rev. Win. A. Stearns, 1>. D., President and 
Professor of Mora' and Christian 

Rev Edward Hitchcock, D. I)., LL, D., 
Propter of Natural Theology and of Geology. 

Rev. Thos. 1\ field, A. M., Williston Pro- 
fessor of Rhetoric and Oratory, and of Etig* 
■ •'' Literature. 

Kbenezer S. Snell, A. M., Professor of 
Mathematics, Natural Philosophy and Engl- 

'■ r '' : :J- 
| ^Charles U. Shepard, M. D., Professor of 

Natural History and Mineralogy. 
'■ WMuun S. Tyler, A, M., Chaves Professor 
, of Gr\ . i- Langua; e > id Lit m'ure. 
I W. S. Clark, Ph. D., Professor of Chemis- 
i o-y f Botany and Zoology* 

Rev. Joseph Haven, Jr., A. M., Professor 
of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy. 

, Moore, Professor of 

the Latin and Modern Lanquanes. 

John W. Mallctt, Ph. \\Professor of Ana- 
lytical and Applied Chemistry. 

Reuben M. Benjamin, A. B., Edward P. 
Crowe!!, A. B., John M. Green, A. lb, 5b irs. 

L. M Boltwood, A.M., Librarian. 

Rev. John A. Nash, A. 3V1, Instructor in 

Rev. James L. Merrick, A. M-, Instructor 
in Oriental Language and Literature. 

Edward Tuekerman, LL- D., Professor of 

George Rowland, A.M., Instructor in Lai ■ . 

The annual commencement is on the seec . I 
Thursday of August. The annual expei 
of tuition, bv., are from S100 to 3140. 

The Libraries of the College are on an 
tensive scale, and contain about 20,000 vol- 
umes. There is also a very Jorge Cabir 
connected with the College, embracing nearly 
all the known specimens of Mineralogy, Ge- 
ology and Zoology. 



Classes in" 1855. — Seniors, 40 ; Juniors, 
50; Sophomores, 65 ; Freshmen, 54 ; Under- 
graduates, 2 J 8. 

A s-dovek Theological Seminary, Andoyer. 

Incorporated Jane 20, 1807. 

Hon. Joan Aiken, President. 

Rev. John L. Taylor, Ireasurer. 

Rev. Calvin E. Stowe, Associate Professor 

of Sacred Literature. 

Rev. Edwards A. Park, ^4&&o« Professor of 
Ch ristia n Th eology . 

Rev. Austin Phelps, Barilett Professor of 
Sacred Rhetoric. 

Rev; E. P. Barrows, M. A., Seminary Prof 
of Sacred Literature in Hebrew. 

Eev. W. G. T. Shedd, Brown Professor of 
Ecclesiastical History and Pastoral ''1 neology. 

Prof. Win. Russell, Teacher of Elocution. 

The Anniversary is on the first Thursday 
in August. The regular time for admission is 
the first week in the Academical year, which 
commences six weeks from the Anniversary. 

The expenses for forty weeks, are about 
$110, The Libraries of the Institution con- 
ta'n 22,000 volumes. 

Assonet Academy, FnEExowrr. 


Deeeeield Academy, Deehpield. 
iroorated 1797. Jonathan C. Brown 

Ijkcry Academy, Noiutc Adams. 

Incorporated 1841. J. Rockwell, A. B., 


Dukes County Academy, West Tisbttry. 

Incorporated 1333. Samuel W. Matthews, 

A. B., Teacher. 

Dummee Academy, Newbury. 

Established 1763. Incorporated 1782. Mar- 
shall Henshaw, Principal. 

East Bridgewater Academy, E. Bridgewatee. 

Established 1817. Incorporated 183 7. Win. 
Allen, Teacher. 

Egkemont Academy, Egremont. 

Incorporated 1832. Bliss, Teacher. 

Fiia mingii am Academy, Fkamingham. 

Incorporated 1852. Moses Edgell, Secry 

and Trees. 

Friends' Academy, New Bedeoed. 

Wo. M. Cummfes, Principal Miss Sarah I Incorporated 1812. Abner J. Phipp? 
rane, Preceptress. Principal. Climena "Wakefield, Teacher. 

Bradford Academy, Bradford. 

Incorporated 1804. Miss Rebecca L Gil- 
man, Principal, 

Beidgewaxeb Academy, Bridgewater. 

Incorporated 1709. Frederick Crafts, 
j tocher. 

BatsTOL Academy, Taunton,- 

Incorporated 1792. Henry B. Wheel- 
wright, Principal. Simeon Bo wen-, Teacher. 

Charlestown Female Seminary. 

Incorporated 1832. Wm. Phillips, Presi- 
dent ; Nathan Merrill, Secretary and Treas* 

. Goodale Academy, Beenardston. 

Incorporated 1333. Pliny Fiske, Teacher. 

Great Barrengton Academy, G. Barrington. 

Incorporated 1 841'. B. F. Phillips, Teacher. 

High School, Grafton, 

Incorporated 1849. I. D. Jocelyn, A, B., I 

Hinsdale Academy, Hinsdale. 

Incorporated 1848. James K. Lornbardj I 

Holms Institute, Sooth. Beainteee, 
Incorporated 1851. L. P. Blood, Teacher. 


Hopkins Academy, Hadley. 

Miss II. E. Bradbury. Principal 

Chatham Academy, Chatham. 
Incorporated 1629. George F. Warren, ! Incorporated 1816. J. R. Davenpoi 

i cache r. 

College of the Holy Cross. 

Worcester. Founded by Rt Rev. Bishop 
Fenwiek. Rev.. P. J. Blenjdnsop, President; 
Rev. P. P. Ivroes, Vice President ; Thomas 
F.Muiledy, Chancellor. 

Number of students, 75. 

Con way Academy. 



Cambridge, — Founded 1 G38. 


President, James Walker, D. D.. LL. D. 

Fellow*.— Lemuel Shaw, LL. D. ; Georcre 

Hayward, M. D.: Charles G. Lorins.LL. I.).: 

John A. u 

<L. 1). ; George Put; 

D 1> 
Incorporated 1853. John W. Underbill, >rcriwr«v— William T. Andrews, A. M. 


Bay's Academy, Wuemuam. 
Incorporated 1606. — — , Teacher. 

By Tenure of Office. 

The Governor of the Commonwealth 



President of the Senate. 

I'ba ap 

of the House of llepresenta- 

. ; .,. g ecr etary of the Board of Education, 
Tl ,- President of the University. 
fhe Treasurer cf the University. 

By Election. 

Horn Francis Bassett, A. M to i 857. 

» Samuel D. Bradford, LL. B " 

<! George N. Briggs, LL. D " 

L! Julius Rockwell, A. M " 

Rev. Samuel M. Worcester, D. D ...•••" 

i( Hosea Ballou, 2d, D. D to 1858. 

" Ezra S. Gannett, I). D-..- « 

Hon. Samuel Hoar, LL. D ''- 

« David Sears, A. M • ..-< : 

Kev. Baron Stow, D. I) " 

" George W. Blagden, I). D- - -to 1859. 
Hon. Reuben A. Chapman, A. M " 

° John II. Clifford, LL. D » 

" George Morey, A. M • " 

Kev. Nathaniel Cogswell, A. M u 

Hon; Joel Hayden — — • • -to i860. 

Rev. Rodney A, Miller, A. M ' ; 

Hon. Marcus Morton, LL. I) - ." 

" Richard S. SpofTord,M. I) 
Rev. Thomas Worcester, A. M- 
Hon. Thomas Russell, A. B-->- 

" Nathaniel B. ShurtleiT, 

John H. Tsrombly, A. M " 

Emory Washburn, LL. D '* 

i; Henry B. Wheelwright, A. }•!••■•" 

<( Joseph M. Churchill, A. M.- -to 1862. 

u Winslow Lewis, M. D if 

Rev. Eollin li. Neale, I). D ..-..« 

Hon. Abner J. PM|>ps, A. M : ' 

J 4 Jacob Sleeper ■ " I 

The annual meeting of the Board of Qver- \-gvr 
cers is held on the last Thursday in January, i ! 

to 1861 




Emory Washburn, LL. 1)., University Lec- 
turer in th Law School. 

George R. Noyes, ]). D., Hancock Professor 
of Hebreio and other Oriental Languages, and 
Dexter Lecturer on Biblical Literature. 

David liuraphreya Storer, M. D., Professor 
of Obstetrics and Medical Jurisprudence. 

Eoaile Arnoult, JM. I)., Instructor in French. 
^ John B. S. Jackson, M. I)., Shattucl Pro- 
fessor of Morbid Anatomy, and Curator of the 
Anatoxn ical Museum. 

John L. Sibley, A. B., Assistant Librarian. 

Louis Agassi?, LL. I)., Professor of Zol 'ogy 
and Geology in the Lawrence Scientific Sch< ■>■'. 

Cornelius C. Felton, LL. D., Eliot Profes- 
sor of Greek Literature, and Regent. 

Oliver W. Holmes, M. !>., Parhnan Profes- 
sor of Anatomy and Physiology. 

Benjamin Peirce, LL. D., Perkins Profes- 
sor of Astronomy and Mathematics. 

Asa Gray, M. I)., Fisher Professor of Natu- 
ral History. 

i ? McLean Professor of An~ 

i cient and Modern History. 

George Cheyne Shattuck, M. D., Professor 
of Clinical Medicine. <3* 

Francis Bowen, A, M., Alford Professor of 
'{Natural Religion, Moral Philosophy, and Civil 
j Polity. 

Joseph Levering, A. M., HoUis Professor of 
[Mathematics and Natural Philosophy. 

Morrill Wyman, M. D., Adjunct Hersey 
Professor of the Theory and Prjaelid oj 

Jeffries Wyman, M. D., Ilersey Professor of 

Henry J. Bigelow, M. D., Professor of Stir- 

Leriry L. Eustis, A. M., Profeswr of I 

and by permission in lha Senate chamber in Igineering in the Lawrence Scv niijic School. 
Boston, and is continued, by adjournments; Evangelinus A. Sophocles, A. M. s Tutor in 
■-'. i! the business of the meeting is completed. I Greek. 

( A stated meeting ef the Board is held on | Bernard Kolker, A. M., Instructor in Ger- 
ifce third Thursday in June, and, by adjourn- j man. 
(nent, on Commencement-day, in Cambridge. | Santiago Caneio-Bello, LL. B., Instructor in 

Officers of Instruction and Government. j - P ^^ m Horsford, A. M., Stanford Prof ■ 
James Walker, I). !>., LL. D,, President. \ sor, and Lecturer on the Application of the Sci- 
James J ickson, M, !>., LL. D., Professor oA ences to the Useful Arts. 

■■■ Theory and Practice ef Physic, Emeritus. James Russell Lowell, A. M., Smith Pi •■ 
John C. Warren, M. I)., Professor of An- sor of the French cod Spanish Langn up s an ! 

'■ 'nu and Surqery, Emeritus. Literatures, and Professor of Bdles-ItUn i. 

William C/Bondi, A. 1st, Director of the j Frederic I), Huntington," IX J)^ Preacher lo^ 

Ohs&nmtnrv. [the University, and- Pluvuner Prof,,., of 



Joel V 

irker, LI. 



dl Profi 

■or op \ Christian Morals. 

i Edward Hammond Clarke, M, I)., Prof ■• 
John War- 1 , M. I)., Ilersey Professor eh th . r of Materia Medica. 
ii:ary and Practice of Physic. \ George P. Bond, A. M., Assistant Obs >■ ■ 

Convers Fiancis, D. D.iParkman F'rofessor i Francis J. Child, P. D., Boylston Pr 
'J Pulpit Eloqut ■'-,' and the Pastoral Core 'of Rhetoric and Oratory, and' Hegistrar, 
j floUis Professor cf Divinity. \ ' Georae M. Lane, P. D., Unicrsay P\ ■/ •- 

Theophil us Parsons jLL. D., Dane Prof essor\ James Jennison, A. M., Tutor in Eh 
J Law. [and Instructor in Elocution. 



Josiali P, Cooke, A. M., Erving Professor 
i ' »/!{. . ; a / Mineralogy. 
Ge u .-• M. Llobbs, A. M., Proctor. 
Lnigi Monti, Instructor in Italian. 
( | .■; u X. Caniield, A. M., Proctor. 
K'-:\w\l\ llobai Chase, A. ij., Tutor in 

Charles W. Eliot, A. B., Tutor in Maihe- 

Profeasional Students and Resident. Gradual 


Divinity Students 
Law Students 
Students attending Me< 
Scientific Students* 
Resident Graduates - 
Astronomical Students 

ical Lectures 

James M. Y 

A. 13., Tutor in Mathe- 

Levi Parsons Homer, Instructor in Music. 
William G. Stearns, A. M., Steward. 
Elijah F. Valentine, Assistant Steward and 

College Faculty. 

James Walker, D, 1)., LL. I)., President. 
Cornelius C. Felfcon, LL. I)., Benjamin 
Peiree, LL. D., Francis Bowen, A. M., Joseph 
Loveriug, A M., Evangelinus A. Sophocles, 
A.M., Francis J. Child, P. D., George M. 
Lane, P. D., James Jennison, A.M., Josiali 
P. CooKe, A.M., Reginald 11. Chase, A.M., 
Charles \Y. Klict, A. B., Jas, M. Peirce, A.B. 




6 : 

>'- ; -s | 


Seniors - 



Freshmen ■ 


lo a 





Parietal Committee. 

Francis J. Child, P. D., Chairman. Evan* 
fielin is A. Sophocles, A. M., George M. Lane, 
P. 1)., .fames Jennison, A. ST., George M» 
lloblw, A. M., Charles T. Canfield, A. M., 
H '«zmal<l 11. Chase, A. M, Charles W. Eliot, 
A. B., James M. Peirce, A, B. 

Divinity School. 

^ Faculty, James Walker, 13. D., LL. D., 
Pres. Convers Francis, D. J)., George R 
Novt.s 1>. 1). 

. 7 iau School. 

/*:-:--7. James Walker, D. D., LL. D., 
Pre*. Joe! Parker, LL. D., Theophiius Far- 
■ nss.LL.1). 

Time «w£ Conditions of Examination. 

The examination for the Freshman Class 
occupies two days, and takes place in Univer- 
sity Hall, on the Monday and Tuesday of the 
Commencement week, (the 14th and 15th of 
July, 1856,) beginning precisely at 8 o'clock, 
A. M., on Monday morning. Attendance on 
both days is required, 

Every candidate, before examination, must 
produce proper testimonials of a good moral 

I character, and if admitted mast give a bond 
for tour hundred dollars, to pay all charges 
accruing under the laws and customs of the 
University. The bond must be executed by 
two bondsmen, who must be satisfactory to the 

j Steward of the College, and one of them must 
be a citizen of Massachusetts. 

Aeud'envical Year. 

The Academical Year is divided into two 
Terms and two Vacations. 


iwrence Scientific 

Faculty, James Walker, D. D., LL. D., 
L 'uis V pssiz, LL, D., Lcnj. Peirce. 
] ' L H-, Vsa.-G - . M. D., Joseph Loverms, 
A. M., J e {fries Wvman, M. D., Henry L. 
Kualis, A. M. Fben N. Horsford, A. M., Jo- 
siah P. Cooke, A. M. 

A stronom ical Observatory. 

Faculty, James Walker, D. 1)., LL. 1)., 
i ■' •>■ Win; C. Load. A. M., Geo/ P. Bond, 
A. M. 

3 fed ical School. 

* > James Walker, 1). P.. LL. P., 

Fr - John Ware. M. D., David It. Storer, 
M. D., John ;;. S. Jackson, M. D., Oii.Tr W. 
Holmes, M. D., Geo. C. Shattuck, M. D., 
.Morrill Wyman, Mi I)., Henry I Li— low, 
M. 1)., Edward II. Clarke, M.'l)., Josiali P. 
Cooke, A. M. 

The First Term b 

at the end of 

Summer Vacation, Thursday morning (August 
28th, 1856,) and continues twenty weeks. 

The Second Term begins at the end of the 
Winter Vacation, Thursday morning (Feb. 
28th, 1856,) and continues twenty weeks. 

The Summer Vacation begins immediately 
after Commencement, Thursday morning, 
(July 17th, 1856,) and continues six weeks. 

The Winter Vacation begins at the end of 
the First Term, Thursday morning (January 
j 17th, 1856,) and continues six weeks. 

The First Recess begins on Tuesday evem 
ing before Thanksgiving, and ends on the 
Sunday evening following that day. 

T! 3 Second kecess begins on Tuesday even- 
I ing (May 27th,) and ends on the 6w 
j evening foil >"i.e r - 
i The Public Exhibitions take place on the 

♦Exclusive of the Itesid :nt Graduates and Mem- 
bers of the other Professional Schools who ' r 
J lac Si ientific Lectures. 



. . ; ■ i Tuesday of October, and the first Tues- 

■ of :■■■'■ iy. 

I ;., Dudleiati Lecture is o T the second 
\y Jnesday (14th) of May, 1856. 

"j h • S< mor's Glass Day is on Friday, June 

■h, 1850. 

The Commencement is on the third Wednes- 
1 r/ (16th) of July, and the subsequent term 
i •'«::;:> Thursday morning, August 28th, 1856. 

The annual meeting of the Association of 
i) e Alumni is on Commencement day, except 
' is-ben public celebrations of the Association 
are held, when it occurs on the Thursday fol- 
lowing. In consequence of the celebration 
i» 185G it will be held on Thursday, 17th of 


-,,.,. Tn . ! Charles Hammond, M. A., Principal, \ 
He total number of books in the Libraries and y^^er t - n GWe«. Alfred B. Mnder ' 
3 f the L Diversity is as follows ; j M . A., Teacher in Mathematics. Miss Jane T 

- about 68,150 Humphrey, Principal of Female Department 

Lancaster Academy, Lancaster. 

Incorporated 1847. Henry C. Kimball, j 
Principal j 

Lasell Female Seminary, Adburndale. 

fucorporated 1853. G. W. JBrig^s and Jo~ 

siah Laseli, Principals. 10 professors and j 
teachers ; 108 pupils. 

Lawrence Academy, Falmouth. 

Incorporated 1835. George E. Clark, j 

Lawrence Academy, Geoton. 

Incorporated 1793. , Presiden 

J. S. Adams, Treasurer. Joshua Green, Sec- 

\ Public Library 
j Medical « 
I Uw " 

i Theological Library - 
Soeiet-v Libraries of tk 


1 5:6-00 

Total about - 101,2J 


The necessary expenses of an undergrad- 
! aate for a year, including the College bills, are 
I as follow : 

: Instruction. Library, Lecture-room $75.00 j 
; Kent and Care of Room, in the Col- j 

tege '"Buildings - - 20.00 J 

| Board for forty weeks, at $3.50 Tier 

week - - ' - - - 140.00 

I Text-books (average) - 12,00 

Special Repairs, &c. - from 1 to 2.00 

Association of the Alumni. 
Instituted 1S40. 
Robert C. Winthrop, President. 


es, Vice 


J. Thomas Stevenson, Stephen Salisbury, I ^ 
Ik Roekwood Hoar, George 1*. Sanger, John | 
J. Clarke, and Seth Sweetse'r, Directors. 
Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, Secretary. 
A student in the last term of the senior year, 
and any person who has recer 1 tl degree 
of Bachelor or Master of Arts, or Doctor of 
Laws, or Divinity,. at the College, can become 
j a member, or the payment of one dollar, by 
: • i-JFiinrr the constitution. 

X'nere are three terms of 14 weeks each. 
Leicester Academy, Leicester. 

Incorporated ] 784. Rev. John Nelson, j 
D.D., President. Hon. Emory Washburn, 
Vice President. Joseph A. Benny, Esq., i 
Treasurer. Rev. Andrew C. Dennison, Stc- j 

Aivan H. "Washburn, M. A., Principal 

Hanson L. Iteed, M. A., Associate Preceptor. 

Mrs. Mary A, Buliard, Preceptress. 

Miss Harriet A. Woods, Teacher »f Musk. 

L. E. Barnard, B. A., Assistant Prectptor. 

Gardner Hall, Teacher of ' Pcnmans) 

There are three terms of fourteen w< . 
each. The fall term commences on the next 
before the last Thursday of August ; the win- \ 
ter term on the second Thursday of 1 )e«. en ber \ . 
and the spring and summer term on ; 2 
j hursday nearest the 1st d\iy of April. 

Tuition, for the coaimon English branch -. 
$5 ; for the higher English branches, 86 ; and ' 
for the languages, >7 per term. 

Lenox Academy, Lenox. 

Incorporated 1803. Henrv W. Taft, Treas- ■ 

urer. William S. Tucker. Clerk. R. B. Snow- 


Box. ton. 

Merrimack Academy, Geoyeland. 

Incorporated 1822. Rufus C. Hardv, 

I'uinebas Alien, Teacher. 

Howe School, Billerica. 

Milton Academy, Milton. 

Incorporated 1 70S. Edwin Clapp, Teacher, j 
Elizabeth Tyler, Assistant Teacher. 

Mons ■•■' Academy, Monson. 

j Incoroorated 1804. James Tuffs, A.M.. 
! Principal and Tt xcher of the Q - 
I . ■ r, J. B. Holland, A. B.. Tcacl 

Mrs. James 4 

- in on orated t852. Stephen Oilman, Prin r j tiiwlish Male D>pa 'rnent. Mrs. J 
ai. Teacher of the Female Department. 



Mr. JIollis Seminary, Holliston. 
Incorj i3 tted 1852. E.J. Cutler, Teacher. 


Incorporated 1836. Rev. E. Y. Swift, Sec- 
■ ' - :■■ of Board of Trustees. Miss Mary VV. 
Cjbapin, Prhxcip :\ 

Mr. Pleasant Institute, Amherst. 

For Bovs. II. C. Mash, A.M., Principal 
and Proprietor. J. L. Wilson and W. A. 
S&sh> Assistants. 

Myrickyille Academy, Taunton. 

Incorporated 1853. J. W. Spaalding, Prin- 

New England Normal Institute. 

Established 1853. Piofessor Wm. Russell, 

Palmer, Miss L. H. Blackler, Miss Catherii 



Incorporated 1841. Rev. Thomas Morong, 
President. J. S. N. Howe, of Pepperell, &' 
relary, Charles Crosby, Esq., of Peppi - 


Phillies Academy, Andover. 

Incorporated 1780. John Aiken, President. 
Rev. John L. Taylor, Treasurer. 

Samuel II. Taylor, D. I)., Principal. 

James S. Ea f on, Teacher in the English 

Nathan Barrows, Associate Teacher in the j 
I English Department. 

G. Ward well-, B. A., and J. E. Todd, B. A., 
j Teachers of Latin and Greek. 

Mark Bailey, Teacher of Elocution. 

There are three terms during the year, the ; 
i first beginning five weeks after the last Wed- i 
j nesday in July. 

Tuition in the Classical Department is $7 J 
Incorporated 1795. Virgil M. Howard, Pre- j per term, which Is remitted to,iudigent ?.\* 
•';'■••. Miss Mary A. Jones, Preceptress, dents ; mthe English Department it is at the 

New Salem Academy. 

Mess Laura Howard, Teacher of Ornamental 
Drenches. J. I>. Porter, Assistant Teacher. 
George C. Cheney, Teacher of Vocal and In- 
• i venial Music. Number of students, 150 

Newton Theological Institute, 
Newton Centre. 

rate of forty cents per week for the common 
branches, and Mty cents for the higher. 

Peirce Academy, Middleboeougk. 

Founded 18G8. Incorporated 1835. 
John W. P. Jenks, A.M., Principal. 
Charles C. Burnett, A. M., Classical In- \ 

Incorporated 1826. Rev. Baron Stow, I). structor. 
D., President G. W. Bos worth, Secretary. W. Colegrove, Instructor in German, Elocu- j 
Gartinei Colby, Treasurer. ' (ion end Mathematics. 

Rev. Henry J. Ripley, Professor of Sacred S. P. Hine, Instructor in Drawing and Wa- I 
U >ric and Pastoral Duties. Iter Colors. 

Rev. Horatio B. Hackett, Professor of Bit- \ A. G.Pickens, Instructor on the Piano' 
He ■' Literature and Interpretation. \ Fork, 

""■ A\\ah Hovey, Professor of Chmtian Levi V. Thatcher, Instructor in tocal&sic. 
1 ''''■ rJ' ^ . ' Miss M, Rowena Stevens, Preceptress and \ 

1. v. Albert N. Arnold, Professor of Church ' Teacher in French. 
tfctory. ^ j ]vr rSi m. m. Burnett, Insfnictres 

Samson Talbot, Asssitant 7ns*. w Hebrew, Painting and Embroidery 

N'i< hols Academy, Djed'j ey. 

Average number of pupils, 246 

rocorporhtca 1S19. A. Southworth, Teach-] P^testant Episcopal School or the Dio- ; 

• • «>/ Z " wages. E. M. Phillips, Zdocftei- o/ CES£ °* Mass * F0e ° iiPH ^ Bt)Y8 - 

''■•"' ' Department. Miss Louisa Healy, ! Incorporated 1854. 

■ ■ •.-.-?- of -Music. " ,, .-, c ,^ 

Pine Grove Seminary, Harwich. 

Northampton Collegiate Institute. Incorporated f846. Sidney Brooks, Teacher. 

Lewis -J. Dudley, Principal. Putnam Free School, Newruryport. 

Parteidgr Academy, Duxbury. Incorporated 1838. Wm. M. Baker, Prin- j 

r* -rporated 1629. William A.Wheeler, ci P al - i" A. ■ Douglas, Louisa P.Stone, As- : 
/' ■ -/. CTt sistant leachers. 

1 ' u ' c b a rd Free School. Andover. 

Incorporated 185L Samuel Fuller, D- D-» j 
President, Moses Foster, Jr.. Clerk and Treas. 

Oread Institute for Young Ladies, 

Incorporated 1851. Eli Thaver, A. M., 
Mons. F. C. Misner, A. F. Alien, *B. D. Alien, 
M«a Hannah P. Dodsre, Mi?s E. G. Arms, Miss 

Riverside Ij 

NSTITUTE, Ei ewton. 

II, E. Bemis, Mis; Ellen Graves, Miss K. ii. Incorporated 1854. F. A. Hildreth, J. C 



i | ridge, and George Walker, Principals. 

Rutland Academy, Rutland. 
■■ ... >rporated 1354. 

Sanderson Academy, Ashfield. 
locospomted 1831. Win. A. Lloyd, 

Sandwich Academy, Sandwich. 
Incorporated 1804. Sarah Gibbs, Teacher. 

Sheffield Academy, Sheffield. 
Incorporated IS 10. Roderick Cool:, 

Shelburne Falls Academy, 

Incorporated 1817. IT. A. Pratt, A. 11, 

Sheldon English and Classical School, 

Incorporated 1329. A. B. Clapp, Teacher. 
Topsfield Academy, Topsfield. 

Incorporated, 1828. J, W. Healy, A. M M 
Principal-; H, J. 'Richardson , Associate Prin- 
cipal ; Mrs. J. W. llealy, Preceptress: B. R. 
i'ownes, jr., Teacher of Piano Music : Mrs. B. 
H. Dowries, jr., Teacher of Painting and 
Drawing; Nelson SpofFard, .Daniel Williams, 
George Jlardy, Miss Susan E. Perlev, 7>ac&- 
m of English; Prof. C. P. BroDSOn/i^Gfurer 
in Physioloyy and Elocution. 

Truro Academy, Truro. 
Incorporated, 1841. Thaehcr N. Snow, 

Tufts College. 
Medford. Incorporated. 1852, Eev.Hosca 
BaUou 2d, D. D., -President : B B. ainssey, of 
Boston, Treasurer; Ect, Otis A. Skiaae-r, of 

Rev. Hosea Ballon, 2d, I>. D., Professor of 
History and of Intellectual Philosophy. 

William P. Drew, B. A., Professor of the 
Aneient Languages and of Classical Literature, 

John P. Marshall, A. M., Professor of Mathe- 
matics and of Physical Science. 

Benj. F. Tweed, A. M., Prof, of Rhetoric, 
Logic, and English Literature. 

The following is the Course of Instruction 
in Mr. Tweed's Department for the Freshman 
and Sophomore years: 

"Wesleyan Academy, (North) Wilbraham, 

Incorporated, 1824. Rev. Amos Binney, 
Wilbraham, President; John M. Merrick, 
Wilbraham, Treasurer and Secretary. 

Annual Meeting, Monday next preceding 
last Wednesday iia June, 

Rev. Miner. Raymond. A. M., Principal, and 
Teacher of Mental and Moral Science. 

William li. li^Al, A. M., Teacher of 
Modern Languages. 

Oliver Marey, A. M., Teacher of Natural 

Simeon F. Chester, A. M., Teacher of An- 
cient Languages. 

Edward B. Otheman, Teacher cf Mathe- 

Rev. Oliver S. Howe, Teacher in the English 
J): parime.nt. 

Mrs. Isabella H. Binney, Preceptress. 

Miss Mahala E. Kimpton, Miss Isabella II. 
Andrew, Teachers of Music. 

Westfleld Academy-. 

Incorporated, J. 795. Ephrajrn Flint, jr., 

Westford Academy, Westford. 

Incorporated, 1793. Luther E< Shepherd, 

Te etcher ; Miss Harriet B. Rogers, Assistant 

Westminster Academy, Westminster. 
Incorporated, 1847. J. T. Clark, Teacher. 
West Townsend Female Seminary. 
Incorporated , 1 S 3 0. 
Mrs. Sarah H. Brown, Miss A. O. Richard- 
son, Miss C. A. Warren, Miss M. G. Paine, 
Mim M. E. Hodgm&n, Teach-ers. 

Wheaton Pemaee Seminary, Norton. 

Incorporated , 183 7. Mrs. Caroline C. Met- 
calfj Teacher. 

Williams Aca demy, 

■ .''CKEIUDO;: 

Incorporated, 1828. 

West Newton English and Classical School, 
w e s t n e wto n. 
Incorporated, 1855. Nathaniel T. Allen, 

First Year. English Grammar; Construe- °y^ p *f 5 [ ee > I}>'incipah 

This School is kept in the building, lately 
occupied by the State Norm:?! School, situated 

it treats oi 

Worcester Railroad, nine miles from Boston, 
n-d about two minutes' walk from the si 

tton and Grammatical Analysis of Sentences 

English Idiom in the Structure ui Sentences, 

Punctuation, &c. ; Vocal Culture: Elements I ^ the pleasant and healthtul vnla^e oi West 

of Elocution ; Declamation. 

Second Year. Rhetoric 
invention and arranaemen! ; . 
'fig and Declamation; Analysis and Aopiica- 1 , [ l ia mtendeu unit the course of stxi 
tuw ot tU Principles of Elocution. * '' : ,'. th 1 embrace every branch of a i u • 

| Lnghsh and Classical education, as weh as 
Y\ r ARREN Academy, Wqrurn. | Modern Languages; and while particular 

Incorporated, 1830. John J, Ladd, A. B., 1 attention is given to preparation for College, 
Principal. ■ or tor Mercantile -and Scientific pursuits, 



the highest aim of the teachers will be to 
impart instruction in the common brauehes, 

f ; ';.,■ ,',■ ■ • and correctly. 

A pri nary >'i partment will be connected 
with the institution, into which pupil? of the 

Arthur L. Perry, Professor of Pol 
Economy and History. 

Willj'ston Seminary, Easthampto: 

Incorporated, IS. 1 1. Hon. Samuel Willis 
:■ ouniicst school-age .will be.receivcd. Particu- t President': Key. llollin S- Stone, & 
i Jar attention will be given co the suf 
:ra and mor da 


j For further particulars address N. T. Allen, 
: West Newton, Mass. 

"Williams College, 

wn. incorporated, 1 
N. Dewey, Secretary and Treasurer. 

John L. T. -Phillips, Treasurer. 

Josiah Clark, M. A., Principal Teacher of \ 
Latin and Greek. 

John I.. T. Phillips, M. A., Teacher oft 
Mathematics and Natural Philosophy. 
Edward Hitchcock, jr., M. A., M. I).. : 
Williamstown. incorporated, 1793. Daniel j Teacher of Chemistry and Natural History. 

j Wm. L. Montague, 13. A, Teacher oj Lath 
Rev. Mark Hopkins, D. D., President, and\ and Greck - 
Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy. | Edwin C. Bissel, B, A., Teacher of Mathe- j 

Ebenezer Emmons, A. M., M. D., jPro/essor mattes, 
of Natural History. Edward P. Whitney, B. A., Teacher of 

J Albert Hopkins,' A.M., Professor of Natural Arithmetic and L ic/lish Gramma 

PI ilosophy and Astror, ■>. \y ■ 

Rev. Nathaniel 11. Griffin, A. M., Lawrence 
Prof, of the Creel: Language and Literature 

A. L. Strong, Teacher of Penmanship. 
Miss Maria C. Partridge, Preceptress, Teacher 

of French, Geography and History. 

Lev. John Tatloek, A. M., Pressor of I Yarmouth Academy, South Yarmouth.. 

Mathematics, and Librarian. j 

| Rev. John ;Bascoia, Professor of Wielork, \ Incorporated, 1843. Edw. Chase, Teacher. \ 

i Rev. Isaac N. Lincoln, A. M., Professor of] -. r T , T .,-, 

, ,- , n 7 - Young JLADIES Institute, Pittsfield. j 
j Latin and trench. 

\ Paul A.'Chadbourne, A. ?>!., Professor of\ Incorporated, 1849. J. Holmes Agneir, | 

i CI mktry and Botany. [Principal. 


Savings Bank Building, 12 Temple place, Boston. Incorporated, 1855. 

Charles E. Norton, Treasurer ; Martin Brimmer, Secretary. 
j Martin Primmer. Samuel G. Ward, Samuel Lawrence, Franklin Dexter, Robert M. 
j M tson, Directors, 

I S. Salisbury Tuckerinan, Principal. 

| ! 

' i . rsRsiNS i- sriartnisaN, and is&bs. asstltjh tgk ^he blind, 

I I 

: [Sec Resolve 62, page 4S.] 

Instituted, 1831. Located at South Boston. 

Depository nod Office, 22 Bromfield Street. 

Edward Brooks, President. Stephen Fairbanks, Vice President. Thomas B. Wales, Jr., j 
i Prtntun r. Samuel G. Howe, M. 1)., Director and Secretary. 
i J homas G. Gary, Theophilus P. Chandler, George B. Emerson, Samuel Eliot, Jo^fr 

] -. ■ n, Samuel M y, \Vw. Perkins, Geo R. Russell, Trustees in behalf of the Corporation. 
: The board of vi*i tors, consisting of the Governor, Lieut. Governor, President of the Sen- j 
ate, Speaker of the II »u.>e, Sec, have appointed Stephen Fairbanks, Wm. M. Jackson, Wm. I 
I M Cornell, Es j., B 5ton,and Joseph B. Thaxter, Jr., Hingham, Trustees in behalf of the Stale. 
The number of blind persons connected with the Institution in January, 1855, was 114; 

•y 1st, 1 Soli, 12. 


Young blind persons, of good moral character, can be admitted to the school by paying 
" ; 200 /• ■■" "■•"•".vi. This sum covers all expenses, except fo.i clothing; namely, board, wash- 
"' "- ; - • • : '" '-■ >J i ■ '- .. ;. u teal inatra i tents, & .:. The pupils must furnish their ( 
I ' ■ ■■■ ng, and pa) t. : ir own fares to arid from the Institution. 
| ! here is a vacation in the Spring, and another in the Autumn. The friends of the pupils 

can visit them win never they choose. 
| Indigent blind persons, of suitable ape and character, belonging to Massachusetts, can K 
i admitted gratuitously, by application to the Governor for a warrant. 

T A 1 E 11 E F R M S C II OLS 


[See Resolve 58, page 48.] 

Sixth, between G and II Streets, South Boston. 

Saraael G. Howe, Pres.; Emory Washburn, ] ice Pres.; Stephen Fairbanks, Treas.; Ed- I 
ward Jarvis, See; Samuel Eliot John A. Andrew, Robert W. Hooper. 8. G. Howe, Edward 
Jarvis, William Minot, Samuel Hoar, and Sampson Reed, Trustees appointed hj the Corpora- \ 

. . Stephen M. Weld, West Roxbury ; John Flint, Boston; Joseph Reynolds, Concord; 
3rln P. Baeon, -Dorchester;, appointed by the Governor and Council. 
The school continues under the direction of Dr. Howe. The number of pupils, Jan. 1st, 
• iS5G, was 54. 


Westboro*. Established, 1848. Gardner Rowland Shaw, of Boston ; John H. W. Page, 
of Brobkline; Harvey Dodgey of Sutton; Thomas A. Greene, of New Bedford ; Henry W. j 
Cushman, of Bernardston; John A. Fitch, of Hopkintoo ; Parley Hammond, of Worcester, i 

James M. Taleott, Superintendent Orville K, Hutchinson, Assistant Supt. Key. P. Lin- 
coln Gushing, Chaplain. Moses O. Ayres, Steward, 

Number of boys in the school November 30th, ISoo, was 531. 


Lancaster. Established,; 1355. Charles S. Hacreading, of Clambridge ; Laban M. Wl ia- 
ton, of Norton; Francis B. Fzy, of Chelsea; Bradford K. Peiree, of Roxbury ; James 
I Deane, of Greenfield, and Daniel Denny, of Dorchester, Trustees. Francis B. Fay, of Chel- 
sea, Treasurer. 
\ Bradford K. Peiree, Superintendent and Chaplain. 

Three, separate buildings have been constructed, each, capable of accommodating thirty 
| pupils, with their appropriate matrons and assistants. There is a chapei also upon the 
I grounds, a Superintendent's house, and a house for the Farmer. Alarm of one hundred 
| acre:? is connected with the Institution. 


Miss Caroline Plummer, of Salem, who died in May, 1354, made a liberal bequest of about j 
S~25,000, for the purpose of founding a Boys' Reform School for the city of Salem, on a plan j 
similar to that of the « State Reform School for Boys, at WestborofV' 

The Mayor and Aldermen of the city ef Salem appointed the following gentlemen as ! 
Trustees: Daniel. A/ White, Stephen C. Phillips, "of "Salem ; Win. I. Bowditeh, of Boston : 
Joseph Andrews, Wffl. D. "Waters, David Nichols, George Andrews, James Kimball, Eleazer 
Austin, and William Chase. 

The Board of Trustees were incorporated by the Legislature, May 21, 1S55, and on the 
2.6th November, 1855, they met and organized by choice of Daniel A, White, Chairman; j 
George Andrews, Secretary ; "William 1). Waters, Treasurer; William J. Bowditeh, Josep! 
Andrews, Eleazer Austin, Executive Committee. j 

No farther action has yet been had toward establishing the school, but the funds have been ; 
invested till such time as they shall have increased to a sum sufficient for the purpose. 



A very large free school for girls, and an Academy for the higher branches of a polite eCiu- ( 
cation, are connected with this establishment. 


With which is connected a Boarding Academy, for young ladies. The Sisters of this con- 
sent teach also a free school at St. Joseph's Church. 



, r-.yr;-\.i ■:■-■■ ;\..:.' .. j-A'^cV' LOWELL. 

Adjoining St. Patrick's Church, having an Academy and a very large free school connected 
fcsth it. 

] n 





| Ex Officii, His Excellency Henry J. Gardner, His Honor Henry W. Benehley ; 

i ]•'; inC j S x)e Witt, Secretary of State. 

A y tinted by the Governor arid Council Edward Hitchcock, of Amherst ; Marshall 

: i \\ iUor, of U re] ester. 

/ .;•', .•,'/. % //t-' different" Agricultural .Societies. Barnstable, George Marston ; Berk- 

; shire, Justus Tower; Bristol, J. II. W. Page; Essex, Moses Newell'; Franklin, T. J. 
Field; Hampden, Francis Brewer; Hampshire, Luke Swcetser ; Hampshire, Franklin 
re<] Hampden, George W. Hubbard; Housatonic, John Wilkinson ; Middlesex, Samuel 

' Chandler; Middlesex South, William G. Lewis; Middlesex North, J. C. Bartlctt; Nor- 
folk, B. V. French; Plymouth, Seth Sprague; Worcester, John Brooks ; Worcester, 

I West, William Parkhurst ; Worcester North, Ivors. Phillips; Worcester South, 0. C. 

i Felton. 

i Secretary office Board, Charles L. Flint, office at the State House. 


| [See Act 296, page 3-3; Resolve 63, page 4.S.] 

American Posiological Society. Essex Agricultural Society. 

Marshall P. Wilder, Boston, President H. 
I W. S. C level and Salem, Secretary, Thomas 
■ }'. J. mes, Philadelphia, 'Treasurer. 

Fees of Membership, — Life, $20; biennial, 
{ S2.O0. Btenna! meeting at .Rochester, N. Y., 
it! September. I 856. 

;>• sst&ble Co. Agricultural Association. 

Org ixfu :ed, May 25, 1843. Incorporated, 

- March 15th, 1844." S. B.Phinney, Barnstable, 

| President. Geo. Marston, Barnstable, Record- 

'• '■ ; S -r(lar<j. F. W. Crocker, Barnstable, 
' ■■ >.r. Daniel Basset, Barnstable, Treas- 

• urf.r. 

Berkshire Agricultural Society. 
Incorporated, Feb. 25. 181-1. 

Incorporated, 1 33 3. Meetings annually, in 
September or October. Moses Newell, West 
Newbury, President. Allen W. Dodge, Ham- 
ilton, Sec. William Sutton, Salem, Treas. 

Franklin County Agricultural Socikty. 
Organized, May, 1350 Henry W, Cush- 
mau, BernardsLon, President. Wendell T. 
Davis, Treas. James S. Grennell, Greenfield, 

Hampden Agricultural Society. 
Horace M. Sessions, Wilbraham, President. 
Fifteen Vice Presidents and a Board of Direc- 
tors. Alfred A. Alien, Springfield, Secretary 
and Treasurer. 

Hampshire Agricultural Society. 

A- ■•-■-.. h: •:■.■:;-.'. Pi- tiSc-Id, 1st Tuesday after I Incorporated, 1843. W. P. Dickinson, Ha w- 
■ \ Sunday fa .each year. Annual Fair, Pitts- [ley, President. ' J. W. Boyden, Sec. and Trees. 
6 !«i, Ut Wednesday and Thursday in Oc- 855 life members. Fund, $6,000. 
lol -'. 

■ Williams, Richmond, President. 
I Abel Kittridge, Hinsdale, Henry Dresser, 
: • kbrkije, Vice Presidents. Ensign II. 

, K' «'■ .■ . ifa^Vvc. Stephen lieect, Pitts- 

; iic'c;. J i._, 2-vrc r. 

Berkshire Horticulturj! 


Hampshire, Franklin, and Hampden Agri- 
cultukal Society. 
Paoii Lathrop, of South Iladley, President. 
John W. Wilson, of Northampton, Sec. Ben 
jamin Barrett, of Northampton, Treas., Lu-. 
iher J. Washburn, Northampton, Auditor. 

Housatonic Agricultural Society. 

Eleazef. Williams, Pres. William G. Bar- „ . Q ., u ,« p •? # 7 J c - 
k«, Pitbfield, Thomas Wells, Stockbridge, .^wy Sm.tb Lee f Wen/. James £ ■-,. 

i i .... /,. ,■/. . Afii'... n n Oi. i wick, Great barnngton, Secretary. Edwar 

i . - /'.>-. ■ /./.*/■'.>. William B. Canning, Stock 
;'-'", S.rratary. E. H. Owen, Stockbrid° i, 

; i re.: fi r, r 


< 3 Ikis-tol County Agricultural Society. 

wick, Great Harrington, Secretary. Edward 
P. Wood worth, Great Barrington, Treasur r. 

Massachusetts Horticultural Society. 
Joseph S. Cabot, President. Eben Wight, 
(iVr. See. F. 1 -ymarj Winship, Pec. Sec. Wm. 
\ _ s - wiiDarfee, Fall River, 7>«rfenf. John Rt Austin, 7Ve«s. Rooms, Horticultural Hall, 
,' j^-;-*'- Attic-lmrouph, Samuel u, Crocker, j School Street, Boston. 

; iim/T, ens, Lemu I L\ i alb oi ^Taunton" & c. j ~ Iass ' S tETYI R Promotion of Agriculturk. 

,, n ,„ c Incorporated. 1792, John C. Grav, Pres. 

Chelsea Ornamental Tbe s Society. K-, • t fi r ' •,, .,.- n , f T ,.-' D 

Francis u. Lowell, \^ m. I. Mason, I ice Pres- 

| Founded in 1S49. FrftncH B. Fay, Pres. \ (dents. Geo. W. Lyman, Rec, See. Charles 

| d»mes P. Farley, »Jec. Tracy P. (Jheever, Gr. Loring, C>/-. Sec. Thomas Motley, Jr-. 

\ SuKi and Treas. j Treas. 





y'. rDDLEsr^s Agricultural Society. 

Samuel C-batidler, Lexington, President 

I - .; .1 MellVn, Wayland, Alfred Alien, Sorn- 

lit?, P7ce President*. Simon Brown, Con- 

rd, Secretary, John S. Keyes, Concord, 

• . a '.ver. 

Middlesex South Agricultural Society. 
Incorporated, 1854. William Buekuihvstor, 
. uningham. President. C. C.Esty, Framing- 
tn, Secretary. 

Mu'dm^ev North Agricultural Society. 
Incorporated, 1855. Wm. Spencer, Low- 
ell, President. Geo. H. Carleton, Lowell, 
Treasurer. Leonard Brown, Lowell, Ilea. 
Secretary. A. R. Brown, Cor. Secretary. 

Middlesex Horticultural Society. 
William Spencer, President. -Joel Powers, 
Lowell, Secretary and Treasurer. 

New Bedford Horticultural Society. 


L.Rodman, President. Edward S. 

Taber, Treasurer. It. C. Anthony, Secretin 

,X .rvCI.TCGLTCUAI, >i.,c: r;;Y. 

Incorporated, 1849. Marshall P. Wilder, 
President. Edward L. Keyes, Cor. and Rcc, 
Secretary. Henry W". Richards, 'J'rccsurcr. 

Plymouth County AoRrcuLiuuAL Society. 
Benjamin Hobart, President. Horace Col- 
tamore, Benjamin Kin a, Vice Presidents. Cal- 
vin 13. Pratt, Treasu?er. Williams Latham, 
S cretary. 

S=ht:nstgne Society. 
Miss Lai&inia Howe, President Henry O. 
RnsseB, ftce President Ahby C, Fisb- 
. , S Cretans. 

United States Agricultural Society. 
Marshall P. Wilder, of Dorchester. Presi- 
dent. Was. S.'King, ofRoxbiiry, Corn , 
' : Recording Secretary. B. B. French, 
fi hingl m, 1). C, Treasun r. 

Fees o/ Membership;^ Life, SlO; Annual, 
$2. The published proceedings of the fe • :h ' i 
are distributed to the members", i'vQa of char-re. 
Annual Meeting at Washington, last Wednes- 
day in January. 

Westboro' Agricultural Society. 

Formed, 1838. Annual meeting for cl 
of officers, first Thursday in January. ; . tis 
Beeman, President. C. P. Rice, 'Secretary 
Baxter Forbes, Treasurer. 

Worcester County Horticultural Socn n 

Incorporated in 1842 % John Brook?, Pres- 
ident. Wm. S. Lincoln, ^Secretary. A. C! 
Jr., Treasurer. Clarendon Harris, Librarian. 
Worcester North Agricultural Society. 

Incorporated, 185'"!. Thomas 11. Brmtelle' 

Fitc.bbdrg, President. J. T. Everett, J ; : 

ton, Levi Downe, Fitehburg, Vice Presidtnis. 
Jahez Fisher, Fitehburg, Cor. end Rec. S- ; - 
tary. Thomas C*. Caldwell, Fitehburg, Treas- 

Worcester Co. West Agricultural Society. 

Josiah White, Petersham, President. Win. 

Brown, Treasurer. Charles Brimblec as", 
Barre, Sccr< tary. 

Worcester South Agiucuxtukai Sdci 

Oliver C. Ftltcn, Brookfidd, Pr, ," 
S. F. Marsh, Sturbridge, Treasurer. Varon 
Lyon, Sturbridge, Jiec Secretary. Calvin J' 
Fi be, Fiskd-ak, Corresponduig Secretary, 

Association for Relief o 

Incorporated, 1840. Home, 59 Charles St., 
Bosfon. Henry B. Rogers, President. Chas- 
C. Barry, Treasurer. F. K. Woodward, C/<2r£. 

Boston Benefit Society* 

John R. Call, President. George II. Net- 


Lndioent J. D. Weld, 7V-^ r , ;:r . Horace Dupee, Wm. 
Reed and Horatio R. Storer, Attending .' ' 

Boston Medical Dispensary. 

Instituted,-! 7 9ij. Managers, Jame.- IE Fes- 
ter, Chairman, Samuel May, Wra. IE L'\wv j 
renee, Uriel Crocker, Nathaniel II. Emmons, 

buhr, Vice President. G. F. "Classen, Secreta- Samuel LJradlee, J- H. Woleott, George H. 

r 7> James Knott, Treasurer 

Kuh it, Nathaniel L. Frothingham, He-nn B. 
Rogers, Samuel E. Guild. Secretary^ Wi ! 

Dehon. ? Yeasurcr, Edward Blake. Gmsuti j 
buj Physicians, Solomon D. Townsend, M. D-. j 
j ob "l3icel< w, M. I', Phineas M. Ci me, 
Vu ' • ? k'yskiuns, Ward 1, JJ ; 

Boston Infidel Relief Society, 
T. A. Bridge, President. Robert B. Lin- 
' . Ftce President. Cl^rU - F. Classen, 
^Vcrtatwcr. Joseph B. Fro <_,;.' en ary. 

Boston Ladies' Bethel Society, W.Moore, 2?S Hanover street ; Ward :.\ L 

Incorporated, 1555. | M - ll Leonard, 7 Meridian street, ;V 

ton; Wards 3 and 4, Dr. John i. Jam; 
Boston Lying-In Kosittal. | ;. ;ve ret street; Ward 5, Dr. Calvin G. .'. ■• ■, 

. Stephen Fairbanks, President. Dr. John 63 Myrtle street; Ward 6, Dr. Horace W. '■■ | 
Unmans, Vice President. F. A. Hall, Sec'y, I ams, 45 Cambridge street; Wards7,8 f and 10, 



I Dr. A . A . Stocker, 89 Harrison a\ enue ; Ward 9, 
! l>r. Z B. Adams, 37 Boylston street ; Ward 1 1 , 
'<■ Dr. Setb U Sprague, 074 Washington street 


Charlestown Colonization Society. 
Abraham R. Thompson, President. Abra 

d 13 Dr. Jobs S. H. Fogg, 325 Broad- : h * m Andrews, Daniel White, Vice Preside ;■■. 
way, South Boston. Apothecaries, Charles K. ! ^ m - Tufts > ZVwwuwr. V, m. Fosdiek, 5 
I \ ,'i ;'••; le, ; : Summer, corner Washington ^troer, ' 
' !5 v stairs; Charles Mead, corner Turnpikeand 


Friend Society. 

I fourth streets; R. R. Kent, Maverick square, I Rutland street, Boston. Mrs. Thomas I 
fcast Boston. ' ™ n ' President 


Boston Mutual Benefit Assoclation. 
Incorporated, 1855. Meetings first Tlvurs- 
y in each month. William P. Baker, Presi- 
h. nt. J. A. Sargent, Vice President. Joseph 
P. Brown, Treasurer. F. II. Sprague, Secre- 
'ary. D. II. Storer, M. B., Physician. 

Boston Printers' Union. 
Wm. Madigan, President. Ames F. Learn- 
ed, Vice President John Gorham, Pec. Sec- 
retary. A. A. Wallace, Cor. Secretary. John 
P. Leighton, Treasurer. 

Boston Provident Association. 

Organized, December 29 .1851. Office, 16 

■ Franklin street. Hon, Robert C. WTntbrop, 

| President. Samuel K. Guild, Esq., Treasurer. 

I John P. Reynolds, M. D., Secretary. Calvin 

i WhitiQff, General Aqent. 


! Boston & Worcester Railroad Mutual 

B K ••' E F IT AsSOCI AT 1 N . 

Incorporated, 1855.. 
Brighton Ladies' Association, 

Mrs. Edw; 

A S 

parkawk, President. Mrs. 

J George Livermore and Mrs. F. A. Whitney, 

1 Vice Presidents. Mrs. Charles Heard, Treas- 

\ unr. Mrs. Charles W. Holbrook, Secretary. 

British Cha hit aisle. Society, Boston. 

j ^ Tb, Rt. ]■ w. Mattton Eastbuan, D. D., 
I P* •;*/'■■/;/. William under wood., 17ce Presi- 

; '/mi. tlohert lvnott 
j son, Jr., X cretary. 


i Depar 

Treasurer. John Wii- 


John C. Hubbard, President. George W. 
; Bird, Via President' David Weld, Tmittirer. 
| John Colter, Secretary. 

] Charitable Orthopeoi 

c -ilssociai :<'c-i. 

Lemuel Shaw, President. Samuel A. Eliot, 
< r«:< President. Benjamin Seaver, Treasurer. 
i John C. Warren, John Homans, Stephen Fair- 
j - h-<, Moses Grant, Benj. S, Botch, Trustees. 
j John P. Healy, Secretary. John B, Brown 
| an i Baekminster Brown, Surgeons, 


Eliab P. M 
Woodman, !'■'••. 

City Missionary 


Uekintire, Presid 

Mrs. Thomas P. Cushing, 
Secretary. Miss Catherine Mears, Treasurer,] 
3 Chapman place. 

City Missionary Society, Boston. 

Ofiice, 96 Washington street. Daniel Saf- 
ford, President. Rev. Andrew L. Stone, 5'< /. V. 
Henry Hoyt, Treasurer. Andrew Gushing,; 
76 Myrtle street ; Thomas Thwing, 4 Salem 
court; David Pike, 19 W. Orange street;! 
Henry Bass, Quincy House ; James W. Merri- 
am, 7 Fayette street ; Forrest Jefferds, 122 E sf., 
S. B. ; Luman Boyden, 55 Trenton St., E. B.; 
Olive Pope, rear 31 Chambers street ; Mary S. ! 
Burgess, 36 Ash street; Olive Pope, 2d, 31 
Cooper street ; Jane B. French, 39 Essex st.; ! 
Mary A. Ridker, 20 Richmond street; Susan 
Farrington, 174 Shawmut avenue; Abby S. j 
Hill, 57 Mount Yernon street; Lydia Stone, 13 
BiJJerica street; Rachel B. Seaver, 3 High 
street ; Armeda Gibbs, 22 Maverick square, E. ' 
Boston; Lydia W. Thayer, 24 Broadway, S. 
Boston ; Sarah P.Cooper, 53 Cottage street, I 
E. Boston ; Lucretia Boyd, 48 Spring street;! 
So.viah Burgess, 11 Porter street; Harriet N.I 
Plummer, 4 Salem court, City Missionaries. i 

Emigrant Society-, Boston. 

Patrick Donahoe, 23 Franklin street, Presi- 1 
dent. Martin Griffin, Arthur McAvoy, Vice i 
Presidents. Nicholas J, Bean, Cor. Secretary. \ 
James Ferguson, lire. Secretary; William ! 
Uliliey. Treasurer. Michael Hughes, Agent,\ 
Beach, corner South. 

Fatherless and Widows' Society, Boston. 

Mrs. James Baldwin, President. Mrs. John i 
J Tappan, Mrs. James Piekins, Mrs. Herman I 
I Lincoln, Vice Presidents. Mrs. Alfred E.I 

Giles, Secretary. Mrs. William Reynolds. | 


Female Orphan Asylum. 

Washington, corner Asylum street, Boston. 
Miss M. A. Wales, Secretary. Miss Mary Otis, ' 
Treasurer. Mrs. Julia Matoon, Matron, 

Female Samaritan Society, Boston. 

Mrs. J^hn Davis, President. Mrs. John II 
Tract Pitman, Vn e Pr, sidi nt. Mrs. S. S. Petting - 

\ Treasurer. Mrs. Joanna F.l.i\': i, c'y. 
Edwin Miss Sarah A. Yose, Assistant Secretary; 


'resident. ]'w<. Beni? 

j Feanklin County Benevolent Association. ' 
Gen. .Asa Ilowland, Conwav, President. 

j Tappan, Jr.^ Cor. Secretary. James Skilton. 
j Rsc. Secretary. George W. Little, 'J'r ■ .- ,■-,, 

Rev. Samuel ivelley, and John Gammeli, City 1 Rev. S. J). Clark, Sunderland, Via P 

| Missionaries. | Rev. 1). A. Strong, South DeerfieJd, Secretary. 


4 I ■ ) 

i j;vsi:.;n Typographical Society, Boston. 
Ch.ifU>s \V. G. Mansfield, President. Geo. 

.... , Apptetpn, Vice-President. P. Hayes, 
. • - ...', '<;. Thomas J. Lillie, Treas. Henry 
jr -'c, Librarian. G. W. Appleton, James 
Mi k>' P. G. Hill, J. W. Manly, W. H. 
Harrington, C. L. Rollios Leadbeator, Ber- 
nard Corr, Directors. 

Franklin Society. 
Boston. Incorporated, 1854. 
Fragment Society, Boston. 
Mrs. Daniel P. Parker, Prudent. Mrs. C. 
{,. Gibson, Sec. Miss Mary Otis, Treats. 

German Immigrant Aid Society, Boston. 

Incorporated, 1843. C. F. Geist, President- 
Julius Elson, Vice-Pres. F. A. Hirseh, C^r- 
.\-;c. C. II. P. Moring, ZVea.s, F. A. Hirscfy 

B. Roelker, L. B. Schwarz, C. Gross, P. Piper, 
P. Wagner, C. Pfaff, M. Ehrlich, L. Schmidt, 

C. Kirnies, M. Kraemer, Jacob StiekeP 


Home, 10S9 Washington street. 
Edmund Jackson, President Frederick W '. 
G> May, Secretary. Levi B. Meriam, Treas. 
Miss Lois Jones, Matron. 

Hebrew Mutual Relief Society. 

Boston- Incorporated, 1S54. 

Home for Orphan and Destitute Children. 

No. 18 Charles st. Organized, 1855. 

This Institution is designed for the relief of 
children of both sexes. Girls are admitted 
from the age of four to thirteen, and boys from 
four to eight years of age. 

Any individual who will agree to pay a cer- 
tain sum per annum, may pla< e a child in the 
institution during that time. 

This sum is at present fixed at eighty dollar;. 

Rt. Rev. Man ton Eastburn, D. D., President 
H : v, Alex. II. Yinton, D. 1).. Rev. George 
M. Randall, Rev. Charles Mason, Hon. Robert 
C Winthrop, Vice-Presidents. John B. Alley, 
M. D., Sec. John Jeffries, jr., Tracts. Geo. 
M. Dexter, Otis Daniels, jr.. Isaac Emery, 
Poster Waterman, Robert . M. Mason, Sami. U. 
Gregory, John L. Pay son, George E. Head, 
William It. Lawrence, Nathan Matthews, 
Robert Parley, William B. Bradford, Trustees. 

House of the Angel Guaedlan, Boston. 

Attached to St, John's Church. Incorpo- 
rated, 1853. Under i\ie charge of Rev. G.' F. 
II iskins. The object of this establishment is 
to afford a refuge and a temporary home, to 
dostt'ute boys, who are there schooled, pro- 
Vidhd for, and instructed in their faith, till the 
can be placed or apprenticed to eood masters. 

I Howard Benevolent Society, Cambridge; 

Formed, 1851. James W. Gates, Presid nt. 
j T. C. Thurston, Sec. A. C. Webber, Treas. 

Howard Benevolent Society. 
Newburyport and vicinity. Joseph Morse) 
Pres. James Caldwell, Sec. P. B. Titcomb, 
2 reas. 

Humane Society of Massachusetts. 
Instituted, 1.783. Incorporated, J 791. 
David Sears, Pres* John Homans, M.D., 
J Vice-Pres. Rev. Samuel K. Lothrop, Boston, 
i Cor. Sec. Samuel Hooper, Pec. Sec. Chas. 
Arnory, Treas. 

Irish Charitable Society, Boston. 
Thos. Mooney, President. John C. Crowley, 
Vice-President ; P. Phillips, Treasurer. W. A. 
Wilson, Sec. 

Ladies' Union Relief Society, Chelsea. 
Orgs ni zed. 184 3. Mrs. Luther Town, Pres. 
Mrs. James B. Prince, Vice-President Mrs. 
Otis Merrlam, Secretary. Mrs. Edward Othe- 
| man, Treas, 

Lowell Dispensary. 
Incorporated, 1836. James G. Came;.-. 
J Chairman of Board of Managers. J. L. Ord- 
| way. Sec. and Treas. 

Mass. Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary. 
Infirmary, Charles street, Boston. 
j Solomon I). Townsend, Pres, T. Frothing- 
' ham, Sec. J. Wiley Edman-ds, Treas. Drs. 
j Edward Re) molds, Robert W. Hooper, Geo. 
I A. Bithune, Surgeons. Twelve Managers 
| Mrs. M. E. Temple, Superintendent. Consult- 
j at ions every day at ] 1 o'clock. 

| Mass. Charitable Pier: Society. 

[ Instituted, 1794. Room, 27 State street, 
| Boston. Wm. T. Andrews, Pres. William 
| Adams, Vice - Pres. Joseph F. Hovey, 
i 'Treasurer. Washington P. Gregg, Ci-r.Se. 
Enoch Hobart, llec. Sec. 

Mass. Charitable Mechanic Association. 

32 Tremont sireet, Boston. 

Frederick W. Lincoln, Jr., Pres. Joseph 
M. Wigb.tman, Vice-Pres. Osmyn Brewster, 
Treas. Joseph L. Bates, Sec. 

Mass. Charitable Society, 

Founded, 1762. Incorporated, 1780. 

Uriel Crocker, Pres. Sami. H. Hnnneman, 
Vice-Pres. Daniel Henchman, Boston, Sec. 
Joseph FL Thayer, Treas. Benjamin Bea's. 
Osmyn Brewster, Sidney Homer, Joseph H., Melvin Lord, Samuel B. Pierce, 

Howard Benevolent Society, Boston, 

Moss's Grant, Pres. "Wm. Ropes, Robert 
• Storer, Vice-Presidents. Calvin Whiting, 
•'• George Caileuder, 'Treas. 

3S 3 '. • • . C o i . o x 1 1 a x ion: Society. 

Wm. Ropes, Pres. Rev. Joseph Tracy, of 
Boston, Secretary and Agent. Office, Joy's 
Building, Boston. 



Mas-;. Congregational Charitable Society.! 

Seaman's Aid Society. 

)., President 


Incorporated,. March 24, 1786, "for relief Mrs. Albert Fearing, President. Miss Har- 
and support of (he widows and children of \™l W. Tabe.r, Sec. Misa Annie B. ( 
deceased ministers." Annual Meeting on the Treasurer. Mrs. E. T. Taylor, Mrs. Charli 
Monday preceding the last Wednesday in | Arnold, Mrs. Stephen Rhoades. Mrs. Mary 
j Mav. ! Fairbanks, Miss Ann E. Colii.ii, Mrs. Niel 

Baylies, Managers. 

Seamen's Friend Society, Boston. 
Alpheus Hardy, President. Win. Ropes, 
Vice President. Frederic A. Benson, Sec. 
Thomas i>. Quiney, Treasurer. 

Salem Seamen's Orphan and Children's 

F w end So ci trv. 

Organized, February. 1839. Incorporated, 

Newljaryport. Henry Johnson, President. March, 1S4.1. Annual Meeting 8th May. 

Enoch S. Williams, Treasurer. MosesPetten- j\j r3> Thorndike Proctor, President. Mr?. 

gill, Secretary. j x. W. Osgcod, Vice-President. Miss Harriet 

Needle- Woman's Friend Society, Boston, j *'■ PiersoD > Secretary. Miss Hannah King, 

Mrs. T. B. Wales. President Mrs. George J 

Hon. Lemuel Shaw, 
Rev. Nathaniel L. Prothingham, Boston, $ci 
Edward Wiggles worth, Esq., Treas. 

Merchant Tailors' Association, Boston. 

James Toloian, President Amos II. Pew 
erd, Secretary. N, W. Starbird, Jreas. 

Merrimac Humane Society. 

W. Coffin, T'we-fWrten*.. Miss E. S. Whit- 
ing, Treasurer. Mis? J. F, Lincoln, Secretary. 
Salesroom, 290 Washington street. 


William II. Taylor, President Thomas A. 

Scots Charitable Society, Boston. 
Wro. E. Coale, President. George Greig, 
Vice-President David Miller, Treasurer. 

James A. Wallace, Secretary. 

Smith's Charities. 
Under the Will of Oliver Smith. Office at 

Greene, Henry II. Craoo. Vice-Presidents.] Under tJ 

James B Congd.on, Secretary and Treasurer. Northampton. 

John P. Emerson, Corresponding Secretary. Osmyn Baker, Northampton, Ibm . 

N i'AV E N G L A N D 1 2 M I G H \ S t A I U C M P A N Y , 

Incorporated, 1855. John Carter Brown of I 

! Howe, Ana. erst, Josiah Allis, Whately, Trus- 

Providence, li. I., Pres. Amos A. Lawrence, 
Boston, Treas. Thomas II. Webb, Dost >n, 
Secretary. John M. S. ■Williams Cambridge 

Society op the Cincinnati 


Charles S. Davies, President. Alfred L. 
i Baury, Vice- President. Adaui3 Bailey, Bos- 
ton, Secretary. James W. Sever, Recording 


Lh 1 hay er, W ore ester, JR. r. Waters. Bev- c . ,,■;„• „ ,. v - 

v< I . • j u r> >i n t I Secretary. William Perkins, .treasure 

eriy, S. Cabot, jr., .Le baron Russia, L. J. i ,-, , ■ , ■ , . ™ 

TT- ■ -r \ t h t> . •" ,- \ hrynnt. A xs>.s'ant Treasurer. 

fexiggvnson, John Lowell, Los'on, nxecuttve ! 

Committee. Office, No. S Winter street 


Society for Prevention ov Pauperism. 
Moses Grant, President. Charles F. Bar- 
i nard, Robert. B. Storer, Vice-Presidents. Henrv 
Organized, 1794. Gushing Stetson, Pres. \| Piympton, Treasurer. Frederick It. Wood- 
Charles L. ]>dlaway, S& >\ toi /. Join R .^r~ | war( j, Secretary, 10 Franklin street, Boston. 
-.' r. asurer. 

Roxbury Dispensary. 

J. S. Sleeper, Chairman. Charles K. Dilla- 
way. Treasurer. James Ritchie, -4 uditor, 

Salem Charitable Mechanic Association. 

Organized, 1817. Incorporated, 1822. 
Annual Meeting, first Wednesday i r i January. 
Thomas Nichols, Jr., President Thomas 
M. Dix, Secretary, Job > Cb ipni .a 7Vt - . 

Salem Dispensary. 

Society for the Kelief of Aged and 
I) estitute Clekg VMj.X. 

Rt. Rev. Manfon Eastburn, D. D., Rev. 
Alexander II. Vinton, D. D., Rev.' George M. 
Randall, Rev. T. F. Pale-, Rev. Joseph II. 
Clinch, Rev. T. R.- Lambert, Rev. Charles 
Mason, Directors. Rev. Joseph H. Clinch, 
Secretary, Boston. J. W.Clark, Treasurer. 

Society for the Relief of Aged and 
Destitute Clergymen. 

Formed, 3 849. Rev. Tehabod Nichols, Pres. 
Rev. Nathaniel L. Frothingham, ]).!>. Rev. 

Organized, Feb., 1820. Incorporated, Feb., 
1831. Daniel A. White, President. Henry I James Walker, D. D., Vice-Presidents. 1 
Whipple, Secreta } y and Treasurer. Charle Br. iks, Boston, Secretary. Epbrah 

Salem Provident Association. j ^^ody, IX D., ftwwuw. 

Organized, Oct., 1852. William D. Pick-I St ' Vincent Db Paul's Obpkan Asylum. 
man. President T. M. Dix, X .'•/;. B.J No. 40 Purchase- street, Boston, under tin 
Is. Siisbee, Treasurer. J' Jia Ball, (Jeneral charge of enjht "Sisters of Charily,** 
Anent. i sides attendin : to the d&ilv wants and instrue 




; a of eighty orphan girls, maintain a daily 
■ hool for several hundred children. The 
•. , :-.;n is supported entirely by the free dona- 
..A of charitable person.3. 



Established, 1847. Incorporated, 1852- No. 
•; i Ivneeland street, Boston. 

The principal object of this institution is to 
receive destitute children, anil procure places 
(or them in the country, where they may he 
brought up free from the temptations to vice, 
with which they would otherwise, from the 
necessity of their position, be surrounded. 

J. Amory Davis, President. Thomas T. 




John Ayers, Clerl : Thos. 

T. Bouve, Benj. P. Winslow, J. Amory Davis, 

. John Avers, Ed. Winslow, Geo. Wm. Bond, 

Rev. JkE. Barry, P. E. Gay, Rev. Frederick 

■ I). Huntington, Geo. Hrgginson, L. Parks, Jr., 

' Mn. Thomas T. Bouve, Mrs. Samuel May, 

MJ33 Ann D. Williams, Miss H. E. Stevenson, 

Miss Caroline C. Thayer, Airs. Edmund Jack- 

soTi,Mrs. II. J. Prentissi Mrs. Otis Ever - r ;, Mrs, 

I J, B. Rogers, Miss Abby W. May, Managers; 

.Mrs. Gwvnn, Matron. 

Widows and Orphan 



Relief S^cr.iv. 
Rev. Manton Easthurn, 

Winnisimmet Benevolent Society, Chei ba. 

Instituted, Dee., 1843. Joan H. Osgood, 
59 Broadway, President; George W. Otis.Jr>, 
88 Park street, Vice-President; Rnfus Trus- 
Std, 27 Suffolk street, Treasurer : Jos. Hockey, 
20 Matthew street, Secretary. 

Young Men's Benevolent Society, Boston. 

Thomas B. Frothingbam, President. 1 1 mry 
A. Rice, Vice-President. Frederick \Y. Lin- 
coln, Jr., Treasurer. Geo. A. Brown, &c. 
David R. Whitney, James Tolman, Auditors. 
Standing Committee — District No. 1, Wiiiiam 
P. Howard, 48 Charter street; No. 2, ( A ir3 - 
A. Turner. 304 Hanover street ;; No. 3, Emery 
i Souther, Green street, corner of Lyman place . 
I No. 4, B. S. Codman, M. D., 57 Tremont 
' row; No. 5, Thomas Gaffield, 54 Allen stre : ; 
No. 6, Ashel Boyden, Hancock, corner cA 
Myrtle street; No*. 7, S. K. Whipple, 161 
Washington street; No. 8-, T. II. Hickev, 30 
Milk street ; No. 9, G. F. Billow, M. D.', 425 
Washington street: No. 10, George G. Tuck •-, 
Mi D., 'bG Essex street; No. 11, Rev. J. T. 
Sargent, Dover, corner Suffolk street; No. 12, 
J. Everett Herrick,M. D., Washington, corner 
EastDedoam street. 

Boston. Ri ; 
1 >. D , President (ex-offieio.) Rev. Alexander 
K. Linton, D. D., and Rev. Asa Eaton, D. D., 
Vice-Presidents. Rev. Alfred L. Baury, Treas. 

James C. Merrill, Secretary. 

Young C; 

I'uii". >."):» Societies 

| Exist in all the cities and large towns, and in 
i several country villages. Their object is to 
i teach the children of the Sunday schools, and 

j to clothe poor children. 


[See also Teachers' Associations, page 233.] 

Samuel E. Bracketr, Committee on Admission; 
George L. Debiois, Secretary. 

Ladies' American Home Education Society 

Arthur Wilkinson, Mrs. John C. Proctor, Vice J 
Presidents; Mrs. Joseph C.Tyler, Secretary: j 
Miss Fiik, 'Treasurer. 

American Education Society. 

Rev. He man Humphrey, President; Henry 
Hill, Gee President; Rev. Increase N. Tar- 
box, Ssc'y; Stephen T. Farwell, Treas. Perkins Institution and Massachusetts Asy- ] 
Rooms, No. 15 Cornhill, Boston. lum fou the Blind. 

^SYLUii and Farm School for Indigent Boys. | Instituted. 1831. Located at South Boston, j 
Boston. Sales Room, 20 Bromfseld street. Edw-ml 

J. Ingersofl Bowditeb, President; ! £ rook f' President; Stephen Fairbanks, k - j 
Grant, Vice President: George II. Kuhn, ! { resident; , / -booMM B. Wales, 7r, ■ ■ rr ; 
Treasun r; Moses Grant, Benj. A. Gould, and bamuel G - Hovve > Rector and Secretary. 

Salem Society for the Moral and Religious 
Instruction of the Poor. 

Formed, 1819. Incorporated, 1826. An- 
, r ,,, I nual meeting in April. Alford Pcabodv; Pre- \ 
No ' *-;' A;;KlT ;>" Srreei, Boston. Mrs. E. Vsid ^ ; j, mcs Kimball, Vice Presule i; Na- 

' : '■• f . ' ; I2 ' lCi \\ A ": ; , ars -jthaD Putnam, k' mmw; Stephen P. Drk 

' v: ;: '■''.- '• ; » "A// •':,- .^'^ v ; " Sea ,., .• l^v. Miehatt Carlton, Ay 
Lvr. Secretary; Mrs- Philip Hoi way, Carhou' Col 

■ ■ < as. and Agent. 

*r iMortoN of Em 
est, Boston. 

Trustees os Donations for Em cati 

S Incorporated, 1850. Hon. Geo. N. Ik' 
Mrs, Samuel Hubbard, President; Mrs. ILL. D., President; Hon. Albert Feari » 



Vice Fresidt nt : Albert Fearing, lion. Stephen 
Fairbanks, [Jon. Wm. J. Hubbard, Hon. Joel 
Gilts, Amos A. Lawrence, Esq., Trustees; 
llni. Stephen Fairbanks, Treasurer; Rev. 
jjjwteph Tracy, Secretary. Office, Joy's buijd- 
iiig, Boston. 

Boston Sunday School Society. 

Albert Fearing, President; Samuel Hoar, 
and Rev. W. G. Eliot, Vice Presidents; Rev. 
Samuel G. Bulfmeh, Secretary; George Mer- 
rill, 'Treasurer. 

Mas.-. Sabbath SchoolSoctety. 

Samuel H. Walley, President; Rev. Asa 
Billiard, Secretary ; Moses H.Sargent, Treas- 
urer. Depository, 13 Corn hill, Boston. 

Nothern Baptist Education Society, 
Office, 1C Water street, Boston. Rev. John 
Pry or, 1). '£)., President: Hon. Isaac Davis, 
Kon. Hernan Lincoln, Vice-Presidents; Rev. 
William Howe, Recording Secretary; Rev. 
Joseph W. Parker, I). 1)., Cor. Secretary ; 
Charles S. Kendall, Treasurer. 

Mass. Universalis'! Sabbath School 

Matthias Rich, Jr., Boston, President; Ca- 
leb Rand, 7?ec. Secretary; J. G. Adams, Cor. 
Secretary; Enoch C. Roife, 'Treasurer. 

Middlesex Sunday School Society. 

Organized, Sept. 8, 1342. Meetings in May 
and October. Charles Hudson, Lexington, 
President; Isaiah Bangs, Andrew Cole, New- 
ton, Vice Presidents ; Rev. Thomas Hill, of 
Waltham, Secretary and Treasurer. 

New England Education Society. Incorpo- 
rated, 1855. 

Rev. "David Patten, D. ])., President; Isaac 
Rich, Vice President. ; Rev. William Rice, Bos- 
ton, Secretary; Piiny Nickerson, Treasurer; 
Rev. James Porter, Rev. L.R.Thayer, Rev. 
S. F. Wetherbee, Rev. John Currier, Rev. J. 
11. Twombly, Jacob Sleeper, Lee Claflin, Pres 
ton Bennet, John Gove, Pearl Martin, Direc- 

New England Sunday School Union-. 

James Eaton, President; Rev. Alfred Col- 
burn, Cor. Secretary; Thomas J. Marsh, 
Treasurer. Depository, 79 Cornhill, Boston. 

Sunday School Teachers' Institute. 
Hon. Albert Fearing, Boston, Chairman; 
Thomas GafReld, Secretary. 

"Worcester Sunday School Society. 
Organized, Oct 8, 1S34. Alonzo Hill, 

D. D., President 

Rev. Horatio Alger, Store- 


American Antiquarian Society, Worcester. 

Incorporated, 1812. The American Anti- 
quarian Society, established for the purpose of 
collecting and preserving the materials of his- 
6or-y, ei a ■:. c rper;iaUy of .■■/- rican History, was 
incorporated by the Legislature of Massachu- 
setts in 1812. 

Isaiah Thomas, toe distinguished Printer and 
Publisher, and author cf^' ; The History of 
Printing in America/'' was the first President, 
and has been the greatest benefactor of this 
institution. A brick edifice for the Library 
and Cabinet, erected at Ins expense, was com- 
pleted in 1820. His private collection of 
books, which was a very considerable one, be- 
eame the basis of the Library. Extensive ad- 
ditions were made to the building after hi-* 
death, from resources provided by his will ; 
and, the principal portion of the funds of the 
Society, now am mnting to more than $28,000, 
resulted from his bequests. " 

in A pril, 1 S 5 3, the collections were removed 
t:> a new building, erected on land presented 
by Hon. Stephen Salisbury, who l! • contri- 
buted j?5,00U to the cost of the edifice, the 
whole expense of which was about $»18,Q'uG. 

The L'brary of the Society now exee lis 
23,000 volumes. Its cabinet contains nv,v.\y ar- 
ticles of curiosity and interest ; and its manu- 
scripts, coins, &c, are of considerable value. 

Two volumes of Transactions, and a catalogue 
of the Library, have been published ; and a 
third volume of Transactions is in preparation 
for the press Part I having been printed. 

There are two meetings of the Society in 
the year; one at 'Worcester, on the 2] si i}?.y 
of October, in commemoration of the discov- 
ery of America by Columbus, the other in 
Boston, on the last Wednesday of April. 
There are also monthly meetings o( the Coun- 
cil at Worcester. 

A fund of $5,000 has recently been es- 
tablished by Hon. Stephen Salisbury, the in- 
come of which is to be employed for binding 
books and pamphlets. 

Hon. Stephen Salisbury, of Worcester, Pre- 
sident; Rev. Win. Jenks, I). I)., of Boston, 
Hon. Levi Lincoln, LL. D., of Worcester, Vice 
Presidents ; Hon. Emory Washburn, LL. I)., 
Hon. Isaac Davis, LL. !>., Hon, Ira M. 
Barton, Hon Thomas Kinnieutt, of Worcester, 
Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, M. D., of Boston, 
George Livermore, Esq., Charles Foisom, 
Esq. of Cambridge, Hon. John P. Bigelow, 
Hon. Piiny Meriick, LL. I)., of Boston, 
Samuel F. Haven, Esq., of Worcester, Coun- 
cil; Jared Sparks, LL. J)., of Cambridge, 
Secretary of Foreign Correspondence; Hon. 
Benjamin Franklin Thomas, LL. 3.)., of Wor- 
cester, Secretary of Domestic Ct/rresp >ndt •••'-• 




., Edw. E. Rale, of Worcester, Sec.-;\ 
Sjxnue! Jeonison^ Esq., of Worcester, Trcasur- { 
Samuel F. Haven, Esq., Librarian, 

A m erican Statistical Association. 

Qrganizsd, December 11, 1839. Edward 
J a rvis,M. IX, President ; Samuel Swetr, Chas. j 
Brooks, Pice Presidents; J. B. Felt, iZecortf- 

'Secretary; John P. Bigelow, C. Francis i 
■■ Sams, T. id. Marvin, Nathaniel B. Shnrtleff, | 
M. D., James M. Bobbins, J. Wibgate Thorn- 
ton, Asabel Huntington, Henry Wheatland, 
nstllors ; William Brigbam, Home Secre- 
tary ; Joseph E. Worcester. LL. I)., Foreign 
Secretary; Lyman Mason, Treasurer; Joseph j 
S. Clark, Librarian. 12 Tremont Temple, 

Bostox Burns 

John. S.Tyler, President; Otis Rich, Vice] 
President; W. P. Fetridge, Treasurer; Wil- | 
liana Bogle, Cor. Secretary ; John Patterson 
L'eo. Secrc'ary. 


Marshall Conant, President; J. E. Crane, I 
Ambrose Keith, Vice Presidents ; Lewis Gr. 
Howe, Secretary and Cabinet Keeper. 

Bunker. Hill Monument Association, j 

Geo. Washington Warren, President ; Jos. j 
H, Buckingham, Secretary ; S. H. Eussell, j 
i reasurer. ■ j 

Gape Cod Association, Boston. 

David Sears, President; William Sturgis, 
Lemuel ShaW, Daniel C. Beacon, Benjamin | 
Burgess, Benjamin F. Hall ett, Joshua Sears, \ 
I rani i ■ B isseti, Robert Ba« on, T-iranxas Thac'h- 
fcr, Samuel K. Lothrop, John G. Palfrey, Vice 
Presidents; Israel Lombard, Henry Crocker, 
Henry C. Brooks, Isaiah M. Atkins, Jr., Exe- 
cutive Committee; Isaac Thacher, Treasurer; 1 , 
Henry A. Saudder, Cor. Secretary ; William S. i 
fuaohur, Mec. Secretary. 

Congreg ational Library Association. 

No. 12 Tremont Temple, Boston. 
Lev. Wdiiam T. D wight, D. ].)., of Maine, j 
president; Rev. John A., D. IX, of 

issachusetfs : Rev. Benjamin Tappan, D. D., i 
"f Maine; Lev. Nathaniel Bouton, 1>. D„ of j 

Hampshire; Rev. Silas Aiken, D.i>Vof| 
■ uiout; Rev. Joel Mawes, 1). i)„ of Con- 1 
^eticufc; Rev. Thomas Shepard, of Rhode 
'**and : Rev. Ray Palmer, D. D., of New 
: Rev. J. M. Butler, of Ohio; Rev. L. ! 
^Hobarfj-of MLbican ; Re*. J. .1. Miter, of 
•nsin ; L-v. John U. Hotbrook, of Lii- 
'• Rev. M. A. Jewett, of Indiana; Rev, 
• V t Turner, of Iowa; Rev. H. Wilks, J). D., j 
■'' Canada, Vice Presidents. 

^ev. Parsons Cooke, D. >>., Cbas. Stoddard, I 

1 ' 1 &ev. Sewaii Harding Gardiner G. Hub- j 

bird, Esq., Rev. Henry M. Dexter, Julius A. 
Palmer, ICsq., Directors ; Rev. Joseph S. CI ' 
D, in. Corresponding Secretary ; Lev. Samuel 
II. Riddel, Rec. Secretary ; Rev. Joseph B. 
Felt, Librarian; Alpbeua Hardy, Esq., Trea- 

This institution originated in a conviction 
that the interests of Congregationalism, and 
of Christianity in general, would be advanced 
by collecting into one accessible place v h . 
printed or manuscript memorials of the .> 
England Fathers are yet extant, and also such 
documents of the present age as will be of 
historical value in the ages to come. It \ as 
organized in Boston on the 12th of JAhmary, 
1 351. The enterprise, however, was conducted 
on a comparatiaely small scale, till, by z re- 
organization in Ma}'. 1853, its privileges were 
extended to the whole body of Evangelical 
Congregationalists throughout the continent, 
and their co-operation invited. 

Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical 
Society. Incorporated, 18-55. 

Edmund V. Tileston, President ; Edmund 
J. Baker, Vice President ; Eben Clapp, Jr.^ 
Secretary; Edward Holden, Librarian. 

Dustin Monument Association, Haveiihill. 

This Association consists of about 123 lad i 
and gentlemen, formed Oct. 8th, 1855, for the 
purpose of raising funds to erect a monument 
to the memory of Hannah Dustin, an early- 
settler in the town, of Haverhill, and wl o i ■ i 
captured by the Indians, March loth, 1670, 
and marched into the interior; but csc-a] ■: 
from her captors by tomahawking them in their 

Eliot Monument Association, Roxijury. 

Object, to raise Ha^di to erect a monu .. ml 
to the memory of the apostle Eliot. J. Win* 
gate Thornton, Chairman; Charles K. Dil la- 
way, Treasurer, 
English High School Association, Boston. 

Frederic U. Tracy, President; Francis J. 
Parker, Vice President; Edwin Howland, 
Secretary and Treasurer. 

This Association has for its objects the pro- 
motion of the usefulness and prosperity oi the 
English High School in the City ofB 

All v^T6ijr< who are or have been Te iclu r s, 
and all part Pupils of [he English High S :i ool, 
may become members of the Asm),;, uio i by 
signing the Constitution, and paying one dol- 
lar to the Treasurer. 

Latin School Association, Boston. 

Instituted, ISA-L Annua! Meeting, 2d Wed- 
nesday in May. Ben). A. Gould, ! 
I i ■■}■.' S I lill ird, I ice President; N.ith n d 
B. Shurtleff, Secretary and Treasurer; Francis 
Gardner, Librarian ; Epes S. Dixwell, Edward 
R Hale, Charles Sumner, G<>ov:v E Ellis, 
Francis E. Parker, Standing Commit 

[All persons who have been connected with 


M A S S A C 11 U S i;TT3 R E G I S T E R . 

— | 

the school, either as teachers or pupils, are i -i- 
gii le for n scub irship. The obj • :t of the \s- 
soc;ation is to promote friendly intercourse 
among its members, and to collect matori 
a history of the school, -and funds for a lii ' 
and appara us foi classical illustration: | 

Mass. Historical Soi rErr. 

Instituted, 1791. lion. Robert C. Winthrop, 
LL. )).. President; Joseph Willard, l<>q., 
Recording Secretary; Rev. Wm. P. Lunt, D.D., 
Cor. Secretary; Rrv. Samuel K. Lothrop, 
I). D.. Librarian ; Hon. Richard Frothitviham, 
Jr., 7V- z.sum-; Nathaniel B. Shurtle.ff, M. IX, 
Cabinet Keeper; Charles Dearie, Esq., Rev. 
Lucius R. Paige, Rev. Chandler Robhins, 
Hon. John C. Gray, William Bri^bam, Hsq , 
«3 inding Committee. Rooms, - -'2 Trcmont S: , 
Boston. Meeting, 2d Thursday of each m mth, 
at. 12 M. 


WilUam Whiting E-u;., PnsUUnl; II n. 
Timothy Farrar, )'7<"c President.; John Dean, 
Treasurer; Samuel. G. Drake, Cor. Secretary: 
Hon. Francis Brinlcy, /J ■ ■•■■ ./ £> ->^iary ; 
iliv. Luther Farnham, Librarian. Hall, 5 
Tremont street, Boston. 

The { 

iic li >n of the 

■■■••' ■' ,- h :••- 

quarterly, by Samuel G. Drake, the publisher. 

Old Colony Historical Society. Incorpo- 
rated, L$53. 

Nathaniel Morton, of Taunton, Presid n 
Rev. Samuel II. Emery, Quincy, Illinois ; Hon. 
John Daggett, Attl b ro', Vice !'■■ 
\' .. Mortitw r Bl d e, Taunton : Hon. Samuel 
i.-. Crocker, Taunton; Ellis Ames, Esq., Can- 
ton; Henry B. Wheelwright, M. D M Taunton; 
Willinm It. Deane, E?xp, Boston ; Caleb S • m, 
M. ]).. Easton : Charles Booster, Esq., Taunton, 
Direct, ■■: Edgar IT. Reed, Esq., Tau it n, 
/»'• v. Secretary and Librarian ; Rev. Charles 
II. Brigham, Taunton, Corresponding Secre- 
tary ; Hodges Reed, Esq., Taunton, Treasu r. 

Pilgrim Society, Plymouth. 

Incorporated, 1820. Officers chosen annu- 
ally, on the last Monday in May. 

Semi-annual meeting, the Saturday preced- 
ing the 2 1st December. 

Richard Warren, New York, President: 
Samuel Nicolson, Boston, Vice President ; 
Elliot Russell, Plymouth, Recording Secretary; 
Benjamin -M. Watson,' Plymouth, Cor. Secre- 
tary; I. N. Stoddard, Plymouth. Treasurer: 
Lemuel D. Holmes, Plymouth, Librarian ; 
Isaac L. Hedge, Winsiow "Warren, Abraham 
Jackson, Timothy Gordon, Andrew L. Russell, 
u ; u.S. Russell Plymouth; Jas. T. ID; ■ 
Wm. Thomas, N. B. Shurtlelf, Frederick Gtea- 
son. Boston; John IT. Clifford, New Bedford; 
Samuel T. Tisdale, New York, Trustees. 



O-T: ■ 

Chas. E. B 

; ; > , ; , •_ | dumber of Patriarchs relieved, 
\t ■■ iii i | '* i; Widowed families relieved 

, V' u -r'\ T- \« /•" //■ H Widowed famdies relieved, 3 

/;t,. 51 ffi '•'■;:•; .;.. ..-■ « - p*™* buried, .•...., 

I!W ... • l<- U" OVaarf I Amount paid for relief of Patriarchs, Sl.391-.35 | 

• f' : - '. " a:-;,"--:;'":^';'.'-:;"^ « « widowed f, uii ii, s , sor.oo 

v:\ :.. ." ':;'L:v. ,:.:::,,:-; .. : - - ^-v^.^d^; . 

7V«wurer. William P. Bi • r. I! '< in I ben- j - o 

.,;„,/. Mortice Lvon, ir. />, 6 '. Total amount of relief- 

J, -;.', Byi >ti, V V. i. n oa s '■ 

Abstract Jh m t - Ant- ■ 


I. 7? UT 


Grand Lodge of the ('■ t Sia , 
year enrtiwj June 30, i : ■ ■■■ 

Number of Encampments. • 

,; Initiations, 

« Admitted by Cutl, 

t£ Withdrawn bv CarJ,- ■•• 

« l'- : ;. • Ed,-.' 

*« S i.<pv:n ! ■! ( ir non i 

« Exp - :: i, :.:... 

' ; of Death*, • 

« - Past Cbiof Patri 

" 4i Past High P; :•-•••• • • - 

« « Contr I iiiing Mi - 

Grand Lodor of MAss-vcnusETTs 
Opficers Elkctjbd ix August. 

Samuel B. Krogman, M.W. Gran \ M • • r 
....•;:■/ Boston. Cileb Rand, R. W. Deputv G 
. ,.J 5 I Master, Ckarlestown. Cliaries E. Backing- 
", Iham, R. W. Grand Warden, Boston. Alfred 
10 [M idge, R. W. Grand Secretary, JSoston. ^ 
....,. n | II Cook, R. W. Grand Treasun r, ;■ 
. | Rev..C A, Br.t l]f.y, R. VV. Grand CI • 
;;Vr'j - --•"• Wiliiain A. Bell, 7:.- ■•;. V\ i 

r, ; Parmenter, Bos-.on, R. W. Grand U- pr : 

.,.,- | lives to the Grand Lodge of the United 


•! 13 ■'- " ' ict fi >m the Report of the 7?. W 
£76,S-i ^■' il 'iJ : of Massachusetts, to rAr 7.'. ii'. '•■ - 



;.-'■• of the United States for the year com 

N amber of Pa§t Grands,* 

..i [90 

in a July I, 185 I, and ending June 30, " " C mtributing Members, 6995 ! 

:. r .:;,. i Total amount of Receipts. 832,280.47 ! 

.•r of ini nation v 
" lUiections,' 

Admitted by Caul,- •■.•••. G8 


Belief Repot t. 
9 I Number of Brothers relieved," 

" Widowed families relieved,* • > 156 

broiaers i»u fi«-f ; . - 

Withdrawn by Card, 

'■ Reinstated, ■ 51 Amount paid for relief of Brothers, §12,9 2D.8U 

Suspended for non-payment of Dues, -3 S5 u ■' " Widowed families, ■ S3,82ii.4 5 

" " '• Education- of orphans, 501.00 i 

" " " Buryii gthe dead,- SI ,708.25 ' 

Total amount of relief, &18,< 0-2. '.4 | 

,l tor other causes, 
impelled, ■ 

*' of Deaths, 


Ikx&icax Academy or Ai.ts and Sciences. | Baldwin, Joseph Willard, W r aldo Flint, Henry j 

j Wainwright, Charles Brown, Wm. S. Boners, : 
Instituted, 1780. | }* eter Wainwright, Trustees. Charles Brown, | 

Jacob Bi^elqw, M. I)., President. Daniel {Treasurer. Win. T. Andrews, Secretary. 
; » " ] ; * ' f : % Vka - President. Edward j BoSTON Mj:CHANICS , Is8T1TUTE , 

Utiles worth, Esq., Ircasurcr. Asa bray, j 

M. J)., Cor. Sec. Samuel L. Abbot, M. D, James Hall, President Oilman Josslyn, j 
■''•■■-. Sec. Nathaniel B. ShurtleC M. D., \ Vice-President. J. A. Sargent, Treasurer, j 
Ij varian. Rooms, Boston Athenaeum. Lib- j C. II. Simpson, Secretary. 
rary Lours, 10 to 12, A. M., and 3 to 5, P. M. j 

American Phonetic Council. 
.Tamos W. Stone, of Buston, President. 
s'iias Lonjjley, of Cincinnati, Secretary. Robt. 
Patterson, U. S. Mint, Philadelphia, Treas. 

American Ohiemal Society, Boston. 

Boston Society or Civil Engineers. 

Simeon Borden, Fall River, President. Wm. \ 
P.Parrott, df Boston, Vice-President. '•' m ■ I 
Nntt, Sec. E. S. Cbesbrough, Treas. J. II. ; 
Blake, T. S. Williams, Fmfmce '.'--■ 

Boston Society oy Natural History. 

Edward Robinson, D. D., President. Edw, 

Salisbury, Cor Set. Ezpa Abbot, Jr., J. C. Warren, M. P., President. Char 

\ > e and'Treas. W. ©.Whitney, New "T. Jackson, M. D-, D. Humphreys Sroi r, 

tven Librarian. j M D., Vice-President*. Samuel L. Vbi . 

I M. D., 0>r. Sec. Benj. S. Shaw. M. ]>.. foe. 

! Sec. Nathaniel B. Shurtletf, M. D., 7V< ffstm ,-. 


Charles K. Dillaway, Librarian. Uaik-s j 
Srodder, Cabinet Keeper. Cukators ~ o/ j 
Botany, Charles K. Spragne. CV' '■' ' .'" 
Thomas T. Bouve. Ornithology^ Henry Bry- 
ant, 3M. I>. Mineralogy, Francis Al.:or. /cA- 
Myology, Silas Durkee, M. D. £*<, - ' .7. 
H. K. Oliver, jr., M. D. Com/). Anntomy, 
Jeffries Wyman, M. D. Conchologyy Th 
j. Whittemore. Erpelology, J. Neikon Bor- 
, nce-Pm^r'lIenVyB. Rogers, Frio*, land, M. D. Oology, Thomas M lire* r, 
William Appleton, Jr., kcrtfciry. Charles | M. D. 0/.-Orwtfo««:-«M* RudiaUa, . ,hn 1.. 
Kolaom, Librarian. Number of vols., 60,000. Reynolds, M D. Open and tree every kUU- 
., . ,. ,. , street ; aesday, between the hours of 12 and 2, and u 

Thomas Dermot, President. L. A. Grant, 
Cl>r, .Stc. James Corns toe k T 7?ec. SVe. 

Blacxstone Lyceum. 
Walter Thorp, Pre*, E.N.Shaw, Sec. 

Boston At ii en a.-.u M . 
Instituted, 1S01. Incorporated, 1507. 
mas G. Cary, President. John A. Low- 


and 5, P. M. Room, Mason street, next to 
the Normal School-house. Annual meeting, 

v ^' : iam N. Ewrs, Pre*. Geo. IT. Pierce, [at Wednesday in Alay 

:-Pn-si>LtnL T. Frank 11 .-^ '. : Sec. 
srl**s F. Sanborn, C-'wr. .S- c. ( harles E. 

n 'h, Treasurer. George Fro.';;, Librarian. 

Soston 3 ii.a\ a i Soci r /. 

Bowijiti u Libbary, Boston. 
No. 8 Otis place. 
Free to those- -who reside in Rosfon or in j 
Hon. Lemuel Shaw, LL. D-, Hon. William | the vicinity, whoare known to the prop ' rs, 
•«inot, Hon. James Savage, LL. 1). ; Aaron j or those who conform to the rules of the Inst i- j 



tution. Tin's is the library of the. late Nathan'l 
Bowditeh, and is almost exclusively of a 
scientific character. 

Bowdoin Literary Association. 

Robert Vose, Jr., President. George M. 
Blake, Secretary. 

Bridge water Natural History Society. 

Hon. John A. Shaw, President. Marshall 
Conant, Esq., J. E. Crane, Vice-Presidents. 
Lewis G. Lowe, Secretary and Cabinet keeper. 

Ebiohton Lyceum. 

S. A. Poor, President. Charles H. B. 
Breck, Vice-President. J. P. C. Winship, 
Secretary. Asa Burbank, Treasurer. 

Cambridge Athen/eum, 

Isaac Liverraore, Pres. Edward Richard- 
son, Clerk. R. Litchfield, jr., Treas. Z L. | 
Raymond, W. W.Wellington. Elipbalet Davis, j 
John Livermore, William P. Fisk and Asa 
Murdock, Directors. 

Cambridge Lyceum. ' .-.. 

Wm, L. Whitney, President. A. IT. Ram- 
say, Secretary arid Treasurer. 

Chelsea Library Association. 

Organized, 1833. Re-organized, 1851, 

Frank B. Fay, President. E. B, Gill, SecA 
Benjamin O. Wilson, Treasurer. 

City Lyceum, Newburyport. 

Moses Davenport, President. George W. 
Hill, Secretary. Joseph II. Bragdon, Man- 


Rooms, 12 Tremont Temple, Boston. 

W. T. Dwi-ht, D D., Pres. J. S. Clark,! 
D. 1)., Cor. Sec. Rev. S. IJ. Riddel, Pec. Sec. 
Rev. J. B. Ftlr, Librarian. Alpheus Hardy, 

Dedham Library Association. 

Organized. 1855. 

Edmund Quinev, President. Thomas L. 
Wakefield, Vice-President. Henry O. Ilil-j 
dreth, Secretary. Lewis H. Kingsbury, Treas. ! 
S.imuel Adams* Librarian. Edmund Q uncy, i 
Edward L. Keyes, Horatio Chftrkering, Carlos j 
Slafier, Joseph P. Paine, Dirt '-tors. Enosj 
Foord, Erastus Worthington 3 Auditors. 

East Boston Library Association.' 

Winthrop Block, Maverick Square, Insti- j 
tuted, 1850, Incorporated, 1852. Wm. D. 
M tcv, President C. W. McLetlan, Jr., Cor. 
Sec. H. M. Soule, P^c. See. John It. 
Swasey, Treasurer. j 

Edgartown Lyceum. 

David Davis, President. John Pierce, Vict* 
President. J. R. Dillingham, Secretary. 

Essex Institute, Salem. 
Incorporated, 1848. 

Annual Meeting, 2d Wednesday in May. 
Library contains 10,<">00 vols. D. A. White, 
President. John G. King, John Lewis Rus- 
sell, John C. Lee, Vice-Presidents. Henry 

Wheatland, Secretary and Treasurer. M. A. 
Sr.ickney, Librarian. George A. Perkins, 
Cabinet Keeper. 

Essex Lyceum, Essex. 


Annual meeting for choice of officers, first 
Monday in September. 

John Prince, President. J. Perkins Spof- 
ford, Vice-President. O. H. P. Sargent, Cor 
Sec. Andrew Howes, Rec. Sec. Aaron Low, 
Treas. John H. Burnham, Manager. Rufus 
Choate, Auditor. \ 

Fall River Athenjeum. 

Established, 1835. 

Phineas W. Leland, Pres. Charles L. Bush, 
Treas. and .Librarian. Thomas F. Eddy, 

Fitchburg Athenjeum. 

Incorporated, 1852. 

Moses Wood, President. C. II. B. Snn^v, 

Vice-President. E. F. Bailey, Secretary and 

Franklin Library Association, 

H. M. Harden, President. Isaac Davi?, 
Vice-President. Augustus Smart, Sec. J. P- 
Richardson, Treas. D. C Brown, Librarian. 

Franklin Library. 

George A. Walton, President. N. D* 
"Wells, Secretary and Librarian. j 

Haverhill Athen.eum. 
Incorporated, 1852. 
Rufus T. Slocomb, President. J.V. Smiley, 
Secretary. Geo. A. Kimball, Treasurer. 

Haverhill Circulating Library. 
Hiram Smart, Jr., T'mpr'ietor, 

Mattapan Library, Dorchester. 
Increase S. Smith, Libraraian. 

Mattapan Literary Association, South 

Luther L. White, President. Henry W. 
Wilson, Vice-President. I). E. Dennett, - s ' '• 
Edwin A. Simonds, Treasurer. James N< 
B.ttes, Librarian. George B. James, Jos. ( 
Storey, Wm. U. Hallidiy, L. J. Bird, D. W. 
Southard, Directors. Sewell C. Cobb, L- I" 



White, J;<mes F. G. Baxter, Horace Smith, 
^ IV. Goodhue, George S. Dexter, Lecture 
( '^mnuitee. 

Manchester Lyceum Library. 

Formed, April 9, 1330. Larkin Woodbury, 
^rrsident. John Lee, Vice-President. Geo. 
S»'. Ruat, Secretary. 

Mechanic Apprentices' Library Association, 

Gtorcre W. Hill, President. W. W. Red- 
ding, Vice-President. Oscar Persons, Cor. 
v c. Alphonso Baker, Sec. William 
Cubrey, Treasurer. Edward E. Willis, 1st 

Mechanics' Institute, Haverhill. 

Eli J. Sawins, President. E. G. Frothing- 
bam, Sec- Edwin P. Hill, Treas. 

Mechanics' Institute, Marlboro'. 

0. W. Aibee, President. Chas. M. Howe, 

Mercantile Library Association, Boston. 

Carlos Pierce, President. Wm. A. Walker, 
Vice-President. Warren F. Gilbert, Cor. Sec. 
.Sisiourney W. Fay, llec. Sec. Wm. E. French, 
Treasurer. Abraham G. Wyman, Jr., El- 
bridge II. Goss, William J. Seaver, Jr., Geo. 
A. Bacon, Spencer W. Richardson, Edward 
W". Foster, Jacob N. Burleigh, Cyrus C. Mar- 
hie, Directors. William F. Poole, Librarian. 
Ilooms, Summer, corner Hawley street. 

Middlesex Mechanic Association, Lowell. 

Incorporated in 1825. Officers chosen an- 
nually on the first Thursday in October. Li- 
brary of 5,000 vols. 

M, C. Bryant, President. Wm. A. Ricbard- 
wn, Vice-President. W r m. G.Wise, Secretary. 
Joel Powers, Librarian. 

Mishawum Literary Institute, Charlestown. 
Organized, 1853. Alphonzo L. Paine, Pres. 
& A. Edmands, Secretary. 

Mount Yernon Association, Boston. 

Elijah Swift, President. Geo. Noyes, Vice- 
Pres. William R. Butler, Sec. and Treas. 
New Bedford City Library. 

Tree. Present number of volumes, over 
*,000. Trustees, the Mayor of the City, Geo. 
Howland, Jr. ; President of the Common 
Council, John W. Nickerson ; Chairman of 
Committee on Public Instruction, Cranston 
Wilcox, together with James B. Cougdon, A. 
J- i J hipp?, and Simpson Hart. R. C. Ingra- 
karn, Librarian. 

New Bedford Lyceum. 
■ George Rowland, Jr., President. John F. 
Emerson, R. C. Pitman, Vice-Presidents. Geo. 
A. Bourne, 'Treas. Alanson Borden, Sec. 
Ahner Phipps, Moses G. Thomas, Walter 
• J l»teheli, Committee on Lectures. 

Newbury Library. 

Edmund Smith, Chairman Board Trustees. 
Nathaniel Little, Secretary. 

Newburypoet Lyceum. 

D. M. Reed, President Henry B. Fernald, 
Manager. M. O. Hall, Secretary. 

Northampton Young Wen's Institute. 

Library of 3,000 volumes. 

Joseph Lathrop, Pres. John W. Wilson, 
William Alien, Jr., Vice-Presidents. C. B. 
Kingsley> Pec. Sec. Sidney E. Bridgman, 
Cor. Sec. Albion P. Peck, Treasurer. 

North Broorfleld Lyceum. 

Formed Feb. 20, 1844. Hon. AmasaWalker, 
President. J. H. Hill, Vice-Pres. Hiram 
Knight, Sec. Isaac M. May, Treas. 

Peabody Institute. 

South Danvers, E. B. Hinckley, Librarian. 

Phonographic Reporting Association. 

Boston. Established, 1845. James W. 
Stone, M. D., Pres. Ebenezer Smith, Vice- 
Pres. Charles W. Slack, Cor. Sec. D. F. 
Chessman, Red Sec. James M W r . Yerrin- 
ton, Joel P. Bishop, A. J. Marsh, Exec. Com. 
\ Rev. R. W. Cufhoian, Henry E. Rockwell, 
Stephen N. Stockwell, Trustees, 

Pittsfield Library Association. 
Organized, 1850. Annual meeting, 1st 
Monday in January ; has about 1,500 volumes, 
mostly new, in its Library, and provides a 
course ot Public Lectures in the Winter. Asa 
Barr, Pres. Lorenzo H. Gam we 11, Treas. 
Phineas L. Page, Sec. 

Public Library of the City of Boston. 

Located temporarily in Mason street. 

Instituted, 1852. 

Board of Trustees. — Hon. Edward Everett, 
LL. D.., President of the Board. George 
Ticknor, LL. I)., Hon. John P. Bigelow, Na- 
thaniel B. Shuttle!}*, M. D., Thomas G. Apple- 
ton, Esq., from the citizens at large. Alder- 
man Farnbam Plummer, and Oliver Frost 
E»q., of the Common Council. Edward Capen, 
Librarian. For a full account of this Library 
see rage 264. 

Republican Institution. 

Incorporated. 1819. Boston. Joseph N. 
Howe, Pres. Robert Farley, 40 State, Qyr. 
Sec. Andrew J. Loud, JUc. Sec. Win. B. 
Bradford, Treas. 

Rcmford Institute, Waltham. 
Organized, 1827. Josiah Rutte, President. 
\ C, W. Fogg, Sec. ami Treas. 




Henry B irilett, Pr^. James Guild, Treas. 
Israel M. Speteaan, »Sec. B^njaruin Kent, Li- 

Salem Athene um. 

Incorporate drin 1810. Nut 

of vol' 

12,500, Annual Meeting tor the choice of 
oflkers, last Wednesday but. one in May. 

George Choate, Prek Henry Wheatland, 
Clerk of the Corporation. J. F. Worcester, 
CI* rk of the Trustees. Benjimin H. Silsbee, 
Treas. Henry J. Cross, Librarian. 

Salem Lyceum. 
Incorporated, April 2, 1S30. Annual Meet- 
ing, ias: Thursday in April. Richard Ed- 
wards, President. Geo. Andrew?, Vice Pres- 
ident. J. M. Newhatt, Recording Secretary/. 

II. ,). Cross, Corresponding Secretary. 
Streeter, Treasurer. 

State Library. 

G. L. 


use, ijosron. 

Joel Giles and Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, of 
Boston ; George Livermore, of Cambridge, 
Trustees. Geo .is. Bout well, Librarian. Sam- 
uel C. Jackson, Assistant Librarian. 

"Washington Athen.eum and Lyceum, 


Instituted, Jan. 27, 1347. Incorporated, 
Mav 14, 1851. 

C. A. F. S:win, President. William Spald- 
ing, Secretary. S. A. MePhetres, Treasurer. 

Webster Institute, Cambkeogeport. 

Amasa A. Kelley, President. George P. 

Oalces, Vice President. Joseph A. Willard 
Seer, iary. Lawsbn Valentine, Treasurer. 
West Nbwton Atiien.ecm. 

Rev. J. S. Clark, President. Israel Lom- 
bard, Jr., Secretary. 

Winnisimmet Literary Institute. 

Organized, 1848. Chelsea. C. T. Wilder, 
President. II. A. Wilder, Secretary. G. B. 
Swasey, Treasurer. 
Worcester County Mechanics' Association. 

Incorporated, 1850. Henry S. Washburn, 
President. Joseph 1). Daniels, Vice President. 
Benjamin Walker, Treasurer. S. A. How- 
land, Clerk. 

Worcester Lyceum and Library Association. 
Library consisting of 5,000 volumes. 

George F. Hoar, President. 'Thomas Earle, ; 
Sccretaru. Charles White, Treasurer. 

Yarmouth Lyceum. 
Chas. F. Swift, President. James Knowles. 

Young Men's Library Association. Taunton. 

Harrison Tweed, President. E H.Bennett, 

J. B. Shipley, Vice Presidents. Joseph Wil- 
bur, Recording Secietary. Wm. Dickinson-, 
Corresponding Secretary.- Geo. M. Woodward, 

Young Men's Rhetorical Society, 

Organized, 1849. Albert Seaverns, Presi- 
dent. A. F. Bixby, Vice President. D. G. 
Grosvenor, Recording Secretary. Charles H. 
Bcswell, Treasurer. 11. M. iMorse, Librarian. 




Smith, President and Treasurer. Mrs. Sam- 
uel Benson, Vice President. Miss Sarah. Ilo- 
bart, Secretary. 

Kewburyport Marine Society. 

Boston Marine Society. 
Office, I5G Commercial street. Charles W. 
Apihorp, President. Elias E. Davison, Vice 
President. Robert B. Edes, Secretary. Thos. 
Lamb, Treasurer. Jairus B. Lincoln, Willis 
Howes, Ezra Biker, John Williams, Osborne 
Hewes, Eben Davis, Jairus Beal, Richard 
Soule, Wm. F. Parrott, Cassius Darling, Trus- 
ses. Isaiah M. Atkins, Robert B. Edes, Wil- 
ls Howes, Port Wardens. 

Boston Port Society. 
Albert Fearing, President. J. A. Andrew, 
Secretary. Charles H. Parker, Treasurer. 

Eosros Seamen's Friend Society. 

Micajah Lunt, President. Njthar.iel S. Os- 
geed, Secretary. Mark Symonds, Trensurtr. 

Sailor's Snug Harbor. 
Boston. Incorporated 1852. Robert B- 
Forbes, President. Wm. A. Wellman, Secre- 
tary. Wm. Perkins, Treasurer. 

Salem East India Maiune Society. 
Founded, 1799. Incorporated, 1801. An- 
J nual Meeting, 1st Wednesday in November. 
Charles M. Endicott, President. Thorns* 

. AlpheusHardy, President W ilium Hopes, ■ g . j:ecordinfJ Secretary. Gilbert G. New- 

Vtce President. I A. Benson, Secretary. L^ Q )ondl THJ Secretary. 

Thomas D. Quincy, treasurer. ^ Superintendent Museum. N. GriGiu, 

Ladies' Seamen's Friend Society, Salem. Treasurer. Win. B. Parker, Chas. Mansfit u 
Organized, Jan. 22, 1844. Mrs. George H. 1 Chas. Wilictt, Commit ee of Observation. 


Salem Marine Society. 

Incorporated 1771. Annual Meeting, the 
u*t Thursday in October. John Dwyer, 

\ faster. Edward Barnard, Secretary, Jona- 
than 1*. Felt, Treasurer and Agent. 

Seamen's Aid Society, Boston. 
Mrs- Albert Fearing, President. Mrss Har- 
rrt \V. Tabor, Secretary. Miss Anna P. 
Clark, Treasurer. 

Seamen's Widow and Orphan Association, 

Formed, May 1, 1SJ3. Annual Meeting, 
first Thursday ia May. 

Mrs. A. True, President. Mrs. William 
Ives, Vice ['resident. Mrs. J. Hurley, Treas- 
urer, Mrs. J. Kimball, Secretary. 


Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. 

Officers elected, December, 1855. 

M. W. Winslow Lewis, M. D., Boston, G. 

II. W. Abraham S. Lowe, M. D., Bridge- 
*ater, D. G. Master. 

R. W. John T. Heard, Boston, S. G. W. 

R. W. Charles R. Train, Framingham, J. 

a. w. 

II. W. Hon. Thomas Tolman, Boston, G. 
| Treas. 

R. W. Chas. W. Moore, Boston, R. G. Sec. 

W. John H. Sheppard, Boston, C. G> S. j 

\V. Rev. William R. Alger, Boston; Rev. 
Joseph il. Clinch, Boston, G. Chaplains. 

W. Wm.D. Coolidge, Boston, G. Marshal. 

W. Charles Rabbins, Esq., Boston, 5. G. D. 

W. Levi Rawson, M. D., Fainumsville, */. 
j G.D. 

W. Benjamin Stevens, E?q., Boston ; Geo. 

Washington Warren, Charlestown ; John P. 

: Oher, Esq., Bos'on ; Marshall Lincoln, Esq., 

! Hingham, G. Stewards. t 

: W. John McClellan, Boston, G. vS*. £. 

W. A. S. Beaman, Fitchburg ; Thos. Res- 
l tieaux, Boston, Grand Pursuivants. 

W. William C. Martin, Boston; Benj. F. 
| Nourse, Cambridge, Grand Lecturers. 

Br. Irving I. Harwood, Boston, G. Organist. 

Br. Samuel IL Gregory, Boston, Grand 
i Lhonster. 

Br. Eben F. Gay, C7. Tyler. 

District Deputy Grand Masters. 

j U. W. II. G. Clark, M. D., Boston, 1st Dist. 
" I. P. Seavey. Newburyport, 2d " 
M Peter Lawson, Lowell, 3d " 

u Jon. Greenwood, Framingham, 4th " 
" lie*. Albert Case, Hingham, 5th " 
41 Horace Chenery, Worcester, 6th " 
u Lueien B. Keith, N. Bedford, 7th " 
" Sylvester Baxter, Hvannis, Sth " 

\ " Franklin Weston, Dai ton, 9th " 

M Charles Mattoon, Greenfield, 10th " 
** Benj. Brown, Special Deputy for Nan- 

i tacket ; Joseph P. Johnson, Special Deputy 

j for Provineetown. 

j The regular communications of the Grand 

| Lodge are on the evenings of the second 

Wednesday, in March, June, September and 

December ; a meeting is also held on the 27th 
of December, at nine o'clock in the morning 
and continues throughout the day. 

Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Mass. 
Officers elected, September 11, 1855. 

M. E. Daniel Harwood, M. D., Boston, 
Grand High Priest. 

M. E. Samuel K. Hutchinson, Lowell, Dep- 
uty Grand High Priest. 

E. Jonathan G. Johnson, M. D., Newbury- 
port, Grand King. \ 

E. Abraham A. Dame, Boston, Grand ! 

Wm. H. L. Smith, Boston, Grand Captain 
of the Host. 

Solon Thornton, Boston, Grand Principal j 

Isaac P. S.-avy, Newburyport, Grand Royal 
Arch Captain. 

Geo. W. Sargent, Grand Master of the 3d i 

James A. Maynard, Boston, Grand Master i 
of the 2d Veil. 

James G. Henderson, Worcester, Grand 
Master of the 1st Veil. 

Peter C. Jones, Grand Treasurer. 

Thomas Waterman, Grand Secretary. 

Rev. William II:»rton, Newburyport ; Rev. 
William R. Alger, Bo>tcn, Grand Chaplains. 

Edward B. Moore, M. D., Senior Grand 

Chester Sanderson, Junior Grand Steward. 

William Parkman, John M'CMlan, Wyse- 
man Marshall, Committee of 

Thomas Waterman, Wendell T. Davis, Ed- 
ward B. Moore, Committee of Charity. 

William C. Martin, Grand Tyler. 

The regular communications of the Grand 
Chapter, are on the Tuesday evenings pre- 
ceding the 2d Wednesday in March, June, 
September and December. 

Grand Encampment of Massachusetts and 

Kuode Island. 

Officers elected, October, 1855. 

Meets annually in October. 

Simon W. Robinson, Lexington, G. Master. 



Daniel Harwood, Boston, Deputy Grand 
5 faster. 

John McClelland, Boston, G. Generalissimo. 

Cyrus Fisher, Providence, Grand Captain 

K*v. Thomas R. Lambert, U. S. Navy, 
| Grand Prelate. 

Jss. W. Crooks, Springfield, Grand Senior 

John B. Keed, Pawtucket, Grand Junior 

William Eaton, Boston, G. Treasurer. 

Calvin Whiting, Boston, G. Recorder. 

J. A. D. Joslin, Providence, Grand Sword 

Asa Walker, Worcester, Grand Standard 

N. H. Gould, Newport, Grand Warder. 

Supreme Grand Council foe. the Northern 
Jurisdiction of the United States. 

Edward A. Raymond, of Boston, Mass., 
Most Puissant Sov. Grand Commander. 

John J. J. Gourgas, Past Grand Comman- 
der — honorary. 

Robert P. Danlap, of Brunswick, Me., Most 
III. Lieutenant Grand Commander. 

Simon W. Robinson, of Lexington, Mass., 
111. Grand Treasurer Gen., H. E. 

Charles W. Moore, of Boston, Mass., 111. 
Grand Secretary, II. E. 

Giles F. Yates, of Schenectady, New York, 
III. G. Chancellor, H. E. 

William B. Hubbard, of Columbus, Ohio, 
Sov. G. Insp. Gen., II. E. 

Chas. Giiman, of Baltimore, Md., Sov. G. 
Insp. Gen., H. E. 

Nathan B. Haswell, of Burlington, Vt., 1st 
III. G. Capt.. L. G. 

Ammi B. Youns, of Boston, Mass., 2d III. 
G. CapL, L. G. 

District Deputies. 

Chared icilh the special duty of assisting the 
S. G. C. in superintending their respective 

John Christie, of Portsmouth, N. H., Sov. 
Grand Inspector Gen. Z3d — Deputy for New 

Killian II. Van Rensselear, of Pittsburg, 
Penn., Sou. G. Insp. Gen. 33d — Deputy for 
Western Pennsylvania and Ohio. 

Francois Turner, of New Haven, Conn. 
Sov. Grand Insp. Gen. 33d — Deputy for Con- 

Grand Consistory of S. P. R. S. for N'kw 
England, 32 Degrees. 

Edward A. Raymond, Boston, G. O •■.' 
in Chief; John Christie, Portsmouth, N. M.. 
1st Lieut. G. Covir; Ammi B. Youne, V> { *. 
ton, 2d Lieut. G. Conic; Charles W. Moore, 
Boston, G. M. C; Rev. Thomas R. Lambert] 
Boston, G. Secretary. 

Meetings on the 3d Monday in September, 
December, March and June. In connection 
with this body, there are in Boston, a Gran-i 
Chapter of S. P. Rose Croix, E. R. D. M.;i 
a Grand Council of P. of Jer., and a Grand 
Lodge of Perfection. They all hold their ! 
meetings at the Temple. 

Officers of Boston Encampment. 

Sir Daniel Harwood, Grand Command' r ; 
Sir Winslow Lewis, Generalissimo; Sir Gil- 
bert Nurse, Captain General; Sir Stephen; 
Lovell, Prelate; Sir John McCiellan, Sen. 
Warden ; Sir William" Ellison, Jan. Warden 
Sir John K. Hall, Treasurer; Sir Calvin 
Whiting, Recorder; Sir Freeman C. Ray- 
mond, Sword Bearer; Sir Noah Butts, Stand- 
ard Bearer; Sir C, B. F. Adams, Warder; 
Sir B. F. Tenney, Sir W. H. L, Smith, Sir 
Solon Thornton, Guards; Sir Winslow Lewis, 
Armorer; Sir William C. Martin, Seniineh 

De Molay Encampment of Knight Templars. 

Sir Clement A. Walker, M. E. Grand Com-] 
wander ; Sir William Parkman, Generalissimo ; 
Sir Charles A. Davis, Captain General; Rev.l 
Sir Geo. M. Randall, Prelate ; Sir Chas. Rob- 
bing, Sen. Warden; Sir P. Adams Ames, Jun.\ 
IfVarden ; Sir John A. Cummings, Treasurer ; 
Sir Edward D. Bell, Recorder ; Sir Joseph J. 
Whiting, Standard Bearer; Sir Lyman Tuck- 
er, Sword Bearer; Sir Ben j. Dean. Warder; 
Sir Smith W. Nichols, 3d, Sir Chas. H. Colby, 
2d, Sir Frederick S. Ainsworth, 1st, Guards ; 
Sir Henry G. Clark, Organist; Sir Willliam 
C. Martin, Sentinel ; Sir Eben F. Gay, Ar- 
morer ; Sir Moses Kimball, Sir Peter Wain- 
wright, Sir Cyrus T. Francis, Sir Joseph Vi ■ 
Ward, Committee of Finance ; Rev. Sir Thoft 
R. Lambert, Sir John P. Ober, Sir Isaac M 
Richardson, Sir Elisha G. Tucker, Sir Jacob 
L. Porter, Committee of Charity. 


Boston Society for Medical 

Annual Meeting held on the 2d Monday in 
January. Regular Meetings, 2d and 4th 
Monday of each month. Chairman, (chosen 
at each meeting*) Jacob Bigelow, M. D., John 
Ware, M. D., A. A. Gould, M. !>., D. Humph- 

reys Storer, M. D., Prudential Commit!-'? 
John B. S. Jackson, M. D., Curator oj 
Cabinet. Fytehe E. Oliver, M. D., Seen ta j 
and Treasurer. Buckminster Brown, M.D-* j 

Boston Medical Association. 
Instituted, 180G. D. H. Storer, M. P., *»-; 


<♦ B- Shurtleff, M. D., Ephraim Buck, 
M. IX, II. W. Williams, M. D., \V. J. Dale, 
M. I.)., Standing Committee. Francis Minot, 
SI. I)., Secretary. Annual Meeting, 1st Mon- 
day in May. 

Boston Society for Medical 

Liberty Tree Block. Seth L. Sprague, M. 
I)., Recording Secretary. John P. Reynolds, 

M. D., Corresponding Secretary. 

Boston Veterinary Institute. 
Incorporated, 1855. William S.King, Chair- 
tnan. John P. Jewett, Treasurer. C. L. 
Flint, Secretary. D. I). Siade, M. D., Presi- 
d- nt. of the Institute. George H. Dadd, Pro- 
ft isor of Anatomy and Physiology. Charles 
"M. Wood, Professor of Cattle Pathology. 

Boylston Medical Society. — Boston. 

D. I). Shade , M . D., President. Calvin Page, 
Secretary and Treasurer. 

Female Medical Education Society 

and New England Female 

Medical College. 

John S. Tyler, President. Samuel Gregory, 
M. D., Secretary. John P. Jewett, Treasurer. 
John 5- Tyler, Benjamin C. Clark, Samuel E. 
S:wall, Adam W. Thaxter, Jr., Dexter S. 
King, John P. Jewett, Samuel Gregory, Direc- 
tors. Airs. Rev. Dr. Lvman Beecher, Mrs. Joel 
\\ r . White, Mrs. Rev. A. A. Miner, Mrs. Hon. 
Daniel Satlbrd, Mrs. Prof. Thomas C. Upham, 
Mrs. Rev. Dr. Jacob Ide, Mrs. Anna Gould- 
ing, Directresses. 

College at 274 Washington Street. Secre- 
tary's office in the College building. 

The New England Female Medical College 
was opened in 1S43. It is conducted and sus- 
tained by the Female Medical Education Socie- 
ty organized in the same year, and incorporated 
bj the Massachusetts Legislature for the purpose 
indicated by the name of" the Association. 
The officers of the Sojiety are, of course, the 
oiTi-ers of the College. 

Above a hundred pupils have been connect- 
ed with the college since its commencement, 
and many of them are engaged in an extensive 
*n<l lucrative practice among females and 

The term of the New England Female 
Medical College commences on the first 
Wednesday of November annually, and con- 
tinues four months. The course of education 
«■* the same as that in male medical colleges, 
*ad the requirements for gradation the same. 

Free Scholarships. — The Legislature at its 
ftguionof 1*5 l, appropriated a thousand dol- 
ir - a year for live years, to pay the tuition ot 
iprty pupils ia the College, annually ; the bene- 
Bckriea to be selected from the best qualified 
*PpUeaata horn the different counties, accord- 
ltt g to the senatorial apportionment to the 

Application can 

several counties or districts 
be made to the Secretary. 

A second appropriation was made by the 
Legislature of 1855, to aid in providing a 
building, &c. See page 47, number 45. 

Mass. College of Pharmacy. 

Room in Cochituate Hall, Phillips Place, 
Boston. Instituted in 1823. Re-organized in 
1851. Incorporated, 1852. Daniel Hench- 
man, President. Samuel M. Colcord, J. T. 
Brown, Vice Presidents. Thomas Hollis, Cor- 
responding Secretary. Henry \V. Lincoln, Re- 
cording Secretary. Ashel Boyden, Treasurer. 
T. Larkin Turner, Auditor. 'Charles H. At- 
wood, Henry D. Fowle, Augustus P. Mel/.ar. 
G. W. Parmenter, John Buck, James S. Mel- 
vin, Robert R. Kent, A. G. Wilbor, Trustees. 
The object of the Institution is to elevate the 
standard of pharmaceutical knowledge, by the 
aid of Lectures, Library, and Meetings. 

Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical 

The society was formed in 1841, and now 
numbers more than seventy members. I. T. 
Taylor, M. D., Boston, Secretary. 

Massachusetts Medical Society. 

Incorporated, 1781. The Society's hail is at 
No. 12 Temple Place, Boston. E'iisha Hun- 
tington, President. James Deane, Vice-Pres- 
ident. Charles E. Ware, Corresponding Sec- 
retary. Benjamin E. Cotting, Recording & c- 
retary. John B. Alley, Librarian. Augustus 
A. Gould, Treasurer. 

Barnsfalie.—Vrs. Luther Jones, South Yar- 
mouth ; Samuel H. Gould, Brewster ; Jona- 
than Leonard, Sandwich ; Aaron Cornish, Fal- 

Berkshire.— Drs. Henry II. Childs, Pitts- 
field ; Nathan S. Babbit, North AdaiLs ; A 

S. Church, Great Barrington; Mellen Sabin, 
Lenox ; Selden Jennings, Richmond. 

Bristol. North. — Drs. Dan King, Taunton ; 

Beuoni Carpenter, Pawtucket; J D. 

Nichols, Swansey. 

Bristol, South.— Drs. Andrew Mackie. New 

Bedford; John Pierce, Fd^artown; W 

W. Comstock, Middleborough, Geo. Atwood, 
Fairhaven; Robert T. Davis, Fall River. 

Essex, North. — Drs. George V*'. Garland 
and David Dana, Lawrence ; Josiah Atkinson, 
Xewburyporc; Martin Root, By field ; William 
Cogswell, Bradford. 

Essex, South.— Drs. George Choate, Salem ; 
Ebenezer Hunt, Danvers; Benjamin Cox, jr., 
Salem; Augustus Torrey, Beverly; William 
Mack and William H. Prince, Salem. 


Franklin.— Dr. Jarae3 Deane, Greenfield ; 
Humphrey Gould, Rowe ; Elijah W. Carpen- 
U-f, Bernardaton ; David Bradford, Montague. 

flamptlfin. — Drs. Nathan Adam?, Spring- 
field; Alvan Smith. Monson; Thomas L. 
Chapman, Long .Meadow; P. LeBreton Stick- 
oev, Cbieopee. 

Hampshire.— -Drs. Israel If. Taylor, Am- 1 G. Nichols, Freetown 

Harpur, Sandwich ; George W. Doane, Hyan- 
nis; Moses Rogers, Falmouth. 

Berkshire. — Drs. John L. Barker, So :th 
Adams; Franklin A. Cady and George L. 
Lyman, Pittsfield. 

Bristol, North. — Drs. Charles Howe, Taun- 
ton ; Tfaaddeus Phelps, Attleborough ; Taenia.-* 

berst; James Thompson, Northampton; Levi 
I Chamberlin, Granby ; Samuel A. Fiske, North- 
i amptoa. 

j Middlesex, East. — Drs. Joseph D. Mansfield, 
! Snath Reading; Samuel A. Tcothaker, Read- 
liag ; Truman Kiekard and John Nelson, Wo- 
j barn. 

Middlesex, North. — Drs. Nathan Allen, John 
j C. Dalton, and Ilarlin Pillsbury, Lowell ; 
• Jonathan Brown, Tewksbury ; Eiisba Ilunt- 
I ington, Charles A. Savory, John W. Graves, 
| ami David Wells, Lowell. 
j Middlesex* South. — Drs. Theodore Kittredge, 
; Wahham ; Morrill Wyman, Cambridge. ; Ja- 
I cob Hayes, Charlestown; Levi Goodenough, 
j Sudbury; Otis E. Hunt, Weston; John W. 
I Osgood, Saxonville ; John Hoyt, Natiek ; 
I Isaac G. Br.iman, Brighton ; Samuel Ilichard- 
5 son, Watertown ; Eugene E. Braun, Charles- 
i town. 

Norfolk, — Drs. Ebenezer Stone, Walpole ; 
: Etward Jarvis, Dorchester : Henry Bartlett, 
I ll-i\bury ; A. Le B. Monroe, Medway ; B. E. 
l Coiling, Roxbury; Jonathan Ware, Milton.; 
", Danforth P. Wright. Dedham ; Benjamin 
. Minn, Roxbury ; Erastus D. Miller, Rox- 
] bury. 

Plymouth; — Drs. Winslo*w Warren and 
1 Timothy Gordon, Plymouth. 

S-afoll:. — Dn. Jacob Bigelow ; George Hay- 
| fratd; Epliraim Buck ; John Jeffries ; Samuel 
; Morrill; ' Marshall S.. Perry; Augustus A. 
■ G )u\d : Charles II. Stedman : John Odin, jur..; j town 

Bristol, South. Drs. Paul Spooner ; Lyman 
Bartlett, and Charles D. Srickney, New Bed- 
ford; W W. Comstoek, Middleborough ; 

Joseph Haskell, Rochester. 

Essex, North. — Drs. William D. Lamb, Law. 
rence ; Stephen Hus*?, Methuen ; Kendall Flint, 
Haverhill ; Jeremiah H. Sawyer, Newbury port ; 
Walter H. Kimball, Andover. 

Essex, South. — Drs. Henry Wheatland, Wil- 
liam Mack, and William Williams, Salem. 

Franklin. — Drs. Stephen Bates, Cbarle- 
mont ; Daniel Hovey, Greenfield; Edward 
Barton, South Orange. 

Hampden. — Drs. Cyrus Bell, Feeding Hills ; 

Alfred Lambert and Calvin C. Chaffee, Spring- 
field; E. G. Pierce, Holyoke ; Nathaniel 
Downes, West Springfield. 

Hampshire. — Drs. James Dunlap and Dan- 
iel Thompson, Northampton ; Benjamin F. 
Smith, Amherst. * 

Middlesex, East. — Drs. Alonzo Chapin 
and William Ingalls, Winchester ; William F. 
Stephens, Stoneham. 

Middlesex, North. Drs. Nathan Allen,Han- 
over Dickey, Etisha Huntington, and John 
W. Graves, Lowell ; Nehemiah Cutter, Pep- 

Middlesex, South. — Drs. Morrill Wyman, 
Cambridge ; Anson Hooker, East Cambridge ; 
James M. Whitteuaore, Brighton ; Simon 
Whitney, Framing h am ; Jacob Hayes, Charles- 

| Henr/I Bowditeb; Charles Gordon ; Charles , ^^^,_ Drs . Ebenezer Stone, Walpole; 
s C^e, Chelsea ; Charles E. Ware ; Phmeas SioM V Q Tucfe S toughton : James A. Stet- 
| M.Crane, East Baston; Horace Dopes ; John ^ Stephen Salisbury, Brookline ; 

| Homatu; John B. S. Jackson ; D. Humphrey I John ^ ln Uo £ bury . 
i Storer; Abraham A. Watson; Ezra Palmer, 
jjun. ; Henry Dyer; George Bartlett; Na- 
I thanielB. ShartlefF; J.Mason Warren; Hen- 
| rv G. Clark ; George 

A. Bethune ; James 
Aver; John Flint; Cuarles G. Putnam ; John 
B.' Alley. 

Worcester. — Drs. Benjamin F. Heywood, 
Worcester; Edward Flint, Leicester; Benja- 
min Pond, Westborousjh ; William Workman, 
Worcester; Thomas R. Boutelle, Fitchburg; 
Calvin P. Fisk, Fiskedale ; James W Rob- 
bins, Uxbrulge ; John G. Metealf, Mcndon ; 
Jouas A. Marshall, Fitchburg; Charles M. 
Fay, Charleston* 

BttistaMe.—ihe. Elijah W. Carpenter, 
Chatham ; Franklin Dodge, Harwich; John 

Plymouth. — Drs. Josiah S. Hammond, 
Plympton ; Timothy Gordon, Plymouth; Sam- 
uel A. Orr, East Bridgewater. 

Suffolk.— Drs. Pbineas M. Crane, East Bos- 
ton; Charles G. Putnam, William E. Coal.', 
William W. Morland, and Henry W. Williams,. 

Worcester. — Drs. William Workman and 
Joseph Sargent, Worcester ; John G. Metealf, 
Mendon ; Alfred Hitchcock, Fitchburg; Jamed 
W. Rob fan^, Ux bridge. 

Baknstaw.e District Medical Societt. 
Dr. Samuel II. Gould, Brewster, President ; 
Dr. George Shove, Yarmouth Port, Vice-Prcs- j 



{lent; Dr. John M. Smith, Birnstable, 
Secretary; Dr. Chauncey M. Ilurlburt, 
^uuth Denais, Treasurer. 

Beukshire District Medical Society. 

Dr. Vassal White, Stockbridgc, I'reddent; 
\)r. Nathan S. Babbit, South Adams, Vice- 
President; Dr. M. Sabin, Lenox, Secretary ; 
Dr. Franklin A. CaJy, Pitbheid, Treasurer. 

Bristol North District Medical Society. 

Dr. Ira Sampson, Dighton, President; Dr. 
Thaddeus Phelps, Attleborougb, Vice-Presi- 
dent; Dr. Elisha Phelps, North Attleborough, 
Secretary and Treasurer; Drs. James B. 
ik-an, Taunton, and Albert Newman, Attlebo- 
rough, Librarians. 

Bristol Socth District Medical Society. 

Dr. Benjamin B. Slsson, Westpcrt, Pres- 
ident; Dr. Robert T. Davis, Fall River, First 
dice-President; Dr. William A. Gordon, New 
Bedford, Second Vice-President ; Dr. Charles 
1>. Stickney, New Bedford, Secretary; Dr. 
John EL Mackie 3 New Bedford, 'Treasurer 
and Librarian. 

Essex North District Medical Society. 

Dr. Jeremiah Spofford, GrGveland, Presi- 
dent ; Dr. George W. Sanborn, Lawrence, 
Vice-President; Dr. Martin Root, Byfield, 
Secretary and. Treasurer ; William Cogswell, 
Bradford, Librarian. 

Essex South District Medical Society. 

Dr. George Choate, Salem, President ; Dr. 
Eleazer Hunt, D.invers, Vice-President ; Dr. 
George A. Perkins, Salem, Treasurer ; Dr. 
Frederick WinsOr, Salem, Secretary: Dr. 
Lincoln R. Stone, Salem, Librarian. 

Franklin District Medical Society. 

Dr. Chenery Puffer, Sherburne Falls, Pres- 
ident ; Dr. Elijah Straiten, Northheid, Vice- 
President; Dr. L. Dwight Seymour, Green- 
G'jld, Secretary, Treasurer and Librarian. 

Hampden District Medical Society. 

Dr. William Bridgman, Springfield, Presi- 
dent , , Vice-President ; Dr. 

W illiam G. Breek, Springfield, Secretary, Trea- 
tttrer, and Librarian. 

Hampshire District Medical Society. 
Dr. Samuel A. Fi:>k, Northampton, Presi- 
dent ; Dr. Seth Fi3k, Amherst, Vice-President ; 
Dr. James Thompson, Northampton, Secreta- 
ry; Dr. Artemas Bell, Treasurer. 

Middlesex East District Medical Society. 
Dr. Truman Rickard, Woburn, President ; 
Dr. Joseph D. Mansfield, South Reading, 
Vice-President ; Dr. William Ingalls, Winches- 
ter, Secretary; Dr. Benjamin Cutter, Wo- 
burn, Treasurer and Librarian. 

Middsesex North District Medical Societt. 
Dr. Nathan Allen, Lowell, President; Dr. 
Hanover Dickey, Lowell, Vice-President ; Dr. 
Edward A. Perkins, Lowell, Secretary; Dr. 
Nathaniel B. Edwards, Chelmsford, Treasurer 
and Librarian. 

Middlesex South District Medical Society. 
Dr. Sewall G. Burnap, Holliston, President ; 
Dr. Horatio Adams, Waltham, Vice-Presi- 
dent; Dr. William W. Wellington, Cambridge- 
port, Secretary ; Dr. Royal S. Warren, Wal- 
tham, Treasurer. 

Norfolk. District Medical Society. 
Dr. Appleton Howe, Weymouth, President ; 
Dr. Ebenezer Stone, Walpole, "Vice-Presi- 
dent; Dr. Edward Jarvis, Dorchester, Secre- 
tary; Dr. Danforth P. Wright, Dedham, Trea- 
surer; Dr. Lemuel Dickerman, Foxborough, 

Plymouth District Medical Society. 
Dr. Paul L. Nichols, Kingston, President; 
, Vice-President; Dr. Fred- 

eric A. Jewett, Abington, Secretary and Trea- 
surer ; Dr. Frank Collamore, Pembroke, 

Suffolk District Medic vl Society. 

Dr. Ephraim Buck, President; Dr. J. 
Mason Warren, Boston, Vice-President; Dr. 
John B. Alley, Boston, Secretary ; Dr. Au- 
gustus A. Watson, Boston, Treasurer ; Dr. 
William E. Coale, Boston, Librarian. 
Worcester District Medical Society. 

Dr. Charles M. Fay, Charlton, President ; 
Dr. Moses D. South wick. Blackstone, Vice- 
President ; Dr. John E. Hathaway, Worcester, 
Secretary ; Dr. Charles W. Whiccomb, Wor- 
cester, Treasurer; Dr. Henry Clarke, Wor- 
cester, Librarian. 


Academy of Music, Boston. 
Oeo. E. Head, President; B. F. Edmands, 
Ovrre upending S<_r.tlary ; Benjamin Perkins, 
Trta^urer ; Benjamin F. Edmauds, Librarian. 

American Musical Fund Society. 


H. A. Coit, President. H. B. Dod worth, 
I^ajurer. John C Seberff, Secretary. 

Dorchester Singing. Society. 
Formed, 1852. Edw. Jarvis, President; 
James Swan, Vice President; Wm. II. 1'rzy, 
Secretary; Horatio G. Shephard, 1 reasurer ; 

Charles G. Ansorge, Director. 

Boston Museum Dramatic Fond 
W. H. Smith. President; J. A. Johnson, 



Vice President ; W. Marden, Rec. Secretary ; 
M. W. Lawrence, Cor. Secretary ; J. II. An- 
gier, Treasurer. 

Fitchbcro Musical Association. 

Established, 1852. Ebenezer Xorrey, Pres- 
idrnt; .John Upton, Vice President; Charles 
U lleywood, Secretary and Treasurer ; Is. S. 
Bootcll, Librarian. 

H o'del and Haydn Society, Boston. 

John S. Farlow, President; George Hews, 
llce-Pres. ; ; Joseph H. Ward, Loring B. 
Barnes, George W. Hunnewell, Edward Fax- 
on, Irvinjj I. Ilarwood, Silas P. Meriam, Abra- 
ham O. Bigelow, Dexter W. Wiswell, Trus- 
tees; Horace L. Hazelton, Secretary; Mat- 
thew S. Parker, Treasurer \ Oren J. Faxon, 

Mendelssohn Choral Society, Boston. 

B. F. Edmands, President ; George Krutz, 
Vice President; M. N. Boyden, Rec. Secreta- 
ry; S. A. Stetson, Cor. Secretary; Robert 
Kemp, Treasurer : Henry Bay, Librarian. 
Mozart Society, "Worcester. 

Putnam W. Taft, President; Henry W. 
Bench\ey t Vice President ; Franklin H. Knight, 

Musical Education Society, Boston. 

James D. Kent, President ; James W. Pailev, 
Vice President; William B.Merrill, Financial 

Secretary ; William F. Smith, Rec. Secretary ; 
Edward W. Hutcbings, Treasurer ; Joseph 
Sherwin, Librarian : N. Brou^hton, Jr., James 

B. Hill, John W.Odiorne, William S. .Baker, 
John Albree, Jr., Frederic Douglass, William j 
R. Bowen, Directors. 

Musical Fund Society, Boston. 

C. C. Perkins, President ; T. Ryan, Secretary. I 

Music Hall Association, Boston. 

Building, Winter street and Bumstead I 
place. Erected, 1852. 

J. B. Upham, President; John Rogers, 
Treasurer, 13 Exchange street. F. L. Batch- 
elder, Secretary, 39 Court street. Lewis Jones, 
Superintendent of the Building. 

Salem Choral Society. 

J. F. Tuckerman, President; George 3VL 
Whipple, Secretary; S. P. Driver, Treasurer. 


This Order was established in Massachusetts in 1846, and has for its object, the promotion 
and encouragement of American principles and American industry. Though, indirectly, some- j 
what political in its nature, the Order is in no sense a partisan organization, but aims to j 
preserve and perpetuate those institutions which have resulted from our revolutionary : 

Thtj Annual meeting of the Chancery is held in Boston on the first Monday in October. 
Quarter meetings in January, April and July, and Special meetings at pleasure. 


Wrn. Ellison cf Rox.bury, G. S. 
It L. Hinkley of E.Boston, G. 1 C. 
Wm. Pcirce of Andover, G. 2. C. 
E. B. Dearborn of Boston, G. C. of C. 

C. S. Wooffindale of Charlestown, G. C. C. 
W. W. Bullock of Cambrldgeport, G. F. C. 
Geo. B. Parrott of Chelsea, G. C. of E. 
G. B. Robinson of Lawrence, G. S. at A. 


American Peace Society. 

William Jay, Presidi nt ; G. C. Beekmtn, Cor. 
Secretary; William C. Brown, 21 Cornhill, 
Boston, Rec. Secretary; John Field, Treas. 

Bethesda Society, Boston. 

Rfefbge in Rutland S f . Mrs. Wm. Minot, I 
President : Mrs. Norman Seaver, Vice Presi- i 
dent; Mrs. Elisha Packer, Secretary; Miss 
Sarah Stocker, Treasurer. 

MissACffCSETTS Ami-Slavery Society. 
Francis Jackson, President; Samuel May, 

Jr., Cor. Secretary and General Agent ; Robert j 
F. Wallcut, Rec. Secretary, Samuel Pbilbrick, J 
Treasurer. Office, 21 Cornhill, Boston. 

New England Non-Resistance Society. 

Adin Ballou, President ; II. C. Wright, C r. 
Secretary; Wm. IL Fish, Rec. Secretary: 
Charles Iv. Whipple, Boston, Treasurer. 

Penitent Female Refuge, Boston. 
Rutland, near Suffolk. Benjamin Perkins, 
Presidi nt : Joseph Hale, Secretary; Miss Ma- 
ria Howland, Miss Foster, Superintendents. 


Prison Discipline Society, Boston. 
Suxiuel A. Eliot, President; Samuel Law- 
rence, 'Secretary ; Charles H. Mills, Treasurer. 
Salem Female Anti-Slavery Society. 
Organized, June 4, 1834. 
Mrs. Win. Ives, President ; Mrs. P. Ashly, 
Mcf. President ; Miss Adeline Roberts, Cor. 
Secretary and Treasurer; Miss Eliza J. Ken- 
nev, Ilea. Secretary. 

Society for Aiding Discharged Convicts. 

Office of General Agent, 11 Cornhill, Bos- 
ton. Walter Channing, President ; Samuel G. 
Howe, Vice President; Augustine C. TafTt, 
General Agent; John A. Andrews, Treasurer; 
John W. Browne, Secretary ; R.. F. Wallcut, 
C. K. Whipple, Council. 



Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen,LL. D.,New 

:? .Terse v, Pres. Rev. John C. Brigham, D. D. 

Rev. Joseph Holdich, D. D., Rev. Jas. H. 

McNeill, Secretaries. Caleb T. Howe, Esq., 

General Agent. Henry Fisher, Assistant Treas- 

| nrtr. Meetings of the Board of Managers, at 

the -Society's bouse, Astor Place, New York, 

1st Thursday of every month. 

Annual meeting of the Society on the 2d 

! ; Thursday in May. 

^ According to the last annual report of this 
' Society's operations, there have been 68 new 
I societies formed, principally in the Southern 
and Western States, making the whole num- 
ber of societies auxiliary to the Parent Society, 
over 3,000. 

Ninety-two Life Directors, and 1,478 Life 

Members, have been added to the Society dur- 

■ ing the year, being a decrease from the num- 

' ber made previous year, of 6 Life Directors, 

and of 296 Life Members. 

The receipts of the year amount to $346,- 
-11.57, being a decrease from the year pre- 
ceding, of $47,528.03; the amount received for 
Jegaeies is 620,747.86, being nearly .$20,000 
teas than the year before. 

The expenditures during the year have been 

as follows:— 

For the depository and publishing depart- 

J aient, about $350,000 ; for salaries, and ex- 

penses of Agents and other officers, about 

S3 7,000; and for other purposes, about $4,000. 

Fhe number of Bibles printed during the 

fear, of all sizes, and in different languages, is 

-'5,400, and of Testaments, 626,000. This 

aukes a total of 901,400 volumes, being an 

'^crease of 30,400 over the year preceding. 

The Bibles and Testaments are distributed 

r - all parts of the world. ' 

( At present there are thirty-five Ajjents em- 

'•■ yeci exclusively by this Society, besides two 

■''~e employed in conjunction with auxiliary 


ihe number of volumes issued gratuitously 
during the past year, is 41,446. 


Rev H. Seaver, 79 Cornhill, Boston, Agent 


George N. Briggs, President Rev. N. Boyn- 
ton, Treas. Rev. Solomon Peck, Rev. Jonah 
G- Warren, Secretaries. Rooms, 33 Somerset 
St., Boston. 

The last report of this -Society, states that 
the receipts of the previous year were about 
$114,007.58, and the expenditures S145,528.- 
31. Eight agents have been employed during 
the year. 

The number of missions under the direction 
of the Board, is twenty-two; of stations, ninety- 
three, and of out stations five hundred and sev- 
enty, including four hundred and one in Ger- 

■ many. The number of missionaries is sixty-two, 
of female assistants, sixty-two, and of native pas- 
tors and preachers, two hundred and sixty; total, 
three hundred and eighty-four. Three mission- 
aries and three female assistants have joined the 
missions, three missionaries and two female as- 
sistants have retired from the service, and live 
missionaries and two female assistants have 
died. Two missionaries are under appointment. 
and there are six applicants. There are 238 
churches, to which there have been added by 
baptism, so far as reported, 3,061 ; whole num- 
ber of members, 1 7,0 73. The number of schools 
is 88, and of pupils 1,818. ■ 

The American Baptist Missionary Union 
ha3 now 5,307 members, by the payment of 
one hundred dollars each, the majority ol 
whom are laymen, and of whom full three- 

; fourths were made members by the votes o! 

j churches and other religious bodies. The 

1 number constituted members within the past 

; year, is 555. 


Rev. Wm. Shadrack, Cor. Secretary. No. 
118 Arch street, Philadelphia. New England 
Agency, 70 Cornhill, Boston. Rev. F. G. 

i Brown', Sec. for New England. Resides at 

; West Townsend, Mass. 



Hon. Theodore Frelinghuvsen, Pres. Hon. 
T. S. Williams, Vice Pres. Rev. R. Anderson, 
D. 1)., Rev. S. B. Treat, Rev. S. L. Pomroy, 



D. I)., Rev, George W. Wood, Secretaries. 
Jamed M. Garden, 7'reas. Missionary House, 
33 Pemberton ; quare. 


Office, 15 Cornbill. 
Rev. Hetnan Humphrey, D. I)., President. 
Henry Hill, Esq., Vice Pres. Rev. George 
W. Blasden, D. D., Ebenezer Alden, M. D., 
Kev. William A. Stearns, Hon. Joel Giles, 
Julius A. Palmer, Esq., Rev. Jared B. Water- 
bury, D. D., Rev. Seta Sweetser, Rev. Daniel 
It Cady, Rev. Increase N. Tarbox, Rev. Sam- 
uel C. Jack.-on, D. D., Isaac P. Langworthv, 
Directors. Rev. Increase N. Tarbox, Sec'y. 
Stephen T. Farwell, Esq., Treasurer. Hardy 
Ropes, Esq., Auditor. 

From the list Report of the Society it ap- 
pears that the receipts from donations, legacies, 
&c, have been $30,021.41, the disbursements 
during the year, 834,901.43, leaving a b dance 
in the treasury oa the 1st of May, 1855, of 
about Si0,000. 


Henry Dwigbt, Esq., of Geneva, N. Y., 
President Christopher R. Robert, Treasurer. 
Cah-h O. Halstead, Auditor. Milton Badger, 
D. i>., R--v. David B. Coe, Rev. Daniel P. 
Noyes, Cur. Sees. William C. Giiuaan, Bee. 

At the last annual meeting of this Society 
held in 2\ew York city, May 9th, 1855, a re- 
port of its doings was presented, from which 
we gather a few items of information. 

The number of ministers in the service of 
the Society is 1,032, of whom 2 78 have la- 
bored in New England, 207 in the Middle, 10 
in the Southern, and 537 in the Western 
S; ites and the Pacific Coast. The aggregate 
of ministerial labor has been equal to S15 
year*. Two thousand one hundred and twen- 
ty-four societies and stations have been sup- 
plied wi;h preaching, at stated intervals, by 
the Society ; sixty of which have been ad- 
dressed in foreign languages. 

The nnraber of Sabbath School scholars 
connected with the missionary churches and 
stations is not far from 64,800. The additions 
to the churches have been 5,634 ; 2,434 are 
recent converts. Tht-se societies have con- 
tributed to benevolent operations, S 2 7.93 2. 6 7. 

Sixty-six churches have been organized ; 
and forty have become self-sustaining, and 
have passed from the list of beneficiaries to 
that of benefactors, sixty-one houses of wor- 
ship have been completed, thirty-eight repaired 
or improved, and titty-two are in the process 
of erection. 

The receipts of the year have been $180,- 
136.00, and the expenditures •5177,717.34, 
leaving a balance in the treasury of $16,- 
804.3 1. 

Since the establisment of the Society in 
1825, 10,521 years of labor have been per- 
formed by its missionaries; about $2,892,- 

717.3 1 have been expended, averaging ,-" 
5171 tur each year of missionary labor. Dur- 
ing the whole time, 132,33!) persons have 1 ecn 
added to the churches under the pairona»e of 
the Society. 

ladies' amcrican home education society 
and temperance union. 

Mrs. Ehenzer Hay ward, President. Rev. 
Mrs. G. Bosworth, Boston ; Rev. Mrs. Bridge, 
Boston ; Rev. Mrs. S. E. Adams, Cambrid_M>- 
port ; Mrs. Richard Girdler, Boston; Mr<. 
Orion Green, Boston ; Mrs. Walker, Boston; 
Rev. Mrs. Burnap, Lowell ; Mrs. Linus Child, 
Lowell; Mrs. Everett, Brighton; Mrs. Sin- 
clair, Brighton ; Mrs. Gardiner, E. Weymouth ; 
Mrs. Vanghin, Ahington, Vice Presidents. 
Mrs. Philip IJoi way, Treasurer and Agent. 
Mrs. Samuel Kettelle, Rec. Sec'y. Mrs. Levi 
Severance, Cor. Secy. 


Henry Hoyt, Agent, 9 Cornhill. Rev. N. 
Munroe, Secretary. 


John Tappan, President. Rev. Seth Bliss, 
Secretary. N. P. Kemp, Agent and Treasurer. 
Depository, 28 Cornhill. 

The operations of this Society, as reported 
at the hist annual meeting held in Boston in 
May, 1855, are brieily as follows : — 

Paring the year the following 36 new pub- 
lications have been stereotyped in English, 
German, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, and Swe- 
dish, of which 11 are volumes; making the 
whole number of publications now on the So- 
ciety's list 1,948, of which 408 are volumes of 
larger or smaller size. Besides these, the 
Committee have approved to be issued at for- 
eign stations, 87 publications, including 20 vol- 
umes; making the whole number now ap- 
proved for publication abroad, 2,972, of which 
302 are volumes. 

Eighteen colporteurs, including two volume 
agents, have been employed during the year, 
who have sold about 68,000 worth of books. 
They have visited 22.0SG families, of which 
4,35*9 neglect public worship; 1,431 were des- 
titute of religious books except the Bible ; and 
5S0 were destitute of the Bible. 

This Society confines its labor3 mostly to 
the New England States, bat is closely con- 
nected with the Society whose head quarters 
are at. New York, and which occupies the 
whole Union as its held of labor. This latter 
Society employs G59 colporteurs, who have 
visited during the year G39, 103 families ; 36,- 
259 of which were, destitute of the Bible, and 
51,3.92 of other religious books. 

The expenditures for the year have been 
over 8419,227.34. A large number of colle- 
giate and theological students engage in this 
work during their vacations; and afterwards 
have acknowledged themselves under great 
obligation to this service, for much of the am- 



Station they have been called upon to mani- 
fest in the more dignified fields of missionary 


Founded 1824. Incorporated 1847. 
Rev.«Swmuel K. Lothrop, D. D., President. 
Re*. Edward B. Hall, D. D., Hon. Stephen 
Fairbanks, Vice Presidents. Rev. Henry A. 
Miles, I). D-, Secretary. Rev. Charles Brigijs, 
Assistant Secretary. Calvin W. Clark, Treas- 
urer. Hon. Albert Fearing, Geo. Callender, 
Esq., Rev. Calvin Lincoln, Kev. William R. 
AJger, Executive Committee. Depository, 21 
Brooifieki street, Boston. 


These are meetings of the Unitarian body, 
held in different parts of the country, at the 
invitation of friends, for the purpose of con- 
ference, discussion, public religious services, 
aad the promotion of fraternal feelings. The 
Convention was held Oct. 23, 1S55, at Wor- 
cester. Rev. Oliver Stearns, Rev. Horatio 
S'tebbins, Preachers. 


Rev. Rufus Elljs, Scribe. Geo. E. Ellis, D. 
')., James W. Thompson, D. D., Edward B. 
Hill, D. D., Standing Committee. 


For the support of the Ministry at Large 
in Boston. Rev. Samuel Barrett, D. D , Pres- 
ident. Joseph H. Allen, Treasurer. E. Wig- 
gleswortkj Secretary. 

Ministers at Large. 

The. establishment of the Ministry at Large, 

in Boston, dates back to Nov. 5, 182G. 

Boston, Warren st. Chapel, C. F. Barnard. 
" Pitts street " S, II. Winkley. 
" Suffolk st. " Samuel B. Cruft, 
" A, Bigelo^IX D. 

Cbarlestown, O. C. Everett. 

lvoxbury,« ■■• James Ritchie. 

Salem, John Bal.l. 

Lowell, Horatio Wood. 


Providenc \ R. I., Edwin M. Stone. 

Portland, Me., Wm. H. Hadley. 


The lit. Rev. Manton Eistburn, D. D., 
Hodton, President. Rev. G. M. Randall, Rev. 
'h.jrltis Mason, Rev. G. M Dexter, Rev. Otis 
JWll. Rev. J. Wavland. D. D., Rev. T. F. 
Fates, Eev. W. Horton, Rev. J. H. Clinch, 
*'-v. T. W. Snow, Rev. Charles II. Parker, 
N ending Committee. 


Instituted August 22, 1810. Annual meet- 
'" '. i\\ second \V'e Ine. nay in June- Stephen 
v. VliMlipy, Presi>lent. Samuel M Worcester, 
<""i><lanj. Stephen B. Ives, Treasurer. 


Formed 1817. Annual Meeting first 
Wednesday in January. Hon. Wm. C. Plun- 
kett, of Adams, President. Rev. John Todd, 
I). D., Pittsfield, Secretary. George Wells, 
Lenox, Treasurer. 


Organized December 20, 1851. Rooms in 
Tremont Tt-mpie. Jacob Sleeper, Presi/l id. 
Alonzo C. Tenny, Cor. Sec. Moses W. Pond, 
Rec. Sec. Stephen G. Deblois, 9 Doane street. 
Treasurer. Henry Furnas, Auditor. 

Thomas T. Bailey, Librarian. 


Rooms in Bedford street. Thomas Gaflield, 
President. John Sweetser, Joseph H. A lien, 
Vice Presidents. Charles C. Smith, Cor. Sec. 
H. Kirke White, Rec. Sec. Francis S. Rus- 
sell, Treasurer. 


Albert Fearing, I^resident. B. II. Green, 
Treasurer. George Merrill, Secretary. 


Meeting held in Boston on the last Wednes- 
day in May, annually, at 5 o'clock, V. M., and 
on the following day. Rev. A. C. Thomj >on, 
Roxbury, Scribe. Rev. Samuel K. Lothrop, 
Boston, Treasurer. Rev. Scth Sw,ee?ser, I). 1 >., 
First Preacher for 1856, and Rev. Wm. A. 
Stearns, D. D., Second Preacher for 185G- 


Depository, IC Tremont Temple, Boston. 
Sewall Harding, Secretary. Benjamin Per- 
kins, Treasurer. 


Emerson Davis, D. I)., Westfield, Secretary. 
The Association, by which the General 
As.-^ociation of Massachusetts was originally 
organized, agreed to admit, and this Associa- 
tion continues to admit, as articles ot faith, 
the doctrines of Christianity, as they are gen- 
erally expressed in the Assembly's Shorter 

j Catechism. 

I Next annual meeting 4th Tuesday of June, 

| at 5 o'clock, P. M., at the South Church, 

| Salem. 


Gordon Hall, President. Stephen W. Hop- 
I kins, Northampton, Trt asurer. Eliphalet V» ti- 
liams, Northampton, Auditor. 


Lewis Strong, Northampton, Pn -■■•! nt. 
Eliphalet Williams, Northampton. Tncsur>r. 
J. I). Whitney, Northampton, Auditor. 

E. Wiaiams, Treas. Bible Society. ^ 

Lewis Strong, Treas. Education Society. 

J. P. W lltaton, Treas. Trad Society. 


iing, fourth 


Formed, 1843. Isaac Hinckley, President. 
Ilapgood Wriuut, Secretary. \Ym. G. Wise, 
Treasurer. Rev. Horatio Wood, Minister at 


Incorporated, 18.35. Aaron "Walker, Jr., 
President. Samuel N. Merrill, Treasurer* L. 
H. Latham, Rec. Sec George W. Shattuck, 
( 'or. Sec. 


Warren Merrill, President. A. P. Spauld- 
ing, Secretary. William D. Ticknor, Treas- 
urer. Gardner Colby, Auditor. 


Kev. Russell Tomlinson, Plymouth, Stand- 
ing Clerk. Meeting, first Wednesday and 
Thursday in June. 

Universalist Associations in Massachusetts. 

Union. — Meets on the third Wednesday in 
August, Kev, C. H. Webster, Chicopee, Stand' 
ing Clerk. 

Old Colony. — Kev. H. Van Campen, New 
Bedford, Standing Clerk. Is J 
Wednesday and Thursday in October. 

Boston. — Meeting first Wednesday and 
Thursday in November. Kev. E. Fisher, 
Souto Dedham, Clerk. 

Barnstable. — Meets as appointed by Kev. 
C. A. Bradley, East Brewster, Standing Clerk. 

Cape Cod Missionary Society, connected 
with it, meets at the same time and place with 
the Association — Kev. C. A. Bradley, Secre- 
tary. Rev. S. Barden, Agent and Missionary. 
Winchester. — Kev. Moses Morton, Shel- 
by rn Palis, Standing Clerk. Meeting, second 
Wednesday and Thursday in September. 

Norfolk County Association. Kev. M. B. 
Ballou, Stoughton, Standing Clerk. Meets on 
the last Wednesday in August. 


Incorporated, 1809. Hon. Richard Fletcher, 
President. Kev. Nathaniel L. Frothineharn, 
D.D., Vice President. Kev. Geo. W. Blag- 
den, D. D., Cor. Sec'i/- Rev. Daniel Butler, 
Rec. S>c'g. George R. Sampson, Treasurer. 
S lmuel May, Esq., Auditor. Applications are 
lo be made for Bibles to Kev. George Rich- 
ards, George K. Sampson, Albert Fearing, 
Executive Committee. Bible Depository, 15 
Cornhill, Boston. . 

From the Lst Report Of the Society ^we 
take the following extracts : 

There have been issued from the Deposi- 
tory, the past year, 15,651 Bibles and 29,157 
Testaments, making a total of 44,808. 

Of these, 43,227 were in the English, and 
1,581 in various foreign languages. 

The gratuitous issues have been 2,971 Bi- 
bles, and 3,351 Testaments, making a total of 
6,320 Bibles and Testaments. 

Of these, 5,732 were in the English, and 
591 in foreign languages. They have bi 
appropriated as follows : — to seamen, 2,119 : ■ 
to city missions, 1,055 ; to public institutions, ', 
and public bouses, 426 ; to Sabbath schools. 
694 ; to destitute families and individuals in 
Massachusetts, 1,492; and the remaining 510, 

The income of the Society, for the year j 
ending April 30, has been $21,204.57; 6f 
which were from donations and annual sub- I 
scriptions, §9,544.04 ; from sales, $10,611.18; 
returns for books granted, S27.85 ; from in- 
terest and dividends, §1,021.50. The amount 
in the Treasury at the commencement of the | 
year, was $2,127.55, making the total avail- 
able means, $23,332.12. 

The expenditures during the year have i 
been as follows : — For Bibles and Testaments, ! 
$14,(370.99 ; donations to the American Bible 
Society, 83,610; rent, insurance, water-tax,- 
and repairs, $178.75 ; wrapping paper, twine 
and stationery, $53.03 ; printing and adver- 
tising, $48.80; freight and postage, $152.86 ; 
fuel and incidental expenses, $26.85 ; printing 
annual report, $7S.78 ; commissions for collect- 
ing annual subscriptions, t$5S ; services of J. 
Hood, agent, $247 ; salary of general agent, of 
depository agent, and assistant, $2,320; trav- 
elling expenses of general agent, $262.01; 
opening chapel, $4; total, $21,711.10; — 
leaving a balance in the treasury for future 
use, ot $1,621.02. 


Kev. Richard S. Storrs, D. D., President. 
Kev. Joseph S. Clark, D. I)., Sec, 1 1 Tremont 
Temple. Benjamin Perkins, Treasurer, 228 

Washington street, Boston. George Rogers, 
Esq., Auditor. 


Instituted, 1807. Samuel A. Eliot, Pres- I 
Kev Chandler Robbins, Boston, Secretary- | 
Nathaniel Thayer, Treas, 


Organized, Aug. 5, 1S34. Andrew Mackie, j 
Pres. William Knights and Moses How, Vice- I 
Presidents. Robert C. Pitman, Sec. Berg. 
Pitman, Treas. 


Allen Putnam, Esq., Koxbury, Mass., Pres. 
Six Vice-Presidents. A. E. Newton, 15 
Franklin street, Rec. Sec. John S. Adanos. 
Chelsea, Mass., or 115 Washington street, 
Boston: Rev. Henry J. Hudson, Chelsea. 
Mass., C P. Weeks, Boston, Cor. See's. Jona- 
than Brown, Jr., Boston, Mass., Treas. 


John Todd, D. D., Pres. O. S. Boot, 

Sec. and Treas. 


David C. Perrin, Treas. James Ritcb -■ 
City Missionary. 

teachers' associations. 


Ezra S. Gannett, D. D., President. 

Itfclpfa Sanger, Vice-President. 

William Newell, D. D., ) 

Augustus R. Pope, >• Ifoee. Committee. 

Frederick W. Holland, ) 

John F. W. Ware, Secretary. 

Andrew P. Peabody, D. D,, First Preacher for 

Frederic H. Hedge, D. D., Second Preacher 
for 1855. 


Incorporated, May 29, 1805. 
Rev. Samuel Barrett, D. D., Pres. Rev. 
James W. Thompson, I). D., Vicc-Pres. Rev. 
Frederic A. Whitney, See, "Win. T. Andrews, 


Incorporated, Nov. 10, 1787. Hon. Lemuel 
Shaw, LL. V., President. Rev. William Jenks, 
1). D., Vice-President. Rev. S. K. Lothrop, 
D. D., Secretary. F. I). Huntington^ Assis. 
Sec. Hon. Stephen Fairbanks, Treasurer. 
Edward Wigglesworth, Esq., Vice-Treasurer. 
Daniel Denney, Esq., Auditor. Rev. Samuel 
Barrett, D. D., Rev. Convers Francis, D. D., 
Rev. Geo. E. Ellis, D. D.,Edw. Wigglesworth, 
Esq., and F. D. Huntington, with'the Presi- 
dent, Secretary and Treasurer, Select Com. 


Rev. J. Q. A. Edgell, Agent. Office, 15 



American Institute of Instruction. 

[See Resolve 36, page 47.] 

John Kingsbury, Providence, President ; 
D. B. Hagar, Jamaica Plain, Rec. Sec. ; Geo. 
Allen, Jr., Boston, and A. M. Gay, Charles- 
ton, Cor. Sec; Wm. D. Ticknor, Boston, 

Massachusetts Teachers* Association. 

Josiah A. Stearns, Boston, Pres.; fourteen 
Vice-Presidents ; J. E. Horr, Biookline, Cor. 
Sec; Charles J. Capen, Boston, Rec, Sec; 
Benj. W. Putnam, Boston, Treas. 

Barnstable County Teachers' Association. 

H. B. Hooker, Falmouth, President; Rev. 
Sidney Brooks, Harwich, Sec. ; Frederick 
Sctfdder, Hyannis, Tresis* 

Berkshire County Teachers' Association. 

Organized, February 14, 1849. Annual 
meeting, 3d Thursday and Friday in March. 
>to members. S. Reed, Pittsfield, President ; 
H. E. Daniels, Lee, Secretary ; A. B. Pitts field, 

Bristol County Teachers' Association. 

Founded, May 26, 1849. Officers chosen in 
April, Semi-annual meetings, last Thursday 
jnd Friday of April and October. John F. 

Essex County Teachers' Association. 

Organized, December, 1830. Meetings semi- J 
annually, on the third Friday and Saturday of 
April and October. M. P. Case, Salem, Pn .*. ; I 
J. S. Eaton, Andover, Vice-President ; J. W. 
Uptoa, Lynn, Rec. Sec; A. G. Boyden, Cor.l 
Sec; E. Valentine, Marblehead, Treas. 

Franklin County Common School 

Rev. Erastus Andrews, Montague, Pres. 
Rev. It. Smith, Deer Geld, Vice-President ;.\ 
Daniel H. Newton, Greenfield, Sec. and Treas. , 

Hampden County Teachers' Association. 

Organized in January, 184 7. Officers! 
chosen annually in November. Charles Bar-; 
rows, Springfield, President ; E. F. Foster, 
Rec. Sec. ; A. J. Lyman, Springfield, Cor. 

Sec; Ariel Parish, Springfield, Treasurer. 

Middlesex County Teachers' Association, j 

Organized, Dec, 1S53. A. M. Gay, of j 
Charlestown, President ; J. W. Hunt, Newton, 

Secretary. ! 

Norfolk County Teaciiei 


^merson, New Bedford, Pres.; George G. 
kyon, Fill River, Sec. and Treas. 

Dukes County Educational Association. 

. Organized, Sept 134S. Officers chosen 
m O.-tober. John Pierce, President; Cluis. 
jj- Allen, Herman Vincent and Richard L. I 
Pease; Vice- P residents ; Calvin Shepafd,*&?c.; 
J'jhn N. Vinson, Treas. 

Asa Wellington, Quincy, President; Levi! 
Dodge, Jamaica Plain, Carlos Slafter, De'd- j 
ham ; B. F. Snow, Dorchester, J'ice-Fresil n!.< 
John Wilson, Dedhav, Rec. Sec; Thon u 
Metcalf, West Roxbury, Cor. Sec ; Isaac j 
Swan, Dorchester, Treasurer. 

Plymouth County Teachers' Association. ; 

P. Brooks Merritt, Hingham, Pres. ; E. C. j 
Hewitt, Bridge water, Secretary. 



BiLiixjEWATnE. Normal Association. 

\VilU.«m P. Hayward, Salem, President; 
J.iiru* Lincoln, Jr., Northboro', Vice-JPres.; 
II; l\ Clarke, Newport, Me., Secretary; G. 1). 

B;,-*!o^', Jamaica Plain, Treasurer. 

"\VEsxri£T..D Normal Association". 
Charles Hutching, President; Almin B. 

Clapp, Wm. L. P. Boardman, Vice-Presid> -.-. 
John W. Dickinson, Secretary and Treaaurrr 

Meetings are held and officers chi 
triennalhj, on the first Wednesday and Thurv 
day of September. The last meeting occur] 
in 1854. 


State Temperance Committee.— Office, 11 Cornhill. ■ 

Win. B. Spooner, of Boston, President. B.W.William?, of Bos 4 on, Secretary. Mcses 
Mellen, of Boston, Treasurer. Edwin Thompson, of Walpole ; John I. Baker, of Beverlv: 
Charles B. Wilder, of Chelsea ; Lyman Beecher, of Boston ; Win. II. Jameson, of Brookline I 
Mehin Copeland, of Huntington; J. P. Wiliiston, of Northampton; James Ford, Jr., c: 
Abington; Darius GofF, of Pawtueket; R. C. Pitman, of New Bedford ; Harvey M. Rich- 
ards, of Attleboro' ; Oliver Ames, Jr., of Easton ; Laban M. Wheaton, of Norton; H. I). 
Cashing, of Boston ; Charles R. Ladd, of Chicopee ; John Nesmith, of Lowell; Ignatius 
Tyler, of Lowell; Nathan Durfee, of Eail Paver; J. M. S. Williams, of Cambridge ;JDavid 
Choate, of Essex; John Smith, of Andover ; Ichabod Washburn, of Worcester; C. A. 
Church, of Westport; Wm. B. Dodge, of South Boston: Amasa Walker, of North Brook- 
field; Jo.-eph Day, of Dedham; Marshall Kingman, of Watertown ; Leonard Huntress, of 
Tewksbury ; Otis Cary, of Foxboro' ; James Porter, of Boston ; G. M. Keene, of Lyan ; 
IXiniel Pi Cilley, of Boston; Marshall S. Puce, of Newton; Phineas Stowe, Boston. 

Berkshire Temperance Society. 

Annual meeiing, February 22. 

Justus Tower, Lanesboro', President. Geo. 

N. Brisks, Joshua P^ Lawton, Henry L. Sabin, 

Vice-Presidents. Stephen Heed, Pittsfield; 

Ctiarles Ball ird, Lee, Secretaries. 

Boston Total Abstinence Society. 
Organized January 21, 185$. Joseph Story, 

dent. ; Charles Caverly, jr., Secretary ; 


Bamud K. Whipple, Treasurer. 
Bjustol County - Total Abstinence Society. 
Rev. George F. Clark, Norton, President. 
X. L. Scott, North Attleborb', Secretary. Hon. 
Sihu Shepbard, Taunton, Treasurer. Hon. 
•Sin Stophard, S. R. Towhsend, Charles 
Foster, John T. Carter, J. E. Norton, John 
VViiiUng, Executive Committee. 

Daughters of Temperance. 

The Annual Session of $he Grand Union of 
Ma.^., is held in Boston on the third Wednes- 
day of October. Quarterly sessions, at pleas- 
ure, on the third Wednesday in January, 
April and July. 

Lkoislatiye Temperance Society. 

The following are the officers ol this Society 
for the v^ar 1856 : 

His Excellency Henrv J. Gardner .President. 
U^n. Henry W. Bencnley, &V?rf. Governor. 
Hon. John Kenrick and Hod. C. R- Ransom, 
of the Council, Hon. Salem Towne and Hon. 
B. White, of the Senate, Vice-Presidents. 
Hon. V. Taft, of the Senate, Secretary. Hon. 
J. E. Dawley and lion. Oliver Warner, of the 
Senate, and Messrs. Temple, of Framiugham, 

Parson, of Ludlow, Gay, of Sharon, Smith, of 
Fitohburgr, and Andrews, of Danvers, of the 
House, Ere entice Committee. 

Massachusetts Temperance Society. 
J. C. Warren, M, D., President. Hen. 
Stephen Fairbanks, Boston, Vice-President. 
Moses Grant, Treasurer. J. S. Warren, 

Massachusetts Temperance Union. 
Ebenezer Alden, M. I)., President. Loring 
Norcross, Boston, Secretary. 

Mariners' Total Abstinence Society, Boston. 

Rev. Phineas Stowe, President. 

Vialle, Vice-President. J. Freeman, Secretary. 
Capt. Ejster brooks, Treasurer. 

Newbueyport Temperance Society. 

William Thurston, President. Moses IX 
Hale, Secretary. 

Parent Washington T. A. Society. 
W. R. Stacy, President. William S. Bax- 
ter, H. D. Cushinn, Jacob Smith and Joshua 
Pratt, Vice-Presidents. George B. Procter, 
Secretary. David S. Tarr, Treasurer. Uv- 
ular meetings in Ordway Hall, Province 
House court, every Sunday evening. 

Salem Temperance Association. 

Organized July 18, 1850. 

Stephen C. Phillips, President Sidney C. 

Bancroft, Secretary. D. B. Brooks, Tn i~ : - 

Sons of Temperance. 

The Annual Session of the Grand Divisfa 

of Massachusetts is held in Boston on the tl - 




fiVdnesday of October. Quarter Sessions, 
| nation at pleasure, en rhe third Wednesday 
af J^auary, April and July. 

OJicers of the Grand Division of Mass. 

Joseph M. Newball, of Salem, G. W. P. 

K-'v. II. R. Farmenter, G. Vv\ A. 
ft B. Dearborn, of Boston, G. Scribe. 
Henry D. Cushing, of Boston. G. T. 
Rev. C. L. McCurdy, East Cambridge, G. 
H. II. White, of Mansfield, G. Con. 
H. J. Williams, of Boston, G. Sent. 
II. W. Swett, of Boston, P. G. W. P. 

Subordinate Divisions in Boston. 

Old Bay State* No. 32, Wednesday, 4G 

Washington . street. Massachusetts, No. 71,! 
Thursiay, 46 Washington street American, 
No. 78, Tuesday, 46 Washington street. Eagle, 
No. 36, Tuecdav, East Boston, 

Templars of Tempbkance 
The Annual Session oi' the Grand Temple 
Of Mass., is held in Boston, on the third 
Thursday of May. Semi-annual Session, 
location at pleasure, on the third Thursday of 

OJicers of (he Grand Temple of Mass. 

George E. Russell, of Boston, G. W. T. 

James H. Crittenden, of New Bedford. G 
W. V. T. 

Samuel W. Hodges, of Sroughton, G. W. P. 

Isaac F. Chase, of East Cambridge, G. Y\ . 
Tr. j 

J. B. Blanchard, of Boston, G. W. U. 

Q. P. Beaman, of Boston, G. W. G. 
Subordinate Temples in Boston-. 

Trimount Temple, No. 1, every Friday, at j 
46 Washington s'reet. 

Bay State Temple, No. 3, every Monday, at 
46 Washington street 


Statk Lunatic Hospital, Worcester, 

Was founded by the State, and was first 
opened for patients in January, 1833. It 
has of la*"e been sustained from board of pa- 
tients. The charge is now $-2.50 per week. 
They are sent there by order of the Judges of 
Probate, by Overseers of the Poor, and by 
*' arrant of the Governor. 

Trustees, Rejoice Newton of Worcester; 
Linus Child of Lowell; Charles H. Stedman 
of Boston ; Wm. T. Merrifield of Worcester ; 
Thomas Colt of Fittsfield. Treasurer, Samuel 
-"■nnison of Worcester. Resident Officers. — 
<»eorge Chandler, M. D., Superintendent ; * 
b$b. Allen, Chaplain. Merrick Bemis, M. D., 
E. A. Smith, M. D-, Assistant Physician*; 
KHzabeth A. Reid, Matron ; John T. Mrrick, 
•Va/e Supervisor; Phebe S. Mirick, Female 

ftunber of patients, Nov. 30, 1S55, ■ 

^timber of foreigners, 

Admitted during the preceding year. 


—ate paupers, 
Uncovered. • • • 




* ce expenditures of the year were, B54,895.88 
Annual expense per patient, $157.29 

State Lunatic Hospital, Taunton. 
[S^e Resolve 6$, page 48.] 
r , trustees, William Sutfon, Sakm : Charles 
™lw. Cooke, Boston; Geo. R. Russell, West 
^oxh:iry ; Geo. A. Crocker, Geo. Howland, 
,,r -. New Bedford. 

* Pee. ihh. Br. Merrick Eon. is was elected Su- , 
^ctenacnt in place of Dr. Chandler, who has re- j 
fe *3SMl, to take effect April 1st, 1856. I 

Resident Officers.— Geo. C. S. Choate, M-D. 
Superintendent and Physician. Silas A. Hoi [ 
man, M. D., Assistant Physician. Ephraioa C. ! 
Davis, Cleric. The duties of the' ofE.ce of] 
Chaplain is performed by the clergymen of 
Taunton in rotation. 


Boston Lying-In Hospital. 


Meetings at the Hospital on t^ie first Tik-s- ; 
| day of every month.. Stephen Fairbanks, ; 
•President. Dr. John Romans Vice Prtsvli-nlA 
Charles H. Parker, 0:is Everett. Francis! 
Boyd, Wro. H. Foster, Trustees chasm by On 
Corporation. A. A. Wellington, John W. \Var- 
ren, M. D., Trustees chosen by the. Massachn-'-. 
setts Charitable Tire Society. David Sears,! 
Rev. Sam'i K. Lothrop, Trusties chosen by the 
Massachusetts Humane Society. Francis A. i 
Hall, Secretary. John D. Weld, Treasurer. \ 
Horace Dupee, M. D., Wm. Read, M. D.. I 
Attending Physicians. Hospital building on 
Springfield and Worcester streets. 


American Hospital and Home fob j 

Incorporated, 1855. 

State Lunatic Hospital at North 

A contract for the ereciion of ihis hospital j 
has been completed by the Commissioners, L. ,' 
V. Bel!, H. W. Bennhley, S.S. Standley, vvi»h 
Charles Tufts and Robert P. Mayers, mason-.-.! 
of Boston. The edifice is to be 510 feet in 
length, and will cover one and a quarter acres. 
The architect is Jonathan Preston. 



Mass. IIomceopathic Hospital. 
Incorporated 1855. 
Charles B. Hall, President. Dexter S.King, 
F.J ward Mellen, A. W. Thaxter, Jr., Francis 
B. Fay, Vice Presidents. George Bancroft, 
.*-cr tary. John P. Jewett, Treasurer. 

Massachusetts General Hospital, 

McLean Street, Boston. 

Incorporated, 1811. 

Wm. Appleton, President. Robert Hooper, 
Vice President. Henry Andrews, Treasurer. 
Marcus Morton, Jr., Secretary. James Jack- 
son, M. D., John Jeffries, M. D., Edward Rey- 
nolds, M. D., George Hayward. M. D., J. C. 
Warren, M. D., John Homans, M. D., Board 
of C&nsulkttion. Officers of the Hospital. — 
Richard Girdier, Superintendent. Jacob Bige- 
lovr, M. 1)., D. Humphreys Storer, M. D., John 
B. 8. Jjckson, M. D., Henry I. Bowdkeh, 
M. !>., Marshall S. Perry, M. D., George S. 
Shattuek, Jr., M. D., Visiting Physicians ; 
Solomon I). Townsend, M. I)., J. Mason War- 
ren, M. D., Kenrv J. Bijjelow, M. D., George 
H. Gay, M. I>., Henry G. Clark, M. D, Sam- 
uel Cabot, Jr., M. D., Visiting Surgeons ; 

Sam'l L.Abbott, M. D., Admitting Physici a 
II. S. Balcouu, Apothecary. 

Officers of McLean Asylum for 

Insane, Somerville. 
Luther V. Bell, D. D., LL. D., Physi. 

and Superintendent ; Cbauncey Booth, M. I>., 
Mark Ranney, M. D., Assistant Physician ; ■ . : 
Apothecaries ; Columbus Tyler, Steward ; Mrs. 
Mary E. Tyler, Matron; George C. Lincoln, 
Male Supervisor. Miss Belief R. Barber, 
Female Supervisor. 

United States 'Marine Hospital, 

For relief of sick and disabled seamen, ex- 
cept the insane, or those having incurable 
diseases. Charles A. Davis, Physician and 

Lowell Hospital Association. 

Hospital, Merrimac, corner Pawtucket St., 
Organized in 1840. 

Trustees. — John D. Prince, Chairman; 1 
Charles T. Tilden, Secretary; Linus Child, 
Treasurer ; Gilman Kimball, M.D., Physician 
and Superintendent. 


State Alms House at Tewksbury. 

State Alms House at Monson. 

Jacob B. Farmer of Concord, Stephen Josiah Hooker of Springfield, Gad O. Buss 
Manaar, -Elisfaa Huntington, of Lowell, Inspect- 1 of Longmeadow, Charles Richards of Enfield, 
<>r S . i*aae H. Meserve, Superintendent. \ Inspectors. Samuel D. Brooks, Sup't. 

UpCi LiiiKHuenL. 

State Alms House at Buidgewater. 
Jason F. Murdock, Wareham: Marshall 

State Alms House Hospital, Rains- 
ford's Island. 

Albert G. Goodwin, John A. Cummin gs, of 

Lincoln, IJingham; Win. B. May, Roxbury, Boston; William Sutton of Salem, Inspectors. 
Infractors ; Levi L. Goodspeed, Sup't* Joshua R. Lothrop, Sup't and Physician. 


[See abstract of Act 334 on page 3G, and Resolve 64 on page 48.] 

David S.Jones, Warden; Galen C. Walker, Deputy Warden ; William Pierce, Clerk; Wm. 
Bowen Morris, Physician; H. E. Hempstead, Chaplain; Oliver Frost Chairman; James 
Perkins, James E. Far well, Inspectors. 

Whole number of convicts, Sept. 30, 1854, 483 ; number received during the year ending 
Sept. 30, 185,"), 141. Total 024. 

Discharged during the saute time, by expiration of sentence, 134 ; by remission of sentence, 
26 ; by death, 3 ; sent to Insane Hospital. 3 ; escaped, 1. Total, 1G7. Leaving whole ni mbi r, 
Sept SO, 1855, 457. The largest number at anyone time during the past year, was 507 ; the 
smallest, 450 ; the average has been 4-S3. 

The expenditures for the year ending Sept. SO, were $86,611.06. 

The receipts during the year, were 531,005.13. ,. 

Th» principal crimes of those admitted during the year were, larceny in shops, aff UlP « 
houses, &e», 32 ; shop-breaking, 30; burglary, 24 ; murder, 3 ; number of prisoners tor hie, <- ( 



On the following pages we give the executive organization of ihe New Engl 


ute3, except Massachusetts, which will be found on page 10. The six New England 
> ales embrace an area of G5,855 square miles, being about one-third larger than the State 
-/New York. The number of square miles in Maine is 32,628.; New Hampshire; 9,411 ; 
Vermont, 10,212; Massachusetts, 7,500; Rhode Island, 1,340; Connecticut, 4, 7G4. 


Second Monday in 




/ First Wednesday in 




ANSON P. MOBRILL,* of Beadfield, Governor. 

Noah Smith, Jr., Calais. 
Marshall Cram, Bridgton. 
Abner Coburx, Bloomfield. 




i Henry Richardson, Qldtoicn. 

Franklin Clark, Wiscasset. 
Ammi Cutter. Lovell. 

Aid en Jackson, Augusta, Secretary of State. 

Joseph A Sanborn, Read field, Commissioner 
of the Treasury. 

James E. Bachelder, Readfield, Adjutant- 

Isaac R. Clark, Bargor, Land Agent. 

Thomas W. Hix, Rockland, Warden of 
Stale Prison.. 

Henry M. Harlow, Augusta, Superintendent 
of Insane Hospital. 

William R. Lincoln, Cape Elizabeth, Super- 
inhdendent of State Reform School. 

Mark K. Dunneli, Hebron. Superintendent 
ff Common Schools. 

Thomas Jewett, S. Berwick, Ezra B. French, 
Daoiariseotta, Bank Commissioners. 

Sidney Perham, Woodstock, Speaker of the 
House of Representatives. 

Henry K. Baker, Hallowell, Cleric of the 
II i use of Repress ntaiives. 

Franklin Muzzv, Bangor, President of the 

Lewis O. Cowan. Sico, Secy of the Senate. 

John S. Tenney, Norridgewoek, Chief Jus- 
tice of the S. J. Court. 

Daniel Goodenow, Alfred, Associate Justice. 

Richard I). Rice, Augusta, " 

John Appleton, Bangor, t; 

Joshua \V. Hathaway, Bangor, " 

Jonas Cutting, Bangor, u 

Seth May, Wintbrop, " 

Woodbury Davis, Portland, " 

John S. Abbott, of Norridgewock, Attorney I 

Solyman Heath, Waterville, Reporter of\ 

Judges of the Mania pal and Police Courts. 

Henry Carter, Portland ; 
Jacob Smith, Bath ; 
AVpheus Lyon, Bangor; 
George S. Mulliken, Augusta ; 
William G. Sargent, Rockland ; 
Henry Orr, Brunswick ; 
George W. Dyer, Calais ; 
William i'a'.mer, Gardiner ; 
Joseph Williamson, Belfast ; 
Samuel K. Gilman, Ilallowell ; 
Edward E. Bourne, Jr., Biddeford. 

Androscoggin, Charles Clark, Danville ; 
Aroostook^ Wm. II. Winslow, Houlton ; 
Cumberland, Seward M. Baker, Windham; 
Franklin, John Trash, New Farmington ; 
Ibmc6ck % George \V. Buekoaore, Ellsworth ; 
Kennebec^ John A. Pettingili, Augusta; 
Lincoln) Joseph Farwell, Rockland ; 
Oxford, Albert D. White, Buekfield : 
Penobscot) Francis W. Hill, Exeter; 
PiscataquiS) Thomas S. Pullen, Trover: 
Sagadahoc, George A. Hatch, Richmond ; 
Somerset) Silas W. Turner, Skowhegan ; 
Waldo , Daniel Putnam: 
Washington, Benjamin W. Farrar, Macbias; 
York) Nathaniel G. Marshall, York. 

• Samuel Wells is GoTemor for 15o«3. 



Probate Officers. 

















Judges. Residences . 

Nabum "Merrill, Auburn. 

Joel Wellington, Monticello. 

Josiah Peirce, Gorham. 

Samuel Belcher, Farmington. 

Parker Tuck, Bueksport. 

Henry K. Baker, Hailowell. 

Arnold Blaney, Bristol. 

Timo. Ludden, Norway. 

Daniel Sanborn, Bangor. 

Ephraim Packard, Blanchard. 

David Bronson, Bath. 

David White, Skowbegan. 
Nath'l II. Hubbard, Frankfort, 

John C. Talbot, East Machias. 

Joseph T. Nye, Saeo. 



Stetson L. Hill, Webster. 

Zenas P. Went worth, Houlton. 

Aaron B. Holden, 
Benjamin Simpson, 
A. F. Drinkwater, 
Joseph Burton, 
Erastus Foote, Jr., 
Win. W. Virgin, 
Joseph Bartlett, 
Asa Getchell, 
A. T. Thompson, 
John M. Wood, 
Boban P. Field, 
William B. Smith, 
Francis Bacon, 














Time and Places of holding the Su-j Tuesda 7 of January, 4th Tuesday of April, 

and 1st Tuesday of October. 

County of Waldo, at Belfast, 1st Tuesdays 
January, May, and October. 

County of York, at Alfred, 1st Tuesday, 
Jan. and April, and 3d Tuesday in September. 

Criminal Causes. 

Cumberland, at Portland, 1st Tues. March, 
last Tues. July, and last Tues. of November. 

Penobscot, at Bangor, last Tues. February, 
1st Tues. June, and last Tues. cf November. 

Clerks of the Judicial Courts. 
Androscoggin — Josiah D. Pulsifer, Auburn. 

piiE.ME Judicial Court in Maine. 

Law Terms. 
Western District, at Portland, 2d Tues. May. 
Middle District, at Augusta, 2d Tues. June. 
Eaicern District, at Bangor, 2d Tues. June. 

Jury Causes. 

County of Androscroggin, at Auburn, 4th 
Tuesday Jan., April, and August. 

County of Aroostook, at Houlton, 2d Tues. 
March, and 3d Tuesday September. 

County of Cumberland* at Portland, 3d 
Tuesdays Jan. and April, and 2d Tues. of Oct. 

County of Franklin, at Farmington, 3d 
Tuesdays Jan., April and October. 

County of Hancock, at. Ellsworth, 4th Tues- i 
days January, April, and October, 

County of Kennebec, at Augusta, 1st Tues. 
Sfaititi, 3d Tues. August, and 4th Tues. Nov. 

County of Lincoln, at Wiscasset, 4th Tues. 
Jan., 1st Tues. May, and 1st Tuesday of Oct. 

County* of Oxford, at Paris, 2d Tuesdays 
Miruh, August and November. 

County of Penobscot,* at Bangor, 1st Tues- 
days January, April and October. 

County of Piscataquis, at Dover, last Tues. 
February, and 2d Tuesday September. 

County of Sagadahoc, at Bath, 2d Tuesday 
May, 3d* Tuesday August* and 3d Tuesday 

County of Somerset, at Norrid^ewock, 3d 
Tuesdays March, September and December. 

County of Washington, at Machias, 1st 

• Pot thtt trio^icfioa only of tbe ciTil business of said 
to art. 

Aroostook — Benj. L. Staples, Houlton. 
Cumberland-i— Obadiah G. Cook, Portland. 
Franklin — Isaac Tyler, Farmington. 
Hancock — Parker W. Perry, Ellsworth. 
Kennebec — Wm. M. Stratton, Augusta. 
Lincoln — Edmund B. Bowman, Wiscasset. 
York— James O. Mclutire, Alfred. 
Oxford — Elisha Winter, Paris. 
Penobscot — Nathan "Weston, Jr., Bangor. 
Piscataquis — Ephraim Flint, Dover. 
Sagadahoc— A. C Hewey, Bath. 
Soaierset — G. A. Hobbs, Norridgewoek. 
Waldo — Nathaniel Patterson, Belfast. 
Washington — Albert G. Lane, Machias. 
York— James O. Mclntire, Alfred. 

United States District Court. 
Ashur Ware, Portland, Judge. 
George F. Sheplev, Portland, Attorney. 
Wm. P. Preble, Jr., Portland, Clerk. 
George W. Stanley, Augusta, Marshal. 

Circuit Court. 
George F. Emery, Portland, Clerk. 


2;] ( j , 


Second Tuesday 




First Wednesday in 




District No. 

John Dame, Portsmouth, 

Nicholas V. Whitehouse, . -Rochester, • 

Stephen Smith, Mason,- • • • 

MlLON C. McCLtJRE, Claremont,- 

William Tenxey, Hanover, • . . 

Samuel N. Pattee, Concord, Secretary of 

Benjamin E. Badger, Concord, Deputy 

William Berry, Concord, Treasurer.. 

Charles F. Elliott; Somersworth, Chairman 
\f Board of Education. Jonathan Tenney, 
Manchester, Secretary. 

Supreme Judicial Courts. 

Ira Perley, LL.D.. Concord, Chief Justice. 

Ira A. Eistman. Concord, Samuel D. Bell, 
tl>,D., Manchester, George Y. Sawyer, 
Nashua, Asa Fowler, Concord, Associate Jus- 

.John Saltivan 

ST, Attorney General. 
George G. jftagg. Concord, State Reporter. 


County Solicitors. 

A. E. Hatch,. Portsmouth, for Rockingham. 

Charles Doe. Dover, for Strafford. 

a f. a 

yer, Manchester, for Hillsborough. 

* raneis A. Faulkner, Keene, for Cheshire. 

Charles W. Rand, Littleton for Grafton. 

Geo. C. Williams, Lancaster, for Coos. 

«John H. George, Concord, for Merrimack. 

George Tick nor, Claremont, for Sullivan. 

Vacant, for Belknap. 

Luther D. Sawyer, Ossipee, for Carroll. 
^ S*TFor the Clerks of the Courts of Com- 
***& Fleas, see the Clerks of the Supreme 

' Herat Courts respectively.- The same Clerk 
^hoacts in the Supreme Judicial Court, per- 
'- jr *ns the duties of Clerk in the Court of Com- 
**w Pleas, but each respectively for his County 
■' x * * distinct appointment from the Court of 
Vtfs?|ioa Fleas. 

Terms of the Superior Courts. 

Act of July 4, 1851. 

lJ These shall be held annually at Concord 

one on the second Tuesday of July, and the 
other on the second Tuesday of December. 

Clerks of the Supreme Judicial Court. 

Albert PL Holt, Exeter, for Rockingham ; 
Reuben Hayes, Jr., Madbury, for Stratford ; 
Perley Dodge, Amherst, for Hillsborough : 
Leonard Bisco, Keene, for Cheshire ; Jonas 
D. Sleeper, Haverhill, for Grafton ; J.M. Rix, 
Lancaster, for Coos; Nehemiah Butler, Con- 
cord, for Merrimack ; Thomas W. Gilmore, 
Newport, for Sullivan; Samuel C. Baldwin, 
Laconia for Belknap ; Francis R. Chase, Con- 
way, for Carroll. 

Court of Common Picas. 

Jonathan Kittredge, Canaan, Chief Justice ; 

Jonathan E. Sargent, Wentworth; Henry F. 
French, Exeter, Associate Justices. 

Terms of the Court of Common Pleas. 

At Portsmouth, on the second Tuesday of 
November, and at Exeter on the second Tues- 
day of April, for the county of Rockingham. 

At Dover, on the third Tuesday of January, 
and on the third Tuesday of August, for the 
county of Stratford. 

At 'Gilford, on the third Tuesday of Feb- 
ruary, and on the first Tuesday of September, 
for the county of Belknap. 

At Ossipee, on the second Tuesday of May, 
and on the third Tuesday of November, tor 
the county of Carroll. 

At Concord, on the third Tuesday of March, 
and the second Tuesday of October, for the 
county of Merrimack. 

At Amherst, an the third Tuesday of April, 
and at Manchester on the first Tuesday of 
November, for the county of Hillsborough. 

At Keene, on the third Tuesday of March, 
and the third Tuesday of September, for the 
county of Cueshire. 

At Newport, on the first Tuesday of Feb- 



ruary, and on the third Tuesday of August, 
hr the county of Sullivan. 

At Haverhill, on the fourth Tuesday of Oc- 
ix-r, and the third Tuesday of March, for the 
*c>:rrn judicial district of the county of Graf- 

Cottniies. Probate Judges. Probate Registers 

Ro.-kinizhain, Ira St. Clair, Deerrield, Wm. B. Morrill, Exeter. 

Straflbrd, Hiram R. Roberts, Rollinsford, John II. White, Dover. 

At Plymouth, on the second Tuesday of 
January, and the third Tuesday of May. | - 
the eastern judicial district of Grafton countw 

At Lancaste'r, on the first Tuesday of M ,'.-, 
and the second Tuesday of October, for 
county of Coo3. 

Belknap, •••■ 
CarroU, • • - • 
Merrimack, • 

Warren Lovell, Meredith, 
Jonathan T. Chase, Conway, 
• Horace Chase, Hopkinton, 

(). A. J. Vaughan, Gilmanton. 

• Joel Eastman, Conway. 

• Isaac A. Hill, Concord. 

Hillsborough, Wm. C. Clarke, Manchester, William Wetherbee, Amherst. 

Cheshire, Larkin Baker, Westmoreland,* Geo. W. Sturtevant, Keene. 

Sullivan, ■ -John L. Putnam, Cornish, Henry G. Carlton, Newport 

Grafton, Eleazer Martin, Canaan, Nathan B. Felton, Haverhill. 

Coos, Turner Stephenson, Lancaster, Albro L. Robinson, Lancaster. 


Hockingham, John S. Brown, Chester ; 
Strafford, Nathaniel Wiggin, Dover; Belknap, 

Registers of Deeds. 

Rockingham, William H. Hills, Exeter; 
Strafford, Andrew II. Young, Dover ; Belknap. 
Bartlett .Hill, Lacpnia ; Carroll, Joseph Went- hNath. Edgerly, Gilford: CarroU, Loammi 
worth, Sandwich; Memmack, William H. Hardy, Ossipee ; v Merrimack, William F. 
Rixford, Concord ; Hillsborough, Charles P. Savory, Concord ; Hillsborough, Daniel Russei 
Danforth, Nashua ; Cheshire, Bollivar Lovell, Amherst; Cheshire, Charles Sturtevan 
Alstead; Sullivan, Frederick Ciaggett, New- Keene ; Sullivan, , Newport 

port ; Grafton, John H. Thompson, Holder- 
ness ; Coos, Hezekiah Parsons, Jr., Colebrook. 

County Treasurers. 

Rockingham, William Crawford, of Sander- 
son ; , Slraffird t 3ahn S. Haynes, Somersworta ; 
lldlcnap, Eleazer Davis, Jr., Gilford ; Carroll, 
Eiias Towle, Freedom ; Merrimack, John 11. J 
Rdwell, Franklin ; Hillsborough, RufusJBaker, J 
Manchester : Cheshire, Edward Edwards,; 
Keene; SuUivan, Pliny Hall, Croydon ; Graf-] Stephen W. Dearborn, Exeter, Benjamin 

■, J;hn Davis, Oxford; Coos, James B. j ' Plaisted, Jeflcrson, Francis H. Lyford, Man- 
Drown, Northumberland. 

Grafton, Augustus Whitney, Haverhill ; Coo.?, 
Ira S. M. Gove, Lancaster. 

Bank Commissioners. 

John L. Rix, Haverhill, George G. Peavey. 
Strafford, Charles Amidon, Hinsdale. 

Railroad Commissioners. 



[From the Treasurer's Report, June 1st, 1853.] 

Chief Sources of Income. 

Loan : additions to Insane Asylum,. .15,420.00 
Balance in Treasury, June 1st, 

1854, • 23,136.73 

R:iUr>nd tax for 1S54, $61,430.01 

( 'svii Commissions, (fees,) 41.00 

Slate tax for 1854, and 

previous years, 69,853.75 

Miscellaneous, 3,550.00 Total receipts, 

Principle Iteins of Expenditure. 

Salaries, Executive, Judiciary, &c, S24,416.2S,N. II. Reports, 

legislature, • 28,389.40 i Railroad tax div'ds paid to towns 

Si i?e Printers, 5,36 7.89 : State debt and interest, 

V .'•'. shiner laws, 724.75! Legislative resolves, 

A ! iieiona to N. II., Asylum, 17,000.00 Miscellaneous account, 

Uesfaml dumb, blind and insane,- * • 4,347.85' 

T ;';sl expenditures for the year ending June 1, 1855, 

Tula! receipts for the same period, 




• 6,033.04 

• 5,761.75 


Balance in the Treasury, June 1st, 1855, 

Slat' of (lie Treasury, June 1st, 1855. 


j Total indebtedness,. June 1, 1S55, all floating, $63,21 9.78 

) Deduct available funds, viz., cash in treasury and taxes outstanding, 24,802.02 

Amount of indebtedness above available funds, $38,41 <~. 




First Tuesday 




Second Tuesday in 




STEPHEN EOYCE, E. BERKSHIRE, Governor. Salary, $800. 

Ryland Fletcher, . Cavendish, Lieutenant 

Henry M. Bates, Northfield, Treasurer. 

Charles W. Willard, Montpelier, Secretary 
t>f State. 

C. I